1/2 SMK Stats: The Long Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!  Wasn’t that last post by iwsod on SMK Christmas trivia fun?  I’m here to continue that fun with stats for TLCEve.  Such a great episode with good insight into Amanda’s character (great for a Bite-Sized Amanda post!) and little Lee Stetson’s.   I see this as an Amanda-focused episode  with some hilarious and well-acted out humor scenes and very likeable baddies – wodka anyone? 

I hope you enjoy – and please let me know if I’ve missed anything!


Jack sightings

jack 1

Oh, look!  Both Jacks are back!  Remember the agent whose name is actually Jack from SBTBells?  He’s the one on ‘Jack’s’ right.

jack 2

Love Amanda’s look here.  Jack is telling her the joke about how many agents it takes to change a light bulb – don’t quit your day job, Jack….  Amanda laughs and says, “That’s good.” as Jack walks away – can’t tell if she’s sincere or not.  I hope not….

Jill Sightings

jill 1

I have a sneaking suspicion that the woman with the long blond hair who has her back to us is Jill.  We never get to see her face, though, so I’m not sure.  What do you think?

Cheeky Lee

masseter 1

B:  He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was 3.  Mrs. King happens to be about the right age.  And besides, he knows all of our other women agents.  L:  She will never pull it off!    Oh Lee…yee of little faith.  What’s it gonna take?  The mob???  Open-mouthed smileRolling on the floor laughing

Touches, part 1

I’m going to cover only the touches that happen before Lee gets shot.  The rest will come in post 2.

touch 23

I’m not really sure, but it looks like their clothes at least are touching.  I think Lee just likes to be close to Amanda.  What do you think?

touch 24

L:  It’s three miles in.  Should take us an hour, hour and a half if we keep up a good pace.  A:  Yes, sir!  L:  Let’s go!  I love the humor in this scene!  If you haven’t scene this episode lately, you need to get out your DVD’s or fire up your Prime and watch it!!  Now!!  You won’t regret it!  Oh, the touch – yeah.  Lee ‘hits’ Amanda on the arm as he says, “Let’s go!”.  The screen cap is a very unflattering picture of Amanda, so I’m using this one instead.

touch 25

Lee spots someone!!  They need to hit the deck!   This is a full on tackle – no two hand touch here!  Hello, Sandy Newcombe!

touch 26

A:  Leeeee, isn’t this a little sudden?  Shouldn’t we talk about this?  I mean this could compromise our whole professional relationship.  ROFLMBO!!  Does Amanda really think that Lee is trying to make a move on her???  I find this hysterical!  Anyone else?  Oh, and I’m not sure how to count the touches here – there’s lots of parts touching, ahem, so I’ll maybe just count it as one touch?  Oh, by the way, this full body touch lasted for about 22 seconds.  Yep, timed it.  Wonder how many takes it took to do this scene?

touch 27

L:  Amanda, will you shut up, please? 

Muahahahaha!!!!  Lee hasn’t heard a word she’s said!!!  That’s a good thing for her sake!   How do you think he would have reacted had he heard? 

A.  Huh?  What are you talking about?

B.  Wha?  You’re not my type!

C.  Who cares?  (followed by a kiss.  hehe Smile)

D.  He did hear, he’s just pretending he didn’t for her sake.  (Awww, what a sweetie!)

touch 28

What a gentleman – helping her up.

touch 1

It looks like they’re holding hands here as they go to meet Janus/Rudolph.  But I can’t tell for sure.  There may be some daylight between them in the hand area.  KC?  You’ve got eagle eyes…what’s your expert opinion?

Amanda Doesn’t Do What Lee Tells Her/Amandaramble Part 1/Amaaanda!

This scene is too good to break up…so I’m just going to lump it all together.

Here we have your typical woman asks man if he’s lost question.   Just how does SMK handle it?  LOVE this humor here!

bad amanda 1

A:  Are you sure you know where we’re going?
( Amanda reminds Lee to take in the seasonal adjustment – hahahaha!  Who else but ordinary suburban cub-scout leading Amanda would know to do that!)  L:  We go that way.

bad amanda 2

A:  Well the sun is due west only at the equinox and we’re three days past the winter solstice.  I think I better just check the moss.  L:  The moss?  (hahaha – I feel for ya Lee!  If they’re three days past the winter solstice does that mean the original airing date was 12/24?)

aramble 1

A:  Yeah the moss, you see, well look, you just, you just look at a a tree…you find a tree and the moss always grows on the north side so that is the north side – L:  Amanda –  A:  of the tree because moss always grows…

Amaaanda 2

L: Amaaanda!  A:  What?   LOL – love it!   Lee goes on to insult her “Mickey Mouse” spy courses which were once his Mickey Mouse spy courses and Amanda tells him it’s from the Cub Scouts – the Cub Scouts who always can find their way out of the woods.  LOL.

bad amanda 3

A:  North is that way!  Muahahahaha!  You go girl! 

Who Left Their Keys This Week?

No one.  Lee actually decides to take his keys with him.  Thought this was noteworthy since this is the one time it would probably be okay to leave his keys in the car – they’re in the middle of the flippin’ woods!  Are you worried that the bears are gonna steal your car, Lee?


christmas wishes billy

LOL!   Billy as Santa!  Boy, does he look grumpy!

christmas wishes billy 2

But lookey here!  Now who do you think put a smile on that grumpy Santa’s face?  Why Amanda, of course!  Even Billy can’t resist her holiday cheer.  Sure beats Lee and Francine’s reaction to her gifts.  Must be why he’s the boss.

bad hair billy

Hahaha!  Love this pic – Billy’s got hat head!!  Yup, even Billy can have a bad hair day!   Doesn’t the white stuff on his sleeve look like the Grinch’s??? 

santas 2

Just look at all the lovely Christmas decorations.  No wonder they gave Leatherneck a budget!    Sarcastic smile

hands 1

Here’s a hands shot!  And yes, they’re Lee’s – this shot widens to show these particular paws are attached to Lee.

hands 2

Ahhh, Lee in the outdoors, with a gun, hands up where we can see them, telling the baddies what to do….  Open-mouthed smile

gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

A:  Now you see I got you something that you would never get for yourself.  Look at that.  See?  socks.  And they’re all the same so you don’t have to worry about matching them when they come out of the dryer.  (I bet the laundry service who does Lee’s laundry will be thrilled!  Is this THE sock in S4 that Dotty finds in Amanda’s laundry?  TBD) 

dimple 2

A:  Now I know why you really brought me along.  Yep!  I’m thinking this is exactly what Lee is thinking!

Random thought here – anybody out there like Frango Mints? I love them.. I’m eating some of them right now.. Yum! One of my favourite Christmas treats!

dimple 3

L:  It’s three miles in.  Should take us an hour, hour and a half if we keep up a good pace.  A:  Yes, sir!  Love Lee’s face here!

Lee in Plaid

plaid 3

And here we have Scarecrow in this lovely ensemble.  Where’s the Fashion Police?  We need to make an arrest here!

plaid 2

Although, I must admit it looks better when seen above Lee’s legs.  Even if they are in pants.  Cute tree, Billy!  iwsod, has Billy’s couch always been blue so far in this season?

plaid 4

Lee is too wearing plaid in this picture!  Check out the lining of his coat!

plaid 5

One of my favorites.  Yep, you guessed it, it’s Lee with a gun and his hands… Open-mouthed smile  He might even be being a little ‘Cheeky’ but I can’t really tell.

plaid 6

Ahhh, a very nice profile of the Scarecrow.  We don’t get to see that too often.  Love that his hair is a little messed up!  Oh, and we get his hands again Smile

Well, this is the perfect place to end this post.  TLCEve Stats Part 2 pretty much picks up where this one leaves off.  I don’t normally try to do the stats following the way the episode goes, but it just worked out that way this time!

Thanks for reading!  And here is the link to iwsod’s first TLCE episode post.

45 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: The Long Christmas Eve

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  2. Ok now that last comparisons of mints makes me want to try some Frango mints. I love Jr mints. But I don’t see anything attractive about Brackin. The only guy I think the least bit attractive with dark hair and a mustache is Magnum. But Lee….well, I am here aren’t I? So yup, these Frango mints must be something special… How come I have never even heard of them?

    Someone should write a fan fic about Amanda’s words actually registering in Lee’s brain at that moment. That would be a good one.


    • Cuz you’re not from the Midwest. I think they are a regional thing. The only reason I know of them is because I lived in the Midwest for a time. Russell Stover’s French Mints are the closest thing I can think of, but I haven’t seen them in stores since I was a kid.


      • Well that is ridiculous huh? I mean we erudite coastal people should never ignore the Midwest…. especially when it comes to mints…I bet the internet could help.


        • Argh! I just edited my last comment – realized after I posted it that it sounded, um, a little harsh. Sorry!


        • And now that I’ve made them sound like they are the “Lee Stetson” of the mint candy world, you’ll surely be disappointed. Because that’s how it always works!


          • No problem, I just really like chocolate….I will take anything down the rabbit hole with me. Wine is finished. I am off to bed. Merry Christmas Everyone, or rather Happy Boxing Day!!!


            • Wait wait wait! I heard chocolate and wine mentioned! I hear you! I’m awake now. Rabbit hole? Anyone? Drat. *sigh* All asleep in their beds and no one to play with……..hmmmm, must be my bedtime too. Merry everything everyone!!


  3. Another vote for option D, he’s pretending for his sake not hers!

    Hmmmm I think I will have to forgo Lee in plaid if it’s teamed with such a hineous jacket and tie combo! and don’t get me started on that awful Arran type jumper with dark green shirt. Fashion police? More like lifetime sentence with no chance of parole!

    Some nice dimple shots there! Just what I need for the festive season 🙂


    • Option D does seem to be popular. I’m not sure what I think. Part of me thinks he doesn’t hear her because of his “Sure, what else would I be doing?” comment – that and the fact that we don’t get any sideways glance or odd look on Lee’s face. Part of me doesn’t wonder if he heard her, which is why he told her to shut up, but then it just doesn’t register to him at all what she was talking about. Does that make sense?

      Glad you like the dimple shots! I find they are often ‘just what I need’ for many occaisions.


  4. Uhhhh… call me the resident buzzkill, if you will, but I’ve said it before… it’s not just Amanda that Scarecrow stands close to. He stands close to other women, as well, e.g., Francine. (Hmmm… maybe women he’s played backgammon with or has at least some hidden desire to play backgammon with?) Of course, he stands close to Amanda more often than he stands close to other women, but… well… they’re the guts of the show. Oy. I’m just gonna go and slap myself.

    “How do you think he would have reacted had he heard?”
    Well, I would like to be able to say D, but… it’s Scarecrow, in Season One –> A. (Which I think is better than B, so I’m giving Lee some credit. LOL!)

    Eagle eyes? Who, me? Never! 😀
    My expert opinion is it’s more SMK discontinuity… they’re not holding hands in the front shot (though at one point Lee puts out his hand and guides her), but in the back shot–YES, they’re holding hands! (Somewhat awkwardly, but that could be due to the mittens.) 🙂 Wait for it… Swoon-thud!!!

    Hmmmm… any idea why Janus would have a baling hook hanging from the front cabin wall?

    Ahhh–the lovely random patch of moss. When there’s no other moss to be seen. :p
    And don’t get me started on the north by northwest comment. I think I spewed enough about that in Iwsod’s episode recap comments… Mutter mutter mumble. Assuming it’s a BB flub. But then “north by northwest” is actually north when they’re pointing and then they head off roughly northeast… STOP! Drop it, KC!

    A felt pen! Sigh. Brings back so many memories… (And why does that scene remind me of The Cow Plan in Top Secret? 😀 )


    • Buzzkill, KC? No, say it ain’t so! 😉 Yes, Lee does stand close to other women but Amanda doesn’t move – she likes it that Lee stands so close to her, me thinks. Even though she doesn’t want to be one of ‘his women’ she certainly wants to be in his space. And even though Lee isn’t looking to make Amanda one if his women, he seems to like her in his space. I look at this closeness as a two-way thing. I also have a large-ish personal space – which is why I notice this as much as I do. Not sure I could handle Lee Stetson in my space – not without turning as red as a tomato 🙂 Not sure about the bailing hook – which picture is it in?


      • Yes–they’re both totally OK being so close to each other. 🙂
        Oh, yeah–I’d be a tomato, too. Big-time! 😦 I had gotten better about not blushing so much, but… well… I’m a tomato again. Or beetroot… hmmm… Beetroot, I think!
        The baling hook? It’s not hugely visible in any of your pics, but if you watch the ep, it’s right there outside the front door, hanging on the wall…


    • I agree that they’re holding hands on the back shot. I can see Amanda’s mitten coming around the other side of Lee’s sleeve just before the shot cuts away. And that moss is just too funny. Not only is it a single patch just at eye level (if there was only a little bit, it would probably be at the base of the tree), but it sticks out way to far for moss, at least the kinds I’ve seen.


  5. You see the green marker that Lee’s using to draw the map? I had a set of that kind when I was a kid! They had those white caps and came in lots of pretty rainbow colors! 😀

    Ah, nostalgia.


  6. Hi Everyone!
    Just thought I’d mention that BJo emailed me she might be away a few days… so we may not hear from BJo for a few days.. we can discuss BJo’s posts as usual and she’ll join in when she can 🙂

    Well, I imagine the rest of us are pretty busy too.. LOL! In a good way I hope 🙂
    Soooo do you think Lee heard what Amanda said? or no? or maybe a little bit?? anyone?? thoughts? byee!


  7. I forgot to say – BJo: I LOVE that you timed how long they touch each other when Lee tackles Amanda – rofl!!!!!! You fit in sooo well here girl!!!!! 😆


    • It was beggin’ for it! This was the longest continual err, contact they’ve had I think. Not even that cover kiss in SD lasted half as long, I don’t think!


  8. Hooray!!!! BJo you are so clever to think to do your stats post on The Long Christmas Eve – at Christmas time!!! 🙂

    Wodka? rofl!!! I love it!!! Thanks to your inspiration BJo ‘wodka’ has made it into a meme I’ve created.. you’ll see 😉

    Aha!! yes Jack is the one who tells the joke that is a trivia question – so far no one has guessed..
    LOL yes I wasn’t sure if Amanda found it funny either! I figured she’s in the holiday spirit and laughed anyway..

    It may be Jill – I can never pick Jill!

    Loving the ‘Cheeky Lee’ category! LOL.. more like Cheeky BJo!
    Yeah! Lee will eat those words – she pulls it all off and saves his gorgeous butt.. ahem..

    Fashion Police!!!! Please arrest Lee for that tie and handkerchief combo.. not liking it.. [rofl! I saw further down- you agree huh!! ]

    Oh yeah! I think Lee and Amanda are unconsciously drawn to each other – so they stand so close.. without realising!!!
    Okay, in reality- I think it is a way for the show to convey Lee and Amanda as a romantic couple – we notice this but as the audience we don’t necessarily always consciously notice these sorts of things – but we sense their connection.. I think it’s a tactic to convey a bond between the characters – fine with me!

    What’s with Lee giving orders? ! I think he’s all business because of the conversation in the car.. he probably regrets sharing about his christmas and Little Lee’s christmases..

    HHaaaaaa!!! that cap of Lee tackling Amanda is fabulous!!!! Sandy Newcombe? haaaa! good one BJo!

    Whoooo a multiple choice! you could have inserted a poll here BJo! Maybe next time 😉
    Your question assumes he didn’t hear.. hmmm.. does everyone agree with that??

    Maybe he heard bits?

    Yeah, maybe he didn’t hear it! actually I lean towards he didn’t hear because if he did – I think he never would have asked ‘what did you think I was doing’ – he wouldn’t have gone there if he was chosing to ignore it IMHO.

    Okay.. though if he had heard it?? I’d say D – for his own sake!! Not for Amanda’s – you are more optimistic about Lee so early in the show than I BJo!

    I love love love the dirty look Lee gives the moss!!

    Why if they agency had christmas decorations did Leatherneck need a budget? does the agency have to buy new decorations every year?

    Wow!!! Love that pic of Lee pointing the gun at us and looking more or less into the camera!

    Oh My!!! Lovin them dimples!!

    Sorry I don’t know Frango mints!

    Has Billy’s couch always been blue?? I think so. except for the first episode. I think..

    Phew.. good catch on the plaid lining BJo! How is Lee and Plaid going in the order of google images search?!

    Wow!!!! I agree with you BJo, loving that profile pic of Lee very boyish and swoony!
    Thanks BJo! Brilliantly done as always!!!


    • Hiya, iwsod! Thanks for spurring on the conversation while I was unable to get on the computer.

      Sooo, you’re not sure about Jill, eh? We’ll see more of her soon. She has a definite look to her IMHO. I just can’t be sure because we can’t see her face. I’ve thought I’ve seen Jack #2 a number of times, only to realize that when the person turns around it’s not him. I need to be careful. But she certainly fits the bill from what we can see of her.

      I agree with you and KC, their closeness is a tactic they use for the show. I just notice it because there was never anyone at work I stood that close to on a steady basis – it was not appropriate. It seems odd that these two are always in each other’s space even when neither of them is on the prowl.

      LOL – so you think Lee is pretending he didn’t hear for his own sake and not Amanda’s? I’m not sure that I agree. I don’t know why I automatically assumed it was for Amanda’s sake. I’ll have to think on that one. It’s too late and my mind isn’t working properly.

      Of course Leatherneck needed a budget! How else would he be able to keep up with the latest and greatest decorations out there? He’s a techie guy, so I figure he’d like to get some new gadgets every year. We just never got to see them – ha!

      Operation Put Lee in Plaid (is that what it’s called?) is sort of working. Plaid is very trendy now here in the states, so if you just google plaid, then you see no Lee at all. If you google plaid Lee, you do see several pictures of Lee – they are all from recent posts 🙂 – but you do have to scroll down a bit to see them. Woo hoo!


  9. Those argyle socks on SMK kill me. I don’t remember if that was an 80s fashion thing, but I’m thinking that and the plaid had to be for them to have so much of it.

    I vote for D, pretending not to hear, but agree with Morley that maybe it’s for both their sakes.

    I would like to say it’s at least two touches. Him touching her and her touching him, since it lasted so long. I’m going to go back and check out whether or not they are holding hands when they approach the cabin.

    Love it when Amanda bests Lee. Surprising that he actually listened and followed when she indicated where north was. I like tousled hair Lee too. Always love the stats.


    • I just looked at it again and I would say they are holding hands. You can see Amanda’s lighter colored glove in Lee’s hand. Also, I’m going to change my answer regarding Lee’s response to A. He heard her talking but wasn’t really listening to her, kind of like those Charlie Brown specials when the adults are talking. But I may change my mind again later on.


      • Is this the first time we see Lee and Amanda just kind of randomly holding hands?


        • Oh gosh, I feel like I should know this – after all I’ve captured all their touches up to this point. Darn, can’t remember. gonna have to go check and report back to you later, kgmohror.


          • Wasn’t there some random touching in TGTN? We know he took her hand when they were escaping from Bobby, but after that while on the roof there was some random touching and then once they had escaped and were walking, Lee had his protective arm around her. Not too sure about actual hand holding though. And didn’t he offer his hand to her in Billy’s office at the end of The First Time? Now that I’m on a Christmas break I may need to revisit some of these with a more discerning eye. Some of the early hand holding seemed more conscious, but then it seems to segue way into their unconsciousness.


            • Great memory, Valerie! I completely forgot about him taking her hand to get her out of the chair in Billy’s office. There is a lot of touching in both TFT and TGTN. He has her hand a lot in TGTN during the escape scene as you say.

              I just went back and looked at all the screen caps I have of them touching. That was nice. Maybe I’ll do a post at the end of S1 on just their touching – it’ll make you feel good all over. But it really just makes me wonder about these two. I am not anywhere near thinking that either of them was in love or fell for the other right from the beginning, but they do touch each other a lot – and it is not always due to circumstance. Whether it is conscious or unconscious it is there. I agree with KC that Lee does touch a lot of women, that just seems to be his way. I think though, for me there seem to be three categories of women we’ve seen so far in Lee’s life – those he works with and dates, those he doesn’t work with and dates and Amanda. She is a category all her own. I guess for me this makes their touches different. When they are not work related they seem so genuine or sweet and caring because there is no ulterior motive.


              • BJo wrote:”I think though, for me there seem to be three categories of women we’ve seen so far in Lee’s life – those he works with and dates, those he doesn’t work with and dates and Amanda. She is a category all her own. I guess for me this makes their touches different. When they are not work related they seem so genuine or sweet and caring because there is no ulterior motive.”
                BJo I love this!!!!!! Soooo true that Amanda King is a category all of her own 😉
                I especially love your point about how there is no ulterior motive -it’s true, he isn’t trying to get her in bed.. While I think this is true – I also think there are occasions where Lee touches Amanda with an ulterior motive, but it isn’t trying to score – here with the little hand hold it’s to reassure Amanda.. and other times I think it’s trying to get Amanda to listen to him, to do what he says. You know like when he grabs Amanda by both arms in Affair at Bromfield Hall?
                What about the elevator scene from Magic Bus?? standing so close putting each other’s badges on? 🙂

                Now I think about it, smk has had a number of big moments about ‘touching’ huh.. AABH having that big moment by the thames.. Anyway, a few random thoughts that came of BJo’s fabulous comments!
                A ‘Touching’ post? sounds brilliant! [LOL sounds like a scratching post – you know what cats like haaa!! It’s the smk fan’s version? 😉 ]

                Are we ready for me to publish the next Burn Out?


          • Back to report, kgmohror. Like Valerie says, the first hand hold is in TFT at the end (I’m not including the dancing) and there are two more instances of hand-holding in TGTN. We then have no hand holding until SAAB where he helps her out of the lime and in SBTB when they are about to leave the baddie’s house. If we get real detailed and think about the situation and why they’re holding hands, then I think this hand hold in TLCE could be considered a first.

            I’m not sure why they’re holding hands here. My initial thought is that Amanda may be feeling fearful since Rudolph has a gun and seems to be in a cranky mood – perhaps she grabbed Lee’s hand even? But I’m not sure that I really think Amanda or Lee would be that scared here. Maybe it’s just a confidence thing for her? Or an automatic thing for Lee to take her hand when a man with a gun is approaching? If this really were Rudolph’s daughter, I wonder if Lee would take her hand?


      • LOL, Valerie! I talk to my kids in the “Charlie Brown teacher” voice alot – especially when I’m trying to make the point that they don’t listen to or seem to understand a word I say!

        Good call on the touch being worth at least two! Amanda is touching him back – doh! – don’t know how I could only count that as one.

        The best part about Amanda besting Lee is that he knows it! Hahahaha!


  10. I am voting for D. He heard but he is pretending to not have for her sake… but mostly for his. Love this post!!!


    • Oh dear, another vote for ‘his sake’. Morley, you and iwsod are gonna have to explain, please. I think I know what you might say, but I’m not sure. I probably should know what you mean by now, right? 😉


      • I am sure Lee heard what she said, at least with some part of his brain. You know how you hear someone speaking, know that they are speaking, even have some sense of what they are saying, but aren’t tuned into what they are saying? I think that Lee was like that. I think he heard her. But I think that Lee has tried to removed himself so far from anything remotely like what Amanda brought up that he wouldn’t listen to what she said. But why would he do that? He loves attention from women, if any other woman said something like that to him he would have some clever response neatly crafted to get to the next place he would want to be…either with her or not with her depending on his tastes. But with Amanda? He acts as though he never heard her. She was 6 inches from his ears. No, with her he has to operate in denial because if he doesn’t he is completely off kilter. And how would he respond to her? Especially at that moment. She wouldn’t take any of his lines at face value. It would have to be a…conversation! And I don’t think Lee does that kind of thing, not yet at least. I think he pretended he didn’t hear her for her sake, yes, but for his sake as well, for a myriad of reasons.


  11. Well BJo, you made me smile and giggle with glee: dimples, hands and protective Lee! I’m going for A and C, hee hee, coz why not!?! Wistful thinking….? Do frango mints have chocolate, because I am relaxing with SMK, chocolate covered caramels and a great song on repeat which fits my mood, Elbow’s “A Beautiful Day.” Heaven 🙂

    [iwsod edited typo 🙂 ]


    • Awww, jule, glad to have made you smile and giggle with Lee, I mean glee. 😉 Yay! Someone picked C! That’s my wish too – ok, so in an alternate universe maybe, but wouldn’t that have been something!

      Yes – Frango mints are chocolate. They are these little chocolates that are wonderfully minty and creamy and smooth and oh soooo good! I’ll bring some down to the rabbit hole next time I come to share with everyone!


      • Love Frango mints! Used to get them from Marshall Field’s in Chicago.


      • Deal! Boy, this rabbit hole is filled with lots of treats today. I’ve got chocolate mousse and lots of snowball cookies. Wish I could bring the gorgeous weather and blue skies we are having here too. See you there!


      • Me wants some Frango mints!!! 🙂 Hmm.. BJo what if I sent you some Aussie chocolate and you send me Frango mints?? tee hee.. email me if you are interested! 🙂 Are they like Junior Mints? I’ve had those..

        I don’t think Lee really heard – maybe a part of his unconscious did and then screamed ‘Danger! Danger Lee Stetson!! Danger!! ‘ tee heee.. 😉
        He was in alert agent mode – trying to hear the hunters because he thought they were in danger. I also think it’s why Amanda managed to say something out loud before Lee shut her up – Lee thought there were bad guys there.. they were hiding.. so they should not make any noise LOL.. so the moment he realised she was talking he put his hand over her mouth.

        If he had heard and was covering it he would not have asked her what did she think he had been doing.. IMHO..

        Hypothetically, if Lee had heard and taken it in, maybe his response would have been like in Filming Raul – where his brain went: ahhou’bohbqhuhqejnbanhsn ‘s..

        and he took a moment to actually speak some English haaaaa..


        • Hmmm…am definitely interested, but with it being summer for you, am wondering if either of our chocolates will survive the trip? What do you think? Email me if you’re still interested 😉 And Junior Mints just don’t even compare. Sort of like Brackin and Lee. Brackin may be good lookin’ in my book, but he only gets a mention of being one of the best looking baddies whereas Lee gets the whole rest of the book!

          Hahaha, maybe Lee’s brain would have gone kerblooey like in FR!


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