1/3 Season One, Episode 10: The Long Christmas Eve

It seems a bit strange to recap a Christmas episode and it’s not Christmas.. but .. well I can’t exactly wait till next Christmas! and there is lots of other scarecrow and mrs king goodness in this ep.. so I will just pretend it’s Christmas.. I am stuck in an isolated cabin eating beans and drinking vodka with 3 men and I am frantically hunting for the gas mask.. Oh wait… no that’s Amanda’s story! Here goes!!

Awhhhhhh.. how cheesy.. how smk… a christmasy smk theme!! Unapologetically Christmasy!  santa_fat_danceChristmas seems much more cheesy when you’re not already in the christmas season and in the christmas mood..

2A city street.. on a beautiful day full of busy christmas shoppers.. blue sky..

A man in a phone booth is desperate for a new identity.. and is getting more and more agitated..threatens that if he goes down a lot of the agency people will go down with him..

That santa calling out “Merrrrrrrrrrrrrry Chrrrrrristmas” rolls his r’s alot..uh ho russian santa? well.. he does live in lapland doesn’t he santa??.. err I guess..

Wait! Could the Santa Claus Assassin be anymore obvious if he had had a big sign that 3said “I am going to try and kill you! Muahahah” He actually stands right there and rings his bell- too funny! Santa rushing into a cab? LOL.. just think of all the kiddies who are devastated at finding out Santa takes the cab..

Love how when the bomb goes off there are absolutely no people around the phone booth..when a few seconds ago the streets had been teeming with christmas shoppers..

6Love the little Segue from the assassin Santa to the Santa doll in Billy’s office! Not to mention the first thing Billy says as the camera pans away from Santa ‘ Ted Rudolph’ –LOL!!! Does he have a very shiny nose? Would you say it glows?!! A great name for a character in a Christmas episode.. Season 1 scarecrow and mrs king doesn’t take itself too seriously.. I love it!

7This bomb was a ‘sophisticated device’? LOL! it looked like playdough with a few curly wires sticking out.. I don’t know how Francine said that with a straight face..

Oooh my.. the first fashion police call out.. This 8Fashion police badgeoutfit should be arrested.. Lee looks like a gangster.. Black jacket, dark shirt and a white tie? ugh! white handkerchief too Lee?!!! Forgetaboutit!!! Oh no Lee!! quick get into that  hiking gear.

Lee asks Francine: what’s the euphemism for Dirty Tricks?
Francine : covert operations
rofl emoticon Good one!! Smile

Nice try Billy.. trying to avoid the embarrassing Santa suit from the 6th floor (scenarios and cyphers).. he needn’t worry.. I don’t think he has much respect already anyway… (though I think you are a cute teddy bear sometimes Billy..ahem..)

We do hear a whole bunch of info about Rudolph but it’s kinda a yawn.. lots of overseas locations.. the guy’s been in deep cover and is very experienced, but probably also burnt out…. think I’ve got all I need to know.. Whooo look! Billy has his new fancy chair and new noticeboard!!!

Lee suggests they send the guys back some phoney Cyphers. ha haaa Lee.. not very funny.. no wonder he isn’t in dirty tricks.. he isn’t funny enough to join the gang..

Amanda and Dotty trim the christmas tree… It’s sweet to hear them discussing their christmas memories.. Awhhhhh look! I never saw that before- one of the christmas ornaments on the tree is a Panda!!!panda-lol
13Ohhh boy.. Amanda’s expression when she realises what’s coming from Dotty!!! Yep.. another Dean lecture.. Dotty is still trying to accentuate the positive with Dean.. only this time Amanda beats her to it and lists his well known qualities.. Amanda again says ‘ I’m just not ready yet’ and Dotty responds ‘ I’m not trying to rush you.’ – ugh!! you just can’t talk him up Dotty – it’s there or it’s not.. and Amanda just isn’t feelin it! Whoo Dean is coming for christmas dinner.. Amanda manages to get out of that conversation by saying she is off to deliver presents to the people she works for. Dotty asks her what they are like- her clients – but Dotty you met Francine (the client with the pet Chimpanzee) two weeks ago you don’t remember???!!! I think this is lack of continuity here not an episode order issue..but I won’t get into that now..

Can someone tell me why all the male agents look like total geeks? and only Lee is a super hunk????!!!!!

The office christmas party is in full swing and Lee and Francine are talking when Amanda arrives all enthusiastic.. you’ve got to admire her graciousness towards Francine.. Francine of course criticises Amanda the moment she sees her.. but.. whoooo this I love.. Lee stands up for Amanda!!!
Francine: you don’t seem to be getting into the spirit of things.
Lee: ahhh I’m just not very big on parties

15(they spot Amanda..)
: oh come on! It’s christmas!.(Amanda arrives waving gifts!)… Ohhh and speaking of Jolly there she is our woman in suburbia, bearing gifts.

16Lee: don’t be nasty Francine
Francine: I wouldn’t dream of it.

Just love how Francine is telling Lee he has no christmas spirit and then in the same breath she makes fun of Amanda, someone being nice to her and saying hello.. seems Francine’s idea of the christmas spirit is a little different to mine!Hurray for Lee pointing out how Nasty Francine was being! (ok Lee I forgive the tie now!!) Notice Lee doesn’t look like he is annoyed that Amanda showed up??!!!

17Amanda hands out her presents for Lee and Francine.. you know, I think Lee is genuinely 18enjoying this.. and thinks she has done a nice thingSmile So Amanda 19gives Lee socks.. they look like argyle socks.. 20

Lee goes pretty quiet when Amanda tells Francine the perfume is called intrigue and it’s really good for the spy.. and he seems a bit shy here! I may be mistaken, but I think Lee is quite touched!!

22Ok, just as Amanda finishes stating Billy’s taste in clothes is conservative – Father Billy makes his appearance! tee heee.. he does not look happy!!!

Billy gets a call from the burnt out agent Janus (Rudolph’s  code name), the guy we saw in the phone booth.. he wants his daughter to be found and delivered to him in 2 days or he will reveal the names of every American and soviet undercover agent working in the USA. ( I get why the agency wants the names of the US agents kept secret.. but the soviet ones?? eh???)

Finding Janus’ daughter in 2 days is going to be next to impossible..what to do?? Lee, Billy and Francine ponder…. then.. Amanda taps on the window.. Billy’s face lights up.. he has an idea.. 23Immediately Lee knows what he is thinking- Amanda can stand in the daughters place!!!!! and Immediately he is against the idea! Oh dear.. Amanda do you have to keep signalling them over and over at the window like you are an idiot? they’ve seen you!! ohhh where can I hide… Lee doesn’t think she can pull it off.. when she is signalling like an idiot through the window.. I have my doubts too.. Winking smile


On to the baddies.. whooo Mikhail Gorbachev portrait.. right.. russians! Got it..

The russians phone taped Rudolph’s phone (wouldn’t he have guessed they would do that .. 25or was he now terrified of public phone booths thanks to his run in with santa and chose to risk it??!!!) .. the head 26baddie says Rudolph must be neutralised immediately.. I guess to stop him from revealing the identities of the soviet operatives working in America? ROFL!!!! – Tea sipping baddies.. You 27know a head baddie is nothing without a good cup of Russian Caravan tea! as this baddie discovers trying to drink american tea.. ( it’s so bad he adds sugar! lol!) hehehehee. It’s funny how he is calmly talking about killing Rudolph and then, he says that the tea is abominable.. yup.. killing someone is nothing compared to drinking American tea …. !

Off Lee and Amanda go on their little road trip.. you know the little porsche reminds me of Maxwell Smart’s car.. I prefer the vette…. anyway..I digress..  this conversation in the car takes an interesting turn doesn’t it!! Amanda is stressing about all the things she needs to do for christmas Eve, and Lee reassures her it’s a simple assignment and she’ll be back by four. 28Love this response from Amanda: That’s what you always say!

Good Call Amanda!! Lee’s convinced this will be a simple job.. oh Lee- this is scarecrow and mrs king!! Nothing is ever just a simple job!!

Amanda seems an old hand now.. she’s learned her ‘scenario’ as Karen Rudolph ( Karen – are you reading this?? did you particularly like this episode? is this why you chose this handle?!)

29Amanda: Gee that’s sad… growing up without a father…
30Lee: Some people manage to do very well without a father
31Amanda: oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to get personal
32Lee: I wasn’t speaking personally.

33(yeah right Lee…and does Amanda know that Lee’s parents died when he was little yet? She knows he had a rough childhood but I think that’s it..)

Amanda: so how do you usually spend your christmas
34Lee announces proudly: On my living room couch! with a large bowl of guacamole dip, 35a perfectly chilled bottle of Dom Perignon 73 and a good football game.

36Amanda says knowingly: mm Lonely.

37Lee: christmas is just like any other day of the year, it’s 24 hours long, the sun rises and sets, 38there’s football games on tv, they don’t deliver 39the mail and the next day is the 26th.
Amanda: Oh come on scrooge, I know somewhere in there is a little boy who has lots of homey christmas memories.

41Lee: Home for little Lee Stetson was wherever his uncle was stationed.. once in greenland, once in hambourg, twice in Guam, believe me christmas dinner in a mess 42hall with 500 guys fighting for the dark meat isn’t too homey and that’s nothing compared to the easter egg hunt in the sahara!

Awhhhhh I just want to cuddle Lee when I see this scene.. he is trying to put on a brave face…. not just for Amanda but for himself.. but.. he doesn’t quite get away with it.. when he mentions home being wherever his uncle was stationed he practically spits this out.. his resentment in tangible..that he didn’t matter to his uncle and was a burden.. what was it that Lee said to Amanda in the ACM kid? ( ‘kids need attention and someone to talk to’) .. I think Lee got very little of either.. poor Lee.. don’t you worry.. Amanda is going to fix all that- once you step up that is.. heheehee.. anyway I just think Amanda (us too!) learn a lot about Lee here in this scene.. and I was surprised he told her that much.. but I think he was so busy trying to be proud of how he spends christmas that it didn’t occur to him to censor what he said! … but this comes back to haunt him later in the episode!!

Oh dear.. Lee doing the inventory and giving it all to Amanda to carry is too funny… why he doesn’t have a back pack all ready with that stuff in it is beyond me.. but at least this way was funny! seems Lee has parked the car and suddenly gone into business mode.. or should I say Military mode! He doesn’t even respond to her joke…

44Amanda: now I know why you really brought me along.
45Lee just smiles and sticks to business ( Lee, regretting sharing in the car?!)

46Lee: it’s 3 miles in, it’s an hour an hour and a half if we keep up a good pace.

Amanda salutes Lee: Yes sir!
Lee slaps her on the arm and declares: Let’s go!
48(I’m surprised he didn’t continue on with: left! left! left right left!) Amanda copes good naturedly with it though..

Off they go on their trek.. followed closely by the  baddies who are following them to Rudolph..

I remember the first time I watched this episode I was laughing about how bright their hats were and what dills they are.. how could they make 49sure they are not seen by Lee and Amanda in those hats? then.. it was explained to me that they are wearing bright hunting hats – and this is normal for hunters – oops!! well there you go I learned something from smk! Although, doesn’t that mean Lee and Amanda should be wearing bright something too??!! Uh oh!! Winking smile

Well, that’s it for this post.. we will leave Lee and Amanda roaming the woods for now! Back soon with more.. thanks for reading!

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  1. Quote

    Home for little Lee Stetson was wherever his uncle was stationed.. once in Greenland, once in Hamburg, twice in Guam…


    I always wondered about this as there were no US military bases in Hamburg (only British). But maybe it was one of the round about 30 other Hamburgs around the world and not my hometown in Germany.


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  3. Ok, so if Amanda got Lee socks, why didn’t he ever wear them? It looks like they are dark – which would look better than the white socks he always seemed to wear with dark pants later in the series….

    And, am I correct that they were supposed to bring Rudolph back/out of his hiding spot in the woods? Where were they going to put him once they returned to Lee’s Porsche???

    Just my initial thoughts….


    • LOL. The trunk seems very roomy. They really didn’t think this through, did they?

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    • They are probably thinking that he got up there on his own, he can get back down. The “bring him in” may not be a physical thing as much as a “bring him back inside our safety net” kind of thing.

      On the other hand, there was room for two sets of golf clubs behind the Porsche seats (Magic Bus) so if they truss him up like a Chrstmas goose…

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      • This reminds me of a time when I was a kid that my sister drove to the local swimming pool with 8 kids in a VW Bug.

        Maybe they were planning on Rudolph driving and Lee sitting with Amanda on his lap!!!

        (Ok I just cracked myself at the thought of Rudolph driving – “won’t you guide my sleigh tonight?” LOL, ok maybe it’s not THAT funny but it’s been almost 8 months since I’ve had human contact and I’m starting to get silly….


  4. #2018 rewatch
    I always enjoy watching Lee’s attitude to Amanda changing depending on what Francine is doing. There is definitely an element of fraternal “Hey! that’s MY civilian! Only I get to be mean about her!” to how he responds in any given episode. I think he has many of the same feelings Francine does to Amanda’s goody two-shoes personality but has the sense to rein it in when he’s around Francine, lest he give her extra fodder. The down side is that it tends to come out when he’s alone with Amanda instead, but I’m pretty sure he’ll mostly have stopped in a few years from now. 😉

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    • #2018rewatch

      Hey! that’s MY civilian!

      Yeah Francine, go find your own civilian who’s willing to fly a helicopter, squirt hairspray in a baddie’s eyes, disparage your sexual prowess, drive a weaponized RV, steal a duck …

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      • #2018rewatch

        That’s why I think it would be so fun to see Francine meeting up with her own civilian and falling for him. Could be very entertaining. Might be even more fun if he has a few small children she has to help with.

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    • Going along with your “That’s my civilian” line — I’ve always felt like Lee sees Amanda as a kid sister in the for6at half S1. Most of the time she’s getting on his nerves and he’s stuck having her tag along, but like a good big brother he will always have her back and protect her. And also very sibling like — he can harass her, but nobody else is allowed to!

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  5. #2018rewatch
    Ok, finally getting a free evening to sit down and watch this wonderful episode!! 🤗🤗🤗

    Iwsod said: That santa calling out “Merrrrrrrrrrrrrry Chrrrrrristmas” rolls his r’s alot..uh ho russian santa? well.. he does live in lapland doesn’t he santa??.. err I guess..
    I never heard how exaggerated those rrrrrr’s are until this watch! That’s hilarrrrrrrrrrrious!!


    • #2018rewatch
      P.S. That Santa Billy has on his desk…we had the exact one in my house growing up. ❤

      I haven’t had a chance to watch much SMK the last few weeks, and I’m only 1 minute into this episode already getting that SMK feeling – you know, the one that feels like I’m back home? Ahhh. Am I the only one that gets that way??


      • #2018rewatch
        You’re not the only one, Amandarmbler!


      • #2018 rewatch ( soon to be 2019!)
        Hiya Amandarambler oh no you are definitely not the only one who gets this way! How else could I have started a blog about this show and gotten at times a tad obsessed with it??!! 🙂 This blog is proof that there are soooo many of us who love taht smk feeling 🙂

        It is just at the moment my real life doesn’t leave my room for expressing it – but don’t you worry- it’s still there 🙂 and you are not alone!

        I’ve been enjoying reading your and other’s comments – keep them coming!!!

        Merry SMK’y Christmas Everyone!!!!


        • #2018rewatch

          IWSOD!!! I am so excited to see your comment come through!! It just made my day!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

          Thanks so much for letting us do this rewalk. I soooooo love hearing from everyone!!!


      • #2018rewatch
        A daily dose of SMK makes everything better!
        Enjoying the rewalk and so happy to know that there’s so many of us that find joy in this show!


  6. #2018rewatch
    This is one of my favorite Season 1 episodes. So much goodness to unpack!!! But I’ll just start with….

    Amanda, though I think the socks were quite touching and significant, I wish you had given Lee a backpack for Christmas so you wouldn’t have to carry all of that stuff, bless your heart.

    That, and this conversation in the car between Lee and Amanda is quite a step. He is really opening up to her totally unknowingly, and perhaps she is yet to completely understand the significance of his opening up to her like this. Really some great dialogue and banter between them in this ep. Then of course, the phone call of the tag, which is pure gold. Oh, you two….😍

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    • #2018rewatch

      Hey Amandarambler! There is so much goodness in this episode! It really represents everything we love about this show: the budding friendship/romance, humor, loyalty, and banter amongst the characters. It is definitely one of the best! 24 carat with a “C”!!


    • #2018 rewatch

      That, and this conversation in the car between Lee and Amanda is quite a step. He is really opening up to her totally unknowingly, and perhaps she is yet to completely understand the significance of his opening up to her like this.

      Not so onboard with “… totally unknowingly.” Okay, maybe I bought most of what Lee was telling Amanda during their drive into the mountains. Until he went too far with that Easter egg hunt in the Sahara. Really Lee? I strongly suspect Scarecrow was trolling to discover, just how gullible is she?


      • #2018rewatch
        Totally hear what you’re saying here, Nancy, and I think I didn’t quite think all the way through my thoughts (???? Hahaha). Part of me thinks Amanda is this Lee-whisperer that can get him at times to just open up about things like no one else can…and then part of me thinks Lee’s response here (in the car regarding Christmas) was a canned, well-rehearsed response like he’s said the same speech many times before. He spurts it all out so fast he even seems to run out of breath to try to squeeze in the Easter egg hunt in the Sahara bit! So I go back and forth.

        Also, Happybaby- 24 carat with a C! Love it!!! 😂 And loved the way you described this episode – “It really represents everything we love about this show: the budding friendship/romance, humor, loyalty, and banter amongst the characters.”
        Beautiful summary! (Plus this ep has one of my favorite Amanda moments of all 4 seasons, but that is in another post…)


        • #2018rewatch

          He made Amanda schlep their supplies hoping to distract her from asking any more questions. Most people would turnabout and ask the same question, but not Lee. Oh no! He wants to avoid an Amanda-ramble at all costs!

          It’s interesting to note that when Lee promises Amanda >>she’ll be back by four
          … five at the latest, he fails to add whether he means AM or PM.

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    • Perhaps Lee is speaking to Amanda more openly in the car because they’re not looking at each other. It’s much harder to speak about personal or painful things if you’re looking at someone. I also think that Amanda is just making conversation about Karen when it shifted to Lee’s childhood. The next question would naturally follow along that same subject. And, we already know that Amanda is good at getting Lee to open up.


  7. What were Lee and Amanda thinking after the events of this episode? Check out Morley’s vignettes to hear her take on it!

    The Long Christmas Eve is the 10th episode in our revised order.
    These are Lee’s thoughts

    And these are Amanda’s thoughts

    **Please head to this post at Nedlindger’s to discuss or to compliment Morley 😉 thanks!

    Thanks to Morley for writing and sharing these wonderful stories, which enhance our enjoyment of Lee and Amanda’s journey so much!!! 🙂


  8. I realize this is well over two years since this post, but I wanted to jump in with a theory about Amanda giving Lee socks for Christmas… I just found this site after reading tons of fanfiction so maybe I made a connection I wouldn’t have just from reading this blog…

    Anyway, in TFT, Lee tells Amanda about his most recent partner. In the SMK fanfiction world, it’s quite a seminal moment for their relationship. It 1) explains why Lee doesn’t work with a partner; 2) suggests why he separates work from his personal life and why he keeps his emotions in a box, and 3) gives insight into why he feels so responsible for Amanda, especially the line “I can’t live with this one” in SBTB. When trying to give her the brush off at the Jefferson Memorial, he tells her “A partner is someone who laughs at your jokes, loans you his socks, and takes a bullet in the head for you.”

    I think you can see where I’m going with the Christmas socks. I don’t think Amanda forgets anything. Maybe the gift of argyle socks really is just a thoughtful, but impersonal and affordable gift you give someone you haven’t known for long. I prefer to think that maybe it’s her subtle hint that she IS a partner… she will be just as loyal and watch his back and prove herself to be a worthy partner … and not only that, but rather than just loaning him socks, which can always be taken away, she’s giving him socks, so he can always have them.

    Anyway, just my two cents on this subject. I’m kind of surprised no one else has proposed a similar theory, but then again the whole previous-partner-dying-in-Lee’s-place is HUGE in fanfiction, which is what in a roundabout way brought me to this blog (which is brilliant as far as I am concerned). Fanfiction does have a tendency to turn a molehill into a mountain…

    And now I’m done with my Amandaramble…


    • Hello Karen!!!

      Yes. I think you are spot on. And when you think about what Amanda does during the rest of this episode I am sure the socks speak loud and clear to Lee every time he puts them on. Go ahead and make a mountain out of a molehill. I say I can find significance in a rock, if I can do it with a rock, why not a sock!!!

      Glad to have you here.


    • Welcome Karen, and you just BLEW MY MIND!


    • Welcome, Karen! You know, I’ve never thought about the socks this way. Guess I’ve not read enough fanfiction! It is an interesting theory though. Amandaramble away anytime, anyplace!


    • Hi Karen! Welcome to JWWM!! 🙂 So glad you found your way here!

      This is a wonderful insight! thanks for sharing!!!

      This is what I love about this blog- no one person can remember everything and see the significance from previous episodes… but together- we can see alot!! and here is a perfect example of this!

      I’m thinking this sock reference was to hint to the audience that they are partners.. but Lee would not have made the connection.. I just wish we saw Lee wearing them in an episode! haaa!!!

      Welcome to the walk Karen!


      • … I just wish we saw Lee wearing them in an episode! haaa!!!

        spoiler alert
        An argyle sock belonging to Lee turned up in ************************!

        Argyle socks actually being worn … my faulty memory only recalls the mismatched argyle socks worn by Mr. Brand in S3’s “Welcome to America, Mr. Brand.”

        Comment edited by iwsod.


        • It’s hard to resist I know.. but please no spoilers beyond where the walk is currently up to – i.e. the end of It’s in the Water.
          I don’t want to know what’s ahead and I have to moderate this stuff which means spoiler warning or not I get spoiled.
          What’s ahead in season 4 is pretty much a blank for me.. and I’d like to keep it blank for when I write the walk through the eps..

          There are probably season 1 posts where we’ve jumped ahead a little and I don’t even remember. lol. It was years ago they were written! And it’s all here for posterity rofl!
          At some point on this blog – the concept of JWWM became no more jumping ahead- with the aim of approaching the journey with fresh eyes and staying with the story as it unfolds.. JWWM will stick with this till the end of season 4. [after that?! who knows! do share your thoughts if you like I’m open to ideas!]
          Sorry for the wait and all.. but also – thanks for understanding 🙂


    • I like your explanation. I’ve always been bothered by Amanda giving Lee “just socks” esp when Francine gets such a thoughtful present – it just doesn’t really add up (and reminds me of Lee’s Christmas scarves..)


    • … at the Jefferson Memorial, he tells her “A partner is someone who laughs at your jokes, loans you his socks, and takes a bullet in the head for you.” … I prefer to think that maybe it’s her subtle hint that she IS a partner… she will be just as loyal and watch his back and prove herself to be a worthy partner …

      This insight of yours has far greater significance than mine. I just assumed that Amanda noticed a pile of single socks without a mate when she cleaned his apartment during The ACM Kid episode. So her Christmas gift to Lee was a few pairs of identical socks to show him how to address that problem.


      • Maybe it’s both! Maybe when she was cleaning and saw that pile of unmatched socks, it triggered her memory of that conversation and she thought “Well no wonder he needed to borrow socks!” and that, in turn, prompted the idea for the much-needed-and-very-practical-but-with-a-hidden-deeper-meaning Christmas gift! 😊


    • I think you’re dead on on the socks and it makes me want to cry. Her other gifts seemed more personal and socks seem odd when she knows Lee better than Francine or Billy.

      Would you mind if I borrow this theory in a fanfic?

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  12. I was watching this episode the other day and picked something up that I hadn’t been aware of before. The name Janus is important I think, in one of those “SMK is smarter than it seems” ways. Janus is the name of one of the oldest Roman gods. He is the one that the month of January is named after. He is the guardian spirit of the house door and protector of the city gate. He has two faces so he can look into the past and the future. In the ancient city of Rome there was a temple to Janus in the market place and it was always open during times of war, which was almost all the time. But it was closed with a great ceremony during the rare times of peace. He watched over all openings and beginnings. The other thing that is significant about this name and its use in a Christmas SMK episode, is that the PAX Romana began around the time of the birth of Jesus (Christmas) during the reign of Caesar Augustus and that would have been a significant time when there would have been a celebration of the closing of the door of the temple to Janus.
    It may also be significant that Janus’ real name is Rudolph which is associated with childhood Christmas stories.
    Just some food for thought. I found it really interesting since there are so many mentions of father’s and childhood memories of Christmas and the long term ramifications of being a spy and the realities of the “business” and calling a truce and peace. Even the Silent Night singing with the two opposing armies outside is supposed to remind us of the stories of European armies that ceased fighting on Christmas Eve and how the strains from such songs could be heard from the trenches on both sides. On nights like this the door of the temple of Janus would have been closed. Rudolph even told Lee not to call him Janus anymore. And I wonder too, if this was the beginning of a door of strife and disconnect being closed for Lee and a beginning of some new opening for him as well.


  13. Jenbo–I’m totally with you on how un-winter-in-DC the opening scene looks. ROFL
    Psssstttt… Iwsod–the bomb looks more like BluTack to me than playdough. 😀 And, it’s also extra special in that the wires move depending on the shot. Wah hah hah… In the first shot (from outside the phone booth) the wires are pointing out to the side of the phone booth, but in the second shot (from inside the phone booth) the wires are pointing up. Must be a smart bomb, or something. 😀
    I’m wondering whether Lee and Billy got a package deal on those knobbly textured ties, and whether they fought over who got the cranberry one and who got the white one?
    OMG–when Billy gets the Santa suit delivery from Cyphers, Lee says “It’s a dirty job, Billy, but *somebody’s* gotta do it.” Did anyone else have Triumvirate goosebumps when hearing this? “It’s a dirty job, but *someone* has to do it.” Awwwwwwwwww…
    I love KJ miming outside Billy’s window while they’re discussing her posing as Karen Rudolph–she’s so funny.
    “The tea in this country is really abominable!” Yup. No Choysa or Bell tea here (at least not back then). :p
    Only “one binoculars”? There was two of everything else! (Did anyone else wonder whether Lee would break out into Count von Count’s “Ah… ah… ah!” laugh? [From Sesame Street.])
    And–while orange hats may be the norm for game hunters, I don’t think AK-47s are!!! Yikes!


  14. I do enjoy a good Christmas episode. Only is it Christmas? There seem to be an awful lot of leaves on the trees for winter 😉 Those poor extras must have been boiling hot in thick winter coats!
    Ah playdoh bomb……yes please, adore the smell of that stuff 😉
    Lee tsk tsk what ARE you wearing. Honestly dark jacket, plaid shirt and a white tie?! Costume people how did you get your job? And it’s only going to get worse……
    So Ted Rudolph is Janus, two faced God from Roman mythology, originator of the name of the month of January. And depicted as two faced, a sly hint at him being a double agent methinks? I wish I could claim to have known this random information already but sadly I learned it from the James Bond film Goldeneye, Sean Bean *swoon* is also known as Janus.
    So popcorn threaded onto cotton and hung on the tree. Why? I’ve always wanted to know. Is it supposed to get eaten? Must go awfully stale! Does it have any significance? I really like Amanda and Dotty reminiscing of Christmas’ past. Such happy memories 🙂
    So the boys open their presents Christmas Eve? Why? That must have made life difficult for Santa 😉 My son is nearly 8 and thankfully still believes, feel a bit sad that Jamie potentially doesn’t.
    I confess I cringe at Amanda and her present giving. Really? People don’t buy themselves socks Amanda? What happens when they wear out? Wait for new stock to arrive in form of Christmas gifts?! I think this just makes her look naive and stupid although Lee is rather gracious. Given Amanda lives on a tight budget I would have thought home baked items would have been more her style.
    I think Billy makes an excellent Santa LOL
    As the little scene in the car is lovely, Easter egg hunt in the Sahara, now that would have been interesting. Lee wasn’t speaking personally? Hmmmm pull the other one its got bells on 😉 I didn’t take his remark about doing OK with out a father as defensive just more matter of fact. Feel very sorry for little Lee Stetson, happy holidays just weren’t in his experience as a child 😦


    • I think the popcorn stringing is a throw back to when people used to put popcorn and berries on the trees outdoors to feed the birds during the winter (not sure how true this is). I’ve done it, once, and that was enough for me (lots of poked fingers from the needle).
      I also thought Amanda’s present giving cringe-worthy but never considered how financially strapped she was supposed to be. Where did she get the money to buy all that stuff? Some guy selling it from the back of his car? I agree baking would be much more her style.


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  17. Melissa Robertson

    Amanda shows kindness and warmth in this episode with giving gifts. Glad to see that Lee is happy to see her at the party. The conversation in the car does make you feel for Lee’s childhood….wish that his uncle was more loving to him but, then we wouldn’t get to see Amanda tear down all the walls of his!


  18. ” Oh dear, why doesn’t Amada stop waving through the window like an idiot? I hate to see her like this. They make her look like an idiot. Which she isn’t!” So true, Karen! And the writers seem to do so more in season 2 (esp. class act, for one). Boo!


  19. Hello!
    Awwwwwww, the Long Christmas Eve…! 😀 😀 😀

    If you know my handle you can easily guess this episode is special for me. Why do I particularly like it, you may ask? I mulled over that question myself last night.

    As a Teen I was practically hypnotised by the scene in Lee’s Porsche. It was the most intimate situation I had ever seen Lee and Amanda in until that point of the show. They are all alone in the car, driving out into the woods on a secret mission. Moreover, Christmas gives Amanda the chance to ask questions about Lee’s private life. I was so excited to see super cool and detached Lee Stetson open up and share some childhood memories. I was thrilled to get a little glimpse of the real person behind the top agent. Wow.

    What used to be special to me (and still is) is how the story intensifies and finally culminates when Lee gets shot into the shoulder. Thinking about this more closely I realized that a hidden truth becomes visible here. Didn’t we all suspect from “The first time” that Lee Stetson was deeply wounded? And that somehow Amanda cares for this man very much? In “The Long Christmas Eve” a veil is taken from what had been clandestine before. With Lee’s life in danger everything suddenly gets a clear outline. And I simply love the way Amanda reacts. She puts forth all her strength to help Lee and displays a great deal of bravery in order to save his life. Bless her!

    But let me jump back to the beginning. LOL, the bomb that destroys the telephone booth really doesn’t look like a sophisticated device! “Like playdough with a few wires sticking out”, as Iwsod said. None the less the explosion is heavy enough to make us understand something serious and dangerous is going on.

    Uh oh: black suit, dark plaid shirt, white tie! Ahhhh, those were the 80ies. I guess every man but BB would look ridiculous in that outfit. ;-P Awwww I like the whole business with the Santa costume for Billy. I think he’s cute.

    Dotty and Amanda trim the Christmas tree. Oh noooooo, Dotty tries to convince Amanda of Dean’s qualities again! But this only helps to remind Amanda she needs to hurry off to the agency, errr, the film people of course. That’s very telling, don’t you think? Dotty praising Dean’s dependability and Amanda rushing off to the agency… I love it.

    To tell you the truth I cringe a little when Amanda arrives and hands over her presents all enthusiastically. I know she is a kind person and she wants to spread a little friendliness around, but would you even dream of giving argyle socks to a business associate you find attractive? Or of giving a cardigan to your boss??? Jesus. I like that Lee’s reaction is rather quiet and good-natured. He even tells Francine not to be nasty. Yeah! And I love Billy as Santa.

    Reality kicks in when Rudolph calls Billy. As usual Billy thinks Amanda might help the agency out of the difficult situation. Oh dear, why doesn’t Amada stop waving through the window like an idiot? I hate to see her like this. They make her look like an idiot. Which she isn’t!

    After a short scene with Ivan, Dmitri and their superior we come to my first favourite part of this episode. Lee and Amanda drive into the woods. Love how Amanda knows Lee well enough to know things have a tendency to get pretty complicated every time he points out the simplicity of their assignment. Haha, so true Amanda! Isn’t it typical how Lee asks back “Sad? What’s sad?”, when Amanda talks about Karen Rudolph growing up without a father? I think he tries to block emotions as usual. But from the tone of his voice I think he is a little touchy when he says: “Some people manage to do very well without a father.” He denies this of course… Oh Lee, couldn’t you be less aloof and inapproachable for once?

    Amanda looks a little frustrated after that, if you ask me. But she tries another subject: Christmas! Again Lee tries to play it super cool. Just like any other day of the year… Football games on TV… They don’t deliver the mail and the next day is the 26th. But Amanda doesn’t drop the subject. I think she really wants to know something about this mysterious man. And finally… whohoooooo can you believe it?? Lee opens up a little, telling her about his childhood and how he was raised by his uncle and celebrated Christmas on army bases all around the world… He tries to play the tough guy, but I think Amanda understands how he grew up to be the lone wolf she met in “The first Time”. And no matter how much Lee denies his feelings, she understands how little love there was for him as a kid and how lonely he is deep down inside. The whole scene made my heart melt.

    As if he regretted that he had given something personal away, Lee abruptly switches into military mode when they reach their destination. Gosh, he’s really gruff, isn’t he? The way he thrusts so much equipment into Amanda’s hands is rude, if you want my opinion. Amanda’s reaction to this is very appropriate. She salutes to him and says: “Yes, sir!” I think Lee is lucky Amanda does not turn on her heels and tells him to do the job alone. She is a very sensitive and understanding person.

    That’s it for now, looking forward to go on through this fabulous epy.
    Byeeeeee, Karen.


    • Hi karen! With your handle of ‘ Karen Rudolph’ I was keen to hear your thoughts on this episode!!! 🙂 I hope you are well and it is lovely to hear your thoughts!

      No pressure though – whenever you want to share your thoughts for the rest of this episode – which is special to you – I will be all ears! 🙂 These posts don’t expire 🙂

      You bring up a good point.. it is kinda weird giving her boss a cardigan! LOL!!!! Yes Amanda does overdo the good cheer it’s true.. I thought they were just trying to exaggerate her ‘normalness’ – and the sentimental part of Amercian culture which makes a big deal of christmas… a really big deal.. and contrast that with Lee, Francine and Billy.. the agency: who give christmas a go.. but don’t quite go to the same lengths as Amanda does.. it kinda feeds into the later chat with Lee about christmas and family and traditions and things.

      I don’t know why, but I didn’t mind Amanda giving Lee socks. haaaa.. maybe I don’t mind because he is not her boss? although I felt she was gracious to give Francine something.. anything! she really wasn’t a friend to Amanda.. infact the opposite often! Whereas Lee had by that stage become a friend of sorts! 🙂 ( and don’t forget, by then he had saved her life a few times.. haaaa )

      Thanks again Karen! ( is it weird to see Rudolph call Amanda Karen for you?!)



  20. Another great episode from season one (despite Lee’s wardrobe)


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