5/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda finds Eva in the kitchen: I was really sorry to hear about Angelo.
Eva: Thank you, Mandy. I have to believe that we will get him back.
118_thumbAmanda: Yeah. Uh, look, why don’t you let me uh take over for you and you can get a little more dressed.
(here here!!)
119_thumbEva: oh but I want to help and I am sure Lee would not mind if I borrow his sweater.. 120_thumbAmanda: oh no no really I just insist. ( I love Amanda here!!)

This fantastic line of Amanda’s about getting dressed? The subtitles say she is saying Eva should get rest. LOL.. but getting dressed makes much more sense given Eva’s response of it’s ok I have Lee’s sweater – and I love it that Amanda pulls her up on this.. like she can see what Eva is up to – get dressed!!

121Eva: By the way, do they call you Mandy?
122Amanda: No.

Ugh!!  enough of the I know Lee better than you do talk Eva (especially the telling knowledge of what Lee does for breakfast..ugh!! lock this woman up already!! ) Amanda gets enough of that from Francine!.. so I guess she is able to handle it!

It is lovely though how Lee tries some for Amanda and seems to appreciate it.. that’s sweet…

Lee asks Amanda if she has any ideas where Angelo could be- my guess?: filing for Divorce!!

Lee: you two seemed to hit if off pretty well.
Amanda: sure! but um not as well as you and Eva. (whooo hooo!!)
123Lee: Hmm..how do you know when an affair is really over anyhow? 124Amanda: I don’t know, I guess you just… know Lee: mmm yeah.. I was always kinda bad at these things
125Amanda: oh everybody’s always kinda bad at these things
Lee: No I really am bad Amanda: no you’re not so bad

126Lee: I’m telling you I’m bad!
Amanda: no you’re not!
Lee: I am!
127Amanda: you’re not!
Lee: Amanda! I am..
128Amanda: alright alright you’re bad you’re bad.
Lee: well alright. Drop the subject.
Amanda: I dropped it, it’s dropped.

I love how for most of this conversation they are looking straight ahead and not at each other with only the occasional sideways glance… until Amanda tells Lee your bad your bad! Oh this little conversation of theirs is a bright moment in this episode!!! thank goodness..Amanda is wise not to criticise or offer advice here!

Ok.. Lee goes back into business mode.. and asks Amanda if she has noticed anything unusual since Angelo arrived..and.. she doesn’t give him the answers he was expecting!!

129Amanda: well there’s the lipstick
130Lee: Angelo wears lipstick?
131Amanda: No Eva..
Lee: I was talking about Angelo…

Of course you were Lee.. and you shouldn’t be!! and off Amanda goes noticing things that will save the day.. lipstick and bath oil beads.. dead giveaways!! hehehee.. this was a tricky situation this week.. especially given she has grown closer to Lee.. but she keeps her head very well!

Amanda: Then, of course, there are the bath oil beads.
132Lee: Running low on those, is she?
Amanda: Yes. And
133then, of course, there’s the gun.
: What gun?
Amanda: The gun that I found in the bedroom while I was straightening up.
135Amanda: Don’t think so, it was in Eva’s drawer. It was right next to the bath oil
136beads. I’m sorry, I wish I hadn’t found it.
(Lee is listening- he isn’t liking,but he’s listening.. ) Ohhh and then Eva walks in and busts Amanda.. I think Amanda handles this well also..it would be very awkward.. Yes Eva.. we must trust each other..yuck!! Amanda: I wasn’t going through your things, I was only straightening the room and I’m only concerned because guns are so dangerous.- Good for you Amanda!! What protection are lipstick and bath oil beads from the KGB Eva?? hmm??? At least Amanda has planted the seed in Lee’s mind.. which is great..
(I thought she was suppose to go get dressed, not put on more lace stuff!!)

Anyway, so off Lee and Eva go in search of Angelo. He seems a little more restrained with Eva now.. This is interesting:
Lee: Eva, how did the two of you survive that hell?
Eva: Angelo survived by forcing his mind to see beyond his prison. I survived by remembering the same woman that you remember. And that spring when we met.
Lee: Oh, I stopped thinking about those days
140and what might have been. There’s no point to it.
Eva: Have you changed so, Lee. What happened to the man who I waltzed with on the banks of 141the canals in Venice, in the rain?
Lee: Dancing’s not so good along the Potomac. There’s too many tourists.(LOL if there is one thing Venice has it’s lots of tourists!!) Interesting huh!!! Lee seems to be starting to think more clearly.. last night may have given him some closure after all – he is starting to distance himself from the Lee that fell in love with Eva! I like to keep in mind that the night before with Eva, he didn’t tell her he loved her – when she asked how he felt he just kissed her!
Lee notices they are being followed and lies to Eva about it! He isn’t sure!! and he is worried about Angelo.. And Angelo’s wife? she doesn’t seem to be worried does she! too busy reminiscing about dancing..
Amanda calls Dotty to make her excuses..

Dotty: your poppy seed cake is your sistine chapel Amanda, no one can top it.

Well that is lovely of Dotty to say
Amanda sees half the Liberty Larry’s flyer has
144been torn off- that is where Angelo has gone!! My goodness.. not only that but Angelo must have snuck back into the house to tear off the address! Did you see when Lee was talking to Amanda at the table, and trying to come up with ideas for where Angelo had disappeared to- you can plainly see the complete flyer still on the front of the fridge Smile
I see a whole car on that fridge!!

Lee may be a little suspicious of Eva, but he still lets her call Amanda to check if Angelo has returned home.. doh! Eva  hears Amanda’s message.. that she is going to liberty Larry’s – and Eva lies to Lee withholding this information.

We see Angelo is at Liberty Larry’s moving past his mistrust of cars – having a wife who is KGB and turned you in will do that to you! Love Larry trying to get Angelo to buy that Lemon.. oh dear.. yes he does have good credit!

Larry: I know what you’re going to say. I 145amean, sure, sure, you got your people who are going to say “buy new,” but why, huh? Isn’t it safer to go with a proven commodity? Here, look at this.  This is — this baby here’s 146been through the worst, she’s a vet! LOL!!
Would you trust a man that made this fashion choice people?????!!!!!!

Eva leaves  a message for the KGB in the toilets.. 145I can’t wait to see this woman get it! Whooo Eva’s wearing the same black boots as the KGB!!! Smile

Back with more soon!!!!!

4 responses to “5/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. Lee–don’t you know that ripping a piece out of a cake is bad manners? Sheesh–didn’t your uncle teach you anything? LOL!

    Lee–I know you mean that you’re bad at love/relationships/mushy stuff (and nicely done, SMK, for bringing this up)…. but if we actually go with what you’ve said, not what we know you mean, then it’s actually to your credit–a good person shouldn’t be good at knowing when an affair is over, because they wouldn’t have been in one in the first place, so they wouldn’t have any experience. *shakes Lee to get some sense into his brain*

    Ugh…!!!… Lee and Eva’s matchy-matchy outfits (blue jackets and maroon tops) make me CRINGE! 😦


  3. Ha Amanda as usual Lee thought you were going off on a ramble with the lipstick and the bath beads. Well done for bringing him back down with a bump with the gun 😉
    Hate Lee in the scene with the poppy seed cake, feels really fake with Amanda. Probably he is feeling a whole lot of awkward about things but I still don’t like it.
    Mandy? Bit presumptious Eva considering no one has called her that grrrr love Amanda’s reply, succinct 🙂


  4. Yep — Amanda was a star this section. I love how she shot down Eva’s cattiness and marking Lee as hers (that comment about not getting Lee to have anything but coffee for breakfast was delivered brilliantly. A very subtle delivery that most men wouldn’t recognize as being anything but sweet and nice. Well done!). And the slow reveal of Amanda’s doubts about Eva — the lipstick, the bathoil beads, oh and by the way, did I mention she has a gun? makes me want to shout “You Go, Girl!”
    I love the exchange of Lee and Amanda’s “How do you know when an affair is over?”. I think we have a winner for the understatement of the episode award, if not the whole series.
    Interesting side note — I want to see what else Andrea Marcovicci was in on IMDB.com. Gorgeous stock photo of her. I was surprised that this episode rated an 8.4.


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