1/5 Season Four: Episode Fourteen- Rumors of My Death – Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hi everyone! Ready for a new episode?!
I have to warn you I always struggle with this title, as for me it’s ‘Rumours’ – so if you see me spell it with the English spelling.. you will know what I mean Winking smile

Thanks so so much to CindyD for transcribing this episode – for JWWM, but also for Operation Sandstorm. We salute you!!!
Formatting reminder!
CindyD ’s descriptions are in this format- {xxx}. I’ll probably use these a lot this time..
CindyD comments are in this format-  {{CINDY:xxx}}.
My descriptions are in this format- xxx or (xxx).
My comments are in this format- [xxx]

Let’s get started! 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000082716
The episode opens with a view of a construction site.
A construction worker using a jackhammer manages to stumbles across human remains. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000153787
The cops show up…
Officer Jastrow confirms that there’s a full decomposed skeleton.
Officer Jastrow: … it doesn’t look like an old grave. Tell ‘em to roll the M.E’s wagon. Logan, shine the light on the arm….What is that?
As Jastrow descends down the ladder to investigate we see a plain clothed detective arrive – Lt. Detective Ron Trask. {He grimly surveys the scene..
..disturbing a whole bunch of evidence in the process, Jastrow opens a decomposing briefcase that is handcuffed to the corpse.}
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000224357
Trask {peering into hole with flash light} : Hey, don’t they teach you guys how to handle evidence anymore?
What are you doing here Lieutenant?
Trask: I heard it on the squawk. You guys can go, I’ll hold the fort till the lab boys get here. This wasn’t such an old building.
6 years. They knocked down the parking garage to expand.
Was there any identification on the body?
No, it’s too wet. Its clothes are rotted off. There’s nothing left. Just this… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000239372{holds up weathered file with the words TOP SECRET across the front speaks into his walkie talkie}
Dispatch this is fourteen Edgar. The records can proceed with a temp ID. The dead man is Lee Stetson.
The scene ends there.  Duh Duh Duhhhhhhh…

We cut to not dead Lee Stetson driving his corvette.
[oh phew. He’s okay!] 

{Lee pulls up to Amanda’s in his Corvette as Jamie comes out the front door.}
Jamie: Hi.
Lee: Hi, how are you doing?
Pretty good. Mom will be out in a minute, she is on the phone with my dad.
Lee {does not look pleased}: Ahh.
[Cindy thinks Lee doesn’t look pleased, I’m not seeing it, I’m just seeing whooo awkward I’ve gotta make conversation with Jamie! What do you see?] 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000258558
Jamie: Cool car. Think I could have a ride sometime?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000262162
Yeah, sure. Tell you what. Uh, next time I take her out on the track…you come along and we’ll turn a few laps. How about that?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000268168
Jamie: Great.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000269369{{CINDY:Oh Jamie, that sweater and those glasses. Yikes}}
[I agree with Cindy- eek! I think both Lee and Jamie are a little shy with each other here and it’s extremely cute.
How novel is it to see these two share a scene together! ]
{Philip the Twit emerges from the house}
Philip the Twit {yelling} : Hey, you forgot your lunch.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000271371
{And then DROPS IT ON THE GROUND}4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000273173
{{CINDY:seriously, if any of us pulled that crap on our siblings, we would still be grounded.}}
Jamie: Thanks alot!
[Honestly, Philip does not endear himself to me AT ALL!!! ‘Twit’ is spot on Cindy! ]
Twit: No problem {to Lee} Hey, how you doing? Uh, Mom’s on the phone.
Ah, I know, talking to your dad.
Twit: Hey, nice car. You know for the ladies…
[umm Lee is his mother’s boyfriend!! what is he supposed to say to this? Hmmm.. good decision Lee- stay silent! don’t respond!]{{CINDY:UGH}}…How about popping the hood? 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000284184
How about not.}}
[Yeah there’s a part of me silently screaming: nooooo Lee tell him no!! I think Lee is not really wanting to.. ] 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000284584
Lee: Yeah, I guess we could pop the hood
{Lee gives Twit the side stink eye} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000285185
Twit: Ready! {Lee pops the hood} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000291391
{{CINDY:why do I think this was to show off the car – product placement anyone?}}
Twit: Heavy, huh?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000295595
[rofl. Mr (Twit) I’m the alpha here struggles to lift the hood. haaaa this is delicious! Lee has to  help him!]
Lee: Easy, Easy, easy. UH, Do you know anything about a V-8?
Twit: More or less.
[Yeah! it’s tomato juice! right?]
{{CINDY:seriously? Lose the smug. Kudos to Paul Stout for his acting ability, because I really want to throttle him}}4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000299199
{Dotty leaves the house through the front door}
Dotty: Ah, Good morning, Lee.
Lee: Good morning.
Amanda is talking to Joe. Talk talk talk talk talk talk they talk more now than they did when they were dating. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000303937
{{CINDY:OUCH, Dotty – Are you doing this on purpose? Hoping to make Lee jealous?}}
Lee: Ha.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000307540
[Lee seems to be politely smiling as Dotty chats… but nervously glances at Philip still pottering with the car..] 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000309142
Dotty: Oh, I wouldn’t let him stay too long underneath that hood. He frightens my mechanic.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000310744
Oh yeah? {to Philip} Hey!
[Hearing that, Lee doesn’t pull his punches. lol. Philip backs away!]4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000312946
Dotty: Come on, boys come on, get your lunches, let’s go and help me put the boxes in the car.
Everyone gets moving, there’s lots of passing around of stuff, activity, and Amanda exits the house and joins in. We hear snippets about how there’s a rodent in a box that Jamie has to give to Frank.. and get it off Dotty’s front seat haaaaa…. and it seems Dotty is off to a rummage sale.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000322555
Philip, I found your math homework wadded up in the bottom of your gym bag. We’ll talk about it tonight.
[Ewww I would not want to dig into Philip’s gym bag. Maybe that’s what Philip was counting on haaa.. But Amanda is made of strong stuff!!!! … I hope Amanda punishes him! lol]4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000329562
Dotty: {to Lee} Ah, take care, in case he crossed any wires.
Lee: Ha Ha.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000336569Philip:
Oh by the way, I buzzed up your fuel injector.
{{CINDY:and here I thought I couldn’t like him any less}}

[Amanda! you need to ‘have a talk’ with Philip about doing stuff to other people’s cars without their permission!! Oh oh and while you are at it.. what about giving Philip a few tips on how to not be a brat!]
Lee: You what!?!4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000336770
Philip: See you later!
{off screen} Oh.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000340373
Lee {mutters} : Touch that car again and it’ll be the last thing you ever touch.
{walks around the car}4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000344577 …Here we go. {Gets in the car, turns the ignition and luckily it doesn’t blow up. They drive away}
[Lol Lee and Amanda seem to share a little look – like ah good it started!] 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000349783
Amanda: Sorry, I got hung up on the phone.
[rofl. What a pun…  If only you had actually hung up]
Lee: What’s Joe up to these days?4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000356990
I don’t know, he wants to have lunch. I think he’s got something on his mind.
Lee: Yeah, you.
[lol. I don’t know why I find this funny but I do. Lee is totally putting it out there!]4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000366199
Amanda: Oh come on.
Lee: I’ve been waiting for it –
Oh come on! 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000366800
Lee: – since he came back.
I‘m not even gonna talk about that.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000371004
mm-hm. Hope springs eternal as they say, right? Remember what he said?
Are you kidding?
No. You’re a different woman than the one he left behind.… 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000380013
[Whoooo she told him about that?! Kudos to SMK for this continuity! I actually find this really endearing, Lee sees Amanda as a great catch!!! So of course Joe is going to want her back!!  tee hee.. ]
…You’re more exciting, more vibrant, more beautiful {{CINDY: okay this is an appropriate way to show a jealous Lee}}
[This moment immediately reminded me of this:
Lee: Amanda.. exotic… mysterious.. ! And yes – totally an excuse for Lee in a tux!]
Amanda: I’ll have to agree with that.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000385819
[haaaaaa you go Amanda!!!! haaaa]
Lee: Amanda, I am a man, okay?… [Cindy!  was sure you would say something about that line haaaa!] …I know these things. You’re a beautiful woman and he wants you back.
[Anyone want to bet money this line was in this episode’s promo??!!]
Amanda: You’re serious! {Chuckles in disbelief} I can’t believe it. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000393026
[Yup… Lee is serious!
Is he worried Amanda could leave him?? Hmmm..
Amanda doesn’t seem at all interested in thinking about taking Joe back. 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000395028
I’ll never get enough of Lee telling Amanda he’s a man.. ahem.. and she’s a beautiful woman! haaaaa…]
The scene ends here.

Time to find out about the baddies!
We cut to an evil looking golf cart at an evil looking golf course.
Seems these two, Weathers and Trasks have worked together for years. Probably doing… evil!
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000413847
Trask steals ‘International security passports’ and then Weathers sells them. This is pretty risky, but Trask thinks it’s worth it… because:  This is the first international security passport on the market in four years.

{The golf cart now parks in a funicular and starts it’s thrilling ride up the hill at a breakneck speed of 2 mph. Trask looks around confused.} 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000423056
[Haaaa Cindy, I love this description! I hope we get to see these high speed golf carts have a chase!] Weathers: There will be a whole new round of questions. The discovery of Luther’s body can’t help but raise them.
Sure. And I’m in a perfect position to make sure nobody gets any answers. You can get top dollar for it. It’s perfect. (hands passport over) 4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000444678
I took it, and everything that could connect the body to it… before the lab boys or the homicide squad could take a look.
We see a close up of Lee’s ISP.
4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000451084
[Interesting details! Did we see Lee’s birth date before? Is it 17 June, 1950? Oh haaaa this ISP would have expired by now Smile ]
Weathers: Yeah. You shot that man 6 years ago because you were afraid that he was losing his nerve and was going to expose us… (He coughs and hands the ISP back.) …He could still do it … from the grave. {{CINDY: Weathers is obviously the brains in this little group}}
Trask: Come on, it’s a perfect ISP, Weathers. It’s worth a half a million dollars. Come on. You still like money. I need it. Find us a customer so we can cash in.
{The funicular finally reaches the ⅚ mark up the hill.}
Weathers: Find a customer? I got a waiting list. Okay, let me make a call. But you know these people, if it isn’t clean……they’ll come after us.
Trask: Move on it, Weathers. It gets dirtier every day. I’ll cover the trail. And if Lee Stetson comes around snooping, I’ll cover him too.4.14 Rumors of my Death.avi_000497664
[Okay! we’ve got greedy, ruthless baddies who aren’t afraid to kill Lee Stetson if he gets in the way of making money. lol. As we’ve seen many times before haaaa]

I’ll pause here with this episode…
Sooooo do tell! What are you thinking of this ep so far?
Does anyone remember watching this as a child or teenager? What did you think of Philip with his attitude?! I only saw it as an adult.. and.. No thank you!!

Still.. I just keep focusing back on this haircut on Lee Stetson… Hmmmm I think it is Peak Lee Stetson hair! haaaa..
What’s your Peak Lee Stetson? [sorry if we are not up to it yet and you can’t say!]
Can’t wait to hear from you – Sorry I probably won’t reply to comments, forgive me- but I’ve got hand issues I’m working on that make typing hard. Thank goodness I wrote up this episode before it happened!! I’m trying hard to heal so I start working on the next episode asap! I’m so glad we are walking again- together!!!!

34 responses to “1/5 Season Four: Episode Fourteen- Rumors of My Death – Scarecrow & Mrs King

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  2. I found this blog by accident a few weeks ago and love reading the different perspectives of this group. I have loved this series since the first time it aired when I was a teenager. Several years ago I started watching it again after I found the series on I-Tunes. I love that others are just as obsessed with this series as I am – my husband does not understand why I watch this series over and over (Yet he watches Bourne Identity and the like over and over and I don’t question). I love that from the start of the series, despite Lee’s perceived displeasure of working with Amanda he is still respectful (for the most part) and protective. As the series progressed it was fun to see how Amanda’s character developed to the more confident person she is at this point in the series. She has always been intuitive but now she is shown to be equally intelligent and beautiful as well as resourceful!
    As I watch this episode as an adult I find Phillip’s behavior annoying – I find it hard to believe that Amanda would be okay with this behavior but then again she did say in TCAM that she feels bad when she has to scold the boys so maybe she did not scold him often enough when he was being mean to Jaimie. Maybe this is typical for teenage brother interaction – I have two daughters and only had a sister – so I have no experience in which to draw a comparison.
    Love the bag with the flower print that Jamie is holding – I so remember those from the 80’s. Poor Jamie and those huge framed glasses- still not as bad as that newspaper reporter Gunning’s glasses – those were some of the most hideous glasses I have ever seen…that is one fad that I hope stays in the past!
    The one thing that drives me nuts about this segment is that Lee drives off and the hood of the car is not completely closed…lol
    PEAK LEE STETSON HAIR – for me would be when it is on the shorter side – like in – The Times, They Are a Changin’ – especially when he is in that tux.
    And just to introduce a little more about myself – I am from the US – I grew up in Illinois/Indiana but have lived in Colorado for most of my adult life. I am a nurse so some of the hospital scenes make me laugh out loud.


    • Welcome to the blog ThunderThighs! lol I feel weird calling you that – like I’m insulting you?! haaaa.. I’m not honestly 🙂

      The hood on the corvette wasn’t down?! I missed that!! haaaaaa…

      Oh yes Lee in German is peak Lee stetson hair. I actually can’t dispute that at all. you are right!! 🙂


    • Welcome. I remember being thrilled when I found the blog, too! Thanks soooooo much IWSOD—-I hope your hands are improving.

      I look forward to your comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi colorfulangel, you are very welcome 🙂 and thanks to you for joining the walk!
        My hand is improving slowly – am now able to type a little. hoorah!


  3. I like the interaction between Lee and the boys, it seems realistic that he wants them to like him, and it is amazing that he allows Phillip to mess with his beloved car. Guess that shows how much he loves Amanda, to tolerate that behavior! And being the mother of 3 boys, I had to laugh when Phillip drops Jamie’s lunch, it looks like something one of my boys would do 😉


  4. The bit with Phillip and the lunch bag always just makes me think that the writers didn’t understand how to write the family sequences into what was essentially an adevnture show, so they just went with cartoonish versions of teenage boys.

    I don’t find Dotty annoying here though, which I’m certain says something about my relationship with my own mother, lol. It does make me laugh that we went from “Dotty can’t drive” to “Dotty has a mechanic (although not her own car)” in four short years. Although perhaps her driving ability necessitaes having her own mechanic…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This car scene at the beginning is so cute. Add me to the “Non Team Phillip” crowd. Love how Lee tries to reach out even though he’s nervous about the car. I thought Dotty’s comment went too far too.


    • I remember reading the reviews on SMK when it first premiered. The reviews was very favorable for the show, however, they were less than favorable for Amanda’s mother. Simply put, they didn’t like her. Now I see why.


      • colorfulangel

        I’ve learned to like Dotty. My sister and I, both grandmothers, love Dotty’s zest and love for family, but we protest about her meddling.

        I confess that I didn’t care for Beverly Garland as early as her role on My Three Sons. Each time I repeat SMK, I grow to respect BG more and more and feel more affection for Dotty. I love that Dotty grows in her own ways and she certainly teaches how NOT to behave.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I have to stand up for Dottie here – I think Dottie has a reason to be inquisitive with all the weird stories – “Clams again dear” that Amanda starts telling her out of the blue. Amanda went from a straight laced suburban mom with a steady (boring) boyfriend to leaving at the spur of the moment and not coming home until the wee hours of the morning. And thinking back to how she appears at times when she returns home – Who would not be suspicious and questioning? And of course during these times Dottie has to take care of the twit – don’t forget. So for her to be so chipper when dealing with that – one has to give her credit….lol


  6. peacockdancer

    My goodness, Phillip is becoming quite the little sociopath, isn’t he! His gratuitous nastiness to Jamie is rather shocking. For some reason, I didn’t really notice that when I was young. Part of that might be because kids in general were meaner to each other on TV back then, and in real life, too; there wasn’t the “zero tolerance” attitude toward bullying that we see today.

    But perhaps because I am now the mother to two boys myself, seeing Phillip acting this way sets off some alarm bells for me. Amanda is such a kind person – where on earth is this behavior coming from? It makes me wonder if there is some kind of “acting out” going on here. Joe has been an absent parent for most of Phillip’s life, and now perhaps Phillip senses that Amanda is prioritizing her relationship with Lee in a way that is making her less emotionally connected to her boys. She and Lee have made the conscious choice to cut her family out of a huge, incredibly important life decision – the decision to marry. Perhaps, as they are growing older, the boys can better intuit that she is hiding something important from them (even more than usual). This is all happening when they are in their early teens, a critical time in their emotional development.

    I have opined before, Amanda and Lee may have talked themselves into thinking that their “secret marriage” plan is some kind of selfless act because it is intended to protect her family, but I think that in reality, it is quite the opposite. I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that later.

    On a lighter note… I remember the first time I watched this scene, my sister and I thought it was hilarious – largely because of the way the Corvette looked with the hood open. We had no experience with sports cars, and we had never seen a car whose hood opened in that direction. Something about seeing Lee’s beautiful car with the hood up in this “backwards” fashion seemed so … undignified. We both just cracked up. Philip poking around in there and Lee getting all alarmed about it was pretty funny, too. My boys also had a good laugh at that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • colorfulangel

      Interesting thoughts on Phillip. He is the one who adapts to Lee as “step dad maybe” very easily. Other than this moment messing with Lee about the car, he treats adults with respect.

      I suspect they are trying to portray that Amanda’s family isn’t perfect and they are attempting to make the family relatable to some in their audience. Letters get written to shows by some people who are accustomed to more antagonism in their own families and are put off by a goidie-two-shoes feel, though others appreciate and expect common civility and respect.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I never really understood; they were engaged to be married but couldn’t tell her family. So, did she take off the engagement ring when she was around them?

      I remember the series when it first premiered but didn’t remember any of the episodes. Since I started back watching SMK and found out they were engaged and eventually got married, I thought it was stupid for her family not to have known. Or did they? I didn’t watch the last three episodes of the series.
      She made the show; without her, it wasn’t the same.


      • colorfulangel

        Well, without revealing too much of what lies ahead, Lee and Amanda thought it best to keep the seriousness of their relationship secret. It would have been interesting to know where the writers would have gone if there had been a season 5.

        Are you aware that Kate Jackson was diagnosed with cancer and that is why she only had bit parts in the last four episodes? I was very upset when it originally aired, not knowing why she wasn’t on.


      • *****edited by iwsod****


        • *** edited by iwsod***


          • Hiya Neckieh, I love to hear from you – but just a reminder that we don’t jump ahead of where the walk is up on this blog. We’ll get to your questions eventually, but of course you are free to ask whatever you like and get your answers – just not on this blog yet – I can suggest you try heading over to Nedlindger’s to ask your questions about things we haven’t covered yet in the walk, or you could try the Yuku forum as well – links are in the sidebar.

            Thanks for understanding 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

        • Hi LeesMolly, I’ve deleted the comment’s content as it is referring to future events we are not up to in the walk.
          Just a reminder – we don’t jump ahead in discussing the show, beyond where the walk is up to.
          So addressing whether the mystery marriage is ever revealed and to who is spoilery.

          I would never wish to seem I am dictating what smk fans can discuss- I just wish to make clear this blog is not the location for this discussion yet! And we’ll get there one day. There are other places on the internet* where people can discuss what they want when they want about the show…
          Thanks for your understanding.

          *updated to fix typo.


      • I don’t understand it either!! I look forward to discussing this with you when we reach ‘Do you take this spy’ on the walk! 🙂


    • I remember arguments between three of my male cousins happening frequently (two were full brothers and one was a stepbrother). Then again the mother they lived with (my step-aunt) was not the most pleasant individual. But from what I’ve heard my uncles were the same way growing up and my grandparents were great people, so I think some of it is just boys. (I’m an only child and a girl so I can’t speak for direct personal experience) I do think it wouldn’t hurt for Amanda to crack down more sometimes. She tends to be a bit lenient at times and even admits she hates scolding them. I think Phillip needs a sit down on what is and is not okay teasing.


  7. colorfulangel

    My husband says the only good thing about this show is the cars. I think they used the cars as the eye candy for all the guys who sat through the series with their own exotic, mysterious women.


  8. For starters, beginning with Philip, as he got older, seems like he was very rude to Jamie, he was being a jerk. The part where Dotty comes out and tells Lee, Amanda and Joe talk more now than when they were dating. I felt that was none of her business to tell Lee that. I really didn’t care that much for Dotty, she treated Amanda as if she were a child. Amanda was a grown woman with children of her own. I felt as if she wanted Amanda to like who she wanted for her. As in season 1 when Dean was in the picture, she wanted Amanda to marry him. She was a busy body and always got into Amanda’s business. With Lee, he was always jealous of Joe. If you recall in Season 3 when Joe comes back, the scene of them in the gym, he and Amanda with their kids. When Lee saw them together as a family he became jealous then and the last scene, when he goes into the bar and sees Amanda and Joe dancing, the look on his face then, he felt as if she wanted to get back together with Joe.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. LeeLovesAmanda

    Oh I’m sorry to hear about your hand. When I was in grad school, I had to have wrist surgery and I used Dragon Dictation to write my papers. It was awesome!

    To the episode. I LOVE this scene with the family. It seems so natural that Lee would pick up Amanda and have the family interact with him. I wish there had been more scenes like this. Twit is a great term for Phillip – and I’ll add another – Pip (as in pip-squeak). I have a hard time liking him as the seasons go by because he’s just so obnoxious. Dropping Jamie’s lunch like that was just being a jerk, but that doesn’t compare to his tinkering with Lee’s car. And Lee’s in a difficult position here – at risk for being the bad guy. I love Dotty all frazzled and friendly to Lee, and inadvertently making Lee jealous. And, a jealous Lee is fun to watch.
    I love how Amanda has matured, not just as an agent, but also as a woman. She’s better dressed, has better hair, and exudes confidence. She knows herself more, and she’s in love.
    I can’t stand Weathers’ voice. It grates on me as much as Bela’s and Mr Brand’s voices do.
    I’m loving your comments as well as Cindy’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My mom hated typing so much that my stepfather brought home a dictation program for her. Unfortunately this was the late 1990s and the voice recognition was challenged to say the least. The results that came up onscreen were hilarious, but you spent more time correcting it than if you’d just typed the darned thing in the first place. Needless to say it went back the next day and Mom switched to dictating emails to me to type instead. However she had to learn to type for herself when I went to college and things went much better after that!


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