8/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Lee leave Scotland yard and walk down at Lambeth Pier.. where Ransome was killed in the opening scene.. ROFL!! we see Lee and Amanda walk behind a red telephone booth –
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001733133
and it is closed up with a wet paint sign on it! tee hee.. so random (or is that Ransome? Winking smile )! I am assuming this is an SMK prop left there from filming Ransome’s murder and so they don’t want anyone to use it. They moved it to one side and stuck a wet paint sign on it!! tee heee.. looks like the door is now against the wall there.. too funny..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001734668

Now Amanda has found out someone is trying to kill Lee she is in full protection mode! why do I feel like so far, pretty much all the caring and protectiveness is coming from Amanda’s side this episode? Hmm maybe this next scene will placate me!
Amanda: You can’t go back there!
Lee: I have to. I’m running out of time.
Amanda: Ohh! I wish you wouldn’t put it that way!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001735669
[ROFL!!! SMK classic line!!!! ]
Lee: Amanda, the north sea defence strategy has taken months to plan, if I don’t plug that leak before the meeting in 2 days (aha!) it’s gonna end up where a lot of secret information has, behind the iron curtain.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001739873
Ok, here is a novel idea.. since the defence strategy has taken so long to plan – why not put off the meeting just a few more days?!! tee heee.. you don’t have to tell them about it in 2 days.. is it just me or is this really weird! If they don’t find the leak in time, postpone it a day or two.. too easy! seems silly that information is at risk of ending up behind the iron curtain because of punctuality! As per usual in this episode, so far, Lee is all about the job!
Amanda: but someone at Bromfield Hall is trying to kill you.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001750684
[why doesn’t he have some special MI5 back up or something?! now he knows someone at Bromfield is going to try and kill him? poor Amanda! I can understand why she would worry!]
Lee: I hope they try it again! [ Lee isn’t sugar coating this for Amanda is he.. ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001751685
Amanda: whoooowww!!!!
LOL she visibly gives herself a shake at this, Lee watches her, and smiles quietly to himself.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001753186
I think sometimes he secretly enjoys her care and concern.. he just  isn’t ready to show that to Amanda- yet. 1heart_eyes
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001753687
[Still, he wouldn’t want to let that get in the way of him doing his job.. It’s part of who he is.. Is it just me or does this little moment remind anyone else of the scene in Remembrance of things past?
Where Lee receives the death threat while with Amanda.. and he tells her he is going to ignore it- because: ‘In my business, we get things like this all the time. And I can’t let it get to me. No agent can and still be effective.’  ]
but.. on with this episode!

Lee: Amanda, It’s what I do.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001754187
Amanda: I know.

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001756690
[she sounds resigned here.. I think she understands this a lot better now than she did in Remembrance of things past! I don’t think she is fighting this element of Lee’s job.. but to have the danger acknowledged would be good! Winking smile ]
Amanda: All right…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001759192
[ Amanda sighs and looks out over the Thames towards the houses of Parliament – London is goooorgeous!!!! ]
She continues, suddenly determined: ..I’ll go with ya.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001761194
[ She knows who he is, and what he does- and she wants to be a part of it!! Go Amanda!! Smile and.. it shows how much she cares about him.. don’t you think?  awh!! ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001762696
Lee quickly: NO!  [He wants her to accept his job is dangerous, but he absolutely doesn’t accept Amanda being in any danger- this comes up in Brunettes!! (yes everything does!! 😉 ).. Lee has never tried to hide this side to his relationship with Amanda! 🙂 ]
Amanda: what do you mean no?
Lee: No!
  [ Finally, we catch a glimpse of Lee showing some care for Amanda – in the one way he is able to at this point!!!! He hasn’t thought this through and it’s ramifications, he just immediately says NO! ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001763697
Amanda: no? I have to go!…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001765198
…Leeeee, I’m part of your cover…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001769703
If I don’t go with you, how will you explain it?
  [I’d like to see him explain his suddenly perfect hair.. ahem.. ]
The superspy, highly trained is suddenly thinking: Ohhh yeah.. that cover thingy! Winking smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001770704

Lee: Alright. Strictly as part of my cover. Just background.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001773206

WHA??!!! what a thing to say Leeeeee!!!
Amanda: Riiiiight….
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001776209
  (*flatly*)Window Dressing.
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001778211
[Aha! I knew that bugged her!!! It really bugged me too!! ]
Lee: Oh come on Amanda…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001779212
I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.
[Amanda starts talking here at the same time as Lee.. Amanda.. let the guy say this! lol!! 😉  Whoa. Lee reacts strongly here.. strong emotions Lee!! 1heart_eyes I think he did mean it, he just didn’t mean it to be an insult.. just like when he said to Amanda ‘all you have to do is look to know it’s ridiculous’ – he had no idea that he was insulting her! Aie..  ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001780714
I know you didn’t mean it,…
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001781214
…I know you didn’t mean it!

2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001782215
I am not convinced..and I don’t think Amanda is completely convinced. Although, now he has responded and said he didn’t mean it – she can at least be reassured he didn’t mean it to be insulting. 😉
You know what’s really interesting here? Lee seems to have hurt feelings here that she could think that –1heart_eyes though he tries to hide it- This hasn’t escaped Amanda’s notice though!! 1heart_eyes When Lee was angry with the photographer at Bromfield Hall, I didn’t think it was about Amanda – this hurt from Lee here is a hint to me, that maybe there was much more going on than first appeared! Maybe!!! 😉
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001782949
Lee is very confused about Amanda! LOL..
I think they are skirting an issue here that neither of them are ready to deal with yet – so Amanda accepts Lee’s reassurance and let’s it go- for now. I guess this could be seen as foreshadowing – and it does it beautifully!! This issue is dealt with eventually in Brunettes are in..with Lee finally acknowledging Amanda as his partner..this episode needs to come before Brunettes.. or it just doesn’t make sense  IMHO!Winking smile
Amanda continues slowly and reassuringly: .. it’s alright. [for now! Winking smile ]
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001783216
Lee laughs off his hurt feelings..(not really understanding what’s going on I think! Winking smile ) looking away and simply saying: Ha!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001783717
Amanda intently watching Lee says quietly, again reassuring him: Okay.
Smiles quietly at Lee…1heart_eyes
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001784150
and – licks her lips! Winking smile
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001784718

Whoo hoo!!
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001784818 She looks away from Lee, then she gives a HUGE sigh..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001785719
and I mean HUGE!!! and then.. with determination in her eyes, she looks back at Lee again..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001786219
It’s like Amanda is thinking: his feelings were hurt?
Oh he’s adorable! 1heart_eyes
but.. nothing is ever going to come of it! Smile he doesn’t even accept the valuable work I do!
I’m determined to move on from that ‘Ridiculous’ idea!
-press heart’s reset button NOW!!

Do you think Amanda loves Lee at this point?
I’ll have a go answering that.. This last response of Amanda’s to Lee’s hurt feelings? [the smile, the lip licking.. the sigh.. ] has me believing she is now definitely on the road towards love!! 🙂 I don’t know if I could say she is ‘in Love’ with him though..

She has very strong feelings for him, she’s attracted to him.. but she is also fighting it – fighting for control of her heart here.. and.. I don’t think she has lost that control juuuusst yet.. but.. it’s getting closer! So for me, I guess by my definition, I still think she’s not in love with Lee- not yet! Plus, I can’t see Amanda truly falling in love with Lee until he begins to acknowledge her work that she does with him.. and we aren’t there yet. Lee is too condescending towards her at this point for her to truly give in to Love! (IMHO!)

This idea is in the next post also, but I think what you think will  depend on how you define love.. In storytelling terms, you could argue Lee and Amanda were meant for each other (MFEO- remember? in Sleepless in Seattle?!)  from The First Time! 🙂  Thoughts??? 🙂

Hang in there Amanda.. things will get better!! Smile
I’ve been grumpy with Lee and his attitude towards Amanda this episode, but I take heart! Lee’s feelings were hurt that Amanda thought he meant ‘window dressing’ as a put down.. Lee reveals more of himself here than he realises.. I hadn’t noticed this before – because I had always been so focused on the touching moment that’s coming!! but.. for me, this is just as significant!!!!! There is some real encouragement here– Lee has feelings- that Amanda can hurt!!! .. Lee actually cares! Smile

Changing the subject [bring it back to business Amanda, much safer!! ] Amanda adds: I think it’s Lady Bromfield.

And on that note.. I am going to finish up there.. yes.. I am going to split this scene in half!! well… it was that or write a post of more than 3000 words.. and that is just ( to use the word of the moment) ‘Ridiculous’! Winking smile Plus.. I thought this little reveal of Lee’s and Amanda’s deserved to be enjoyed in their own right! Smile haaaaa

Don’t forget there is a post dedicated solely to the discussion of Lee and Amanda’s relationship throughout the whole series here. If you would like to discuss this more broadly than just an episode or scene.. this is the place to go..When did Amanda fall in love with Lee? When did Lee fall in love with Amanda? Is there one moment? or many progressive moments? Any one moment that stands out for you as a ‘So that’s where they are at!’ moment?? and.. how do you define  when someone is ‘in love’ ? I would love to hear your thoughts on this – anyone who is reading – There is no right or wrong answer.. only a very interesting discussion to be had! 😆 So head over to the thread and share your thoughts if you like!! Or.. feel free to discuss here if discussing the events of this episode!

I would love to hear what you think of the moment dealt with in this post… what are your memories of first watching it? Did you see it as significant?
LOL! Does anyone actually like that Jacket Lee is wearing?! Winking smile haaaa..
Ok byeeeee! Thanks for walking with me!!!!

28 responses to “8/12 Season Two, Episode Eight: Affair at Bromfield Hall-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think that Lee generally projects a very one dimensional persona… Cocky, a bit arrogant, confident, self assured… And every time we get something more complex from him… Like in this scene where he gently reminds Amanda that risking his life is an accepted part of his job description… It’s like a little crack in his facade that allows us to see the real man below the surface.

    Amanda has managed to (for the most part) shove any less-than-professional and more-than-friendly feelings and attraction into a metaphorical closet and firmly shut the door on them. It’s just that the cracks in his facade end up in her losing her hold on that closet door. In love? Nah, not yet. The seepage hasn’t reached critical mass yet.

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  3. I love how BB delivers the “It’s what I do” line. It’s not done with any self importance or bravado. It’s just a simple statement of fact. And I love that Amanda accepts this and decides to follow him anyway.
    But get him to ditch that god awful jacket first……
    @ Paula I am LMAO at your comment about how nice it was that Lee wanted his jacket to coordinate with Amanda’s skirt


  4. Okay, I adore London and think it’s gorgeous too! I really want to move there so every time I watch this episode, I’m always paying attention to the background! Lol! This scene when they are walking by the river is very touching! They say so much without actually saying anything..body language saysso much! Thx for the post!


  5. Nope, definitely not fond of the jacket.

    For some reason, Lee’s line: “Amanda, it’s what I do” is one of the most moving lines in the whole series for me. He delivers it so sincerely, not with anger or annoyance but rather with just a hint of compassion (nice job as always, BB!). He could have been annoyed. He had already told her to stop mothering her. But instead he said it with great patience. I think he really, really wanted Amanda to get her head around the fact, trying to say that she has to get past this if she’s going to work along side him, and if she can’t, well …. Luckily, as you point out, Iwsod, Amanda rallied. This must be why I like the line so much … it’s such a turning point for Amanda in her professional growth, and until she accepted Lee’s career for what it was, they weren’t going to be able to move forward as a team because they would constantly be having these conflicts. (As I type this I’m watching the ending of Pharaoh’s Engineer, and what a contrast with Lee rushing away to incredible danger while Amanda stays behind bravely escorting Rupert to safety.)

    Do I think Amanda loved Lee at this point? Well, I think she was over her crush, but still had feelings for him, feelings that she didn’t trust but couldn’t resist. It’s the old “love should be based on friendship” thing and I think Amanda completely believed that. (I know I do 😉 As for Lee, I completely agree that he was confused by his feelings and therefore constantly off-balance in S2.

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    • I think this is such a great observation and discussion of it, Raffie. I always paused over that line of Lee’s but didn’t really understand why. I’ve written about this before, but IMO, Amanda’s response is very significant, too: “I know. All right. (Sighs) I’ll go with you.” She’ll go with him to Bromfield Hall and wherever else his work takes him. (Just like in your recent video, Raffie.)


      • LOL, RedGold, I’m touched that you remember. I have to admit I was thinking the same thing as I wrote that, about Amanda having the trust and the commitment to follow him when it would have been easier to turn away.


        • Of course I remember your lovely video, Raffie. : ) They way that KJ delivers this line reinforces your final idea; she says, “I’ll go WITH you,” suggesting her solidarity with him.


          • “Follow Me,” right? Ohh, I love that one. Watch it all the time. That, and “Holding out for a Hero” get a lot of air time at our house.


            • Thanks, Paula and RedGold … it’s always nice to hear when a vid connects with someone enough that they remember it and enjoy going back to it 🙂


              • Raffie I didn’t know you do fan vids! I don’t get to see them very often, I’m too busy spending my smk time writing up episodes – but do you think you could post a link or two to them here?? [if you’re comfortable with that?] 🙂


                • Hmm, not sure why one link posted the way it did. Thought I did the same thing for each but obviously not! Iwsod, feel free to edit if you’d like!


                • Yep, Iwsod, I’m no Moxie or LoveSMK, but I have a dozen SMK vids. I find doing vids is a great way to process how I feel about how Lee and Amanda feel. I’ll share “Follow Me” here since we’ve mentioned it already in the context of this discussion. It is about friendship and trust being the foundation of a relationship. The youtube description tells a little bit more about the significance of the song to me personally.

                  And here’s “It Must Be Love” which ends with the clip we’ve just been dissecting and is about Lee and all those little signals that he’s falling in love with Amanda:

                  I’ll be happy to share others as they are appropriate to topics of discussion!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • That’s kind of funny, Raffie, because I use your videos and others’ to help keep my fanfiction on track and not lose sight of the characters as they were. Isn’t it nice to have such a range of media to extrapolate and appreciate a simple, special TV show?


                    • YES!! I just love all the different ways we can explore SMK! And I’m grateful that the writers and actors gave us characters with enough consistency, depth, and texture that we can continue to play with them and build upon them without breaking canon (if we don’t want to) and without getting bored!


                  • Hi Raffie! My feet are killing me.. time to kick back and enjoy your talents!!! 🙂

                    I am not sure why the second link doesn’t show up as embedded..

                    Maybe it only let’s you embed one per comment.. (Hurray it worked! that must be what it is!!) but if you put the URL for youtube it automatically embeds.. Anyway -it must be love??!!! I don’t know Alan Jackson, but he has a fabulous low voice! Oh and I love the clips you chose to match to the lyrics.. the dream and Amanda’s DOA casablanca dream! flying in the helicopter.. Whoa.. watching Lee with his eyes closed thinking of Amanda? must be love! jealous ( you picked some awesome moments!!) must be love! Oh fabulous!! what a great song Raffie!! Whoa.. I’m really struck by how Amanda hugs Lee in Odds on a dead pigeon!!! that is starting to look like love! Man, I can’t wait to get there!!!! 🙂 How long did it take you to do? I bet you noticed lots of things while creating them, slowing down scenes, focusing on movements! Haaa!! you even included the touching scene in bromfield hall! great work Raffie!!!

                    Follow me was lovely Raffie, really sweet and touching – lots of season 4 moments.. Ohh just think not long now till we have those dvds to source from!!! This song, and your clips for me sum up: Tender Lee – it’s lovely to watch, especially when I am going through the episodes and getting frustrated with Lee and how he is holding back with Amanda, and not yet accepting her… it’s lovely fortification to hang in there just a few more episodes and those times are rarities! Thanks Raffie!!! I love love love how Lee just emanates gratitude at how Amanda loves him, and that he has her – you feel how lucky he knows he is to have her – WOW!!
                    {edited to add: Raffie!!! I just read your info on Follow me!!! finally found where I could read it! oops.. and!! I described your vid as being tender Lee – and you mentioned that in your description – so I would say you have done exactly what you set out to do.. you’ve done a really lovely vid – thanks for sharing it with us all… and what a great way to celebrate your own love story – awhh!!! }
                    thanks for suggesting this vid Paula. I don’t want very many – there are so many and I get overwhelmed I confesss! and blogging takes up most of my smk time, but when I watch them I enjoy them alot – so please if there are any real standouts for you I’d love to hear about them!! ( though we would need the author’s permission to post a link to them here on the blog.. I guess Raffie has given us permission to post hers! Thanks Raffie! )

                    Ahhh Paula and Raffie, I totally agree with you about all the different ways we interact with smk, and are entertained by smk.. and by smk fans! Vids, Fan fics, drawings, language facts (German! Italian! French! Spanish!! and.. urdu 😉 ) , location facts, script alterations.. and observations – we are full of wonderfully talented smk fans! Not to mention smk cooks, smk music experts, dialogue/ linguistic observations, dialogue transcribers, website hosters (thanks Petra!) .. and then there are fans who to me have a paticular talent for describing Lee and Amanda and their relationship.. not to mention.. all the cheesy observations, bloopers, continuity mistakes, visible microphones.. episode reorderings! oh how could I forget?? Fashion Police!! 😉

                    I love it all.. and I really appreciate how smk fans share with other smk fans their particular talents, and unique ways of seeing and enjoying smk – thanks everyone!!!

                    Sooo funny you should mention Lee’s jumping err pockets in that scene Raffie – I noticed it also.. but I didn’t mention it.. tee hee.. ( very glad you did though! ) I did point that out in a scene in another scene once. it was very distracting! (I can’t remember which ep but it was in Billy’s office) as he was standing right behind Amanda, hands in his pockets of his trousers, wiggling his fingers.. tee hee!!! Oh dear! (Ahh Hi Charley! I see you noticed too! ) I do wish Lee would stop doing that.. it’s very distracting!! Thank goodness he eventually starts to wear more jeans! Oh wait.. no they are pretty distracting too.. only in other ways! tee heeeee!!

                    It’s getting late here.. Ahh and on that lovely, gutter gal note.. I shall sign off! byee everyone hope you are keeping well!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Thanks for the kind words, Iwsod 🙂 Doing the vids is time-consuming but very therapeutic. Happily, they require no musical talent, but what a great way to convey feelings, bring out emotions, and make a statement. And yep, Alan Jackson has a lovely baritone, doesn’t he?

                      I admit I’m a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one distracted by the pants :-/

                      Hope your moving is going well. Such a hassle. Especially with holidays coming up and all. At least for you it’s a summertime move. (Well, not sure that’s a good thing now that I think about it… when I helped my daughter move out of her DC apartment in July it was 104 degrees (=40C) at 4pm.)


                  • I LOVE this video – watch it at least once a day. Bravo!


                  • Oh I know I am late to the party, but you did a wonderful job on “Follow Me”! It was one of my favorite songs way back when. I always played it along with “The Wedding Song” by Peter, Paul and Mary. (You know, I subscribe to your YouTube channel but didn’t connect the dots back here/yuku to you.) Grazie for the lovely end to my day!


    • I’m not all that crazy about the jacket of Lee’s either, but it sure was nice of him to go to all that trouble to color-coordinate with Amanda’s skirt. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    • This moment between them resonates so strongly, doesn’t it? I think in part Lee tries to keep Amanda at arm’s length emotionally as yet another way of protecting her. He knows that his luck is likely to run out eventually, and he wants to spare her the kind of devastating loss that he’s experienced himself in the past.

      I think Lee has already given his heart to Amanda, and a part of him knows this … but he can’t allow himself to go there. Still, the knowledge that his behavior and seemingly offhand remarks sometimes hurt her is hard for him. He knows he *has* to push her away, and that doing so causes her pain – the very thing he wants more than anything else to protect her from. Lee is between a rock and a hard place, and until he accepts that it must be AMANDA’S choice whether to take on the risk of losing him, not HIS choice, he’ll continue to experience this emotional turmoil.

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  7. I can’t believe that I’m not writing about this fantastic conversation by the Thames, but here goes–I love the “wet paint” sign because it makes me think that this is the phone booth where Ransome met his untimely end, and that some London maintenance worker thought it needed to be re-painted after the murder. There’s even a bullet hole through the glass! I think that the SMK folks would’ve moved it if they didn’t want it in the shot and that they were just being playful with the “wet paint” sign. I love this quality in SMK. I feel as if the people who made it were having fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is definitely the scene (and following) where we see how conflicted Lee is in his feelings. I think he does enjoy her care and concern (just like in Remembrance of Things Past), but I think he’s also fighting his attraction at this point, too. More during the next half of the scene.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello! Yeah!! the second part of this scene is coming in the next hour or two! 🙂

      Hiya Redgold – Bullet hole? there is a bullet hole? do tell!! where is it? I can’t see it!
      I agree with you, I love this aspect of SMK.. it is always giving the audience a wink!! 😉


      • It’s in the pane of glass right above the “wet paint” sign, visible in your first two screen caps. Yes, Lee isn’t the only one winking in SMK.


        • Hi redgold!!! Ohhh I thought that was a suction thingy holding the sign up.. I probably didn’t think it was a bullet hole because the telephone booth is turned on it’s side ( the door is facing the wall there) and so the bullet hole would be on the side.. OH wait.. noo!! the door was open when Ransome was shot! LOL! I don’t know what it is! tee hee!! 🙂


  9. I really appreciate the screen shots so I can focus on their faces. His turtleneck and jacket are just too distracting when I watch it in real time. Hey, I never claimed I wasn’t shallow. 🙂


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