2/2 Just Walk with me – Through Lee’s Season 2 Apartments! By Silver Corvette

Welcome to Part two of SilverCorvette’s posts on Lee’s season 2 apartment. What will we find out about  Lee’s secret home life? Over to SilverCorvette!

Season 2,

Apartment 4

DOA Delirious on Arrival (Ep 19)

Next time we see where Lee lives is in DOA Delirious on Arrival.


Same building from Season 1 and in ALSALS. Same cars parked outside.


Why are we looking at an apartment bay window ? Lee’s apartment definitely does not have one !


This apartment is number 305, on the third floor ? and the door is white on the outside not the wood colour of the one in ALSALS.


A new apartment in the same building ? This one has grey walls, no coat stand and lots of oriental art. This is someone’s idea of a bachelor’s apartment ?

The hall way outside looks like it has pink walls and red carpet, white apartment doors.


Those long black windows don’t look like they belong to the building shown above ! Now there are lots of buildings close by now, not looking down on the city as in ALSALS.

Perhaps this apartment was lower down and on the other side of the building?

Grey bar, window seat, cupboards, couch, black coffee table, red window seat cushions and carpet, lots of oriental art in the entry way – wow this apartment is making a statement. But what statement? Maybe Lee has finally consulted the French guy who does kitchens ?

Lots of pottery and photographs on top of the cupboards – oh, look, on the taller cupboard – the photo of Lee’s parents that we see in The Eyes Have It, on his beside table, and a picture of Lee and Billy that is also seen elsewhere.




Less plants near the bar but one in the hall, two behind the couch, different wall decorations, same grey L shaped couch !

So why the change to the grey décor ?


That sandwich will be all dried out by now !


And what’s behind that door leading to the area behind the closet ? And the one behind Lee, here?

Sorry these next ones are blurry because we are seeing through Amanda’s eyes while she is drugged.



Looking toward the kitchen, the double doors are closed and beside them a fireplace with a very strange piece of artwork over it (but the lizard things are gone from beside the fireplace). And a picture of a horse over a narrow table/cupboard thing. Another narrow table (is this called a sofa table or hall table maybe?) behind the couch with a lamp. No oriental style art in this part of the room !


There’s a big metallic column and then another set of double doors (to a bedroom, maybe?)

A large cactus beside the table under the horse. Another table at the end of the couch with a blue lamp with a black shade.

Over the double doors, over the kitchen doors and beside the bar over the plants, seem to be large square ceiling lights.

As we only see one room of the apartments, we don’t really need a floor plan, but I drew one anyway.


So, Lee moves between ALSALS and DOA? In the same building with the same floor plan, different floor and décor ?

These are the only two episodes where we see Lee’s apartment in this season.  

Silver Corvette

A huge thank you SilverCorvette for your insights into Lee. What does everyone think of Lee’s grey sofa? Is Apartment 4 a more mature home choice?

Next week, we’ll be starting on Part 2 of my (Learjet’s) SMK food posts….Bye for now!

36 responses to “2/2 Just Walk with me – Through Lee’s Season 2 Apartments! By Silver Corvette

  1. I totally lost focus on this apartment when Lee walked into it. He’s the only decor I’m interested in seeing.

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  2. Another great post, SilverCorvette!

    Your attention to the details of Lee’s apartment is amazing! I’m not sure I really even noticed that Lee’s S2 apartment came in two colors! And I’m not sure which one is I like least – the brown or the grey. Or is it gray? I see you’ve used grey. My fingers want to type gray.

    Anyway, when I look at the “building blocks” that are under Lee’s window, I am reminded of lego bricks. Or of shelving units or filing cabinets that are turned sideways. This is decorating on the cheap at it’s best if you ask me for a super suave agent! He must have had a French decorator in training.

    And I would bet that those windows are green screens – has that come up before?

    Maybe they changed the wall color to gray because Lee wears a lot of brown. And he shows up better against a backdrop of grey walls and furniture? I think that dusty rose color was hugely popular in the mid-to-late 80s and into the early 90s. I remember it well…it was one of my mother’s favorite colors to decorate with. At the time I didn’t mind it so much, I moved out not long after she went bananas with it, but looking back, it give me the shivers.

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  3. Great posr Silver Corvette, I love it. I always sensed that there was a difference between the season 2 apartments but couldn’t put my finger on it. Mainly because they are so alike and I’m usually distracted watching the episode (by the intricate plots of course☺)
    I have to prefer the second apartment -its much warmer and has more personalty. But i much prefer the season one apartment to either of them. I love everyone’s theories of the spying needs and colour changes. It a nice oasis in this desert of no walk😊


    • I’m usually distracted watching the episode (by the intricate plots of course☺)

      Ha haaaa! Nice one Michele! 🙂

      It a nice oasis in this desert of no walk😊

      I feel the same way! I miss the walk! I miss you guys!!!


  4. I did a little investigation on the color gray when used in decorating (paint, furnishings etc.). Some of it is no surprise, I guess. A few interesting thoughts (to me, at least) came up in the color psychology. I borrowed this from design websites.

    ‘The color gray is an unemotional color. It is detached, neutral, impartial and indecisive – the fence-sitter. Most people are indifferent to gray- it relates to the corporate worker in the gray suit – conservative, reliable, formal and independent and maybe boring. Too much of the color gray creates sadness and depression and a tendency toward loneliness and isolation. Add some color to change this.’

    ‘From a color psychology perspective, gray is the color of compromise – being neither black nor white, it is the transition between two non-colors. The closer gray gets to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes. The closer it gets to silver or white, the more illuminating and lively it becomes.’

    His walls and any of the gray furnishings sort of fall between dark and light gray hues. I also read that gray is a controlled color, making other objects stand out more or else toning them down. The rug, the art and a few pillows become more like accent pieces. The gray definitely makes them stand out. Even the brown pieces look a little richer.

    So what does this mean for Lee? The last apartment (Season 1) was very blue. Not much uncertainty there. While I’d never describe Lee as ‘unemotional,’ I do think the gray means he’s seeing things differently, and he’s not quite sure of the outcome yet. The pops of red are vibrant and although there are a few other colors, red is the most striking. Red has its own color psychology. It’s not the dominant color here, it’s an accent color. The red could be the influence of something vibrant in his life (Amanda). The gray still seems so dominant when you walk into his place. I’m liking the thought that gray is present to make the other colors like red seem richer and more vibrant. For Lee, I think this all implies that he’s ready for changes.

    Sorry to make such a long post (well, long for me anyway). What does anyone else think?


    • Fascinating stuff Sara! I’m relieved to hear some theory explaining all the grey/gray going on!!! Especially after I OD’d on gray/grey/grey stripes and had to create this meme to purge!

      I enjoyed reading your musings as you explored the possibilities – it’s fun to explore!
      Gray the transition colour huh. That can work! 🙂 It is very neutral.. and non committal!

      It’s like Lee is in the intimacy vs isolation stage of psychosocial development! Wow.. that just hit me reading your comments.. and I love it.
      [sorry if you haven’t studied this – if you are interested you can try this vid where Erikson explains the stage himself]

      Don’t apologise Sara please- I enjoyed reading your thoughts 🙂 bye!

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  5. Hello everyone! Long time reader, first time commenting. I love reading this blog and appreciate all the time and SMK devotion that goes into making the posts. Just a quick question, don’t we also see Lee’s season 2 apartment in Burnout?

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    • Welcome Annette! Great that you’re commenting – we love to hear from everyone. I’ll refer your question to Silver Corvette, our expert on this…


    • Oh, great catch Annette. I thought I watched all the episodes carefully, but we do see Lee’s apartment briefly in Burnout. Just the sofa area and the bar and the decoration seems to match this one – greay sofa, red cushions, the plants and the oriental plaques and hangings. Maybe no plants out in the hall though.


      • Hey SilverCorvette, will you be doing a part 3 to Season 2? If you’d like to we’ll publish it.. but of course – if you don’t want to or don’t feel it warrants another it’s all good 🙂

        As burn out is ep 21, 2 episodes after DOA it makes sense it would be more similar to DOA I guess.. but I am curious to see what changes, if any, there were. Sounds like it is the same and the hallway is different?


    • Welcome Annette!!! So glad you found us!!!

      Oh yeah!!! we did see Lee’s apartment in Burn Out. I was too distracted by scruffy looking Lee in that scene to take it in 😉

      Thanks for updating us and well spotted!!


  6. I’ll call this… commenting by meme..

    Thanks again SilverCorvette! It’s been fun!

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  7. Oh my gosh! SilverCorvette you’ve done it again!
    Thanks so much for this walk through Lee’s seemingly second apartment in season 2.
    We only see his apartment twice? And it’s different both times? I didn’t know that! Seems the show didn’t know what to do with Lee’s apartment!

    The décor is so different! Great catch with finding the photo of Billy and Lee in Lee’s living room! And the wedding photo of Lee’s parents (in the fugly frame)!!! Wow!!! That’s kinda cool!

    Loads of grey. What does it mean? Is Lee stuck in the grey spy world and seeking clarity? Or is it just a vibe of cool sophistication they were going for? I’d say it comes off as sophisticated for sure. Loads of random exotic items.. and a bit of modern art thrown in. Again, it seems too cluttered to me for Lee to have spent time putting all this together.
    I think Lee moved apartment (to confuse the bad guys) and again got a decorator. But this time, he’s managed to put out a few photo frames which are meaningful! Maybe this is a serviced apartment where Lee doesn’t own it and it’s a short term lease?

    Agree! The windows and the exterior are obviously non-matching. I’m thinking the set people didn’t give a toss 😉

    Funny to think ALSALS was episode 14 and DOA is episode 19 – Lee changes apartments in just five episodes whahahahahaaa!!!

    That big metallic column is quite ummm interesting!
    I’m going to guess that if you walk around to the back of it there’s a little shoot. Like a dumb waiter. Lee can sneak in there and drop straight down to the basement parking garage it comes out right next to the vette. He can then get in the car and make a quick getaway if there’s a bad guy in his apartment!
    That or.. it’s where Lee stuffs the bodies of baddies so he doesn’t have to carry them past the neighbours 😉
    Either way, it’s a spy essential!

    Love a floor plan! Thanks SilverCorvette!!!!!

    Learjet, I can’t say I mind Lee’s couch. I like it better than Amanda’s weird pineapple one.

    Is apartment 4 a more mature home choice?

    Compared to what? 🙂
    I think this apartment and the version of it in ALSALS look more like a man about town kinda apartment, set out to seduce the ladies..
    Season 1 apartment looked like he never brought them home. Ahem. But.. that’s just the vibe I get!

    Thanks SilverCorvette – I’m really looking forward to seeing where Lee moves next in season 3 haaaa!

    Thanks also learjet for publishing this post 


  8. Another great post, Silver Corvette!

    lol… Same cars parked outside Lee’s place from Season 1… No parking tickets either. 😉

    Where have all the Buddhas gone? Was Lee robbed? They left everything and took the Buddhas? Not sure about that gray paint. Maybe his landlord likes gray and he’s not allowed to paint? (Mine likes beige textured wallpaper.) Gray walls make me think of law firms. I worked at a DC law firm during the summers in the late 1980s.


    • good one! No parking tickets! tee hee..

      oh no the Buddha have been nabbed! the baddies are holding them for ransom. Lee won’t pay though, as he knows they will get bad Karma if they don’t return them 😉

      I found one Buddha.. (I think smk may have been hinting this was two)

      but umm.. I’m pretty sure we’d find neither in Lee’s apartment – in any of his apartments!

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  9. The nick-knacks and photos do make this apartment seem a little more homey than the last view of Lee’s apartment that we saw. But, the color gray does seem a little odd to me. I think of it as being a kind of institutional color.

    I think Remington Steele’s apartment also had gray walls. Was that a fad in the ’80s? Although, Dotty thought it was strange when the dining room at Amanda’s house was painted gray so they could pretend it was a holding cell at the Russian embassy in Three Faces of Emily.


    • yeah maybe it’s an 80’s thing. grey = masculine bachelor sophistication.


    • Oh hey, maybe that’s why Lee’s walls are grey? His apartment has been doing double duty for the Russian Embassy and some… Dishipline!!!!

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      • 😀 😀 – between the Russhhian grey walls, and the Oriental art (reminds me of Lee’s Japanese cooking skills from S1, Lee is certainly letting the world (OK us and the floozies who visit his apartment) that he’s an international man of mystery, and not afraid of the Cold War (well, grey is quite a cold colour, isn’t it 🙂 )

        Actually, the picture that catches my eye is the one of the horse. Is it a gift horse from Princess Penny?

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  10. Hey, is anyone else having problems with the ‘notify me of new comments via email button?’


  11. Again, a fantastic job! Most of my friends’ homes had the same coloured walls as the hallway. I think it was called “Dusty Rose”. My father put his foot down and said ‘No flippin’ way!’, so our walls remained beige.


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