2/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

A blue van drives down the street.. we hear Lee and Amanda’s voices talking to Angelo off camera. Uh oh.. Lee is along for the ride- seems he is going to stay involved!

This looks the same as the blue van she was transported in in the episode saved by the bells..plus many more I’m sure..(maybe the agency confiscated the van off Zinoiev! haaa) 

Why do we need to watch a blue van driving around for half a minute?!?(yep, I counted.. so I didn’t fall asleep.. haaa) I guess they needed to add the line that there is nothing at the house to eat.. whatever..

That cow ( a cow.. No not Francine) sitting on the hamburger (and squashing it) behind them saying “we don’t cheat on the meat that you eat”???? that is just wrong on so many levels.. !!
Amanda: And it’s always good to know that at Mighty Meaty Hamburgers, there is no filler, it’s all one hundred percent beef.
Angelo: Errr excuse me, what er.. what is err  filler?
23Amanda: I’m not sure what filler is. I’m not sure I wanna know what filler is but it
24doesn’t matter because mighty meaty doesn’t have it and believe me, that’s better for you!

25ROFL!!!! Angelo’s confused expression here is too funny!! Yep, this lady is suppose to make life in America

simpler for you Angelo!

Angelo: Ohhh what the hell- maybe I’ll like plumbing supplies! ( he is such a trooper!)  

Nice to see Angelo got to shave before he left the agency.. shame they don’t do haircuts too..

Lee: excuse me miss, my Colossus of Rhodes burger seems to be missing. ( I never thought I would hear Lee say that! hehehee..)

Amanda heads over to chat to Lee.. and Lee asks if Amanda is ok.. (awh.. good lee!)

26Whoo this is interesting… Amanda mentions it’s funny that Lee had never 27mentioned Eva … and Lee doesn’t clam up!!! whooo hoo!    

28How did Amanda already know that Lee almost married Eva huh?.. (My guess? Francine gossiping.. Winking smile )  It is lovely that Lee is opening up to Amanda and being so frank with her here.. that is a good thing.. Amanda is a sympathetic ear, an easy person to talk to. She’s very good at that.. 

Lee: Or I almost married her. There’s probably a subtle difference.
: She turned you down?
Lee: We never really
30got that far. I wanted to talk to her about it, she came running into the 31café all excited, and she told me she was marrying Angelo.  She’d 32been his research assistant. That’s how I met her. And anyway, I told her I was happy for her and —
33Amanda: And you never told her how you really felt?
34Lee: She’d already made her decision.
35(Lee quickly covers his regret here.. poor Lee!)36Yes Lee it probably wouldn’t have worked out.. but.. the what if… is still there.. (for now!!) Interesting also that we learn Lee was not quick to reveal his feelings to the woman he loved… and so he got beaten to at post so to speak..

Tragic moment.. totally superficial thought!  I don’t believe it.. Lee is fashion police badge and warningwearing a plaid shirt ( same one from last week) and…. a cardigan?? a Billy grandpa cardigan?? well how the heck did that happen? Man.. Lee must be really shaken up by all this! Winking smile To change out of his snazzy suit into this???!!

Ah yes.. the lovely boat in the right foreground shot- we’re going….. downtown!

Ok, so we are at a seedy downtown hotel..  A coin to make the tv work kinda hotel?! two 37goons are watching the dinosaurs-the only thing on tv in smk land apparently.. that and the psycho spy cooking 38lady..wow.. that blonde baddie has serious eye liner going on.. Is he from the russian circus maybe?

  Is it just me or when the lady boss comes in 39and tells them to turn off 40that trash, does the tv go from a sepia colour to well.. colour?! Soooo the Russians are in town to return Spinelli to Moscow.. Nooooo!

Poor Angelo.. I keep saying that don’t I??!!! On to his new place and both Lee and Amanda are talking to him at the same time.. the poor guy is so overloaded.. give him a break! Lee is all business.. going on about security etc. and Amanda is talking about the ordinary.. love how this ends.. (Typical, brilliant Scarecrow and Mrs King!!)

Lee: Now the outside walls have been fireproofed and then we will be doing some structural work on the house to keep you as safe as possible against bomb attack

Amanda: and I understand your lawn needs to be mulched?


42Back at the agency and something incredible has happened.. Does Lee know someone is working at his desk while he is away?! No not that incredible thing.. unfortunately, the incredible 43happening is.. Eva the evil scarlett woman is alive!!! Yep I agree Billy.. it doesn’t make sense.. (Pull Lee out now Billy!!!)

Back to Amanda’s place and we see the dad and two kids running by.. whoo laughing this time! (Guess they don’t know Eva is in town Winking smile Argh!! hide your children!! argh!!)

Dotty is devastated her hula skirt has rotted and is now permanently ruined! 44Love this line- Dotty: I have nothing now to show for my one and only trip to Hawaii. I wish your father had not dropped the camera out of the war canoe. tee heeee

Amanda asks Dotty about her dad telling her mother he loved her.. and why is it so hard for a man to talk about his feelings kinda thing..( interesting that Amanda is continuing to think over Lee’s love life.. )

I love Dotty’s stories!  Open-mouthed smile
Dotty: Oh, dear, yes. I will never forget it. It 48was New Year’s Eve and we were at a party and your father had just a little bit too much champagne.  47And he whispered, “Darling, I love you,” and then he whispered the same thing to everybody else in the room.  I guess I’m the only one who believed him.
Amanda: Why it is it so difficult for men to open up sometimes.
Dotty: Well, women are no better, Amanda. Sometimes it’s very painful to admit your true feelings, even to yourself. I’d like to think that I raised you so that you’re not that inhibited.
49Amanda: Uh, yes, well, yeah.
50Dotty : Amanda is there someone in your life that your afraid to admit your true feelings for?
51Amanda: No! no.
52there isn’t

53Dotty: well just remember one thing darling, life is short… (Love how there is a pause here as Dotty goes to leave the room- we’re thinking wow! Go Dotty! she is on to something!!!and then.. she
54goes and ruins it! haaa) If I were you, I would tell Dean exactly how I feel. Open-mouthed smile
55Amanda: hmm Dean. (and she shakes her head) I love this scene!! Such clever writing.. Amanda is thinking about Lee not telling Eva how he felt.. is Amanda wondering about her feelings for Lee? Dotty’s question makes us wonder, it hints at it.. and then – Bam! Dotty reminds us of Dean.. tee heee.. what a wet blanket! There is Dotty thinking Amanda is holding back from Dean her feelings, but she is most likely downplaying any romantic feelings she may have for Lee ( I am not of the opinion she is madly in love with him at this point..but there is definitely a spark there, a strong attraction) …  Ironically, at the same time, Amanda is denying her feelings for Dean- she is still with him! and she doesn’t feel what she is suppose to feel! So in a way, Dotty is right, Amanda is denying what she feels for Dean! and she should tell Dean… just not what Dotty imagined!

We only have one more episode of Dean after this – I guess Amanda is coming to the decision that it’s not that she isn’t ready for a relationship.. she hasn’t been ready to call it quits with Dean yet- but eventually she must find her courage!

In a way, isn’t that what this episode is about? Being ready for Love.  Being honest, not denying reality, dealing with the past and moving forward. It’s true for both Lee and Amanda I think… like a rotten hula skirt – past loves are just that- past- it’s over -let it go and move on!

One more thing I thought – actually I thought it when Lee was waiting for his colossus of rhodes burger Winking smile haaaa.. I actually felt Lee was quite open with Amanda –considering he was the loser in love with Eva, he was quiet honest about it – and with Lee’s ego I thought he would have found that difficult ( hey, don’t we all?!) – if anything, Lee is much more open with Amanda about his past love life than Amanda ever is with Lee! ( Wrong way home.. and Amanda’s reticence springs to mind.. ) It is only episode 12.. and Lee is confiding in Amanda how he screwed up and lost the love of his life.. ( ok circumstances provoked it- but he did not have to be as open as he was.. he…he… elaborated! ) When Dotty mentions that women can be as bad as men – I thought yes!!! That is so true!! Amanda finds it just as hard as Lee does.. maybe harder huh?! we’ll see!

Thanks for reading everyone

@Cindy, thanks so much for commenting on the first part of this episode! you encouraged me to come back to this episode and keep going! 2 down.. 3 to go!!

It is not an all bad episode!! Although.. not looking forward to what’s coming arghhhhhhh!!!! Smile 

32 responses to “2/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I can’t move away from this episode without commenting on the character of Angelo. He is a wonderful, tragic character. I said before that I love this episode because it is sad, and boy, does this guy have a sad story.

    For me, this scene between Amanda and Angelo is one of the two saddest scenes in the episode up to this point (the other was seeing Lee so gut-punched at the news of Eva’s death). Here, where Amanda is telling Angelo what his new identity is going to be in America – I find it heartbreaking.

    This man was an accomplished university professor in the field of brain research and the powers of the mind. He is quite literally a person who has made “the life of the mind” his entire career. Then he spent a year and a half at the notorious Lubyanka prison (shudder). The U.S. aided his escape. And now the best the Agency can do for him is set him up in a plumbing supply store? They couldn’t find him a position in research or academia? Even just a high school teacher would be so much better!

    I would be devastated if this were to happen to me – and for Angelo, all this is happening on top of the grief he feels about Eva’s “death.” The actor does a wonderful job at conveying the sadness and bitterness he is feeling about everything that has happened, and his resignation that his life as he has known it is completely, utterly over. Of course he is grateful to have escaped, but what does he have to look forward to now? How can he live a rewarding life, all alone in a strange country, working in a job from which he will likely derive no meaning or enjoyment? Oh, it is so sad!

    I also find the relationship between Angelo and Lee to be incredibly interesting. That scene back in the Agency conference room, their shared grief about Eva’s death, was so poignant. Angelo knew that Lee was in love with his wife. He also knew that Lee was in Italy to, essentially, spy on him. Lee, meanwhile, did not seem particularly surprised that Angelo knew both of these things. Does Angelo harbor anger or resentment toward Lee because of them? No! Nor does Lee seem to harbor bitterness or jealousy toward Angelo for having “won” Eva. On the contrary – seeing Angelo made Lee sad, but they behaved kindly toward each other, even seem to have been friends. I actually came away with the strong impression that all three of them – Angelo, Eva and Lee – were friends together in Italy. That they shared meals and things like that. It really captures my imagination.

    I used to roll my eyes at the fact that Angelo is an “ESP expert,” as opposed to, say, a nuclear physicist or something like that. The ESP thing seemed so pseudo-scientific. But now I think the reason they did it that way is so we understand that Angelo is a very empathetic person, as well as a kind and gentle one. He is sensitive to and accepting of Lee’s feelings and emotions. I do wish we could have seen more of him after this episode.


    • I could be wrong on this because I’m basing it on what I read in a Mary Higgins Clark novel (Pretend You Don’t See Her if anyone’s wanting to find it) about a woman in Witness Protection. But apparently the Witness Protection Program doesn’t provide you with fake references or education resumes. You have to start from scratch with your job. And it’s pretty hard to get a job in any sort of academia without proof of your education.

      Also, it’s much easier to track someone if what they are in is very similar to what they did before. Especially with something as specialized as Angelo’s career. So hiding him as a plumber or something else low profile with no references is safer for him.

      I don’t know if the Agency would work differently or not, but I’m guessing that was the rationale they were going with. The book was published about fifteen years after this episode, so it’s possible things have changed since then to some degree.

      I agree it has to be hard on him though.


  2. I love how Lee opens up to Amanda here. Just a few episodes ago, he was telling her that her questions are too personal. I like seeing Lee vulnerable with Amanda.

    Oh and the “your yard needs mulching” comment is hysterical!


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  5. Quick comment about the cow. Does it remind anyone else of Chick Fillet? Was Chick Fillet around back then? Maybe they were SMK fans?


    • Hiya Morley! Just saw this comment and thought I had to reply because I live in the land of CFA (Chick-Fil-A). Actually CFA is very prevalent in the southeast but is creeping north and west (beyond Texas) I think. The original CFA and the company headquarters is about an hour south of where I live in GA. It got its start in 1946, according to its website and is credited with inventing the chicken breast sandwich. I’d never head of CFA in the 80’s it was truly a regional thing back then. So unless the writers grew up in or traveled to the southeast, I doubt they knew much of CFA. Plus the CFA cows are the typical black/white spotted cows – I’ve never ever seen brown ones in their ads. When I see the cow here in this post, it doesn’t remind me of CFA – but then I tend to be a very literal peson 🙂 Are there any CFAs in New England yet?


      • I had never even heard of a CFA until we visited my in-laws down south. But just using cow to advertise fast food (although I get the cow being used to advertise for an all chicken place) and the “filler” part. Just made me think of it. Maybe part of it is the novelty bit of Chic-Fil-A for me. Or my silly brain… oh well.


        • No, not your silly brain…just picture a McD’s golden arches in a Times New Roman font and green. Not McD’s, right? Those golden arches are so iconic. I think that’s how the black and white cows with no horns are for CFA.


  6. “Why do we need to watch a blue van driving around for half a minute?!?”
    –> So that we can laugh at all the California license plates driving by, of course!!! 😀

    Yes–that is the same blue van as in SBtB… but it looks like they’ve put a different fake license plate on it! In SBtB it was C-848F9 — the same as the creepy musical baddie truck thingie in SAaB, complete with black splotch. Here, I can’t quite make out what it actually is, but it’s definitely not C-848F9 and it definitely doesn’t have the splotch. (Gotta love the revolving fake plates… there’s more than one.)

    Not only is Lee wearing a plaid shirt and cardy here, at the Agency he was wearing a plaid tie (taking more fashion tips from Billy) and a really unbecoming pocket square. His time in Sri Lanka obviously upset his fashion sense! And, actually, Lee’s not the only one this ep–Francine’s outfit is scary!

    And yes–Lee was very open with Amanda. 🙂 Not at all the usual Scarecrow…


  7. When putting people into relocation, secret identity programmes is it normal to sit discussing the details in public Amanda?! Sheesh……
    Colossus burger tee hee funny but wait my smile disappears……is that “casual” Lee…..in a cardigan?!!!! Like Billy wears?!!!! Someone wake me from this nightmare…..
    Ok I am going to sound really horrible here but Eva…….she’s not very pretty or is it just me 😮
    I adore the little chats with Dotty, apart from her keep pushing Dean at Amanda. Nope dotty you’re just not getting it. For someone who is pretty astute about life you’re pretty blind about Dean.


    • I’m with you on Eva not really being very pretty… she has very blue eyes–but they’re cold eyes. *shiver* Maybe Mr Superficial isn’t as superficial as he makes out… or maybe being “dead” didn’t do much for her looks… ROFL!


  8. The TV show the Russians baddies are watching with the dinosaurs is called “Mysterious Island” produced in 1961.


  9. Here, I come. Obscenely late to the shindig as ever. Of course, my lateness does NOT change the fact that all of your blog posts are plenty enthralling and wonderfully fun and funny to read, yet also gloriously insightful as well! 😀

    I have nothing clever or witty to add, unfortunately. BUT, I do have an irony to voice. And it’s thus: Is this not the episode that’s the one RIGHT AFTER the one in which he wears some ol’ red plaid shirt and ridiculous earflap-y winter hat (both of which used to rather creepily belong to Joe King, if I’m not mistaken *big lol*) as an “I’m dead, and there’s nothing to see here, so don’t look at me” disguise, only to then rather loudly proclaim IN PUBLIC, to anyone that will listen, that he hates plaid and that he’s going to get HiS stuff. Way to blow your cover as a dead guy, Lee! 😉 Sometimes, I wanted to smack him for that early-season vain streak. ESPECIALLY since every 4th episode since 1×11 he’s seen VOLUNTARILY wearing a plaid or Paisley shirt with no complaints. Oh, how the male mind was so fickle in the 80s heyday of big hair and bigger egos. *lol* 😉 I wonder if BB called them on it as some point.

    Like “Hey, guys! What’s with Lee wearing plaid this week. Didn’t I just say that I hated plaid last week. ‘Cuz I thought I said, using YOUR exact words, that ‘Even dead, I would NEVER EVER wear plaid.’ Amanda’s the one with the plaid fixation. Plaid shorts. Plaid shirts. Plaid pants. Lee, however, likes his throwback 70s suits and his dark blue Bell Bottom jeans. No crossover fashion statements please.”


    a new fan of yours,
    who’s trundling off to read more…


    • Hey Sharma, Welcome to the party! First season Lee was all over the place, wasn’t he?
      I thought the plaid stuff was Dean’s, which even made it more creepy (An ex who had spent so much time oversees that they were practically separated anyway while married, I could understand why the belongings hadn’t been completely sorted yet, but what is the reason for her having Dean’s stuff at her place? Do I even want to know? )


      • Hi Cindy! 🙂 Thanks for the welcome. 🙂 *hugs*

        Dean’s? Really? OMG! That’s more than creepy. That’s ICKY! *lalala’s* *covers ears* Is it sad that for some reason I can see an ex-husband’s stuff still hanging around the King house, rather than Amanda’s “current” unseen boyfriend, who ACTUALLY sorta has the same feathered-cum-Early-Beatles!Paul-McCartney hairstyle as Lee does. Which may or may NOT be a coincidence. *lol* 😉

        And yeah, I AM in TOTAL agreement with you about Dean and Dean’s stuff. I don’t even wanna know either. *shudder* *slight lol* 😉

        I’m just glad Dean magically vanishes during Season 1 and we never actually saw his face. EVER. That way, I can pretend he never existed. *cackle* I think Amanda herself would thank me for having that line-of-thought, considering her future & lasting (and obviously much better too!) choice, and all. 😉 *wink* 😀 I know if IIIIII were Amanda, I’d definitely thank me. *lol*

        ~Sharma (again)


      • Oh goodness gravy! — I meant “overseas”. Sheesh!


        • I see! I didn’t see that! 😉 I thought it was just me who spells like that 🙂 I’m an expert at finding I have written ‘your’ when I should have written ‘ you’re’ – oops.. 🙂 oh well… 🙂


    • Welcome Sharma! so glad you found your way here! 😉

      Thanks for being so kind and letting me know you are enjoying the blog! It’s really encouraging to hear from you!! I hope you will feel free to share any thoughts you have as you make your way through the show with us all…

      Don’t worry you’re not late to the show 🙂 I doubt I will be able to keep up such a cracking pace forever.. life’s responsibilities get in the way of smk fun 😦 so you will probably catch up!

      Do you have the dvds? hope you can watch and share your experiences!

      Sounds like you are into the smk fashions!? Are you a member of the smk fashion police force? I could use another recruit.. there’s just so much work to do 🙂 so many arrests to make! 😉

      Yup the whole plaid inconsistency is weird huh!

      Dean’s clothes at Amanda’s Hmm.. well he probably gave Amanda a load of washing to do before that episode – telling her to
      ‘ be good’ ugh!!!! 😉

      It’s really wonderful you have jumped in and introduced yourself Sharma!
      I’d like to encourage other readers to join in and say hi -We don’t bite 😆 let us know you are out there and enjoying smk!!!

      It is very encouraging to hear from you Sharma. Are you in the US?

      bye! iwsod


      • Corrected Copy of My 1st Reply to You:

        Hey IWSOD! 😀

        Yep, I AM in the US. But, I actually LIKE/LOVE Obama

        and thought Bush was a total twat. *lol* Neither of which
        is exactly a popular opinion in my area of the US (central
        VA., to be exact). Such is life, I guess. *lol* 😉

        And I am totally ecstatic & floored that this place still exists
        and is still kicking. ‘Cuz a lot of the old SMK sites have
        moved (with no forwarding address, I might add) 😦 or just
        plain been shut down. 😦 And while there’s Virtual Seasons
        5, 6, & 7, there’ve been no further ones made and that kinda

        bums me out as well. Especially considering the first two

        seasons of that trio were REALLY GREAT! 😀 After reading

        those tho, I was actually kinda hoping to start up a Virtual

        Season 8, but a lot of people from the other 3 seasons are

        gone without a trace, and prolly have been for quite some

        time now. *sigh* I guess I first started having ideas for

        such a thing after hearing Bruce Boxleitner talk to a 2011

        convention crowd about what Kate Jackson has told him

        in a phone conversation just a few weeks earlier (Phillip

        and Jaime were grown and at college and that Amanda

        and Lee had TWO kids of THEIR own as well). Now,

        according to the Virtual Seasons fanon, the first of Lee

        and Amanda’s two was a girl named Emily, but I think

        the second one shouid be a boy. 🙂 …Yes, I might be

        a weeee bit obsessed with the adventures of Lee and

        Amanda. But, shhh. don’t tell anyone, okay? 😉 ‘Cuz

        I don’t wanna look crazy. 😉

        As for being partial to SMK fashions? Well, I was born

        one week and one day after the show’s 1st season

        offcially premiered (My DOB: Tuesday, October 11,

        1983 at 10:33 PM, to be exact). So, I guess that kinda

        qualifies me as being a judge dujour of 80s fashion

        faux pas, if only for that reason & for the reason of

        I myself wearing some of the worst of the “trends”

        as a kid. Bright (or garish…your choice) neon colors?

        Check. Big shoulder pads? Check. Pegleg pants?

        Check. The only reason I didn’t have the “big hair”

        to match? My hair didn’t roll that way. *lol* Instead,

        I had braided pigtails or a sideways ponytail.

        I’d be happy to be your new recruit, at any rate,

        m’dear! 😀 And yep, totally think there would be

        many arrests made. I also think Lee and Francine

        would be locked up LOOOONG before Amanda

        was ever even initially ticketed for their dual act

        of committing Crimes Against Fashion-ity. *grin*

        I mean… Really, Lee? That ghastly pink tie with

        THAT tan suit and a green shirt? Really, Lee?

        *whispers to you, iwsod* Is Lee colorblind?

        And by colorblind, I mean, does he see anything

        besides black and white? 😀 Really though, the

        first seasons weren’t soooo bad, but then the 80s

        FULLY took hold in the 3rd season and grafted

        a mullet to Bruce Boxleitner’s skull. And the

        situation quickly dissolved from there. 😉

        And while I could deal with MacGyver’s mullet,

        Lee Stetson’s mullet wasoo dark and not long

        enough to fully commit as one. It’s like they

        pussyfooted around the style. His hair in the

        first two seasons was to die for though.

        *drools* Amanda’s hair was good in the

        1st and 4th seasons, but perm-ilacious

        in the middle two seasons. 😦 I could go

        on and on AND ON about Francine tho. 😉

        As for Dean? I thought he was a jerk with all
        that condescending “Be good” stuff. In fact,
        I might have wanted to give him a real
        good piece of my mind. After all, who is
        HE to give her orders like she’s a child.
        I am so glad Dean got dumped. I am
        just sad we didn’t get to see it on-screen.
        I think it was only mentioned, right? :S

        Well, thanks again for being so welcoming
        to me. 😀 *mondo hugs* I have no money
        as of yet to get the seasons on dvd yet.
        But, as soon as I do, that’ll be my first
        purchase. Preferably by that time, all
        4 seasons will be out and the 4th box set
        will come complete with a retrospective,

        deleted scenes, a blooper reel, and/or

        interviews. Wishful thinking, I know. 😉
        Considering that 1/3 of the cast is
        unfortunately dead now (Bev Garland &
        Mel Stuart aka Dotty & Billy). 😦 But, still…

        A girl can hope, right? :S

        So…What part of the world are YOU from?
        The UK? Germany? Russia? Or are you
        also from the US? Or are you from
        somewhere else entirely? :S

        ~Sharma (yeppers, again)

        PS I have been able to see many of
        the episodes via YT though, which has
        ironically only whetted my appetite to
        buy those official box sets even more. 🙂

        PPS Are you just as good at picking out
        whumpy scenes as you are at picking
        out the more romantic and/or adorable
        scenes between Lee and Amanda?
        Because I’m trying to identify which
        episodes two different things happen
        in. The first is a gray-suited Lee gets

        thrown or kicked BACKWARDS from
        outside on a sidewalk through a clothing
        store’s front window, crashing through
        it and into the store, his back and the
        back of his head first. The second is
        thusly: while Amanda and Lee are in
        a Sixties-R-Us store (of ALL places *lol),

        someone shoots a plaster head with a

        hat on it, and it blasts apart, with some

        of it hitting Lee in the eye. Amanda is

        there when it happens and rushes over

        to him to see if he’s okay. He’s wearing

        a dark blue windbreaker that has a white

        stripe on its collar and what appears to

        be a gray shirt and blue jeans, and she’s

        in all carnation pink and/or white (pink/white

        skirt, pink/white shirt, pink/white blazer).

        So… Any ideas? :S Well, thanks again…
        *sends more hugs*


        • Hiya Sharma! I happened to be on the site when you posted your first comment so I pulled it and left the revised comment you posted soon after – if that’s not ok let me know!

          Great to hear from you! hope you will feel free to share your thoughts on the episodes with us all as we go along..

          Regarding fan fiction: Have you tried the Yuku forum? (link on blog’s home page ‘ scarecrow and mrs king forum’ it has a sub forum for discussing fan fiction there that you could try.. ) There are alot of fans who know alot about fan fiction – for me I have never really gotten into it – I’m so focused on working my way through the actual show that I don’t think to read it.. but I am guessing that once I have gone right through the whole show, I might graduate on to the virtual seasons! Thanks for recommending them.. (there are links to them in the yuku forum- I don’t link to them because i don’t know them) A lot of the more experienced online smk fans can be found there on occassions.. but smk online has a long history.. My interest though lies in the show itself.. so I’m not much help sorry!

          You happy to post your full DOB on the net? – I can edit it out if you like.. just let me know.. but I see the relevance – wow!!!

          Ahhh I am surrounded by people who don’t share my political point of view also.. I empathise! 🙂

          Obsession with Lee and Amanda is welcomed here 🙂 Encouraged Even!!

          Lee colour blind? He was certainly colour moody! wasn’t he!! One episode he was the height of fashion.. and the next it was plaid shirts and knitted ties.. Season one Lee was all over the place – but still gorgeous!! 🙂

          I’m really glad Lee’s mullet wasn’t a real mullet.. it was mullet (eww) enough for me! but still …. Lee manages to be gorgeous! 😉

          My favourite Lee’s hair episode? ( ROFL!!) is Times they are a changin 😀 – you think you are obsessed! haaa! I actually know my favourite Lee’s hair episode!!! whahahaahahaa

          Dean? LOL… don’t forget the fabulous bookends gag! 😉 You got it Sharma.. we don’t see it.. but there is a moment where we see Amanda say to herself rather seriously ‘ Dean’ …. and she shakes her head.. for me.. that was the moment where she knew what she had to do.. it’s in my post for that ep but I can’t remember which one it was.. and I thought the eps were out of order there also- probably mentioned in one of my posts on the episode order of season one.. Let me know if you can’t find it..

          Sharma I live in Australia 😀 This blog gets readers from all over the world which I absolutely love! 😀

          Whumpy scenes? rofl!!! gosh I don’t know.. it would depend if I have seen it lately.. the one in the dress show would be the triumvirate, season three..

          The one with the gray suit? I don’t know – Does anyone have any ideas?? well if not, I am sure we will come to it eventally!

          Hope that helps at least a little bit! 🙂 byeee


        • Hi Sharma! I found the episode where I mentioned Amanda shaking her head at Dean… it was lost and found!
          I mention this the progression of this relationship in this post also: (where I reordered some episodes..but it still goes into what is in what episode regarding Dean) hope that helps! iwsod



      • RE: Deanisms — But you forget my favourite when he and Dotty were conspiring to get the next hurricane named Amanda and they hoped it would it happen on Valentine’s Day. I actually did a spit-take first time I heard it. How utterly romantic!


      • I read the virtual seasons 5, 6 and 7 and I appreciate the effort that went into them. That being said, some episodes were really good, and some of them were really out of character. I tend to be protective of Lee and Amanda, and ended up getting quite … . irked (keeping my comments PG) at some of the story developments.


        • Thanks for keeping it PG 🙂

          Whoa.. sounds like they are a pretty mixed bag! I might get you to give me some advice when it comes time for me to read them! – I won’t be though until this blog has gone right through the show I just don’t have time!!


  10. I remember the first time I laid eyes on Eva – I did not like her, did not like her – not one little bit (and it really had nothing to do her complicating the slow relationship growing between Lee and Amanda)
    The few redeeming things about this part of the episode were 1) the dinosaurs on TV (has anyone figured out if this is actually part of a cheesy television show or movie? Seeing the dinosaurs on tv make me smile) 2) Dotty’s speech — so many unintended layers and 3) at least we know that when Lee was seriously thinking about committing to a woman, a brunette was more his type.

    Poor Dean was just transition boyfriend (I wonder why Dotty was so keen to marry Amanda off again) and I don’t think Amanda was ever seriously thinking of marrying him – the send off at the train station in ep 1 wasn’t exactly passionate, was it?


    • I agree with you about Dotty’s multi-layered speech. Amanda’s expression is so sweet as she hears her mother recount an memory of her father. I live this kind of scene and S&MK does it so well!


  11. That “hmm Dean” comment was pivotal for me. Amanda really had to face her feelings here. Her feelings for Dean and why they have changed or not grown. And could it be because of Lee? I agree she was not madly in love yet, but her heart knew even if her head still had a tiny bit of catching up.

    She was on top of the water slide ready to go down and she knew it was happening, but wasn’t sure where the ride would take her or what she would find at the end of it. But I am sure she knew she was about to take her turn on the slide….


    • jane – so well put!


    • whoo Jane I like it!! Her heart knew but her head needed to catch up!! that explains alot..

      yes it was a pivotal Dean moment.. especially how she shakes her head too.. mentally saying- NOOOOO!

      Thanks for commenting! I love to read people’s comments at the best of times.. so in the middle of doing lost and found (ugh..)?? you can imagine how much I love to read them! 🙂


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