3/3 Vehicle Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

Welcome back to the final installment of the inaugural Vehicle Patrol Report! cheerleader On with the show…

Agency Vehicles

Some of the Agency vehicles we see (exclusive of Lee and Amanda’s cars)…

There Goes The Neighborhood

In TGTN, we see Francine arrive at the Betsy Ross Estates in a light blue Ford sedan (whoo! Stylin’ Francine, stylin’… smiley-laughing004):


Magic Bus

In MB, we see agents watching Amanda’s house in the diaper service surveillance truck (well, they’re watching until they start snoozing sleep):


In the same episode, near the end, we see Billy and Francine (and another agent) arrive in an Agency black Ford sedan, plate 4328-DC (government vehicle):


The ACM Kid

In TACMK, we see Lee and another agent watching the Kalnikov’s house spy from a blue Agency surveillance van:


Service Above And Beyond

In SAAB, we see agents (including Lee) watching—and listening (and ranting rant2)—outside the restaurant in an Agency cream Ford surveillance van:


Saved By The Bells

In SBTB, the car that follows Lee and Amanda hiding is an Agency vehicle—a black Ford sedan, but different to the one in Magic Bus, because this one doesn’t have a red pinstripe along the side:


Some amusing vehicle moments

The First Time

Who wouldn’t be amused by the helicopter scene in TFT, where Amanda is forced to pilot the chopper, and which includes such gems as “Open your eyes!” and “What are you wearing!?!” “What do you care?!?”? Ahh… love SMK! clip_image013


Amanda’s car also gets quite the workout in this scene clip_image016(maybe that’s why they went with the Ford LTD early on instead of the Oldsmobile—ROFL!):

S1E1_Amanda_Ford_Crashing1    S1E1_Amanda_Ford_Crashing2 

There Goes The Neighborhood

I mentioned this briefly in the previous post, but in TGTN, Scarecrow gets a parking ticket! clip_image016[1] ROFL!  (I wonder whether he gets to expense that?)


Later in the same episode, we see Scarecrow exit the Porsche and attempt to shut the door, but it fails to close (though Scarecrow is too distracted by trying to save Amanda to notice)—yet another reason for BB to dislike the car… clip_image023


Magic Bus

Lee seems to have a lot of fun gaming in MB. smiley-violent048 He manages to blow up the baddies’ Jeep (as seen in the previous post), and he cools off the Army:

S1E4_13   S1E4_25

S1E4_23   S1E4_24 

Saved By The Bells

Ahhh… and who could forget the three-golf cart impasse in SBTB? Classic SMK! clip_image034


Oopsie! Blooper reel!

The First Time

This blooper was already pointed out by Iwsod in her blog coverage of TFT, but I’ll mention it again here, just because.  When Amanda’s at Moby’s Dock, she has the boys and a friend of theirs in the back seat (looks like they were at soccer practice, maybe?).  However, when Amanda leaves, the kids are mysteriously gone, and replaced by giant blue plastic bags (?).  Not to mention, Amanda is Stunt Amanda, Lee is Stunt Lee, and the cars either side of Amanda’s car are different…   wheeeee…

S1E1_KidsInBackseat_Blooper S1E1_KidsInBackseat_Blooper_i2

There Goes The Neighborhood

Maybe this one isn’t technically a blooper, but why would the locally-based baddies use a van with California license plates (2E95795) when they’re trying to run over fake flamingo-wielding Lee in the middle of the night? confused (Note: Lee piccie lightened for clarity…)

S1E2_Ford_2E95795_rear    S1E2_Lee_NoTie2_i2_lightened 

BTW, I also think this might be a real license plate, since it has the dlddddd—2E95795—format of California commercial vehicle registrations (though I’m not sure that the gold on blue format would have been used for a plate in the 2****** series—it was for the 1****** series, but switched to the current style of blue on white sometime after):


Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

This episode has three “vehicle” bloopers, or—at the very least—a blooper, a switcheroo, and a really messy string of stunt horse appearances and stock footage…  smiley-confused009

The baddies’ jeep (Virginia TL7-609) is left-hand drive (see first picture below) but, while Lee’s driving along the road, the frame is transposed (pointed out by BJo in her ALAGHITM stats post; note steering wheel and license plate locations in second picture below):

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609    S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_Oopsie

The second blooper is also related to the Jeep. The vehicle that is seen tumbling down the cliff in flames is clearly not the Jeep—the most obvious indicator being that the wheelbase is much too long rolleyes:

S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_OnCliff2    S1E6_BaddieJohnson_Jeep_TL7609_Oopsie2 

As if that wasn’t enough for this episode, we have a crazy string of horse appearances—three horses switched in and out during the horse scenes.  twitch

The horse gifted to Princess Penny by baddie Bo Johnson is a pretty grey with charcoal colouring around muzzle and eyes, and grey hooves:

S1E6_Horse1_i4    S1E6_Horse1 

However, the horse that is trained to rear at the cliff edge is a grey with a pink nose, pink around its eyes, and tan hooves:

S1E6_Horse2    S1E6_Horse2_i3 

Further, the horse seen rearing at the cliff edge in close-up is yet a third horse—stock footage (ROFL! Bad pun, I know!)—and actually isn’t wearing any tack!!! No bridle, no chest straps… nothing. clip_image016[2] ROFL! Nekkid horsie! clip_image059


These three horses can be seen switching it up throughout the horse riding scenes. smiley-transport018

California license plates

This blooper occurs in multiple episodes, but it’s more prevalent in Saved By The Bells than the rest of these first eight. The blooper? California license plates on surrounding vehicles (note that the CA plates have gold/yellow text on blue; see, e.g., the plate on the van in TGTN above)—here’s one example (the parked cars and the truck driving behind all have CA plates):


Plates without punch holes/bolts

Oops! smiley-signs081 License plates have pre-punched attachment holes/slots (and should be seen attached with bolts/screws) except—it would seem—for some of the plates in SMKland. LOL! As an example, this truck plate from Magic Bus must be attached with double-sided tape, or Blu-Tack, or Gorilla glue, or …???… clip_image001  (Not to mention, it’s very one-dimensional looking—the text doesn’t appear raised, which would be normal for a license plate…   unless it’s an SMKland plate made of cardboard or plastic, maybe? clip_image034)


Well, that’s it for the inaugural Vehicle Patrol Report.  I hope you had fun driving (?) through these episodes with me…  smiley-happy093I had fun!

Please let me know if there’re things you’d like to see—or not see—in future Vehicle Patrol Reports…


45 responses to “3/3 Vehicle Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

  1. KC you rock! Thanks for all the time and effort put into the Vehicle Patrol. I shared these comments recently with Iwsod and thought I would add them here for posterity. Plus I wanted an excuse to try out the new asterisk function 😉
    KC’s recent Vehicle Patrol Report Blooper Reel was a real eye opener – I hadn’t noticed a few of those even after watching some of those episodes several times. I think someone came up with the theory that SMK got away with so many bloopers and continuity errors because we were all so busy focussing on Mr Swoony Hazel Eyes – I think they may be right! Little did the SMK realise that a band of loyal devotees armed to the teeth with the latest technology and far too much time on their hands would follow the show 30 years into the future and analyse to infinity every single frame!


    • Problem is I don’t have too much time on my hands and yet, here I am. Oh well, it’s probably high time the kids learned to feed and fend for themselves, LOL.


    • Hey Shona! Awhhh… thanks for the feedback.

      “… analyse to infinity every single frame…”
      Ah… I’m not obsessed. Much. shakes head Anyway… 😀

      BTW I just want to say–in case anyone might think otherwise–that my analysis isn’t intended to be, in any way, disrespectful of SMK and the hard work of everyone who brought it to us… I love the show… I respect the talent and hard work… but I also reserve the right to giggle 😀 and choose to believe that while some (many?) of the bloopers might actually be bloopers, some (many?) could possibly have been “easter eggs” left for the viewers to enjoy. (Why not? And even if they weren’t, I’m enjoying them as easter eggs anyway!)


      • KC, really, we’d all be certifiable if we took this all seriously! I love to laugh and you do have a great eye for the absurdity and bloopers. Love it! Hmmmm, we are probably certifiable anyway…… wanders off to make sure her strait jacket is clean


  2. I’m with you, KC, I think the helicopter ride in TFT is one of the funniest vehicle moments of the series. I’m not sure which line I like best, though.

    Lee and his parking tickets – I bet he just gets ‘em validated or something. They probably have an office pool on how who gets the most.

    I remember that Alexi had a hard time shutting the Porshe door in ACMK too – right before they go into the grocery store for their pizza, pound of brownies and beer 😉

    Love flamingo-sword-fighting Lee! Only a top agent can fence with a flamingo, ya know.

    Thanks for the stats nod!

    Plates without punch holes? Just say magnets!

    These three posts have been great, KC! Thank you for all your time and effort. And while I do appreciate a fine European sports car in the Porsche, the think I’m looking forward to most in future Vehicle Patrol Reports is that oh so sexy as Lee Corvette. Ahem.


    • takes a bow It was fun!!!

      So–when are we going to be treated to your next awesome stats post, hmmm? tapping foot impatiently


      • KC did you notice how when you did an asterix on either side of ‘takes a bow’ it became italic??

        Is this annoying?? it is a new feature on the blog – and I’m wondering if it will be annoying or beneficial to commenters.

        an asterix on either side turns comments into italics.

        two asterix on either side turns comments into bold.

        Like it? or loath it??
        I can switch it off if people prefer so let me know!!


        • Yes, I did notice, and didn’t mind… shrugged and moved on.

          Colour me impartial.


          • Oh–but is it going to cause all the comments that use that asterisk function to be held for moderation, like mine was?
            That might get a little old…???…


            • hiya KC!
              Your comment was held in moderation because you included two links in your comment.
              One link in a comment if you are already an approved commenter will no longer be held in moderation 🙂 I too would like to reduce that where I can 🙂 it gets very old I’m sure!

              This asterisk function has nothing to do with moderation- use it as much as you like and you won’t be moderated. it’s a way of having rich text options for commenters is all.. I’ll get myself organised and do up a little post to give commenters an easy place to find instructions if they want to use it.
              If you want to comment and aren’t interested, just ignore it 🙂


              • Uhhh… two links? No… The comment was as above… no links.

                me confusied


                • LOL me confused too
                  the comment you just did didn’t go to moderation, but an earlier one did- so I thought you were referring to the earlier comment.

                  You see that last one I am replying to now? didn’t go to moderation 🙂

                  All good!


                  • Ohhh… but I only put one link in the other one… it was Mrs Doubtfire on youtube–but then I decided to police myself and remove the link to keep things more on topic. See–I can be good… sometimes… 😀 Muah hah hah


                    • I replied to your comment with two links in it so you know the one I mean.

                      Just to make sure I’m clear- for everyone:
                      Before this morning – one link in a post put any comment in moderation – I have changed the settings to allow approved commenters to comment and include 1 link in their comments without being held in moderation. If they are approved commenters I think one is safe to automatically approve.

                      To summarise:

                      • If an approved commenter comments and includes more than one link in their comment- it will be held in moderation.
                      • If someone comments for the first time, regardless of how many links- their comment will be held in moderation and BJo or myself will approve asap! 🙂

                      This is at times a bit of a drag – but it keeps our JWWM community spam free – and spam is a huge drag!! 🙂
                      Byeeee! I’m signing off now.. have a great day!


        • The ability to do italics and bold text is a feature for me, not a bug. But I can see overuse of the bold function could get tiresome quite quickly. So long as everyone uses the bold in moderation, we should be okay. Put me down for one vote “Yes” to keep this new feature.


      • Oh no! Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve only got so many SMK hours in the day and right now I can’t even keep up with the blog! I will be getting started soon though. I promise! But you might want to stop tapping your foot…might get shinsplints 😉 Keep an eye out for my avatar to change – that’s the best sign that a new post is being worked on 🙂


        • hiya BJo, just wanted to reassure you – I will publish a new post every second day from now on for MBF. I posted the next day after the first post because there wasn’t that much to the episode to discuss yet.. but I don’t want to be rushing you guys! So I won’t normally do that. 🙂


  3. KC your attention to detail astounds me. Well done on the vehicle report 🙂
    Love the fact you’ve included nekkid horse!


  4. I will never look at license plates in the same way ever again, truly. Wow!. I did notice the tackles horse. And why the heck does some of the film in SMK get flipped around like that? Who was in the editing or whatever department and what were they drinking or smoking? Just wondering. Of course it would take silly people who spend a lot of time down rabbit holes to notice.
    This was a great set of posts. I loved it, thanks KC

    Liked by 1 person

    • I dunno why they flipped it… maybe they thought it flowed better if the jeep drove from right to left??? Or, yeah–maybe they were out of their gourds. 😀
      Uhhh… spending a lot of time down rabbit holes? I don’t know who that would be… certainly not me… or Jule… or…
      Awhhh. You’re welcome. It was fun to patrol and write–I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  5. I cannot look at the Vigilant without thinking about the movie Stripes.


  6. I enjoyed the fact that you included horses in your “vehicle” report. (Hey, they rode ’em, didn’t they?!?)

    Yeah, it was obvious that Lee was enjoying playing with the weapons in the Vigilant.

    Great job with the vehicle report. I look forward to more.


    • I totally consider horses to be vehicles (and more)… so yes, they’ll be included wherever possible, including ALAGHITM, AAABH, etc.
      Thank you. 🙂 ‘Twas fun!


  7. Funnnnn!!!!! KC I think my favourite is the ‘Nekkid Horse’! He looks quite indignant at being busted! 😉 Great catch!!

    Love that pic you lightened of Lee with the flamingo too – he looks rather confused at where his life has ended up 😉 haaa!

    Thanks KC! Great fun!!! 🙂 I don’t know how you do it!


    • For some reason, seeing the random nekkid horsie footage makes me think of brumbies and The Man From Snowy River. *shrug*

      Yeah–that Lee pic might end up as a meme at some point…!!!… 😀


      • Yes! Especially the scene where Jim gets trampled by the leader of the brumbies. LOVE that movie! It’s one of my favorites of all time. I mentioned that in my stats post for ALAGHITM too.


  8. Very enjoyable read, I am normally a detail person but I keep getting distracted by BB. Kudos to you for being able to focus enough to do this.


    • It helps that I’m more of a fan of season 3/4 BB… those seasons might be tougher to Tie Patrol/Vehicle patrol. ROFL! 😀


      • Yeah, I like season 3 and 4 better too, but BB is still gorgeous. I am just impressed over all. I watched some of these episodes several times back in the day and never noticed half the detail. It’s easier to notice going back and looking at things you pointed out with the DVDS. But hey you are getting even more out of great show then what meets the eye. Kudos to you.


        • Mumbles something about BB being too pretty in seasons 1 and 2 (something to do with the manscaped eyebrows, maybe) and then runs away avoiding the objects thrown at her by everyone else reading JWWM who digs early Lee/BB. 😀


      • Hiya KC.. The Nekkid Horse deserved a meme.. soooo I gave it a go.. hope you like it.. Thanks for the fun times!

        ohh I hope this works today! 🙂


        • Nice! But, uh, Iwsod… I hate to break it to you, but that’s a horse. A fig leaf just ain’t gonna cut it!!! (Might want to try a taro leaf, or something else more substantial…) 😀 😀 😀 Think: hung like a…
          (Desperately trying to keep this PG.)


          • Umm this is a talking horse. Talking!!!! I don’t think the size of the leaf is the issue here 😉
            It’s the fig leaf concept this intelligent horse is trying to endorse of course.. yes.. it’s the famous Mr ed!


            • Well, I’m unintelligent enough… or practical enough… or farmer’s daughter enough… that I say nekkid horsie needs more than a fig leaf!!!
              Though I do appreciate the concept.
              (BTW, my favourite character in the Narnia books was Bree the talking horse!)


              • Oh I love this. I love Bree! And I had two geldings growing up, enough said. This one is missing a bridle or a halter, dear, dear girls, it is a rabbit hole not a gutter…. tee hee 😉

                Liked by 1 person

    • What vehicles?? Yep, Cindy, I am with you and your distraction, but what a terrific way to be distracted! KC, just love the horses included in the report and your emoticons are classic! A+!


      • Ha ha, Jule! Love ya!

        Emoticons are fun! 🙂 Yep–I’m living my second childhood (or maybe never left my first?)… does it show?


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