6/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hi All! After a week’s delay.. we are back on the case with Lee and Amanda!
Back to IFF, and Lee shares with Amanda what goodies he found searching Nesbitt’s office..
Lee:  I found 15 dossiers on the kind of people who make headlines.  All of them filled with dirt.
Amanda:  Did you find anything in Nesbitt’s office on Dr. Eldridge?
Lee:  Well, it’s obvious
… Nesbitt was blackmailing the guy.  [whoooo Lee notices something important!] …Whoa, look at this. There’s a lot more.  Log meetings.  From this, it looks like Nesbitt knew the time and place that Eldridge and Gunning met.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_
[Oh Lee. Aka the scarecrow, I’m concerned for your short term memory function. You are all surprised and amazed at the log of meetings – and you already saw it. haaaaa. Maybe they never intended to shoot that scene of Lee breaking into the office, but went back and added it in later, because the episode needed the padding! There really was no need for us to see that scene.] SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[23]
Amanda:  Almost like he planned it.
[derrrrrr. man this dialogue is bad.]
(They decide it’s too late to do anything, and Lee will run his Tritanium tour as planned, but they’ll be on the lookout for maniac Nesbitt!) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[5]
The scene ends there.

It’s tour time! Roll up for the magical Tri-tanium mystery tour! SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[37]
[This place looks… sciencey and ummm empty?!]
Lee:  At this level, we’re 140 feet underground.  Sorry about the inconvenience, but security is the top priority.  The location of this site is top secret.
(We see Lee leading his little tour, one member, a senator sets off an alarm.)
[ rah rah.. this is a top secret location and there is lots of sciencey stuff and security stuff. whooooooo. this all goes on for a bit, and they find keys in the dude’s pocket.. Seems to me this episode definitely had padding. Wasted opportunity, could have had a lovely Lee and Amanda scene instead and I would have been very happy!!]
(We see Gunning and his glasses are on the tour.)
[They find something on the floor they think is a mircodot and run lots of tests on it and find out that it was a button. Oh wait. no sorry wrong episode.]

Back at Ablen Air..
The warhead is being worked on, and Gunning’s eyeglasses are tracking the location. Bad eye glasses!!
Dursak:  We just took the maximum burst fix from the transmitter within 200 yards.
Nesbitt:  Okay, that’s it.  As soon as the warhead’s changed, we go.
(I guess this change is the swapping of the warhead so it’s supercharged but we just saw the two suits put it in a container like it was finished.? anyone? Umm anyone care?! )
[rofl this Nesbitt sounds so unexcited about this progress I’m beginning to worry if he needs to see a doctor. Or well, I would if I cared about him!]
Woman (Dr. Franken):  Dr. Vandeveer and I have taken 5 random samples of the material.  Each is approximately 98.3 percent fine Tritanium.  I am satisfied.  Dr. Vandeveer is satisfied.
(The tritanium is legit! Gunning reacts.)
[He seems shocked, and seems to realise that his oh so reliable source was playing him. Uh oh.]
Lee:  Thank you, Dr. Franken.  This concludes our inspection.  If you’ll all join me—
Gunning: Wait, wait, wait  just a minute.  There’s got to be some sort of mistake here.  Either that or you’ve rigged this or something.
[There goes Gunning- shooting off his mouth again!]
[ahhh Gunning is not a flexible thinker huh! Yeah Gunning, you’ve been shooting blanks the whole time haaaaa!
Anyone got puns?! ]
Lee:  Mr. Gunning, would you please join us in the—
Gunning:  No.  What is this?  A whitewash or something?  Test some more.
[Is it evil of me to delight in his dimness?! He’s so arrogant. This actor does a great job!]
Lee:  Let’s go, Gunning.
Gunning:  I have an impeccable source, an advisor to the president who says that the Tritanium is gone.
Lee:  You had a source.  And he wasn’t so impeccable.  Dr. Eldridge is dead.  Yesterday.  And murder isn’t out of the question.  He was being blackmailed. 
[Take that Gunning! Not only is he dead, we knew who your source was!! haaaa. ]
(We see two MPs with a beepy gizmo join the group)
SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002038138[and.. it’s beeeeeepping! uh oh! more keys?! haaaa]
Lee: Now your publisher has a nasty file on him about an inch thick.  And he also has a daily log on your meetings with Dr. Eldridge.
Gunning:  Now, wait a minute.  Nesbitt doesn’t know my source.
Lee:  Maybe.
[huh? what does Lee mean maybe?! maybe this is the 80s equivalent of ‘Whatever!’ ]  …But the question is…   Are you in this with Nesbitt, or are you just another of his stooges?
Military officer:  Five second burst transmission.  We’ve been getting them every two minutes or so, but random.  It took us a while to triangulate.
Gunning:  What is this?  More of the cover story?  I get shot so—   
[ so you live up to your name Gunning! haaaa]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002063963
Lee:  Shut up.  And we’re going to find it, so save us trouble, will ya.  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002072172
[rofl. you know I really don’t mind Lee telling Gunning to shut up and getting all tough guy on him haaaaa.. Hey what’s the verdict on his tie all?? fashion do or don’t?]
…Senator, Colonel…  Mr. Gunning here has a radio on him somewhere.  Sophisticated job that we almost missed.  Even the x-rays and metal detectors couldn’t catch it.   Mm hmm.
Gunning:  Wait a minute, what—
Lee:  I’m talking about a homing device.
Gunning:  Homing device?
Lee:  It’s probably activated by remote control to avoid the electronic sweep.  These are your glasses, aren’t they?
[I love how Lee is all – I’m not surprised I’m across what’s going on here. but.. Umm they still led the baddies to the top secret location of the Tritanium storage. soo umm this is not great no?!]
Gunning:  Yes, but I don’t know anything about this.
Lee:  Warm up a chopper and patch me into the Agency, would you please.  Ladies and gentleman, I’m invoking a national security alert.  The lid is on.  Come on, Gunning, let’s go.
(Lee grabs Gunning by the arm and leads them all away.)

Back at IFF, and Lee continues to fiddle with the monstrosity which is Gunning’s evil eyeglasses.

Lee:  I kept this thing working until we got well into DC to avoid suspicion.
(On phone)  Sorry to keep you waiting.  Well, find him.  I don’t care if he’s mining gold in the Yukon. (He hangs up.  Then to Lee and Francine):  
Nesbitt is supposedly on a tour, checking on his Canadian papers.  You can change a lot of minds with blackmail and a world news syndicate.
[Some may say this quite prescient.. ]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002139239
[Nesbitt is Canadian? but.. he’s not nice?! What do you make of this Cindy D?! ]
Lee:  By the look on his face, I don’t think Gunning had any idea about that bug.
[I just don’t think Gunning had any idea full stop. haaaaa]
Billy:  Francine, how’s evacuation coming?
Francine:  Uh, slow, but we’ve got 500 special forces troops surrounding the site.
[whoaaaaaaa what the heck is she wearing?! those shoulder pads are gigantic!]
Billy:  How could they put a price on Tritanium?  I mean, grabbing the free world’s entire supply.  It makes the Brinks job look like stealing a nickel out of your mother’s purse…SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002160860
[Nesbitt isn’t grabbing, he’s destroying! He’s a maniac. Maniac on the floor. And he’s dancing like he’s never danced before!
He’s just a steel town guy on a Saturday night
Looking for the fight of his life in the real time world
No one sees him at all they all say he’s crazy…
He’s danced into the danger zone!
Sorry I digress. Someone needs to do an SMK vid for Nesbitt with this Michael Sembello song! Anyway.. getting back to smk!]
(Billy hands the file to Lee)
…Do you want to take this upstairs to see what you and Amanda can do with it?
(Lee leaves, Francine stays)
Billy: Can I have my office back, please?
Francine:  Yes sir.
[Well Billy it takes Francine time to get moving, those massive shoulder pads are a force of nature.]
(Billy gets his office back. So he picks up the phone to look busy. lol. the scene ends there.)

Back to the bad guy’s hangar.
Dursak:  Must you fly to the target yourself?
Nesbitt:  My pilot has taken my Gulfstream to Ontario…
[Oh my gosh, the anarchist has to fly the bomb and drop it all by himself huh!]
…You stay on the ground and gobble your antacids, Emil.  You’ll never understand that the really big winners in this world can’t just sit back and watch their battles from a distance.  [He’s a maniac.. maaaaaaniac!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002202268
[I love how Nesbitt says this as he leans in close to that missile!
Is there anything or anyone that Nesbitt doesn’t disdain?]
Dursak:  Are you sure one missile can do the job?
Nesbitt:  Contained explosion.  Clean enough.  Nice solution, I think.  The thermite burns into the tunnels, liquifies the metal, and the Plutonium irradiates every last ounce of their Tritanium for 20 thousand years…
[Hooo hummm.. Nesbitt is devastatingly dull and lacking in any kind of energy considering he’s a maniac and all. I think he could bore the Tritanium into liquifying, anything to get away from this guy!]
…I think that should effectively cripple the American star wars defense.  Don’t you?  In two hours, the US stock pile will cease to exist.  And nobody can do anything about it.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002223890
[‘Nobody can do anything about it?!’ famous last words! Go Lee and Amanda!]

So – Nesbitt for most dull baddie of all time?
You liking Lee’s tie?! tee hee..
Anyone else now got the ‘Maniac’ song in their head?!
Any thoughts you’d like to share? do tell!!

15 responses to “6/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Such interesting comments in this thread about the weather and army rankings. It’s so fascinating to me what people notice! The best I’ve got for this section is that I liked that the super scientist who tested and reported on the Tritanium was a woman. It’s always nice to see women in that kind of role on TV, especially in the 80s!


  2. I’ve been around the U.S. Army in one form or another since 1977, when I married my newly commissioned second lieutenant, and the tour scenes are pure Hollywood. Quibble one: If this tour originated from the Puzzle Palace (the Pentagon), something this important would have meant having at least a one-star general as the senior officer present, and more likely one with two or three stars., and since General Officers (GOs) never go anywhere without a whole entourage of aides and horse-holders, there would have been a lot more green suits present than we see. I can’t tell for sure if those are silver oak leaves ( lieutenant colonel) or silver eagles (bird colonel) on our lone colonel’s shoulders, but colonels of any type assigned to the Pentagon run errands and make briefing slides; they don’t go on important tours. At least they had the smarts to put the guy in a field grade officer’s service cap, so I’ll give them that.
    Quibble Two – the two MP’s are junior enlisted men, with no more than three stripes (buck sergeant). No way they are going to push past a field grade officer without so much as an ‘excuse me, sir’, nor will they report their findings to some civilian in a suit they’ve never seen before instead of to the ranking army officer present, especially given the ribbons and the Combat Infantryman Badge he’s wearing (not an easy one to earn, believe me).
    This is the one with the rifle surrounded by the wreath over the bank of ribbons, BTW. But hey, it’s Hollywood, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Francine’s shoulder pads have looked a lot bigger in the past. I think she looks good here.


    • What outfit are you thinking of Sara? do tell!

      yeah it’s true she manages to look good regardless of those…. shoulder beasts!

      edited to add: When I said the episode looked like it needed padding – those shoulder pads were not what I had in mind!! haaaaaaa!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m remembering something she had on that was either yellow or purple (or both?) with these really big shoulder pads. Maybe it’s later in the season, but I thought we had already walked through the episode. I checked Learjet’s ‘Francine faux pas’ but I couldn’t find it. It’ll come to me.


  4. This place looks… sciencey and ummm empty?!

    I was trying to figure out if they parked under ground or something?? To me, the outside looks like a weather building. The National Severe Storms Lab in Norman, Oklahoma used to be in a place like this until it moved to the National Weather Center. Don’t mind me, I’m a weather geek and I’ve been to both places. Assuming this building SMK uses is a weather building or something sciencey, I wonder what its purpose is?

    Maybe they never intended to shoot that scene of Lee breaking into the office, but went back and added it in later, because the episode needed the padding! There really was no need for us to see that scene.

    Except for the ‘nice view’ of Lee in jeans, the blue sweatshirt and Lee looking all sneaky and spy-like. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Except for the ‘nice view’ of Lee in jeans, the blue sweatshirt and Lee looking all sneaky and spy-like. 😉

      What is wrong with me?! of course that is a good enough reason! you are so right! haaaaa good one Sara!


    • Oooh! A weather geek! My sister spent her career as a forecaster for the National Weather Service and then doing fire weather for the BLM. Do you chase tornadoes?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you chase tornadoes?

        Absolutely! My career focus is now climate change research, but weather has always been my first love.


        • Now may be a good time to mention -Say, if you ever wish for your details to be sent confidentially to another smk fan here – I can forward it on for you and then the person can respond if they wish to contact you off the web…
          [I may not get to it straight away but I’ll get to it eventually 🙂 ]
          Or – there is always scope for more personal chats over at the Nedlindger board.

          Sara now your handle image makes total sense!

          Liked by 1 person

          • You are such a great host iwsod! This is just one example – others abound (the way you ask readers to share their views, the way you greet new posters, the way you encourage differing opinions)!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Sorry for the delay in replying – Liel thank you sooooooo much for this lovely lovely comment. you made my day with this!
              I know I’m not perfect and won’t always get things right, but it is very important to me that people feel safe to respectfully share any view – not only feel safe, but feel encouraged to!

              smk fans are a wonderful bunch and pretty easy to host. but thanks! I’ll take the compliment 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

  5. The scene with Gunning and his big mouth always bothered me. If he’s caught, he spills the beans so easily, it’s rediculous. I think they could have done a better job with this scene, but can’t win ’em all. I’m sure screen writing is not easy. But, looking at Lee makes it all worthwhile. (smelling salts)

    Francine looks good here. Minus the shoulder pads.

    Billy looks impeccible, as always.

    Agree: Nesbitt lacks luster.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m cracking up at the “Maniac” song reference… and thanks for that. It’ll be DAYS until that song is out of my head.

    And omg the Francine and her shoulder pads comment! I’m rolling. I was a teen in the 80’s and I remember shoulder pads being “in”, but I have no idea why.

    It’s funny looking back at all the stuff that was fashionable and high tech in the 80’s: shoulder pads, perms, Amandabands, big hair, computers and laptops, car phones and cell phones, etc. Besides the reminiscing and walking through each episode, I sometimes get nostalgic for those “simpler” times….

    Liked by 1 person

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