4/5 The Third “Annual” Golden Teacup Awards TM–Golden Teacups (part 2) by CindyDee

(Doing my best Majel Barrett impression) Last time on the Golden Teacup Awards….

The Francine Fashion Faux Pas meme was alive and well in Season Three. The JustWalkWithMe family erupted in chaos arguing whether this was enough evidence to tip Francine into the BadlyDressedBadGuy territory. Several of us suffered PTSD flashbacks as we may or may not have worn similar outfits back in the day. Silver teaspoons (so close yet so far!) were awarded to Donna Clayton, Carla, Nick Cross, Frank Duran and Kenneth Clayton Dobbs. Krutiov threw a temper tantrum when he realized he missed a Golden Teacup by this much and is actively campaigning to get a recount. Golden Teacups were awarded to Daisy “Not-a-hair-out-of-place” Dispatch, Steven Sallee, Peter Sacker and Jeppard aka the King Cobra. When Jeppard realized he missed top baddie, he just smirked. Somehow I don’t think he really cares.

And now the conclusion….

The last Golden Teacup and the title of Top Season Three Baddie goes to…

Three Little Spies – Pam “Ms Machiavelli” Gentry

not a baddie phone

Evil Pam’s evil plan (say that 5 times fast) was two years in the making, which is really impressive unless you consider Frank “Puff the Magic Dragon” Duran’s 20 year plan for revenge or Kenneth Clayton-Dobbs happily wreaking havoc on world economies for 3 decades.  Then again, neither Duran nor KCD had to spend time with Randall “Groovy” Skylar (or it that Skylar “Groovy” Randall?) I am sure those two years with this guy felt like a very, very long time.

And after those very long two years of working closely with Randall/Skylar and listening to “Barbed Wire Love” for the millionth time, I can’t blame her for being a little stabby near the end.
I certainly would be tempted. 

Here is why Pam is Numero Uno.

She’s an arms dealer of world renown and was already a ‘much sought after enemy of the (Soviet) State’. This is an impressive accomplishment, because unlike the Golden Teacups, the Russians don’t bestow that title willy nilly on just anyone.

She stole or arranged for the stealing of nuclear detonators. (I sincerely hope it was not at a facility Lee designed the security for, EEP! I cannot handle a petulant Lee like we had in “The Artful Dodger”.)

She then went quiet after her big score, but somehow managed to meet and convince Skylar to front her “Food for Flight” organization, whose sole purpose of raising funds and collecting food is to smuggle those detonators to Pakistan.

No one can argue that Pam is not hyper organized. The skill it takes to run a not-for-profit of this size (and an illegal arms smuggling business) is huge. Though I do wonder how much Rajmand was willing to pay her, it would seem very easy, safer and potentially more profitable to have “Food For Flight” pay her an exorbitant salary like many of the other charities. Maybe she needs the challenge.

Would her complicated plot make her worthy of the Laser Shark Award? It certainly has a delicious irony in her plan (using US Air force to smuggle the detonators, and having the Congressmen’s wives and First Lady support a charity that was supplying nuclear weapons to their enemies). She doesn’t mind having to do good (in her mind, a necessary evil) if that means she can get her detonators smuggled– to Pam, the end always justify the means.
I thought about it, and (because I am totally making this up as a I go along) and have decided she doesn’t qualify because she is too pragmatic and her plot had a plausible chance of succeeding. Only two things stood in her way Rajmand and Ronald Reagan.

Rajmand, though enthusiastic, was not the brightest bulb. As evidence, I present to you his LAME-O assassination attempt at the taco stand – he deliberately runs into another car to force it to run over our superspy trio. What an amateur!
In case you are not convinced, here is a shot when he drove the conveniently available airplane fuel truck over the conveniently placed cliff. Oh my heck, I shouldn’t laugh, but really! It was probably Rajmand who insisted on smuggling out the first detonator early that tipped their hand in the first place.
But the liability of dealing with Rajmand wouldn’t derail her perfectly laid plans. She calculated that smuggling out the first detonator was low risk even if discovered. In her wildest dreams, she never would have expected Reagan to own up the theft to the Chinese and Russian leaders. Smart money would be on the deny, Deny, DENY! tactic. Even then, it took three enemy governments and their best intelligence agents and three incredibly smart and resourceful women working together to take her down.  

She originally lost points through how easily she gave up the information to Nadine, but I figured Nadine probably had access to of Krutiov’s Deja Vu drug so Pam couldn’t help spilling about truck 52.
If Pam didn’t win the Laser Shark Award, then who did?…….
Come back for the final post in the Season 3 Golden Teacup Awards to find out!

Please share any thoughts you have about the top Baddie for Season Three!

16 responses to “4/5 The Third “Annual” Golden Teacup Awards TM–Golden Teacups (part 2) by CindyDee

  1. Great choice of Pam Gentry. She ended up having three countries who don’t trust each other, give up some of their animosity to learn to work together. You had women as heroes and a villain in this one episode. While there may have been suspicions about her right away, she never over played her hand.

    Loving these awards!


  2. Here’s my meagre contribution to the smk baddies celebrations.
    A little tribute to Pam. She did a bad bad thing…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So Pam Gentry it is! She’s definitely many shades of evil. I laughed about her having to put up with Skylar. I didn’t think he was that bad, but then again, spending a lot of time with the guy might change that. May have caused some added evilness which tipped the scale (or the tea cup?) in her favor. 😉 Thanks again for putting this together, Cindy!

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  4. Hi Cindy, Hi Everyone!

    The suspense was killing me!!! So glad to finally find out who is the big bad of season 3!

    Whooo thanks for warning us that Krutiov is currently campaigning to get a recount. I think we should all be careful to keep an eye out for loved ones who are playwrights! [How absurd]

    When Jeppard realized he missed top baddie, he just smirked. Somehow I don’t think he really cares.

    I’d say that’s spot on! 🙂 ROFL!!!

    Pam Gentry?!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was guessing it would be a Russian!
    lol I do love that nickname ‘Ms Machiavelli’! that’s genius that line. Skylar was good for something 😉

    Okay Cindy.. lets hear your reasoning.. convince me! I was guessing it would be Serdeyich or Gregory!

    Evil Pam’s evil plan (say that 5 times fast)

    rofl. I gave it a go. Honest… but was concentrating so hard I lost count 😉 ahem.. I give up 🙂

    Wow. good point. Many of these baddies had been quietly working away laying the foundations for their smk baddness for years! Not just Serdeyich or Gregory! But Duran, Clayton-Dobbs and Pam Gentry huh. good point!

    I think the big pay packet (and the odd free cocktail) compensated Pam for dealing with Groovy Skylar!

    rofl- you can’t blame her for being a little stabby? whahahaaa..

    whoooo she has baddie international cred!

    petulant Lee

    soooo agree on that one! Glad we didn’t see that!!!

    Pam may have been working as an NGO already and then somehow recruited Skylar to become the face of the organisation, because his ego liked it..

    top baddie and laser shark award? lol. I confess a baddie who is hilarious is a winner!
    But.. yeah that funny charm just wasn’t there with Pam. too ruthless!

    Rajmund was hilarious!!! I laughed and laughed at his hijacking a fuel truck while being shot at, then driving it over a cliff.. that’s top shelf smk baddie dumbness! too funny that you included that pic Cindy!

    okay, I’m convinced! I can totally see how you awarded her top baddie for season 3.

    Hmm.. if we were to give a baddie award for ‘most memorable’ or ‘most scary’ or ‘most entertaining’ – would the award have been awarded differently? I think maybe it would have..
    the criteria are all important.
    Thanks for the laughs Cindy! I wonder what acrostic L&A will come up with for PAM!! not many letters to work with ha! 🙂

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    • Trying to rank them was like was hard because the plots were so different – some were definitely more whimsical than others. I finally just went with my gut. The Laser Shark Award was a clear cut winner for me.

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    • Whooo thanks for warning us that Krutiov is currently campaigning to get a recount.

      I suspect, Gregory will second that. Not even a Silver Teaspoon for him… Believe me, Gregory IS NOT HAPPY about the outcome of this contest 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • And Krutiov will know how to psychologically influence the judges, he is Vienna trained after all. You better watch out Cindy😀

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      • rofl! Gregory has probably been sipping his tea (Russian Caravan) plotting for years just in case this happened. He has probably planted a CindyDee cyber doppelganger who will show up any moment and announce Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway got it wrong and announced the wrong top baddie. Pam won the laser shark.. and Gregory is the true winner of the top baddie golden teacup!
        Standby! 😉

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    • I wonder what acrostic L&A will come up with for PAM!! not many letters to work with ha!

      Well, I could always go with the long form of the name, or I’ll take her full name. Just wait and see (eehhhm… read?)


  5. Okay, you got me. Much as I adore Gregory’s insouciant attempts to get the better of our Intrepid Duo, Pam is more worthy of first place due to the sheer scale and ruthlessness of her schemes.

    It is somehow fitting that, like Dorian Gray’s portrait, the ravages of time would catch up with her on the same scale as her criminal endeavours…

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  6. Great post Cindy. Loved:’he drove the conveniently placed…truck over the conveniently placed cliff’ just genius. Pam is a worthy winner. She is truly evil. And super organised. And she worked with Skylar without killing him (she saw the big picture). Ok I thought Gregory would win and he didn’t even merit a silver teaspoon but Pam is more evil.
    The whole post is hilarious and very clever- while waiting for the winner to be announced I re read the season 2 awards, I had forgotten how brilliant they were and laughed all the way through them.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Pam is truly a worthy recipient of The Top Season Three baddie and final Golden teacup award. She genuinely was a nasty piece of work. Her single-minded devotion to her cause, and disregard of the supposed recipients of the charity were chilling. Am also liking SMK’s equal opportunities policy for baddies this season….

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