9/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

We pick up where we left off. Terry ordering his chocko blocko shake.. double dog and chilli fries.. Amanda and Terry’s mum see the beige baddie approaching from where they are watching by the car.

Uh oh.. the beige baddie shows up. With a gun.
Beigehof/Soriakhof: Don’t say a word, just come with me.
[I love it, even holding Terry at gunpoint: he is rather beige!]
Beige guyovski begins to lead Terry away..
Amanda: Ah, look– no, no, look, get in the car, go to the back of the hamburger stand…
…Come on, trust me, go on, quick!
[Sandra does well to trust Amanda and do what she says!] (Amanda takes off after the two guys.)
…Ah, excuse me! Excuse me, I’m sorry, I think you got my order.
: Give her the order.
[Do you think Terry recognises the crazy purse lady? I think he does..]
Amanda: Yeah.
(to beige baddie): I’ll give it to you!
(Terry slams the beige baddie with his choco blocko shake.. also beige coloured.. how appropriate. however, the impact is less beige!)
What, no stunt beige bad guy? I guess the stunts are beige too!
: Come on, come on!

(Amanda and Terry run for waiting Sandra in the car.. Once they’re all in, Sandra takes off at great speed.. phew! She blindly cuts across oncoming traffic there! they must have done car stunts on Hospital Romance! Maybe in one ep Sandra drove the ambulance!)

I love how being sprayed with a drink can make the baddie incapacitated and unable to use his gun for 5 or 10 seconds.. Who knew the choco blocko could also be a double whamo! Good thing it wasn’t a torpedo burger!
Blinding! I’m blind! Wahahahah..
His car seats are beige!!! 🙂
The scene ends there..

Back to IFF…

Lee: You’re sure no one followed you? Good work, Amanda…
No, no. Don’t take him home. Take him directly to my apartment. The key is under the potted palm…
(The Camera widens.. and we see Francine join Lee. Ah! TP is also sitting behind Lee)
[Time to ask TP! Smile ]
…Yeah, I’ll get back there as soon as I can. Don’t worry.
Calm down. Good work…
(Lee hangs up the phone) fashion police badge and warning
[But.. hold the phone! Francine is wearing lounge chair covering!! gah!!!
Truly hideous. Can’t wait to hear what Kiwismh thinks of this one Winking smile anyone else  care to share also? 🙂
Back to the phone call – Loved the ‘good work’ could have done without the ‘calm down’!
Did I hear that right? Lee said “The key is under the potted palm”? Rofl! oh yes that is soooooo secure!!! Is this for flippin real?!!!! Why doesn’t Amanda have a key to his apartment? I  mean as his work partner it would be handy.. ahem.. anyone just head straight to the gutter there?!
Lee’s a spy he can’t be leaving his key under the pot!
Oh wait a minute!!! Is this a little reference to
this moment of discover for Lee in suburbia?
Lee: Damn it!
What’s the matter?
Lee absently: I thought I had- A
h, heh, I guess I just locked myself out.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001621187

Look under the flowerpot.
2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001625091Lee: Flowerpot?
Amanda: Yeah, there’s probably a key under the flowerpot. It’s probably not a good idea, but we do it around here.

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_0016304972.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001630196

2.23 VIGILANTE MOTHERS.avi_001634100Lee:
Ah. Ha-ha! It’s a good idea!

Back to the current episode.. it seems Lee has taken this good idea on board! [Okay,  because it’s a cute reference to an earlier moment I like it! Lee is taking on suburban habits!]

Lee to Francine: That was Amanda, some guy just tried to nab Terry Wall at a hamburger stand.
: Oh, and Amanda scared them off.
[IMHO Francine’s ear buttons would also do the trick!]
Lee: Well, the guy ended up on the wrong end of a choco-blocko shake, and they lost him.
Francine: Huh?
Lee: That’s what she said – don’t ask me to explain.
TP: You know, Lee, if it doesn’t work out for you here in the Agency, I would suggest pharmacology. Your handwriting is delightfully hieroglyphic.  [why pharmacology? it should be medicine no?]
Well I didn’t have time to cross my “t’s” and dot my “I’s” TP. [i.e. don’t cross me TP!] …Now, do you know what that is?
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[86]_thumb[Oh right.. these are Lee’s notes about that document found in the lettuce vault] This one: 3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[34]_thumb
TP: Well, depending on how one interprets your writing, it could be the formula for denture adhesive, synthetic marshmallow topping, or tantalum.
3.19-THE-BOY-WHO-COULD-BE-KING.avi_0[4]_thumb[rofl! I love it.. pretty much sums up what I think Marshmallow does to our health!
Plus, a formula for Tantalum? I thought it was an element. How do you get a formula for an element? I must have missed that class in chemistry?! this makes zero sense to me.. Anyone?]
Francine: Tantalum? The strategic metal?
TP: Uh-huh, the most corrosive resistant metal known to man… [I bet women know about it too Winking smile  Francine knew about it! haa] …It’s very essential for nuclear reactors, jets, missiles – it’s very important stuff.
Lee: And damn hard to find too.
TP: Right again, only three countries in the world have limited reserves.
Lee: You know, a week ago an unconfirmed report came down the pipe about the Russians discovering a new source of tantalum, and a lot of it.
: Oh well, then if your hieroglyphics are correct then little teeny weeny Cap D’Far is absolutely loaded.
[Sounds like the Russians want to sharpen their beaks on it!]
Lee: And King Edmund is sitting right on top of it.

Well.. this spells trouble! And.. I love how they just throw in there an unconfirmed report down the pipe. heck, we don’t need to hear the complicated details.. I’ll just assume it was something Rhonda picked up at the local Russian restaurant/garage or whatev!

Okay everyone.. I’ll pause here for the moment.. any thoughts you’d like to share? Can you believe Lee has a key to his apartment under a potted palm?! 

32 responses to “9/15 Season Three, Episode 19: The Boy Who Could Be King- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. It’s funny you’d say that, Iwsod. Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller’s mom wrote a memoir about her daughter’s gymnastics career and there’s mention of when the family was sightseeing in Barcelona, Spain after the Olympic competition in 1992 and she writes, “We came upon a McDonald’s and all three of the kids begged for real American food!”


  2. Lee’s apartment key is great continuity. Remember when Amanda suggested it to him on Vigilante Mothers?


  3. I don’t know what Francine is wearing. It doesn’t even look like good upholstery fabric from any era. I wonder if MS balked when she saw what was hanging in her wardrobe that day when she arrived at work. I guess it could be worse though – this material could be made into pants.

    Haha! Great catch on the potted palm/key thing, iwsod! I think you are right – I like your explanation. Lee is adopting some suburban ways 😀

    As the blog’s resident denture adhesive expert (don’t ask), TP is incorrect. Or maybe I should say – it someone made denture adhesive with this formula, it wouldn’t adhere very well…and it would taste awful! Of course, I can’t see Lee’s handwriting, but I’m veeeery skeptical. And you’re right, iwsod, if tantalum is an element, then there is no formula for it. TP obviously has a weakness when it comes to the sciences…he should stick to whatever it is he does best (Lee mentions a class he took with TP in RFTSky, I think).

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  4. Amanda did at one time have a key to the apartment in her possession, at least for a while, because she was supposed to feed Lee’s fish in SBTB. Maybe she decided it was too dangerous to have! It does seem hat she should have a key though, even for business purposes. It could be very handy for Lee to have a spare key in a friend’s hands, someone he could absolutely trust. Here’s how I like to think of it: the spare key under the potted plant isn’t right outside Lee’s door. It’s down the hall, or by the elevator, or even in the lobby. Someplace where, although somebody might stumble on it by mistake, there wouldn’t be any indication which apartment it belongs to. And Amanda probably does have a key. She’s had to go there often enough to get things that I’m sure it has occurred to both as a good idea. So Lee telling her where to look for the spare is either because he doesn’t want Francine to know Amanda has a key, or to cover all the bases in case she doesn’t have it with her.

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    • Maybe she decided it was too dangerous to have!

      LOL, Happycamper! She sure did after being kidnapped! 😉

      But Lee changed his apartment since then and Amanda learned a lot over the past years, so it wouldn’t be so dangerous any longer… 🙂

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  5. For some reason my comment wouldn’t post and then disappeared. I’m going to try again. Today I was struck with another little random thought. There has been a lot of discussion about Lee and the key being under the potted palm, but I was thinking of something in that little exchange that might be a little subtle. Amanda obviously asked about taking Terry home, because Lee nixes that and says to take him to his apartment instead and that he would get “back” there as soon as he could. Lee is offering his apartment as either a sanctuary or safe house and trusting Amanda to keep an eye on Terry, not that he shouldn’t. Why not have Terry brought to the Agency? This is the second incident involving this kid. Also, what does Lee mean by “back”? Have they been working from his apartment instead of the Q Bureau? Is this where Amanda’s car was when they rode together in the corvette? I may be reading more into this than there is, but it just made me wonder. I think this again shows how much Lee has changed in that he would do something like this and be sensitive to what’s happening in this situation. And…I find it interesting that Francine let this part of the conversation slide without comment. She doesn’t question sending Amanda to his apartment or Lee telling her the location of the key. There’s always the possibility she didn’t her this part. I’ve got to whip out the DVDs again.

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    • glad you persisted Valerie!

      I think Francine knows Amanda has been to Lee’s apartment.. she got knocked out there by Amanda haaa so probably didn’t want to think about it 😉

      I think the Q bureau would have been OTT response.. and a bit scary. I like that Lee suggested his place. Yes, shows he is maturing and seeing these people of interest as real people. Just like Amanda has taught him to 🙂

      Amanda’s car is in for repairs. That was mentioned very early in the ep.

      I didn’t think the ‘back’ meant anything.. as it’s Lee’s place and he left there that morning.. for me it doesn’t mean anything. sorry!
      I love how your mind keeps on exploring.. and that you share it with us all – thanks Valerie! 🙂

      Whip out those DVDs Valerie! why are they not already out??!!! 🙂 tee hee..


      • Okay, so my brain is now on vacation too. How could I possibly forget that whole beginning? Wow!!

        Me and my SMK DVDs are like kids with their toys. I take them out and play with them for a while and they are all over the place. Then I put them away. A question comes up or I’m going on a trip and they come out again. It’s a back and forth thing with me.

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  6. I know I would have been incapacitated by a choco bloco shake. The sticky residue would have annoyed me to distraction until I could wash it off.

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  7. I like that we get to hear a bit of how Lee has taken his experiences with Amanda and has worked them into his life (ie, the key) and I like the fact that Amanda doesn’t know he has. It shows me that Lee is changing from the inside out and not just because of Amanda as an outward force. These are the little nuggets in SMK that I treasure. And we see that too in Amanda in this scene in the way she handles this scary situation and Sandra. She has also been changed by Lee. Her response came naturally. Great character growth.
    And, I agree, its nice to see TP there in the Bullpen.

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    • … how Lee has taken his experiences with Amanda and has worked them into his life (ie, the key)…

      Hmmm… I wonder whether it is such a good idea to work that key under a potted plant thing into his life. As long as he doesn´t keep any files or secret information at home it might be o.k. But I don´t think he´d like to be kidnapped by some baddies in the middle of the night, ´cause he has his extra key under a potted palm. That would be like an invitation to his enemies to come and get him.
      And as far as I know our Lee he wouldn´t remove the key every evening from under the plant and replace it again in the morning. He isn´t even able to remove his car key from the ignition of his car… 😉

      Undoubtedly it IS a good thing he worked some of his suburban experiences into his life!!

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      • And as far as I know our Lee he wouldn´t remove the key every evening from under the plant and replace it again in the morning. He isn´t even able to remove his car key from the ignition of his car… 😉 Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! So very true.

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      • I was thinking about the key under the potted palm.

        Maybe Lee thinks it is safe because spies don’t usually know about that stuff that normal people do in they suburbs (unless they have someone like Amanda stumble into their lives). Soooo your average spy would not know to look under the potted palm. They’d just whip out their manicure set and pick the lock.

        Or lol remember in double agent where Lee did that.. and Amanda leans forward and first tries to open the door and it was unlocked?! 🙂

        He isn´t even able to remove his car key from the ignition of his car… 😉

        Good Call!!! L&A!

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      • I agree the key under the potted plant is not the smartest suburban trick to adopt. And yet, I am still playing with Lee becoming a bit more enamored with “normal” at this stage. Maybe he would really like to be the person who could put his key under the potted plant and let his apartment be a refuge for more than just himself. A little bit of hospitality and community for our old “lone wolf” world’s best secret agent? I bet a desire like that could start a great tug of war in our favorite guy.

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        • Maybe he’s been considering giving Amanda a key, but can’t quite bring himself to do it yet. He might not want Amanda to misinterpret his intentions. So, leaving it in a place where she could get it if necessary or a place she might think to check is the next best thing.

          Or, maybe he’s just realized that it’s really handy in case he locks himself out again. 😉

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  8. I like that Amanda manages to foil the attempted kidnapping so efficiently and professionally. I like that Terry catches on and uses his initiative. Lee leaving the key under the plant is a bit clichéd but I suppose he feels that it would be easy to pick the lock anyway so the security aspect isn’t that important. I would have preferred to have him say ‘you know where the key is’ or something like that. I wouldn’t really expect Amanda to have a key at this stage ( it being the 80’s and all).
    I like seeing TP and Lee is looking good but I have to admit that the most memorable thing in this segment for me(and its not a good memory) is Francine’s outfit. I know that SMK loves its plaid but glittery plaid!!! Please. I thought it was a dress at first but it isn’t, its not a shirt or top. Its loose and baggy and long. Its truly hideous. I agree with Kiwismk – it deserves solitary confinement but wearing it is probably punishment enough.


    • Melissa Robertson

      I have to agree, Amanda was quick thinking and seemed very professional (she’s learned a lot from Lee, right to telling someone to get in the car 😉). Great that Terry recognized her and had great instincts too.


    • Terry is pretty brave and thinks quickly himself huh.. he could be a good King! 🙂

      glittery plaid? rofl!!! good call Michele! 🙂


  9. Melissa Robertson

    Interesting that TP is at the agency and in the bull pen no less. Do we know if he has an association with the agency at this point? At least he has a guest pass on!

    Francine and those shoulder pads! She looks like she could tackle someone. I hated shoulder pads and would cut them out.Amanda’s skirts with those pleats make even a thin person look like they have huge hips, that’s one reason I wouldn’t wear them.


    • Interesting that TP is at the agency and in the bull pen no less. Do we know if he has an association with the agency at this point? At least he has a guest pass on!

      Great observation Melissa R! I hadn’t realised it’s TP’s first time at the agency 🙂

      and rofl- good call! I’m glad he has a guest pass on too! 🙂 tee hee..

      Yes that outfit makes her look the same shape as spongebob.. 🙂

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  10. I did a little research because that paper with the wrong spelling of Boulder was sticking in my head. And I did teach Science for 16 years. The elements that are listed on the paper are Fe, Mn, Ta, and Nb. They stand for Iron, Manganese, Tantalum, and Niobium. Those elements combine with oxygen make up something called Columbite which is a tantalum mineral. Tantalite is another tantalum mineral without the niobium. When this mineral is extracted it goes through a process to remove the tantalum. So, in a sense it’s a formula for a mineral that contains tantalum. Of course that would have taken too long and would have been too much to explain.

    The pharmacology comment is only slightly odd as it relates to a pharmacist who reads prescriptions. It would have been better if TP had said doctor. Maybe pharmacology sounded better.

    I think the key under the potted plant is a throwback to Lee’s excursion into the suburbs. His reaction to being able to get back into the house showed he thought that was a pretty handy trick. I do remember thinking about that ep when I first saw this one.

    Don’t like the way Francine remarks about Amanda as if she doubted Amanda actually was able to scare of the would be kidnappers. I like how Lee just continues past her doubts. Loving the Lee closeups in this ep.

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    • Thank you for that research Valeriew. Its interesting to know. My chemistry memories are very hazy:-)


    • Thanks Valerie! So we can reframe this weird Tantalum formula as SMK trying to not blind us with science!!!!!! Whahahahaah!!!!!! 😉

      Your theory makes sense.. they should have been talking about tantalite or Columbite..
      I think they could have gone back to the assay report and kept it simple. Something like:
      Whooooo Fe 83%, MN 16%, TA78% and NB 21% – so TP, why is this being kept in the lettuce vault? Is it because they are embarrassed that this report measures 200% of the elements in the sample?

      Ah fine question Lee my boy! Noooo it’s this element here ‘TA’ this is worth a lot of dosh!

      Whooo I’ve gotta run.. bye guys!

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  11. Plus, a formula for Tantalum? I thought it was an element. How do you get a formula for an element? I must have missed that class in chemistry?! this makes zero sense to me.. Anyone?

    No, I guess you didn’t miss any class in chemistry, Iwsod. Just calm down. 🙂

    I understand T.P.’s remark according to Lee’s hieroglyphics that it refers either to
    a) a formula for denture adhesive,
    b) a synthetic marshmallow topping,
    c) Tantalum.

    So there is no formular for Tantalum involved, ’cause elements have symbols (Ta in this case). Formulars are used for chemical compounds such as lithium tantalate (LiTaO3) or simply water (H2O)


  12. So, Ms Francine, that’s a first degree fashion felony. It’s a cold night in the FP cells for you! 😎 Although personally I think having to wear that top is punishment enough in itself. I’m sure MS must have thought so too at the time. Sheesh, this monstrosity makes the denim bib overalls and parachute skirts look positively classy.
    Agree with you Iwsod, so lame that the super-spy every Russian agent would just love to get keeps his key under a potted palm (presumably by his door). This dialogue would have been much more intriguing if Lee had simply said, “Take him directly to my apartment.” That would have implied that Amanda has unhindered access to Lee’s apartment. 😉
    I have heard that American fast food is rather disabling. Perhaps Beige guyovski has good reason to be stunned for a few moments.
    Love that last pic of Lee – looks like he didn’t shave this morning. 😀

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    • This dialogue would have been much more intriguing if Lee had simply said, “Take him directly to my apartment.” That would have implied that Amanda has unhindered access to Lee’s apartment.

      Francine’s look when she’d realise that? Priceless!

      But Amanda should really have a key to Lee’s apartment. Her coming by when Lee should lock himself out (would that count as rescuing him?) would be sooo much nicer than being helped by that nosy doorman…

      Love that last pic of Lee – looks like he didn’t shave this morning.

      I thought the same, Kiwismh.
      It has been a long day, Lee, hasn’t it? 😉


    • ah Kiwismh. I love your fashion arrests 🙂

      I have heard that American fast food is rather disabling.

      this cracked me up!!!
      Though these days I wouldn’t say fast food is an American phenomenon any longer.. it’s going global!

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