7/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the hospital.. and we see a nurse heading towards Lee’s room and past Duffy.  LOL has Duffy been there all night?! He’s like – the Terminator!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001386720_thumb
Woman’s voice over PA
: Dr Leon to Obstetrics. Dr Leon to Obstetrics. Will Mrs Morgan please return to her room? Mrs. Morgan, please return to your room.

-Thanks for transcribing the PA jenbo – hilarious! why wasn’t Mrs Morgan in her room? haaaaa! She’s in trouble! 🙂

The nurse enters Lee’s room – the paper cup is in the foreground right where Dr Goldberg left it.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001393927_thumb
She puts down the tray of medications. Lee doesn’t hear her enter and is sound asleep.. Uh oh – is she a baddie?!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001398431_thumb
The nurse places a hand over Lee’s mouth while he sleeps to silence him- roughly enough to wake him up..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001402035_thumb
Nurse: Shhh shhhh. No fuss or you will set off the watchdog outside.
[She’s lucky he didn’t give her a right hook!]
They share smiles.. and Lee looks very happy to see her.
Okay phew.. she’s on his side!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001407741_thumb
Lee: Sally, how did you know I was here?

Sally: An old proverb says: Moles with bad eyes must have very good ears.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001413747_thumb[More references to eyes.. very interesting! I guess this old proverb can apply to Lee right now too – given his eyes are currently bad- he needs to have good ears – and who are his eyes and ears? the people on his barnstorm list!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001415548_thumb
: Hmmm and what have those ears of yours picked up? 
Sally: Bad vibes, Lee. Bad
[lol I think the metaphors are getting jumbled] … The word in the Barnstorm network  is one of the chickens is really a chicken hawk. [Oh my! another metaphor! whwhahaahaha]
Lee: Hmm.
Sally: There’s a list with all our names on it and the Germans have it.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001430263_thumb
: You surprise me, Sally, you’re usually right on the mark. Correction in two points. The list may not have all your names and the Germans may not have it.
[At this point, how can Lee be so sure Sally who is usually right is actually wrong? Maybe she knows the Germans have it now. Lee can’t know anything at the moment! ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001438071_thumb
: How nice you can be so particular. How did anyone get such a list?
Lee: Someone in our family’s gone bad…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001448281_thumb
…It happens.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001449783_thumb
[This is quite understated for Lee.. It happens? It shouldn’t happen.. and there should be precautions so this could never happen. The thought that anyone other than Lee could compile this list is a little ridiculous.. Why would the Barnstorm ‘network’ as Sally describes it, all know each other?! These are civilians! they don’t take on the same risks an agent would- ‘it happens’ just doesn’t cut it for me.
not to mention ahem how if Lee had just destroyed the lenses rather than trying to be cute and bring them back to the US, there would be no immediate risk of this list getting out. not thrilled with the logic of this whole set up.. is it just me?]
Sally: Yeah. Perhaps I should play it safe and get out. That happens too, you know. Sources dry up.
Lee: No, no, no, no, that’d be the worst thing you could do. You’d draw attention to yourself…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001466900_thumb
[Draw attention to herself?! If her name is on the list and the list is in someone else’s hands she’s done and dusted! what difference does it make how much attention she draws to herself. LOL. okay okay.. the message here is Lee will fix everything, you can count on Lee.. ] …But don’t worry. I’ll let you know if it looks like the roof is gonna fall in. And in the meantime you let me know if you hear anything. Okay?
3.17 TEHI.avi_001469302_thumb
: Trust you?
(Lee raises his eyebrows like – yeah!)
3.17 TEHI.avi_001470203_thumb…Heh, why stop now?
3.17 TEHI.avi_001473206_thumb
Lee chuckles – happy to have prevented Sally from packing up shop. 3.17 TEHI.avi_001475008_thumb
Next thing, we see an orderly wheeling a big trolley along the corridor..
Voice at nurses’ station: Nurses station. May I help you?
Voice over PA: Dr Kelly? Dr Kelly? telephone please. Telephone for Dr Kelly. Telephone for Dr Kelly.
Man.. come on Dr Kelly.. answer the phone already- someone really wants to talk to you!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001496629
The orderly pushes the trolley into a storage room, where Neumann surprises him and knocks him out.
he takes a semi automatic gun from his briefcase and loads it.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001517650
Soooo Neumann is just wanting to kill Lee? doesn’t he want the contact lenses and the list? Or was he just going to threaten Lee with the gun till he talked? And.. after all the medical treatment Lee has received, why would Neumann even assume Lee has the lenses? I guess he doesn’t know Lee was brought in unconscious.. so he probably assumes Lee has them in a safe place.. hm.. Does this work?

Back in Lee’s room, he’s slowly getting dressed.. we find him gingerly getting his coat out of his wardrobe.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001523189
lol.. so nice of someone to bring Lee new clothes to sneak out of the hospital in Winking smile 

Lee picks up the phone3.17 TEHI.avi_001535502
Lee: Ahem…yeah nurses station five L please.
Doctor 1:  Five L.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001547814
: Uh, this is Melrose with the agency project Broken Wing. I wanna talk to the agent guarding room 517.
[Lee is project Broken Wing? lol.. and why would the doctor know the code name? LOL at Lee saying he’s Billy – this is two episodes in a row someone has done this. Billy might need to deal with this Winking smile  .. change his name maybe? ha! ]
Doctor1: Okay I’ll get him.
Lee hangs up the phone and prepares to sneak out of the room.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001552619
He’s looking adequately regretful of his need to do this.. but also determined and not physically up to this task! 

Next, we cut to Neumann all dressed up in the orderly’s uniform, a gun hidden in the trolley..

Neumann sees Lee exiting his room…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001570036
– and stops to turn and look at the opposite wall as Lee walks past.
[That bloke in the white coat- with the white hair, is he guarding Lee too? because he seems to be in the background of pretty much all hospital scenes not really doing anything 😉 is this the white haired extra we’ve seen many times in previous episodes? I think so!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001567934
Rofl! yeah nothing suspicious looking about hiding your face! haaaa..
Lee makes his way into the stairwell..
Neumann backs up the
trolley into a lift..

We cut to an ambulance driving along a road..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001597063
That old place looks familiar.. I think I found it once didn’t I? was it Reach for the sky when Amanda and Billy were driving around lots? [Yep! Found it!]

Back to the Hospital entrance –
3.17 TEHI.avi_001603269
Lee exits the hospital and walks straight past Neumann.. oh dear.. Lee really must be unwell to have not noticed him!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001605472
calls out to Lee and points his gun: We have to talk…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001606072
…I want those lenses.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001607874[We can see behind Neumman an ambulance backing in.. lol is this why we had the random shot of the ambulance?!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001610276
Well I don’t have ’em.
[But ummm Lee does have the information that was on the lenses no?! I mean.. it’s his list! Sooo if Neumman wants that info so bad – why not torture Lee for it? lol.. err not that I want that.. but the whole logic of this list and everyone wanting it is truly doing my head in!]
Lee kicks the trolley sending Neumman into the back of the
parked ambulance.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001612078
Just at that moment, the ambulance back doors open and whack Neumman.. the ambulance is on Lee’s side!

Lee kicks the gun out of Neumann’s hand and punches him a few times.. Neumann winds up in pain on the ground..  (How embarrassing for Neumman! But handy.. he is at a hospital 😉 ) Lee nurses his injured arm.3.17 TEHI.avi_001620086
Seeming to realise this is a bad situation he is facing.. Or maybe he’s just surprised to see Neumann again.. Or.. maybe the ‘look’ is something else.. we’ll ‘see’! 🙂

Next thing we are back at IFF… so I will pause here for the moment!! Sooooo what do you all ‘see’ going on here? Gotta run- I’ll be ‘looking’ forward to hearing your in’sight’ful ‘views’ everyone!!  Smile 

25 responses to “7/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I was wondering about the clothing timing. But Billy says “You look better tha you did last night,” and he never saw Lee in the ER. I’m thinking after Lee was stabilized and in the hospital room he came back to check his condition and probably brought clothing then because he wasn’t sure when Lee would be released.


  2. Watching Lee walk down the hall just makes me wince — he has NO business being out of bed and you can even see it in the photo. Why didn’t Amanda get back to his room in time to stop him?


  3. Hi Everyone! I just read the latest random post..and I noticed.. Milo from Milo’s Daffy dogs could be on Lee’s Barnstorm list! 🙂

    this could be a fun post one day.. a fun way to review all of Lee’s contacts (whahahahaaha yes pun intended) Bye!


  4. I’ve tried to respond to this post 3 times and WordPress keeps giving me fits.I’m done I’ll move on to the next post. 😦


    • Oh booooo!!!! And this is the comment wordpress actually manages to publish – typical! I’ve had a few comments get eaten the last few days myself. bad wordpress!


  5. The Sally scene is not one of my favorites also. She is too much of the hip Chinese stereotype. It might work in California, but DC? I don’t know, that is what always enters my mind when I listen to her talk. And I also wonder why Lee would be so cute and cavalier with her as he talks to her about the list having been stolen. I thought he was very concerned and anxious about it. Maybe he is just trying to talk her off of the cliff and make her feel more at ease. But I guess I wish I saw him struggle a bit with trying to look at ease about it, especially because she surprised him and awoke him out of a deep sleep caused by a head injury.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well put Morley!! this ep is full of some really wonderful moments.. many we are yet to come to – so I’m hanging in there!!
      In the meantime, the ep is screaming rewrite to me… it doesn’t fit together as a whole – the writer Lynne Kelsey seems to have gone on to write another five smk episodes in season 4 – so I can only guess it wasn’t the writer’s fault???!!! weird..

      You know what this reminds me of? Double Agent! In that ep, there was that book that exposed civilians working on Operation sandstorm.. it mean’t identities would have been revealed to the highest bidder..

      Here in this ep? they seem to have tried to expand on that idea by making things much more complicated – when really it’s the same thing.. identities are at risk.. and for sale to the highest bidder..

      Which then makes me wonder.. at this point they know the Germans don’t have the list.. so whoever does – what will they do with it?
      Selling the list is quite possible.. but there’s no mention of covering this angle – you know.. put a search alert on encoded lenses on ebay or something haaaaaaa! They should know this is an option as it happened in double agent – lol maybe they don’t want to be making it too obvious that the situations are similar. lol..

      Long story short – all these additions to the plot to make it look more complex than double agent haven’t really worked because they don’t fit together – as Morley rightly points out. for someone so aware of the danger his contacts are in, Lee is pretty flippant here..
      I agree Morley – seeing Lee struggle to be flippant would have worked much better. But for me the big clunker is that really, Lee put everyone in danger in the first place but that’s not addressed… I think the plot was never intending this situation to be Lee’s fault…


  6. I like Sally too, but I can’t recall what significance her character has in this episode or if it goes beyond just this scene. I understand about his loyalty to his informants and these two have a good rapport. Maybe that’s it? I saw this episode two weeks ago and now I can’t remember. That’s okay, we’ll get there.

    Nit-pick time… It bothers me that Sally put her hand over his mouth to wake him up. That would have freaked me out a little. I wonder if he expected her to show up?

    Other random. Neumann isn’t the sharpest of baddies. Was that really the best place to corner Lee about the lenses? I do like Lee’s cart kick move. 😀


  7. “Moles with bad eyes must have very good ears.”

    I don’t know if anyone is compiling a list of SMK words of wisdom, but this one would look nice with everything the prime minister said in Wrong Way Home. Although, I think I liked his phrases better because he was more humorous about them.


    • Hi Jestress – that’s a great idea! I’ve often thought a post of Dotty-isms along a similar thread would be fun too!
      If the mood strikes to write it go for it and just let me know 🙂


    • I tried to find out if mole comment was an actual proverb or not and it doesn’t seem so. But I did do some research on spy slang and lingo. If Sally is referring to herself as a mole than she may be more than just a civilian. I read something that said all moles are spies, but not all spies are moles. It also said that a mole may take decades before they become an active spy. Their job is to reach a position of being able to access secret information. I know that Lee referred to them as civilians, but maybe they started out like Amanda and then progressed to doing and being more.

      There’s also a lot of farm references here. Sally mentions a chicken hawk and the list is the barnstorm list. Some agents/moles who might be involved in trading info would give just enough info to be legit and not have anyone question them. The info was called chicken feed. Sort of reminds me of Harry Thornton and his being a triple agent.

      There’s more but I won’t go on. I’ve been away so long I just want to catch up some more.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. First, I’ll say that I like the Sally character – she is very sweet – in an Emily sort of way. But can I say that what she says is just so stereotypical that it bugs me. I’m sure it didn’t bug me when it first aired, but now it seems so trite.

    Hmm, this scene explains to me why the Barnstorm list is so important to Lee. My take is that the people on this list initiate contact with Lee in addition to him asking them for information. I also get the sense that they all know may know at least one or two other people in ‘the family’. That way they have some sort of chain to get information to Lee or from Lee. I no longer think it is just a one-way information flow. Sally is most likely Chinese, so she probably works at/near/for an important Chinese diplomat or something. I looked up where the Chinese Embassy in DC is and it’s not far from the Czech Emabassy. There is lots of park area in between, so perhaps Sally knows Lee’s ‘family member’ there? Perhaps the family member that’s gone bad someone managed to find out who the other family members were and decided to sell out? For some reason that person wanted money or was not happy with Lee or something.

    How does Lee know that the Nurses’ station is 5L? That is not a detail I would think Lee would know. I guess he maybe asked Sally and she told him.

    LOL – excellent point, iwsod, about just torturing Lee to get the list! Duh! Maybe Neumman doesn’t really know what the list is and he’s just hired to get it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Loved this BJo! 🙂
      I agree, the connection, caring and affection between Lee and Sally is endearing – and it really speaks to Lee’s warm and genuine heart 🙂
      Unfortunately, it also screams to me that Lee has been a very sloppy spy and hasn’t looked after this Sally whom he clearly values!

      I think it’s spying101 that you keep your contacts (pun haa) separate – they don’t all know each other. And you are the only person who knows your contacts – so that no one can betray them.

      BJo you’ve done an admirable job of trying to make some sense of this big jumble.. but sorry I think it’s doomed… whatever way you look at it (IMHO) Lee looks like an amateur because of this whole plot set up – when he isn’t an amateur. I think it’s time to bring out the Defender of Lee’s Dignity!!!! duh duh duuuuhhh…

      The writers have tried to have their cake and eat it. They want Lee to be committed heroically to the people on this list. But, they also had him one way or another lose the list and have them all be in jeopardy.
      Someone in the family goes bad and they are all in danger? for a top spy, this is not good enough!

      Every contact (pun!) would have their own individual way of contacting(pun!) Lee to pass on information. No one would know any other contact.
      E.g. Sally calls the Blue fox and orders a burger for delivery.. a part time civilian agency worker who also works for blue fox would then inform Lee of the message.
      Lee would know though that the message means he needs to grab his pirate uniform and head to Moby’s dock so he can give Sally her gangplank burger.. and she can give him what she has to pass on! 🙂

      I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that Sally is a nurse at the hospital. I don’t see civilians going under cover and infiltrating Lee’s hospital room..
      But I do think the whole sequence of watching Sally get past Duffy and into Lee’s room was a tease where we were suppose to be fearful for Lee’s life – she could have been a nurse who is on Brody’s badstorming list.. lol..

      by now, I’ve concluded the writers were so focused on all the Lee/Amanda swoony goodness that they neglected the whole plot premise. And.. inspite of the plot craters I still enjoy the ep because of the two main characters. I wonder what KJ would make of all this. From interviews I’ve read with her, I can’t see her being happy with a half thought out plot when she is working her butt off. she would not have been happy to have everyone just thinking that the Lee/Amanda relationship alone would make the ep work.
      wish I remembered where I read that now. but there was an interview where she said something like that about Charlie’s angels I think.

      Anyway – I’ve got to get into my work day here and I’ve only read a few comments.. LOL I’m sensing I shouldn’t read all the comments about peanut butter.. yes I might just skip them all..
      bye everyone and hope you are all well!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I think Lee needed much better security for his room. Maybe they should have left someone actually in the room with him. That way, Lee would not only be protected from other people but from himself. Maybe next time Billy will also not tell Lee the name of the operation to guard him so he can’t pull this kind of trick.


    • Good point. Surely Billy would realise that Lee would try to cut and run?! Where was his personal Bedside Bluebell when he needs her?


  10. Based on iwsod’s screen cap I think the footage of the ambulance driving down the road must have been shot on the day of the Ugly Car Parade. What’s with those two hideous multi-colored station wagons? And that white car with the blue roof is certainly not much better.


  11. This scene bugs me a little because Sally strikes me as a bit of a caricature – the myopic, large toothed Asian person.
    Neumann must be desperate if he is confronting Lee in such a public place. Destroying the lenses would seem to have been the sensible course for Lee but if someone on the list has “gone bad”, I guess keeping the bad guys thinking the other lens still exists is a good ploy. Although he would really only have to pretend – he could still destroy the other lens, so long as the bad guys thought it still existed. Oooiiii, I hope this starts to make some more sense soon. :/
    Lee’s bruised head miraculously improves in the sunlight. 😀


  12. I have to be honest – this part of the episode irritates me. The Sally/Lee relationship is cute but their exchange is peppered with corny phrases and (as you have so ably pointed out, Iwsod) it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense esp about Barnstorm members knowing each other.

    My other personal bugbear is the “doctor” who is answering the phone at the nurses station, and she says she’s call the agent guarding Lee’s room. Really? The doctor?? Doesn’t she have something more vital to do than run errands for someone on the other end of the phone?

    Considering Lee’s fragile state of health, he does very well against Neumann (or maybe Neumann’s just a wimpy baddie?)


  13. Hi Everyone! I’ve been away.. and then haven’t stopped since I got back! I’ll try and get back here as soon as I can to enjoy all your smk’y thoughts! byee!


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