2/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Next scene is day time back at IFF.
Looks like the Senator made a decision about his next move. ANCP.avi_000447781
[I think the Telegram may need to take legal action, seems the Washington Daily Ledger is stealing their headlines! SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002715582
I wonder if they are stealing the fou fou recipes too?! Wait till Charlie hears about this! Sorry, yet again, I digress!]
Billy: As you may have heard, Senator Castleton apparently committed suicide last night. (The shot widens and we see Lee, Francine and other agents around a table.) Francine, what did you get from Metro?ANCP.avi_000457190
Francine: Cause of death is definitely drowning. There’s no sign of foul play, and we found this note: “I can no longer bear the burden of my personal shame and I won’t disgrace the family I love so dearly.” That’s all.ANCP.avi_000467100
Lee: Despite his straight-arrow public image, I think the senator had something to hide… ANCP.avi_000471004
[I’m sorry this line made me howl with laughter. Yerrrr think Lee?! Were his suicide and note about not wanting to disgrace his family obscure clues?! And.. that Jacket. Oh Lee. No. Please. No. I want that jacket to be obscure or it’s a disgrace to Lee’s hotness! ]
…This has to be a blackmailing, Billy.
Billy: There have been so many rumours of blackmail floating about this town lately that the FBI has established an Extortion Task Force. This one’s yours, Francine. I want you to liaison with the ETF, and then follow up with the Castleton thing in particular. ANCP.avi_000484217
[Whoa. It’s not Scarecrow’s?! cool! something different!]
Francine: All right.
Billy: If we turn over the right rock, maybe we’ll uncover the senator’s shame.ANCP.avi_000492926
[do you have to? I mean, isn’t the goal to catch the blackmailer? Hmm.. I guess the shame could be a crime of some kind..]
The scene ends there.

Moving on and it’s time to see what baddie Trent is up to. Looks like he’s off to a meet – at a shoe shine stall..
I have no idea who this guy is. lol. I can’t believe how bad my memory is!!
{According to the script and the sub-titles, this man is called Wesley Eddinger.}
Eddinger: I may have made a mistake with you, Trent.
Trent: Hey, how was I supposed to know the guy was suicidal?
Eddinger: It’s your business to know. I don’t normally involve myself in small-time, bedroom blackmailers. You came to me. You felt you were ready for bigger things. I took a chance on you. Now we’ve lost one of your more illustrious clients.
Trent: I’ve still got my ace. Van Hagen. He’s into me for big bucks at the Kenley Club.
Eddinger: Classic case of dumb luck.
Trent: Lucky for you, you mean. Lucky I decided to give the gambling clubs a shot. Lucky I checked out his car registration or you wouldn’t know he was using this Beaumont alias.ANCP.avi_000562295

[ohhh is losing all his money gambling a cover too? Heck maybe the car isn’t his. Honestly, what does anyone know about Harry at this point except that he’s adorable? lol.]
Eddinger: It took my resources, I’ll remind you, to uncover his CIA connection and his value. Now, I have information about a major defection to be called the “Berlin Shipment”. Very sensitive. Only two men qualified to handle it. One is in the hospital recovering from his last mission. And the other is your… dice-playing friend. I want the details on it, now.
[Ohhh I don’t know, I bet Lee could handle it haaa]
Trent: Hey, if the guy’s CIA, he’s a special case. I can’t afford to push too hard.ANCP.avi_000569502
Eddinger: You can’t afford not to. I don’t normally give second chances, Trent. Try not to waste it.
(Trent doesn’t say anything else, but leaves.
Eddinger and his sidekick share suitably evil looks.) ANCP.avi_000588722
The scene ends there.
[Seems Trent is a bit of a street hustler trying to play in the big leagues but he’s in way over his head. Can’t say I mind watching him squirm. Still smarmy and creepy!] 

Back to IFF, and the Q bureau.
{Lee is pouring two cups of coffee from a coffee machine. Amanda is behind his desk, looking worried and typing on the computer keyboard.}
Lee: In a cosmopolitan city like DC, gambling is a fact of life… though I do think it’s smart that your mother doesn’t go back to that club. ANCP.avi_000599532
[Awh Lee makes Amanda a coffee. Me like. Whooo hey – there’s a Lee mug sighting! I didn’t know we get to see it again!!!]
Lee: Can I ask something? How did she meet Harry, anyway?ANCP.avi_000605839
Amanda: Oh, she was window-shopping in Grant’s jewellery store and Harry struck up a conversation… [Oh so not kibble guy. okay!] …He took her for a ride in his Bentley, asked her for a date, then another one, another one. And, you know, everything seemed to be going great until last night. Mother said Harry lost a lot of money… ANCP.avi_000616950(Looking at the computer screen.) …Oh, boy.ANCP.avi_000619652
Lee: What’s the matter? Another strikeout?
Amanda: Well, yeah, you know, I’ve checked the IRS, the Social Security, property tax rolls and the DMV. And so far the only Harry Beaumonts I’ve come up with are a 7-year-old boy in, uh, Alexandria and a, a retired army cook in Takoma Park.
(Lee tsks.) I mean, Mother said Harry was a private person, but this is ridiculous.ANCP.avi_000628962
[I’m probably not supposed to think this. lol. but.. this makes me really uneasy! All these places she looked, and this is a favour for her mother!!! He is a private citizen. And neither even acknowledges what they are doing here, it’s so normal to them. There was a time before where this came up wasn’t there? I can’t remember when.. anyone? Only other time I can think of Amanda was all for it – when she tracked down Sallee to return his money lol. and didn’t that go well haaaa. But I’m thinking there’s another time?? anyone?? ]
Lee (sighs): I think our mystery man is working under an assumed name.
Amanda: Yeah, I don’t like this.
Lee: All right, then…
{in the manner of a teacher} what’s the standard procedure in a case like this?
ANCP.avi_000652385[Umm it’s not a case!!! tee hee – It’s Amanda’s mother!]
Amanda: Standard procedure? Well, that would be to, um, assemble a personal profile through interviews and, um, surveillance of locations frequented by the subject.
Lee: In this case, the Kenley Club. I will pick you up at 8 o’clock.ANCP.avi_000664998
Amanda: You don’t have to.ANCP.avi_000666800
Lee: Amanda, we’re talking about my future mother-in-law, right?ANCP.avi_000668601
Amanda (smiling): Yeah.ANCP.avi_000669803
[yeahhhhh who you ran out of the house from so she wouldn’t see you two snuggling. Aie.]
Lee: Besides… I might get lucky.ANCP.avi_000673106
{Lee looks at Amanda meaningfully. ANCP.avi_000674307
Amanda laughs and Lee looks affectionately at her, but appears a bit put-out}. The scene ends here. ANCP.avi_000675809
[sooo is this a sexual innuendo??!!! Or.. maybe a dig at Lee’s casino skills? I think it’s option 2- because there isn’t anything terribly flirty about the way Lee says it! But.. I could be convinced it’s option 1 too! lol. And hey, we know Amanda wins and Lee doesn’t thanks to the Mongoose’s training right Amanda?! And.. Lee is a sore loser haaa.. ]

On to Amanda’s that night.. Dotty is playing cards by herself..
Amanda: OK, Mother, I’m leaving.
Dotty: I suppose I did the right thing breaking my date with Harry, didn’t I?
Amanda: Yes Mother, I think you did.
Dotty: Yeah, of course I did. Have you talked to any of your government friends yet?
Amanda: Mother, look, those things take time, OK?
…Are you sure you’re gonna be OK tonight?
Dotty: Yeah.
Amanda: I wish I could stay home with you, but I forgot all about this film…. Gee, I wish you didn’t look so depressed.
Dotty I’m not depressed. I’m just disappointed. I’m so surprised to find Harry doing something illegal and he seems to like it. I mean, maybe I am falling in love with him. I do love his laugh. He laughs just like your daddy. Oh, he had the most wonderful laugh… ANCP.avi_000714247
…You know, when we first met, I don’t know, something… something just clicked. I mean, it was like we were… like we were soul mates or something. I… I guess it sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?
[Whoa. Harry is right up there with Amanda’s dad?]
Amanda: No. I think you were both very lucky.ANCP.avi_000729562
Dotty: Yeah, we were. Oh, we had some wonderful times together. You know it is so rare to find a man like that. Once, and then let alone twice, and… Oh Amanda, I just don’t wanna mess this all up with Harry.ANCP.avi_000742175
Amanda: Mother, if it’s special it’ll last.ANCP.avi_000745478
Dotty: Amanda, I said the same thing to you when you were 16.
Amanda: I know, and 17 and 18, and you were right every time.
[this is probably petty of me but. that seems to hold because, Amanda and Joe didn’t last. Haaaaa] ANCP.avi_000750583
Dotty: Let me ask you a question.
Amanda: What is it?
Dotty: Why are you wearing that when you’re gonna see a documentary on tractors?

Amanda: It’s the premiere.ANCP.avi_000759259
Dotty: Oh, I see. {The doorbell rings in the background} And a date with Lee Stetson.ANCP.avi_000760760
[Hey Lee rings the doorbell now? Well that’s cool. lol. He isn’t going to come in and say hello?! tee hee..  so I guess this whole secret marriage thing isn’t going to mean secret Lee Stetson?? Me confused. So he’s not a secret but them dating is?
Hey, if it’s special, it will last!]
Amanda: -Good night, Mother. ANCP.avi_000761661
(Amanda leaves) ANCP.avi_000765265
Dotty (to herself): Hmm. On a scale from one to ten, he’s an 11…ANCP.avi_000767967 …And she doesn’t wanna date him. Huh! Huh, my daughter’s crazy.ANCP.avi_000773373
[Oh yeah? your the one sitting there talking to yourself Dotty! haaaaa….
And by the way. Amanda is an eleven too!
And.. how does Dotty all of a sudden have all this knowledge about how Lee is an 11?! I guess that is just based on her meeting him in Nightcrawler?]

Sooooo before we see Mr Eleven all tuxedo’d up,  we’ll pause here!
I’m kind of surprised, this Harry really seems to be important to Dotty. Maybe she should actually ask him some questions then.. come on Dotty!

So what do you all make of this so far? Do tell!!

8 responses to “2/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Hi Everyone, I’ve been reading and enjoying everyone’s comments as usual… but apologies for not publishing a new post last weekend. Without going into detail – I’ve just started a new job and I was a little overwhelmed last weekend so I completely forgot to publish! Forgive me?

    I’ll be back to publish the next post this weekend – I think we live in times that need SMK!!! am I right? or am I right?!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really love the Dotty-centric episodes where Beverly can really show us her acting chops. She is so vulnerable here in how much she wants everything with Harry to be okay, but you can tell in her heart of hearts, she knows something isn’t right. These eps are also always such a great way to circle back in to the importance of both family and profession in Amanda’s life.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, those newspapers are hilarious! How could they forget to change the headlines? Yes, I bet there are a few fou fou recipes in there.

    I recall jackets like the one Lee’s wearing in the 80s. I think I had something similar–either a sweater or a blazer. The design makes me think of confetti. Or one of those stone walls with lots of pebbles. Francine’s fashion seems to be improving, while Lee is sort of slipping.


    • Okay, those newspapers are hilarious! How could they forget to change the headlines? Yes, I bet there are a few fou fou recipes in there.

      haaaa! It kinda makes me wonder if this kind of thing happens in any current tv shows!


  4. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is the first episode since SEASON 2 where Amanda and Lee get to go out together wearing formal evening clothes (the last was Ship of Spies, I believe…). Season 3 was all about the jeans and plaid shirts. So here we are, getting ready to go out to a fancy casino with Lee, and Amanda decides to wear… pants again! I was SO disappointed not to get to see her in a gown one more time. Come on, Amanda, bring out one of those gorgeous spaghetti strap dresses! Let’s see the black one with the pearls that Lee was apparently so crazy about! This red jacket with the enormous shoulder pads and the over-sprayed hair is just so disappointing.

    Remember in Filming Raul, where Amanda reminds Lee that IFF really has made a couple of movies, and one of them was about tractors? I LOVE that she told her mother she is going to the premiere of a tractor documentary! I guess it took another three years to finish the film editing, LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I so agree with you. I was so so hoping for her to wear her spaghetti straps or backless gowns in S4(i loved the one she wore in THE DEAD RINGER). More coz,they were acccctually a couple😍. I mean,it would have been more than just romantic moments😂😍


  5. … And neither even acknowledges what they are doing here, it’s so normal to them. There was a time before where this came up wasn’t there? I can’t remember when.. anyone? Only other time I can think of Amanda was all for it – when she tracked down Sallee to return his money lol. and didn’t that go well haaaa. But I’m thinking there’s another time?? anyone?? ]

    Perhaps you are thinking of ‘The Triumvirate’? First Amanda got that huge paycheque (100.000 US$). Then Lee & Amanda pay a visit to some computer genius (Lance Dorn) at a trailer park. Lance got killed later on. Lee & Amanda then try to track down the real beneficiary of the cheque by using Amanda’s computer access data (big boo boo). Bringing up ‘King Cobra’ / Ren Jepard.
    That one didn’t go well either…
    BUT it got us a realy, realy nice evening Lee & Amanda spent at the Cumberland Grant. swooon 😍


  6. More great Dotty moments. Just wondering who did the hair in this episode? Dotty’s do is quite flattering but Amanda and Lee have matching cockatoo styles…

    Liked by 1 person

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