4/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Well, time to check in with the baddies!
Nesbitt meets with Dursak. [In public? Okay..]
[I’m not going to include all of the baddie dialogue, it’s all a bit much! They do like to go on in season 4! ha! I’ll try and include the important bits.. do let me know if I miss anything or misunderstand please? Thanks!]

Time to gloat over how their evil plan is starting to come together!

Nesbitt says there’s been a huge response to the article, and he is spreading panic around Washington. The White House is asking questions, but not really pushing back as it’s not like the government could provide an eyewitness verification about the Tritanium to correct the information. It’s all supposed to be secret. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[49]
Nesbitt: ..Eldridge and his union of concerned scientists is going over there this afternoon to ask for a look for themselves. 

So the pressure is rising on the White House, so much, that  they might consider actually publicly disclosing stuff about Tritanium. [huh?!] Because they love good PR, and will be tempted to tell the public how they have loads of Tritanium and there’s no problem.
[Is that how you understood it?
I don’t really understand yet how this works with the missile blowing up the supply but I’m just going to hang in there and wait for it all to come together Smile ]

Dursak:  We still have Benton to worry about, since Fouts was not successful.  Once is an accident.  Twice is murder.  I’m calling him up.
[Nooooo once is attempted murder. rofl.]
  Eldridge is our only exposure.  Once he’s made his impassionate plea for an inspection, he’s history…
(Dursak pops one of those chew things in his mouth)
…Your stomach is not strong enough for this kind of work, hmm?
[Ah so it’s antacids like Billy in the opening credits haaa. Honestly, this Nesbitt is so flat he’s super boring to me. I don’t feel any delight in his evil or his cleverness..he’s just.. meh! ]
Dursak:  You’ve given me a great deal to worry about.  I’m used to working behind the scenes.  But you?
Nesbitt:  I am a courageous publisher, thumbing my nose at big brother.  I’ll be a popular hero…. 
[yawnnnnn] …There isn’t anything to connect me to the Tritanium once we blow it up.

[Umm Dursak can link you! and look what you just said would happen to Eldridge who could link you. If I were Dursak I’d be mighty worried too.]
The scene ends with the courageous hero publisher walking off.

Back to the King home, and Jamie’s eating his dessert while Dotty and Amanda wash the dishes.
[It never ceases to amaze me how they do that, but they have a dishwasher machine!]
Dotty:  You know how awful the supermarket can be and Jamie and I had a grocery list as long as your arm.  The cart traffic was as bad as Georgetown at rush hour.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[113]
Jamie:  Yeah.  You should have seen her drive the cart.  It was like….Andretti.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[120]
Dotty:  We turned the corner and there he was, thumping cantaloupes.  He smiled.  I smiled back.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[44]
[hoo haaaa thumping cantaloupes?!]
Jamie:  Then we headed him off in dairy products.
Amanda:  Mother!
Dotty:  Well, we needed skim milk, he needed sour cream.
[when the King women want something, they fight dirty! whahahahaahah]
(Whispers to Amanda): 
It was serendipity.
Jamie:  It was a pick up.
[poor Jamie, he’s gotta put up with his grandma tryin to get some Winking smile oh well. Hopefully she can give him tips, when he’s ready!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[51]
Dotty:  (To Jamie): We met.  Who cares how?  (To Amanda): He asked me to dinner at Emilios.
Amanda:  You didn’t accept?
Dotty:  No, of course not.  I…took his number.  I mean if things don’t work out with Captain Curt.
Amanda:  Mother, you don’t know anything about him.
[yeah! He could be… Nesbitt! rofl. He looks like a cantaloupe thumper!]
Dotty:  I do too.  He lives in Georgetown.  He’s a CPA…
[2 major red flags!! rofl.]
….He loves dogs!  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[22]
(Amanda looks at her questioningly)
…Kibble in the cart.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[82]
Jamie and Amanda share a look. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[105]
[Oh Dotty! Me thinks Dotty is not thrilled with Captain Kurt or she would not be diverted by a little kibble in the shopping cart whahahaahah!]

Time to check in with Lee and Amanda undercover at the Telegram. [It looks like Gladys in Personnel came through! Woot woot. I love this stuff. It’s always a treat to see them play their covers.] SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001233466
{Amanda is pushing a cart down a hallway.}
[oh rofl. check out the random typewriters in that shelving unit!! I mean sure it’s a newspaper but surely they were using computers in the 80’s?! I can even see one through the glass there. I guess all the old salts like Charlie would stubbornly refuse to stop using them..]
(Lee appears.  He is disguised as a sandwich vendor.  We see him exchange money with an unknown person and give them a sandwich.)
Lee (To unknown person): 
There you go.  Thank you.
(Amanda approaches sandwich guy Lee)
Amanda: Hi.
Lee:  Hi.
Amanda:  Could I have a BLT please?
Lee:  Yeah, you got it.  There we go.
Amanda:  Oh, thank you.
[I think this was a missed opportunity. Should have had Amanda ask for a chicken salad sandwich, and hold the poison!

Just an excuse to revisit this scene?! well, of course!!!! I’m proud of it!!! haaaa.. they’ll always have Arlington. Ahhh early smk episodes were so quirky. I’m looking forward to walking through them all over again!]
Lee:  I’m reading you on all floors.  How’s the job?
Amanda:  Charlie came through.  I’m making deliveries to all the offices so I can cover the whole building.
Lee:  Good.  I’ll hang around near the exits.  Good luck.
Amanda:  Thank you.  See you later.
Lee:  Uh-huh.
[what’s with the cooler?! was this normal in the 80’s?!]

(Elsewhere at the Telegram, Charlie and Gunning are going at it again.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001272906
Charlie is asking questions about the story, but Gunning is closed off to sharing -aka holding his ammo!- and just rubs Charlie’s nose in his successes with his front page articles.) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001283717
[I think Hot Shot Gunning is being set up as the annoying cocky jerk in this story. I honestly cannot remember what happens to him! but.. I wonder if the surname is a hint haaaa]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001292125
(Gunning turns to leave Charlie and kind of walks into Amanda’s little delivery trolley. Gunning chuckles and pauses..)
Amanda:  Oh, I’m sorry.
Gunning:  Excuse me.  Uh…  Do I know you?
Amanda:  Amanda Kane, I’m a temp office assistant.
Gunning:  Have we met?
Amanda:  No, I don’t think so.  You’ve probably just seen me around.
Gunning:  Part-time?
Amanda:  Part-time.
Gunning:  Huh.  Research.
Amanda:  Hmm.
Gunning:  Well, I could use all of your part-time.  I’ve got a ton of research, plus I’ll need a dozen things from microfiche.  Meet me in my office in 15 minutes.
[whoa. Um don’t ask or anything! -Sucker!!! haaaa.. Is it just me or do you think Gunning flirts with anything in a skirt?!]
(Charlie watches on as Gunning recruits Charlie’s mole to help him.)[haaaaaa.. that must be sweet justice!]
Charlie: Damn kid thinks he owns the place.
(The scene ends there, and we see Lee again, selling another sandwich.)
[My goodness, stop the press!- he might be able to live in Rockville and keep horses after all?!]
Lee:  Thank you.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001323957
(Amanda arrives at Gunning’s office, just in time to answer the phone for him and take a message before he arrives.)
[I see he doesn’t have a typewriter. They are all parked next to Lee in that hallway haaaaa]
(Gunning arrives, he seems disconcerted to see Amanda on his phone.)
Amanda:  Oh, hello Mr. Gunning.  Here’s the research you wanted and you just got a phone call from a Mr. Prometheus.  He said there was no message.
[LOL at the image of Amanda on her ID – it’s the same one on her agency ID!]
Gunning:  Oh good.  Great.  Thanks.  Uhh….  I’ve got to go.  We’ll jump on that microfiche stuff later, okay? 
(Gunning leaves and Amanda talks into her walkie talkie cardigan.)
[At least I hope it’s a wired for talking cardy. I mean, it could be the first sign of senility. I’ve tried talking into my necklace but I don’t think Lee heard me.] 
Amanda:  (Lifts her microphone up). Mr. Gunning’s leaving the office.  He just got a phone call from someone who called himself Prometheus.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001371004
(We see Lee listening to her, seeing Gunning leave out the door and Lee follows.)
[lol how the strap gets caught as he tries to close up shop. Hurry Lee! lol.
He just leaves the cooler there next to the typewriters?! nothing suspect about that! Maybe he put a little sign on top: back in 5!
Not that I’m complaining, because that’s quite a lovely view as he leaves.. ahem..]
(Charlie follows Lee, following Gunning.)
[If Charlie can successfully follow Lee without Lee being aware of it, he truly needs to switch to selling sandwiches full-time.]

Any comments you’d like to share all???? Can’t wait to hear from ya!

15 responses to “4/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I always think it’s so funny that Amanda has to lift up the mic in her cardigan like that. Isn’t the whole point that it picks up what she says in normal life and isn’t visible to other people when she’s undercover?

    Also, Lee has changed so much since the first season. Trying to envision him selling sandwiches in that outfit in season 1 … I just can’t. I think that’s pretty funny after their whole conversation in the beginning of this episode where she accuses him of never changing. The man has changed so drastically in just four short years!!!


  2. Maybe those older typewriters are on standby in case there’s a power failure?

    Seems to me, Dotty’s using a similar strategy. She’s placing an eligible man on standby in case of failure with Captain Curt!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe I have forgotten to point out that Lee looks delicious in blue! But ditch the hat.

    I do like that Amanda asks him for a BLT after that was the sandwich she offered him at the end of Utopia Now. I wonder if she made all the sandwiches for his cooler?


  4. So, this comment relates to all of the screen shots of Amanda wearing her signature banana clip (the later series equivalent of the AmandaBand): As further evidence that 2020 is the craziest year ever, it has recently come to my notice that banana clips are back in style, at least here in the states…apparently they have been all over the fashion runways and social media lately. I typically don’t care that much about fashion trends, but this one has my attention, and I am absolutely planning to participate! Although I doubt that wearing one will make me look 16 again, except maybe in a poison chicken salad-induced dream…hmmm, I wonder where I can find one of those…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like how we go from Amandaband to Amandabanana sitings lol. On Amanda, it looks cute with the tendrils falling forward. I’m not ready to revisit the banana clips for me, but on some it looks nice.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sure you’ll look great if you do decide to revisit! So, as I’ve been re-discovering the series, I’ve found myself thinking about what life for Lee and Amanda might look like in 2020. I picture an early morning, the two retired spies sitting outside on the patio at their farmhouse located somewhere in the Virginia countryside, drinking coffee and looking at pictures of the grandkids on Instagram or reading the news on their tablets, then discussing plans to lead a Zoom training for the Agency that afternoon, and absently holding hands and touching each other throughout, without even realizing they’re doing so. Now I can add the detail of Amanda with her tinged-with-gray (but still gorgeous) dark hair swept into a banana clip into the picture…:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Amandabanana!!!! Omg ROTF !!!!


  5. The Agency only has one baseball cap in their costumes-for-covers wardrobe room and this is the third time (at least) that we’ve seen it!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Loved the scene with Jamie, Dotty and Amanda. Dotty’s got Capt Curt AND a back up. Either way, I’d say her cantaloupes are covered. 😉 The cantaloupe thumper gets a few extra points for liking dogs though, right? I think she should have gone to Emilo’s anyway. Cute scene! I also like that it was just Jamie and no bickering between the brothers.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Chicken salad sandwich…Arlington!!! Brilliant!!! You brought me joy and laughter. Thanks!


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