3/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So we left Amanda and Lee waiting for an ambulance..
Next thing we’re at Parker General Hospital.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000561061
Doesn’t look like a hospital entrance..
Scene cuts to a Doctor dressed in green scrubs putting on his white coat. Another doctor approaches him.
Doctor 1: We have a federal agent coming in, Dr Goldberg
Dr Goldberg: Okay, are we ready for them?
Doctor 1: This is the profile. We’re sealing the ER. N.E.S.T. has been alerted and the helipad is lit….
3.17 TEHI.avi_000577368
Lee’s head seems to be bandaged and he’s hooked up to an IV.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000583475
Awhhh Amanda is holding on to Lee’s hand. Since reaching for it in The Triumvirate I think she never wants to let go Smile 

Dr Goldberg is checking his eyes with a small torch.
Doctor 1: Ma’am, you’ve got to let go. [No!!]
Dr Goldberg: Put the O.R on standby and get me a stereo Water’s view of this eye from x-ray. Where’s N.E.S.T.? Doctor 1: They’re coming in now.

Outside we see a woman get out of a car..  a nurse rushes over to her.
Nurse: Doctor, here are the charts and tests you wanted. Patient’s being prepped right now. 3.17 TEHI.avi_000597797
Why did we need to see the doctor arriving? I cannot remember exactly what’s going on here.. soooo forgive me if I sound a bit confused!
Back to Lee on his gurney and Amanda is still holding Lee’s hand.
Doctor 1: We’ll take care of him. I promise.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000604229
(Dr Goldberg lifts Lee’s head as he continues to check the pupils.)
3.17 TEHI.avi_000605730
Lee seems semi-conscious would you say?
3.17 TEHI.avi_000607498
The music is quite ominous here as the doc again looks at Lee’s eyes as he then pushes the gurney through the doors and forces Lee and Amanda apart.
It looks like Lee and Amanda hold hands till they can no longer – judging by the way Lee’ s hand is raised as he moves away from Amanda off screen..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000610001
and then lets go..  drat.. naughty director. we should have seen those hands part! but.. then.. I guess the imagination can fill in the blanks Winking smile  Awh!!

Amanda is left alone, looking after Lee and the doors close between them.

Right from the start I’m worried one of these doctors or nurses is a baddie – it’s only a matter of time before they find the contact lenses.. I can’t for the life of me remember what happens! which.. I like!

Next thing we see a helicopter arrive. It’s Billy and Francine.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000621588
Guess this is the new agency helicopter after Lee crashed the old one in Reach for the Sky?
They turn a corner looking worried..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000625091
and find Amanda right where we left her – standing in front of those emergency doors where she lost sight of Lee. Very touching!  3.17 TEHI.avi_000628520
Billy: Amanda, are you alright?
3.17 TEHI.avi_000631765
: Yes, sir.
Francine: N.E.S.T. is the national emergency surgical team. 3.17 TEHI.avi_000637771[Glad to have this one explained I had no idea!]
…They know what to do in this kind of situation better than anyone in the country.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000640273[My goodness.. I do believe Francine is trying to be reassuring and not in her usual obtuse way either lol– she is actually quite calm and coming across as caring for Amanda – this shows progress no?! LOL I guess after taking a bullet for her, it’s best Francine grow to like her haaaa.. Winking smile]
Amanda seems a bit traumatised at the moment.. in a daze.. she stumbles..
Amanda: Right.
Francine: All right, let’s go sit down.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000641274[Billy and Francine are gentle with Amanda. This is lovely to see! ]
Amanda: Yeah.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000643276
Billy, Amanda and Francine turn from doors and walk away.

Back to Lee..
3.17 TEHI.avi_000646279
His oxygen mask gets removed and the camera pans over to the ER doctor handing over or consulting with the NEST doctor (Dr. Scardelli- thanks Bitsy Beans for these names!)

Dr Goldberg: His BP was 94 over 60 when they brought him in…
3.17 TEHI.avi_000655789
[so.. ahem.. this is an x-ray of Lee’s skull?! 😉 ]
…We started him out on Lactated Ringer’s and continued him on O2 at four litres….
[Phew kudos Bitsy Beans for transcribing all this medical jargon!]
…His profile says he’s 36 years old, [note taken!] good physical condition [of course! I’ll vouch for that!],…
3.17 TEHI.avi_000663296
has an anaphylactic reaction to penicillin… [Oh crumbs.. this is not a good thing to have as a top spy!!] , blood type O positive, and we’ve got 12 pints if you need them.
Dr Scardelli: You run a tight ship, doctor. N.E.S.T. could use a good trauma man.
Dr Goldberg: Oh I’m happy where I am.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000672305[So.. is one of these doctors a baddie?! gah!!! I cannot remember!!! don’t tell!!!]
Just then, a third doctor walks in.. Uh oh.. another doctor? too many doctors who could be baddies around here.. it’s making me nervous!
Another member of N.E.S.T. enters the room. It’s Dr Kessler.
Dr Kessler: Excuse me, doctor.
Dr Kessler proceeds to examine Lee’s eyes with a light.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000680814
Dr Kessler
: What have we got, Barbara?
Dr Scardelli: Head injury and knife laceration.
Dr Kessler: CAT scanner warmed up?
3.17 TEHI.avi_000684818
Dr Goldberg
: I’ll alert them
3.17 TEHI.avi_000688321
Goldberg leaves and Kessler takes another look at Lee’s eyes.. soooo has Goldberg already removed the contact lenses? or.. did he not see them and Kessler will find them? someone here is a baddie, or a bad doctor!

Elsewhere in the hospital, Billy and Francine question Amanda..
Billy: Amanda this is important. Did Lee say anything to you, anything at all?
Amanda: No sir.  Well he just said “contact Billy”.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000693326
: Amanda think. Maybe he said something, anything off the cuff;  it might have been code.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000695829
Amanda: Francine, really. All he said was “contact Billy”. He didn’t say anything else.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000701835
: Amanda you did everything correctly. You executed emergency procedure perfectly.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000706840
Amanda quietly: thank you sir.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000707498[Sweet of Billy to say.. but Amanda takes no joy in hearing this at the moment.. ]
At this moment, Dr Goldberg walks by.. Amanda calls out to him..
Amanda: Dr Goldberg?
Dr Goldberg: Yes.
Billy: What’s going on with our man? [Billy shows his ID]
3.17 TEHI.avi_000712337
Dr Goldberg
: The N.E.S.T. team are still going over him. When I left him, he was still unconscious.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000716850
: How serious is it?
3.17 TEHI.avi_000720854
Dr Goldberg
: He has a very serious head injury. We won’t know anything until after a CAT scan. So, uh, excuse me. Amanda: Thank you.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000721855
: Of course.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000723857
: Amanda, why don’t you go home? We can’t do anything here.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000728361
: No, sir, I think I’ll wait.
Francine: Amanda, it will be hours before anyone has any information.
Amanda: Oh I know, Francine, but I’ll just, you know, I’ll wait for the CAT scan.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000734367
: Alright. We’ll contact your family and tell them where you are.
Amanda: Thank you, sir.
Billy: With a friend who’s in trouble.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000736870
: That’s the truth. [Awh!!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_000741875
: Francine?
Amanda: See you later.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000742876
Francine in particular seems to consider Amanda here.. I think she’s taking note of the depth of feeling here.. filing it away.. Not that she’d know what to really do with it.. but.. it would be all highly curious –  Especially after what she walked into in the Triumvirate!
Billy and Francine leave.
3.17 TEHI.avi_000746379
Amanda sighs heavily and looks down, determined to stay and be there for Lee if he needs her I’m thinking.. and wanting news asap too I guess..

It’s all quite sombre in mood isn’t it?
I didn’t want to break it by pointing out Francine’s brooch..
It’s two crowns joined by gold chains! lol.. she does love Royalty doesn’t she!
I’m worried this Goldberg is bad.. and someone is not only going to find contact lenses but hurt Lee. After what happened to Lee in If Thoughts Could Kill I’m surprised they don’t have someone watching those doctors with an Eagle eye!!

Oh and take a bow BitsyBeans! Outstanding transcribing- phew!!!

Can’t wait to hear from ya!!

38 responses to “3/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Lee Stetson is one of the unlucky few people who have a severe life-threatening allergy to penicillin. According to the CDC, about 10% of the population report having an allergy to penicillin, but only about 1% actually have an actual severe life-threatening allergy to penicillin.
    People with severe allergies to antibiotics and other drugs have to wear a medical identification tag or medical bracelet.


  2. So, Lee is 36 years old…meaning he aged two years since “Wizard”? Uh, oookayyyy, LOL. How did they get this wrong? It’s been only a few episodes and not seasons between these two eps. I usually don’t care much about TV show timelines, ’cause they’re always a mess, but this one bugs me a little.


    • Maybe he had to grab Philip and Jamie’s extra years since Amanda’s sons don’t seem to age the correct way as well.
      But hey – as long as it all balances out in the end 😉

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    • I’m assuming what happened is that Lee was 24 at the time of the flashback events in Wizard and that Dorothy’s death was before what would have been his 25th birthday. Therefore at the time of Wizard when Lee and Amanda are talking, it’s fall, so he’s now 35, but the events are still ten years ago. And he would have either had his 36th birthday before this ep, or (more likely) the doctor simply based his age on the birth year and not necessarily the exact date.

      It’s like how at the 1996 Olympics, Dominique Moceanu was able to compete at only 14 years old. At the time, the rules stated the gymnast had to turn fifteen by the end of the calendar year. The Games were held in July and she turned fifteen at the end of September.


  3. So if you’re a fully trained doctor do you yank your semi conscious patients’ head up at that awkward angle to check his pupils haven’t blown?!!! Oh my…..good job Lee didn’t have a neck injury too or he could be in big trouble….
    It’s lovely to see Amanda so determined to not let go of Lee’s hand. She is finally showing some cracks after her cool, calm and collected demeanour earlier. I love how Billy doesn’t push the idea of Amanda leaving. He seems to realise she’s not going to budge. Francine…..hideous jacket (what is up with that hideous broach) I keep expecting her to have matching epaulettes….

    Oh and IWSOD subtitles are marvellous things when you are transcribing medical jargon. I only hope they were semi accurate LOL

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  4. Yep – love Francine here. She really comes through for Amanda. All pettiness has disappeared – Francine at her best, IMO. One of the reasons I’m a fan. She can really be unlikeable, but when it counts she does come through. I just wish she would stay more like this because it is way more becoming.

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  5. I’m loving all these comments. I haven’t had a chance to go check out this episode again. For some reason, as much as I’ve watched the DVDs I think I’m missing some aspects of this episode. I think I remember Lee hitting his head on something back in the parking garage.

    I was recently reading some reviews of another show where the two main characters had been apart for some time. They are not a couple on the show at this point and not sure if the writers are even headed that way. But the two do share a strong bond and instead of a typical hug when they were reunited you get this incredible hand holding going on. You got to see so much in that hand holding and their unwillingness to let go of one another even when other things were going on. It so reminded me of Lee and Amanda and how important that touching is to them. It’s so evident in this scene.

    I love how Billy asks the Lee question of Amanda, “Are you all right?”. Billy and Francine are so focused on Amanda at first. They don’t even ask how Lee is right away. I’m actually loving Francine’s sincerity here. I think this is all about Amanda. She knows that even though Lee has been injured he’s getting the best possible care. She knows that this situation is a possibility for all agents. She was just injured herself, supposedly.

    She is reassuring, calming, and gives Amanda a touch. I think that even though Francine may not openly admit it, she has come to respect Amanda in some ways and maybe even admire her. When Lee traded Amanda for Rostov, Francine begrudgingly admitted that Lee would probably contact Amanda before anyone else. Francine has even referred to Amanda as being Lee’s partner. I think she knows that closeness is there, but she hasn’t fully determined just what that closeness is. And I think she is trying to figure how where Lee and Amanda are about each other, just like we are.

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    • Love your point about Billy and Francine both being focused on Amanda’s well-being. I do love Francine in this scene, and my rose-colored view likes to believe that, when the chips are down, Francine’s heart will be in the right place. I also like to believe that we are seeing that even Francine is not immune to the continual kind and gentle influence of Amanda’s personality, one that matured within a loving home rather than within the walls of a dangerous and competitive government agency.

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    • Yes, the bad guy slammed Lee’s head against the side of a car, hence the head injury.


  6. I am not sure who has who’s hand here (not that it matters). In some of the pictures it looks like Lee’s hand is on top. Even in his semi conscious state he is holding onto Amanda and she has got him in return. I love the reluctance to letting go and even the medical staff can perceive it. Lovely!!!

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  7. A “Nice” Francine???? She’s out of character that’s for sure.
    I still believe her to be a selfish, self absorbed snob!!


    • Interesting! So far gruvy granny have you seen any change in Francine?

      I agree she is still a self absorbed snob. I don’t think her character has altered completely.. but I would at least credit Francine with a softening and acceptance toward Amanda at this point.
      What do you think?


      • I think what I am noticing here from Francine is a sort of pause, she isn’t having the quick responses and judgments she used to have. I think she is sensing something real here, at least in Amanda and adding that to what she has observed in Lee I think she must be beginning to really wonder. And I think this is creating a real conundrum for her because I don’t think she can even imagine what this is that is happening between these two because I don’t think she believes that kind of relationship can really exist for anybody in life.

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      • I believe Francine’s change in this ep is mostly for Lee’s sake, she is worried about him.
        On the otherhand, she has realized that there is something more than partnership between Lee and Amanda, but I am not sure she believes it’s romantic….yet. She would have a hard time believing that Lee could fall for a common housewife, so she’s gonna need more convincing. Just my little ole’ opinion.


        • great to hear your opinion! 🙂

          yeah I’m not really clear on where Amanda is at.. I haven’t figured it all out yet. I imagine I’ll probably look back in time and form a clearer picture.. though I would agree pretty much with your little ole’ opinion Gruvy Granny! mostly.. though I’d say she could think it’s romantic but it would be all Amanda and no Lee lol. I’d guess she is very confused about Lee and the changes she’s seen in him. I suspect she’d add 2 and 2 and come up with 9 though.. her imagination is just not big enough for her to get at the truth of the situation for Lee haaaaa…

          Yes, maybe Francine’s kindness is about Lee.. I really don’t know.. though I do get a general vibe that the freezer/ecstasy assortment was a big turning point for the Amanda/Francine relationship.. but.. hey! It’s always possible something new will come up and change my opinion as the show unfolds 🙂

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          • ” I suspect she’d add 2 and 2 and come up with 9 though.. her imagination is just not big enough for her to get at the truth of the situation for Lee haaaaa…”

            Yes! I was thinking that exact thing, lol.

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        • Also during a crisis, she’s probably more likely to be sympathetic than usual because of the circumstances. She can tell Amanda is not doing well and even Francine can’t be so coldhearted as to ignore that or there’s no way even the early Lee would have been dumb enough to date her. She had to have SOME warmth! (And she has to know Billy will have her out cold on the next gurney if she acts witchy right now!)

          I remember after a death in the family I got stuck riding from the hospital to the gathering at my grandmother’s with a step-aunt who normally made Francine look like Princess Diana. I was thinking “This is going to be horrible!” but she was actually really sweet and we had a great time talking in the car. It was surreal!


  8. I watched this episode in its entirety on Friday. I think I like doing that before we walk through an episode. There are things I miss, especially when I haven’t seen an episode in years. I don’t usually pause as I watch. Anyway, I know I missed some of Francine’s expressions. I can’t decide if she’s processing things between them (L&A) or wondering how Amanda’s going to respond if Lee should take a turn for the worse (now or ever). Francine’s been there, I’m sure. Great support from both Francine and Billy. KJ does a great job of Amanda’s emotions here. The ominous music helps, Iwsod, I’d agree. I like how Kiwismh described Amanda’s ‘heart-sick’ feelings and the way things have evolved for her since RoTP. I wonder if she’s thinking about the fact that she’s never admitted how she feels to Lee?

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  9. OMG! Agency helicopter??!! Between the Cumberland and that, no wonder the Agency’s always cash-strapped! And why use the heliopter just to get to the hospital – couldn’t they drive?
    That bandage around Lee’s head is probably not necessary – it just seems a bit fake and obvious. Can someone with some E.R. knowledge tell me if the bandaged head is going to help this “head injury”?
    I’m not really liking that boxy jacket and skirt combo Francine is wearing, but it is restrained for her, and her hair looks very nice, and she is being very well behaved. 😀
    Wow! No shortage of doctors in that hospital! Must be a priviate hospital that “normal” people don’t get into. 😉

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    • As someone who worked in a hospital for a number of years, I can say that I don’t think that the bandage would help either his eye injury or a bloodless head injury 😀 . I find these SMK hospital scenes (the Jepard one included) absolutely cringeworthy. Also what the “doctor” does and what the “nurse” does {shudder}. Attention to detail or realism wasn’t a big thing. I guess we take it for granted in the 21st century where TV programs bring in medical experts to ensure more accuracy (or any accuracy).

      Liked by 2 people

      • Something holistic maybe? Didn’t Jack and Jill’s mom wrap Jack’s “broken crown” with vinegar and brown paper? 😉 Of course maybe Jack’s broken crown involved blood. I suppose I could justify the bandage if it were holding an icepack in place, but not seeing that either.

        I do think that the point of the doctor being rushed up in the car and Billy and Francine rushing in by helicopter was to highlight the criticality of Lee’s injury. Some blood would have made it more believable, but that would mar Lee’s pretty face long-term which would be wholly unacceptable. So I recall the tragic “talk and die” skiing-related head injury of Natasha Richardson (I think that was the actresses’s name) and say, ok, I’ll go with it if I have to…. because yes, that hand-holding stretcher scene has wiped any other coherent thought out of my brain!! (Thus the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme reference!)

        I will share one other thought, and this is real life. When an agent or anyone with special clearance (i.e. top secret secrets) goes into surgery, it is a big deal. The medical staff gets formally debriefed after the surgery. Therefore, that certainly explains the NEST team, and also gives added emphasis to the urgency of Billy being there … although I do prefer to believe that Billy’s sense of urgency, as well as Francine’s, was driven by their concern, no — love –, for Lee.

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    • rofl.. yeah the helicopter I guess was to show how urgent and serious the situation is. never mind budget cuts!

      Indeed the bandage makes zero sense.. where exactly did his head get injured? do we see it? or was it just a general roughing up?!

      Oh I overlook at that medical realism stuff – this is smk. I really don’t expect it. Instead: I was totally fixated on Amanda holding Lee’s hand.. and holding it.. and holding it.. and then only letting go at the very last moment where she had no choice but to.. Awhhhhh…

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  10. I think now that Amanda has a much more personal stake in Lee’s well-being, this is why she is finding it really hard now to keep it together. Yes, the unexpectedness of the event is part of it, but in the past she has not had the connectedness (if that’s even a word) with Lee that she has now. Their relationship has moved beyond close friendship, admiration and fierce loyalty to a deeper bond – Amanda is feeling heart-sick at the thought of losing Lee and for the moment at least she is really battling to not break down.
    In S1 when she thought Lee was dead, she was heart-broken but didn’t really understand that she was. Now, that his life is possibly in danger again, she is heart-broken and knows it, and knows why.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Beautiful Kiwismh! 🙂 and you said you don’t do deep and meaningful??!!! (or words to that effect). Love this!

      Yes the change in Amanda’s reactions here seems to support the view that early Amanda was not as emotionally invested (for those who would argue Amanda was in love with Lee right from the start). There was a love there.. but it was nothing like the deep connectedness that you’ve described so beautifully.
      the change in Amanda in this episode is quite dramatic to me. Bam! the events of Triumvirate really switched on her heart huh!! 🙂

      Now, that his life is possibly in danger again, she is heart-broken and knows it, and knows why.

      Love this! Yes, maybe there is an element here of regret that they are just starting to move into territory that is new and wonderful and it may all be cut very short. scary stuff!
      Gee.. I hope Lee will be okay!!!! 😉

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      • kiwismh was nearly asleep when she posted that comment – perhaps near unconscious is when I do my best work?
        I actually checked the comment this morning to make sure it made sense because although I could remember typing something, I wasn’t sure. As I think I have said before, if I ever post something that is complete gibberish, you will know I have fallen asleep on the keyboard. 😀


    • Yes, “connectedness” is a word… if it isn’t for Webster then it must be for SMK!
      I add to all that you described the fact that they made some kind of mutual connection in triumvirate and I imagine that had to continue through the evening of the reunion… and then he disappeared and she was eager for his return and eager to collect him at the airport. But then they hadn’t even been able to exchange even a quick appreciative glance towards one another and now he is unconscious in a hospital. Ans this is not only upsetting but it is also part of that Territory they had discussed in Triumvirate. This is going to have to be accepted as part of her life at all levels if she is going to love Lee. So I think there is a part of that reality dawning on her too. She could of course decide to not love Lee? Uh, nope. I think its too late for that.

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  11. Supportive, compassionate, non-condescending, considerate Francine!?! Whoa- Lee must really be in bad shape. Now I am scared.

    Liked by 2 people

    • rofl!!! hilarious!!! lol.. what was that moment that had me thumbsucking in fetal position because Francine was scaring me? I’ve forgotten! but here.. it seems less shocking 🙂 though lol.. this is hilarious!

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  12. Also, isn’t it nice how relieved she is that, for once, when they have to tell Amanda’s family something about her absence, it’s the truth?

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  13. Yes! Fist bumps self Francine is actually showing the signs of niceness I credited her with earlier! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I like Francine in this scene, too. She’s good in an emergency, and she’s actually rather sweet in how she comforts Amanda. She’s not showy in how she does it, she’s just sincere. It’s one of those scenes when you see that Francine knows how difficult and risky this business is, and she’s supportive of her colleagues. Whether she understands or approves of Lee and Amanda’s relationship, I think she does appreciate Amanda’s show of loyalty to Lee. Loyalty is an important quality, but she knows it’s not guaranteed.

      Liked by 5 people

      • Really like what you say here, Jestress. This means that Francine can see that she and Amanda may have some common ground. Amanda may ‘just be’ a housewife in Francine’s eyes, but I think even she can recognize and appreciate Amanda’s fierce, unswerving loyalty to Lee.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Plus I don’t think you have to have romantic feelings for someone to be this worried. I think both Amanda and Lee would be under similar stress if it were Billy who were this badly injured. You can’t work that closely with someone for three years in life-and-death situations without it hitting you hard when their life is in danger. As viewers we know Amanda does have more feelings than just friendship for Lee, but I do think she’d be similarly upset even if they were still only friends.


    • I think she also genuinely cares for Lee and is maybe quite worried (inside) herself?

      Liked by 2 people

    • AHH your faith in Francine has been rewarded! 🙂


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