15/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

We find the evil limo driving slowly down a country road. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002211111_thumb
We see a glimpse of Lee and Amanda exiting the back of the car.. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002213313_thumb
It’s all a bit blurry and unclear what’s going on. Seems Amanda dives first.. then Lee…
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002215448_thumb
But drat it’s obvious Lee has the white socks and grandpa shoes! that’s not blurry! Winking smile

The limo comes to a complete stop.
Whoa. Lee and Amanda jumped out of the moving limo?
Whooo I guess after this moment: 2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002612880_thumb
Lee knows Amanda can do it Winking smile [Remember what ep this is? Ahem.. oh so tricky with Amanda wearing a wedding dress!]

Anyway, Mischa stops the car and finds Lee and Amanda missing, and a whole lot of damage to the interior limo door. haaaaa.. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002227660_thumb
Love the posed handcuffs! So artsy for two escapees in a hurry! 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002229763_thumb
Lee surprises Mischa with a left hook. Ahh satisfying! 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002232665_thumb
Mischa gets in an elbow..
He goes to punch Lee but Lee ducks and instead Mischa’s fist punches the car. Ahhh very satisfying!
Lee gets stuck into him and starts winning.

Having thrown Mischa across the place, Mischa pulls out a… baton? Like what Paul Barnes whacked Lee with in wizard..
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002248381_thumb
Amanda starts looking around for something to make a distraction or something.. (a little baton of her own?!)3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002251484_thumb
While Lee tries to avoid the baton and a massive ouchie.
Mischa swings and misses.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002254187_thumb
Amanda can see this isn’t a fair fight..
Mischa and Lee continue to fight. Ouchie, I think Mischa lands one on Lee’s right shoulder. [Is that the one that had a run in with the bendy knife?!]
Lee struggles to his feet.. Mischa senses victory is close!
But.. he’s totally wrooooong.. running straight at him is Amanda’s leafy tree branch!!!!! Get him Amanda!!! She shoves the leaves in his face and completely confuses him.
[Mischa is surely thinking: what am I a Koala?!]

This was enough of a distraction for Lee to recover, and come at Mischa with a couple of punches taking him out for good. Hoorah!!

Mischa is flat out… Amanda rushes toward Lee..and reaches out to him.
She helps him upright, while he leans on the car for support.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002276142
Amanda: Are you all right?3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002279045
(breathless): Yeah.
Lee puts his arm around Amanda and helps her up- now Lee leans on Amanda for support 🙂 )
Amanda: Huh?
Lee: Yeah
Amanda: Oh my gosh.
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002279846
(Amanda tries to help him up and grabs his arm where he got hit by Mischa – Lee reacts in pain, so Amanda softens her grip)3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002280647 [I notice she doesn’t let go though Smile ]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002281681
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002282882
[Hearing this seems to jolt Lee back to where he is: in Amanda’s arms Smile ]3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002283383
[I get a sense her that Lee has so much he could say, but he’s a little lost for words – he seems a little overwhelmed by all the thoughts and emotions inside him so he pauses for a moment.. and then.. doesn’t really say much.]
Lee: Yeah. 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002284184
Awhhhh Lee smiles away, so happy – and he pulls Amanda into his arms for a big hug! I think Lee is again so glad to have Amanda with him!
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002284484
That says enough between them – for now! But one of these days…. Smile
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002284884
Awh.. What a team!!! 3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002285185
Ahhhh another hug to add to that eventual hugs post someone will do one day when they feel like it! 🙂
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002285385
Such a lovely little moment Smile Amanda looks very happy – with everything!! Smile
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002285685
I think this hug may include a bit of a rocking motion too!
Enough of the hug pictures?
Okaaaaay one more! Smile then.. I really must move on! Winking smile
3.22 ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE.avi_002285985
[Amanda looks like the cat that got the cream..]

The scene ends here.. I loved this whole sequence in the back of the car the first time I saw it, and I still love it! both working together and it’s a wonderful thing to see – but the affection and closeness is there also.

I think it’s what many of us hoped to see one day when watching season 1 – so for me this sequence is pure wish fulfilment! Smile

Short and sweet for this post! Back with more soon…

Okay – gotta run! Can’t wait to hear from ya!

47 responses to “15/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This hug is one of the most satisfying of all the S&MK hugs. They first cling to each other for support, then smile at each other. Then they pull each other into their arms for a full-body, tight, complete hug. These two love each other so much and this hug exemplifies that.

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  2. As you can all tell, I am re submerging myself in all the Lee and Amanda goodness. Ahhh…
    I went back here because I needed to remind myself of this most important place because I had not fully crystallized my perceptions yet and I cant even remember what I had written about them at this stage. I am pleased to think my thoughts and then find that I had pretty much wrote what I was thinking now.
    But I did not wax eloquently about that hug!!! Look at the way he is wrapped around her!!! We all sigh when he wraps her up, but here? Oh I love this! I think they both do too…

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  3. Ugh – this is another ridiculous blooper here – that limo is driving waaaay too fast for these two to not fall down after getting out.

    Fortunately, that lovely genuine hug on both their parts completely overshadows it and I’ve now forgotten it.  I think this is one of my favorite scenes in all 88 episodes. This is the first time I think we’ve seen them both go in for a hug with nothing other than love for each other. There is no ruse, no uncertainty, they are both just so dang thrilled to be in each other’s arms to celebrate this victory against Mischa.

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    • “Ugh – this is another ridiculous blooper here – that limo is driving waaaay too fast for these two to not fall down after getting out.”

      The upside is Amanda once again has her sexy chauffeur to drive her in the limousine back to Arlington. After all, Lee’s Corvette is parked near her house. Makes me wonder how often they stopped to snuggle along the way?


  4. I love it when Amanda doesn’t just sit back and watch. She takes initiative and gets involved.

    The hugging is just so very swoony!!


  5. Sweet as the hugging it, I can’t help noting that Lee doesn’t bounce back from a fight as well as he once did. OK, he’s just been drugged but that body just doesn’t cope with a punch as well as it once did. Good thing he’s got Amanda to cuddle it all better 🙂

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    • lol fair enough!

      My view was I liked that he didn’t immediately bounce back. if he had, I’d probably be having a laugh at it (poor Lee! 😉 ) I see Lee as being less cautious with the view of himself he presents to Amanda – he doesn’t have to put up a show and be the impenetrable tough guy – he can freely expressed he’s had a hard go of it.. and welcome the support and hugs from Amanda.. which I love! [ha. not everything I think goes into the blog posts – now that’s scary huh]
      Maybe I saw it this way because the moment really reminded me of this moment:

      Where I think I had been really touched that Lee was relenting, and leaning on Amanda (as earlier in the ep he had been fighting his need to rest kinda thing)- this post is HERE if anyone wishes to revisit it.
      Bye! 🙂

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      • This change in Lee we saw beginning in Flight for Freedom when he got punched in the nose and Amanda asked him if he was alright and he just said “Ow” and she had to push him back into the fight. Remember that? I think there is something very powerful about Lee allowing himself to receive comfort and express the need for it. That is a huge change.since season one.

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    • I’ve been hit with a baton during an advanced mechanics of arrest training a couple of decades ago. I still remember how much those strikes hurt even when done lightly. Get struck in the right place, and your limb(s) is not going to work correctly potentially for days. So, in all fairness, the fact that he kept fighting means he is still a BEAST! 🙂 But cuddles do make it better!

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  6. Donald (Gilby)

    OK, white socks and grandpa shoes, but this was about the Mid 80’s and Lee was wearing tan or light coloured pants so the socks and shoes complimented the outfit. I know it looks ‘Grandpa’ but my company had a dress code back then(even if you worked in the computer rooms), casual outfits were allowed, Jeans and Sneakers were Not. When I worked the computer room floor I wore a pair of orthopaedic grandpa shoes. So maybe this is the Agency’s Casual Dress Code?


    • Point taken, Donald but IMHO white socks should be confined to the tennis court. And plaid works with jeans but not with (what in my part of the world we call) chinos. A nice plain collared blue shirt would work better.

      You admit to wearing orthopaedic shoes 😀 :D. Ok, I admit to wearing orthopaedic shoes to work in 2017. These days, they have managed to make them less grandparently. Plus mine are black. I just love the moulding into the arch of my foot….{I think I’ve wandered a bit from SMK 😀 }


      • did Lee ever wear light coloured pants in season 1 and 2? what did he wear with them?
        We need sock patrol! 😉

        I think I’m just not a fan of the chinos look. If Lee is going for casual, I want Jeans!! 🙂 I’m picky 😉

        Oh and I think the line in DMLNT about ‘my dad having shoes just like them’ makes Lee’s shoes ripe for the picking 😉 tee hee.. (like I need an excuse haaaaa – not! )


        • What about those pants in Bromfield Hall? What colour was that – some kind of mustard? Light enough?
          Or in Sudden Death – just saw our banner with Lee (or was it Sandy Newcomb?) wearing light coloured pants…


    • Hey Donald,
      A great defence of Lee’s dignity 🙂
      For some reason I don’t see Lee as needing to follow a dress code at IFF. He’s a bit all over the shop. Not like in early smk where it was all smart dressed man! 😉

      Yes at times here on JWWM we are a little rrrruuuuuuuthless with Lee’s wardrobe 😉 whahahahaaha!

      I’m well aware that at times I am judging 80’s fashion by today’s standards and it’s a little unfair 😉 tee hee.. but.. don’t take me seriously (not saying you are, just clarifying) I don’t mean anything by it and am just having fun with the way those fashions look through the eyes of today. Love this show, love the fashions, even the grandpa shoes and socks.. and.. I love having fun with them 🙂
      I also love hearing your ideas for rationalising the fashion choices – that’s brilliant mental gymnastics! 🙂

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      • Be happy that we did not see Lee wearing white socks with open toe leather sandals when he was in Germany. Thankfully that ‘Look’ went away when the Wall came down.
        I am having fun discovering SMK and sort of reliving the mid 1980’s. Also several of my younger German friends are watching SMK(on German TV and my borrowed DVD’s to watch the episodes in English) so they are asking me questions about the clothes and other things like a telephone with a rotary dial……..
        I am happy that I have found other Fans of SMK that enjoy the show as much as I do!

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        • That is so amazing! I certainly feel old when my kids comment on rotary phones and actually rolling down a car window with a handle rather than push a button like it’s the craziest thing they’ve ever seen.

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          • car window handle? rofl. I still have a car with one of those! 🙂

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          • A friend and I were at a shop awhile back that was selling a rotary phone, and he suddenly told me to pick it up. I asked him why, and he told me to just do it. So, I grabbed it by the handle under the handset with one hand and put my other hand beneath it because it was heavy. He said, “There! You did it right! You’re old enough to know how to do it! You’re oooollllddd!” I’m the same age as he is, almost to the day. But, he said that they were cleaning out some things from storage at the high school where he works, and one of the students found an old phone. The student picked it up with two hands underneath because he didn’t realize where the carrying handle is on a corded phone. My friend felt old, so he had to spread it around.

            Incidentally, my friend also has a trunk with crank-operated windows. It’s not old, but you can specifically request them if you want. He’s of the school of thought that says the less toys you have in a vehicle, the less stuff there is to break.


        • rofl. I think a cover ID for Lee in those white socks with open toe leather sandals would have been hilarious!! 🙂

          Yeah!!! the technology advancements are funny to reflect back on. so funny that your younger friends don’t know about rotary dial telephones! whahahaha!!!

          You can tell them that yeah.. Only Baddies use rotary dial! 🙂

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        • Welcome to our great SMK-Blog, Donald!

          Be happy that we did not see Lee wearing white socks with open toe leather sandals when he was in Germany. Thankfully that ‘Look’ went away when the Wall came down.

          Urrrgh, I remember that look, too. (shudder)

          Am I right to assume, you are German – or at least living in Germany?
          May I ask where you come from?

          BTW – I´m (also) German.


          • Donald (Gilby)

            I am American, originally from Berlin, Connecticut. I have lived in Germany for 30 years now. And no, I was not in the US Army – I worked for an international computer firm. I am retired now.

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          • I love that people here are so welcoming! It truly warms my heart and it’s wonderful to get to know newbies..
            Just a friendly reminder (and a little new information for Donald)- if this is an extended conversation, I’d request that you guys head over to Nedlindger’s forum to continue it.
            I don’t want to stop people’s welcomes, however, we also need to keep JWWM more or less relevant to the blog posts – or in 5 years time someone comes along and wants to read and finds they hae to sort through a whole bunch of old social chat to find comments on the posts. [Blogs are limited in what they can do 😦 ]
            Nedlindger’s was created so that the conversations could continue – if you are interested… If you haven’t had a chance to check it out you’ll find it HERE. Feel free to ask any questions.


        • Welcome, Donald! I agree about the socks with sandals look, and am happy to have company in recalling, often with fondness even as I cringe, the 1980’s style of dress!

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  7. Amanda’s leafy branch maneuver makes me laugh every time!

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    • Me too! haaaa..

      Maybe Amanda was inspired by this little nonsemble:

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    • I don´t know why, but I´m always waiting for some Indian howling from Amanda in this scene… …or at least some screaming while she attacks Mischa.

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    • “… running straight at him is Amanda’s leafy tree branch!!!!! Get him Amanda!!! She shoves the leaves in his face and completely confuses him.
      [Mischa is surely thinking: what am I a Koala?!]”

      Laughing and gasping … a koala? Really!?! Have you ever been to southern California where S&MK was filmed? There are sooo many eucalyptus trees that have “gone native” in the California climate. Your wisecrack hits closer to home than you might imagine and sure tickles the funny bone! Thanks for the fun commentary.


  8. I remember the very first time I saw this scene. I always wondered after their first hug and Lee pulls back a bit and looks at Amanda what he was thinking or going to say before the second deep hug. Okay off to sigh while I look at screen caps again.

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    • Me too Rachel! 🙂 haaa glad you are enjoying the screen caps 🙂

      Lee says with his second hug what he isn’t yet able to verbalise.. for now! But.. one of these days Lee my boy- you are going to have to say the words!
      Maybe Lee is mentally preparing himself at this point to choose those words.. and fair enough that he couldn’t deal with finding the right words when coming off drugs, in pain and probably running on adrenaline.. the right time will come. Eventually! 🙂

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    • Okay off to sigh while I look at screen caps again.

      Hmmmm, I´m sighing with you, Rachel. 🙂

      iwsod´s comment [Amanda looks like the cat that got the cream..]

      That cat did not just get the cream, but the canary, too, and everything else a cat could dream of… 😉

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  9. Ah, Amanda, if you’ve learned nothing else at your time at the Agency, at least you’ve learned the valuable lesson of how to walk softly and carry a big stick!

    And now I’m just going to sit back and grin at my screen as I scroll and re-scroll theough all that hugging…

    [edit to embed the images – hopefully I do it right 😉 iwsod]

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    • rofl Clagjanet – good one!!

      Amanda’s big sticks are way better than Mischa’s tiny baton 😉 tee hee..

      I don’t know why but the leaves in his face are hilarious!

      Awh… happy scrolling – it is wonderful to relish isn’t it! 🙂


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