3/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

One more thing I noticed.. the baddie squeezing 109the popcorn at the drive in? Is wearing the same 110leather Jacket as Blade on the screen.. duh duh duuhhhhh…  What could it mean???!!!…

Francine is staying back.. this nameless agent she is talking to is also.. their too scared to leave the office.. Poor guy.. he’s in a bunch of episodes.. but I don’t think he ever gets a name! The guy in the van listening to Lee’s rant in Service above and beyond! that guy..
Francine: you know it’s very frightening to think that the killer could be any one of us here in intelligence. I’m the one who always poo poo’d backstabbing..

Err sorry Francine?? you self deluded champion backstabber you…

Uh oh.. screams at the agency.. Code 14 – guess that means random dead body found.. just like that guy described in the movie- a guy stabbed from the back seat of a car…and another guy hanged… whoooo.. the plot thickens!

Well isn’t this the picture of domesticity! Lee made Japanese food. (what’s with the few bars of Japanese sounding music?? could it be any cheesier???!!!).

113Amanda: Mm. You know, this is really rather interesting, it’s a domestic side of you that I just didn’t expect. (Amanda seems surprised here, but not in awe, if you know what I mean?)
114Lee: A man’s got to eat, you know.

(I’m impressed.. BB delivers this line while holding his chopsticks in his left hand, but pouring his saki with his right hand at the same time – and he is left handed! hats off to you BB! this guy can do 3 things at once Winking smile all while lookin gooooorgeous..)
115Amanda: Yeah, but I sort of thought that probably one of your lady friends boiled you a lamb chop every now and then or something.1HaHaHa
Lee: You can’t always count on lady friends being able to cook.
[I don’t think that is what he is looking for.. ahem..] That’s one of the advantages I’ve had to bumming around the world half my life. Learning how to throw together a meal.

Love how Amanda says she assumed one of Lee’s lady friends boiled him a lamb chop every now and then- pretty cheeky! yeah Lee.. you can’t count on lady friends.. get it??!!!! you need more than lady friends Lee- and she is right in front of you!!! (love how Lee uses chopsticks and Amanda sticks with the fork.. very true to character! ) bumming around the world huh Lee.. hmmm…quite a self depreciating way of putting it..

Lee explains they need to go to the hotel King Edward to check out the dead french agent’s room… and they start to get ready to go.. Amanda tells Lee to scrape the food and then put them in the dishwasher.. I thought Lee would roll his eyes at this.. but he doesn’t .. he just good naturedly says Yes… they are quite comfortable and relaxed here aren’t they!

ha haaaa… love Lee’s outfit Amanda found for him- no chance of him being recognised in that..too funny!( I remember this hat is shown in the I’m too sexy film clip – where the lyrics say “I’m too sexy for my hat!!”Brilliant!!) hate plaid Lee huh? I could have sworn you have worn plaid like clothes in other episodes.. but what do I know.. I’m just a pretend agent!

As they walk into the King Edward, I could swear Amanda is limping a little..

118Gee if Lee wants Amanda to do the talking surely he could have given her some advice on what to do if 117the guy said no. like how much $$ to offer as a bribe.. well it serves you right Lee.. haaaaa!!1HaHaHa[3]

Smith Amanda? come on!!! hahahaa.. that is funny… Love the look Lee 119gives her is funny. – well so what as if anyone checking in there would give their real name! But it is extra funny when 120she just keeps on going with the name.. it’s actually Smythe -with a y.. and an e.. ROFL.. (try loosening that headband Amanda.. you’ve had it on all day – it may help!)

Come on Lee she is new at this and I if I remember correctly.. he looks at her like she is nuts when she says her name is Van der Heusen in stemwinder 2!! oh and victoria grenich (in service above..)… come on Lee.. you don’t like the names Amanda gives.. help her out a bit!

So they find their way to the hotel room..

121Amanda: ewwww renting a room with no luggage, can you imagine what that desk clerk must think?

122Lee: ha, Amanda.. did you see that guy? I mean do you really care what he thinks? (Amanda turns away) 123believe me he’s seen worse than a lousy one nighter.
124Amanda quickly turns back to look at him in..
125Lee: which, this isn’t!
126Amanda: thank you.

Oh Lee you are learning.. yep, it is a bit silly (ever met a woman who was silly????!!!!) as they are only there to check the room and will never see that guy again.. but- it is important to reassure Amanda.. and I think Lee does a pretty good job being patient with her here.. he even gives her a little touch on the arm as he heads off to start looking around to reassure her.. your improving Lee! 

Uh oh.. Amanda heads to the bathroom alone.. brave girl!(why is there a bookcase in the 127bathroom?!)  Amanda finds one of the books open and she begins to read out loud ‘ It was the best of times–’ then she is interrupted by a man in black as he appears from behind the shower screen and starts to strangle her.. Well that’s cool.. I think that is Charles Dickens she’s reading – and the next line immediately following is ‘ –it was the worst of times.’ – rather fitting for someone attacking you!!!Smile Good thing Amanda can yell out 128to Lee and get strangled at the same time! (what talent!)1HaHaHa[5]

Wow Lee, why didn’t you just try the door handle? that is one interesting way of opening doors you have there!!(we never actually see him try and turn it… maybe the baddie didn’t lock it, we don’t see.. ) Gee there goes that cat screeching out the window again.. what is with the cat noises this week? sound guy have a bet with someone he could use it more than once in an episode?

Don’t you just love how Lee asks Amanda if she 129is ok.. and checks the back of her head for her so gently.. 1swoonand then takes both her hands and comforts her.. and 130tells her now this killer has tried to kill them both…. like they are a team… you know??? (nice team to be a part of huh? I don’t think I like the entry requirements!!I think Amanda agrees!)

Lee: Amanda, we can leave when we find something we might be able to use, but so far there is nothing unusual in this place.
Amanda: Except a crazy man in a bathroom!
(Good one Amanda!!) 1HaHaHa[7]
Lee: Look, if he was the killer, he must have come back for something.

If that was the baddie – Amanda just called out Lee’s name a few times there.. so the baddie must know Lee is not dead surely? this possibility doesn’t seem to register with Lee..

How did Lee know to take the ratings thing? when he didn’t even seem to know what it was at first.. (and criticised Amanda’s thinking a ticket the guy dropped may be a clue!)

Ok, I get that this is a dump of  a hotel… but there was a murder in that room.. surely the cops at least packed up the murdered guy’s belongings? nooooo… they just left them all there.. LOL!

5 words I never thought I would hear Lee say!!!:
Lee: Amanda get in the bed! 1surprise.. what the....
131 Amanda get in the bed!
: What?
Lee: just do it will ya!
Love how Amanda manages to go along with this scene.. ruckus?”

134Lee: hey, now look man, me and the chick here paid for some privacy and we expect it, so beat it huh!

Amanda: yeah! 1HaHaHa[11]1HaHaHa[13]1HaHaHa[15]
(oh the way she says playing along it just cracks me up!!! This is so goooooooooood! )

Amanda seems to be learning.. she deals with this second smudge on her honour much better!

Did you guys notice that the moment the desk guy closes the door, they don’t immediately jump out of the bed? I would have thought Amanda would.. instead they both lay there.. And Amanda comments: Do you know what it must 137take to offend that man’s sense of decency? I’m so glad that I was the one to do it…. Lee is the one who makes a move to get out.. !! hehehee..

Uh oh.. the game is up Lee.. someone is digging up your grave!!!

Back to the agency.. whoo the lady with the red purse is back! Why did Amanda go to Billy’s office ? that would look suspicious… since her work was only connected to Lee.. weird..

Amanda gives Billy a list of all that was found at the hotel – a book called Attack of the extremities?with page 34 turned down? but.. Amanda was reading from the tale of two cities? Oi!

Billy: So far Mrs King, everything that you noticed in Jean Claude’s room was noted and logged by our people when we swept the place. Except of course for the ticket stub to the bonneview drive in.

139Amanda: the man dropped it when he was choking me.


Billy: Excellent!!!!!! Open-mouthed smile
142ROFL!!! I think this is my favourite gag for this week!!! Ohhh I just love this little exchange.. it is soooo funny how Amanda says her line.. yup it was awful… he was choking me! and Billy looks ecstatic at this news! hehehee.. getting choked is great if you get new evidence whoo hoo! then Amanda’s reaction to Billy’s joy at her choking is too funny again!! I love Season One for these moments.. well done Scarecrow and Mrs King!

In the same conversation Billy talks about the man being not the killer but just some manic prowler – and again he is grinning from ear to ear at this idea.. oh Billy!!

143Billy: Assuming the maniac who climbed through the window was the killer, and not some maniac prowler Smile
145Amanda: Killers, maniacs, prowlers.. you know before I came to work for you people the worst person in my life was a grumpy milkman!1HaHaHa[17]

What a great line!!! hehehee.. (again, you think that is one reason she works for the agency?? to meet killers maniacs and prowlers???!!!)  Billy has no idea what to do with this comment of Amanda’s and kinda pretends she didn’t say he teee heeee..

This is interesting.. as she leaves Amanda says 146to Billy ‘ so this means it could be one of you’ ( the killer) – Billy just stares at her.. and Amanda corrects herself: ‘us’ – and Billy gives her a big smile.. you are getting strangled in the line of duty Amanda.. consider yourself one of us! ( hey another Charles Dickens reference! )

Ugh! Francine walks in on this meeting and of course is wondering what Amanda is doing there… It is so funny how we think Francine is going to make an effort here to be sensitive1HaHaHa[19] because Amanda is grieving Lee and met with Billy for some comfort- but no.. she can’t do it! haaaaa.. 1HaHaHa[21]

Francine: of course………. I’m very sorry…… about.. your err….. dashed career! (Mooo!!)

Love how when Amanda hears this she looks up silently looks at Francine and then says thank you to Francine.. Too funny again!  Amanda is really funny in this episode!! I think you just know that Amanda is enjoying the fact that Francine has no idea Lee is alive and that Amanda does and is on it!! ( I know it is a highlight for me! I love to hate Francine!! )heheheee..

Whooo so Lee and Amanda went to the drive in???!!!! hehhee.. is that date number two this episode? Ok ok.. I know it was for research purposes..

So both Lee and Amanda sit down and are discussing Russell Sinclair.. the guy from the buzz blade the secret spy movie they just saw.

Ok- help! I’m confused.. They went to the drive in to see the Buzz Blade movie ( we saw earlier 110dialogue of the guy saying Blade was attacked with a knife in the back of a jaguar- so is that buzz blade saying that about himself in third person?) weird.. .. then, Lee says Russell Sinclair was in the famous 60s TV show called ‘Buzz blade secret spy’ , but he left it to make this movie – the buzz blade movie..  – sooooo he left the tv show to make a movie with the same character? We saw at the drive in footage of Buzz Blade the movie, and we saw at the King Edward hotel footage of 107 tv showthe tv series Buzz blade secret spy –  the tv series was suppose to be good and the movie bad?? but both clips we see of the shows are equally bad!!?? I don’t get it…My head hurts!!!! ( I hope you don’t think I’m just a silly woman Winking smile )

Hey! watch Lee and the folder of info.. when he 148says don’t you remember his tv show in the 60’s he takes the info out of the folder.. cut to other camera 149angle and Lee says you know buzz blade secret spy? and as he says this, he pulls out the info from the folder for a second time all over again! Smile

Doesn’t Lee look happy and relaxed sitting there talking to Amanda… when she says ‘Yeah’.. for a split second it seems he is watching her read her magazine smiling at her without her knowing – reminds me of the swoonworthy moment in the triumvirate! 1swoon
It is only a fleeting moment as he then starts looking at the folder.. awh… but I wonder.. is he thinking.. I am sooo glad I am not dead?! Smile and about his reunion with Amanda?!

So.. we discover the killer watched Buzz Blade secret spy after he murdered Jean Claude.. Lee is excited now.. he jumps up..

Lee: come on! let’s go get something to eat I 151can think better!(lee stands up)- he just ate Japanese.. he wants to eat again?????!!!Amanda: now wait a 152minute, we just got here Lee: well we can leave again, come on! I get fidgety!

153Amanda: your suppose to be dead! You can’t be seen! (  I love how she says ‘Deeeeaaaaaaaad!’)

154Lee: yeah… mmm… (he sits back down..) I’m sick of being dead! I miss my apartment, I miss restaurants,

I miss nightclubs!

[You know, for a moment there, Lee looked really happy and comfortable.. then he suddenly wants to go out.. I wonder.. was he too happy and comfortable enjoying Amanda’s company at her home???!!!! Winking smile maybe.. he’s fighting it! haaa]

156Amanda: this is probably very healthy for you. (Lee starts rubbing his forehead..he knows 157what’s coming..) Yep no really! Real people do 158not go to restaurants and nightclubs every 159night. They stay home and make hamburgers and watch television.

Lee: Amaaaaannnda.. 160(then quietly) you going to try and make me into a real person again?

Amanda: no, but the exposure certainly couldn’t do you any harm.

Lee: Okay, okay, make the hamburgers, I’ll go pick us out a nice Beaujolais to go with them.rofl emoticon

Amanda: What?

Yippeee for Amanda.. what a great response to Lee.. he doesn’t like normal because he doesn’t know it… Don’t worry Lee you are going to come to Love doing normal with Amanda!! (if only she had offered to make Beef wellington.. he would have proposed there and then )

Lee: Where do you keep your wines???!! HA!!

Oh my!!! The way Lee tells Amanda to pick up a selection of wines at his apartment? hoo haaa..

Lee: I want you to stop by and pick up some things at my apartment in the morning, uh, aftershave, a couple of sweaters, and a small but provocative selection of wines.

Go Lee!!! (I think he enjoys introducing Amanda to things.. the spy biz, monk’s, bold and provocative wines.. ) but wait…. Nooooooo!!! Dotty and the boys are back? not fair! I wanted them to share hamburgers.. I guess Lee will have to wait to try out normal.. still.. this way he will just have to wonder won’t he! Maybe it will show him he is disappointed not to get it!! Open-mouthed smile hehehe

Lee has to go hide in the backyard.. getting rained on is too funny.. Love how Amanda drops 166the phone on what I can only guess is his head when she thinks Dotty is coming back. ha haaaaa… Lee tells Billy he will move into the garage…!!! Don’t care about Amanda not having any wines now do ya Lee?!!

Well.. we will leave Lee in the pouring rain, longing to be inside Amanda’s warm, cosy and dry home.. and I will be back with more soon! I hope you don’t mind me going overboard with the dialogue and pics.. I do love this episode lots of fantastic moments!! Thanks for reading and as always – I would be thrilled to hear any thoughts you’d like to share Open-mouthed smile


Hi guys! I recently got hold of the script for this episode recently ( it will eventually be available on Petra’s site) and there was a surprise in there relating to Francine.. I thought I would share it with you all…

Firstly, We have a scene of Lee and Amanda at the drive in -HA! I always wished I got to see that! But.. they have an unexpected visitor while watching Buzz Blade.. Francine!!

Suppose to be dead Lee crouches down on the floor of front passengr seat of Amanda’s car as Francine approaches..
Francine: Amanda, I would like to know what you are doing here.
Amanda: Me? oh, Just watching the movie..
Francine: Amanda, I..

Suddenly, from cars behind them, we hear:
Voices: Hey! Down in front!!.. Get in your car.. Hey, Lady!

Francine looks back at them, reaches for Amanda’s door handle. Amanda freezes, then:
Amanda: (quickly) Uh… You can’t get in there… My date’ll be coming back.

So, Francine determindly reaches for the rear door handle, jumps in the back seat.
Francine sits in the back, Lee crouches on the floor. Amanda looks paralyzed.
Francine: Well, Amanda, this competitive streak is something I never would have suspected you of.

Amanda sits frozen, her eyes darting to Lee and back again.
Amanda: I… don’t know what you mean.
Francine: You obviously saw the tickets to this drive-in that were in Billy’s office… the ones they found in Jean-Claude’s apartment.
Amanda: Well, I…
Francine: And only moments before, you had given me a lengthy speech about leaving the agency forever!
Amanda: actually, you were the one who said…
Francine: Amanda you were plucked from obscurity to help us out here and there. I hope you don’t think you can take the place of highly trained personnel on an investigation like this! Amanda, I have devoted years to building my career. Outside of a designer wardrobe, a small inheritance, and this fleeting thing called beauty, what else do I have? So, Please! Leave the work to the professionals!
And she throws the door open and goes.

Lee: Call me crazy, but I don’t think she likes you.

28 responses to “3/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

  1. Lee doesn’t like plaid, huh? Well, not only has he worn it in other eps before and after this, but may I redirect you all to the last scene in the first blog post for this episode? In Billy’s office and then at his desk when he sees the threat, Lee is clearly wearing a plaid shirt. In the same episode where he says he hates plaid. Just saying…


  2. Oh my goodness – WHY ON EARTH did they cut that? That is so awesome!


  3. “(why is there a bookcase in the bathroom?!)”

    In a dump like that, might we assume it’s for tearing out pages in case there’s no toilet paper?

    “Amanda is really funny in this episode!!”

    For an episode about a serial killer after agents, the humor was unexpected, but she’s on a roll! For me, the best line that has me in hysterics comes from Lee: “Amaaaaannnda … you going to try and make me into a real person again?”

    Last insight: Lee sits in the chair wistfully gazing at Amanda, who is seated on the sofa. Is that the same sofa he slept on last night?


    • rofl the book as toilet paper – you are probably spot on!

      For an episode about a serial killer after agents, the humor was unexpected, but she’s on a roll! For me, the best line that has me in hysterics comes from Lee: “Amaaaaannnda … you going to try and make me into a real person again?”

      hear hear Nancy, it’s really wonderful to go back and enjoy that humour and how early smk managed to keep it light and not take itself too seriously!!!


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  5. I just ended up on this ep again, and realized that the drive-in movie sign must be non-US stock footage… “ENTRANCE DRIVE-IN THEATRE” –> non-US spelling of theatre/theater! 😀


  6. Is it just me, or is Lee rude at the end of the Japanese dinner? He finishes, but Amanda is still eating, and he says “Well… let’s get going.” Amanda was still eating. I guess he didn’t learn table manners growing up with his uncle. 😦
    “I look like the front seat of a DeSoto!” I dunno about that, but how about the back seat? http://www.flickr.com/photos/sjb4photos/8092643410/in/set-72157625061639074
    What is with Francine’s hair in the mooooo scene? It’s about five different shades…???… :p
    I’m also in the Lee-slept-on-the-couch camp. Any of the bedrooms–upstairs–would’ve been too personal… even though Amanda is the hostess extraordinaire, and would have put other people (relatives, friends of the family) in the bedrooms (probably giving up her own room for Aunt Lillian), Lee is different–and also, don’t forget that Dean is supposed to still be in her life. (And besides, the couch is closer to Guatemala. LOL.)
    I guess Lee was too busy thinking about Amanda to remember that he’d already pulled the file out of the file folder. LOL.
    LOL! Love that the burning fuse is closer to the explosive when Amanda yells than when Lee comes through and pulls out. 😀 Not to mention, in the Amanda scene it’s just one fuse line, when Lee gets there it’s one connected to about five… 😀
    In the dubbed-over scene, it looks like Lee says “help me” to Mr. Feller… but that doesn’t really fit with the context. (shrug)


  7. Oh. My. Word. It’s Elmer Fudd. Only he has a handgun and a not a hunting rifle LOL if this is the sort of attire Dean wear no wonder Amanda isn’t interested in him. No idea what a DeSoto is, assuming its a car or a couch…..must remember to google…..
    If I was Amanda not only would I be annoyed at the suggestion of a one nighter but more annoyed at being considered a lousy one!!! I do wonder if that ever crossed her mind…….
    Who keeps a bookshelf of reading material in the bathroom…….for a little light reading whilst one performs bodily functions ewwwwww.
    I cracked up when Billy tells Amanda to “buck up Mrs King” as if anyone would think you talked like that Billy 😉


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  9. RedGold- I also was wondering about where Lee would sleep. Would Amanda make him sleep on a couch with 3 beds available. I don’t t think so. I agree that she would offer her bed, which is quite the contrast to “There goes the neighborhood”. She would most likely then sleep in her mother’s room. Mmmm, I feel a fanfic coming. . .


    • Hi, SMKfan! It’s surprising to me how little attention most fans seem to pay to this important matter. Please let me know when your fanfic is ready because I’d love to read it! (I have had some hazy ideas about a story relating to this episode, but haven’t written one word of it yet.)


      • lol! I always figured he used one of the boys bedrooms! there’s a few episodes where we don’t know the sleeping arrangements.. ( to catch a mongoose comes to mind) they just skp it as a non event.. yes someone writing fan fic could have a field day with this! 🙂


      • Isn’t that just the beauty of scripts that are full of holes? Lush fodder for those of us who enjoy filling those holes!


      • well, we know he wasn’t banished to the garage til after Dotty and the kids return, but I always assumed he got the couch (as long as the blinds/curtains could be drawn). I think him sleeping in anyone else’s bed would have been too intimate or crossing a subconscious line. YMMV. 🙂


        • Hey now this is interesting Cindy! Indeed.. YMMV.. yeah people would probably have different ideas of what they’re comfortable with and what not.. soooo it was probably clever of the smk writers to just not address the question, and leave it open to interpretation 🙂 – like they did with the whole ‘did they or didn’t they before the wedding’ question! 😀

          Where Lee slept ( unless it was with Amanda- lol! ) has no relevance to the plot.. so they just didn’t address it.. a wise way to go.. and as Paula said.. leaves great fodder for fan fic 🙂


          • Based on guests we had I’m assuming it would have been one of the kids’ beds and Amanda would have just changed the sheets.


  10. Melissa Robertson

    Lee in Dean’s clothes….tooo funny especially that hat LOL!!!! Cute scene where they are talking about Lee beening exposed to ‘normal’ life 🙂
    And Lee out in the pouring rain and getting the phone dropped on his head, almost serves him right for just telling Amanda that he was staying at her house 😉


  11. Hi guys!! Just a note to mention I added an interesting scene from the script to the end of this post.. very interesting!! Hope you enjoy!

    The script had a scene with Lee and Amanda at the drive -in – 😆

    oh and I am very happy to finally know the name of the generic agent from season one- Jack 🙂 that.. would be ‘Jack’ of all trades 😉 what a great name for the generic agent 😉


  12. “I could have sworn you have worn plaid like clothes in other episodes… but what do I know… I’m just a pretend agent! ” Never mind other episodes, he’s wearing a (subdued) plaid like shirt at the beginning of this one — I have to hand it to wardrobe, this has got to be the dorkiest outfit he’s worn. Paired with the hat with the earflaps, this has got to be the unhottest he’s looked all series. Bwa ha ha ha ha! And the cream coloured shirt with the big university crest? It always looks like he had a pen that exploded in his pocket.

    But let’s leave Lee’s wardrobe for a moment 🙂
    The scene in the scuzzy hotel room always bothered me. Let’s see if I have this straight. You are a secret agent, who is supposedly dead and you are in the hotel room of another murdered agent alone with your partner. Your partner who has been kidnapped, drugged, put in a straight jacket, saved your butt by rushing bad guys unarmed, flown a helicopter, was able to deprogram your brainwashing, negotiate a truce singlehandedly with top KGB assassins, held a man while he died and the only time she screamed was when she was injected with a poison. She goes into the bathroom and suddenly screams your name and there are sounds of a struggle. Does your Espionage 101 manual tell you to a) burst through the door with gun drawn because since no one else is supposed to be in the room, your partner must be in trouble or b) saunter leisurely up to the door and call her name and take several seconds before you decide to bust down the door (I won’t even comment that Amanda didn’t close the door when she went in. I guess the killer took time to close and lock it). Obviously the correct answer is b. I know maybe he was a little gun shy after busting in on Amanda and Penny during the orange lip gloss fiasco, but good Lord, man – it’s not as if he’s have to worry about Amanda going to the bathroom or taking a shower in that place and even if she was just screaming at a big ole hairy spider, be the hero and save her!
    At least he held her hands just after (and quite a prolonged hand holding. Awwww! Sweet!). I am not sure what to make of his comment “So now he’s tried to kill both of us”. A bonding experience, perhaps?
    “Do you know what it must take to offend that man’s sense of decency? I’m so glad that I was the one to do it….” Another fantastic First Season Amanda line brilliantly delivered.!

    Onto Billy’s office. I love the little exchange between Amanda and Billy. “That means that it could be one of you.” (Billy gives her a look) “Us”, she amends and Billy smiles. He considers her part of the agency even before she probably does (or she is just so used to Lee and Francine’s snarky comments that she is used to the outsider status)

    And Francine is such a cow. I think this is the cattiest thing she’s ever said to Amanda.
    At least we get to hear Amanda’s special tone she reserves just for Francine. ASIDE – There is an organization (I’ll call “x”) I’ve had to deal with several years before finally extracting myself from them. My daughter commented “Mom – did you know when you say x’s name you use the same tone Amanda does when she says “Francine”?


  13. This is *such* a delightful episode–I love your commentary and pictures, IWSOD. I have just a couple of quick comments to add. It took me forever to realize this, but Lee spends a night at Amanda’s house. Yes, the Japanese dinner and the apartment search happen on one evening, and the visit to the drive-in on the next evening. (Hence the conversation about a hamburger dinner.) You look. The establishing shot of the Agency before Amanda talks with Billy is in the *daylight.* Plus, why would Billy, Francine, and all of the other people we see in the background be there at night? This scenario makes the return of Dotty and the boys more reasonable–they have been gone a day and a half instead of just an afternoon and part of an evening. Also, Amanda and Lee are wearing different clothes for the movie than they did for the Japanese dinner because it’s a different day.

    This makes one wonder about the accommodations. I doubt that Amanda would make Lee sleep on the couch when there are three bedrooms available. Would she give Lee her room so that Dotty and the boys don’t notice anything unusual, like an unfamiliar pair of Nikes under the bed? Just a thought.

    I think that Lee doesn’t like the plaid coat because it’s Dean’s. Yet, who does he think a man’s coat in Amanda’s house would belong to? I doubt that he’d appreciate one that belonged to Mr. King any better. He looks so cute with his hair standing out from static electricity after he whips that hat off! I think that Amanda is worried about bedbugs once she gets out of that bed–look how she brushes off her clothes. (What concentration to think of bedbugs at a time like that!)

    I agree that Lee is finding himself liking this domestic interlude, albeit grudgingly. He’s definitely looking forward to that hamburger dinner with the provocative wine!


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