2/3 Season One, Episode 9: Sudden Death

We re-join the episode with Amanda sitting 58perched on the edge of a table.. Ahhh looky you can actually see her plaster cast under that bench- trust me it’s there- it’s easier to see when it moves! Cocky Lee approaches Amanda.. 59Is it just me or does Amanda seem a little nervous when they first talk the next day? Amanda stumbles over his cover name.. and Lee is flirting like crazy.. probably for the benefit of anyone watching.. but..mmmmmaybe not.. I’m pretty sure the kiss is on both their minds.. I like to think Lee is trying to rattle Amanda and test for a response.. hehehee.. image 60

Amanda says the code people couldn’t identify a problem with the play Lee photographed –Hmm maybe they should have showed it to people who actually know about Football-on the off chance that it wasn’t just a code?! ( they may as well have showed it to me for all I know about American Football!)

Lee isn’t very modest here when discussing Bela. image
Amanda: Billy wants to know if Bela has said anything about Laslo.
Lee: He stopped talking about anything Amanda: He did?
Lee: yeah I’m sorta surprised we were getting to be friends.
Amanda: Really?
61Lee: yeah. He probably sensed my athletic background and figured I was someone he could talk to.

62Amanda: mmm hmmmm image

Lee: I’m serious!

Amanda: I know..

63Lee: spies are jocks too you know.. come on.. hey.. I do tougher things than this every day… ( he eats baddies for breakfast!)
We just hear Amanda mumble.. Mmmmm

Oh Lee.. quit now please! Amanda sees right through you! He is too cocky for his own good.. Love how straight after this comment they cut to Crandle and Coach discussing Sandy and how he broke curfew and he doesn’t like to get hit!! and .. he is going to get the cut. ha haaaa…. (I think Lee must prefer to get hit in the pursuit of Justice.. as opposed to the winning of a ball game.. you know??!!) Then Crandle turns to Sandy and tells him to save himself for Sunday- LOL!

A cheerleader approaches Lee and Amanda and says: Hi Sandy! I’ve been looking for you! Could you help freshen my pompom?

Reow!!! girl you are a piece of work flirting like that when he was talking to someone else.. Lee seems a bit confused by this request ( she wants me to what?!) Love how Amanda steps in and takes over.. and freshens up her pompoms for her.. whatever that means!
I love the look on Amanda’s face when she does this – she relishes it!! Open-mouthed smile She’s no doubt thinking of her own cheerleading days! I think it’s funny how Amanda smiles sweetly at the girl and 66 calmly tells her ( Like she is talking to a little girl)HaHaHa emoticonAll better now.’ and hands back the pompoms.. yep girl.. it was a dumb request!

Do you think Amanda was jealous? I am thinking she didn’t like it, but that she wasn’t jealous.. it is just rude to exclude Amanda like that.. and then.. she interferes just to annoy Lee and get in the way of his fun! What do you all think??!!! (would have been funny to see Amanda go undercover as a cheerleader!- though a tad difficult to hide the plaster cast then! haaaa.. then again I guess anyone aged more than 20 is too old.. ugh! but Lee can still play??!!!)

Lee’s paying more attention to Amanda than the silly girl! Love Amanda’s little punch and “Save yourself for sunday!” Echoing Crandle’s words – and adding a whole new meaning!HaHaHa emoticon[5]HaHaHa emoticon[7]

responds: “yeah”..
and starts walking away laughing.. “cute”

Bela approaches Amanda.. Watch the background we see Lee walk off arm around the pom pom blondie.. 71then, we see Lee surrounded by all the girls fawning over him..HaHaHa emoticon[9]! I think it is a photo op for the cheerleaders and players.. I am completely distracted!HaHaHa emoticon[13]HaHaHa emoticon[15]70

Amanda puts her foot in it trying to reassure Bela that short men can be attractive too.. saying she loves all men! hehehehee..

Anyone know who is Lionel Baltimore?! The ‘famous’ actor Bela mentions sounding like..

Bela’s laugh is too much! He is a funny little guy! but could he be any more obvious something is wrong? he sees the two goons(BDBG- Badly dressed bad guy- as Cindy would put it Smile – Good one Cindy!!) in the stand keeping an eye on him and Bela immediately reacts.. hmm maybe he was trying to tell Amanda the reporter without telling her.. maybe??!! He is a terrible Liar!! Bela leaves, and Amanda finds him hiding under the stands.. Amanda who we see from behind, suddenly has no plaster cast and much softer hair. uh huh..

Whooo Amanda says to Bela: I’m a reporter, I 72am trained to notice suspicious people, odd behaviour, bad tailoring. ( bad tailoring?? LOL…Ahhh so she has definitely noticed the goons! – probably taken the agency course: baddie dress sense 101 )

I love how Amanda and Bela have this secret, dangerous conversation under the stands where noise travels and anyone could hear what they are talking about! Winking smile

They are stumbled upon by Crandle and the Coach.. and oh my.. Bela grabs Amanda and kisses her.. poor girl..!!!



Coach says: Another interview Mrs King?


image(Bela seems suddenly taller!! Winking smile)

(her reaction here is so funny.. !!!) HaHaHa emoticon[17]


78Amanda: for the Sunday supplementHaHaHa emoticon[19]

79Love how the two men look at Amanda with disgust, especially Crandle.. he shakes his head and walks away.. How dare she kiss Bela.. but oh it’s ok to plan to kill Bela in a football play!! Oh and then hire an assassin to kill the prime minster of Leichtenstein! Smile
80Amanda says to herself: Get it anyway we can! hooo haaaa!! That’s a racy line for smk!! HaHaHa emoticon[21]Amanda’s really finding her spunk with all this ‘reporting’.

Bela Pravik runs into the two goons with no fashion sense(bad tailoring).. then almost immediately,  he sees Laslo and the captain Phil walking out of a room.. Bela’s worst nightmare has come to life.. (only thing missing is them smashing his Rod Stewart recordsWinking smile)

It looks like ‘coach Laslo’ had just been giving Phil that lesson in instantaneous (sudden) death – see him adjusting his neck as they head out of the door???

Why is Laslo shooting at Bela?! confused emoticon1[7]I thought he was planning on his being murdered by the football play of death??!! I thought it had to look like an accident??confused emoticon1[5] I can only guess this slight change of plan was because they suspect he blabbed to Amanda..about recognising Laslo? and if that is the case, why don’t they try and take her out too?confused emoticon1[9] they just let her go??!!!image


Next thing, Lee finds Amanda on the sports oval and asks where she has been .. well kinda demands.. (why?? miss her Lee? worried she is ‘interviewing’ someone else??!!) Maybe he heard 82the gunshots..? She explains she has been under the stand with Bela and that he is really afraid of something.. probably the goons in the stand.. “I think it has something to do with those guys in the plaid sports coats.” (did she not see Laslo shooting?? or  errr hear  it? confused emoticon1[3]Me confused!!)hmmm.. well like you said Amanda, you are trained to notice bad tailoring!! Me? I am noticing Random open esky lids to hide a plaster cast! Smile


Lee, Amanda and the whole team see Bela jump out of the stadium and go on the run.. Lee runs outside after him.. but instead of finding Bela he spies out Laslo… (dig the xylophone when Laslo pops his head up! tee heee)
84Laslo you are busted.. Lee tells Amanda to drive off and tell Billy ‘we’ve spotted Laslo, but Laslo may 85have spotted Bela’. Lee leaves to search for Bela.. and…Stunt Amanda runs to her car ( back to camera.. of course!) Bela is hiding in Amanda’s car.. (If Bela is hiding, why show yourself while you’re still in the carpark! derrr.. and the two goons see this and know he is with Amanda.. confused emoticon1[11])

Bela: Is alright I fell in bushes, please Burn Rubber! Open-mouthed smile

Lee and Billy are then seen at the agency that 87night.. trying to work out what is going on.. Umm.. Lee why didn’t you notice that Amanda didn’t speak to Billy like you told her to!!? You would usually notice that.. it is like he has forgotten he said that to her!confused emoticon1[13]

Billy’s wearing his casual cardy.. Ohhh and the less said about haughty Francine here the 86better!Cow1 emoticon (spent two hours at the hairdresser this afternoon francine? you are actually telling them that? sooooo professional! Not!!)

Ahhh I love it when Amanda calls and says: nooo I wasn’t followed I know how to get rid of a tail ( you get training in that Amanda? ) .. He’s right 88here where I can see him!…
89Being driven away in a car by two bad men!
ha ha emoticonand she just drops the phone and leaves 90Lee hanging.. Lee rushes off to go find Amanda.. possibly wondering if she has been taken too?!


This whole following the bad guys scenario is cute.. Automobile surveillance Refresher.. Amanda puts the cassette tape into her car stereo.. and proceeds to have a conversation with it! hehhee.. Love how she corrects the tape and 92says: Her!! (whooo go Amanda!!)


Love the red light bit..

tape lady says: Anticipate traffic congestion and obstructions before you encounter them. this of course includes traffic signals. (Amanda 93sees the red light) So don’t call attention to yourself by running a red light. (Amanda stuffs this one up!) Open-mouthed smile
Amanda: oops..

Thank goodness the tape lady tells Amanda not 94to get out of her car without back up.. if she didn’t go back to Lee he would have had no idea where she was.. (Doesn’t KJ have the funniest facial expressions?! she is so great!) So Amanda heads back to the phone booth..

Whooo Lee is cranky..( he doesn’t like being worried sick about Amanda!)  Amanda arrives back at the phone booth having done the best she could..
good on you Amanda for sticking up for yourself.. she just sounds a little crazy the way she expresses it with her amandarambling..(err mentioning fingers in the chocolate cake is not such a great idea! ) hehhee. Lee you’re just going to have to learn her language..

Hey- what else could she have done? she found out where he 96was.. and ok so she can’t tell you. but she can show you.. Love how Lee is trying to get a word in: Amanda! Amanda! Amaaanda!!!! ( well done Lee.. he manages to control his temper here.. you can see it is an effort. good boy Lee. I love how he says “oh Amanda.”)


Ok. so we find out the baddies saw Amanda tailing them.. and the baddies are lying in wait for them to come back.. uh oh!! (Hey what is with all the coloured telephones on the table???!!)

Lee and Amanda pull up… and Lee is up to his solo heroics again, loading his gun ready for Battle.

99Lee: alright, if I’m not out in 5 minutes, call Billy (Billy being Lee’s back up- not his boss! Winking smile LOL)
101Amanda: Lee are you sure you should go in there alone, I mean it could get dangerous!
100Lee: Amanda please, I’m a professional remember? I think I know a little about this. BDBG: Alright hand it over, or your dog food!

Boy Lee finds being sprung here really painful! You can see he is really hurting at 104having to hand over that gun.. he was just bragging about how good he is.. and now both he and Amanda are in danger.. your turn for oops Lee. (you should 105have listened to the tape Lee!!!) Lee won’t even look at Amanda until he has handed over the gun.. and then his eyes say sorry…. awh.. big close up on Lee’s sorry face! Wise Amanda… she doesn’t say anything!

106 107

Uh oh.. Lee and Amanda have been captured by….. A Smoker!!! Now this is reeeeaally getting dangerous Winking smile
(check out how closely they stand together..imageimage )

That’s it for now!! Will be back soon to see what happens to Lee and Amanda.. will they survive the second hand smoke? Winking smile Hope you enjoyed this and thanks for reading!! Any thoughts? Please share!!! 



20 responses to “2/3 Season One, Episode 9: Sudden Death

  1. Quick comment re Lee the football stud. I had the same reaction as when Remington Steele was revealed to have been a prizefighter: I.don’t.think.so. Nobody that pretty has ever played contact sports!


    • I agree, their noses are too nice and straight. My husband is a soccer player and has had his nose broken 8 times. It is not nice and straight.


      • I have a feeling that Lee might’ve been a quarterback, and if he had a decent defensive whatever-you-call-it, then maybe he came away relatively unscathed? (Dunno the correct terms–I’m a rugby gal!) Can’t you just see him in high school as the stereotypical quarterback hunk?


        • Yup, KC. Lee would have made the *perect* stereotypical high school quarterback hunk!! And his face would have been kept just perfect if he had decent offensive lineman – the defensive linemen are the ones whose job it is to tackle the qback. I know you probably don’t care about american football, but I love it and just thought I’d share! I don’t know anything about rugby except that it seems much more dangerous without any padding or helmets.


      • Ahhh, the Kilarney Kid (I believe?). Yep, hubby unit snorted at that one. I replied sweetly that RS was so incredibly talented at boxing that he never got hit in the face.


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  3. EEK!! Lee your legs are “not bad” but I really prefer my men in slightly longer shorts!!!! These are like hot pants!!!
    Love Amanda and how she freshens the pom poms. I don’t feel she is jealous here, more that she finds the bimbo act irritating and beneath the behaviour of women. Not to mention it must make Lee’s ego even bigger!
    The surveillance tape scene is hilarious. Remember the good old days when cassettes would get chewed up and you’d spend ages with a biro winding the tape back in…..
    I have to hand it to SMK in all the shows I’ve watched I’ve never seen straight jackets being used to restrain captives LOL


    • The freshen pom-pom scene is hysterically funny. Gets me laughing every time.


      • With you here laughing about that pom pom refresher scene; Kate Jackson was on point! Another thing that caught my eye in that scene is the striking resemblance of that pom pom cheerleader to Bruce Boxleitner’s then wife Kitty Holcomb. They were mighty cozy, walking away with their arms around each other. She’s not in the list of actors at the end of this episode and not on imdb for it, either. She was credited on imdb with a couple other tv appearances during that time.


  4. I know this was posted over a year ago, but as I just discovered Iwsod’s fantastic site, I’m readingfrom the beginning while keeping up with the current listings and watching along. I wanted to comment on a few things just in case anyone actually reads my post. 🙂

    I’ve always loved this episode as it was the first cover kiss. And BB’s legs… But I digress. Iwsod, you asked who Bela was referring to when he said “Lionel Baltimore ”
    I laughed when he said it because he was referring to Lionel Barrymore, who was a Hollywood great from the 30’s (and Drew Barymore’s grandfather. The fact that he mixed it up with the city of Baltimore was hilarious.
    SMK’s casting of Bela was based on an audience draw because it’s Yakov Smirnov (sp?), who was a huge commedian from Russia at the time (American audiences loved him).
    I am in the camp that hears “don’t move” from Lee during the kiss. 🙂
    Okay, that’s it for my non-current episode comments. It’s so mmuchfun reading a years worth of show run-downs to catch myself up to the currentshow analysis! Iwsod, I’m even going back to watch some of these again just to catch the wonderful tidbits you point out that I may have missed the other times I’ve watched each episode!


    • Hi Rachael – ahh good glad you are enjoying yourself! yeah go for it!! the epiosdes are always open to chat about – Always love to hear anyone’s thoughts about any episodes! It’s all smk and all good!

      Oh yeah! that ‘ don’t move’ ?? I am sure it is there!

      I am in the – ‘okay if everyone says it’s there then it must be there’ camp! 🙂
      I have no idea why I just can’t hear it. maybe I prefer to hear it as Lee groaning away at kissing Amanda – or I heard it that way for years, so now I can’t hear anything else – that’s probably it.. haaaaa 😉 or… maybe it’s the sound setting on my tv 😉 – it’s weird! 🙂

      Ohhh thanks for explaining Lionel Baltimore! tee heee!!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    I don’t think that Amanda is jealous…and I love how she treats women that like Lee like little girls LOL!!! It is funny that Lee is paying more attention to Amanda than the Cheerleader.

    The scene of Amanda in the car listening to the agency tape is toooo funny. Love KJ facial expressions 🙂


  6. Hi again!

    We are back on the football field where Amanda waits for Lee. Is that really a plaster cast we can see under the bench? I didn’t know KJ had an injured leg at the time they produced the episode. The details SMK fans have an eye for will never seize to amaze me.

    Lee approaches and flirts like crazy, just in case anybody watches them. Amanda seems a little nervous, she stumbles over his cover name. I agree with you Iwsod: I think the sudden kiss is on both their minds. When Lee starts talking about Bela he really lays it on thick in my opinion. Amanda seems to think the same way. I love how she says “mmmm hmmmm” in a way that reveals she doesn’t believe a word of what he says. “Come on… hey… I do tougher stuff than this every day.” Excuse me, is that really Lee Stetson talking? The Lee we all love and know? Thank God we have another great SMK cut: This enables us to overhear a conversation between Crandall and the coach talking about Mr. Newcombs lacking qualities as a football player. In their opinion Mr. Newcomb may be a hot shot with the ladies but not so much on the football field. Haaaaaaaa!

    Uh oh, here comes the ditsy blond cheerleader girl asking Lee to “help freshen her pom-pom”! She is totally intruding here, isn’t she? And the way she ignores Amanda is rude. I wonder… Does her question sound suggestive in your ears as well? The way she says it – her moves and looks and all – makes for a rather obscene double meaning, if you ask me. A double meaning that refers to intimate parts of the female body, begging your pardon. I think this is why Amanda reacts the way she does. She remains calm, but she really mocks the girl when she takes over the pom-poms saying: “They don’t look too bad…” Bwahaaaa! Then she shakes them a little aggressively and hands them back, speaking as if to a child: “All better now.” I think she handled the situation perfectly! Do I believe she was jealous? Nah, not really. I think she was more annoyed. She did not like the way that girl behaved, but to be actually jealous I think you need what I’d call a serious rival. This girl clearly isn’t. She is not fit to hold a candle to Amanda. To make her victory even more complete, she gives Lee a little punch and says ironically: “Save yourself for Sunday!” Kudos to Amanda! She is really the mistress of this situation.

    Lee turns round and all the girls start fawning over him. It is too funny how at the same time Bela tells Amanda he is used to being overlooked because he was so “short”… Wouldn’t you rather say small than short? Just wondering. Bwahaaaaaaa, Amanda totally puts her foot in it by saying she loves “all men”! This is exactly the picture she gives to the coach and Mr. Crandall. They always catch her smooching someone! LOL that is sooo ironic! Classic SMK, don’t you think? Amanda only makes things worse when she tries to explain what she really wanted to say. ROFL! And Bela’s laughter… Enough! Or I’ll start rolling on the floor!

    Thank God Bela spots the two baddies on the terraces. He gulps and leaves very quickly. Amanda goes after him… on her two legs. No plaster cast. Thee heee. Too funny how Amanda says she was trained to notice suspicious people or odd behaviour because she’s a reporter. Yeah, right (LOL). Bela is very nervous and tells her he can’t be seen talking to her. Of course this is just the second for the coach and Mr. Crandall to come along. And what does Bela do? He quickly grabs Amanda and kisses her! ROFLLOL what hilarious déjà vu! Very SMKish, don’t you think? Oh I could laugh my head of when I look at Amanda after that incident.
    Coach: “Another interview, Mrs King?”
    Amanda looks like Kermit the frog in a state of shock! And she is stiff like a log! She barely manages to move her lips when she replies:
    “For the Sunday supplement.”
    Bwahaaaaaaa, she is too funny! The two men look at her with disgust. Both shake their heads before they leave. Amanda King, divorced housewife with two kids, a station wagon and a mortgage, is probably a career driven nymphomaniac in their eyes! Ahhhhhh, the irony! “Edit any way we can, haha…!” ROFL

    Uh oh, Bela is caught between the two clowns, err, goons on one side and Lazlo and Phil on the other side! He decides to run. Uh oh, Lazlo tries to shoot him! Luckily he misses. Raaa raaa raaa… Bela tries to make his getaway. Lee runs after him. Bela has disappeared, but Lazlo dashes away in his car. Why does Lee run back to find Bela? What makes him think he is still in the stadium? I don’t get it. Amanda starts her station wagon and discovers Bela who hid in the rear. How did he get into her car? Surely the doors were closed? I don’t get it. Oh well. Who cares about logic? 😉

    Whooohoo, Billy is indignant. He tries to get support for searching Bela, but the man on the phone does not seem too cooperative. Lee is in his office as well. In a brainstorming they try to plan the agency’s next moves. Francine has been called in as well… and is no less indignant about it. Whooooooo, what would you say she looks like? All tarted up I say! =) Love how Lee teases her. The hairdresser, the manicure? All he has to say to that is: “You could have had yourself bronzed.” Look how he silently enjoys teasing her! Billy thinks Bela might have taken a ride with someone. Lee asks: “A ride? With whom?” And the scene immediately cuts to Amanda’s station wagon. Lee, why do you even ask these questions? 😉

    Amanda calls the agency from a public phone. Francine answers the ring and tells her in her usual condescending tone that they were “a little busy at the moment.” Amanda sounds pretty upset when she answers: “I have Bela!” Wooooooo, look at Francines face when she repeats this to Lee and Billy? Could her eyes be any bigger with surprise?

    Lee takes over and asks her where she is. And while we follow their conversation and Amanda says she wasn’t followed and she knows how to get rid of a tail we see in the background how the two goons capture Bela and force him into their car! Oh noooooooo! Everything goes wrong. Amanda drops the phone and keeps Lee hanging. Whoa, Lee seems pretty infuriated when he rushes off to find her. I think he knows things have gone really wrong.

    The Automobile Surveillance Refresher Tape! That and Amanda’s facial expressions never fail to crack me up. “Don’t call attention to yourself by running a red light.” Ooops! 😀 Finally Amanda growls this was more complicated than her income tax form! Luckily the tape concludes by saying never leave your car without a weapon or proper backup. Whew.

    Uh oh, Lee must have been waiting for Amanda for a while. He is clearly not amused about that. Finally Amanda arrives, blowing the horn of her car like crazy. I must admit that I do not like the following scene too much because the Amandaramble about the chocolate cake does not make much sense here. I can understand she is all upset and she tried to do the best she could. But it seems she acted rather doltish… and now she talks a lot of nonsense and cannot answer Lee’s simple questions… and I don’t like to see Amanda that way. I think they make her look pretty ditsy here, and that’s what keeps me from enjoying the scene. It takes Lee visible effort to hold back his temper. At least Amanda is able to drive him to the place where Bela is held captive. I love how both of them say “Good idea” to that… Whew, thank God, that’s at least a solution. Not everything is messed up.

    Lee draws his gun, determined to go in and save Bela. He boasts about being a pro…. and gets captured himself. Ohhhhhh well. That is really ironic once more. But Lee’s not laughing: He finds being sprung here really painful.
    So much for now, bye!


  7. Honestly, with Bruce’s legs bared, there was no need for random cooler lids to be open to hide Kate’s cast. Not like I would have ever noticed.
    I forgot how funny this ep was (probably because of its closeness to “Saved by the Bells”
    I love, Love, LOVE Amanda freshening the cheerleader’s pom poms. Gawd, that gets me howling every time! I agree with y’all here that Lee was trying to impress Amanda big time and she seems bemused by his act. At least she reisted patting him on the head. :-). I love the contrast of Bela’s kiss versus Lee’s. Amanda sure got a lot of lip action this episode. Poor Dean.


  8. LOL, no definitely not your typical football player type!

    On the other hand, SMK does more than its share of shameless stereotyping of American football here, and it keeps me laughing through the whole episode. We already mentioned the locker room Neanderthals and the pompom-flaunting cheerleader, but of course the coach has been given the requisite beer belly and southern accent along with his warped football-centric perspective.


    • SMK is stereotyping 101! Sometimes it is so simplistic is it hilarious! Especially when it comes to different nationalities..( there are only what three male names in Russia? Dimitri? errr Boris and Vladmir.. tee hee) I love to find the little touches the props people use to tell us we are in another country (when we really are not) or to tell us a character is from another country.. too funny..

      I admit Patty that alot of the football cliches were completely lost on me – although the meathead player is universal..


  9. I definitely think Amanda was jealous during the pompom scene. She’d just had an interesting “exchange” with Lee the night before, and there’s no doubt it was on both their minds the next time they met (as you point out, Iwsod!) Add that to the conversation they’d just had where Lee is talking about his athleticism being obvious to Bela, Amanda giving him the look, Lee saying “I’m serious!” and Amanda saying “I Know!” LOL. She really is getting to know all sides of Lee at this point and is very attracted, even by his cockiness. (Or especially by his cockiness?? I think his confidence bolsters her.) The crush is morphing into honest-to-goodness affection, and I’m sure she’s not at all thrilled with the bimbo cheerleader! The “save yourself for Sunday” is a great line there! Let’s Lee know that she cares enough to have an opinion on his personal choices (and let’s the writers sneak in a little more PG humor 😉

    Gotta run before I could get all the way through your post … I’ll try to get back later today! Bye for now!



    • Hi Patty! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I can see why you would believe Amanda is jealous in the pom pom scene..

      Why did I not think she was? ( I love it, when someone thinks differently I have to stop and ask myself – now why do you think that?? and.. do you still think that?!)

      I have always thought Amanda was blown away by gorgeous Lee.. right from the start. At the same time though, I don’t think Amanda had any illusions about what Lee was like.. and that he was completely not right for her ( in the beginning) – like when she finds the ‘she’ robe (in saved by the bells) and is disgusted!! So without giving a 10 page essay ( because I could.. it’s scary!) -That women are attracted to Lee, doesn’t make Amanda jealous – Is there a time other than with Leslie (who was not just a pompom girl but an actual relationship) that Amanda is jealous? Was it life of the party where Betsy Jordan approached Lee at a party while talking to Amanda and Amanda just makes fun of her?!

      Anyway, my vibe is Amanda isn’t the jealous type.. plus – in that scene Lee was paying much more attention to Amanda than to the pompoms 😉 anyway… so that’s why I concluded it wasn’t jealousy.. purely my own opinion… she certainly doesn’t enjoy the interruption – and that could be interpreted as jealousy.. but I don’t go that far.

      For me, I’ve found Lee to be much more Jealous when it comes to Amanda than the other way around.. which I admit.. is a circumstance I prefer much more! haaaaa..

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Patty I love to hear a differing view. I agree with what you said about Amanda getting to know Lee and his cockiness.. haaaaa it is annoyingly adorable isn’t it.. haaaa ‘Affection’ is a good word to describe it Patty.. I agree! ( though I think she can have affection for him here and not be jealous.. )
      PG humour? LOL! I love it.. Amanda’s line ‘ we get it anyway we can’ was borderline don’t you think Patty?! KJ was soo funny with that line!! I don’t remember KJ being as funny later in the show.. I look forward to getting to later eps and seeing!


  10. Not only is Lee being cocky, but showing off BIGTIME! For Amanda’s benefit in my opinion.Is it just me or is Bela not exactly the typical Football player type?!!


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