9/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at the hospital and Amanda arrives carrying a basket of flowers.. or plants or something. random..[Hey! is this the flower arrangement for a teenage girl Learjet? naughty!! we jumped ahead and I didn’ t know it! heck. someone say something please – I can get it wrong too! Me human! 🙂 ] edited to add: Learjet didn’t jump ahead. Iwsod just got very very confuzzled
3.17 TEHI.avi_001723556
Amanda sees Lee is gone.. the medication is still sitting there in the paper cup and she picks up the phone.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001733466
Nurses’ station, please.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001740373
Amanda absently picks up the paper cup and the scene suddenly cuts to an exterior of a spa of some kind.
There’s a customer on the phone talking while he’s getting a massage.. 3.17 TEHI.avi_001745178
She hits a tender spot and he exclaims..
The Masseuse responds with a load of Russian or something (never mind that you didn’t transcribe this bit Jenbo that really would be a service above and beyond! Anyone speak Russian and able to help us out here? Smile ]
Blonde lady: speaks a load of Russian
3.17 TEHI.avi_001747580
Massage dude-ov: Of course my Government is very interested in your information Brody. I’ve been authorised to offer you $1 million American, for the Barnstorm list.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001762328
The masseuse listens intently.. aha! Jackpot! good thing he decided to have this conversation in front of someone else! Hmm.. I bet he thinks the Masseuse doesn’t speak any English.
We cut to Brody.. his baddie phone.. and what is that – a black panther?! A Black Bull maybe?  whahahahaaa.. They are going for it trying to tell us this guy is bad!!

Brody: Ambassador Filikov  I believe we have a deal.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001765331
: Good. Expect the transfer of funds in 48 hours. 3.17 TEHI.avi_001769536
[Phew.. so Lee has at least 48 hours to get the list back!]
Brody: Fine. I’ll call you then to arrange delivery.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001772238
[Umm why does Brody seem soooo umm.. dopey? as in tired and half asleep?]
Filikov: Brody, your information has always been good in the past. I trust Barnstorm is worth the price. 3.17 TEHI.avi_001780046Brody: Ambassador, you won’t be disappointed .
3.17 TEHI.avi_001781548
With this, Filikov starts raving at his masseuse in Russian and hangs up the phone on Brody. 3.17 TEHI.avi_001784551
Whahahhaha!!! Brody likes to check if he can see anything down the baddie phone line just like Lee does Smile
Maybe this scene was filmed at 4 in the morning after a full week of work and this was the actor playing Brody’s final scene.. he is so tired, it’s not really scary, menacing or anything.. it’s a bit boring!
3.17 TEHI.avi_001789956
The masseuse gets back to the massage..(massaging this bloke is scary 😉 )  and the scene ends there.. I guess all these people on the barnstorm list know they are on a ‘barnstorm’ list – they all seem to recognise this word..

Moving on,  we see Lee pull up in his corvette next to a park. Umm should he be driving?
3.17 TEHI.avi_001801067
I mean he couldn’t even park the car in the parking space!
Lee gets out giving his injured arm a rub. Yes.. we haven’t forgotten you are hurt Lee Winking smile
We see purple thumper approaching.. LOL I love how Amanda seems to park the car with less control of a car than she probably should have!

Lee can’t quite believe what he is seeing.. (eyes hurt Lee!?)
3.17 TEHI.avi_001825091
Lee: Amanda, what are you doing here in that thing?
3.17 TEHI.avi_001828995
: Oh don’t even ask me about this thing. It’s the best Mr Melrose could do. … [Oh a missed opportunity! Amanda could have said: well at least Billy didn’t give me a car with a load of drugs in the muffler!] … He gave it to me out of the motor pool and it’s the least of my worries;…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001837170
…I went to the hospital and you weren’t there. I was worried sick. Mr Melrose was worried too….
[lol Lee just kinda nods.. I guess this is the first Amandaramble we’ve had for a while!]

3.17 TEHI.avi_001838672
…I called him and he told me you’d come here…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001841174
…because you’d gotten a call from the masseuse. Lana or Lulu or Lolo or whatever her name is. (my goodness she’s talking fast Smile )
[Why was Mr Melrose worried too?! Hmm.. I wonder if that scene we just saw at IFF was added at later date to explain the plot some more.. it really doesn’t make much sense to me. But… Billy redeems himself a little bit in my eyes because he tells Amanda where to find Lee Smile ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001844778
Lee: Lana. She’s one of the family.
Amanda: Well anyway, please don’t complain because he told me to stick to you like glue.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001847480
[Amanda’s already trying to manage Lee’s resistance.. nice touch.. He has in the past resisted this kind of help!]
Lee: I’m not complaining…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001851985[He’s not complaining? He’s not complaining!!!!!]
…I just wanna say thanks for caring enough to come.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001853787
[Phew!! wow!!! this response is a departure from normal! The new normal?! Smile The way Amanda was prepared for Lee’s resistance here really highlights how different this response of Lee’s is to her help – and how much he has changed Smile for the better Smile  ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001854688
She smiles a little..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001856489
Amanda: Okay. I’m sorry. I’m a little rattled.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001859793
Lee laughs it off.. : I know.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001860551
: Well anyway here’s your medication. You left it at the hospital. You probably ought to take it.
[I struggle with this part! Amanda doesn’t even know what the drug is or what effect it would have – now Lee is not laying in his hospital bed he maybe shouldn’t be having it! I’m a little surprised at Amanda she’s usually so careful..]
Lee: No, it’s probably half sedative.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001864030[Exactly! and he’s currently driving around- bad combo!]
Amanda: Well that’s because your body needs to rest so it can heal.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001867634
: Well my body is going to have to take a number and get in line

3.17 TEHI.avi_001876509
  [Amanda lets out a big sigh. she knows she isn’t going to be able to convince Lee to stop me thinks..]
Now this is my network, Amanda.
[I’m sorry.. network? what was that? Lee just said something about his body.. hang on.. let me focus here.. network.. right.. network!]
Amanda: Well…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001877410
Lee: These are not hardened professionals. They’re clerks, secretaries, janitors…people who help us because they believe in what we’re doing.
[‘us’- like that!!!Yep and this makes Billy’s 24 hour deadline pretty low in my book..]
3.17 TEHI.avi_001882048
: I know-
Lee: -I owe these people Amanda…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001884451
…I owe them with my life…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001886252
…if it comes to that…
3.17 TEHI.avi_001886853
…I’d do the same for you. And you’d do the same for me, right?
3.17 TEHI.avi_001890156
Amanda is silent a beat here..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001890457
Amanda quietly: Yeah.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001891358
We cut to the wide shot.. drat.. I really wanted to see Lee react to Amanda’s confirmation.

But.. Lee is focused on the job at hand – and there didn’t seem to be any doubt in his mind that Amanda would give her life for him. That’s how well he knows her Smile
And.. I don’t know if that’s something he can say about Billy and Francine! Maybe..
This is quite a serious little conversation inserted into this little moment no?
I’d give my life for you and you’d do the same? That is massive – This is the first time this has ever been said between these two.. Lee has said it before – but not directly to Amanda I think.. has Amanda said it before? … I guess they’ve never said this to each other.. but then.. I guess their actions have been saying this for years Winking smile No wonder Lee was saying thankyou for her being there – he is fully seeing and acknowledging now all that she does for him, and all that she would willingly do to help him. It’s a lovely little moment!

But.. Lee has a job to do.. and people are counting on him. so this little admission is quickly put to one side to focus on the job at hand.
Lee: Come one. Lana’s waiting.
3.17 TEHI.avi_001892258
Lee guides Amanda by the elbow.. and off they walk..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001895261
LOL at how Amanda turns to give thumper one last look. Don’t worry Amanda I’m pretty sure no one will steal it. lol maybe she is hoping someone will haaaa..
3.17 TEHI.avi_001896763
The scene ends here.. and I shall too!

I cannot wait to hear what you all make of this scene here! Please feel free to share what you like.. and thanks for reading! Smile 

63 responses to “9/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. That car she got stuck with reminds me of one time my grandmother was driving me to work (SOOO glad I had someone to share this with) and we look out the window to see a lime green Volkswagon bug driving past. Or should I say, neon lime green with black spider web decals all over the doors. And through the window you can see the seats, the dashboard, the steering wheel, and the ceiling are all covered with this red THICK shag carpet (each strand had to be half a cm thick in diameter — I’m not kidding). So just as we’re laughing like crazy and thinking this is the ugliest car we’ve ever seen, we notice in the back window is a “FOR SALE” sign! REALLY?


  2. LeeLovesAmanda

    When I’ve been in the hospital, they’ve watched me take my pills. They never just left them for me. So Amanda should not have taken the pills.

    I love the exchange between the two of them about giving their life for each other. That’s love.


  3. Loving all these comments about Lee and Amanda saying how they would give their lives for each other. Admitting that you are willing to sacrifice your life for another person is a huge thing. That is a serious commitment. At this point the personal side of that is sort of underlying the professional side, but it’s still a very poignant moment. I don’t even think Lee really questions that Amanda would do so for him. He makes more of a statement than asking the question. They’ve both shown time and again how far they are willing to go for the other.

    When I first watched this I was about to get irritated with Lee when he started to ask Amanda why she was there. I thought, “here we go again”, but then he added the “in that thing” and I realized this was a different reaction. It really is a beautiful moment here with them and I especially loved how Lee diffused Amanda’s befuddlement with the car with his patience and admission that he was appreciative of her caring.

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  4. Sadly my Russian language skills are limited to spasibo, pajalsta and dasvidaniya so I had to skip over that part LOL

    it just me or does that purple gremlin now looks pink?! Is it like the picture of that dress that went viral (which for the record was totally white and gold).

    I love Lee’s reaction to her arrival…..that thing lol however I feel a bit narky when he starts preaching to Amanda about his network being clerks and secretaries…..sometimes people are also Arlington housewives who only get a guest pass :/ It could be argued that he now sees Amanda as a fully fledged member of the Agency but dude at least remember where she started out!!!

    And for the record I find the whole line about his body having to get in line sooooooo cheesy. But I love the fact that Lee appreciates she cares. Now that IS growth lol

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  5. Massage dude-ov! ROFL, iwsod!! Love it!

    I love Lee’s reaction to Amanda’s ramble here. He just listens and takes it in – reminds me of FFFT. Wow! Lee’s not complaining about Amanda having to stick to him like glue! A bit odd for Lee, IMO, but I guess maybe that partner thing is really sinking in. I guess Barnstorm isn’t an official Agency assignment but rather a personal mission for Lee, so Amanda isn’t officially on a case but is just helping Lee out. So I guess that is why he says what he says. That is nice of him to thank her, and I think it catches her off guard. I suspect she was expecting push back because he probably wants to deny that he’s hurting and having Amanda by his side doesn’t let him do that.

    I don’t struggle with Amanda and the meds at all. Back in the day, that is how hospitals did it. If it was time to take your meds and you were sleeping, they left them on your table for you to take when you woke up. And believing that Lee is under the care of NEST and in a guarded room, I would expect nothing less than her bringing this medication to Lee. It would have been out of character for her to leave the meds, IMO.

    Lee sees the people on the Barnstorm list as an “us”, but Billy does not. I don’t think Billy can afford that – he is an administrator. At least he’s supporting Lee while he is on his mission and not telling him he is on unofficial business like Lee was when Billy went rogue in RFTS. I think Billy is going about as far as he can go. I’m glad he’s letting Lee do this rather than ask his boss if it’s okay for Lee to be doing this (think SBTB and Dirk – deliverer of only bad news).

    Amanda seems less ‘enthused’ about the giving of her life bit than Lee. I think she would, but I don’t think that is something she contemplates every day or with every assignment, whereas Lee probably thinks about it on a daily basis. I wonder if Lee doesn’t expect that someday he may very well die having to give his life for someone while on the job. I wonder if Amanda would be willing to die for all her Agency co-workers. Francine took a bullet for her.

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    • Yeah, hospitals have definitely changed. Plus this isn’t a doctor who is exactly concerned with procedure. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself and a doctor wouldn’t give the pills directly to a patient and he couldn’t risk calling a nurse in case someone started answering questions. I guess Amanda shouldn’t have taken it with her, but she was also pretty worried about Lee so probably not concerned with proper procedure either.


  6. What are you doing here … in that thing? I love it. I am sure Amanda was expecting to just hear “what are you doing here.” I think she may e wondering if Lee was going backwards into his lone wolf persona, off to save the world alone, and where would that leave her? But that isn’t where he was at at all. He was glad to have her there, even glad that she came out in that thing. And he knows that she will be able to understand what is motivating him and the extent that he feels he must go to protect the people he feels responsible for. So he has truly left the lone wolf behind and he is seeing Amanda as a partner and even more, I think. He is seeing her as someone who really understands him and is able to stand in his shoes, or at least, pretty near them. And I love watching Amanda realize that he has truly changed.

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    • Beautifully put Morley – I agree I loved that about this moment. wow! what a change in Lee!!!

      And I love watching Amanda realize that he has truly changed.

      Yeah! I think we can see Amanda registering this change in him. Wow!!!

      Loved how you put it – with that question mark hanging over things, will the lone wolf kick in? but.. he doesn’t! hooray!!!

      So he has truly left the lone wolf behind and he is seeing Amanda as a partner and even more, I think. He is seeing her as someone who really understands him and is able to stand in his shoes, or at least, pretty near them.

      Given Lee’s vulnerable physical condition, it’s timely that Lee has reached the point of welcoming Amanda’s support 🙂

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      • See, no disassociation here! This would have been a perfect moment for Lee to slip back into old patterns of self protection. To me it shows that he has genuinely begun to respond to the healing effects of real love.


        • Sounds good to me.
          I was referring to a separation for Lee between his mind and his body – not to different parts of his mind. Sorry I think I was clear as mud 🙂

          To go back to how Kiwismh described it in the Triumvirate about Amanda (which I liked!) Lee is fully integrated here mentally and emotionally.. but that darn body (did I just type that?!) isn’t co-operating! It feels to me that it is sheer force of will for Lee’s two legs to be holding him up right now.. but ahhhhh… having Amanda show up and help him just made it a little easier 🙂

          Hey I’m surprised that all you guys haven’t said anything about Lee’s comment direct to Amanda that he would give his life for her??!!! and that he knows she would do the same for him??!!!!! and that she says yes??!!!
          I thought this was quite massive! And builds on the whole perched on the side of the couch conversation in triumvirate… Had this already been shared directly between these two? I was thinking this is a first. but I could be wrong?

          Where did everyone go? Hope you are all well! bye 🙂

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          • I thought it had been mentioned before, but I’m not remembering it. While I think she knows this (i.e, he’d die for her), I think it’s good that he makes a point of saying it here. He’s really saying that she’s “family” to him and that may be what she’s realizing in this moment.


            • Yeah!!! It’s extremely swoony but not said in order to make Amanda swoon… it’s so matter of fact and an aside to the main point he was making- i.e. these people are counting on me – that it almost whipped by me… then I thought: wait a minute! did he just say what I think he just said??!!! squeeee!!! 🙂

              Amanda is family – whooo that’s interesting.. because if Lee is saying that, he is also saying – and I know I am your family! What do you all think?

              Okay I gotta head off to do actual real work here lol.. great to hear from you Sara! byee!

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          • I actually find it more moving that Lee would give his life for Sally, or Lana, or any of the other people in his network. This harks back to the days when he didn’t know Amanda well and didn’t really even like her all that much, but was consistently putting his life on the line for her. I like that feeling of obligation to those who have done something for you, and what it says about his character. I also think this ties into the conversation they had at the Cumberland about why they do what they do. This job is so important, that it comes before personal considerations and personal safety. As Amanda moves more into the world of becoming a full-fledged spy, we see Lee accepting that she has to take risks that he wouldn’t have allowed her to take previously. Their feelings for each other, and concern for each other, is one of the personal considerations that will have to go to the wall when something greater is at stake. I’m not sure they’ve fully realized this yet (they maybe know it but don’t “know” it) and it will be interesting to see how this plays out as the relationship progresses.

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            • I also wonder if this is a bit of a reality check that Lee is giving Amada here (and maybe himself as well). Before they can move forward in a relationship together they must be willing to accept that either could easily die in the line of duty. Is Amanda willing to give her life for Lee and their work, despite what it would do to her family? Could Lee carry on knowing that Amanda died for his sake? Is Amanda strong enough to love Lee and survive losing him to an assassin’s bullet?

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              • Wow! This is heavy stuff. But I think you are right, 2 Goldens, that is what Lee is talking about. I think Amanda’s pause here is poignant. It isn’t as if she wouldn’t also give her life for Lee. I believe that she would, that she would have way back, early on. But right now she is focused on making sure Lee gets the care that he needs to heal. She is worried about him. And I also think she may be battling thoughts that lee is striking out on his own. I think these comments of Lee’s here hit her from out of left field. She was in caretaker mode; Lee is in partner (and not just at work partner)mode. I think that has given Amanda some reason for pause and yet she can’t deny that she is also in the same pace. She would readily give her life for Lee, no questions asked. She just didn’t realize that she and Lee were so much on the same page. And I don’t think she doubted for a second that Lee would give his life for her, he has been willing since season 1 to do that, but the fact that it is such a mutual, given fact in their relationship, especially as it is at the moment, rather fluctuating and sort of on the brink of intimate, this is a rather earth quaking admission on Lee’s part and at a moment when all that Amanda wants to do is take care of the guy so that they can have more time to do whatever it is they have been doing, work and personal combined…

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                • She is worried about him. And I also think she may be battling thoughts that lee is striking out on his own. I think these comments of Lee’s here hit her from out of left field.She was in caretaker mode; Lee is in partner (and not just at work partner)mode.

                  Interesting way of putting it Morley! It’s like here in this moment – Lee was fully integrated, he hadn’t separated out their personal relationship from what was happening with his work. When early on Lee had tried hard to compartmentalise and it was Amanda who was mixing things together.

                  Now – there’s a hint here that maybe Amanda was compartmentalising a little..yes- trying to get Lee to look after himself, but also trying to manage her new and strong emotions..
                  I agree that Amanda was taken by surprise by Lee here – it’s going to give her (fast) food for thought 😉 It’s almost like she needs to scramble to catch up to where Lee is at – because as you say she was thinking he was going to try his lone wolf routine and he went in completely the opposite direction! phew.. it’s swoony but also confusing times trying to navigate this situation – especially at this point in their relationship.

                  a rather earth quaking admission on Lee’s part



                  • Yeah, right. As much as Lee has learned to trust and love because of his relationship with Amanda, she has also learned from Lee and her work with the Agency. She has learned to compartmentalize… hmmm?


              • I loved this 2goldens!! whoooo great questions!!! heavy questions!!!

                Yes previously this has been dealt with.. but.. well.. not completely from the looks of things.. and as I just said to happy camper, maybe this is something that they have to manage – they make the decision.. but then.. the emotions would at times need to be managed to support the decision you have made.

                Yeah I reckon they’re strong enough 😉 that conversation in the triumvirate about their shared purpose is a big part of this – No other man could accept what Amanda does and the risks as well as Lee could.. and vice versa – because they share a common purpose.

                It’s funny.. this all gets a bit complicated when love and genuine feelings are involved 😉 risks.. danger.. sacrifice.. lol..
                You know I can kinda understand why Lee would have gone with the whole ‘I’ll pretend I’m an Astronaut thing and in a few months move on to someone else’ – a lot simpler! Less risk … but lol.. okay…at the end of the day – it’s not half as rewarding as a real relationship with Amanda 🙂

                Okay I gotta run – I’ve tried to get through as many comments as I can – lovin hearing from you guys!!!

                So many great ideas coming up.

                Oh and i’m sorry if I go on about plot holes too much. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the ep.. I do like to analyse things- maybe too much?!


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                • Never too much about the plot holes. You point them out with the right amount of sassy snark and we still love the show, flaws and all.

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                  • Thanks Cindy – it’s reassuring to hear.. though I would assume some may find the plot holes detracting.. but then, I guess I can’t please everyone and we will all enjoy smk in our different ways.
                    Yes very well put we still love the show – flaws and all!! Heck, often, they are part of the charm of smk haaaa!


                • I think the fact that Lee is so keenly aware of the risks and yet still continues forward, even though he does it so slowly, is one of the things I love about this show. He doesn’t just trip into an attraction that eventually becomes a maybe love. He purposefully lets himself fall for Amanda and vice versa. That is strong and real. Its fun to watch.

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            • Loved this happy camper – yeah when we step back and look at the broader story it’s incredibly swoony!
              Swoony because of who Lee is.
              Love how you say it says something about his character. sooo true!!
              If Lee wasn’t who he is – I don’t think I’d be half as interested in the show.. (no matter how good lookin the man is 😉 )

              This job is so important, that it comes before personal considerations and personal safety. As Amanda moves more into the world of becoming a full-fledged spy, we see Lee accepting that she has to take risks that he wouldn’t have allowed her to take previously. Their feelings for each other, and concern for each other, is one of the personal considerations that will have to go to the wall when something greater is at stake.

              Love love love this! sorry it took me so long to get back here and say- I’ve had a crazy busy week (and me thinks it’s going to stay crazy busy till july so basically – you guys will get use to not hearing from me half 😦 )
              This idea of risks and entering the new relationship between them is massive – I agree that it’s a part of what Lee is saying to Amanda here – it’s a warning.. a caution maybe? a reminder? thoughts anyone?

              But.. it does make me wonder.. Lee is no longer the lone wolf.. nor is he withdrawing.. but could it be that Lee is being so direct here (giving your life is pretty direct) that this is Lee spelling out to Amanda the risk, the cost.. and maybe giving her a chance to reconsider starting this new relationship?? before they cross a line they can’t uncross??
              hmmm he might be thinking that but maybe it is a bit of a denial – maybe he kids himself they can go back to just being friends and work partners? at this point?? what do you all think?
              For me, I’m thinking their hearts are already changed – and there’s no changing it back…

              What do you all think?

              I’m not sure they’ve fully realized this yet (they maybe know it but don’t “know” it) and it will be interesting to see how this plays out as the relationship progresses.

              Me too!! I mean we’ve seen a little of this with Lee in FFFT.. but I suspect this is something they need to work through on a regular basis! lol.. especially when their relationship is changing into something else..

              This comes back to that loyalty thing too maybe.. I don’t think Lee would put the agency ahead of Amanda.. nor would Amanda put the agency ahead of Lee..

              But I figure, by helping Lee with his barnstorm family Amanda is putting Lee first -because really he probably couldn’t live knowing he hadn’t done all that he could to prevent any harm from coming to them.. or to Amanda for that matter..
              Aie.. the stakes really are high in this relationship!

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          • When I hear Lee making that comment about his body having to get in line it just reminds me of what its like to be a mom. Right now I have 2/6 kids sick. If I was to start to feel as if I was coming down with something I would be saying things like Lee. I guess what I don’t hear from him is that lone wolf, “I have to save the world by myself and don’t get near me its too dangerous” stuff. Instead I see him sigh in relief, “I am just glad you care enough to come along… (because I really don’t want to do this by myself any more, I want you by my side… in fact I would die for all of the others and especially you, and I know that you share that same feeling… we are in this territory together and I really like that…)”

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            • Ah Morley, you’ve taken the high road (rather than the gutter 🙂 )
              Love the comments on Lone Wolf Lee letting in a companion. Is the Lone Wolf ready to take a mate?

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            • Wow, just trying to catch up still and positively loving this thread of discussion. Tying this in with Triumvirate, yes, I do see the Triumvirate “why we do what we do” discussion as totally pivotal for Lee. Amanda has just demonstrated her love and need for him with the elevator hand reach, and now he wants to know, and his heart races…. but he needs to know….”Are you the woman for me? Is this relationship worth me continuing on? Because if you are not dedicated to this job, this cause, this value, this belief as much as I am, then as much as I love you (or am starting to!), you are not the right woman for me. You will not be able to co-exist with my devotion to the job. But if we are on the same page here, then there is hope, there is promise, there is a future with you always by my side in work or otherwise.” And Amanda offers on her own the reassuring words that he most needs and wants to hear, Ironically, it is not undying love for him that he wants reassurance of, it’s her undying devotion to the same core values that he has. What a moment for him to hear her say that!

              So this Triumvirate scene fully connects with this beautiful, heartwarming “I want you with me,” scene. No more lone wolf — yes, I love that thought! And a little test, “you’d die for me, right?, I know that’s what you told me back at the safe house in so many words.” And I agree, with what was earlier stated … Lee is not really asking about her commitment to him romantically but her commitment to what he believes in. She passes the test again, but then he knew she would. He trusts her completely, and when she bared her heart to him at the Cumberland Grand, he knew she meant every word.

              So wow, I’d never fully realized why I so loved this scene, but this walk has just unpacked it 🙂 So The Eyes Have It remains in my top-10, plotholes and all! (Triumvirate too!)

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              • Really like what you say here, Raffie. I’ve always believed Lee needed Amanda to have some level of ability or competence in order for him to fully fall in love with her and have her as his partner in life because his life and his work are so connected. He’d give his life while on the job. But I like this idea of him needing to know that Amanda fully accepts the values, the beliefs, and the commitment. I think I’ve never questioned Amanda’s acceptance of these things from TFTime, but after reading what you wrote, I can now see it through Lee’s eyes. I wonder if Lee asks himself this question of Amanda with every level of competence she gains. I can see it being a moving target for Lee as they continue to work with one another and Amanda becomes more and more aware as she loses her housewife/guest pass innocence.


                • I agree, BJo. I bet Lee has been watching and wondering, subconsciously for the most part, for most of the time that he’s known her. Every now and then throughout S1 and S2 I catch him throwing Amanda an appreciative “wow, what a woman!” look. And then I think of Burn Out especially, where Lee sees so clearly so many strengths in Amanda, including professional ones. I’ve always felt that the personal and professional trust that we see between Lee and Amanda in Burn Out is the perfect stepping stone to the growth we see in S3 because Lee’s eyes were opened in so many ways. Guess that’s why it’s in my top-10 too!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • raffie you keep reading my mind!

                    I too thought of that big moment in Burn out – when Lee truly sees how Amazing Amanda is: and it’s in relation to the work – he’s blown away by her professional performance.. but.. also by her personal qualities I think – the two go together 🙂 and bam.. he just fell a little more in love with her. Heck. I have to go and read that post again! swoon

                    HERE it is… if anyone else wants to swoon too!
                    Not even the hair don’t can get in the way of how fabulous this moment is!!!

                    I’d say Burn out is in my top 5!

                    Liked by 2 people

              • Whoooooo raffie.. this really really resonates with me!!!

                I’ve always loved the idea that Lee needed Amanda to become a fully mature professional in her own right, for him to move forward with a relationship.. heck.. you’ve just put it so beautifully!!!

                Plus you’ve tied it so perfectly with that triumvirate couch scene!! sigh

                So wow, I’d never fully realized why I so loved this scene, but this walk has just unpacked it 🙂 So The Eyes Have It remains in my top-10, plotholes and all! (Triumvirate too!)

                So well put! this is my experience too – when I soak up everyone’s thoughts and insights.. I see things in a new light.. and enjoy the story at a deeper level.. The story is enriched!
                I love this idea of ‘unpacking’ that is such a great way to put it – and I so agree!!! 🙂

                Yes- The eyes have it is a wonderful episode.. regardless of the plot craters!


  7. So many things about this nutty episode that don’t make sense or just wouldn’t happen in real life.
    The pills are always a bug-bear for me too – how does Amanda even know they were for Lee? And so dangerous when you don’t even know what they are! Crikey woman! (as the Aussie’s would say, but it seems to be a fitting exclamation here).
    So the Russian ambassador is up to no good. (The ambassador in the script is named Kline, so he was changed from a German to a Russian for some reason. Although later in the script it gets even more confusing when he’s referred to as the Romanian ambassador!)
    Anyhoo, we’ll go with Russian I guess as it makes a bit more sense that they want to sell the names to the Russians. So, the baddies are doing it for money. But why do they want to kill Lee? What about the Germans we kept hearing about? East Germans I presume – it doesn’t sound at all scary in 2016 to say “the Germans” are involved.
    Brody takes drugs – that’s may explanation for his dopiness. He’s probably done a line or two of cocaine – this is the 80’s. 😉
    So Lee is not only not in the hospital he is also driving having had a serious recent head injury. No wonder his parking ‘s wonky. I guess Amanda’s wonky parking is down to her driving a strange and unpredictable car. It bugs me when people park over the line – soooooo inconsiderate.
    Nice to see a rear view of the ‘vette though, even without the Corvette logo.
    From reading the script this interaction between Lee and Amanda took place in the hospital, before the meeting in front of the chalkboard, which makes more sense in terms of continuity. But look at what we missed! 😀

    Amanda enters, as Lee, dressed in his street clothes, is putting on his shoes.
    AMANDA (amazed)
    Lee Stetson, what do you think you are doing?
    What does it look like I’m doing? I’ve got more important things to do than hang around here.
    No no…this is what I was afraid of. Mr. Melrose gave me orders —
    LEE Fine…where’s my belt?
    There’s a brief exchange during which Amanda attempts to lead Lee to the bed, unbutton his shirt, etc. He is barely able to resist.
    You’re not listening. I know about these things…I’m a candy striper, don’t forget. Head injuries are tricky…you have to watch — Lee!
    They are at loggerheads. Lee takes leans on her for support, frustrated at his weakness. Amanda sees a pill cut on the bed table.

    The scene goes on, so worth reading. Amanda accompanies Lee out of the hospital and into his confrontation with Neumann, who ends up getting ‘orribly done-in by a speeding ambulance. 😯

    But ultimately we didn’t get the nice interaction about Lee not complaining and wanting Amanda to accompany him. On the minus side, we missed seeing Amanda trying to get Lee’s shirt off!!!! Us gutter dwellers will have a field day with this, I’m sure 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda undressing Lee and shoving him back on the bed? Mercy! (I LOL’ed about the belt — throwback to the SMK pick up lines post)


    • I’m sorry Kiwismh.. did you say something in your comment before Amanda started unbuttoning Lee’s shirt?!!!!!

      My goodness.. that certainly would have moved things along fast!

      The running over of Neumann is making sense – but I can’t say yet how or why! hopefully I’ll remember to come back to this at the end of the episode!

      From reading the script this interaction between Lee and Amanda took place in the hospital, before the meeting in front of the chalkboard, which makes more sense in terms of continuity.

      Ahhh!!! Not surprised to learn this at all.. total dog’s breakfast!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I would love to have access to the dialogue that resulted in what we actually saw in the episode. To catch a glimpse of the rationale that took this script and gave us the scenes we see would really help to understand where the actors wanted the characters and maybe even what all of those touches were letting us know about Amanda and Lee.


    • “So many things about this nutty episode that don’t make sense…”

      Oh, there you go with the peanut butter-talk again, kiwismh! 😉

      (2Goldens heads over to the corner to put herself in the timeout chair for this comment…)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Good catch about that peanut butter, 2Goldens 🙂
        Is that the naughty chair or the nutty chair you’re sitting in 😀 (Sorry, all, my coffee obviously hasn’t kicked in for the day and my SoH is very unsophisticated as a result

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😀


      • The Lee and Amanda parts are smooth and creamy, the plot holes are extra chunky…

        Okay, I’m done. Promise. Anyone wanting company in that corner? 😉


        • Heehee, I think we’re going to need a bigger corner.

          If we’re not in the corner, we’re in the gutter. What ARE you going to do with us, iwsod? 😉

          Liked by 2 people

          • Hey 2 Goldens.. lol yeah I’ve kinda skipped the whole peanut butter thing – I’m too darn busy.. and from the sounds of it – It was probably more a conversation for Neds.

            You guys wouldn’t put me in the position of needing to use.. duh duh duhhhh…the naughty corner…. would you?! SMK is for fun! 🙂

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      • Great pun 2 Goldens – I love me a good pun! 🙂

        errr.. your time is over now 2Goldens you can come out of time out if you promise not to lead comments on JWWM astray! [lead them astray over at neds..ahwahahahaaa]


  8. Iwsod, these were not the 10 year old Learjet flowers. Those were a mixture of pale pink and peach. These are mid-80s “sophisticated”. Much more manly. (Personally, I prefer those arrangements with chocolates instead of flowers, but I digress).
    I’m really bothered by those tablets. When would a nurse ever leave tablets by a sleeping patient’s bedside? Never. So this whole tablet thing is suspicious…(More bad hospital details, SMK 😦 )

    Love the scene with the lurid pink car. Lee, your body is number one in the queue (sorry, someone had to say it 😀 ), although you’re certainly trying to hide in in that awful jacket and trousers combo. (I think this is what Happycamper would call a “nonsemble”. I love the rambing, bubbling, anxious-for-Lee Amanda (at least her ramble is directed), but even better is Lee’s tolerance of it, and ablity to see what’s behind it 🙂
    As for the whole network/family comments…blah, blah…not interested in that part of the conversation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh phew! thanks Learjet – sorry I doubted you 😉

      manly flower arrangements rofl.. Mmm I love those edible arrangements too!

      lurid pink car? lol!!

      Lee, your body is number one in the queue (sorry, someone had to say it 😀 ),

      Ahhh learjet – so true! 🙂 whahahahaahaa…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Speaking of bodies, it’s not just lots of sight and eyes we are hearing about here, also lots of bodies – human and fibreglass


    • I agree with Iwsod and Learjet about the medicine. It’s weird that a professional nurse would just leave medicine lying around, and you’d expect Amanda, who has spent some time volunteering in a hospital, to know that. I certainly wouldn’t give anyone some random pill I found lying around their room. I’d ask a lot of questions before I’d even move it from its spot. Amanda doesn’t know what it is, she doesn’t know what it’s supposed to do, she doesn’t seem to have thought about the possible side effects, and how does she know that Lee hasn’t taken something else that would interact badly with it since he left the hospital? It’s out of character for Amanda not to think of these things.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yep, totally out of character for Amanda here. One would almost think she had the head injury rather than Lee.

        Liked by 1 person

        • One would almost think she had the head injury rather than Lee.

          Judging from her parking efforts, maybe they both did? 😉


        • Now that’s a thought. How come nobody thought to check Amanda for injuries? It would certainly explain the pills, and maybe some other things in the episode as well. If she’s not injured, she at least has had a severe shock and should be given some rest of her own, not immediately put on assignment, although I think in the circumstances she mostly put herself on assignment and Billy is only going with the inevitable.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Bad pill etiquette! 🙂

        I agree.. it does seem out of character.. maybe we can talk about why the plot needed this whole premise err once we’ve gotten to it.. sooo I’ll hold on to this thought for the moment 🙂


        • I don’t wonder if the pill in the dispensing paper cup thing is an Americanism? Or maybe I’m the only one who doesn’t seem surprised by Amanda’s behavior? I think the opposite – it would have been out of character for her to leave them there. She is a bedside blue bell, so she has experience in medication dispensing in hospitals. This would not happen today, but in the 80s, I think leaving pills in those little paper cups was fairly commonplace in US hospitals?

          Liked by 2 people

          • I have to agree with BJo. The pill thingy doesn’t bother me at all in the context of this 80’s show. I know if it was written today every little item taken out of that hospital room would have to be written down. But I think Amanda would have then gone to find the nurse to do so, promising to make sure Mr. Stetson would get his meds… she probably would not be allowed to take them out of the room, but she would try. She is in full on caretaker/mom mode, I think.

            Liked by 1 person

            • But I think Amanda would have then gone to find the nurse to do so, promising to make sure Mr. Stetson would get his meds… she probably would not be allowed to take them out of the room, but she would try.

              Exactly! If she had approached Dr Goldberg about it, he would have said yes give the drug to Lee even while he’s driving (lol).. but then.. that would alter how the plot unfolds.. but I can’t go there yet!


          • this made me feel a little better about this pill thing! that at times they weren’t dispensed directly… it was appropriate to the time that Amanda’s assumption was that the drugs were for Lee – okay that’s reasonable.

            However, it doesn’t deal with the fact that Amanda was still trying to give the medication to Lee when he was out of the hospital.. driving a car.. and they had no idea what it was or what effect it would have on him.
            The roads must have been dangerous in the 80’s.. all these people on medications they shouldn’t have been driving with! lol (kidding!) I wonder what road safety pro Learjet will make of this?! 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            • True – but Amanda does wait until Lee is back at his apartment and laying down in his bed to give him the medicine. I think had she been able to get him to take the pills before talking to Lana, she would not have let him drive home. She would have left Thumper behind and drove Lee in his car.

              Liked by 1 person

              • True- top effort this BJo! 🙂
                but Amanda does try to give it to Lee in the middle of a park, while he is off about to go meet with a contact (haaa)… How does she know how fast acting they are? and if he were out of it, would she be able to get him out of the car and into his bed? (‘where he belongs’ 😉 ) whahahahaa..
                this does make me feel better about when Amanda offers it to Lee later when he’s resting though..

                But still, even by 80’s standards, I would think giving a drug to someone outside the hospital when it was intended to be taken in the hospital – and not knowing what it is?

                I liked what Morley said – at least Amanda would have gone off and checked with medical staff about it.. but.. she couldn’t do that or the plot would have been altered.. sooo okay dippy blue bell today!

                I’d put it down to Amanda being extra anxious to help Lee.. but that doesn’t sit right.. I’m just going to put this one down to plot gremlins sabotaging Amanda’s character! And try and squeeze happy thoughts out of it somewhere??!!

                Leaving thumper behind? Ahhh there’s a happy thought! 🙂


    • Totally agree on Lee’s nonsemble here – especially the shoes. Men should wear more substantial shoes, IMO.


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