3/7 Season Four, Episode Ten: Need To Know–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to IFF, so we can laugh some more at all the trouble Lee has gotten into because of Charlie.
Billy:  Disturbing the peace, assault, destroying personal property, not to mention six different municipal code violations.  You’ve had quite a day.
  It is all in the report that I’m about to file, Billy.
Billy:  And while you were out having fun, we’re busting our buns trying to keep the lid on a major flap…
…The White House is not happy, people.
[Lee looks suitably concerned to hear this.. and ummm fluffy. He looks fluffy!!]
…Everything about Tritanium is eyes only.  How much we’ve got, where we’ve got it.  But the Telegram has it on the front page.  And they have it wrong.  Or did you have time to read the paper between crime sprees?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[109]
[If they have it wrong, what’s the problem here exactly?! rofl.]
Lee:  I read the articles.
Amanda:  Why is the Telegram the only one with the story?
Lee:  Charlie Benton says this guy Gunning is a hot shot reporter who hasn’t got his facts straight.  Look at these…
[Hey – pun alert! Gunning the hot sho!!!! rofl.
… Billy seems to be confirming this is correct that Gunning doesn’t have his facts straight right? so who cares..]
(Lee shows them the snapshot from the airport)
…Charlie took them.  That’s Nesbitt with Emil Dursak.
Francine:  What’s the publisher of the Telegram doing with Emil Dursak?
Lee:  That’s what I’d like to know.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[15]
[and umm.. why is someone trying to run over Charlie? I mean the guy is super irritating, but.. maybe not that bad?! haaaa. That’s what I’d like to know! ]
:  Francine, pull the file on Dursak.  And put together anything you have on Nesbitt.
(Francine leaves to get on with her job)
Billy:  If Dursak is involved in this, I’ll need more.
Lee:  Charlie has offered to help.
Billy:  He’s never been cozy with the intelligence community before…
(Lee nods)
[well, he can’t
argue with that.. but then.. so what?]
…Okay, here’s what we’ll do.  I want you both to work the Telegram.  Be discrete and be careful.
Amanda:  Yes sir.
Billy: (to Lee):  And no more arrests.  Understood?
A short, clipped reply! haaaa..
The scene ends here..

So Lee and Amanda are to both work the Telegram, while being discrete and careful. Yes Billy.

[I’m excited to see a bit of Lee and Amanda both working undercover. Do I actually remember how this plays out? Not at all. It’s kinda scary how I honestly remember none of this!]
(Lee and Amanda head back to the Q bureau.)
Lee:  I thought Billy was going to throw the book at me, and I walk out of that office smelling like a rose.
[whaaa haaaaaaaa Oh Lee!]
(Lee heads over to his desk, picks up something and holds it behind his back, while turning to Amanda and sitting on the edge of his desk. Amanda takes a seat at her own desk)
Amanda:  Yep.
Lee:  Amanda, I have been thinking about what we were talking about earlier.
Amanda:  Yeah.
Lee:  And I have decided…  No secrets.
Amanda:  Good plan.  Now you’re really onto something.
(Lee pulls the folder away from behind his desk so Amanda can now see it.) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000987954
Lee (super casual!):  Who is Jim Cernan? … SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000988154
[As usual, KJ nails it with the non verbal reaction here! SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000989155
Amanda is quite stunned and didn’t see this coming.
But I think she recovers quite quickly! Amanda makes like she needs a little more prompting here to recall… and Lee continues with his whole casual act!]
Lee: …Umm…Hilton Head, 1976.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000992158
Amanda:  I haven’t got a clue….SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000993960
(Lee seems to be enjoying her squirming!
Lee makes a tusk tusk noise..)
[Oh Lee I hope you’re gonna get it for this!!]
…You know what?  I think I’m developing a sort of a…a…selective memory or something.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001003169
Lee:  Yeah, you know I had that same kind of memory with the Petrovich twins.
[Aie Lee is so fuzzy and covered in lines it’s so hard to get a clear picture of him!]
Amanda:  I don’t know what a couple of tumblers from a Moscow circus have to do with-
Lee:  -Jim Cernan?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001012012
Amanda:  Who?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001013179
Lee:  The Petrovich twins were a little tiny chapter in my past…
…that I would have rather kept secret,…
(Amanda starts to really squirm. She starts to laugh and puts her head down.. aie! )SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001020820
…but no… you had to read the report, remember?
[She did what?????? Uh oh Amanda – you’re in trouble!!!! I’m starting to see what Lee is getting at and where this is coming from. Okay, she kinda deserves it haaaa. Naughty Amanda!!!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001025825
Amanda:  Ohh gawd, I remember..  Ah…yeah…I…yeah…I…  Yes I do.  Yes I do remember that.  I do.  I got to admit it, I do.  I remember that.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001036236
Lee:  And since there were no little goodies in your past that usually come up under the line of duty,..
…I thought that the Jim Cernan file would make a fair trade.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001039639
[You know it’s kinda tough that much of Lee’s past is… well.. documented! eek!!!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001039839
Amanda:  Kind of like…you know….trade baseball cards, huh?  You know, I’ll give two Micky Mantles for a Whitey Ford. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001041841
[They are both all exaggerated smiles and man is this awkward!!!]
Lee:  Yeah, we’ll swap secrets, you know.  Tell everything.  Lay it all out on the line, huh?
Amanda:  Yeah.  I’ll go second.
[I think Lee has already gone first, whether he wanted to or not – thanks to much of his past being documented, and then Amanda accessing them to read without his okay!]
Lee:  Let’s flip a coin…  Call.
(Lee takes out a coin and tosses it in the air for Amanda to catch it.
Amanda catches it, but turns her back on Lee to look at the result.)
[Man, Amanda plays dirty!!!!]
Lee:  No!  No!  No!
(Lee grabs at her hands and the coin from behind)
  No!  No!
Lee:  No, no, no, no, no you don’t!
Amanda:   Would you stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!
Lee:  No you don’t!  None of that!  Amanda, no you don’t!
Amanda:  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!
(They’re both yelling at each other at the same time. Francine opens the door and throws a folder on Amanda’s desk.)
[She looks completely unsurprised haaaa]
SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001065865(They both freeze and look up.)
Francine:  Background profile on Nesbitt.  Billy thought you might need it…
(Francine sighs.. ) …. Don’t even bother to explain, it’ll only make it worse.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001071071
[One of Francine’s best lines ever!!! rofl smiley]
(Francine just leaves them to it!)
(They start grappling over the coin again)
Lee:  Amanda!
Amanda:  Get off of me!
Lee:  Come on!  It’s not fair!
(Lee tries to grab at the coin again, and then pulls away)
Amanda:  I’m a woman!
[oh nice try Amanda. Come on that’s a bit rich…. boooo Amanda. Man, its not often I think this but I think Amanda’s being pretty unreasonable! ]
(Amanda rights herself, Lee well and truly backs off)
Lee:   I flipped— [then Amanda flipped Winking smile ]
Amanda:  Now go ahead and call it like a man.
[Don’t get me wrong, I love this scene and it’s hilarious, but the whole ‘I’m a woman/call it like a man’ thing? I wonder if that played differently back in the 80s than it does now. I think in the 80s I would have not have minded it so much as I do now.
I reckon Amanda’s being pretty unfair considering she was the one who wanted to look at the coin before he did, and was being unfair. I think Lee is really patient with her being so unreasonable! I guess what’s funny here is that the whole Lee keeping secrets thing has really gotten to her huh!!!! Oh Amanda!! She’s not quite so okay with it as it first appeared!!!]
Lee:  Tails.
Amanda:  Heads.  Ha!
(Amanda looks at the concealed coin, not showing Lee and calls it.) 
[So Amanda doesn’t let him see the coin… why am I not surprised. Lee you are going to either need to give in here, or play smarter!!!! I’m not giving up on Lee quite yet haaaaa. He should have demanded another fully monitored coin toss! lol]
Lee:  Ohhhh.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001083083
Amanda:  Start talking.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001085285
(Amanda sits back down on her chair. Ready to listen.)
[rofl. Man, she is taking this suuuuuper seriously!!!

What do you all think of this secrets thing? I wonder if I’m the only one who finds Amanda pretty over the top and unfair here!
Francine’s surprise interruption is what makes this funny for me.. otherwise I suspect I’d just be grinding my teeth! A top shelf top ten funniest SMK moment right here for me!!!!!!!!!]

Time to pause- Okay, I’ve got to ask- Sara, how was it transcribing this Lee/Amanda scene with all the No no no and stop it stop stop it?! rofl!!!  How many times did you watch it? Kudos to you for all your hard work here!!! rofl!!!!
So, everyone – what do you think of this part of the episode guys? Do tell!!! I love love love to hear your thoughts!!

21 responses to “3/7 Season Four, Episode Ten: Need To Know–Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. And yes, Lee looks very fluffy…I guess the shock of discovering Amanda’s Hilton Head getaway with ol’ Jim caused his hair to puff out? Plus he’s in yet another heinous ensemble that I really hope they burned after this episode wrapped. I think I need to go look at some tuxedo shots just to recover…;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t recall my reaction when I watched as a teenager during the show’s original run, but thus far during my pandemic re-watch this scene has easily emerged as one of my favorite Lee and Amanda moments of the whole series (and I love the super playful scene they have in the opening of this episode, too.) Amanda is a tiny bit over-the-top and shameless about playing the woman card, as iwsod notes, but my read is that she’s just going with (and enjoying) the adrenaline and electric energy that’s surging between her and Lee at this era of their relationship, when she is finally on equal footing with Lee (and arguably even gaining a bit of the upper hand because he’s so on fire to demonstrate his devotion to her). The moment when they leap to their feet to face off (after Amanda deadpans “I’ll go second”) and the Francine entrance are both hilarious and so well played…really wish we could have seen more moments like these in S4 but I’ll take what I can get.

    Speaking of favorite Lee and Amanda moments, that would be a fun blog post! I know I could come up with my top 10 in no time at all and I’d love to hear about everyone’s else’s list, too…:)

    Liked by 4 people

  3. lol… Yes, Lee looks a little extra fluffy. Isn’t fluff marshmallow cream? Well that has all kinds of possibilities. 😉 😉

    Loved watching this coin toss scene back in the day and Francine walking in on them. Have to wonder what she’s thinking. She had to have heard the “no, no, stop it, stop it!” from the hallway. I don’t recall how many times I watched it for transcribing, but it was quite a bit. I chose the episode to transcribe because I remember liking these scenes, but never realized all the rewinding it would take. 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    • I absolutely love the 2 scenes..the opening scene and this one. Only rewatched this episode for these scenes🥰
      You were just out of this world with your “MARSHMALLOW CREAM”🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t recall how many times I watched it for transcribing, but it was quite a bit. I chose the episode to transcribe because I remember liking these scenes, but never realized all the rewinding it would take.

      Mega kudos, Sara, you did a great job!

      FYI: For those, who don’t follow baseball, Mickey Mantle died 25 years ago, but his New York Yankees teammate Whitey Ford is still alive (age 91).

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  4. Regarding Lee’s hair, I can hear Agnes from Despicable Me yelling “it’s so fluffy I could die!”

    In the Q-Bureau, Lee asks Amanda about Jim Cerna, 1976, Hilton Head. That has always bothered me because we know from WWH that Amanda and Joe we’re married in the early 70s and the boys came along in 1973 and 1975. In TFT, Amanda reminds Dotty that she’s only been divorced a year. That makes Amanda being with another man in 1976 pretty unlikely, even if she was separated.

    Oh and the coin toss!!! That wonderful coin toss!!! Soooo funny!! Amanda’s not playing fair, which makes it even funnier – Lee doesn’t have a chance… and they both know it! And when Francine comes in, they know they’re caught and you can see in their eyes that they are trying desperately to come up with a reason that they’re in this position. Francine saves them with the best Francine line EVER. After she leaves, they resume, just like nothing had ever happened. It’s S&MK brilliance right there! Those two need to remember to lock the door each and every time they are in there!

    Liked by 4 people

    • I think you are absolutely right abt the time(1976)🤔Hmmm..i guess these are somethings that the writers overlook. They forget whatever they’ve written in the earlier episodes and just go with the flow🤦‍♀️
      And your comment on Lee’s hair..so so true🤣His hair is just so fluffy🤣🤣and bouncy..


    • I’m sure the writers didn’t think that 1976 Jim Cernan thing through and probably intended to be a heated fling like Lee has had. But knowing Amanda, it could have also been a fender bender with the wrong person at the wrong time, or some other innocent mishap that sounds worse when you try to explain it and she happens to be embarrassed over it. Just random thoughts here.

      Liked by 2 people

      • As any reader of this blog will know, there are many things in smk that bug me! lol. But… with this one I can somehow pretty easily brush it off!
        Why I have no idea. Maybe I just don’t really buy it that Amanda had a 1976 dirty weekend and it’s just a contrivance to make the very cool scene work!


    • That bit of writer error peeves me more than most since it so directly contradicts Amanda’s essential nature, but at least there have been some interesting fanfiction fixes to come out of it! 😆

      Liked by 1 person

      • Excellent point. Consistency, thy name is not Scarecrow and Mrs. King. (But we love you anyway…) 🙂

        iwsod edited to fix typo.

        Liked by 1 person

      • For sure yes!!
        I think they are trying to go with the – even the most straight laced of us will have at least one secret of some kind..
        It’s just really inconsistent though – whoooo maybe you could share some of those fanfiction fixes over on Neds? If you have a moment? No pressure! Thanks!


    • Great comments. Thanks. When it is Amanda’s turn, she will reveal that the incident with Jim happened in 1969. Lee was goading her to tell. Ahhh, settle it for me. (Good catch! )


      • BTW, I agree that this scene is a little off character for Amanda. I figure a secret of hers is going to be laughable to Lee. When I was in college I spent the night at a guy’s house. He made me a fabulous meal and we talked and I slept on the couch. Nothing happened, but I had some explaining to do to the girls in my dorm. I see Amanda in myself.

        Francine looks fabulous!!!


    • Francine’s reaction to walking in on the coin toss is easily the best scene in this episode. My boys and I all burst out laughing.

      I’m going to go against the general consensus here and say that I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility that Amanda had some kind of romantic fling with Jim Cernan in 1976. Joe could have been working outside the country, the marriage could already be essentially dead… Well, I just think it is possible — if for no other reason, because I don’t understand why Amanda would otherwise be so reluctant to talk about some guy from her past.

      On the other hand, am I the only one who is grossed out by the innuendo that Lee had some kind of sexual fling with “twins”? I really don’t enjoy hearing about this particular kink from his past, but that is the way I interpret it. I will note that the script for this episode referred to “Sophia, the Hungarian ballerina” — so either BB or TPTB thought that twins would be “funnier.” I guess we are supposed to assume that these are the
      “Federova twins” we learned about when Lee was being audited in A Lovely Little Affair? The “Hungarian trapeze act” — and their mother! — for whom Lee purchased ladies’ undergarments? Gross! And this is not the only time when SMK alludes to past naughty behavior with “sisters” or “twins.” Car Wars comes to mind, when Lee reminds Gino of the time he “bailed him out of trouble” in Baltimore for something having to do with “two sisters who were exotic dancers.” Yuck.


      • Peacockdancer, I never really thought about it that way. The 80s were much more conservative – I guess it never occurred to me that Lee might have been with the twins together. Ewww


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