3/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

{Cut to King House exterior – Night – SGABNB.avi_000808942_thumb
We can see that the exterior of the house has been decorated with lights and a wreath and there is station wagon parked outside as well as Amanda’s Jeep. We can hear electronic Christmas music playing.

Cut to the family room, also decorated for Christmas. Joe is playing with a portable keyboard synthesizer set up on the coffee table.} SGABNB.avi_000813713_thumb[Hey does this mean that station wagon out the front is what Joe drives? why does that make me chuckle?!
Umm this playing kinda goes on a bit long.. I think it was in Sam Melville’s contract that he gets to play a Christmas tune with one finger for a minute! maybe it’s just me!]

{Amanda enters, dropping her coat on the back of the couch.}
Amanda: Oh, that’s fantastic.
Joe: (chuckling) One finger. It’s incredible, isn’t it? |[Oh. It is.] … Hope you like it. SGABNB.avi_000822389_thumb
Amanda: Thank you Sweetheart.
[Hang on a minute. I just want to go back and watch Amanda give Dr Smyth a kiss on the cheek. That was way more enjoyable to watch and listen to that this!!!! GAH!!!!!! He doesn’t get to be called Sweetheart anymore! lol. I mean sure it’s great they still get along. And I remember there are some fans of smk who don’t mind this one bit. It’s healthy and friendly and all that – but they’re no longer married!!!! this sends me right back to that kiss on the lips goodbye on her doorstep that Lee got all jealous about! What episode was that? Oh yeah. Stemwinder II. Where we got that wonderful line from Amanda: I love him, I’m always gonna love him. But I’m in love with you. [See HERE]
I think what cut Lee back then was how Lee and to sneak into the backyard to smooch Amanda, while Joe got to do it on the front porch.
Hmmm.. I wonder if they allude to this on purpose. Because Lee at this point is no longer sneaking into the backyard!!!!!! but.. he’s trying to sneak out of anything Christmasy sooooo what’s gonna happen for Lee and Amanda this Christmas? We’ll see!
But.. put me down for the – maintain boundaries with your ex- you are no longer together club!
I did create a meme about this which was quite cathartic for me. lol. II’ll share it in the christmas day memes post – but evidently I still carry some bitterness haaaa!]
Anyway, back to this ep!

Joe: I set it up early for the boys. Phillip’s already mastered the Marine Corps Hymn. SGABNB.avi_000823256_thumb
[Why does Joe have a wedding ring on? did he remarry?! if so.. hoorah.]
Amanda: It’s great to have you here for Christmas.
Joe: It’s good to be here.
[They move into a closer embrace. Oh please no. Gah! no kissing! SGABNB.avi_000828461_thumb
lol Dotty saves the day!]

{Dotty emerges from the kitchen, groaning in frustration.}
Amanda: What’s the matter Mother?
{Joe and Amanda exchange grins like they’ve seen this before.}
Dotty: (ranting) Would someone go upstairs and tell my sister that you do not cook a goose in tin foil.
Mother, are you two already at each other’s throats? She hasn’t even been here a whole day. SGABNB.avi_000843643_thumb

Joe: Why don’t we just relax play some Christmas carols and work on that big bowl of nog in the refrigerator.
[Oi. I wanted someone to tell Joe to stay out of it.]
Dotty: Lillian wanted to get into that before lunch. SGABNB.avi_000846246_thumb
Amanda: (laughs, quietly to Joe) it’s really beginning to sound a lot like Christmas.
Joe nods, laughing along with her.} SGABNB.avi_000848415_thumb
Dotty: Why does she come here and think that she can (raises voice to a shout, aimed up the stairs) take over my kitchen! SGABNB.avi_000852752_thumb
Amanda: Mother… I’ll talk to her, okay? SGABNB.avi_000856222_thumb
[Interesting family dynamic going on here. Why is Amanda the one who has to step in a resolve things between Dotty and her sister. Amanda’s always the peacemaker. Meanwhile she’s all touchy with her ex. Ugh. tee hee..]
Dotty calms: I hope so..SGABNB.avi_000857090_thumb
{Jamie and Phillip burst in the room. Jamie is wearing tinsel on his head like a punk rocker. Phillip is chasing him with a can of spray snow.}
Amanda: Hey, hey, hey! What’s going on here? Fellas, no running in the house. Fellas, stop!
{The boys come to a dead stop in front of the adults.}
Amanda: Now what’s going on?
Jamie: Uh, well, Phillip was trying to put that white junk in my hair. SGABNB.avi_000867500_thumb
Amanda: Why in the world would he wanna put that white stuff in your hair when you’ve already got that silver stuff in your hair? SGABNB.avi_000873573_thumb
Phillip: Oh and Aunt Lillian’s up in our room crying.
Amanda: Mother, SGABNB.avi_000879212_thumb(we see Dotty is unrepentant) SGABNB.avi_000880513_thumb
….what did you say to Aunt Lillian?

Dotty: Nothing. Nothing. We were just discussing the menu for tomorrow night.
{Amanda sighs and gives her mother a look while Joe laughs. Dotty pauses and glances up at the ceiling.} SGABNB.avi_000891358_thumb
Dotty: Well… there might have been a certain amount of bodily contact. SGABNB.avi_000896129_thumb
Joe can’t contain his amusement while Amanda looks horrified.}
[I confess I’m happy to see this! haaa but then I’m petty! haaaaa!]
Joe: Boys, come on over here…
[Go Dotty and Lillian. Sounds like they made a goose of themselves over the goose.
Right about now, I’m starting to wonder if Lee has the right idea about families and Christmas. Haaaaaa.. Just kidding. But.. this does make me wonder if this is why Amanda is an only child!]

The boys head over to their dad while Amanda sorts out Dotty and Lillian and the scene ends there.

{Cut to Agency at night. Lee’s car is parked outside. There is a single light on upstairs.
Off camera, we hear Leatherneck.}
Leatherneck: okay, here’s Walt’s guts.
{We cut to the Q Bureau where Lee and Leatherneck have a pile of toys on Lee’s desk and Leatherneck is doing something with a screw driver.} SGABNB.avi_000905672
Leatherneck: The hottest chip in this frog is the NAC735. It’s your basic ten-year-old Op Amp Oscillator.
Lee: What else you got? SGABNB.avi_000910877
Lee tosses the Harry the thing up in the air but it doesn’t come back down. Lee and Leatherneck stare up at it.}
Leatherneck: very low tech. SGABNB.avi_000916082
Lee: Yeah
Leatherneck: Yeah, what I got is the last of the Titan Christmas line.
{He picks up a silver cap gun and puts it in front of Lee on the desk.}
Leatherneck: Here’s a Tombstone fanner.
{Lee makes a happy noise as he picks up the gun.} SGABNB.avi_000924891
Leatherneck: And a Spud .45. I don’t know – the most sophisticated thing in either one of them is a spring.
{Lee is grinning at the cap gun.} SGABNB.avi_000928495
Lee: I had this exact same pistol when I was a kid…

[Lee is so adorable – Mr Bunny Teeth!]SGABNB.avi_000931164
 (He aims it and fires off a few caps) SGABNB.avi_000934768
Nothing like the smell of caps in the morning.
Leatherneck: Yeah right. Well, look, boss, they’re probably taking down the banquet tables right now so I gotta get down there and help ‘em out. SGABNB.avi_000942776
(Leatherneck makes for the door)
Lee: Okay thanks, Leatherneck… You know, the IRS audited Titan Toys a couple of months ago…
…Now, according to Falcon’s budget he uses most of his money for research and development. Very high tech research and development. But, where’s it going? SGABNB.avi_000953319
Leatherneck: Beats me. I’ll see ya.SGABNB.avi_000958258 (Leatherneck leaves)
[Leatherneck said he had to go, then Lee shares a random bit of info about the case like Leatherneck would have any idea? Why did Lee do that???  Beats me! haaaaaa. Pretty clunky. but Lee and the toy gun is so adorable I don’t mind a bit of clunky exposition. Okay okay. lots of money being spent on R& D and zero to show for it. Whatever could it mean?!
Lol Leatherneck is mostly out the door when we hear this voice over from Lee..]
Lee: I’ll take the toys back to Bernie.
[Lee! Leatherneck doesn’t care he’s outta there! lol.
Looks like they added it post production- weird.]

{Lee spins the pistol on his finger gunslinger style, SGABNB.avi_000965065
then squints SGABNB.avi_000965732
and fires off a cap in the direction of the ceiling. SGABNB.avi_000970937Harry the Thing falls back down on the desk.
Lee looks pleased with himself.}
[Oh my gosh! how cute is that.. Lee is letting his playful side come out while he’s all alone with the toy gun! haaaa wasn’t big on toys. Yeah Right.
How did he get the thing down?! did the gun actually shoot something? what do I care – this ending to the scene is adorable!]

{Cut to Bernie’s living room. Bernie is up on a small ladder decorating his tree. A man crosses in front of the camera and pauses in the shadows. SGABNB.avi_000981481
Bernie turns, looking like he heard something.}
Bernie: Is anybody there? SGABNB.avi_000985352
{We see that it is Ingle, who pulls some sort of gadget from his pocket and aims it at Bernie. It gives off a burst of red light and a loud beep. SGABNB.avi_000988288
Bernie shuts his eyes.SGABNB.avi_000989222 As he is blinded, Ingle runs forward and kicks the ladder, sending Bernie tumbling.SGABNB.avi_000991091 [What a Creep!!!] Ingle then picks the phone and dials.}

Operator: (we hear her over the phone) 911 what’s your emergency?
Ingle: (whispering) Help. (He puts down the phone.) Operator: Hello? Hello? Thirteen-sixty-one, what is your emergency? We have your address, tell us the type of emergency. Can you hear me? 1361, what is your emergency?

(Ingle cuts the Christmas tree wires and crosses the wires short circuiting them. He then sets a present under the tree alight with a lighter.) SGABNB.avi_001028194
[I guess he is trying to make it look like the Christmas lights were the source of the fire starting.)

{Cut to exterior. Ingle is walking out of Bernie’s house and getting in his car. As he does so, we see Lee’s car pull onto the street, then park in front of the house. As Ingle watches, Lee gets out of his car and realizes the place is on fire. Lee jumps out of the car and races up to the house. He stops to look in window, then tries the front door.}
Lee: Bernie? Bernie are you all right? Open the door! SGABNB.avi_001065632
{He attempts door again, then runs around side of house to the back, while Ingle watches.
Cut to interior of Bernie’s house. Smoke fills the room. Lee runs in from back.} SGABNB.avi_001079646
Lee: Bernie.
[I can’t watch this little action scene without laughing out loud! Maybe it’s not intentional?? but Lee calling out ‘Bernie!’ to someone who is in a house fire is flippin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!
Quick Lee! Bernie Burnie!]

{Lee walks over to burning Christmas presents then leans over Bernie who is out cold on the floor.} [and in danger of burnie!] SGABNB.avi_001092992
Lee: Bernie? (tries to shake him awake) Bernie!
{Lee moves to pick up Bernie. [before he can burnie!] Cut to exterior shot as Lee carries a coughing Bernie out over his shoulder and lays him on the lawn. SGABNB.avi_001104004
[Nice fireman’s carry Lee – very appropriate!]
Ingle is still watching. SGABNB.avi_001103003
We hear sirens.

Lee runs back inside as Ingle drives off.}

[Lots of emphasis on the fact that Ingle is taking it all in. And you know what? I have nooooo idea why and what happens next! lol.] Thoughts everyone? 

Next post is the Christmas/Holiday memes post to be published Christmas day!

8 responses to “3/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. If Joe remarried, why isn’t his new wife there? Maybe she is with her ex-inlaws.

    The timing seems off. It’s still Dec 22nd, as Leatherneck is going help clean up the party. But, at A’s house, it seems more like Christmas eve.

    Dottie looks great, but don’t love that she and her sister act like 9 year olds. Amanda reminds me of Tula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding II, the daughter who has to fix everything.

    I like Joe.

    Love Lee playing with the cap gun!!!! I think it’s a side of him we don’t see much and it’s fun. Well played, writers, or BB who may have been goofing around.


  2. So, funny thing… I was watching an old episode of Charlie’s Angels where we meet Sabrina’s ex-husband Bill and guess what? She calls him Sweetheart! So it’s definitely a Kate thing to be on endearment terms with the exes! Also funny, the ex-husband is played by MichaelBell, aka King Eddie from “The Boy Who Could be King”.

    The episode (Target: Angels”) is actually a hoot to watch because Kelly’s bofriend is played by a very young Tom Selleck – without a moustache! and the plot is that someone is trying to kill them so Sabrina fakes her death, complete with funeral, to try and flush out the killer. Now where have I heard that plot before?… 🤔


  3. lielalreadysomeone

    I’m okay with Joe being around for the holidays… but enough with the handsy stuff and all the “sweetheart” calling! As for the ring… it is weird! Joe wears it in Wrong Way Home, which seems weird too. I’ve heard from several men over the years that wearing a wedding ring actually helps when picking up women… So maybe Joe’s out looking for dates? (in which case, yes, Joe, go find a date!)


  4. But.. put me down for the – maintain boundaries with your ex- you are no longer together club!

    I am right there with you, Iwsod! Amanda is way too touchy-feely-affectionate with Joe and it makes me want to barf! What is he even doing here, it’s not even Christmas Eve yet! WHY is he wearing his wedding ring?
    Grrrr…. I am annoyed on Lee’s behalf. I would also think this would be confusing for the boys. Whatever. I don’t like Joe King. Okay, there — I said it.

    On the other hand, I would very much enjoy if Dr. Smyth came over for Christmas dinner tomorrow. I could see a scenario where that could happen — Amanda finds out he has nowhere to be for Christmas Eve… Now THAT would be entertaining


    • I am right there with you, Iwsod! … WHY is he wearing his wedding ring?
      Grrrr…. I am annoyed on Lee’s behalf. I would also think this would be confusing for the boys. Whatever. I don’t like Joe King. Okay, there — I said it.

      Me, too. I’m relieved that it’s obvious Amanda is NOT wearing a wedding ring!
      Also, it’s great to see Lee share a happy moment from his childhood with Leatherneck.


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