8/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Next thing we are back at IFF… The scene opens with Neumann’s name on a chalk board being crossed out.
Lee: Neumann never had the lenses, Billy, otherwise he wouldn’t have come after me.
[Oh right..so that’s what that look was at the end of the last scene.. well.. at least it narrows things down nicely! Smile ]
The Camera pans out and we see the full chalk board. Francine is there also..

[LOL – Billy has a chalk board in his office? I thought it was just the conference room? I guess now these baddies are getting more complicated we will need a chalkboard Smile I’m guessing 15th + G is where the bus stop got crashed into? which lol is a bit of a shame… because that Policeman back in Post 2 reported they were at Third and Gilmore Winking smile whahahaa..

Umm Lee you’ve left off the ambulance – surely Lee would have arrived in an ambulance? but.. if he had then Goldberg may not have been first to see the lenses.. umm let’s just pretend Lee didn’t arrive in an ambulance?! Amanda gave him first aid, and then the cops put the lights on and floored it.. ahem.. ‘Hospital’ seems to be err rather general!! strange given that is the one place where Amanda and Lee were finally separated so Amanda can guarantee the lenses were not taken before then.
Oh and lastly- what’s with ‘SAVE’ down the bottom there? Is that a little note to old scarecrow to remind him what he’s suppose to be doing here? Winking smile ]

Billy: Agreed. But where are they?
[Umm I thought Billy was wanting Amanda to keep Lee resting at the hospital.. err me confused.. maybe that wasn’t Billy who said that in the garage – it was someone who sounded like Billy.. and okay.. looked like Billy Winking smile man.. that’s quite a trick Smile  oh and LOL that Billy doesn’t even rouse on Lee for telling the hospital he is Billy and he wants to talk to Duffy Winking smile to get rid of Duffy!]
Lee: How about the parking garage?
Francine: No, no we had two dozen men there for 12 hours. They vacuumed the place and the vehicles… [no women.. only men! It was Francine’s choice to make the men vacuum Winking smile ]
…All they could come up with was gum wrappers and lint.
[LOL the way Lee holds that chalk it’s like he is smoking!!! is BB a former smoker?!]
Billy: I’m gonna have to write off your network, Scarecrow.
3.17-TEHI.avi_001646980_thumb[WHAT?????!!!! Billy is super quick to just dump Lee’s network of civilians! grrr..
Helloooooo!! why is no one looking at who works at the hospital? and who had access to Lee’s eyes?! I mean Lee has a network of people in hospitals – why wouldn’t a clever baddie create a similar network? Oh my.. this is really quite a lame plot so far – okay Lee has a head injury – but what’s Billy and Francine’s excuse?
lol I see Francine is not on crutches.. In The Triumvirate we were told by Billy that Francine’s bullet went straight through and she would be on crutches  ‘for a while’ – guess it’s been a while between this ep and the triumvirate! ]
Lee: No!!
…You can’t do that. We’re tightening the noose.
3.17-TEHI.avi_001648782_thumb[No wonder Lee doesn’t let his guard down at the agency..he’s got to fight tooth and nail for the people he is responsible for. How quickly Billy seems to want to give up! Boooo.. but okay I figure the writers want to instil some more tension here.. like the clock ticking on the baddie getting the info isn’t enough.. the agency seems to want to put a deadline on it too..]
Lee crosses out two more locations on the chalkboard.. and points to the hospital.
Lee: It has gotta be here.
: Well, you know the agency rules. Just a hint of compromise and we shut the door and your contacts have to swim alone.
[what a pun!! Lee’s contacts?!  And how awful that Billy is suggesting just leaving these people who trusted in Lee to ‘swim alone’ Sad smile  this is IMHO not Billy’s finest moment! A bit heartless.. but also a really bad mixing of metaphors 😉 ]
Lee: Well then you have to give me some time….24 hours at least. Billy, they trust me; I can’t let them down. Let me at least check with them, huh? It’s their job to hear things, right?
: Okay, 24 hours on one condition. The minute you’re through talking to your contacts, I want you to get off your feet.
[Talking to Lee’s contacts lol.. such a funny choice of words. But it is typical smk humour to have a contacts list on contact lenses!
Ouch.. this is a bit rough.. 24 hours.. At least Dr Smyth gave Lee 48 hours to save Billy’s career back in Reach for the Sky! I do wish Lee had reminded him of this fact!]
Lee: No, I can’t sit this one out.
: Alright we’ll set something up in your apartment so you can stay on top of things, okay?
[Lee does not look super happy with this compromise of Billy’s but with 24 hours I can’t say I blame him.]
Lee:  Okay. Thanks.
(Lee gives Billy a pat on the arm and walks out of the office)
Billy and Francine worriedly watch Lee leave.
Francine: He looks terrible. [Not possible!!]

The scene ends here. What do you all make of Billy here?
I think here is a scene that reminds us of the brutality of the agency… In the Pharaoh’s Engineer we had the agency being described and portrayed as some kind of family. Well this never really worked for me. As lovely as Billy is – there are rules.. and he is restricted. I find Billy’s quick conclusion here to cut all the civilians counting on Lee loose pretty disappointing.. but.. this is the reality of the agency.. Lee doesn’t like it, he fights for his 24 hour window – but he doesn’t hold it against Billy. (I totally would have.. but then, that’s probably why I’m not an agent haaaa.. I could never work at IFF!) I think Lee knows the limits of what Billy and Francine can do at the agency – and he doesn’t even expect them to go above and beyond for him. Not like Amanda would.. I’m not saying they aren’t close – but with Lee and Amanda it’s different.. Lee has never gotten the loyalties at the agency confused – he will go above and beyond for others [like say Walt (if thoughts could kill) or even Billy] but he doesn’t expect anyone at the agency to do that for him.
At least this is the way it is so far in this episode.. will Billy and Francine do more and help more? I honestly have no idea.. I just know that there’s a lot of people (civilians no less) counting on Lee right now, and Lee needs help to be able to protect them. He is physically not up to the task. That Amanda would help at this stage is to me a given – but will Billy and Francine help? I look forward to finding out!

So here’s a question for you all.. can you guys name all the people who would have been on the barnstorm list? [lol I know I say this alot.. lol but this would be a great post to revisit previous guest stars!]Would Raoul from ship of spies have been on the list? and how is someone in the barnstorm network different from an asset?

Can you think of any pieces of information Lee probably learned from someone on the barnstorm list?? Whooo I’ll have a go- remember in the first time when Amanda asked Lee how he found her? ‘We have our ways’ – maybe someone on the barnstorm list told him who she was and where to find her Winking smile haaaaa.. okay gotta run! bye!

34 responses to “8/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. An asset came up in some research I was doing about the intelligence community. Assets come in a few varieties. Some are paid, some blackmailed, some don’t know they are, and some work against their own country willingly, hoping to help change something negative about their own country. They are sometimes referred to as agents and confidential informants. I’m thinking Yuri Valov in Playing Possum might be considered a temporary asset considering what he did.

    That green chalkboard is killing me. I haven’t seen a chalkboard in so long and definitely not a green one. It’s all white boards and SmartBoards now. The other part that’s killing me is the square with the word Map in it. It looks more like a flow chart to me than a map, but that’s the teacher in me. Francine should know better since she has on her schoolmarm outfit.

    Sometimes I don’t like the inconsistencies in Billy’s character. One minute he seems very understanding and can be the rogue himself as he was in RFTS, then he becomes all boss-like and working the agency rule book to annoyance.

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  2. The green chalkboard is definitely a turn back time item and strange to look at since now everyone uses a dry erase board with markers….I just didn’t think their chalkboard plan was all that complicated, it could have been scribbled on a napkin….Oh well….on to the next scene.


  3. You bring up some worthy plot holes, Iwsod. I lose track of all of them becuase I get so caught up in Lee’s desperation here that so much is out of his control and he can barely keep himself standing. His condition and situation really pushes that sense of loyalty that we know is so strong in Lee. We saw it in Saved by the Bell and since, but this time it isn’t about Amanda and I think that shows us even more about Lee’s character. I also enjoy seeing Francine’s concern for him and the look of real consternation as they watch Lee leave.

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    • lol you are probably way wiser than me Morley… losing track of plot holes is probably a good thing!

      Yes regardless of any confusion over the plot Lee’s determination shines through.. Even his own body is letting him down at the moment. I can see him giving his body a good talking to – come on man! don’t quit on me now! Okay sure I put eww someone else’s contact lenses in double ewww.. and okay sure.. you got a thorough search at the airport.. and okay sure.. you got concussed on the garage floor along with the lint and gum wrappers – but you gotta do this for the all the people counting on me!!! [Lee’s head injury may have caused some dissociation! 😉 ]

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      • Actually there is something to that dissociation theory of yours, maybe just a tad… but I will wait. Can you remind me if I don’t bring it up soon. All I will say is that old habits die hard but we know something has really changed when they do :).


      • Okay – I looked up dissociation theory, read a paragraph or two, then stopped – not my bailiwick. I tried. That aside, I’m not sure that Lee would even stop to think about the eww factor with the contact lenses or the search at the airport at this point. Those things are small potatoes relative to securing the barnstorm list. Lee doesn’t expect his civilian eyes and ears to have to lost their lives to help him – although he knows it could happen – if anyone should lose their life relative to Barnstorm it should be him – he’s the captain going down with the ship.


        • LOL poor BJo! nevermind.. it’s not something all people need to know about and if it doesn’t interest you don’t worry 🙂

          ha.. I had to look up ‘bailiwick’ I hadn’t come across that one before! 🙂

          ’m not sure that Lee would even stop to think about the eww factor with the contact lenses or the search at the airport at this point

          Yep, I reckon you’re right.. and that’s why Lee is a spy and I’m not! lol!! I’d be destroying the lenses and then there would be no spy antics.. oh and lol – I love how we say these things like Lee is a real person! whahahaahaa.. now there’s some dissociation for ya!

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        • Forgot to add:

          Lee doesn’t expect his civilian eyes and ears to have to lost their lives to help him – although he knows it could happen – if anyone should lose their life relative to Barnstorm it should be him – he’s the captain going down with the ship.

          Loved this BJo! beautifully put.. Captain Lee argghhhhh (gangplank burger anyone?)


    • Yes, that is a nice moment in Billy’s office when he and Francine both show their concern for Lee. They show it in the hospital for Lee and Amanda, and here they continue it. I think they both know that Lee is going to push himself to the limit to help these people – that is who Lee is.


  4. lol I see Francine is not on crutches.. In The Triumvirate we were told by Billy that Francine’s bullet went straight through and she would be on crutches ‘for a while’ – guess it’s been a while between this ep and the triumvirate!

    It might be some miracle drug the (US) government doesn’t want us to know about. 😉


  5. Hmmm, random thought – would the plot make more sense if the list contained names of agents and double agents that Lee had recruited rather than just civilian informants? The agency has a history of leaving their people twisting in the wind (Amanda in SBTB, Billy in RFTS immediately come to mind, I am sure there are others) so Lee has a chance to get all swoon worthy and go rogue to rescue them. Maybe he was setting up a network like Paul Barnes and these people were highly effective in bringing down tea-drinking baddies. This would partially explain why a) someone was able to provide a list of everyone on the team and b) why the Germans and every other Eastern block country was so eager to get their hands on it. It still doesn’t explain why Lee just didn’t destroy the damned lenses, but maybe he figured he could discover the traitor by seeing who was NOT on the list.

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    • That’s what I’m going with here too. Lee not destroying the list so they can see who is not on the list in order to figure out who the traitor is, otherwise this really makes no sense at all…no matter that the whole civilian part already makes no sense, as they wouldn’t know about each other in the first place.

      Only, the fact that the baddies want to get their hands on the list so badly actually does make sense. After all, some of those civilians more than likely getting their information because the baddies completely dismiss them while pretty much handing them vital info on a silver platter, so knowing who Lee’s contacts are would be extremely helpful to them indeed.

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      • “… After all, some of those civilians more than likely getting their information because the baddies completely dismiss them while pretty much handing them vital info on a silver platter, so knowing who Lee’s contacts are would be extremely helpful to them indeed.”

        Totally agree! Like the gal, who pumps gas while the evil dudes in the car just keep talking.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    How about the grocery checkout person and bag boy in The Times They are a Changing…that’s how Amanda got the right can of coffee. What about Apollo, I think that’s right, his eating kinda grossed me out.


  7. I think Lee wrote “Save” on the board so that some numpty (like Fred Fielder) doesn’t come along and rub it all off!

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  8. SilverCorvette

    I chose my handle as one of my online names is Marquette, which is a Canadian built Buick of the 1930s (we have owned one for many years), so Silver Corvette seemed a natural for SMK ! I
    I will try to make more comments now that I have finally been game enough, and timely enough, to make a post !

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    • I look forward to your insights! You sound like a car lover!! did you see KC’s posts where she did vehicle patrol?! they were awesome!!


    • Hi SilverCorvette – and welcome! I know this isn’t your first comment, but wanted to jump in and say hi! Glad you found your way here. Love your handle!


  9. SilverCorvette

    Hi, this is my first post, although I read JWWM whenever I can. I am trawling back through Series 1 and 2 while keeping up with Series 3.
    Orlando (Ship of Spies)
    Raul (Filming Raul)
    Sally the nurse (Eyes have it)
    Rhonda (at the gas station, dont remember the episode)
    Katrina (from the Russian embassy, oops that’s in the future)


    • Welcome Silver Corvette!!!!! Welcome to JWWM!! so glad you’ve jumped in and joined the fun 🙂

      Great handle! 🙂


    • Welcome SilverCorvette (though I am in the minority and prefer the Porsche over the ‘Vette) . I guess Augie wouldn’t make the list, he’s more an informant and probably not very loyal.


    • Welcome SilverCorvette. Cool handle! 🙂
      Does TP count? Or is he like an informant too.


      • SilverCorvette

        I think TP would count, but Lee always paid Augie, so I would not call him family.
        Also the masseuse lady, Lara ? (this episode)

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        • Hey guys! some good ideas coming!! So is payment what makes an asset? (I ask because I don’t know lol.. I’m not trying to make a point or anything ha!)

          Hey SilverCorvette – this blog does things a little differently – we’re following the story as it unfolds and we don’t jump ahead.
          I haven’t seen upcoming episodes for years and I’m trying to remain spoiler free – So please don’t refer to events that are ahead of where we are up to in the walk (we haven’t come across a masseuse lady yet 🙂 ). This takes a little getting use to and it’s no biggie.. and it’s wonderful you have joined us for our walk through the episodes! Thanks Silver Corvette!


          • SilverCorvette

            Sorry, Iswod, I forgot in my excitement.

            My brain thought of two more while I was asleep, but they are from Season 4, so I won’t mention them now.

            (No, I’m not really THAT obsessed by SMK/JWWM, my brain was also planning theme displays for the library where I work, my brain works hard when I’m asleep and then wakes me up at 4 am !)


            • It’s all good silver corvette 🙂

              Yeah I know what you mean about how the brain works. If I remembered what was ahead and had thoughts about it I wanted to be sure to share, I’d be keeping notes for myself so I didn’t forget when we finally got to it lol. I’m a list maker! (I promise shoot Billy is not on my list!)


      • gosh.. well TP is a civilian.. I don’t know that we’ve seen him contact Lee with information have we? We’ve only seen Lee approach him for information (which TP very conveniently knows haaaa) but hey.. I guess he is Lee’s eyes and ears and a civilian.. so yeah! why not!!

        Is Arlene Francis on the Barnstorm list?!


    • Welcome, SilverCorvette! I like your handle name too! Glad you could join us! Good list, I’m still trying to come up with some.


    • Welcome Silver Corvette!


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