2/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hey all! Ready for some more smk??!!!
I’m going to summarise the next scene we see in the depths of the Pentagon… Lee approaches a very young Blaire Underwood (character named ‘Stillman’) to seek a file..

Lee: Yes, I want to see the report on Operation Urgent Fury and anything else you have on Grenada.
[Operation Urgent Fury?! rofl. that is so funny!!!! Or is that just me??? I think it sounds like someone was busting for the toilet.]

Anyway, this Stillman lives up to his name.[Ah smk. You do give great pun names.]
Stillman tells Lee he can’t do anything as the computer is down so Lee has to come back in a few hours. Stillman becomes action man once he leaves and calls a General Garrett to inform him that someone has enquired about Grenada files.

We cut to the other end of the phone line…
and find General Garrett is the officer we saw at the party for Elisa’s birthday.
Next to him, is Major Sally McGill.

Garrett is a ‘I don’t trust the agency and the military doesn’t answer to intelligence types’ kind of guy.

McGill has wormtongue vibes here, basically echoing what he says and feeding what his worst instincts want to hear.

Garrett thinks it’s a fishing expedition, and Grenada was ‘one fine operation’ [with one fine Urgently furious name!]. So he’s on the defensive and trying to stop this digging from the agency. Garrett leaves to go talk with his military buddies about it.

McGill is seen reading Garrett’s handwritten notes about the call he left on his desk.
[Clearly he’s a genius].
(The note reads “Stetson, Agency, Grenada Inquiry.”)
[Actually, looks like he has written: “Stetson Agency Graneda Inquiry” LOL]

On to Elisa Danton and her….. spots and claws.
Of course Lee finds her out the back in a revealing swimsuit.
And heels??!!! Really??!!!
Help me Clagjanet, I find it hard to type while this woman tries to sink her claws in…
Maid: Excuse me, Miss Danton

Elisa: Oh my God, look what the maid dragged in. (She stands up as Lee approaches.)
Lee: Hello Elisa.
Elisa: Hello? I’ve got two of your dress shirts and a pair of socks in my closet. (She wraps her arms around his neck and leans into him). I think I deserve a little more than ‘Hello Elisa’.

[How about Hello and Goodbye Elisa?
After Need to Know, we can with very high confidence say Lee has nothing of Elisa’s in his closet! haaaa. ]
Lee: You look wonderful.
He rests his hands on her waist uncomfortably – sort of hovering around her and not quite touching)

Elisa: You feel better than ever. [Ewwwwww]
Lee: Yeah well, I wish this were just a social call.
He politely grabs her wrists and moves her away from him.)
Elisa: I like to make wishes come true.

Lee: I know you do, but you know why I’m here. Dr. Smyth just didn’t walk off with that earring you got the other night without some explanation.
[Lee Lee Lee she doesn’t care about the earring now you are here… she just wants you and expects to get what she wants!]
They each move to take a seat…

Elisa: Lee, darling, I’ll tell you everything if you tell me who’s got you on a string these days.
Lee: (smiling) I don’t know what you mean.

Elisa: We’re alone at my private pool. The sun’s warm, the tanning oil’s imported and you’re still dressed. Not the Lee I used to know. Who is she?
[I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this scene!!!]
Lee: Listen, I’m the one getting paid to ask the questions, okay?
Elisa: You always were a rotten poker player, Stetson. You’ve got something written all over your face.
Lee: Business. Seriously, I’m here on business, okay? Rather urgent business at that. So could we please just get started?
Elisa: (scowls good naturedly) Can we at least have some champagne before we get bogged down in international intrigue?

Lee (sighs with a smile): Yeah, sure
Elisa: Great. Should I have the butler bring it to the hot tub or the sauna?
Lee laughs.

[The tan lines with that swimsuit would be ridiculous!
What do you make of Elisa? I think everything is a game to her.. yes let’s prioritise getting tipsy over serious business. This is truly fitting the term ‘player’ I guess smk is being equal opportunity here…
How do you think the writers were trying to have the audience view her?
Do you think the audience is supposed to like Elisa Danton? at all?
I’ll come back to this… I’m going to think on it…
What do you make of Lee here? I think he seems to have some fondness for her, she’s not just a notch on his bedpost… I am guessing Lee fell into bed with her after Eva broke his heart or something..
Does anyone think Lee is tempted here? I’ll come back to this…

One final comment from me on this scene, maybe it’s just me, but this scene takes the sexuality rating up a few notches – way beyond some past vague reference to threesomes. SMK seems to be really dialing it up here. Especially with Elisa’s butt hanging out of that swimsuit and giving a full view for the camera –  Operation Urgent Furious escalation of the sexy factor to boost smk ratings.
I bet this little scene featured prominently in the advertising.… SMK what are you doing???]

I could not have gotten through that scene without Clagjanet faithfully transcribing it.
Clagjanet – we salute you!!!!]

Moving on to the next scene, and a lot more clothes are present. haaaa.
McGill and Carpenter meet up.. time for the baddies to in fight.

[Yes peacockdancer I completely forgot Fred Meadows errr I mean Fielder exists!!! lol. So really glad you reminded us!! 🙂 It’s pretty funny how the same actor can play the same character but also at the same time a completely different character. aie. A pic for old times sake!

We all still want to know.. did he leave the philodendron?? Maybe the one Amanda put back in the Q bureau was inherited from Fred!!! haaaaaa.. Poor Fred 😉

Anyway, back to this episode!

Seems Carpenter has ruined McGill’s plans with the earring reveal and she’s none too pleased.

[She’s so displeased, she’s surrounded by weapons, and still felt the need to do a finger gun!]
Seems Carpenter was unaware the list was being put up for sale by McGill. But hey, maybe he can be convinced to get on board with a bit of treason if it means he gets to wooo his dream girl.

We find out Carpenter has left the other earring with a note and his name on it for her to find.
[How romantic.. Hmmmm where? Somewhere non stalker creepy and totally romantic right??]
Carpenter: It’s in a pillow in her bedroom. I can get it back, no sweat.
[WHA?????? Carpenter has snuck his way into her bedroom??????!!!!!!!
What the actual heck is this creep doing???!!!! Ewwwwwwww…
I don’t like Elisa Danton at all. But no one deserves this.
He is 100% Creepy Central and Operation Urgent Fury for all women has kicked in for me!!!!!!
Hope he meets an untimely (and now very timely) end soon!!
Okay okay. sorry I’ll stop ranting now..]

McGill plans to go retrieve the earring from Danton’s bedroom pillow… and we learn the list was in the ‘diplomatic pouch’ that had the agency logo on it.
[Lol that’s super stealthy right here.]
we get an interesting line from McGill in this scene that I thought was worth mentioning..
McGill: A good officer takes advantage of every opportunity. Sand Pebbles is a golden opportunity and I do not intend to let anything or anyone including Elisa Danton keep me from it.
[Another reference to gold – and this golden opportunity. Which will turn out to be anything but golden!]

Back to Sgt Stillman at the Pentagon, and he reports to Lee the Grenada records have been sealed, and he’s received a ‘ Code Vermillion Restriction.’
These apparently overrule an alpha 17 clearance, and are rare. Lee tries to charm just five minutes with the report and gets a gun pointed at his for his stupid attempt. lol.
[So dramatic. lol]

Back to Billy’s office and we get to learn some more about Code Vermillion restrictions. [I like smk’s self awareness with this gem of an exchange here.]
Lee: (to Dr Smyth)  …Someone slapped a Code Vermillion restriction on the Grenada files.
Smyth: Vermillion? Who in the hell comes up with these colors? Someone’s interior decorator?
[Sticking with the theme here – this is gold 🙂 ]

Billy goes on to explain for no other reason than the audience needs to know and the two people he is talking to already know it that…
Billy: There are only four people with the authority to override an Alpha Seventeen: it’s the President, the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and the officer with the most seniority of the Joint Chiefs.
Lee: …General Bradford Garrett, senior ranking officer of the Joint Chiefs, coordinated the invasion of Grenada. Spent six months on the island.

Dr Smyth shares that Garrett was at that party… the plot thickens.. Dr Smyth tells Lee to sweat the general, while he heads to the White House to get this code Vermillion restriction lifted.

[I’m thinking the earring caper screams romance as Elisa herself noted. This General Garrett seems to me to have not a single romantic bone in his body. lol. but okay I’m along for the ride here..]

** A sigh of relief, Ahhhhhhhh finally another Lee and Amanda scene!**

In the Q bureau…
(Amanda is working at the computer on Lee’s desk as Lee enters. She barely glances up.)
Amanda: Hello, Stranger.
Lee: That’s too close to the truth to be funny. You miss me?
Amanda: Of course, I missed you.

Lee: Good, good. Any luck authenticating that earring?

Amanda: Well, I started with Caribbean artifacts at the Smithsonian, then I spent half a day at the art history department at Georgetown and I’ve been on the computer with the Louvre for nearly an hour. It’s the real thing. The key is in the cut of the ruby. Now, it’s something called “Louis Soixante Lace” designed by a famous Grenadian named Francois Villard de Beauchamp and the earrings were commissioned in 1839 by Brigadier Hale as a gift for his wife. They’ve been in the family ever since.

Lee: Very impressive.
Amanda: Thank you.

Lee: Yeah, we just found out that Pentagon Central Shipping delivered that earring to Elisa’s. You think you can find out who signed that delivery order?
[If Carpenter signed it, he’s a total dufus!]
Amanda: No problem. I can get a lot done when I don’t have any distractions in here.
Lee (heads to door then turns back): Listen, uh… Amanda, when all this is over, do you mind if I get back to distracting you?
Amanda (staring at computer): I’ll be looking forward to it. (She smiles)

(Lee grins and leaves.)

[Okay! What do you all make of this little exchange?
SMK had to deliver some exposition, so why not add a little Lee and Amanda charm while they do it? It’s understated, and maaaaaaybe a little disappointing in it’s understatment.. but I’m so hungry for these little moments at this point that I’ll take it!!!
Maybe this is them re-establishing work boundaries thanks to being busted by Dr Smyth earlier? Yeah… I’ll go with that!!! ]

Moving on to the golf course, where Garrett is hard at work improving his game, all supported by his trusty aide McGill.

[This all has shades of the episode ‘The Mole’ with Larner and his trusty PA Margaret!]

Lee joins them and tries to engage Garrett in conversation but he’s continuing to be defensive and block Lee’s digging.

[Lee looks so good outdoors!]
Lee: … we’re afraid that the Grenadian invasion involved a very serious breach in our intelligence network. That’s why I’m really here.

Garrett: Damn it, that exercise went smoother than the skin on a baby’s behind and I’m not about to have a bunch of paper-pushing civilians with twenty-twenty hindsight telling me any different.
[Seems Garrett doesn’t know about Nappy / Diaper Rash!]

Garrett drives off with McGill in his golf cart.

[You know, I think early Lee would have found someone like Garrett triggering…(getting all huffy and calling him Pal!),  he was often reactive with military older men with this attitude.. I like to think this is thanks to him having worked through his upbringing, resentments toward his uncle, and that he has healed. Hoorah. Yeah I’m going with that!]

Next scene.. we head to Raymond’s the restaurant.

[I don’t know have we seen this one?]
Elisa enters, and joins Billy.. [I’m confused about how she joins him… was she there to lunch with someone else?]
Elisa: Billy, Billy, Billy! What a surprise.
Billy: Elisa! How are you?
Elisa sits down.
Elisa: Very upset. With you. (off his look) Yes, you. You knew all about that silly earring problem and you didn’t come by once!

[I’m really hoping that Billy doesn’t give two hoots about your feelings Elisa]
Billy: Lee came out the very next day.
Elisa: A lot of help Lee Stetson was. He’s so starry eyed about that woman he’s involved with, he can’t see straight.
(Billy reacts, then covers.)
[Seriously? Is this amateur hour? Elisa isn’t that good. I guess people underestimate her so she sneaks in and finds out whatever she wants to know about the man she currently has her eye on/ claws in.]
Billy: I’ve never known Lee to be anything but professional, especially where there’s a woman concerned.
[Even I don’t buy that haaaaaa]
Elisa: That’s because you haven’t known him like I have, darling. What a loss of good manpower. I was wondering why Lee’s name hadn’t appeared on the social duty roster for a while. (sighs) Humor me, Billy. What’s she like? Young, glamorous, sexy… rich?
Billy (smiles): Not really. She’s just a lovely woman. I don’t think Lee could have done much better than (catches himself) this particular person. [Stop talking Billy]
Elisa: And who is this particular person?
Billy: You’ll have to ask Lee, Elisa. [Perfect answer!] …. I get the feeling that that’s still classified information. [I don’t like this answer! Why did you volunteer this Billy!!!!! Silly Billy!!!!]
Elisa: Classified information, huh? If he’s not going public, then he’s still a free agent.

Billy: I think you’re wrong.

Elisa: Billy, you’re talking to Elisa Danton. I’m never wrong about this sort of thing. In the circles I travel, I can’t afford to be.
[LOL she travels in circles huh. That explains a lot! 😉
Never wrong about this sort of thing? Cos she’s unteachable and thinks she’s always right. Am I supposed to like Elisa?! I’m not seeing how I could!!

You know what, if she wants to have tons of superficial relationships with consenting men that’s up to her and she can do what she likes, but I don’t agree with her setting her sights on Lee and then refusing to accept his no. She seems to me to be dangling this earrings thing in front of him too so he has to play this game with her to get what he wants. Sooooo sorry, I really don’t trust her and I don’t like the games she plays… Also, I’m not buying the threesome – I don’t think Elisa Danton likes to share!!!! haaaa]

(She stands and leaves. Billy watched with her a look of concern.)
[Looks to me like she leaves the restaurant without eating.
Okay, so what do you all make of this scene?
Hmmm I think Elisa found out where Billy was eating lunch and manufactured a serendipitous meet so she could find out about Lee’s love life. She starts off talking about the earring, as she knows Billy is working on it, and leads him straight into mentioning Lee Stetson. Then, she jumps straight to Lee being all starry eyed about the love of his life.
Honestly, she needs to get herself a job. I don’t think Fundraising is interesting enough for her..
She has way too much time on her hands, seems her full time job is chasing men she wants to bed and getting what she wants. Annoyingly, it seems to me she is good at getting information!
I’m starting to wonder if she’s an MI-6 agent! That would be a good job for her.. but then again, I think she is way too superficial and unserious to work for a government, she seems to be only interested in herself. Clearly, I still don’t like her. At. All.
I guess she is free to choose for herself the kind of life she wants to live, but I can’t help but think it’s a real shame she isn’t doing something more meaningful with her life than playing games and chasing men. I’m not even seeing a hint there is more to her than that.. – maybe that’s down to the writers?! lol. I don’t know! This could have been a spin off series – Elisa Danton finds her true purpose, and joins MI-6. Haaaaaa… I could have even been cheering her on!]

Back to the bullpen, and Billy seeks out Lee to warn him about Elisa.. Lee is off to a casual dinner with Elisa… ‘she has a dozen date books that could give us a clue as to who sent her that hot piece of ice. This evening was all the time she had available. [Yeahhhhh Lee because Elisa has such a busy schedule sure sure] (Billy blocks him again. Lee is getting more concerned than confused) What do you know about this?
Billy: Oh, just an educated guess. Elisa slid up next to me at lunch with a trout line in the water. Every hook is baited and waiting for you, Scarecrow. [LOL Elisa seems to inspire metaphors! Now she’s a fisherman huh with a baited hook!]
Lee (annoyed): Look, you are the second person that’s come up to me and warned me to watch my flank. Why is everyone so concerned?
[I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this, I’m trying to remember how I saw this episode the first time… did any of you ever worry Lee was going to errrr take the bait?????]
Billy: This is Elisa Danton, Scarecrow. You two have a pretty steamy history. Elisa has a memory like an elephant.

Lee: Well, thanks for the caution, Billy, okay? But remember one thing – I’m not a freshman agent anymore. I can handle myself.
Billy (blocks him again): Maybe but I’d suggest you just stay away from the oysters. (He saunters back to his office.)

[I find this whole subplot pretty weird at this point.. What do you think???!!!!
All this is overestimating Elisa’s (and Oyster’s) powers of seduction, haaaa way too insulting of Lee’s powers of resistance! Right now, I share Lee’s annoyance that people think he doesn’t see what is obvious, and he can’t handle himself.
What do you think? I’m not sure if the writers intended for the audience to have genuine concern here about whether Lee would be a dufus here and give up on everything he values for a piece of what’s on offer. If that’s what they were going for then they are overestimating their writing skills, and underestimating our love and connection for Lee Stetson the character. Not even a reference to another threesome in his past leads me to even for a moment ponder whether Lee Stetson would have really cheated on Amanda – at all – much less with a floozy like Elisa Danton. For me, this is a fail, and pretty dumb idea.
Lee can eat as many oysters as he wants. He isn’t going to be unfaithful to Amanda!!!]

Do share your own thoughts if you like! I’m really curious about what you all think of this plot!

22 responses to “2/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This scene with Lee and Elisa by the pool is one of those SMK moments that has always stuck with me. My reaction to Elisa here is that … she is perfectly lovely.

    So, I might as well get this out of the way now… what I expect is my least-popular SMK opinion of all time.

    I LOVE Elisa Danton. She is awesome and I wish she could have been a regular character on the show.

    While I understand that it is no fun to see another woman being so “touchy” with Lee, I will admit that I have always been bewildered by the disdain, hate, and insults that the SMK fandom as a whole has directed toward this character. It has been a constant feature of SMK discussion boards, websites, you name it – and it bothers me, a lot.

    Greeting Lee by the pool, Elisa seems so genuinely happy to see him again. Her smile is warm and beautiful. Everything about her exudes pleasure. They were lovers, she obviously took great joy in his company, and she thought the feeling was mutual (and it probably was, back then). Seeing him now, she remembers him as the man he was years ago. And she would love to pick up where they left off. She has good taste in men!

    Lee is a very different person now. He is married … but Elisa has no way of knowing that. She is observant, however, and she is smart. The very first question out of her mouth – “Who is she?” – it shows that she does indeed have good instincts that something is different. I like how she asks the question so warmly – she thinks of Lee as a good friend and really expects him to answer her honestly, I think. But Lee does not answer her question at all – he completely skirts around it. He never confirms that yes, he seriously involved with another woman now and he is definitely “off the market.”

    Why not? I guess because Dr. Smyth wanted him to be flirtatious and “lead her on” so that she would be forthcoming with information… Or else because Lee has just become so used to lying about his relationship with Amanda, everything has become tangled up. In any case – I think he is giving off mixed signals here. He is, after all, putting his hands on her waist. Elisa thinks – his thing with this other woman – it can’t be all that serious… if it was, why wouldn’t he just tell me? And so she decides that she would like to restart their hot affair, fling, whatever it was. If Lee wanted her to stop, he should have told her, definitively, that he is not interested. He could have made it clear that he is in a committed relationship with a woman he loves deeply. He did not do that.

    I see no reason to hate a character who wants to be with Lee (again, good taste) and isn’t afraid to go for it, when he doesn’t even have the wherewithal to tell her he is off the market. I see nothing that causes me to believe she has “too much time on her hands.” The kind of serious fundraising she is involved with is consuming and important work in Washington. I wonder if she is also directly involved in the defense contracting business that her father started, because it seems to me she might have a security clearance. That would explain why she is friendly with Dr. Smyth, on a first-name basis with Billy, etc. She knows that Lee works for the Agency. Not International Federal Film.

    Iwsod, I do get a kick out of your suggestion that Elisa could work at MI6 – because it similar to my own thought that she really acts like an agent, and would make a good one! She could have made a great recurring character.

    In a way, this whole thing with Elisa reminds me of Lost and Found, when Angelo was reminiscing with Lee about their time in Italy with Eva… A simpler, romantic time, when affection was free-flowing. This was a time in Lee’s life that I am interested in, one that we have not learned much about for quite a long time.

    I wrote before that this episode used to make me uncomfortable. It wasn’t because I didn’t like Elisa. It was because I like her so much! I think she is incredibly attractive, smart, and lovely. I can see why she and Lee would have been good together once. But not anymore.

    The reason this episode doesn’t “work” is because we get the “glitter” – Elisa – but we don’t get any of the “gold,” which is Amanda. We don’t get ANY good scenes between Lee and Amanda that show the great love and emotional intimacy that they share, the kind of intimacy that Lee doesn’t have with Elisa or anyone else. The episode desperately needs this, but it is not there. Instead they kill a lot of time with the stupid “you’d better watch out” comments to Lee, which is a total waste.

    Watching the second scene with Lee and Amanda in the Q-Bureau, I am convinced that the actors were not even in the same room together for most of the filming. There is only one frame in the entire scene that shows both of them. It is terrible.

    No, I do not think Lee is seriously tempted by Elisa, not at all. If Amanda had a real role in this episode, I think they would have made that a lot more clear.


    • Agree! Given KJ’s health at the time and her not wanting the cast and crew to know she was sick, the producers tried to make this episode workable minus KJ (It didn’t). It was said that nobody really knew she was sick other than a producer and maybe another crew member. I find that hard to believe that the cast didn’t know. Looking at the few times she’s seen on camera, she appears very thin and frail. It was very hard seeing her like that. I am a huge KJ fan, love her and her work.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you @peakcockdancer. I like Elisa’s casual confidence and obvious grace. I also like the way she gently pushes Lee’s boundaries, when she knows something’s up; and she goes to the source (Amanda) to get her info and make her judgement. I thought it was playful and would have liked more “we know what’s up with you two so just spill it” type of scenes from close friends like Billy and Francine.


      • Wait a minute!!!! iluvsmk????!!!!!! it is you!!!! it is you!!!!!
        Hey welcome back- it’s been a while! A few years at least right?
        Really glad you could come and share your thoughts!

        Seriously, I love that people can just slide right back into the walk and it’s all good. Come say hi when you can, and when you can’t – all good, and come back if you can!

        It’s a little more tricky for me I guess.. but having JWWM is really not a hardship. I just do what I can when I can.
        Today I get a little pocket of time to delve into smk and I got this lovely surprise that iluvsmk is back. Awesome!!


  2. Iwsod… I posted earlier but I don’t see it. Did I end up in limbo land? If yes, please feel free to delete this post. I can repost my comment, if not.


    • Hi Sara, I can see you commented earlier to say you were having trouble liking comments. is that the earlier comment you were referring to? sounds annoying!!! Doesn’t sound like something I can help with sorry. Maybe try another browser and see if that helps. or give it a bit and see if it’s fixed, maybe it’s a wordpress problem.


      • I posted a response here, but I guess it didn’t show up at all. I’ll repost it again. And yes, also not able to get the like button to work. Maybe I wore it out? So many good posts. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hi Sara! oh rofl! that must be it! 🙂
          I just managed to like your comment so I’m thinking it’s not a global issue – sorry!

          So glad you will repost – I do really want to hear your thoughts! I’m finishing up the final post for this episode now and then I’m looking forward to going back and responding to comments.

          Hope everyone is well!


  3. Dotty’s Favorite Sweater

    I think a lot of the weirdness in this episode comes from how they reworked the original script, which I believe had Amanda working with Elisa and feeling a little… uncertain… about whether Lee really wanted “milk and cookies instead of champagne and caviar,” or however the writers put it. They tried to illustrate the contrast in the two women, and the change in Lee, without Amanda and it falls kind of flat. You know Lee’s not going to cheat. You know he’s uncomfortable. They could have really delved into his character with this situation and had him come clean to
    Billy or something but they were probably rushed and panicked and nothing is ever written well by committee.

    Anyway, it’s too bad because they could
    Also have had more fun with Elisa. She seems to like men but I’m not sure 1980s TV-style feminism was really ready for her.


    • hiya and welcome to the blog!!! Hey is your handle spelled correctly? If there’s a typo just reply and let me know and I can fix it for you.

      Yeah I think with these final episodes we can give it all a handwave and put it down to the short notice need for rewrites etc. I’ll still give my 2 cents about if it worked or not while being grateful we got what we got though. lol.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    • Is there a copy of this script anywhere? I’ve only seen the updated version on Petra’s site and it already has Amanda’s content reduced.


  4. It was very much a Kate lite episode.

    So, since I haven’t seen this episode, my comments are very lite.
    I don’t think he was tempted in response to Lee and Elisa. In his earlier days, even during seasons 1 and 2, no doubt he would have been tempted. I think his mind was on Amanda. I do like this, Lee.
    I don’t get the scene where Billy is talking to Elisa. She asks him who this woman has in Lee’s mind these days; Billy replies that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. After Elisa tells him it’s her, he’s talking to, he then goes on and tells her she’s just a lovely woman, and Lee couldn’t have done better.

    I like how Billy describes Amanda. Then again, he always had a soft spot for her.

    Finally, the last thing has to do with this secret marriage. It’s evident Billy adores Amanda, and he knows they’re together. I don’t think I will ever understand what they were thinking with this season. This, by far, was the worst season.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks for sharing your thoughts… even if this isn’t a fave! I really appreciate it. If I was blogging and hearing nothing back in these last eps I’d really struggle!!

      lol Amanda lite is spot on.
      I believe in the final post for this ep I’ve asked people to guess how long Amanda is on screen. I added it up. Yep I literally added it up because I have to watch the ep a number of times while writing it up anyway so why not.

      soooo have a guess!!!! and let’s see how you go in the final post 🙂


  5. Got a kick out of the scenes with Lee & Stillman. Lee’s kind of hot in the golf course scene.

    I enjoy the actress playing the villain — wish she was in a different role.

    The Q Bureau scene between Lee & Amanda is adorable.

    This may be one of the only times I didn’t mind Dr. Smyth. His line about interior decorators is hilarious.

    Dirtbag Danton agitates the living crap out of me. Actually most of this ep agitates me. I think they should have had the jewels come to Francine instead since she had a wealthy background and made this a Francine focused ep.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. i read every word — love these write-ups! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So, this must be a Kate lite episode….is Billy filling in for her? Tbh I thought the one scene we had was very…detached. Thanks as usual team Scarecrow.

    Liked by 1 person

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