2/3 Season One, Episode 8: Saved by the Bells

Amanda is trying to convince the baddies she isn’t the scarecrow! Noooo!!!! Amanda don’t do that !!!! If you do you are dead!!!


Hmm maybe they would believe her better if her driver’s licence didn’t look like a studio shot! LOL!! I think it is very similar to this pic: Amanda Kingteee heee

I wish my driver’s licence photo was that nice Winking smile

Anyway, thank goodness they don’t believe her! It is too funny.. They think she is absolutely brilliant and has assumed another identity just beautifully!

I like my bike,
I like my room
I even like my brother
but most of all in all the world
I really like my mother.

Awh!!!!!!! that is too cute!

Zinoiev: Agency covers are improving, who 76would suspect that one of America’s biggest agents is a bourgeois suburban housewife. Quite convincing! would you care for a drink??   (too funny.. !!! )

77Oh dear.. Amanda is coming to realise the full ramifications here.. “What if they won’t make the trade? ” !!!!!!

Oh I just love the dialogue of these early episodes.. I am so tempted to type out the whole thing!

A very true observation here by  Zinoiev: 78Stimulating as our work is, it also takes one down a peg or two to realise that we are all disposable.

Amanda is left to wait with one of the baddies as she re-reads Jamie’s cute poem to herself.. poor 79thing! She is trying really hard not to lose it… but she is looking pretty hopeless.. and… at just that moment- she hears the bells outside..

Back at the agency, Lee finds Rostov being escorted by two agents (Laverne and Shirley).. { hey one of those agents was the agent in the van with Lee during Amanda’s date with Delano!} and he spins a story that Rostov is wanted in recon and they can take a break.. they buy it.. and Lee escorts Rostov away from the elevator, across the hallway and to the coat elevator, out of the building.. yippeeeee!! well done Lee.. not only have you nabbed the Nun again for yourself, but you have solved the riddle of the agency elevators!!! Seems the normal looking ones are for inside.. the coat elevator is the outside elevator… Oh and looky.. just in case.. there is pair of blinders and a coat in Rostov’s size….. handy elevator that! (what no Nun’s habit in there??)

Doh.. did you notice, if the female agent hadn’t walked past Laverne and Shirley, they wouldn’t have turned around to check her out as she walked past.. and they wouldn’t have busted Lee.. women are always getting Lee into trouble Winking smile  oh well.. Lee and the Nun get away.. (code red doesn’t do a thing does it! Just makes people run around and look busy… LOL.. love all the people running with Big guns! )

81Amanda is being transported in the back of the blue van.. Zinoiev still finds her amazingly talented..even thinks she is really good at pretending to be scared.. (oh me too me too!!)

Off to the golf course… Lee and Rostov pull up in a golf buggy.. Rostov, do we care that you like Burritos? extra beans hold the sauce??!!!
Lee gets out the big gun..

Hey, how come russians don’t get code names?!

 Rostov: Your excellent at what you do

Ahh Lee.. he’s focused on getting back Amanda.. keep your compliments to yourself!

Amanda and the baddie pull up..he removes her 84blindfold – you know what would have been really funny? If the baddie had untied her headband by mistake! LOL!! The Baddie tells her “don’t say a word!” – wow…. I’m impressed.. she actually does it!!!

Off they go… Rostov and Amanda drive towards 85each other.. Rostov saying bye to Lee “take care.” ( he has become very American in saying that don’t you think?!) oh my.. once sworn enemies.. now a polite goodbye!! all very surreal!  After working so very hard to nab Rostov, tackling a nun and all.. Lee lets him drive off.. for Amanda.. awh…he watches Rostov 86leave but only for a second- then he is fully focused on protecting Amanda as she heads towards him. double awh!!


A random (goofy!) golfer winds up stopping right between Rostov and Amanda- too funny!! It’s so funny that at this moment of maximum tension, as the two cross paths he interrupts their journeys! (although why it seems Rostov 91and Amanda were heading straight for each other I don’t know!!)

His smile is huge.. and he doesn’t seem to be 92able to sit still.. waving his arms around, jumping in his seat… 93and then.. suddenly he sees Rostov’s cuffs and 9495Amanda’s hands are 96tied- eek.. then he even slowly begins to register there are two rifles trained on him! LOL!!  ‘Ohhhh oh my..ah.. would you… please excuse me I have to leave.’ the smile is gone, he is very still.. and Zoom! he hits the accelerator and gets the heck out of there – backwards into the trees.. he even starts moving before he has even turned around to see what’s behind him –  that is sooooo funny!!!!
I love that bit!!!! very smk!!!

Awh!!!! Amanda and Rostov are free to continue 98on.. We see Lee waiting intently.. mouthing ‘come on come on’!!! Like the time it is taking Amanda to get from the other side feels like forever to him – oh swoon!

Amanda doesn’t smile at all.. poor thing she is needing a good hug Lee!

This next 50 seconds are some of my favourite smk seconds!!!!! Open-mouthed smile
Amanda: they were gonna kill me
Lee turns and begins to untie her hands
101Amanda: they thought I was you. I told them I wasn’t but they wouldn’t listen to me. they stuffed me in a crate
Lee: I know I know
102Amanda: I don’t know how anyone could mistake me for you, your so much taller! (rofl!!!!)

103Lee: hey, I’m sorry. take it easy.




106Lee continues: take it easy.




… It’s all over
Amanda: I was scared
Lee: I know so was I.

Awhhhh!!!! couldn’t you just watch this scene over and over and over and over.. ahhhhh…. I love how he squeezes her tight.. and looks so happy and relieved to have her in his arms. Love how he speaks softly and calmly to her, comforts her, calms her, and admits that he too was scared.. Love how Amanda has her hand on his chest, (one finger seems to be awfully close to caressing his bare chest here ladies!! ) and.. her head nestled into his neck.. ahhh…. almost worth being kidnapped for wouldn’t you say?!!

I love the end of this scene.. Lee turns back to 110see Rostov disappearing over a crest, the man he had no doubt spent great amounts of time and effort capturing-
Lee then looks back and continues to hold Amanda, repeating: It’s all over.

His expressions tell me he knows he has made the right choice- and he doesn’t regret it for a moment!!!! All the efforts put into capturing Rostov are nothing compared to the idea of losing Amanda (and boy.. what reward!!! a nice big cuddle from Amanda!!)

Back to the Big Bad Agency.. and Dirk is reading Billy the riot act.. Billy is such a wimp here… “Well now Dirk, he couldn’t let that woman die in his place.” … “charges? what charges? ” well 114der Billy.. I am sure Lee knew there would be consequences to his taking back Rostov.. but Billy is still behind the 8 ball. Treason Billy! wake up man!!! Billy so far seems to spend a lot of time doing nothing- Dirk delivers Amanda’s death sentence and he does nothing… Lee runs off and takes Rostov, and Billy does nothing. Seems to me Billy got more upset by Lee’s asking for 2 weeks holiday than hearing about Amanda’s impending death and now Lee’s treason charges wouldn’t you say??!! Oh Billy!!!!

On to Amanda’s and Francine has arrived for a surprise visit.. Poor Amanda.. of all the times to have Francine visit, she is sitting there in her bathrobe (thank goodness there were no curlers!) .. well the frumpy housewife thing has been reinforced for Francine! well Francine would see it that way- I still don’t think Amanda looks frumpy..

115I love how Amanda gives Francine a chimpanzee for her cover story- rofl!


Dotty I could throttle you!! Imagine one of your 116pet minding clients showing up and then having your mother tell them that she thought you would do something more with your life! oh Dotty.. shame on you!! and to Francine of all people!!!! ugh!! Noooo!!! Still.. none of that matters – because Lee committed treason for Amanda Winking smile haaaaa.

Francine says: (My mother and I) are like sisters. I have always made it a point to listen to her sound advice.

117Dotty (looking at Amanda): that is so refreshing to hear!


Let me point out here Dotty that Francine did say “sound”advice.. Francine’s mother would never be telling Francine to marry a total sap.. and if she did.. I am sure Francine wouldn’t listen to her! Amanda doesn’t say anything in response to Dotty’s little performance here.. wise decision.. If only Dotty would take that advice!

Francine’s family had a cook? of course they did… (thus why Francine can’t cook huh..)
Love how Francine says to Dotty: 
Our cook, Moline, always said, “A strudel is an act of love. To not eat it is to reject a gift.”
118Dotty responds: You quote Moline. I could weep. I’ll go get the strudel.

That is toooo funny! Just who does Dotty think Moline was?? I think Dotty is getting confused with Molière here???!!! LOL!!! I don’t think Dotty wants to weep over what Francine’s cook once said that’s for sure.. Let me guess, Dotty did not study French Lit! I missed that line last time I saw this episode!

While Dotty goes for strudel Francine explains to Amanda what Lee has done and that he is in trouble.. He told Amanda nothing… awh…. what a tough guy… what a sweet thing..


121Amanda: You mean they weren’t going to make that trade? He did that all on his own?
I didn’t know.

Francine responds with just a look to that one.. yup.. dog eat dog girl!!

Amanda is scared for Lee.. but she is also a bit shocked the agency was going to let her die and amazed that Lee took it on himself to disobey orders and save her- ahhhhhh…. excuse me while I swoooooooooooooonnnnn…………….
Amanda says quietly: he did that on his own?
(again Francine is wordless!)
continues: why didn’t he tell me? (what he did was pretty special huh!!!)

Francine: Lee is in a great deal of trouble nobody can help him, now as much as I hate to say this, you may be hearing from him before me.

(I guess that is because he can’t go to the agency now.. but I prefer to think that it is because he trusts Amanda more!)

Too funny how Amanda tries to comfort Francine. and very awkwardly touches (argh!!!) 124her shoulder “don’t you worry.”.. nice try Amanda!!! but yeah Francine’s prickles get in the way.. Winking smile

Soooo Amanda manages to track down Lee.. she knows him better than Francine does.. ha haaaaa… ( hey who is scoring points here?? me!!) Notice right before she arrives at the gym, we see Amanda driving along the street – and she drives right past the shop the baddies came out of at the beginning of this episode about 2 doors down from where Lee is hiding out! haaaa.. now that is funny! those darn backlots are so tiny!
12512location baddies come out of

Uh oh.. it appears the unabomber is waiting in the foyer for Amanda!!! muahahaah!
126 I think he must have watched SMK for tips on how to evade capture!

Lee seems happy to see her don’t you think? and impressed she found him.

LOL.. Lee just used Amanda’s phrase from the weasel faced man! He says he wondered if it was a joker from the agency ‘trying to smoke me out’  – Rofl!!!

I love how Amanda says this!!: Why are you undressing?   As Lee take off all his layers of disguise.. hoo haaaa Winking smile ( Lee licks his lips when he hears this question.. errr Ummm dhgoaqhybga;g)

Amanda: Lee, why didn’t you tell me the truth about that trade?
Lee: because it wasn’t important
Amanda: Oh it wasn’t? Well I think it’s important and the government seems to think it’s pretty important..
Lee: Amanda if you’ve said everything you want to say….
: I haven’t said everything I want to say..

Lee: Why..
Amanda: would you.. would you listen to me for a minute! I know that you’re your own man and that you like to handle things your own way by yourself and I really respect that…..
…..Your in a lot of trouble here and I think that it’s time that you admit that you need somebody else

Lee: Amanda what is it that you want?
Amanda: You saved my life…. I want to help you.

Great speech Amanda.. very wise to tell a guy you respect him.. and offer your help… yeah he saved your life last week too.. hehehee.. and you’ve saved his life a few times.. but hey, whose keeping score on that one??!!! Hey- would someone like to do that?? It would be awesome!!

Lee isn’t really use to this speaking from the heart stuff huh.. but he’ll grow to love it..he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself when Amanda is saying her speech.. not in a bad way though- you know?

Oh dear.. Lee was quiet and thoughtful.. until he realised Amanda got followed..

Well Lee- if you championed for her to be sent on some training courses these kind of things wouldn’t happen. Don’t get me started Lee!!!

So they evade the people following them… and Lee takes up Amanda’s offer to help… They are a great team. Lee gets Amanda showing him on a map where they went.. they work out the area and direction etc.

Amanda says: what do you mean ‘find the 132house’? Are  we gonna look for the house?


133Lee: Amanda, the only way I can clear my name is to bust Rostov’s operation. I have to find the place that you were held.

Amanda does not want to go back there!!!!!!! I 134can’t blame her! She really doesn’t like this at all.. but she goes along with it to help Lee- testament to what she will do for him and her faith in him!

Can I just say, whoever did Lee’s wardrobe this episode: shame shame shame!!! He wears some weird stuff this episode!!! and he isn’t in disguise as a pirate (that white shirt he wears Fashion police badge2early on to Bermuda is a bit random.. ) and the yellow vest with the plaid shirt? ooooookkkkk.. yes yes he still looks gorgeous, but this week it seems to be experiment with Lee’s look week.. (just cut his hair will ya!! and cut the eyeliner while your at it!!)

This Dirk guy isn’t half as menacing as Dr 135Smythe… I hate to say it but I miss him.. he is a great baddie masquerading as a goodie!! hehehee.. So.. the pressure is still on at the agency.. goodo.. understood.. blah blah..

Lee and Amanda are starting to get frustrated at their search.. they’ve been driving all day.. and.. their starting to get at each other!!

This little exchange in the car is really interesting.. because Amanda starts one of her rambles about how she should be at home planning Jamie’s party..
Lee starts rolling his eyes at this.. (I can kinda understand his frustration.. it is his whole career/life on the line!) but Amanda continues on about how Jamie wants Pretzel the clown and he has chicken pox .. Can you imagine a man that old and he hasn’t had chicken pox?!!! and Lee growls: Amaaaannnnnda!!!!!! 

We think he isn’t listening.. but.. we later find out differently.. more on this in the next instalment!! Let’s leave Lee and Amanda wandering around lost haaaaa…

Thanks for reading!!  Smile would love to hear your thoughts!!!


25 responses to “2/3 Season One, Episode 8: Saved by the Bells

  1. Sorry Amanda, but I turn 39 next month and I STILL haven’t had the chicken pox! It went around our Sunday School and my best friend got it, but I managed to skip it. I am beginning to think I should request the vaccine though, since they say it’s not good to have it when you’re older. I was all proud of myself for missing out, but…


  2. Oh, and I didn’t get the chicken pox until I was in college. I was the first case they’d had in years, and I gave it to everyone in my dorm who hadn’t had it before… lol


  3. Kate Jackson is brilliant in the golf cart – the way she can make her voice crack and quiver as she cries is heartbreaking. Yet she adds a comedic line with “I don’t know how anyone could mistake me for you – you’re so much taller!” And Lee is so comforting and reassuring here – while not letting on how much trouble he’s in. The acts of him trading for Amanda and then not telling her what he did are truly selfless acts that shows how much he cares.

    Does anyone think the baddie with Rostov held him and reassured him after the trade??? Lolololol!

    Francine is just awful to Amanda. I do think she cares for Lee and is probably very jealous of the relationship Amanda has with Lee. I think she knows Lee would have never done the trade for Francine!

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  4. #2019 rewatch
    Truly one of the best episodes in any season – just this post alone has everything from the zany humour of Dotty and the chimp story to Lee’s undeniable heroism in rescuing her at huge personal risk and then the domesticity of the back and forth exasperation with each other as they search for the house.

    I like the feeling that Francine came on her own to the house and not on Agency business because she really does care about Lee and what happens to him. She really is a marshmallow under that prickly exterior methinks.

    The househunting reminds me so much of a Get Smart episode where Max and 99 have been taken hostage and are blindfolded and he’s explaining to her that he can tell where they are by the sounds and smells of what they’re going by, like the perfume factory and the camera pulls out and they’re just in a room on a pair of car seats and the bad guys are moving them up and down to simulate motion and reacting to everything he’s saying by providing sound effects and spraying perfume. But I love the little touches like Amanda figuring out it was a drawbridge.

    But man, now I want streudel!

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    • #2019rewatch
      I like how Francine came on her own to watch out for Lee, but I LOVE how she immediately figures out how to get under Amanda’s skin by sucking up to Dotty – she can’t help being Francine even when she is trying to be helpful.


      • #2019 rewatch

        … she immediately figures out how to get under Amanda’s skin by sucking up to Dotty …

        So true! Got a feeling Francine was up for an opportunity to extract some PAYBACK. After all, Amanda did tell Dotty she cared for Francine’s chimpanzee!


      • #2019rewatch
        Isn’t it interesting to think about the differences in Francine’s actions here, coming to Amanda’s to express her concern for Lee, as compared to her reaction to him being burnt out in Burn Out, or his alleged murder/treasonous charges in Stemwinders? To me, this is really the only of those instances we see her with a more genuine,friendly response. What do you guys think?

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        • #2019rewatch
          Francine definitely stuck her neck out for him in Nightcrawler and Bad Timing. I think the difference might be in the type of infraction. When the situation is beyond Lee’s control (like Amanda being kidnapped or him being attacked) she will help him out, but if she perceives that he brought the trouble on himself (as could be interpreted based on her knowledge of events in Burn Out and Stemwinder) she will leave him on his own.


    • Me too! And we all remember what Moline said “A streudel is an act of love. To not eat it is to reject a gift.” Lol


  5. #2019rewatch
    Cindy Davis, this from your post 7 years ago is so funny, it deserves to be highlighted in our rewatch:

    “Golf Cart Chicken! I have to try that the next time I get dragged on the links by my brother-in-law. Ha Ha! I bet he’ll stop pestering me after that.

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  7. Amanda with the tape hanging off her mouth is hysterical! KJ is a comedic genius!!!
    So many funny bits including Francine’s chimpanzee… LOL!
    I also had to laugh at all the California license plates on the vehicles they drive past (after Amanda picks Lee up from his gym). Which state are we (supposed to be) in, again? ROFL!


  8. The tannoy at the Agency has me smirking as it reminds me of the tannoy scene in Airplane LOL only Airplane tannoy messages were funny 😉
    Lee asking Rostov if its a trap?! Um if it was do you really expect him to a) know about it since he’s been in custody and b) admit it to you LOL
    The one thing this episode has is very civilised bad guys, Rostov telling Lee to take care and Zinoiev is so respectful and mild mannered 😀
    Ooo that lovely smile from Lee as Amanda heads towards him in her golf cart 😉

    Billy to late and a dollar short…..you should have been sticking up for Lee and Amanda ages ago. And you didn’t think there would be charges. For section chief you’re being none too bright today.

    Awwww Francine is still Lee’s friend. Seems in start contrast to her attitude in Burnout 😦

    So Lee have you seen Rocky just too many times. Amanda licks her lips whilst Lee is undressing too 😉 Please Lee ditch the awful yellow jumper!!! Is this the same one from the Long Christmas Eve episode? And with a dark shirt underneath, what did you do Lee, get dressed in the dark?!


  9. Melissa Robertson

    Aaaawwwww, Lee committed treason for Amanda!!!!! Poor Francine having to admit that Lee would probably contact Amanda first, that had to sting 🙂

    The old guy on the golf cart kind of reminds me of Don Knotts.

    Another Aaaawwww, Lee hugging Amanda and admitting that he was scared too!!!


  10. Do we know if there will be any extras on the season 3 release? I can’t understand why there aren’t any on 1 or 2. I would’ve thought that they could have at least done some commentaries.


    • @cosybookworm – unfortunately, I don’t think so. I am also disappointed (the commentaries I’ve watched on the Remington Steele DVDs have been great. I was hoping for something similar for SMK)


    • Hi cosybookworm! so lovely to have you join us!! It is disappointing warners isn’t giving us extras on the dvds.. At the same time, after waiting more than 25 years to get the episode crisp clear and on dvd I can’t quite drum up any serious anger over it! I am honestly so relieved to see them on dvd I’ll taken them just as they come.. who knows.. if they sell well maybe they could get released in a box set with a whole bunch of extra features for us fans to buy the show all over again!! I would totally get suckered into that and spend my money on it haaa!


  11. Hi again!

    Pooooor Amanda, how hard she tries to make the baddies believe that she is not the Scarecrow! She breathes quite heavily between her sentences. The poor one! And yet KJ makes me smile the way she gropes around with her hands tied up and the way she reads a poem from Jamie to these cold-blooded men… Don’t call me heartless. I know the situation is very tight for Amanda, but KJ really has such comical talent. It is amazing how she manages to make us smile even in rather tragic moments, isn’t it?

    Meanwhile Lee is focused on pulling through his plan. Can you read in his face how determined he is? He actually tries to make his getaway with Rostov, knowing that he will be hunted and charged for treason. Oh my god. Billie’s question still rings in my ears: “If it were another agent, would you feel the same way?” Lee answered he didn’t know. But he must feel something special for Amanda to make him take the highest risks. Does he feel indebted? Or… should I say… committed? How far is it from feeling committed to a true commitment? Just random thoughts…

    Ahhhh, the trade on the golf course! I love love love it! 😀 Iwsod your screen shots and comments capture everything just perfectly. How Lee does not listen to Rostov’s compliment because he is so focussed on getting Amanda back safely… How tenuous the whole situation is… until all of a sudden a crazy golfer literally comes in the way! Haaaaaaaa, what an adorable old geezer! Love him! He is so giddy he cannot even sit still. You should see my face-splitting grin when it dawns on him that he has stumbled into something very strange and dangerous. How he slams the reverse gear into that golf cart to get the hell out of there! The confusion! The haste! He steps on the accelerator so hard I wonder the cart does not tilt over. Bwahaaaaa! Classic SMK! I love it!!!!!

    Lee watches Amanda’s approach intently. He even mouths “come on, come on!” I swoon when I consider the risks he takes to save her… You might say he follows his own principles (“I can’t live with this one, Billy”), but I think it is also a matter of the heart. He wants Amanda to be safe and reunited with her family. He would never abandon her. Awwwwww, her voice is all tiny and shaky… I think she is at the end of her rope. Now that she is safe with Lee again she realizes she barely escaped her certain death. The poor one, she is like a child in need in protection. Luckily her saviour is not only super-brave but also has strong shoulders and a broad chest 😉 I melt down on the floor when Lee tries to untie her hands and then takes her in his arms. How he squeezes her tight and tries to console her… Oh swooooooooon. And his shirt is open, too. Ahem. blushes violently

    Iwsod I think I disagree a little about the expression on Lee’s face after he watches Rostov disappear over the hilltop. When he turns back to Amanda and repeats “It’s all over” I think this time he tries to fight back the thought of what will follow very soon. He knows perfectly well he will be hunted by the whole agency and charged for treason. And as much as he is happy to have Amanda back I think I can see a shadow of this knowledge on his face and in his eyes. He knows the consequences will be grave. But of course he does not mention a word of this. He keeps it all to himself.

    Francine coming to Amanda’s house surely is a sign to be on alert, right? 😉 Haaaa, with that hat she wears I think a chimpanzee would really suit her (LOL). But I must admit it impresses me that she overcomes her negative feelings for Amanda in order to pass Lee a message. “Tell him that I am still his friend.” Wow. If you didn’t understand it before now you know how big the trouble is that Lee’s gotten himself into 😉 Amanda is shocked that the agency did not want to make the trade… and that Lee did this on his own. And Francine is at a loss for words. Hooray! That’s some good news at least! 😉

    Francine was right: Amanda does meet Lee earlier than she does. In fact she knows precisely where to find him. Quite impressive, isn’t it? She didn’t forget that Lee once told her he liked to work out when he was upset… And she did not forget the name of the athletic club he usually goes to. If you ask me, these are the kind of details you’d immediately forget unless you really really care for a person. I am so convinced about that I think I will not be talked out of it.

    Yep, I think is really relieved that Amanda picks him up with her station wagon. I love their conversation in the car:
    “Why didn’t you tell me about that trade?”
    “Because it wasn’t important.”
    “Oh, it wasn’t? Well I think it was important and the government seems to think it is pretty important…”
    “Amanda if you’ve said everything that you wanna say…”
    “I haven’t said everything I wanna say!”
    Wow, is this the first time Amanda displays her authority like this? I love how vigorous she is here (I hope vigorous the right word in this context?) She does not want to be interrupted. She insists on her right to be listened to. I say well done! Good on you, Amanda!

    Lee says there was nothing she could do… and looks into the side mirror of the car. “You weren’t followed, huh?” LOL. I love how Lee tells Amanda to go on through the red traffic light… Gosh, there is some pressure in his voice when he tells Amanda that their followers are federal agents. I wonder why though, when even Amanda manages to shake them off so easily? Sheeeeesh…

    On the other hand this is great for us SMK fans, because now Lee really has no one but Amanda to rely on. They have to form a real team. I think they do a pretty good job trying to reconstruct the way the baddies took with the blue van and Amanda stuffed in a crate. The heeee Iwsod, you have me smiling about your fashion police. You are right about the yellow vest and the plaid shirt, but I still think Lee looks gorgeous… He seems to look good in practically everything.

    Oh dear, the search for the house where Amanda was held captive is not as easy as it first looked like. Lee and Amanda are about to loose their patience… I think both feel rather bugged. And when Amanda starts rambling about Jamie’s birthday party and Pretzel the clown and the chicken pox Lee rolls his eyes in response. Love how he growls “Amaaaannnnnnda!” through his clenched teeth, tee heee. She really goes over the top. Thank God her rambling is stopped by the bells from the ice cream wagon… Saved by the bells! Yipieeeeeeeh!

    I’ll try to hop to the next part of the episode as soon as I can.
    Bye for now, Karen


    • Iwsod I think I disagree a little about the expression on Lee’s face after he watches Rostov disappear over the hilltop. When he turns back to Amanda and repeats “It’s all over” I think this time he tries to fight back the thought of what will follow very soon. He knows perfectly well he will be hunted by the whole agency and charged for treason. And as much as he is happy to have Amanda back I think I can see a shadow of this knowledge on his face and in his eyes. He knows the consequences will be grave. But of course he does not mention a word of this. He keeps it all to himself.

      I agree with your assessment here, karenrudolph. Once Amanda is safe, the repercussions of his act of treason begin to weigh heavily on him. Lee is a man of integrity and, as he told Billy earlier, he will not let Amanda die in his place. We see that Lee is capable of self-sacrifice, which is an act of love.

      We got a hint of Lee’s childhood in “The ACM Kid” episode and will learn much more later in the series, which will fully explain why Lone Wolf Lee could not let Phillip and Jamie lose their mother. He read the Agency’s background on Amanda and her family; so Lee knows that the boys’ father lives far away in Africa and his visits are rare.


  12. Tangent: I am positive the make-up who did Bruce’s make-up on S&MK is now doing Yannick Bisson’s guyliner on Murdoch Mysteries. Sheesh!

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  13. More random, disjointed thoughts.

    Zinoiev has got to be my favourite baddie. The writing is truly wonderful in this ep.

    Golf Cart Chicken! I have to try that the next time I get dragged on the links by my brother-in-law. Ha Ha! I bet he’ll stop pestering me after that.

    And Kate Jackson is a brilliant and dedicated actress. There is NO WAY I would not have slipped my fingers in his open shirt. Just saying!


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