4/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

Lee goes to talk to a now retired personnel officer about incomplete personnel records….. and Amanda heads to Lee’s apartment to pick up some of his things..


Lee’s front door is different! the numbers 168 new front doorgo up and down now  rather than across.. and it is a different colour. In Saved by the bells it was much darker.. Hmm did Lee change the way it looks to confuse the baddies? Winking smile I don’t think that works Lee.. you might want to move apartments!

Oooh I love Amanda sneaking a peek at the letter in Lee’s draw.. Debbie who gives her little i’s a smiley…  too funny how Amanda opens it 171without looking at what she is actually doing- eek!
172Reads it.. and then she scrunches it up and throws it on the desk.. disgusted at Lee’s taste in women? or her own lack of self control in opening it and being so interested ????!!!!Winking smile Amanda certainly isn’t the kind of woman Lee would have gone for up till now.. and she must look at Lee and think there is no way he would be interested.. but.. she’s wrong I think! (Notice the picture of Lee and Billy on his desk?!! )

The doorman rings Lee’s bell just in time to stop Amanda being nabbed..

173Oh my.. this doorman is quite nosey and judgemental isn’t he..
Doorman: no one deserves that (Lee getting murdered), no matter how degenerate his lifestyle. (ouch!!!) Amanda notices this too..I
174think it flashes across her face briefly that that was an unkind and inappropriate thing to say..

‘Why are you here’? what business is it of yours!!

It is too funny that the doorman calls these 175women ‘lady friends’- just like Amanda did when referring to them boiling a lamb chop for Lee!!! Whooo and I love the tone Amanda uses when the doorman asks if she is one of his lady friends – No. (why would he comment on Lee’s degenerate activities when he thought she was one of his lady friends? that makes it even worse!)

Amanda realises this guy is a pest.. and has to get rid of him.. hey, she tried being nice.. Love how she says she had to get the teapot before aunt Ellie gets there.. and the doorman’s 176shocked and horrified expression is soooo funny! ahhh Amanda that is too funny! To top 177it off she is totally wincing when she closes the door on him and apologising for being rude..she can’t believe what she has done…. haaaaaaa…

Ok, if I was at Lee’s (yeah in my dreams…) and I came back into the room and a door was now open that wasn’t open before.. I would run out the front door and get the heck out of there!!! Amanda was previously kidnapped from this apartment and put in a crate!! Not safe.. I would never go back by myself!! ( with Lee? haaa try and stop me.. tee hee)I sure wouldn’t walk further into the apartment towards a newly inexplicably 178open door.. ugh..  Amanda get’s nabbed.. Poor Amanda! this being kidnapped or taken hostage thing each episode must be really hard on the nerves! Winking smile

Lee is off visiting Mrs Peters.. who I guess is now at a retirement home.. 181 wow .. someone with a heart at the agency.. ummm how did she get hired???!!! Lee is in Dean’s jacket again.. and has his ugly white top underneath it that got soaking wet in the 180rain.. how did he get it dry in the garage? How can he look so gorgeous in that outfit hmmm??? I don’t know how he manages to do it! hehehee..

So Russell Sinclair left the tv show to make the movie and on the last day of filming there was a terrible accident that left him near death, a year later he checked out of a hospital disfigured and with no career or money.. Mrs Peters says Russell Sinclair turned up at the agency one day begging for a job.. playing the role of a spy for years, she suspects he thought he really was one. Oh yeah! great agency material right there!!! you know..in a weird way- he hasn’t done to badly killing how many trained agents?? (all young, dashing and in their physical primes – just ask Francine Winking smile err except I am sure she doesn’t know anything about Lee.. ahem.. ) Sinclair does especially well considering he even gave them written warnings.. how ironic.. he probably wasn’t half bad as a real agent..

Soft hearted Mrs Peters gave Sinclair a job as a janitor at the agency.. talk about rubbing his nose in it.. oops! Subsequent operations improved his disfigurement and Mrs Peters promised never to tell.. ohhh dear.. no wonder she had such migraines!

Whooo Francine has discovered Lee isn’t dead.. 182that she didn’t have a need to know.. and … AMANDA DID!! whooo hoooo!!! hope that takes you down a little mooooo or two princess Francine! Sweeeeeeet!!!!

Lee calls Billy and saves Billy from Francine’s oh 183so professional hissy fit…Billy tells Lee that his grave has been opened.. and the maniac is on to them..  (Francine visited Lee’s grave? was that because she misses him? or is that protocol?)

Lee immediately thinks of Amanda at his apartment.. Billy had barely finished his sentence and Lee was hanging up to call his place and check on Amanda (and Billy is wondering where the heck he went!!)…. Lee wasn’t thinking about the case right then.. he immediately thought of Amanda in danger now! 184He calls.. and Russell Sinclair answers.. and tells him to come alone.. 226Lee hangs up the phone and gives his ‘i’m gonna eat you for breakfast pal!’ look.. yep you made Lee miss nightclubs for a few nights.. you’re gonna pay!!! Winking smile

Oh goody.. here comes the part where the unhinged baddie spontaneously has to explain why he has been killing people.. thanks for clearing that up Buzz….a little plot explanation can be helpful…

185Amanda: who had to die?

186Russell: All of them! All these…. dashing young agents! [I Love how he says this!] They had no right to do what I could no longer do! I was better than them.

187Amanda: but you were an actor

Russell: I was Buzz Blade Mrs King. [How does he know her name is Mrs King? Lee only called her Amanda! Also 188love how after he says this Amanda smiles and gives a little gesture as if to say – oh yeah of course silly question Amanda! ] I could have been Buzz Blade forever, except for that accident.

189Amanda: Mr Sinclair I’m no expert on this sort of thing, but I really think you could use some help.

Rofl!! yer think Amanda????!!!!! He has only got you tied up to a chair and rigged the place with explosives and your not sure but you think he may possibly need some help?? maybe???!!!tee heee..

191Russell: Mrs King, I have nothing whatsoever against you. Unfortunately, in the process of killing Mr 192Stetson, I’ll probably kill you, too. (Great delivery of this line.. this guy manages to be unhinged, scary, calm 193and even a little funny all at the same time- and only with one eye!Winking smile )
Poor Amanda. tied up and about to die.. again!

Russell loopy Sinclair calmly plants dynamite all around Lee’s apartment.. then turns to Amanda and says: The set looked very much like this the day I shot my final scene. I remember thinking, “This looks very realistic.” Then I woke up in intensive care. – Again.. fabulous delivery here.. maybe it’s just me but he’s funny in an ominous unhinged kind of way!

Lee comes in the back way hoping to take 196Russell Sinclair by surprise.. I think this is our first look at his bedroom! Lee underestimated Sinclair..  the baddie expected Lee to do that.. and surprises him with a sword to the back – he 197makes Lee throw away his gun and leads Lee into the living room.. Love the look Amanda gives him from the other 198side of the room – Ohhh there you are! Yep here we are again! Smileand so… a sword fight starts.. ra ra ra.. Go Lee Go Lee !!

200 before leeWhooo it looks like between setting up the dynamite and waiting for Lee, Sinclair messed 201 afteraround with Lee’s record collection – you better hope he doesn’t notice or Lee is going to be really mad!

202Speaking of Lee’s furnishings.. it’s a good thing Lee moved from the huge old ship over 199the fireplace to a set of swords Winking smile my.. what luck.. (what a shame they weren’t shaped like flamingos!)

203Is it just me or does 204Buzz’s hair change 205colour throughout this fight?!

Foiled again!  Buzz 206Blade ends up dead falling from the fire escape…

The doorman is banging on the front door, the fuse is about to reach the dynamite and the whole place is rigged to blow… The nosey 207doorman lets himself in- and is shocked at the degenerate things going on!  Lee runs for the dynamite to stop it from blowing saying “hi Mr Feller (ha! could that be Fella??) how you doin? “ like everything is normal.. very funny.. yep it looks to the doorman like Lee and Amanda are spicing up their love 208life with a bit of role play! hehehee… oh dear!!! then Lee says “nice day isn’t it. “ – err Lee’s lips totally don’t match what he said.. wow.. I wonder what he originally said- can anyone read lips? or have the original script maybe???!!! Lee’s poor carpet.. that is coming out of your bond Lee.. Lee heads over to Amanda to untie her, not concerned with the doorman – love the look Amanda gives Lee as he has his head bent untying her ropes- awh.. like – Lee came through for me again!! what a great guy!!

The doorman, Mr Feller says: well forgive me Mr Stetson, I guess what you choose to do in 210the privacy of your own apartment is your own business. Good Night Sir!  (hey- it’s day not night! and he looks at Lee in the wrong part of the room to be talking to them- he looks at Lee like he is not right  in front of Amanda untying her while he says this line-weird.. )

I think Amanda is getting use to the idea of people thinking they are up to some kinky stuff of one kind or another!! heheheee.. Lee doesn’t even notice.. too funny! Hmmm.. I wonder how much longer he stays at this apartment.. I’d be moving after this incident! (after saved by the bells would have been the logical time to move on- errr when your address is for sale on the spy market.. it’s time!) then again, after the doorman came across that scene I doubt he would be interrupting Lee at all anymore!!! hehehee..

Funny that the doorman says what you choose to do in the privacy of your own apartment is your own business- when Lee has bunches and bunches of dynamite stuck to his wall.. I think if I were his neighbour.. that would be my business!!!!

Love that Lee asks Amanda twice if she is fine! awh.. (she’s getting use to this being held captive and facing impending death caper!)

211Amanda: Well I guess this means you’re back to the land of the living huh.

: ha.. right! oh god am I glad to be back!

Lee: I.. I guess we 214won’t be able to have those hamburgers and 215wine at your place… you know.. like real people. 216Amanda: No, I guess you’ll be able to go back to your fancy restaurants and 217nightclubs.
Lee: Mmmhmmm Amanda: you’re not disappointed are you?
218Lee: Me? Nah….. are you?
Amanda: Me?

221Lee: hm..

Love how Lee’s smiling and happy to be officially alive again.. and then suddenly his face falls.. his smile disappears.. and he realises oh yeah.. no hamburgers at Amanda’s… He didn’t hide his disappointment very well initially- probably because he hadn’t expected it… I think it surprised him.. and he comments on this before he realises what he is doing kinda thing..

Then,  realising what he is doing he tries to act like he doesn’t care.. but.. he is the one who even mentioned that there would be no hamburgers and wine now..

Amanda asks if he is disappointed- because it was pretty clear he was..he mentioned it..Lee breaks eye contact just to say 1 word: Nah… and then.. Lee asks Amanda if she is disappointed!(and she too looks away to say No!)

A few episodes ago Lee wouldn’t have cared what she felt.. Remember Lee’s first line of this episode? Lee: So now you’ve seen where we spend our spare time. Are you disappointed? very interesting that the episode ends with Amanda asking Lee the same question!! I think it is really clever, the episode opens with Lee showing Amanda a little of his world.. and asking what she thinks of it. The episode ends with Amanda sharing her world with Lee, and then asking him if he is disappointed it has ended.. whoooo and.. Lee asks Amanda if she is disappointed again – it is obvious that they find each other interesting, and neither is disappointed with what they have been shown of the other’s world.. awh.. I think Lee and Amanda don’t mind the idea of Amanda making hamburgers and Lee providing the wine- kind of a half way point between their two lifestyles don’t you think??!!!!

Possibly demonstrating he is not as cool on the 223inside as he appears on the outside, Lee walks off leaving Amanda still 224tied around the shoulders – err finding it hard to concentrate 225there kneeling so close Lee? needed a bit of space? he has a little chuckle and goes back to finish untying her.. giving her a little side glance while her head is bowed looking at the rope.. and then.. once he starts untying… their eyes Meet.. and…

The end!! ugh.. what an ending!! Oh well..

38Hey, is it just me or does the jack in the box look like Bob Newheart?????!!!!

As always I would love to hear your thoughts! My workload these days has increased so I’m not going to be able to respond as much to comments sorry – but I do hope you will respond to each other and I will get to them when I can!!

Cindy, I think you are right, this is the first episode where Lee has crossed the threshold into Amanda’s home.. what a fabulous and important observation! Smile Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for clearing up ‘ a little vent in my left shoulder’ Redgold.. Lee’s shoulders and knees really go through the wars don’t they!

This episode adds even more injuries to Lee’s tally.. not mentioning adding another instance of Amanda getting Amandanabbed!! Smile

In the meantime, I will try and do smaller posts regularly.. so you will most likely see more posts per episode – I hope that is ok with you all..

Byeee and thanks so much for reading!

19 responses to “4/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

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  4. Mr Feller: no one deserves that, no matter how degenerate his lifestyle. Oo-er Lee your doorman is keeping tabs on now you live your life. Sure Lee seemingly likes the ladies but I’d hardly say he had a degenerate lifestyle!
    Awww Francine has been visiting Lee’s grave, touching. Perhaps to reminisce about their games of backgammon 😦
    Doug McClure is excellent as Sinclair, really great delivery of some funny lines. I titter when he leaps into the room when Lee first appears at his apartment and his enthusiasm makes the rug slide under his feet and he very nearly falls over. The consummate professional though he recovers and carries on.
    Loving the sword play around the apartment, Lee shows his exercise fencing skills (as noted in Magic Bus) rather well here 🙂
    Would love to know what BB is saying in original footage, I can’t make it out, lip reading not my forte.
    So they both not disappointed about no hamburgers and wine. Yeah right, they both do a poor job of hiding it too. Love how Lee forgets that one tie around Amanda, too busy not thinking about his disappointment eh? 😉 oh and that look he gives her when she’s not looking, makes my insides clench 😀


    • “Awww Francine has been visiting Lee’s grave, touching. Perhaps to reminisce about their games of backgammon.”

      Or … to check on that pricey bottle of champagne?

      “Doug McClure is excellent as Sinclair, really great delivery of some funny lines.”


      “Love how Lee forgets that one tie around Amanda, too busy not thinking about his disappointment eh?”

      Maybe he subconsciously wants her to stay!


  5. Hello all! something just clicked! Back in post 1 of this episode I didn’t quote what Lee’s warning note said.. It said: “A Warning! I’ve got my eye on you.” whahahahaahaa!!! Now I get it!!! What a great pun!!! We later learn- the baddie only has ONE eye!!! You bet he ‘has his eye on Lee’ – he only has one!! tee heee


  6. So, I just read that the while the fans and BB and KJ wanted Lee and Amanda to become romantically involved, the ROB wanted to keep their relationship platonic. That being said do you think that the touches and the lingering looks were contrived by the actors to ….kind of give the audience bit of what they wanted against the studio’s wishes? Another random tangent on my part I know lol


    • Hi Elissa.. What is ROB?
      I tend not to think so much on the real BB.. other than his great acting: I prefer to focus all my attention on Lee 🙂 haaaaa..

      Whereas with KJ? I try to give her the privacy that she clearly wants – given her avoidance of media the last few years.. so my BB/KJ thoughts tend to be pretty limited! I prefer to focus on SMK..

      But.. I do respect and admire what KJ achieved in hollywood as a woman in that time – she had it tough!

      Wasn’t there a few times back in the early 80s where the powers that be had BB and KJ publicising SMK by showing up to things together in real life? didn’t they attend the emmy’s together or something? I think the publicity dept loved to play up the real life possibilities (which in reality weren’t possibilities)- to drum up publicity and interest in the show -I think lots of shows still do that today – I find it weird to be honest!!

      BB was married.. and I respect KJ so much: I don’t think she’d go after a married man! But.. that’s just my two cents.. at the end of the day people will think what they like..

      Though I’ve always admired SMK fandom’s ability to be respectful of the real life people involved.

      That said- the 8 year old girl in me wants -wait a minute!!!! This is turning into the Three Faces of Iwsod! ROFL!!!! Duh duh duuuhhhh!!
      Normal me says: leave BB/KJ be!
      Cheeky me says: whooo maybe!
      8 year old me says: I want them to get married and live in a big castle together!
      ROFLMAO 😆
      I am cracking myself up here.. it’s been a big day of full-on study on serious subjects..
      teee heeee!

      Tangents are fine Elissa! Though I recommend keeping episode discussion to the episode in question ( or we’ll never find it again! ) .. but ask away.. I don’t mind.. people can respectfully discuss whatever they like 🙂
      Okay gotta get on to other comments byeeee!!


      • ROB should have been PTB. Auto correct is killing me. BB and KJ as presented at the Emmy”s together. They were great friends. KJ adopted a baby a few years ago and removed herself from the public eye to raise him. My question wasn’t’ about them personally. It was their motivation as talented actors who did an admirable job of bringing SMK to life. Something must have been lost in the translation from my brain to my fingers. No worries!


        • autocorrect? are you typing on your phone? ugh I hear ya! That does my head in..

          No worries 🙂 I think your question was a great one – TPB ( I call them TPTB! we are v similar!) wanted people to be speculating about BB and KJ in real life didn’t they ..

          I am a huge burn notice fan- and it has been interesting to hear speculation about the two romantic leads [now heading into season 7!] – because they don’t see each other outside of work? ‘they hate each other!’ They can’t win I think! One of them said: they are friends, but they see each other all the time when at work- they don’t want to see each other away from work.. it keeps the onscreen relationship healthy! 🙂 I thought that was interesting..
          I’m so happy to read all your responses Elissa- thanks for sharing with us while you read byeeeeeee!


  7. Is Amanda tied to the chair with neckties? Hahaha! Tied with ties.


  8. @ RedGold – The more I think about it, the more I agree that not having a tag for this episode is the right decision. I am not sure what the writers could have done that wouldn’t have diffused the emotionally charged scene or taken Lee and Amanda in a direction where they were not ready to go yet.

    Despite (or because of) the lack of tag, this is one of my favorite endings. I think you’ve nailed it Iwsod, Lee is surprised how disappointed he won’t be having hamburgers and wine at Amanda’s and quickly covers. (Though, considering Dotty and the kids were back, did Lee think they were going to have the burgers and Beaujolais in the garage? Amanda’s garage was probably clean enough to eat off the floor, but not the most normal setting to share a meal and some wine.)

    She responds in kind that she wasn’t disappointed (whew, they were able to avoid that precipice for now – I think subconsciously, Lee realized how threatening this was to how he defined himself and his wants and needs). I do wonder why he asked her. What would he have done if she had said she was?

    And I love the look they share when he comes back to untie her (cheeky Amanda! her hands were free, I am sure our resourceful heroine could have managed to undo the shoulder strap herself). I think that’s why I am so hooked on this show despite the sometimes cheesy dialogue, the huge plot holes and continuity issues, KJ and BB are so amazing in these roles.


    • Melissa Robertson

      That’s a great observation that she could have finished untieing herself. Lee doesn’t seem to mind though. Glad that he was dissappointed about not having hamburgers and wine 🙂


  9. I am thoroughly enjoying these posts. You all catch so much more than I did watching it all for the first time since they originally aired. Thanks!


  10. “you know..in a weird way- he hasn’t done to badly killing how many trained agents??…Sinclair does especially well considering he even gave them written warnings.. how ironic.. he probably wasn’t half bad as a real agent..” Darned tootin’ Sinclair was amazing. Not only does he kill agents on our side (which, I guess is reasonable because he either had direct access to them or their files) but he also takes down several agents from the other side. I wonder how he did that — maybe their headquarters also needed a janitor? He is one of my favorite bad guys (on the top of my head, Zinoviev (sp?) and Bobby Bouchard also rank up there). Absolutely insane but with a jaunty eye-patch. 🙂
    Am I petty that I replayed the scene where Francine finds out that Amanda was on the “Need to Know” and she wasn’t, several times? It’s called Karma baby!
    OK, computer is freezing up again, I’ll be back and post more about the amazing ending later.


  11. Oh, IWSOD, those observations toward the end of your post about Lee and Amanda showing the other a bit of their respective worlds in this episode are terrific! And the hamburger and dinner wine would’ve been a meeting place between those worlds…just lovely. The more I think about that “two worlds” theory, the more I see aspects of it subtly played out, especially in Season One. I wish that they could’ve had that dinner then, I suppose they have it eventually! It’s hard to be patient sometimes, I find.

    Is this the only episode that doesn’t have a tag? The end feels like a tag, but it isn’t an actual tag. Are you disappointed with it, IWSOD? The look they share after Lee comes back to finish untying Amanda speaks volumes, IMO! (Some of their best, clearest communication is non-verbal, I think.)


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