1/19 Season Three, Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Helloooooo! Are we ready for another episode? Episode 20.. My goodness there are only 3 more episodes till the end of Season 3?!!!! Season 3 has flown by for me! How about you?

Let’s get into it! Firstly, a huge thank you to KC for transcribing this episode for Operation Sandstorm and making it available to all SMK fans to enjoy!

Secondly, a big thank you to Learjet for formatting the dialogue and saving Iwsod a stack of time (not to mention her sanity also 😉 ). These blog posts are a group effort! Thanks everyone who stops by and reads, and thanks to everyoHIne who says hello and shares a comment. Hearing from you is  inspiring for continue with the walk, plus, the walk is so much more fun when we do it together!

Now.. This episode opens somewhere Latin! We hear the smk south American theme.. I remember this music well from ship of spies.. (because I’ve seen it waaay too many times Winking smile )
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000079879
Ah! Buenos Aires – 2 years ago.. whoooooo3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000084651

We see a shot of a street.. supposedly in Buenos Aires but totally looking like a Warners Bros lot IMHO!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000092459
lol. But hey.. some old cars and spanish graffiti- nice effort! 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000098098
We see a news stand up close.
Pink shirt guy buys a newspaper and leaves.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000105554
Next, we find two people in a car watching pink shirt guy.
First Man: That’s Steven Sallee…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000113013
..It’s funny… he looks more like a schoolteacher than someone who’s killed thousands in cold blood.
Sallee walks down the streets some more. They really are in Buenos Aires?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000116416
There are random baskets on the footpath! Okay.. I’m convinced!!
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000119419
Whoooo it’s two guys with Moustaches. The mean business!
Sallee pauses at a door.. looks around.. he seems to notice something.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000123623
He scopes around in front of him. And must have seen these two moustaches just sitting there. They’re not far away.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000128428
Sallee enters.
First Moustache: Well, today … we make the world just a little safer.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000134034
First Moustache holds up a switch..
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000137437
and flips it. Ka-Boom! 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000139239

The building entered by Sallee explodes, sending debris into the street.

See this final shot? I think that is as much as we were suppose to see of that building in the distance.
Earlier when we saw this:
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000125425
You can see it is a set and the top of the building isn’t constructed! lol!

The scene ends there and we cut back to Washington DC.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000142842
And.. Arlington. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000148848

Dotty: If Mr. Alexander doesn’t get here in the next five minutes, we’re going to miss our train.
Phillip: Relax, Grandma. Mr Alexander’s always late. To science club, to class, to everything! He says time’s relative.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000159459
Dotty seems to be rushing around stressing.
Dotty: Oh. Here I am worried about Mr. Alexander and I forgot our tickets.
Dotty rushes off for tickets, while Amanda enters carrying their bags.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000161861

Amanda: Okay. You both forgot to pack your toothbrushes, but I packed ‘em for ya.
[LOL Amanda and her toothbrushes!]
Phillip: Thanks, Mom.

Amanda and Phillip join Jamie on the sofa. For some kind of a demonstration?
Amanda: Let’s hear it.
Jamie: Okay.  Now, Mom…
Amanda: Yes, sweetheart.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000166866
: Electricity is like a river. It flows through the wires and drives the windmill.
Phillip turns the handle while Jamie goes on to explain.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000170270
: Mm-hmm.
Jamie: The rheostat is like a dam—it can let in a little power or more power.3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000176476
We see a close up of Jamie’s little power generator.
I really hope Amanda didn’t help him to do this – good sign that he is explaining it to her, like she didn’t have anything to do with building it Smile
Jamie: The fuses, here, protects the motor…
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000180480
We see a close up of the fuse, we hear some kind of a pop and the windmill stops. Such a close up.. and the big word ‘Fuse’ is this relevant later in the episode? don’t tell me!! [Yep, Iwsod does not remember what this ep is about! Just the way Iwsod likes it.. and hopefully not too annoying for you guys! don’t blow a fuse okay?! Smile ]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000182082
Amanda: Oh my gosh!
Jamie: You blew the fuse, meathead.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000183883
: Sorry.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000184084
[Loving seeing Amanda in red!]
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000185285
: The last fuse.  What are we going to do?
[We hear a car horn sound outside.]
Amanda: Sweetheart, we c-
Dotty: Mr. Alexander!
Dotty: Come on, boys, if we miss that train we won’t be able to register for the science fair.
Dotty comes in to collect the boys and some bags, the boys get up and Amanda hustles them all out.
Amanda: Ah, mother, we’ve got a little problem here but, hah, everything’s gonna be alright.
Jamie: What about my fuses, Mom?
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000197497
Sweetheart, you just go on to the train station, I’ll go to the hardware store and pick up a new fuse and I’ll meet you at the train station. Now, you gotta hurry.

Ah Ms Fix it! So I guess the generator was for the science fair huh. Oopsie. I’m surprised Phillip only got called a meathead though ahem.. is it wrong of me to think hooray Jamie got to call Phillip a name for a change?!
Dotty: Okay.
Philip: Let’s go, Grandma.
Dotty: Okay, we’ll meet you there.
The scene ends here.

Moving on to IFF.. where the birds are chirping! 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000204704
We find Billy looking all official in the boardroom. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000207907

Billy: The final change in this week’s events calendar is on page six.
The camera pans back and we see a bunch of agents.
Lee is among them.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000212912
: Now, for security reasons the reception celebrating the Middle East cultural pact has been moved back to its original site at Hotel Monroe.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000221921
Billy: Francine’s there now, checking the security. Now Hamilton, McCreary,.. 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000222722
…you’re on the secretary’s tea at DoD, day after tomorrow. Goodlean,
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000227527
[We don’t see Goodlean. Guessing he’s the white arm we saw earlier..
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000209909
..but yes it did look like he was leaning good! Winking smile ]
…I want you to cover the NATO conference at the Trade Building. That’s it for now.
Everyone gets up preparing to leave.
3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000232932
Lee looks to the lady to his right with a ‘what was that all about’ kind of look? maybe wondering why the heck he had to be at this meeting?! 3.20 DEAD MEN LEAVE NO TRAILS.avi_000233733
Ah there’s Goodlean!
We see someone give Billy a note. Billy stops everyone from leaving… but before we go any further, I’ll pause here!

Any thoughts you’d like to share? Would love to hear from ya!!!!

59 responses to “1/19 Season Three, Episode 20: Dead Men Leave No Trails–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Something I wonder — was there some kind of significance to the woman sitting next to Lee? Like someone won a walk on part or something and that’s why we see Lee/Bruce kind of interact with her? It just feels so random.

    I’d love to have been her. Or the woman Lee sits next to at the meeting om Vigilante Mothers.


  2. LeeLovesAmanda

    Anyone notice the 2 people on the top right of the screen that don’t even react/move after the explosion? lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok, I’m jumping around like crazy today with posts (shocker). First off, I think this is either my favorite or almost favorite episode of all 4 seasons. It is wonderful from beginning to end to me. (Particularly the end! Ha!) SMK plot holes excluded

    I think Amanda looks gorgeous in this episode. Her costuming, hair, etc is lovely, but I think KJ channels an inner glow for Amanda that is very appropriate for where she is emotionally and professionally. And she just nails things professionally. You go girl! (Cause she can hear me…😉)

    Random note about this particular scene in the conference room that I noticed while watching the episode last night: I sooooooo wish we could see what Lee was doodling on that notepad! Wonder if it had anything to do with cute noses and happily ever afters? He does seem to have one word with a box he doodles over a bunch of times…

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  4. Gotta admit, every time I’m watchig this I go “Oh look, it’s Dr. Kroger, Monk’s psychologist” which is probably why I can’t see him for the evil person he is supposed to be… I just feel for the guy. ROFL.

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  5. From the graffiti, “Viva Boca”, it seems we are in La Boca, in one of the areas of Buenos Aires. The children speak Spanish (or Italian). I can hear one of them saying: “Es mio” or “E’ mio”, literally “It’s mine”, that is to say he is asking one of his friends to pass him the ball. And always the same voice calls one of the other boys: “Luca” (or maybe “Lucas”), a typical name in Italian and in Spanish.

    As for the building, I find it strange too. It’s too short and uncomplete to be an Italian-style building. That kind of building in Italy is definitely higher than that shown in this episode.

    I find it strange too that he’s wearing a pink shirt. Maybe he’s one of the “expect the unexpected” cases (reference to “A class act”): he does exactly the opposite that one would expect him to do (to hide and not to wear eye-catching shirts).

    This is not one of my favourite episodes (apart from the final scenes ;)), but I really enjoy reading your comments and sharing SMK moments with you :)!

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    • Thanks for the insight!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hang in there Pallina.. just a few more posts till the end 🙂

      Great theories! Pallina your love for words and their meaning shines through 😉 I love that you notice things that go right over my head 🙂

      Aside from Francine’s weird character overhaul – I’m quite enjoying this ep! I don’t know if I’d list it as a favourite but then.. well.. it’s not finished yet 😉 tee hee..


    • I’ve just noticed that the ‘strange’ house in the background also has strange windows. On the second floor, on the right, I can see two windows with their balcony, On the first floor, instead, I can’t see the whole frame of the two windows without balcony. Their base doesn’t exist or, rather, it seems to be covered by the wall.
      W SMK’s world! 😉


      • sorry I can’t see it! help?


        • I’ll try to put it in other words. On the first floor of the house, I can’t see where the windows finish, namely I can’t see the white frame around them as I see, for example, on the second floor, on the left. Furthermore, the windows are too short in my opinion. As a consquence, also the ceiling of the flats on each floor is too low.


          • Ohhh I see where you were looking now! sorry I wasn’t sure which building or which photo. but I can see it now in that first photo looking down the street toward the building you are describing.

            Good catch! that is not two storeys 😉 tee hee..


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  8. Perhaps I am not understanding something, but this has always bothered me about this episode, and since we’re further along the walk of this one, I think I can mention it (iwsod, if this isn’t the case, sorry! 😦 and you can delete it).

    OK, Billy says, “Now, for security reasons the reception celebrating the Middle East cultural pact has been moved back to its original site at Hotel Monroe. Francine’s there now, checking the security.” So the reception wasn’t even going to be at the hotel Sallee was working at until that day?More amazing SMK coincidences? A way to explain why everything was left to the last minute? Did Sallee have a job at the other place too? Maybe he did something at the other place to screw up security? I understand that it was originally there, but for some reason this bugs me. Ok, I’m done with my petty rant. 🙂

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    • Nice catch! That plot hole escaped me. Maybe he was hired by the same temp agency that hired Russell Sinclair (ROTP). Russell also had access to secure areas as he was able to take out agents from several countries and from both sides of the iron curtain.


      • OK, how about Sallee places an anonymous bomb threat to the other place or releases a bunch of grasshoppers in the ventilation system knowing they would move it back to the alternate location? Damn,this guy is GOOD!

        Liked by 1 person

      • That little piece of information bothered me too. I was just waiting a little too long with my comment on this so Xiolaperry bet me to this one.

        BTW: Nice idea of Sallee having a job at both locations. That way he could have been successful anyway. IF he hadn’t met Amanda…

        BUT who coordinated security at the other place? Another agency (as CIA)? Or was IFF running security there too? Even with Francine leading it? Questions over questions…

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  9. I always wondered why Dottie was taking them to a science fair. I would think that would be a pretty big deal and Amanda should be going, but then that would make for a completely different episode.

    Lee really has gotten rather casual at work, hasn’t he? Everyone else is still in three piece suits like he used to wear in season one, but now its all jackets for Lee. What is up with that guy?

    And, yes, Jamie should have had spare fuses on hand for just such a reason. I bet Philip won’t be the last meathead to touch his science project.

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  10. LOL – so is it normal to have woven baskets just sitting on the sidewalk in Buenos Aires? Any Argentinian fans out there??? It seems odd to me.

    And Amanda is looking especially beautiful today in her red top, side part, and perfectly applied make-up. Those shoulder pads and that upturned collar though…love those 80s!

    I’m with you, iwsod, on Jamie getting to let Phillip know he’s an idiot. Go Jamie!

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  11. I always find it funny when people refer to teachers as schoolteachers. I’m not sure why, I just do. And every time I’m at a conference I look at teachers as a whole and we certainly do have a look. However, I don’t that Sallee looks the part. Maybe it’s that pink shirt and the mustache guys think it makes him look docile in some way.

    Also, liking Amanda in the red. Like that Jamie gave it back to Philip because Philip always seems so mean to him. I remember going back and forth between my brother and sister, but it was never in front of our parents. That was a big no-no in our house, totally unacceptable. For the most part Jamie and Philip seem to be fairly well-behaved, but Philip does have some moments where he’s pushing it.

    I taught science for many years and graded and judged many a science fair project. There was always the discussion about having a backup for anything that required batteries, fuses, etc. And I didn’t allow any viewing or touching of projects until I went through and made sure everything worked. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Philip turing that crank a bit too fast. At least he apologized and looked bad about it. The boys must have qualified or been accepted for a higher level science fair to be going out of town for it. Typically those are on a higher level and more work is required.

    i like seeing everyone around the conference table and going through a briefing. Would love to know what Lee’s look was all about.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I have been enjoying trying to catch up and read everyone’s comments. RL is busy right now with a large move.
      I also find it funny that when I go to teacher conferences that I am referred to as an elementary schoolteacher. I actually teach pre-k through college graduate courses. I also agree there is a definite look to us teachers. I, too, am a judge of Science Fair competitions in the US. Philip maybe qualified for a regional level competition. The one thing I found funny about his presentation was there was no presentation board. Every time I have judged, the students are required to have a presentation board going through the scientific method. I know I am just being picky. 🙂
      I also love the red shirt on Amanda. I thought it brought out the color in her face.

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  12. I’m going to make a slightly irrelevant comment here: Why was Jamie down to the last fuse? He’s normally such a careful, considered boy. I’d have thought he’d have had a few extras somewhere in case. His use of “meathead” to his brother is testament to his stress-levels (he sounds like his brother – and not in a good way)

    Also loving Amanda in red. And Billy in his reading glasses. I wish he’d put his velvet jacket (from TBWCBK) back on.

    Liked by 3 people

    • LOL I love irrelevant! and.. I agree!~ why would you be heading to a science fair with no back up fuse?! spells trouble!

      your right the brotherly conflict is OTT! but.. I was glad Jamie finally dished! lol..

      Liked by 2 people

    • Maybe Jamie takes his mother’s approach…every good scientist only needs one fuse…just like every junior trailblazer needs only one waterproof match?

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  13. Agree with Kiwismh and Iswod, the red is lovely on Amanda. I wish she would have her boys a bit more polite to each othet though – perhaps its an 80’s thing and isn’t as bad as it sounds but Philip and Jamie’s interactipn with each other is always a bit aggressive and ugly. (I know siblings fight but my brothers/cousins/boys i knew growing up never spoke to each like Philip and Jamie and certainly would have been called on it.) That aside, its a great introduction :- the exotic colours (pink shirt) and hot blood (bomb)of South America, Amanda as super mom dispatching her loved ones (which usually means some Lee and Amanda action), and Lee in a serious agency meeting. The stage is set…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda as super mom dispatching her loved ones (which usually means some Lee and Amanda action

      Oh yeah! no wonder she was so keen to send them out the door! 🙂

      The stage is set…..

      Hey well done Michele! your getting into the spirit of this very sloooow walk.. a gradual unfurling of an episode’s events! 🙂 thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I thought that maybe the reason why Amanda didn’t correct Jamie for insulting his brother was that she was too busy thinking about what she could do to fix the situation before they had to get on the train. Then again, maybe she’s okay with letting Jamie get a poke in once in awhile after all the insults he’s taken.


    • Hey Everyone, it’s been a long time, I’ve missed JWWM. I kind of thought that perhaps Amanda was too caught up in her thoughts about how she would spend the free time with no kids and mother to even catch the insults….she was probably thinking of a hazel eyed hunk! Woo Hoo!!


      • LOL I think that Phillip and Jamie get along pretty well for siblings (I am an only child so this is based on what people who are siblings have told me), of course they have their spats, but no more than any ‘normal’ brothers. And she does kind of mediate it saying that it’s okay, and that she will run by the hardware store and pick up another fuse.

        Of course, a certain tall, handsome spy might have also been on her mind, too 😉 and for that, I wouldnt blame her.


  14. ((Squeeing with delight)) I looooooove this episode! I watched it a few months ago and forgot how much I loved it. 😀 Excited to watch it again and walk through it with everyone! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  15. I love this episode so much! can’t wait for the subsequent ‘chapters’!

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Francine’s not in the office? She’s checking security for an event that actually sounds pretty important? Uh-oh … ;P

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Yay, looking forward to the walk through this episode and hoping RL and settled back down enough to let me keep up! I agree, kiwismh, that Amanda in red is a great look! Much better than pastels and neutrals on her. And yep, the pink shirt on Sallee was very avant garde for the mid-80’s, at least in the US. Today when I see a pink shirt, it still catches my eye as a bold choice, but I don’t think of it as a “brave” choice. However, back in the 80’s everyday folks were still struggling to disassociate the color pink on men from stereotypes about homosexuality. I know the world sometimes changes too slowly for us, but thank goodness it does change!!

    Nice catch in that pic that showed the unfinished top of the building, iwsod!

    Do we have any clue who we think the vigilante mustache guys are? CIA? Maybe just some other foreign government? Competitors in crime?

    I love watching Amanda-supermom in action here. She orchestrates the boys’ packing and departure, assumes a joint role of supportive mother and mock-science fair judge as she listens to Jamie rehearse his spiel, and handles an emergency with calmness and efficiency. Reminds me of The First Time as she races in and immediately sets the stage for dinner with Dean without missing a beat. This was my 80’s role model!! And happily it still works today…. Go Amanda!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • About the pink shirts… I would have expected pastels and/or light colored clothing and hats as common attire for Buenos Aires. His pink would be just as normal as a man wearing red. Although some of the extras walking around in darker colors sort of blows that theory.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh hooray! Raffie’s back!

      How wonderful 🙂 great to see you around Raffie!

      Interesting comments about Sallee’s pink shirt. With this in mind, it would seem he was wanting to stand out and be seen… maybe he wore it for a reason??!!!

      Yeah, I’d guess those guys are CIA. A bit controversial that they try and take out Sallee for the good of the world!

      This was my 80’s role model!!

      Awh!! You could do worse 😉 haaa

      Liked by 1 person

    • ScarecrowsAngel

      Hi there, Raffie! Greetings from Germany!



    • Nice catch in that pic that showed the unfinished top of the building, iwsod!

      Maybe I’m going to make a slightly irrelevant comment here, too: Are you sure it’s an unfinished top? I know that people in Spain and North Africa and also some other countries build their houses with a flat roof as some sort of a sun terrace. Those are surrounded by a railing to keep people from falling off the roof.
      Most people living in Argentina today originally came from Spain and Italy so I wouldn’t be surprised if they also brought some of their ‘home country’s’ architecture.
      I haven’t re watched this ep yet just read our ‘walk’ but couldn’t it be…?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Maybe “mustache guys” were doing the bidding of the Triumvirate?

      Liked by 1 person

  18. One of my favourite episodes. I could explain all the reasons why, but as we’re going through the episode bit by bit (and in deference to iwsod) I shall wait until the appropriate bit.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. Yep, liking casual Amanda in red shirt and good fitting jeans. Such a contrast to the beige meeting going on at IFF.
    Steven Sallee (whoever he may be 😉 ) in a pink shirt is a brave fashion choice – unusual for a guy in those days but maybe not so in Buenos Aires at the time. Maybe that’s the SMK way of trying to make the audience believe this is Buenos Aires and not a set we have seen before – which I am sure we have as those buildings look very familiar.
    Looks like Dotty and the boys are being shifted out of the action early so Ananda will have the house to herself for a day or two? It’s been a while since I’ve seen this episode and I can’t remember the detail, but I sense an SMK set-up for us to see domestic, Maplewood Drive Lee! 😀 (as opposed to grouchy Agency boardroom Lee).
    Nice to see some other agents work at the Agency too. Where’s Duffy this week? I’m going to imagine he’s on a well earned vacation. No sign o Fred Fielder or Abernathy either – maybe they’ve been scooched? We can but hope… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • see what I said to Raffie about the pink shirt Kiwismh, I wonder if it was on purpose.. and he wanted to stand out?

      Looks like Dotty and the boys are being shifted out of the action early so Ananda will have the house to herself for a day or two? It’s been a while since I’ve seen this episode and I can’t remember the detail, but I sense an SMK set-up for us to see domestic, Maplewood Drive Lee!😀 (as opposed to grouchy Agency boardroom Lee).

      Love it! I guess everything at the start of an episode is a set up in a way.. I am a few posts into this ep now and will have something to say about that in time!

      I guess the boardroom should be a bored room? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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