2/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda is on her way to the airport to meet Lee from his flight..

We see a multi-storey car park, and Lee exits an elevator.. whoooo white jacket off now and blue shirt on view. Much better..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000364188
Uh oh.. we suddenly see a close up on a switch blade.. it’s Neumann!
Neumann and one of his goons takes Lee by an arm.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000369594
Neumann: Walk straight ahead Mr Stetson… nice and easy, nice and……
Lee elbows both of them and makes a run for it.

Both men chase after Lee and catch up with him near a parked car.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000381581
[Is that a Hollywood sign I can see in the distance?! Okay.. maybe not.. but I’m still looking!!]
They fight.. Neumann slices Lee’s blue shirt – damn him!!! whooo and I see a little blood maybe?
Well.. they get the best of Lee.. and as he lays on the ground Amanda pulls up at a distance.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000396596
Neumann: Hold him still, Crowe. I want his eyes.
Noooooo not Lee’s eyes!!! Something tells me this guy would take the eyes to save the hassle of fiddling with contact lenses.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000397597
Gah!!!! Hurry Amanda!!!
Neumann looms closer and closer..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000400425
We get a zoom in on Lee’s eyes..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000400525
Oh my… Smelling salts! err focus iwsod Lee is in danger this is not time for swooning!
Lee’s freaking out!  [lol this would be a cool avatar! haaa]
3.17 TEHI.avi_000400659
And we get a really really close up look at his left eye.. actually now I’m freaking out. that really is BB’s left eye!!
3.17 TEHI.avi_000401260
This ep wasn’t kidding when it called itself ‘The Eyes have It’! Everything is about the eyes!!!
Is it just me or is it a little freaky that we can actually see every wrinkle, every vein? every eyelash?! Umm but I’m pleased to see there is no guyliner in this shot Winking smile 

We get our own little zoom in on Amanda.. nice touch to add to the suspense and drama.. hurry Amanda!
Do something!!
She blows her car horn and zooms toward them continuing to blow her horn. Distracting the baddies and telling Lee to break away if he can.
He does.. and he scrambles to get between her car and the baddies. She pulls up and Lee yells
Lee: Get out of here! [Get out?!  I don’t know. I’ll go with what bitsy beans transcribed]
He jumps in the driver’s seat as Amanda moves over.
The baddies scramble out of the way and into their car as Lee reverses away at speed, does a turn (is that  bootleg?) and speeds off.. Cue the scary action music… they’re going fast!

Ah wait! No don’t worry.. it’s just in front of a green screen here lol… how embarrassing!
3.17 TEHI.avi_000428287
Lee crashes through the exit barrier and out onto the main highway.
Neumann and Crowe continue the chase.. Lee weaves the station wagon at speed in between the other traffic.
Both cars pass a diner where two policemen are parked, sitting having a break.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000448948
Seeing the chase they abandon their meal and give chase.
Though LOL such a great smk touch that one of the policemen is conflicted
3.17 TEHI.avi_000449449
– he tries to run to his car keeping his coffee but then thinks better of it. LOL..3.17 TEHI.avi_000450950
Lee tries to lose the baddies..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000467967
they give it a good go trying to catch him.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000469469
Lee tries to lose them by driving through some shops or something.. I don’t know.. but Amanda is looking worried and keeping quiet: letting Lee concentrate..
Enough chasing and squealing tyres already.
The baddies are sticking with the station wagon.. then.. they turn to see the cops approaching behind them..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000490990
Is that a Hollywood sign behind the cops?! Ahh one of these days.. there is an LMU  sign on the side of the hill though.. lol umm what’s that? Rofl!! It’s a sign for Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles California and the white building is the Uni. Winking smile whahahaaa.. those cops are miles away.. Hurry up coppers! Lee and Amanda are being chased in Washington DC! Smile 

Lee’s vision begins to blur… and he struggles to keep his eyes open.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000494494
His head lolls to the side. Seems he just missed running up the back of that car..
Amanda: Lee?
LOL she doesn’t sound panicked enough here!
The station wagon rounds a corner,
3.17 TEHI.avi_000505505
a large truck is reversing and across the road and they are headed straight for it and Amanda’s panic kicks in..
Amanda: Oh!
3.17 TEHI.avi_000506006
She  grabs the wheel and turns it sharply to avoid hitting the truck driving straight through a bus stop. Ouchie!
3.17 TEHI.avi_000510510
The station wagon comes to a stop.
Neumann and Crowe drive past the scene whilst the police car pulls up behind the station wagon.
Policeman 1: 
Requesting a backup and an ambulance. Third and Gilmore.
A Policeman runs toward the car with his first aid kit.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000529029
Policeman 2:
You alright, lady?

Amanda: Take it easy.  Yes I’m alright. I have an injured federal agent here. I need to get him to the nearest trauma centre. N
ow call the number on the back of this and say these words “Eagle One, there’s a bird in the nest”. Do you understand?  [A bird in the nest?! lol.. I would have thought it would be there’s a bird out of the nest!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_000535535
Policeman 2: Yes ma’am.
Love this! Here we see Amanda acting with authority and taking charge! You go girl!!! I see this as real growth for her Smile and I love it!
We see Lee is starting to come to a little..
Amanda: Do you have a first aid kit?
Policeman 2: Sure.
Amanda: Let me have it. Thank you.
Amanda: Just hold on. It’s gonna be okay (Lee is gripping his arm as Amanda quickly opens first aid kit to remove a bandage)
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Yeah , I know.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000544544
: Contact Billy.
Amanda: Yeah I know, they’re gonna contact Billy. Now just don’t worry it’s going to be alright.
(Amanda unwraps bandage and prepares to wrap it around Lee’s upper arm)
3.17 TEHI.avi_000548548
Lee seems to drift back into unconsciousness here.
Hmm ‘Contact Billy.’ I think this was not one sentence – but two words.. and Lee may have been trying to tell Amanda about the contact lenses? to give them to Billy?

We cut to the Policeman calling it in.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000550550
Policeman 2: I need a phone patch, top priority.
Go ahead.
Policeman 2: I have a federal agent here, he’s injured. I’ve gotta notify his superiors.

Back to Lee and Amanda.. Lee is groaning and not making a lot of sense..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000556556
while Amanda puts some gauze on his arm wound and tries to bandage him. 3.17 TEHI.avi_000559059
: Lee, just hang on. Hang on.
It’s going to be alright.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000560060
(Lee’s head rolls back and the scene ends there.. )

I shall pause here too! Soooooo quite a homecoming huh.. I was looking forward to seeing how they greeted each other after 3 days apart.. and seeing Lee’s big smile at finding it is Amanda who is his ride home from the airport. But these darn Baddies have just ruined everything!!!! They’ll pay!!!!
Can’t wait to hear from ya!!!! What do you guys think so far?

45 responses to “2/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Rewatched this the other night and caught a blooper. When KJ reaches for the steering wheel, you see BB flinch slightly and it looks like her shoulder brushed his face, startling him.


  2. LeeLovesAmanda

    I hope Lee really cleaned those lenses before he put them in…. but, oh does he have beautiful eyes! Lucky Amanda gets to look in them all the time!!!


  3. Anyone seen the new show Lucifer? Tom Ellis (hubba hubba) is rockin’ the guyliner. I think they took make up tips from SMK 😉
    I have to say I found Lee getting hurt quite graphic compared to other episodes. He sure does thump his head 😦
    Amanda seems to a bit slow to react to Lee losing consciousness IMO,..,she doesn’t even look over at him!
    And how on earth did the station wagon just so happen to stop after crashing through the bus shelter. It was going way to fast and the shelter was way too flimsy to make them stop. Maybe Amanda has dual pedals like a driving instructor and was able to brake 😉
    She is very cool and collected however when dealing with the Police and Lee. Not an Amandaramble in sight…..shame I miss those days…

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  4. Hiya! I just wanted to add that looking at this scene again, I saw that the baddies grab Lee’s head and smash it into the side of the car. Ouch. He seems to sort of collapse onto the ground.. which then enables them to get Lee onto the ground to get access to his eyes…
    I was wondering exactly where in the scene Lee sustained the head injury that puts him in hospital. I’d say it’s that big hit that did it.. I think I completely missed it first time around because I was too busy trying to find the Hollywood sign in the distance.. whahahaahhaahaa!!

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  5. I was just thinking about Lee having to pack quickly for this run he did. Billy mentioned that he barely had time to pack. Lee has been on missions all over the world and I’m sure there were times when he had to leave town in a hurry. Is it possible that a spy would have a bag that’s always packed and ready to go, just in case of emergencies? And that maybe the reason Lee had to pack in a hurry is because he had less and less of a desire to leave the country and therefore no longer had an emergency bag ready? Just wondering…

    I agree about how Lee slumps into Amanda here like he did in TLCE. He doesn’t fight what is going on as he has that trust in Amanda to sort of take care and handle the situation. And she quite ably did and does. Love to hear the authoritative Amanda.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. My addition to the green screen conversation… I think that must be the same “inside the car” set up as in Relative situation because Amanda and Lee are siting so closely together. That was the thought I had about that.

    Someone mentioned Lee seeming vulnerable and it made me wonder a bit if part of that was due to the fact that he might have had his guard down a bit because he, too, was hoping to see Amanda. I think the ramifications of opening himself up to being connected to another person and how that effects his imperviousness as an agent is still not totally unresolved at the moment. The only thing he has acknowledged is that he isn’t going to fight it anymore.
    But Amanda is there and she is ready to get into agent mode as well. And I think she does a pretty good job letting him take the wheel and not being scared. She is even able to assess the situation and take over. And I am sure she is trying stay calm because she doesn’t even know where Lee has been and what he has been doing or what sort of injuries he has sustained.
    I think the bad guys must have given Lee that blow to his head in the parking garage because that bruise is there before they drive into the bus station thingy.
    I love the way Lee allows himself to just sink into Amanda here… I don’t know if he has even let his head fall on her shoulder but there is a quality in this scene that we only saw the very beginning of in The Long Christmas Eve. Here is is very real and even palpable between them. Lee letting Amanda take care of him in confidence and partnership.

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  7. I never could figure out how Lee was able to see wile he as wearing those contact lenses with words written on them….seemed like it would impair his vision…maybe that’s why he wrecked Amanda’s car…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, you’d think he’d be rubbing his eyes because it seemed a bit blurry from the tiny writing – and so he’d have bloodshot eyes instead of those clear blue/green/brown eyes (I speak from bitter experience as a former contact lens wearer! 😦 )


    • whaahhaaa.. Ahhh and so begins conversation about one of a number of things I struggle with in this episode!
      I guess the writing is so microscopic Lee can’t see it.

      But then.. you’d think when we saw the close up on his eye we would have seen something (after all Lee could see it on Moss’s eyes in the opening scene. ) oh whatev.. I’ll try to just go with it!

      ROFL that’s why he wrecked Amanda’s car?! haaaaaa.. that’s why he was taken by surprise by the two goons too!!

      It’s sad though. I wanted to see Lee’s look of pleasure at finding out it was Amanda who was picking him up from the airport.. we may have even gotten a kiss or a hug at the very least 😉 ohhh iwsod… let it go..

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      • Oh, Iwsod I know you aren’t reading fanfic but I posted a message at Ned’s under the fanfic thread reminding us of a story by one of the friends we haven’t seen for awhile here that depicts a great airport reunion of Lee and Amanda…

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    • Prescription colored contact lenses usually have the color tint cover only the iris area while leaving the central pupil area (of the contact lens) clear and large enough to accommodate the contraction and dilation of the pupils for normal eyesight to function. I would think that if one were to write a secret code on contact lenses, then the secret code on these specific lenses would necessarily be restricted to the iris area of the lens so that the wearer could still see.


  8. Yes, our Lee is showered, changed and just happened to pack multiple blue shirts for his trip (that he didn’t have much time to pack for, per Billy). A spy always has to be prepared (you know…just in case his Amanda is picking him up at the airport). He cleaned those nasty contact lenses and even got a shoe shine (i.e., Burn Out). Anything’s possible in the world of SMK. 😉

    Great scene otherwise. Really do like Amanda’s official-sounding response to the officer.

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  9. So would DC have a little Mexican eatery with what looks like very authentic menu items, or is that just another sign that we are in LA?


  10. Umm – isn’t that a parked car to the left in the shot looking through the windshield? I think that’s just bare cement garage wall in front of them, because a green screen, would be, well, green, wouldn’t it?

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    • hiya Janet, green screen is a technique where something is filmed in front of a green screen, and then something is added in later.. like a car park or something.. I was saying it looked to me like that shot of Lee and Amanda in the car park really looked to be filmed in a studio in front of a green screen (with a car parked next to it) – but YMMV 🙂

      Here’s a green screen skit from whose line is it anyway 😉

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    • I thought so too, Janet, so I went back to watch the video and it’s quite obvious they were driving down the garage lane toward the next wall because not only do you see the parked car but the view to the outside before they get to the point of the screen cap.


      • Cool Ruth! Hello!
        I’ve had another look too. We can respectfully disagree 🙂
        It still looks to me that they are pretending to drive at high speed toward a wall [I can see it would be too dangerous for BB and KJ to do that!] which is really a projected image (or a green screen) and I think when you can see the view for a second there it is part of the projected image. The lighting in the car seems to me wrong also.

        But – it was only for a couple of seconds – and it was a total throw away remark on my part..[naughty of me when the character’s dignity is in question 🙂 ]
        Glad we can disagree and share our different views!

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  11. Love how Amanda takes over in an emergency with the cop. She is acting like a seasoned pro here. But we all know she thinks quickly on her feet and has good instincts. Now we know she can handle an emergency situation like this with calm and clear-headed thinking. I think she has always had these abilities, but to be able to use them in this type of situation shows her growth and maturity in the real life-and-death world of the spy business.

    I remember thinking when I first saw this episode that I couldn’t believe Lee was really hurt from a car crash!!! I kept waiting for him to come around after the commercial! (Assuming they did cut to a commercial before the next scene – lol).

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  12. I have to admit i enjoyed the car chase ( generally i find them boring) there was real tension in it and i found it realistically dangerous and exciting. I think it is very well acted by both kj and bb and well directed. The whole police thing was eexcellent as well. Like the rest of you i enjoyed seeing Amanda behave competently in a very frightening situation. She has always been brave but she was cool and professional and authoritative here. I was proud of her. Her professional development this season is very consistent (and as we know consistency is not really smk’s trademark )
    i did feel alittle sorry for her though, looking forward to seeing Lee and exchanging all their news and having to deal with all this instead.
    With you all on the clothes as well 😀but as iwsod said in a comment they are better thsn the hairdonts and ear buttons😊- l

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  13. Did Lee have a shower at the airport? Because he’s looking very fresh, cool and – ahem – good-looking in that light blue shirt (although I prefer a slightly darker blue on Lee 😉 )
    Can’t help thinking Lee was a bit of a sitting duck as he came out the elevator (you should never have posted that reminder of the Damn Duck for Cindy, Iwsod!) Tired, long flight, traumatised by putting in someone else’s contact lenses (eeeew!), looking forward to see Amanda… He seems to have been taken by surprise.
    Also loving naturally authoritative Amanda 🙂


  14. Those eyes are hypnotizing…….


  15. Funny Iwsod, I was also thinking “Thank goodness Lee didn’t put on the guy-liner today”. Guess in the tropical heat it would be hard to keep his eye make-up from smudging. 😀
    I think “there’s a bird in the nest” refers to the need for the agent to go to hospital. I am sure we have heard a prior reference to the “Nest” team/wing at the hospital. Hope I am not remembering this from a future episode…. Ooops, if I’m “remembering” something from SMK future, Iwsod.
    Some more really interesting camera angles, especially with the camera behind Lee and Amanda in the car – forget that there’s nothing to see out of the front windscreen…. tee hee hee… 😀 good catch, Iwsod.
    They are again showing us that Amanda has become a real pro – less of the folksy Mum… sorry, Mom… routine, and more emphasis on her professionalism as an agent in training. If only she would dress to match that professionalism. Sigh, Kiwismh lives in hope that Amanda will realise one day that parachute skirts, fluffy cardies and pink just don’t really work in the rough and tumble of field agent work. Although, the fluffy cardie was nice and soft for Lee to flop his head onto… 😉
    I think that station-wagon has just been in way too many accidents now. May be time for Amanda to get a new, tougher, vehicle. How many times can you panel beat/repair a car?
    And finally…. Hello, *Neumann!
    Bad, Neumann, bad! Tried to take our boy’s beautiful, beautiful eyes. I really don’t like this guy.


  16. Lee has “beautiful, beautiful eyes . . . pretty eyes, really . . .”.

    Ack! Too close! Too close!

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