3/3 Season One, Episode 8: Saved by the Bells

We re-join Lee and Amanda searching the neighbourhood for where Amanda was held captive.

When Amanda hears the bells, she panics and thinks a nasty ice-cream truck is coming straight for her- Not really- I lie! Do all ice-cream trucks play the same tune in the US? ( in Australia they all play green sleeves!) this ice-cream truck is playing exactly the same tune as the ice cream truck that killed the guy in Service Above and Beyond!! Can anyone name the tune? Karen, do you know it?

140Anyway, Amanda recognises the bells and knows she is close and asks Lee to pull over. Lee smartly shuts up with the growling and let’s her think! Cue the fake sounding dog bark!!! Amanda knows she has found it when she hears the very fake sounding dog bark as most homes have a real dog barking.. not a fake dog Winking smile

141Next thing we see Lee and Amanda are in the living room / library of the house.. and the little woman of the house is outraged!!

Lee tries to get tough with her saying: Please now this lady says that she was held captive here, the federal government takes a dim view of..

Little woman: I never saw her before in my life!

Love Lee’s body language here.. HaHaHa emoticon[27]! He doesn’t know what to do with a little angry woman! hehehehee.. She is half his size and he is leaning back away from her! haaaa…. Did you notice guys.. the ugly blue carpet has a strange white cross on it right where Lee is standing???!!! hehehehee.. come on camera guys.. avoid those markers!! they stand out a mile on that blue stuff they might try and call carpet!

Love the reveal of the ‘beautiful blue porcelain 144tea service’ (after all this is smk- baddies love tea!)..
145Lee has a little nervous chuckle at the hula dancin doll…
but.. he doesn’t immediately have a go at Amanda.. he is having doubts, but trying to 147believe her.. (Love how fake Amanda with the bad wig is seen walking over to the cupboard, bending down and opening the cupboard!)

149Amanda isn’t giving up!: When this book is pulled the bar will open up.

150Lee is silently sceptical but hopeful!

When Amanda pulls the book promising to reveal a bar but it’s the wrong book! Lee starts to lose 151it “Amanda this is becoming embarrassing!!!” and if there is one thing Lee doesn’t like (!!!!) but Amanda desperately keeps trying!!! good on you Amanda..

152No not little women!”cries the little woman… ahhhhh… priceless..typical smk humour- Love it!.Amanda tips the book and Lee gets spun around… take that Lee! you should have kept the faith with Amanda.. and believed her over some grouchy little woman. Love the look on Lee’s face 153as he gets spun around.. ROFL!!!It seems quite a tight fit for him to get around too.. since he wasn’t standing in the middle of the semi circle..

154So Lee goes around and is replaced by a bar – and Zinoiev! argh!!! seems Zinoiev is a bit surprised at his reveal.. what he couldn’t hear all the people on the other side talking about which book it was that would reveal the bar? or was he that cocky and confident that he didn’t care??… he is impressed at scarecrow yet again..

Hey if Lee caught Rostov, you would have thought Rostov would have told the russians what the scarecrow looks like.. or at least his gender! but nooooo… they still have no idea who scarecrow is.. what did Lee do? offer free unlimited burritos to Rostov when he is in town??!!

Oh Love the little “Amanda?” we hear from Lee on the other side of the bookcase.. HaHaHa emoticon[23]HaHaHa emoticon[25]The tone of voice is so cute.. Amanda come and rescue me I’m in here quick!!!!!! Lucky for Amanda this time the bar turns in the other direction so that Zinoiev turns away from Amanda and can’t shoot her.. hmm..

155Lee now fully convinced (!!) grabs Amanda’s hand (awh!!) and tries to make a run for it.. but.. too late.. the big 156guy with the big napkin also has a big gun… dig the reverential music( is that the 1812 overture?) as Zinoiev re-joins them ( I love how this time he is 157revealed leaning on the bar looking suave! Complete opposite of a moment ago!) to salute scarecrow for finding him.. he is in awe of her talent.. he heee..

158Lee pipes up: Look, she has nothin to do with this!

159Zinoiev:tell the big fella to keep quiet



Amanda / the scarecrow! : quiet big fella .


Whooooo the look on Lee’s face.. hehehehhee.. the top spy is addressing Amanda and telling Lee the child to shut up.. love it!

The next scene finds Lee and Amanda in a little waiting room of a warehouse or something talking to Zinoiev.. Lee is so funny to watch in this scene.. he doesn’t know whether to growl with frustration at Zinoiev giving Amanda the credit and thinking he is a nobody or preen because he has a fantastic reputation as such a good agent! hehehee..  I think this scene is one of smk’s funniest –Gold!! Right up there with Lee and Amanda doing good cop/bad cop! Smile

Amanda is still trying to convince Zinoiev she isn’t scarecrow.. Amanda!!! .. Thank goodness the penny finally drops…

Zinoiev: ha haaa.. if I believed that, then what use would you be to me?!! Do you think I could let you live one more second

162Amanda: your right, this is your lucky day



: the question is, what to do with you.
Amanda: don’t you have another agent you could…. trade me for?

(love Lee’s reaction to this!!!!)HaHaHa emoticon[19]
Zinoiev: errr no

Amanda: oh
Zinoiev: undoubtedly you have information which I can use but your reputation precedes you.
Zinoiev: I can torture you for hours and you’d remain silent.
Amanda: oh yes, torturing me would be silly! HaHaHa emoticon[15]HaHaHa emoticon[17](One of my favourite smk one liners!!)

Zinoiev: although trying could be very interesting… no no no..all things considered the best thing would be to send you back to Moscow.
Amanda: won’t it be difficult getting an important spy like me out of the country? 168Zinoiev: ahhh that analytical mind of yours never rests does it.

169(Lee still lookin smug!HaHaHa emoticon[13])

Zinoiev: no no..your correct we’re going to send you back to Moscow packed in a refrigerator.
Amanda: wait a minute
Zinoiev: pleasant trip!
Amanda: the place is surrounded!
Zinoiev: oh I shall be very careful.. (thinking she is joking maybe?!!)
170Lee: the place is surrounded??!!!!

Poor Amanda.. come on Lee.. she is doing her best.. and she isn’t the all amazing scarecrow!! she needs your support.. not criticism.. so far.. lee has done nothin!

Love this little line here:

Zinoiev: prepare the scarecrow for shipment. Jamieson this time…. remember the airholes!!!

 HaHaHa emoticon[11]No wonder Zinoiev thinks the scarecrow is super intelligent!

Amanda is really starting to panic (I know I would!!) Lee is trying to think of something.. but so far.. zip..

Lee: relax will ya

173Amanda: oh sure easy for you to say your not the one they are gonna stuff into a refrigerator and send off to Moscow.

Lee: no I’m the one they are gonna put up against a wall and shoot!

Lee takes out his frustrations on the chair.. joins Amanda at the table and buries his head in his hands..
Amanda: I’m sorry..

175On hearing this he calms, recollects himself.. notice he pats himself on the hand while he tells her it’s ok.. 176and then he reaches over to her and grabs her arm and says it’s gonna be ok.. awh Lee… swooooooonnn…

177Jameison enters the room and calls “scarecrow!” and they both answer !
Yeah! hehehee..
Lee looks at Amanda as if realising oh yeah.. that’s not me right now.. and Amanda looks like she is wishing it wasn’t her!

The moment Jameison grabs Amanda to take her away Lee’s brain finally kicks into gear.. threatening that the scarecrow won’t allow herself to be taken alive.. good one Lee!!! (plus 180he manages to compliment himself in the process! hehehe) ..

Amanda’s face here as she tries to understand
where he is going with this is great! KJ is so great at doing scared and funny all at once!

Lee: The scarecrow would rather die than talk to you scum!

Great improvising guys.. they are such a great team! They fool Jameison, Lee punches him and they manage to get out the door..

Every time Amanda is running with her back to camera she has very different hair that flops and moves like a wig… hehehehe.. I guess her foot is still injured in this episode..

Lee: Ok, one of us can get to that exit if the other one shoots.
Amanda: ok, I’ll cover you if you show me how to shoot!! HaHaHa emoticon[9]
rofl!! I love that!!

Lee: no. I want you to find a phone and tell Billy where we are,
tell him their smuggling airplane parts to the middle east
(eh???? errr how does Lee know that??? !!!!)

Amanda: What about you?
Lee: what about me?
Amanda: well there’s so many of them!

Lee heroically cocks his gun and gets ready to shoot and doesn’t respond (verbally!!) .. I laugh when he does this.. he looks so heroic I expected him to say ‘darlin I eat men like them for breakfast!’
Lee: alright, go!!

Amanda hunts all her pockets for change.. so she doesn’t move.. Lee realises she isn’t moving..

Amanda: I don’t have change! HaHaHa emoticon[7]
(See mobile or cell phones have robbed us of funny moments like this I guess!)

Lee: ah ya… (wooo Lee manages to watch his language for Amanda!)
Amanda: sorry!
Lee growls: here..(gives her his change) alright go go..

The baddies start shooting and Lee crouches down behind a crate.. looks like he doesn’t cover Amanda anyway..she runs when he isn’t shooting- LOL! Stunt Amanda just runs and the baddies are nice enough to let her get past..Ha!

Oh well looky here.. there just happens to be a public phone right outside the door.. Uh oh.. she needs a codename to leave a message? Lee should have showed her how to shoot..

Uh oh. Lee is nabbed!

Love how Amanda tries describing Billy’s office.Ha!

I know I keep saying I love this and that.. but well.. there is soooo much to love! I love how Amanda puts this:
Operator: According to my information scarecrow is suspended.
Amanda: he’s gonna be dead if you don’t put me through!
HaHaHa emoticon[5]

Love when Zinoiev gives the little whistle to his goon to wack Lee good to get an answer.
Zinoiev: why are you so loyal to a woman who left you behind..
Just as he says this, Lee spies Amanda hiding behind him.. even at this early stage, Lee knows Amanda is going to try and help, she could have left- but she doesn’t .. see the little laugh Lee gives as the goons push him away from Zinoiev to dump his dead body into the water? .. what a tough guy.. and.. what confidence in Amanda! Smile

(what is that music playing as stunt Amanda climbs those high shelves??? anyone??)

Great aim dropping those tyres Amanda.. whoa.. Jamieson goes from a blonde to a brunette as those tyres come crashing down.. LOL!
Lee hiding behind the boxes hears Amanda the scarecrow yell: Alright don’t move any of you!
201Zinoiev: scarecrow


Amanda/scarecrow: yes I’m back, and if any of you move.. Your History!! ( it is too funny! not only does Lee have to put up with Amanda acting tough and not knowing what she is doing, he has to do it while he hides behind the boxes! LOL!!
Zinoiev: she means it, scarecrow is merciless. Amanda/scarecrow: now my assistant will disarm you. Hold very still. Assistant! HaHaHa emoticon[3] (At this point I swear I am rolling on the floor with laughter! I love this!!!!)

Lee gets the guy’s guns and tells them to line up.. Amanda says “don’t forget to frisk them.” 203Lee barks: “I won’t!!!!”

Don’t you just love how Amanda decides to play the scarecrow ace up her sleeve? she totally bluffs it.. and Lee was crouching away thinking oh nooo what is she doing now?! Amateur!!! and.. she is right! the baddies totally fall for it!! ahhh this is great stuff!!!!

Amanda: our people are on the way, is there anything else I can do?
Lee: no! you can leave your silver bullet and ride off.

206Zinoiev: I tip my hat to you scarecrow
until we meet again…
208209You should learn from her my boy. she’s the best! HaHaHa emoticon

212Lee: yeah..

I would love to hear your theories of why Lee reacts the way he does.. he certainly is snarly with her at the end there.. and she came back to save his life.. the ungrateful so and so Winking smile. I am guessing he doesn’t like being relegated to assistant .. and she is certainly making the most of the situation to have fun with it.. hey, she got kidnapped, stuffed in a crate all because they thought she was scarecrow… there’s got to be some kind of an upside for Amanda out of this situation!! and the upside is.. she gets to boss Lee around, tease him and remind him to frisk.. and he can’t do a thing about it! hehehee.. and.. she gets Zinoiev complimenting her work, and telling Lee he should learn from her. Sweeeeeet!!!!   It is just pure poetry!! 

Tag time! Jamie’s birthday party is a flop.. no 213pretzel the clown, the guests have gone home.. grandma’s hands have been cranked raw making ice cream.. but 214wow.. check out how many presents this little guy gets! my goodness!!!

Pretzel suddenly turns up!!!! and the boys yell ice-cream!!!! hurray.. the ice-cream is back on!!! Amanda has a quiet word with pretzel..

says: nah just a little burned out, boy you have some connections. this guy calls me up says he’s with the federal government, says he has friends in the IRS and they’re going to audit me all the way back to 67 if I don’t show up… boy you don’t mess around do ya lady.

Amanda: ha haaa…

Love how Amanda says Jamie’s got the chicken pox.. not just chicken pox..

No SMK episode is complete without Magic.. and this week we have……. the Magic Collar! yep.. just check out Amanda’s in the tag.. down up down up.. uuuuuuuuupppppp… down! Smile

Sooo how about that for a thankyou! Mr proud Lee says thanks indirectly.. (he is gonna work on that!) Isn’t it great though, that he was actually listening to her rant about pretzel the clown???!!!! With all the stress they had going on?! and that he gets the clown to show up like that for the boys.. (I think he feels for the boys given his own lack of a close family unit..) boy, Lee sure is Mr get in there and fix things.. bless him! I just loved that even though he was frustrated and growling at her in the car when she was having her rant about pretzel- he listened to what she was saying.. remembered it later.. and he fixed it for her – I think to say thanks!! Awhhhh.. Oh and to top it all off – he does what Dean couldn’t!!! haaaaaa ( remember at the beginning of the episode Amanda said Dean would try to get Pretzel the clown)

I really loved this episode. I thought it was a very funny episode- I think it is definitely in the top 5 funniest SMK episodes no doubt!

Thanks for reading!!!!

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  1. Love the backhanded reference to North by Northwest (Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint , MGM 1959 and perhaps Hitchcock’s best ). When this originally aired in the U S I remember telling my husband, “ They did the N x NW thing!“ If you don’t know the film the mysteriously changing cabinet contents in the library are about 30 mins into the story. Now if only Lee could have chased the bad guys down the face of Mount Rushmore!


    • So what’s the North by Northwest reference?
      Join the dots for me? lol. Is it secret bookcase?

      rofl. a chase down Mt Rushmore, that sounds really smk!!!


      • Yes, it’s the bookcase. When the goons take Cary Grant’s character there The first time the cabinet is full of liquor bottles, but when he goes back it’s just a shelf full of books.


    • Ohhh yes!!! I hadn’t put the NxNW reference together but I see it now! Good catch!


  2. This episode is genius – action, comedy, slapstick, emotion, tears, flirting, etc. One of the best! I love the line about teaching her how to shoot and then not having change. This episode just proves what a great team Amanda and Lee make. They compliment each other beautifully.

    I would have liked the tag more if Lee had come as the clown. Another disguise for Lee, a way to interact with Amanda and her family, and even more so – to be a hero in Amanda’s eyes – yet again.

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  3. #2019 rewatch

    I love watching Lee in that final scene as he gets more and more exasperated by Amanda hamming it up, probably worried that she’ll take it so far that the baddies will figure out the whole house of cards (since she probably never did get Billy on the phone). But then when Zinoviev compliments her, he visibly gives in to admiring her again as he suddenly sees what the Russians are seeing, in how she came back to help him and thought through a rescue plan all on her own.

    My only problem with this ep is understanding why Jamie would want a clown at his party when everyone knows CLOWNS ARE TERRIFYING.

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    • #2019rewatch
      My only problem with this ep is understanding why Jamie would want a clown at his party when everyone knows CLOWNS ARE TERRIFYING.

      Clagjanet, this had me doubled over laughing!! 😂😂😂😂 I have never found clowns terrifying, but can appreciate the thought process behind that movement. 😁 I’m oddly terrified of balloons popping (especially while I am blowing one up! Eek!!).

      My question is for Lee Stetson. In one episode, you call Amanda your pal, then disobey a direct order and commit treason to save her life, and save her son’s birthday party by making Pretzel the Clown appear. What exactly IS she supposed to think after all of that!?!?

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  4. Love Lee’s body language here.. HaHaHa! He doesn’t know what to do with a little angry woman! hehehehee.. She is half his size and he is leaning back away from her! haaaa….

    Lee was looking so far down … down … he had to be battling vertigo!

    I had a different take on Lee’s role in this tag. Our true Scarecrow had quite an ordeal to endure throughout this episode. His vacation was a bust … he committed treason … he had Amanda to reassure; then, Lee had to zip his lip as Amanda reaped all the accolades. Yes, it worked out brilliantly, but so much frustration had built up inside without an outlet. Lee was ready to explode … until he remembered Amanda’s recalcitrant clown. What a relief it was to unload it all onto this nameless jerk, anonymously threatening him with I.R.S. audits; then … just … hang up! Case closed.

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  5. Ok, I know I had many more thoughts than this when I was actually watching the episode today, but for now…

    Can I just say that I wholeheartedly agree this is such a great SMK mix of everything we love? Holy cow, is Lee Stetson something else during the trade scene and as others have eluded to, despite his wardrobe in this episode, he is just flat out gorgeous. (Anyone else’s heart skip a beat after he ruffles his hair in the warehouse waiting room scene???)

    Also love the humor in this episode. I think Z-man baddie (not going to try to spell it) helps because of how great he is responding to Amanda as Scarecrow, and how he talks about Scarecrow to Lee. He must be the laughingest baddie of the series.

    And the bells! In addition to the beginning phone ring rescue of by Lee of Amanda from the Dotty/Dean convo and the ice cream truck bells, the birthday party gets saved when the doorbell rings and it’s Pretzel the Clown. So in a roundabout way, Lee saved her twice with bells in this episode, and she only saved him once. 😉

    Lastly, has anyone ever thought this Rostov is the same one in Stemwinder? Obviously a different actor. It is never mentioned during the Stems. But just always wondered about it.


    • Lastly, has anyone ever thought this Rostov is the same one in Stemwinder? Obviously a different actor. It is never mentioned during the Stems. But just always wondered about it.

      Definitely not the same person or type of position. I think that Rostov is a somewhat common last name (like Smith in the USA). Incidentally, the Rostov in Stemwinder I & II was given a first name (Andre).

      FYI: The same actor, who plays Rostov here in SBTB, plays Steckler “the Scorpion” in S3’s “Playing for Keeps.”


      • Thanks, Nancy! Steckler the Stickler…good catch! Oh that makes me think of the scene where the barn blows up and there’s the outfit time warp! 😂 So what you’re saying is…Rostov is like Smith….with an “R” and an “ostov”. 😂


  6. I love this episode, the exchanges btw the characters, and the acting and how they relate to one another is just so great!
    I think this line is one of my faves and it makes me laugh every time!!!

    Amanda: oh sure easy for you to say your not the one they are gonna stuff into a refrigerator and send off to Moscow.

    Lee: no I’m the one they are gonna put up against a wall and shoot!


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  8. “Jamieson goes from a blonde to a brunette as those tyres come crashing down.”
    Not only that, the concrete floor changes to a wooden one!!! Wah hah hah. I’ve been laughing so hard watching this episode, I think my upstairs neighbour thinks I’m bananas! Ahhh… I love the Season 1/early Season 2 comedy.


  9. So many great one liners too little time 😀
    I love how the little woman in the baddie house squares up to Lee.
    The humour in this episode is great, from the jibes about air holes to silver bullets. I missed this sort of humour as the show went on. It’s all but lacking from S4 😦
    I don’t like the tag. Yeah it cute to think Lee went to the trouble of threatening Pretzel the clown but it just seems sadly lacking for me.


  10. Melissa Robertson

    ROFL with Amanda’s line, “Okay, I’ll cover you if you show me how to shoot!” If Lee had had a shoe phone like Maxwell Smart then he wouldn’t have needed change. This whole wharehouse scene is soooo funny!

    Yeah, Lee got the clown when Dean couldn’t and even though he has trouble verbalizing Thank You he does show it in actions 🙂


    • HI Melissa R!!! so wonderful to hear from you!!

      Well I am about to go away for two weeks.. so maybe while I am away you can catch up 😉

      yes the air holes line was genius!! I agree with you saved by the bells has got to be in the top 5 funniest episodes of smk ever!! I don’t know why but the outline of Amanda’s lipstick on the tape, and the way it flapped when she spoke just cracked me up!!! and when you stop and think about it- it was actually a really scary situation! Genius!! it was all genius!!

      Byeee so wonderful to hear from you! 🙂


  11. Melissa Vivens

    I love this blog, but I have to stop reading it at work. People are beginning to wonder why I burst out laughing.

    The music is a phrase from the Russian national anthem. Iwsod, you’re correct that it is part of the end of the 1812 overture, when the orchestra plays both the Russian and the French national anthems.


    • Haaaa! Excellent! Muahahahahaa!!

      Yes smk time at work is a bit risky 🙂

      Do let us know what you find funny! It’s great to hear and be reminded of all the funny moments.. Saved by the Bells is one of my votes for funniest smk episode!!

      Ahhh so you know lots about Music too Melissa? I think I only knew about the 1812 because Karen ( who posts on here) is very knowledgable about music and she has been educating me 🙂 Russian and French National anthems eh? great catch.. I will have to youtube search what they sound like!
      Thanks again!


    • Oh yes, laughing at these wonderfully hilarious analyses of the episodes in public places is a no-no. I was in the doctors office reading this on my phone and giggling so loudly while passing the time that the nurse came in to make sure I was okay! ROFL! I know she thinks I am demented! Well, I am, but in a good way 🙂


  12. Oh yes, fearless Dotty, and Amada must have been really really thirsty on her way out, although it is unlike her, to drink directly out of the jug, don’t you think? Thank you for your research on the viewing order, I really appreciate it.


  13. Oh no, I was not distracted with the magic collar, but wasn’t there another party with magic lemonade? But I guess, you have not covered that episope yet. Can’t wait to see that episode, I so much loved the Captain Galaxy storyline. Guess I have to stop before I start rattling along about Lee explaining how he managed to get him in time for the party. So utterly adorable.


  14. Thank you for the dialoge part for Pretzel, I did not get at all how Lee got him to attend when watching this.


    • Hi Julia you’re welcome!! It was hard for me to do that dialogue, I was sooooo distracted by Amanda’s magic collar! haaaa.. Were you having the same problem? 😉


  15. Hello Cindy,
    thanks for your reply: Was I totally mistaken to believe that “Pretzel the Clown” was our deadhead Dean in disguise? I know Dean promised the boys he would “try to engage Pretzel”, but I thought that was just to cover the fact that he was going to dress up as Pretzel. The same way that adults tell children Santa would come to their house and ask them if they behaved well or badly throughout the year, you know… But maybe Pretzel is a well-known figure in the U.S. and I got things all wrong because my crazy German mind was ignorant of this. I apologize for the confusion.
    Cheers, Karen


    • No worries, the first time I saw the episode, I thought it was Dean as well (I will have to go back and check the dialogue to why I was also confused). The thought of Lee threatening Dean is pretty funny though.
      Pretzel the Clown is nothing special (just a stage name, like Chuckles, or Manny the Clown, etc). I know many people who hate clowns — I think if were one of today’s shows, Pretzel would definitely be one of the psychotic bad guys.


  16. Hi Karen, Could you clarify your comment “only time we ‘see’ Dean”? The way I understood it, Dean was going to use his pull to get Pretzel the Clown to appear at Jamie’s party but couldn’t. Lee then threatened Pretzel (not Dean) to show up or he’d get the IRS to lean on him.
    Unfortunately, credits aren’t complete for the episode on who played Pretzel, but Dean was played by Thomas Babson and he isn’t listed in this episode. Cheers!


  17. Hi there! 😀

    Hooray to the bells of the ice cream wagon and the bark of the German shepherd. They lead our two heroes to the house where Amanda was held captive. But the couple living there does not seem to appreciate the house search very much. I think the little Lady in the red costume is the equivalent to the shepard dog in front of her house… Only she seems more like a little vicious terrier. LOL

    Wow, the top of her head barely reaches Lee’s chest. But she is so furious that the “big fella” moves back a little. ROFL! And her husband looks like an archivist with a bib stuffed in his collar… ROFL again! And then there is poor Amanda, eager to prove she is telling the truth. She is so certain about the porcelain and the revolving bookshelf… But everything she says turns out to be wrong. She is confused, Lee is losing it, Amanda pulls out one book after another… And whoaaaaaa! The book shelf rotates! That makes me laugh even louder. It reminds me of those little weather houses… Do you know what I am talking about? In case you don’t, check this out:


    Oh no, the archivist actually hid a gun under his bib! And voilà: Amanda and Zinoiev meet again. Iwsod I am not sure if I can answer your question about the music: But the first thing that came into my mind was “The great gate of Kiew” from the “Pictures at an exhibition” by the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. To me it really sounds like an allusion to this piece, but it is rather short and remote, so I can’t be sure. If you want to, listen yourself:

    Do you think this makes sense? It might be an ironic comment on what is happening in this scene… Especially since the whole misfortunate business with the mixed-up identities starts all over again. So funny how he tells Amanda to tell the “big fella” to be quiet! Look at Lee’s face! Ahhhhh, this episode is hilarious! How could I possibly dislike it? My sense of humour must have been underdeveloped those days. 😉

    Things seem to get much more tight in the store room where Amanda and Lee are held captive by Zinoiev. Amanda tries to convince him for the last time that she is not the Scarecrow, but Zinoiev only laughs at her. He thinks she could not let her live one more second if this was true. Ohhhhhhh, the look in Lee’s eyes! He knows things are getting real dangerous now. But thanks to Amanda the next minutes are so amusing I nearly roll on the floor laughing. To be more precise, the expression on Lee’s face when she asks “Don’t you have another agent you could trade me for?” totally cracks me up. And then the great delivery of her line: “Oh yes, torturing me would be silly.” Gasp! Help! This is too much! LOOOOOOOOOOL

    Lee looks totally smug when Zinoiev ponders over the Scarecrow’s qualities. But he is not very amused when he repeats Amanda’s last words: “The place is surrounded?!!” Poor Amanda. She looks pretty frustrated and crestfallen.

    “Jameson. This time, remember the air holes.” Bwahaaahaaaaaa! What a great line. Followed by one of my favourite scenes of this episode. Lee paces up and down, trying to figure something out that might save his and Amanda’s life. He reacts with aggression when Amanda pressures him to come up with an idea. The way he exclaims “No, I am the one they will put up against the wall and shoot!” almost makes me see it happen. Great delivery. He takes out his frustration on a chair. I can understand him. And it makes my heart melt how he reacts to Amanda’s apology. He immediately calms himself and tries to reassure her… He even touches her arm… Awwwwwwww…

    How funny both of them answer when Jameson enters the room calling “Scarecrow!”. Their “Yeah!” almost sounds identical! And look at the expression on their faces after they realized it! It is too funny! When Jameson grabs Amanda Lee decides to try a desperate trick, telling the baddie Amanda would bite on a capsule of cyanide if he would try to take her. Alright, I understand Lee has to improvise. But that’s a rather obvious bluff, don’t you think? Luckily for us Jameson is quite a numbnut, so both manage to run off.

    And finally we get to one of my most beloved hero-moments of Lee Stetson.
    “Tell Billy they’re smuggling air plane parts to the Middle East.”
    “What about you?”
    “What about me?”
    “Well, there are so many of them!”
    To this Lee gives no answer. He only cocks his gun with a super determined look on his face… Ahhhhh, the bravery! How can he be ready to fight alone against four or five men? I swoon over this every time I watch this. Or maybe I should say: I would swoon if Amanda didn’t frantically search her pockets for change! That is sooooooo realistic! And soooooo hilarious! Top-shelf SMK if you ask me. Maybe this is why we like the show so much: It combines drama and comedy with such light-hearted charm… Hope I do express myself clearly here.

    Amanda tries to get through to Billy, but the Lady on the phone is not very cooperative. She dryly states that according to her information Scarecrow is suspended. And here comes another great line from Amanda:
    “He’s gonna be dead if you don’t put me through!” 😀 😀 😀 Kudos to KJ for the delivery of that line!

    About the showdown I can only say I enjoy the irony that Lee displays some top-agent-qualities right in front of the baddies’ eyes and they still take Amanda for the Scarecrow. That is so ironic. May I add how awesome I find Lee when he refuses to tell Zinoiev anything and puts on his blank secret agent face? He even looks him up and down with scorn. He remains silent even when they try to beat the answer out of him… His eyes only glitter in return. And he does not react to Zinoiev’s order to kill him and drop his body to the water. He even gives a little laugh when the baddies push him away…. Man, this guy is so tough I really don’t know what to say. Awesome. O_O

    The rest is just plain fun, if you ask me. Love how Amanda calls Lee her assistant, hahaaa! The tag is one of the weaker ones I think… Although I really like the idea that Lee listened to Amanda earlier in the car and fixes everything so that Jamie can still have a wonderful birthday surprise. I have a question: Is this the only time we actually get to “see” Dean? How ironic to see him in this disguise, with a false bee on his big red nose… I love it. And Lee threatened him with the IRS? Do I guess correctly that this abbreviation stands for the fiscal authorities? Ah wait, I looked it up: IRS stand for Internal Revenue Service! I must have guessed correctly after all. Oh alright, I think the tag is quite good after all. 😉

    Thanks for reading, bye!


  18. Definitly one of the funniest episodes (out of curiousity, which other eps would round out your top 5?).
    My only complaint about the dialogue is now the majority of the fanfiction has Amanda calling Lee ‘Big Fella” at least once. Maybe it’s a minimum requirement to post on the site? *Shrug*
    I’m not sure what this says about me and my sense of humour, but I use the quote “this time…. remember the airholes!!! ” a lot. Cheers!
    PS. Clowns kind of creep me out.


    • Melissa Robertson

      That airhole line is funny…alot of funny lines through out this whole episode…this is definitely in my top 5!!! My kid’s favorite line is when the clown says, “I had chicken pox once.” Which is kind of funny because that was suppose to be the reason that Pickles couldn’t come because he had chicken pox 🙂

      Yeah, the big fella thing in the fanfic is annoying. But, I didn’t know if she called him that more in seasons 2&3 because in the scripts that I have read that have her calling him that I don’t have those yet to know if that was how it was finally filmed.


    • Oh the whole “big fella” thing in fan fiction is sooooo annoying! It’s adorable when Amanda says it on the show, in this episode, in this situation, to those characters. I have not read a single fan fic where it worked.


      • I can think of one, but it was intended as a dirty joke… 😆

        It is over-used, much like My Amanda, but made trickier because KJ did actually call BB “Big Fella” off screen which seemed to give people licence to go wild with it.


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