1/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi Everyone! Time to start a new ep! Are we ready?
Thanks so much to Cindy who transcribed the dialogue of this episode. Cindy also shared some of her thoughts along the way. Gold Cindy! I’d love to include them in the posts!! [Anyone currently transcribing upcoming episodes? feel free to do the same! 🙂 ]For this episode I’ll identify Cindy’s comments as follows:
[CINDY: Cindy’s awesome comments here..]
Hopefully it will be clear what is my comments, and what is Cindy’s.. if it’s not let me know.
Thanks also to Learjet for faithfully formatting the dialogue and saving me time. This helps a lot! Okay on with the show!

The episode opens with views of nature and…. whooo wind! and whoooo lightning!! and whoooo rain!! 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000091024
Man on TV
: –
Ahh, we’re trying to get you more details on the events that lead to this emergency…
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000099432
…We’ll be staying with you live throughout the day keeping you posted as we get more information.  Right now, we can confirm that the entire metro area has been affected…
(We see two red balloons floating down the stream as we hear this news report)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000111444
We have learned that reserve water supplies are monitored 24 hours a day based on a special directive from the White House issued after several threats of sabotage in the past. Washington’s water is the cleanest in the world, a product of high technology and the dedication of over 200 technicians, chemists and engineers…
[Cleanest in the world?! really?! Cleaner than the Alaskan wilderness?! Umm? purlease.. lol.. but there are old balloons floating in there haaa 😉 ]
(Anyway, we see water running through a spillway, a filtration system as the report continues)
…Facilities like these throughout the District are fed by several natural streams and lakes that are directed toward the main purification plant via the Richmond Aqueduct…
[Are you all paying attention??!!! Zzzzzzzzz….. err.. there will be a test on this at the end of this post!!!! Winking smile haaaaa]
….Once within the aqueduct, high security measures take effect…
(We see a view with now yellow balloons in the water)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000144678
…Over 5 miles of flowing water is kept from the public view and trespassing within the facility is considered a federal offense…
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000156690
[Aie. Umm why do we need to know all this??!!!]
… Since 1976, the top purification center has worked flawlessly, pumping millions of gallons of water a minute, through an intricate maze of chlorinators and detoxification units.
[yawn… Soooo tell us everyone – how could they have made all this exposition more interesting? Is there a way you can think of that it could have been presented that would have had us…. riveted?!! My suggestion: Shirtless, Lee getting out of bed in the morning, while watching this news report on a TV in the background! lol. Maybe Amanda still asleep beside him. Whoooo haaaaa! …Ummm where was I. Oh yeah. Umm water purification!]
(Ah. We cut to the White House. Then, we cut to an exterior shot of the Galilee General Hospital)
[Whooo this is the one where Lee missed Amanda’s cartwheel! 3 minutes into this episode – we finally see an actual human being! Two of them! haaaaa… ]
(A nurse is seen entering a patient’s room.)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000184317
Nurse: Good morning.
(The nurse gives the patient a tablet, then heads to the tap to get some water without actually looking at the water. The patient looks at the cup, the nurse looks at the cup- we can’t see the cup and gah!!!! the horrified looking nurse drops it on the floor and we hear breaking glass. )
[really? glass in a hospital room?! Whatev. Anyway we have no idea what’s oh so wrong with this water. I mean surely there is nothing wrong with it – there are 200 various professionals who work day and night to make sure it is the world’s best!
(We cut to an exterior shot of the peabody hotel.. inside we see this:
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000208341
(The hat says (backwards in reflection) “Welcome Morticians of America”. He takes his hat off and the camera pans out.)
[Rofl his hat was the last thing he took off? I think this guy might be toasted.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000213146
[Yep, definitely toasted!]
(He turns on the shower water.. cue the scary music.)
TV in background:
It is safe for consumption, but officials are asking to refrain from using it until a complete check of the system has been made.
[I can’t make out this broadcast at all in the background. Maybe it’s because I’m oh so scared at what is going on with the water.. or maybe it’s that when the guy gets in the shower we just see his feet – then bright green fluids. Ummmm call me crazy but for a second I thought he had bright green pee!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000235969
(The shot pans up to his face.. now covered in bright green water. Cue the cries of horror.)
[Okay girly screams of horror from this dude.. from that day forward this guy never touched alcohol again! ]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000240774
[CINDY: froggy mortician turns on the shower –with the shower curtain on the outside of the tub – SHEESH! Worse than my kids! ]

[These scenes with the hospital and the shower – it’s all so random and strange I wonder if either or both scenes were a reference to some other film inspiration??? the shower did have elements of psycho – with the focus on the drain.. But that scene looking into the mirror gives me a vibe that maybe it is a tribute of some kind- Any film buffs/historians able to shed some light on this?]

(We cut from the mortician’s drain to the drain in the kitchen sink at the King’s. Looks like Phillip is filling up a glass with it.)
[It only took us 4 minutes to get here.. Aie.. what a lame start to an episode.. It’s gotta get better from here! I mean, we could have done without the whole nurse with her patient thing! Could it be that they were struggling to fill up this episode??!!! I guess we’ll see….]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000249883
(We hear Dotty in the background on the phone.)
Dotty: You do? Who said that?
(We cut to a wide shot)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000253319
…They did? Amanda…
Amanda: Huh?
(In the background we see Philip thinking about drinking that green goop) [Yeah! do it!! ]
[CINDY: LMAO! And you wonder why your brother is considered the smart one.]
Dotty: Joe says that Channel 6 says that even the White House has green water.
Amanda: Really? Ahh, remind him that Phillip has a soccer game tonight.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000258825
Dotty: Did you hear that? Ha, ha. Yeah, Okay. All right. Bye-bye.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000270303
Man on TV: Again, we repeat, the City Engineer’s office has confirmed that the discoloration of the water is a direct result of a harmless green dye and it’s perfectly safe for consumption.
[Green dye? then why was it all goopy?!]
(Phillip considers his glass of green dye)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000273807
Phillip: Maybe it’s lime flavoured.
Amanda: Phillip, don’t you even think about it!
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000274808
[too late! but haaa haaaa!]
Man on TV: The unusual video confession by the as yet unidentified man…
(Phillip regretfully dumps out the swampy water in the sink)
Man on TV: …was found by Senator Alan Babcock in his morning mail. Here again is a portion of that tape.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000288822

(TV shows a 20ish nervous blond bearded man in suit. Amanda startles)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000290323
Blond Man: Senator Babcock, please reassess your stance on the Dean-Wilton Conservation Initiative.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000291825
Amanda: Oh my gosh! That’s Carmine Davis.
[You have got to be kidding me!!!! Amanda knows him??!!! Oh roflmho (roll on floor and laugh my head off!) of course she does!]
Dotty: I think you’re right.
Carmine Davis: The Dean Wilton Initiative, which you are so determined to defeat, is the first comprehensive measure that would halt the widespread pollution of our environment.
Phillip: You know that guy?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000311845
[Phillip you’d be surprised at some of the weirdos Amanda knows! tee hee… Oh hey- Amanda has a new sofa!]
Amanda: He helped me set up a chapter of Mothers for a Safe Environment a couple of years ago.
[Well Kudos! We get some continuity here – Amanda is coincidentally involved, and it links back to Amanda King canon!]
[CINDY: Ha ha ha – I fully expected Dotty to ask what ever happened to Mr. Sampson who rented the house down the street from them]
[I love this idea!! He had such great posture 😉 ]
Sounds like the dude cracked.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000316850[CINDY: Mr. Sensitive as always!]
[Not nearly as cracked as the little dude who thought about actually drinking that water for a moment there haaa!]
Carmine: Senator, the harmless dye that I put into the water system will clear up in less than 24 hours. But if the Dean Wilton Initiative dies, our planet will not be far behind.
Amanda: Well, Carmine was always a little reckless about making his points.
[Really?! ha.. does this remind anyone else of Amanda talking about Connie Barnhill?!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000318852
Dotty: Darling…
Amanda: Uh -Huh?
Dotty: The dude cracked.
rofl emoticon4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000334868
Amanda: Yeah.
[There’s no arguing against that! Smile ]

Okay everyone! So without scrolling back up to the top, what is the name of the aqueduct the natural streams and lakes are directed toward to get all the water to the main purification plant? Okay okay, maybe we need to know all that information for later.. but.. I really doubt we need that level of detail. What a boring start to an episode! Hoorah for Phillip’s thirst for green water, and Dotty’s echoing of Phillip’s diagnosis! The start of this episode is cracked!! 

Oh and in case you are wondering.. here is what that couch use to look like:

No more big pineapples or tulips!
Funny that this moment was also Dotty and Amanda watching drama unfold on the television that Amanda was involved in- at the start of an episode!
And just because I can.. Here is another image of the couch. It’s very very important I share this image. Err for the view.. of the.. Couch!!! :

It’s important to be thorough in such matters… ahem…

Final thought – remember this?
“hand over all the water or your a dead man!” eh????
The survivors/ stewed tomato 2 were maybe quite prescient in their stealing of water supplies! lol!

Thoughts on this ep so far everyone? I’m excited to be starting to walk through a new ep with you all! We’ll see how we go with this faster and less detailed pace. I’ll likely continue to publish a new post on the weekends.. I’m not finished writing this ep, but it’s likely I’ll have covered the episode in less than 8 posts! If anything isn’t covered that you want to discuss do feel free to raise it! Also, I hope it is clear when Cindy is commenting and when I am. Cindy I love your comments!!! Can’t wait to hear from you all!! 

40 responses to “1/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh I WISH we’d gotten Lee in the shower. A for the view, B his reaction would have been priceless, C Did I mention the view, D It would have been more interesting than someone we didn’t know, E) About the view….


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  3. Oh, I forgot to add that I thought it was really interesting that Dotty is on the phone talking to Joe. I kind of like that Amanda can’t be bothered to talk to him. It’s kind of weird how chummy Dotty is with him though – at first it sounds like she’s on the phone gossiping with one of her friends and then it turns out to be Joe. I will never understand that relationship!


  4. So I vote we combine Iwsod’s and raizelinplaid’s ideas for the opening of this episode. Episode opens with shirtless Lee getting out of bed with TV on playing that super-boring exposition. He heads to the shower while we “listen” to the report. Then we get the green shower scene on Lee rather than mortician that we don’t have any desire to see. Actually, the green shower is kind of gross so maybe they could have had Lee listening to the report and then turn the water on to shave and find it green that way.

    Then it cuts to the fun scene at Amanda’s. We’d get all the same info but it would be ever so much more interesting and enjoyable.


    • Heck ya! But then again, I might not have ever been able to finish transcribing the episode because the first few minutes would have been playing on repeat.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I can only assume that the powers that be were hoping to create some suspense with the beginning of the episode. I don’t think it worked. There was no frame of reference to begin with. I do like the fact that we get to see Amanda at home. Would have love to have seen Jamie.

    Weren’t Jamie and Philip drinking something green when they first met Buck, the new neighbor?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Okay everyone! So without scrolling back up to the top, what is the name of the aqueduct the natural streams and lakes are directed toward to get all the water to the main purification plant?

    Soooo no one has guessed the right answer?! rofl. err yeah I couldn’t tell you either rofl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it’s weird how they show the red and yellow balloons but the guy doesn’t talk about them. I would assume the balloons were not part of his broadcast then. This beginning is just weird.

      And of course Amanda knows who Carmine Davis is! But I kinda sorta like the fact that they get right to it instead of uncovering the connection later as if it were an accident or something. It’s different anyway…establishing the Amanda King connection to the case before it’s even an Agency case, right?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Right! The Amanda connection occurrences include: The Artful Dodger, Filming Raul, Waiting for Godorsky, To Catch A Mongoose, Charity Begins At Home, Vigilante Mothers among others. It would just be a tv series called “Scarecrow” without her and The Agency would uncover and stop fewer national security threats. Lee’s derrière would be in bad shape, too, without the vigilance of Mrs. King! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

        • -fixed your comment Nancy. thanks for the comment letting me know.
          I know how you did the typo in your email address – it was that talk of Lee’s derrière that did it. Whahahahahaahaa!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Truer words have never been uttered. It’s nearly impossible to type while mulling over any of Lee’s fine assets! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes assist, iwsod. I will strive to improve my compartmentalization skills, truly! It’s just a bit daunting when the absolute best compartmentalizer to emulate is none other than Lee Stetson. As Amanda says … oh my gosh!


  7. I’m sorry, I don’t have an insightful comment – I just wanted to say this whole recap was hilarious. Thanks for making my day. Also, am I seeing things or are there little tiny pineapples in the pattern on the new couch?

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Why do they suddenly have a different sofa? Fess up! Did someone spill a glass of water with green dye on the old sofa?

    Liked by 3 people

  9. Why not just put Lee in the shower with the green water? That would have certainly gotten my attention. Seriously?! A mortician? A commentary perhaps on the gloom and doom of the opening snooze scenes. Wake me up if Phillip actually takes a drink of that stuff! Thanks for laugh and the smile I found myself wearing after this post.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. I just wanted to state that Carmine is not related to me (at least I think he isn’t)

    Liked by 3 people

  11. All I could think when they announced the Senator’s name was “Oh, for heaven’s sake! Another Alan?”

    Liked by 3 people

    • rofl that’s true~ hmm let’s look at the A-Z book of first names.. meh. why go beyond A.. Alan it is!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, there’s A for Alan, B for Babcock, C for Carmine, D for Davis…sounds like they were being lazy. Wonder how much of the alphabet they’ll go through in this episode. Was that a subtle throwback to Dean by naming the initiative Dean Wilton. Can’t remember Dean’s last name and too lazy to look for it.


  12. I love this episode. For reasons that will be revealed later in the episode. Yes, the run in is a bit slow and seems irrelevant but it makes a change from men running arounds with guns in the jungle and similar.

    I also like that Dotty and Philip (where are you, Jamie?) are brought into the episode. I rather like the domestic nature of the problem (that it affects everyone’s drinking water). It also feels like progress that Amanda, not Lee, knows the man on TV (and that it’s not because of some ladies’ group involving cake-baking etc).

    Liked by 4 people

    • whooo looking forward to your reveal learjet! 🙂

      Yeah I like this opening with the king home and the humour I’ve been missing it!

      No men running in jungles? Oh but I liked that opening when the jungle troops opened the crate and found a hairdryer! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. SilverCorvette

    And Yes, its clear which are Cindy’s comments and which are yours and I love all of them.

    Liked by 2 people

  14. SilverCorvette

    All those facts about the Washington water supply – was this a documentary made by IFF ? Directed by their top director Lee Stetson? They should have put a logo in the corner or shown us the credits, then we would have paid more attention.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Maybe Scotty couldn’t film the Cuyahoga River in Ohio so Lee gave him this local documentary assignment instead? Watching Billy, Francine and others park was funnier!

      Liked by 2 people

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