3/3 Season One, Episode 9: Sudden Death

Back to Lee and Amanda- they’ve just been captured by the goons.. all these baddies get a bit confusing huh!

Lee baits the baddies by saying ‘ Leichtenstein’ but they don’t bite..
head goon: What is this a quiz show? somebody hit him! (haaaa… well his goon underlings think he is funny.. )… and I’m the pope.. somebody gonna hit him or not?

Amanda says: now wait a minute we are actually agents of the united states government and at this very moment this entire building is being surrounded by……. great big guns and…. tanks.

Love how Lee just frowns at Amanda.. and this head baddie thinks she is funny and working for his competition!

So,  this is the “Price” guy the goons passed on the calling card from in the opening scene-  telling Bela to miss a few field goals.. right. This is a bit confusing.. but then Lee was confused by all this too so I’m glad I know that he didn’t know.. you know?!

Ok… so we’ve got the match fixers who want Bela to play bad.. and then we’ve got Crandle/ Laslo who are going to get Phil to kill Bela.. ok.. I think I am finally gettin it! Poor Bela!

The goons have to hang on to Lee and Amanda till after the game so they can’t interfere with the sunday match fix.. they’ll deliver Bela to the game on Sunday safe and sound..(or at least to practice)

This Price guy reminds me of the baddie in Life of the Party – keeps saying how much he loves Amanda because she cracks him up! Smile

Back to Crandle’s office.. and dummy Phil is cracking nuts and feeding his face as usual. Laslo walks in.. Phil: “Coach Laslo!” all excited to see him for no reason.. derrr…
Laslo: shut up you moron! (oh I agree with Laslo..image ) Laslo moves up the murder of Bela to 112the practise the next day.. come on Lee and Amanda …. hurry!!! (love how Laslo, the murderer, can dare to look down his nose at Phil the meat head.. or should I call him the nutcracker?? ) Love how Crandle is sure Bela hasn’t talked to the authorities- he wouldn’t ‘ shoot his mouth off’ for ‘ no good reason’ weeeeeelll.. umm Laslo shooting at him not a good enough reason?!

Ahhh we’re in the seedy downtown part of 113DC! the exterior shot with the boat in the right foreground tells us so!.. I wonder how many more times we will see this before the boat gets moved.. hehehee..

Love the idyllic morning music as a new day dawnsimage.. yes, the world is peaceful.. and the camera pans over to Lee asleep in a chair in a straight jacket!!! (Karen did you identify this music??? it has some significance doesn’t it?? can you share with us what it is?) hehehee.. with all those phones on the desk, you couldn’t pick up a pencil with your teeth and dial the operator to call for help???!!!
Lee wakes and yawns.. and tries to put his arms up for a stretch.. only to find he can’t.. hehehee… 115soooo Lee walks over to sleeping beauty err I mean Amanda, sits down in front of her, smiles just a hint of a smile for a second looking at herimageimage.

I Swooooon!! (hmmm his little smile watching her sleep for a second is interesting no???!!!!)

Hey did you notice Amanda has Lee’s jacket covering her legs? (and her cast!) Just how exactly did she put that there?? she is in a straight jacket??!! and Lee is in a straight jacket!  Lol.. did Lee put it on during the night? with his teeth ????!!!! Whoooo!!!! whwhahahahaaaa 

Lee: “Pssst Amanda!!

117Amanda stirs : Mooootttthhhheeerrr!! imageimage


Lee: Amanda! (and Lee
gives her a shove with his foot!)
Amanda: Oh
Lee: yeah
Amanda: I must have dozed off
Lee: yeah, the whole night!
120Amanda: I can’t believe I spent the night in a bookie joint in a straight jacket my mother will never 121believe it.
Lee: Amanda believe me, we have worse problems than your mother believing you were shacked up
Amanda: I wasn’t shacked up..

Ok! So Lee gets to thinking.. Price will take Bela to the practice and Laslo will kill Bela.. but how? I have no idea what all this busted play and getting creamed, guard, lightsaber kicker safety blah blah stuff is all about.. Yep ok.. I think I got all I need to know though- Short guys can get hurt playing football.. and Amanda talking it through with Lee helped to solve what will happen.. yippee Amanda.. what it all means, I don’t need to know, you know?

122Lee looks very happy when he has worked it out – all smiles.. he loves his work..

Crandle is waiting anxiously on the football field.. whoa.. he is dressed like a spy.. he is dressed like he is deep throat!!!! has the hat.. and the trench coat! hehehe.. whoooo Where is Mulder?? Oh if Mulder is in this my dream is complete.. a bit of competition for Lee! hehehee..

A fashion challenged goon returns, and is tricked by Lee and Amanda.. Lee rams the guy flat.. Lee looks to be really enjoying himself!

123Lee: Mr Crandle likes it when we stick it to them with our face! (hmmm ok Now I know what that means! ) hehehee

That cleaner probably doesn’t know what a licktenstineian anything is Lee.. just ask him to unfasten you Smile

Price arrives at the practice- seems he and 125Crandle have matching baddie outfits- how embarassing!!

I love how Lee slams his foot on the accelerator when Amanda comments he is 126going fast and haste makes waste.. get off it Amanda.. a man’s life is at stake.. go Lee!

Lee tells Amanda to call the agency and make sure Billy is on his way with the artillery.. don’t you just love how Lee talks about Billy like he is his back up or something? Lee is Billy’s boss after all.. errr I mean Billy is his boss! You Know?? Just making sure you know, you know?! ( I don’t think Lee knows! Winking smile )

Cue the Hero music! Ok time for Lee to bring things to a close with his contractually obligated super action moves.. go Lee!


cheerleader emoticonLee Lee he’s our man..cheerleader emoticon[3]
cheerleader emoticon[5]if he can’t do it.. cheerleader emoticon[7]
cheerleader emoticon[9]no one can!  cheerleader emoticon[11]
cheerleader emoticon[13]Go Lee!
Go Lee!! cheerleader emoticon[15]
cheerleader emoticon[19]Goooooooooooooo Lee!!!!!cheerleader emoticon[17]

image(picture me doing star jumps and shaking my freshened up pompoms about now people!!!)

128Ahhh here we are.. 6 million dollar Lee, running in slow motion towards the action.. ARGGHHH!!!!!!! Dig 130the action music… what strength! what men!!! Lee? what a hero!! image

Doesn’t the padding get in the way of Lee’s punches hitting their target? It looks kinda weird to see such a huge guy cop one from Lee so easily.. It is so nice of Phil to jump into the air every time Lee goes to land a punch in his stomach.. that way, it looks like he got hit and hit hard… but Lee’s hands are protected.. as well as his ego.. Thanks Phil!

Lee’s super reflexes ‘kick in’ and the moment Phil is down for the count his eyes immediately spy out Laslo. Next target!

You would never know Laslo was the baddie.. what with that all black getup and lurking in the background like that.. yeah he just blends right in there on the field!

131(Spot the baddie!!)image 



132 image

Yeah for Amanda! she sees Laslo trying to get away.. he goes to run past her and Flash!!! she flashes him in the eyes with her camera flash stunning him still long enough for Lee to nab him too! (hey Amanda. that pic might be a real scoop for the sunday supplement!)

Ahhh and Billy arrives right on time to clean up Lee’s mess!!

Lee high on adrenaline says: Hey your pretty good with that camera! (Wha???imageimageimage)
134Amanda: oh thank you, I minored in photo journalism in college, always knew it would come in handy someday.. ( So you were playing dumb in Magic Bus Amanda???!!)
Lee: hey Billy nice to see ya
135Bela: you’re having my most profound ingratitude
136Lee: sure sure.. no problem.. ha haaaa

( Can I just add.. I would have loved to have seen Bela apologise to Amanda or say something about how he kissed her.. just so I could see Lee’s reaction.. especially because Lee never mentions their kiss!!!! )

137Amanda: you know it makes absolutely no sense to me at all how grown men can do this to each other!

Lee: oh come on, it was great! haa I don’t know when I have ever had so much fun.
138 139
140You know those guys aren’t all that big. I mean, this game is made for me.. 141I.. really think.. I could have.. 142played … the ……… 143big … league!!!

Amanda: Whooooaaaaaaaa!!! imageimage

Lee is so funny here .. on a rush from the adrenaline, without hesitation he compliments Amanda’s camera work! Whhhhaaaaa?????!!!! and… then is smiling ear to ear.. good naturedly accepting Bela’s ingratitude! Raving about how much fun football is and how the guys aren’t that big.. and then.. crash.. down he comes! hehehe hahahaa!!! How will Lee’s ego get over this one eh??!!! It is really funny.. love the quiet smile on Billy’s face as Lee’s mouth races away on him!! and then as Lee starts to struggle with his words, Amanda quietly hands Billy the camera, and they seem to know what is coming.. Lee faints! funny that Amanda goes to catch him and not Billy.. :here Billy, hold the camera I will catch the grown man.. The part I like best is that it looks like Lee is about to sit on Amanda’s handbag.. LOL! Smile

Ok, tag time! Amanda is busy with her dishes as usual.. bless her! I’ve got to say.. I’m impressed! Amanda now seems to cope quite well with Lee popping up in her window! haa!! do you think she left the window open half hoping he would stop by??..

146 147

Lee came by to give her a football… you can tell Amanda is thinking woo hoo.. yawn… until she reads the inscription:

To a heck of a good reporter, best wishes Sandy Newcombe.  [ Sandy loves loves loves her interviewing technique Winking smile ]

148Lee: that’s a souvenir of our case. I’m out celebrating the end of my illustrious football career

Lee pours two flutes of champagne… and says “Cheers” they go to click glasses- and Dotty arrives.. doh!

Poor Dotty! She rants a lot about her sinus headache..Love how she says without pause “Oh 149having a party are you dear.” (with a football too!) when she sees that Amanda is holding a champagne flute and 150then begins on about Amanda’s phone calls she gets and how she rushes out the door… and Uncle Iggy.. who was leading a double life..
151Dotty: He was a brush salesman in Topeka. 152One day they found out he had joined a cult. He was becoming a wizard. (If Uncle Iggy was Uncle Harry, JK Rowling would have a lot of explaining to do!!)

153Dotty’s eyes covered, Lee pops up again in the window
and they have a secret Click of glasses.. and share knowing glances…


Ok, what do you all think of the message on the ball? another indirect thank you and you did a great job? Why come celebrate with Amanda? I don’t think any of the women in his life know what he gets up to.. and really know him.. maybe he wanted to be with someone who understood.. it is nice that he shares the moment with her… although- come on Lee drink to the end of Amanda’s journalism career too please! It’s not all about you!

It is interesting that he seeks her out though isn’t it!!

Oh and can I add.. I have been thinking – given how in the beginning they often are speaking to each other out windows etc. It is very appropriate that their first kiss (ok it was a cover kiss.. but it was still a kiss!) was through an open window! heheheheee.. and I couldn’t help but think of that when Lee turned up at Amanda’s here and they are talking out the window yet again… I wonder if either of them were thinking that: the last time we were speaking through an open window we……!!!

Lee never mentions the kiss.. neither does she.. I guess he assumed she was ok with it.. she was so shocked at the time.. but then so was he in a different sense so no surprise he didn’t bring it up I guess!

One final thought about this episode and the other foot injury episodes ( gift horse, service above and saved by the bells)… I had a look at Amanda’s movement throughout this episode.. we basically never see Amanda move – she is always standing in one spot or sitting down – If we see her moving, it is always back to camera and most likely a double ( her hair is a bit softer).. In one moment you can even see her cast- but it is also hidden by many random props throughout!

I can’t prove it conclusively, but this leads me to believe this episode was when her foot injury was the worst – I put this episode at episode 5..I think it was originally the first time, there goes the neighbourhood, the Acm kid, Magic bus, and then after Magic Bus this episode ( this is why Lee is soooo cranky to see Amanda in the locker room – he didn’t think he would see her again) and before Always look a gift horse – when her foot injury is first mentioned..(we actually see her walking on it in Gift horse- she doesn’t walk on it at all in this episode..) Hmm would you guys be interested in discussing the order of these early season 1 episodes? or am I boring you with my theory? I won’t elaborate if no one is interested that’s cool Smile I know not everyone agrees with me.. and that is fine, but I can’t shake the thought that this episode was the first foot injury ep- and it got postponed to delay their first kiss.. I find it interesting to view gift horse, service above and saved by the bells through the lens of this episode!!

Anyway, thanks for reading! As always I would love to hear your thoughts – if you agree or disagree or neither! SmileI love to hear from people reading it totally makes my day! You know?! Winking smile

30 responses to “3/3 Season One, Episode 9: Sudden Death

  1. As I rewatch season one (again!) in the revised order, I think that this episode marks a turning point in how Lee views Amanda – rather than SAAB. Here he actually starts seeing her a person (and maybe even a woman!) rather than a stereotype (as evidenced by his response to “the kiss” and how he behaves in the tag). Sadly, he regresses many times after this episode, although I have to say that one of the things I like about how he is portrayed is that is he is most certainly not a plastic, unbelievably perfect character. And who doesn’t like a rake who reforms (am a bit of a lifelong Georgette Heyer fan, I’m afraid), although he always has quite a temper!


  2. Continuing on with my research re-watch of season one…
    I think Lee wanted to kiss Amanda, consciously or unconsciously? Probably a bit of both, so he did it. I think he was curious about it and so it became the perfect spur of the moment plan. I do think he was very surprised by his response to her. I think the kiss might have pushed Amanda over her thin boundary of objectivity. It seemed to me in those first 5 episodes that Amanda maintained an objectivity towards Lee even as she was getting to know him better. I think she was cheeky with him because of his arrogance and she could tell even from the First Time that there was depth to him and she was trying to gall it to the surface. Here in this episode with the kiss and maybe even his inability to keep up with the football players she begins to respond empathetically towards him, especially after the way she saved him in If Thoughts Could Kill. She can no longer remain objective. Here is a very attractive man who is responding to her in a very peculiar way. He is a highly trained operative, very masculine and yet he is revealing parts of himself to her that I think she is beginning to understand he does not reveal to others. That is a real draw to a woman, especially one like Amanda. I noticed that Lee used the word “we” when talking about the case especially in the bookies office, it was a “we” case. And I noticed Amanda’s comment after the Bella kiss, “get it anyway we can.” Does that mean she is unsatisfied with Dean’s affection?


  3. Haaaaa it’s Steve Austin……no it’s slo-mo Lee woo hoo!!!! On the one hand I appreciate it giving me the chance to have a good look at Lee but on the other hand it just seems so terribly dated. It’s not quite in the league of The Matrix LOL
    It’s so funny that as Lee is about to fall over (and it’s pretty clear by the look on Billy’s face he expects it) that Amanda is the only one rushing to help him. That’s it Billy, leave it to Amanda to prop up a grown man…..
    I really love this tag. Aside from the silent toast and the giving of a gift I love how Lee pops back up once Dotty is blindfolded. He seems rather relaxed and more a part of Amanda’s world leaning in enjoying the conversation albeit in an invisible way. I can’t explain it, just felt really intimate and homey that he was happily joining in rather than slinking off as he normally has to 🙂


    • Re the slo mo: on the commentary for another show I watch, a director explained,, “Actors just LOVE slow motion shots, because they know they look so great in them.” Ha!


  4. Hello…just had a few thoughts to share…I’m re-watching season 1 in iwsod’s revised order and just finished this episode. First, I’m in the camp that Lee says, “Dont’ move” while kissing Amanda. I hear it clearly. And I think Lee is surprised by the kiss (way more so than Amanda)….he must not have thought that kissing a suburban housewife with two kids, a mortgage and a station wagon could have been enjoyable. Or maybe he was just worried what she’d think since he just forced her (his hand did hold her head and he did say don’t move, plus I took her noises to say “what are you doing?”). Poor guy – probably never had to force a woman to kiss him before….hahaha.

    Coach Laslo cracks me up when they are in Crandall’s office and the moronic football captain says something then Laslo follows it with, “I’ll sleep so much better tonight”. Even he his getting completely tired of this idiot. I think I like this baddie better than the baddie this character played in S3 (think he was the sommelier in Sour Grapes?)

    Did anyone else notice the “No Gambling” plaque on the bulletin board behind Lee when he wakes up in his straightjacket? teee heeee, what ironic baddies….

    This is one of my favorite S1 tags. I think Lee comes to Amanda’s to celebrate because he’s not naturally a loner and can really only celebrate this with Amanda. It wouldn’t be the same celebrating with Francine. I don’t get the significance of his wearing a scarf that some others have commented on though?? Anyway, Lee knows that Amanda will be home and despite his protests of working with her, he doesn’t mind spending time with her outside of a case. But I have to ask myself, why does he do it? Yeah I know we’ve all discussed somewhere at some point Lee’s past and the normal life that Amanda presents and all that, and I love what RedGold said about the windows, but this is pretty early in the series and I’m thinking that if he’s such the womanizer as he supposed to be, why is he even doing this? There’s a line in The Mole (the one with David Benson) where Lee tells Amanda that if she wants to go out with a guy who has more scalps than Geronimo under his belt…. That has often made me wonder. Why would Lee say that unless he thought perhaps David had more scalps than Lee? We’re supposed to think Lee is the office lothario – I thought. And David has been married, so theoreticaly he’s been off the market for a period of time where Lee has not. I guess what I’m trying to say in a roundabout way is that I often wonder if Lee’s womanizing isn’t blown out of proportion a little bit. I don’t doubt he hasn’t had his fair share of scalps, but I’m wondering if he doesn’t put on a show a little bit and he really isn’t as bad as he is portrayed – it’s just part of his cover, his being Scarecrow. That being said, it makes it easier for me to understand why Lee is there celebrating with Amanda like this so early in S1.


    • I’ve wondered if they blew Lee’s womanizing out of proportion too. There are so many things that don’t add up right. He is such a gentleman with Amanda — constantly holding the doors for her, even early on. He keeps warning her away from womanizers like Delano, the Baron, David… Those constant hand touches to her back and holding her arm don’t seem like behavior for a womanizer the way they imply.

      When I think of a womanizer I think of someone like Tony DiNozzo on NCIS and you would NEVER see him touching Kate/Ziva/Ellie’s arm or back like that. He never held doors for them. And if he was protesting their involvement with a guy it was more “Those guys are all just show” — not something that sounds like he’s concerned for their wellbeing.

      I can’t remember if I posted this here or just somewhere else but Lee reminds me more of Dan in Terri Blackstock’s Newpointe 911 series. He treats the women he dates nicely but he’s a serial dater who will not commit and the joke is he never goes out on a third date with the same woman. (And he admits it!) When he finally falls for Jill he makes up all these excuses why their other dates “aren’t really dates so I haven’t broken my policy”. And then they have an argument and when they patch things up he tells his friend “I’m taking Jill on a third date” to which his friend is like “You’ve been out with her more than three already” until he realizes the point is Dan is finally admitting “third date.”

      And that reminds me a lot of Lee. I could even see that conversation happening on SMK.


      • I have long thought that Lee is a man who likes women, but isn’t actually sleeping his way around town. He enjoys having a pretty woman on his arm, he’s handsome and they flock around him, but as you say, he is incredibly gentlemanly with everyone, even the ones who hit on him while he’s with Amanda and he dislikes men who collect women like David Benson and James Delano. To me, the fact that his black books in later episodes have the crazy codes about what job he said he had means that most of the women in there are work-related because otherwise he would just use the IFF background for simplicity.


  5. Hey, that guy Lee asks for help when they’re escaping and still wearing the straitjackets looks just like Michael C. Hall from Dexter and Six Feet Under!


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I really love the tag here….funny Dotty talking about her Uncle Iggy living a double life. Nice of Lee to come celebrate with Amanda and give her another token from a case. Hope she can some way keep the stuff 🙂


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  8. Hi everybody,

    loved reading all your comments. I found them extremely interesting, but now I feel trapped. Should I answer to your comments first and go on through the episode later or vice versa? Your observations concerning the episode order gave me a new perspective on many things concerning the show. Thank you everybody! I think I will try to keep that in mind as I proceed to other episodes.

    @RedGold, I really love to read your comments. How beautifully you expressed your thoughts about meeting through windows! Awesome. You made me smile from ear to ear when I read your remark about Lee wearing a scarf in the tag. Yeaaaaah, good one!

    @ Cindy Davis: I was a teen too when I first watched SMK. Isn’t it amazing how we still love the show? I guess that really says something about its quality. Don’t you?

    Well, let me go back now to the bookie’s office where Amanda coughs due to the heavy cigar smoke (LOL). Lee tries to throw in some keywords like Liechtenstein as a bait, but the goons do not react. I love how nobody understands what is going on. Lee tries to “sell” them their cover as Sandy Newcombe and the reporter for the Washington Blaze, but the goons don’t buy it. Amanda takes another try, this time telling the truth. But all she wins with that is a frown from Lee and a lot of laughter from the men. Finally it dawns on Lee what these man really do. Love how he exchanges a long and telling look with Amanda before he tries to save the whole situation. But the goons won’t let him go. They punch Lee right in the stomach… Ouch! That looked like it really hurt.

    Oh no, here comes Phil the numbnut again. Did you know that Capuchin monkeys frequently open nuts by hammering them with a heavy stone? Just asking. 😉 Crandall and Lazlo are nervous because Bela cannot be found.

    Ahhhh, morning light floats through the window of the bookie joint… and we hear the wonderful piece “Morning” by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. It is an augmented version of the first movement of his “Peer Gynt Suite”, cunningly combined with the SMK theme (played by a French horn). A nice collage in my opinion. Oh my, I wonder how Lee was able to sleep in a chair… wrapped in a straight jacket, to make things worse. LOL, he is all puzzled why he cannot stretch properly when he wakes up. He goes over to the couch where Amanda is still asleep. He quietly sits down on a chair and watches her for a second. Awwwwww, the little smile he gives before he wakes her up almost makes me melt. Iwsod, your screen cap is so swoonworthy! I think his look is something between very mild and slightly amused… but also knowing. And understanding. Ooops, I never asked myself how Lee’s jacket landed on Amanda’s legs when they are both in a straight jacket?? Leave it to an SMK fan to find bloopers and inconsistencies! Haaaaaaaa!

    I love how Amanda wakes up. Very sweet. And so funny! (“Moootherrrrrrrr!”) Hey, did you ever notice the words on the plate behind her spell the words “sacrifice” and “stolen base”? That kind of suits her situation, doesn’t it? As Lee and Amanda start to discuss the case, KJ always makes me grin about the way she delivers the line: “I’ve always thought that short man shouldn’t play football. It’s too dangerous.” Why does this crack me up? How does she do it? I think it has something to do with exaggeration as well as timing and tone… I don’t really understand it… But KJ is hilarious, that’s for sure! 😀 😀 😀

    Lee finally understands the plan. Laszlo and Crandall want Bela killed on the field and make it look as if it was merely an accident. The Pioneers warm up for the play. Whoooo, Lee and Amanda trick the baddie who is supposed to guard them! That was great team work, if you ask me. Lee almost springs on this maintenance guy and tells him in a frantic hurry they were federal agents… and that they needed to stop an Liechtensteinian assassin… Bwahaaaaaa, look at the guys face!!!! He looks like he understands why these guys ended up in a straight jacket! ROFL, I love how SMK treats the secret agent stuff in this satirical way from time to time. I love that light-footed humour. Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    Alright, things are getting pretty tight for Bela. He tries to tell the coach he doesn’t feel so good, but of course he is send on the field right away. Meanwhile Lee probably pushes Amanda’s station wagon to its speed limit. Amanda rambles about her driving instructor Barney… who said the cardinal rule of the highway was “haste makes waste”. LOL! Lee really steps on it right after she finished her sentence. Whoaaa!

    It’s action time! 34 Red B! Hut one! Hut two! Hut three! Aaaaaaaand here comes our man Lee! Whooooooooooo, don’t the football players look like dinosaurs in comparison?? Iwsod, I rolled on the floor laughing when I first read what you wrote about that scene! The cheerleader-lines! The emoticons! Fantastic! I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. Great job! Oh yes, it is really awfully kind of Phil to jump up in the air every time Lee gives him a punch in the stomach. ROFL!

    Joking aside, of course I find Lee awesome in that scene. But Amanda shows some pretty fast reactions too when she blinds Lazlo with the flash of her camera. Billy arrives with backup, just in time to clean up the mess. To tell you the truth, the first time I watched the following scene it took me a long time to understand Lee does not behave normally. I believed he was just a little wound up. And I wondered why Billy looks at him so keenly. I was not until he says: “You know, those guys aren’t all that big” that I understood Lee is somehow beside himself here. Maybe I could not believe that a superman could faint at all! Haaaaaaa! But I think it is very funny. And a great occasion for BB to show he has a talent for comedy as well. Iwsod it really looks like he was going to sit on Amanda’s handbag! Thanks for pointing that out!

    Ahhhhh, tag time! I do not believe Amanda left the window open just in case Lee might pop in… err.. or up? 😉 I rather have the impression that it is a mild summer night (can you hear the crickets?) and she enjoys the fresh air while doing the dishes. Well, Amanda does not seem to be too impressed by the football Lee has brought as a present… Until she discovers the inscription:
    “To a heck of a good reporter, best wishes Sandy Newcombe.” Wow! That is a very sweet way of telling Amanda she did a good job after all, don’t you think? I believe it is his way to say he appreciates. I find that very swoonworthy.

    Iwsod, what a cheeky thing you are to presume Sandy Newcombe loved her interview technique! But of course you had me grinning like a mad woman. I must say that I really think this tag is quite a step for their relationship. Not only does Lee come back to Amanda’s house, but he wears a scarf, brings a bottle of champagne, two champagne flutes and says he wants to celebrate with her! Would you do that with someone you didn’t really care about? I don’t think so!

    Isn’t it absolutely brilliant how they exchange silent looks while blindfold Dotty laughs about the thought of Amanda leaving a double life? Well, Lee and Amanda know better. Yep, these two have a story now. They share the agency, the people who work there, some dangerous cases and a couple of secrets… the biggest of them maybe being their relationship itself. The kiss through the window is not mentioned by either of them. And I think I am really glad about it, because words sometimes have a fatal tendency to destroy magic.

    Well, it was fun going through this episode. Hope you enjoyed it, too.
    Cheers, Karen.


    • Oh Karen I just love to read your posts!! yes.. most of the time while I am eating my breakfast! LOL.. Breakfast just isn’t the same without you – haaa!!
      Would you be interested in doing some blog posts of your own sometime?? That idea is in the back of my mind.. for anyone who is interested, and I’ll be posting about it soon!

      You feel trapped? Oh nooo!!! Don’t worry Karen, either way you go.. whether responding to comments or my blog posts, it is fantastic to hear from you!

      I see you agreed with me.. that Amanda wasn’t jealous.. Yeah, Amanda was never threatened by that girl. with the.. errr pom poms.. and yes.. it is a bit suggestive but I chose not to go there 😉

      Peer Gynt Suite! I knew you would know it!!! thank you! It is a lovely layer to the humour of that scene that they use that piece of music!

      Haaaa glad you liked to the cheerleaders cheering Lee the hero! I love to hear if you found something in particular funny! then I tell myself oh good! I’m glad I kept that bit in! Karen liked it 🙂 A cheerleader for Lee just seems so appropriate for the show.. he is so over the top the hero of the moment alot of the time..

      Indeed Karen, that shared knowledge that Lee and Amanda now have – is helping to develop that intimacy between them.. that trust.. which grows into something really wonderful!

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!


    • Oh that punch made me cringe. It looked like it hurt and it SOUNDED like it hurt from the way he moaned. I know he takes a lot of hits like that but something about that one just seemed a little worse to me.


  9. Hi Red Gold, I am sure no one minds the conversation turning back to Lee! 😉

    I agree with Andrea.. your observations about the symbolism of meeting through a window is wonderful!! Beautifully put!!
    Amanda is Lee’s window into family, warmth and peace – a safe place to land in a dangerous world..
    Lee is Amanda’s window into a new purpose, adventure ( as you wonderfully identified!) and making a difference in the world.. protecting her country, her family and working towards good..

    Your idea of Lee learning what is normal is going to be touched on in Rememberance of things past.. coming up very soon! and.. it was mentioned in there goes the neighbourhood..

    When i post on an episode, I try not to look forward too much to watch future episodes reveal about Lee and Amanda’s character.. preferring to focus on what is revealed up to the point where I am at.. so I don’t touch on future revelations about Lee’s childhood specifically unless it is information revealed in the current episode or a previous episode if that makes sense! You will find season 3 and 4 to be a wonderful continuation of this journey with Lee and Amanda and lots of our questions about the characters are answered 🙂 Scarecrow and Mrs King was always very kind to it’s viewers (IMO) by allowing us insights into the character’s pasts, and answering burning questions.. at least that’s my recollection – not like nowdays where things are just left hanging all the time, or apparently answered by ‘subtext’ grrrr.. don’t get me started! Anyway, I digress!

    I agree, I felt Lee was wistful about leaving in Service above and beyond.. and I am sure there is future instances of this too.. yes I agree Season 1 is very much about two very different worlds coming into contact..

    Yeah I have no idea why I can’t hear the words ‘ don’t move’ – and I really want to!!! 🙂 that’s ok..

    Andrea, I love a bit of foreshadowing too!!!!

    I have always thought Part of why he is so protective of Amanda is because of her two small boys – Lee losing his parents at such a young age would make this very moving to him.. and in Saved by the bells – the thought that he could be responsible for Amanda dying, and orphaning two little boys – was just not something he could live with.. it isn’t mentioned in the dialogue but I think it is part of what initially makes Lee so protective of her..( of course, his feelings develop in addition to that though! )

    Redgold, it’s going to be interesting to hear your thoughts on Lee as we continue to progress and learn more about him!! I look forward to hearing them hopefully! 🙂

    Do I think Lee is naturally a loner? noooooo I don’t.. for me it is a coping mechanism he has developed throughout his life, and I think with Amanda it is a relief for him to finally let those walls down – in time.. (You’ll see!!!) I think his connection with Amanda is very intense already.. and confusing to Lee..I think his telling Amanda about his christmas memories in the long christmas eve is a step in the right direction.. this guy is the same guy who said ‘ did I ever tell you about my childhood?… didn’t think so!’ and shut her out in the ACM Kid! LOL! 🙂

    Hi Cindy! What order should we look at Season 3? good question.. yeah there are definitely continuity issues.. Petra has investigated this – I’ve heard it discussed in the past and her order sounds good to me..
    ( Petra is in the process of uploading it to her website – which is linked on this blog.. it will be in the section titled ‘bull pen’ eventually).
    As far as this blog goes: when the time comes I will most likely do another poll and check to see which order we should go in when going through the episodes..



  10. Bit of a tangent alert
    @RedGold —- I can’t wait for season three! (I haven’t seen the eps since they originally aired). I would suggest watching them in a slightly different order for continuity. Some of the other fans have posted a more logical order — Iwsod — any suggestions?


  11. I hope you don’t mind if I turn the conversation back to Lee coming to talk with Amanda in the tag. I loved that observation that Amanda understands his work and that he can be open with her in a way that he can’t with his “lady friends.” I also think that he enjoys her company, although he won’t admit it yet. He comes by with a gift that involves self-effacing humor, a bottle of Champagne, and fancy Champagne flutes. And he’s wearing a scarf! If that doesn’t indicate interest, I don’t know what does!

    I had also noticed the way that Amanda and Lee often meet through windows or around doors in Season One. To me, this has to do with the fact that they come from different worlds, and Lee meets her at the edge of her world when he comes to visit her at the house. I also think that he’s drawn to that world, which must look warm and inviting, especially at night. (The spy who wants to come in from the cold?) Of course, he probably doesn’t recognize that, but he does seem wistful at times about being at the periphery.

    To me, Season One of SMK has a lot is common with fantasy stories about a person from our world being whisked into another world. Mostly, the first season is about Amanda venturing into the Agency’s realm with Lee, but it’s also about Lee hovering on the edge of her realm and learning about “normal” people through his contact with her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • RedGold, I love your thoughts about how their S1 meetings exemplify their differing worlds and how it looks inviting to Lee. I never thought about it that way, but I love the symbolism and foreshadowing.


      • Thanks for writing back, Andrea and Cindy! I enjoyed your posts, and I’m glad to hear that the idea of alternate/”ordinary” worlds in SMK makes sense to you, too. It occurs to me that like the heroes of most fantasy stories, Amanda has special traits and talents which are needed in the alternate world. I love that about SMK. Dotty laughs at the idea of Amanda leading a double life, but she *does* have a double life, and the secret part includes a brave, handsome partner who understand her desire for adventure. (Maybe the writers were thinking of the fantasy theme when they had Dotty mention Uncle Iggy, the wizard!)

        As for Lee, I think that his actions relating to Amanda’s world are mostly subconscious in Season One. IMO, Lee is a warm-hearted person by nature, but due to the loss of his parents and his rootless years with the Colonel, he decided at some point that acting like a loner would be easier, safer, and less painful than risking loneliness by seeking out close, on-going connections with other people. (The disaster with Eva probably strengthened this attitude). His armor starts to develop subtle cracks as soon as he meets Amanda, I think, but he often pulls back after making a tentative connection with her. (You commented on this, Cindy.) I’m eager to see how his relationship with Amanda unfolds and to find out more of his back story in Season Three! What do you think–is Lee a loner by nature or by necessity?

        Having just discovered SMK a year ago, I came to it with wrinkles already in place. I envy you having the youthful perspective as well as the adult one, Cindy. Both are fun, I imagine. To me, SMK is wildly entertaining on the surface but full of resonant layers, too–a delightful combination. And, of course, KJ and BB are magical together in these roles.


    • You can talk about Lee anytime! I wonder how much of Lee’s behaviour is deliberate and how much of it is his subconscious moving him. I think your observations are spot on (it becomes clearer later when we find out about Lee’s back story). When the show first aired (and I was a young teen), I could certainly understand why Amanda would be attracted to Lee and his life, but I was too young and brash to figure out why she and her life would be appealing to him. The wisdom that wrinkles and life bring 🙂


    • I hope you don’t mind if I turn the conversation back to Lee coming to talk with Amanda in the tag. I loved that observation that Amanda understands his work and that he can be open with her in a way that he can’t with his “lady friends.” I also think that he enjoys her company, although he won’t admit it yet. He comes by with a gift that involves self-effacing humor, a bottle of Champagne, and fancy Champagne flutes. And he’s wearing a scarf! If that doesn’t indicate interest, I don’t know what does!

      First, I want to extend my appreciation for sharing your S1 insights. What you wrote about windows, doors and different worlds opened my mind to a deeper understanding. Second, this tag has always been deeply significant to me. I saw Lee’s visit in celebration of the end of his football career with her, yes, but it’s also about that kiss, which marks the beginning of Lee seeing Amanda in a new way. When this episode was first aired it was in December so his jaunty red scarf was appropriate and festive. It doubled as a quirky foreshadowing of the next aired episode, where we learned that Lee gave everyone the same Christmas gift … a scarf!


  12. Any re-order that lessens the ‘jerkiness’ of Lee (I now have Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” running through my head. Great. 😦 ) is fine by me. At least this way, his feelings about Amanda develop in a little more consistent and understandable way.


  13. RE: True ep order
    Where would you put “If thoughts could kill”? I think it would come definitely after ACM Kid but before “Sudden Death”. This would explain his dismay (in Sudden Death) of seeing her . She was a reminder of everything he went through. She did see him at his most vulnerable (in a hospital gown :P) and worst. It should be after ACM kid because I found it odd that Amanda knew so much about Lee’s character and personal habits after only working together twice. I mean, she’s good, but not that good.


    • Hi Cindy! I find If thought could kill (ITCK) to be a tricky one to place – because we don’t see Billy’s office – ( there are lots of things that change in Billy’s office that give us clues as to the episodes order..)

      From The Long Christmas Eve we see Billy has a new Fancy chair.. and the noticeboard makes an appearance… (but in If thoughts could kill.. we have no opportunity to see..) so any episode with those in Billy’s office you know is later..

      I am keeping one eye on this whole idea as I go through the episodes for this blog.. and will continue to keep an eye on it… the trouble is occassionally you get a line of dialogue that means an ep must be before another – but it can’t be.. so you know it is just bad continuity! so how do we distinguish? ! I’d love some help with that! With some episodes.. I think there may be no way to know for sure so opinions can differ.. I am not 100% sure.. but I like to try and work things out.. and the foot injury helps us!

      I knew ACM kid had to come third, as Amanda goes to Lee’s apartment and comments on it and looks around – it is her first visit there.. so it must come before ITKC..

      In ITKC Amanda’s (or should I say KJ’s) foot is fine.. she is wearing heels ( and it is her not a double!).. so it must have been done before her foot injury – as there is no cast, and after the cast is gone, she wears runners for a while..

      I then had Magic Bus, as I thought it fit with Amanda not yet actually doing a proper job with the agency ( Lee just thought they were parking the RV in her driveway and that’s it) .. and the episode ends with Lee commenting he may not see her again.. Amanda tells Lee this is the first time she has seen his legs ( and she sees them in ITCK) so maybe ITCK is the episode after this??

      Lee’s extreme reaction to Amanda being his messenger in Sudden Death always bugged me.. it was so over the top.. I thought maybe because he thought he would never see her again.. but then.. if the episode before was ITCK, where he hurt his knee – the knee injuries mentioned in Sudden death would make sense.. if there is a length of time between the episodes.. And ITCK can’t be after Sudden Death as that’s when the foot injury comes up. Can anyone think of a reason why that order of Magic Bus, ITCK, Sudden Death wouldn’t work?

      Ok.. so I am thinking:
      The first time
      There goes the neighbourhood
      ACM Kid
      Magic bus
      If thoughts could kill
      Sudden death
      Always look a gift horse
      Service above and beyond
      Saved by the bells

      (bold is foot injury eps!)

      What do you think?
      I wonder if they changed the order so Lee wasn’t in pain, injured or shot for 3 episodes in a row?! but they kept two episodes of Amanda in grave danger together.. hmmm… thoughts anyone?
      I’ll keep an eye on this as I keep going.. but I am pretty sure Amanda moves on to runners for the long christmas eve and rememberance of things past.. man.. maybe I should start a separate blog to discuss this?LOL! I haven’t even gotten the pics out 🙂


  14. Yeah, this story line confused me the first time I saw it, but I forgave the writers because of the Kiss :-).

    I finally figured out who “Coach” Laslo reminds me of — the black spy in ‘spy vs. spy’

    Thanks for the recaps and the great screen shots (as always).
    PS I don’t mind the theories about the true episode order of the season. I will definitely watch season 3 in a different order than aired.


  15. Well, Iwsod, even after your brilliant & extremely funny post, I’m afraid that I still don’t understand this episode, you know? I must be dense, because it just doesn’t click exactly what the plot is about?@#$%^&*??!? But, there’s some cute scenes, not to mention the kiss, so one can’t complain.

    I loved your cheer for Lee’s required action scene.

    Yes, I vote to keep discussing episode vs. airing order since I don’t notice stuff like props covering casts and Amanda never moving. Interesting trivia and gives me another reason to watch…okay, I didn’t need one, but still interesting…you know?

    Keep up the great work!!


    • Awh!!! thanks Andrea!! You really did make my day!! 🙂

      I am pretty sure the poll is about to close.. looks like we will stick with the airing order.. I just hope there is people still around reading – I have visions of people spending their smk time watching season 3 – certainly not reading here.. ( and I might be one of them! LOL!!! I am going to need to pace myself and balance the two smk priorities! but hey what a happy dilemma we have?! how can I complain when we have waited so long for the official dvds? It is fantastic whatever way it happens and I am soooooo excited.. well done all SMK fans for buying up those dvds and getting more released! ( I’ve ordered 2 copies of season 3 – I want a back up copy! lol!!)

      Yeah.. the plot in this one was weird!! two competing baddies.. oh well.. yes a Lee and Amanda kiss is in this ep so who cares.. well said! 🙂


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