6/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

147_thumbAmanda catches up with Angelo at Liberty Larry’s.. he explains that he doesn’t want to see Eva, she doesn’t love him. (he says you would think a man with ESP would have seen that- ok so he has it huh.. err if it is really a real thing anyway.. whatever! I still feel sorry for him!)

Last night, he heard Eva talking to the russians during the night on the phone.. telling them 148_thumb[1]where he was.. and Angelo knows she is an agent for the KGB…(interesting to note that Angelo didn’t go to Lee and tell him.. he just took off.. and left Lee to deal with the coming KGB.. kinda serves Lee right! hehehee..)

Lee goes to call Amanda again.. and hears the message. Quick Lee!!! ( the script of this ending is completely different! No cars, no liberty larry’s!)

Amanda: The best thing for you to do is to 149_thumbstay here and let us help you. I mean, how far do you think you’re going to get in this piece of junk? It’s going to fall apart any minute!
Angelo: Amanda, it won’t fall apart! It’s a marvellous deal, the gentleman told me.
Amanda: Liberty Larry told you?
Angelo: Yes.
Amanda: Oh, Liberty Larry told you, well, that’s great. You know why there’s a junkyard here? The ones he can’t sell, he just wrecks!
(Amanda you told Angelo to go to him!! lol!)

Looks like the baddies have arrived at the junkyard.. whoops I mean car yard and junkyard! How does Amanda know they are KGB before they have even pulled out their guns? she never saw them..

whoo I like the KGB lady’s boots.. she is pretty groovy for a granny KGB lady! Ok, this is where I nod off.. wake me when something interesting happens..

Lee and Eva turn up at the car yard.. ‘Crazy message’ Lee? come on it was pure poetry.. filled you in didn’t it. in a way anyone else listening wouldn’t get..

Lee goes in to help and Eva pulls a gun on him and tells him to stop…
150_thumbEva pulls a gun on Lee and says :
Stop! I’m sorry, Lee.
151_thumbLee: look if I don’t get to them, the KGB will.
Eva: I know.

Oh the gall of Eva.. she tells Lee he played right into their hands and led her to Angelo..Muahahaa! and.. that he is the best at 153_thumbeverything?!! ( weird! if he were the best he’d be pointing the gun at her right now..)
154_thumbLee: I don’t choose my lovers particularly well

155_thumbDon’t worry Lee that is all going to change! Lee hands over his gun..

Lee: I don’t think you can kill someone that loved you

(oh Lee.. come on!!! I think at this point I was believing she would pull the trigger!)

Lee: Can you forget Venice, Eva? Just like that? ( that arrogance is going to get you killed!! BTW- I think this is an awful line of dialogue.. clunky as.. in a very tense moment..but just MHO!)
From the looks of this camera angle – this awful line was added post production – they shouldn’t have.. the line about love was enough..Looks like they redid Lee’s part in this sequence… BB does a great job.. it’s all there to see – fear, shock and then.. rage!


159_thumb The delusion is OVER!!! Can you believe Eva’s next line? ‘ I knew it wasn’t loaded!’ – the nerve of her!!!! she is simply awful.. makes Francine look like an angel! Whooo Lee really doesn’t go easy on her – Angelo and Amanda’s lives are in danger.. .. suffer Eva.. you’re bad!! you’re bad!!!

Uh oh.. hurry Lee! Amanda and Angelo are about to get squashed!!

Whoo Lee locks Eva in the boot (ok for americans… the trunk!) of the car..how nice of him to let her keep her purse – her precious lipstick is in there Winking smile Gee I hope he forgets which car he locks her in-that would be great.

Time for Lee’s contractually obligated action finale! ( wake me when it’s done ok?!)

Karate Kick Lee? cool! just make it snappy..

Lee tells the KGB lady to turn it off..

161_thumbKGB lady: I do not control the crushing device. (who talks like that????!ROFL!!)

Come on Lee.. just shoot the woman.. (and take the boots later!) she’s delaying you and you have no time to be nice to her!! Ahhh I see he is using the gun he took of Eva, and it has no bullets.. so he is basically bluffing.. doh.. oh.. and the lady wasn’t even controlling it? man.. I should pay a bit more attention.. ahem.. but it does seem like that squashing thingy err I mean crushing device takes extra long to come down and Amanda and Angelo should history.. but…

Superspy Lee manages to warp space and time and stop the crushing device Smile

It’s round up time.. Liberty Larry gets an icepack for his bump on his head, Angelo leans against the car alone pondering it all, the KGB are lead into cop cars.. The cops come and take Eva away.. a cop with a trench coat? Ohhh I see.. probably agency.. we get more of Eva? Nooo I’m done! (The agent’s 164_thumbname is Dick? let me guess.. last name Tracey!) Lee calls to Dick to give him a minute with Eva.
Eva: I suppose everything has been said.
Lee: Looks like.
Eva: I want you to know that this had nothing to do with you.Politics.
165_thumbLee: Well, that makes me feel a lot better. You were — you were with them even then, weren’t you? And marrying him was just an assignment.
166_thumbEva: Yes.
167_thumbLee: And you were never . . . in love with me?
Eva looks away silently, and Lee reacts..
169_thumbEva: Lee? Of course I was in love with you.

170_thumb[1]Lee just looks at her silently in response.. and then, Eva looks away,

171_thumb[1]unable to maintain eye contact with him.. IMO Lee seems to be looking at her as if to say – you don’t know what love is… and she looks away knowing he doesn’t believe her anymore. Suffer Eva! Rot in jail Eva.. without your bath oil beads and your lipstick!

So Eva is driven away and Amanda approaches Lee.. he smiles, is relaxed and puts his arm around her shoulder and directs her to another spot. Notice Amanda looks down to look at Lee’s hand around her shoulder?? 

Lee thanks Amanda for taking the bullets from Eva’s gun.. we all thank you Amanda!! Oh my.. who is this man? Lee has really had his guard down in this episode hasn’t he..

173_thumb[1]Lee: You know, Amanda, I’m really glad we had that talk last night. It helped.
Amanda: Good. I’m glad.
Lee: I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said.
: Oh?
Lee: Yeah, remember when you said that, uh, when it’s really over, I’ll know when it’s over?

Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Guess what.

175_thumbAmanda: What?

Lee: It’s oooooovvvvvveeeerrr!

He is glad he had a talk with Amanda.. awh… and .. he has been thinking about it alot.. awh…. Yes Lee, she is great to talk to! umm… something really good to look for in a lover! Keep that in mind for the future.. For a talker, Amanda is smart and doesn’t say much here at he end..

So there we have it.. what a journey for Lee.. hard to watch but very worthwhile!! We learn lots about Lee.. and we watch Lee learn alot about himself! One more step towards being ready for a grown up relationship with Amanda – that alone makes this episode worthwhile!!!! 😀

No Tag??? So I guess last week’s wasn’t the only one with no tag.. still the fact that Lee is saying it is over- well who can top that right? what great news!!! and his happiness at it being over- Well, that is the best of all!!! and he got through it with Amanda there to help.. and best of all- he realises how much she helped him!!! awh…

I would have liked to have seen what happened to Angelo and gotten some closure there for him too. He seems to be the forgotten character in this story.. We just leave him all alone next the the police car.. Sad smile I really felt for him..I kinda wish Lee and Amanda had gone back to him and comforted him…It would have been great to see Lee and Amanda wish him well, or empathise or even one day have Angelo come back in another episode – and Amanda could set him up on a blind date with Agnes or something! ( which episode was that? J edgar’s ghost.. )

Did you guys notice this is the second episode in a row where someone comes back from the dead?! .. interesting to compare Lee’s reveal to Amanda with Eva’s reveal to Lee! Also, good to see Lee remain physically intact in this episode ( shoulders ok! knees ok!!) – but his heart got broken this week.. awhhh.. and Amanda? well.. once again she got kidnapped – well she couldn’t get out of the car even though she wanted to- I consider that kidnapped! Smile

This is a hard to watch episode, and at times I probably sound like I don’t even like this show! tee heee.. At the same time, I know in the big scheme of things this is a very important episode for Lee’s growth in character and putting the past to rest so he can move forward, and further developing his trust in Amanda as his good friend- also very very important!.. so all in all, it was an episode we had to have…

Thanks for reading and well done for getting this far! tee heee..

To echo Lee’s final words…..
(I saw this pic and thought of Lee in this ep! 😉 )

I say about this episode:
It’s ooooooovvvvveeer!!!!!! Yipeeee!!!! Open-mouthed smile

33 responses to “6/6 Season One, Episode 12: Lost and Found–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. On whether Eva ever really loved Lee – I have thought about this a lot and I think it is very likely that Eva did genuinely love Lee. Here is what we know: both the U.S. and the Soviets (in fact, “every government,” according to Lee) wanted access to Angelo’s theories on the tactical uses of ESP. They went about it in different ways. The Agency sent Lee to Italy to pose as a student and attend Angelo’s lectures; perhaps to befriend him while he was at it. The Soviets, though – they went hardcore on this. They assigned a KGB agent, Eva, to become his research assistant, seduce and marry the man, then convince him to accept an invitation to pursue his research in Moscow.

    My point in recounting all that is that Eva’s chief mission at this university was to target Angelo, not Lee. I think there are two key questions that we don’t know the answers to: (1) did Eva know Lee worked for the Agency before he told her, and (2) how long after Lee told her did she break things off with him? The answers to these two questions would determine whether Eva was also spying on Lee at the same time she was romantically involved with him. If she was spying on him for any length of time, then I would agree she most likely did not really love him.

    With respect to question (1), my best guess is no – she did not know who Lee really was until he told her. I don’t think that the KGB would have assigned one agent – Eva – to spy on both Angelo and Lee, especially because it might undermine the mission with Angelo to have her running around with one of his students on the side. As for question (2), I think that the episode strongly implies that not much time passed between the time Lee told her who he was, and her breakup with him – seeing as it would have presumably taken a good amount of time to get to that level of trust with her, and yet he “never got the chance” to ask Eva to marry him after he realized he wanted that.

    No, I think that Lee and Eva met purely by chance – well not exactly by chance, because they were both in Italy for the same basic reason, which was to get access to Angelo’s research – but otherwise, the meeting was coincidental. Eva’s assignment was to get Angelo to marry her. But she started a love affair with Lee anyway. Why would she do that unless she genuinely had strong feelings for Lee? Again, getting involved with Lee had the potential to undermine her mission targeting Angelo. And yet she did it anyway. My guess is that they were attracted to each other immediately. Maybe deep down, they sensed something similar in each other – they were both being deceptive at that time about what it was they were really doing in Italy. Seeing each other was something they did purely because of pleasure/happiness, and yes, love.

    I also think, despite all the self-doubt that this new discovery about Eva will engender, that Lee is a good enough agent to have sensed it at the time if she didn’t truly love him. And why wouldn’t she love him? He is a charming, handsome, interesting person who probably was feeling quite carefree at this time in his life (merely going undercover as a student for an extended period of time was a pretty easy assignment, when you think about it).

    It does seem (though I don’t think we know with certainty) that Eva reported Lee’s true identity to her superiors when she found out who he really was. That doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. It means that she put her loyalty to her country and its cause above her personal feelings for Lee. She was a loyal and probably accomplished KGB agent (yes, I think that only a long-time, accomplished agent would have been given as extreme an assignment as to marry someone). That doesn’t make her a psychopath, or brainwashed, or incapable of love, as has been suggested in many of the comments below. “Indoctrinated” is a better word for it. We in the West might find her “cause” to be repugnant, and yes, evil – but the Soviets would have said the same about the U.S. Her ideology and her career – ones shared by many people – do not make her incapable of love. Furthermore, one can love someone and still be deceptive. If that were not the case, then Lee could never have really loved Eva either (again, he was also deceptive about what he was really doing in Italy). Love is more complicated than that.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents.


    • One stupid question: How do qe know Lee told her his profession? I’m trying to remember.

      I think she was certainly attracted to Lee for real and enjoyed his company and spending time with him and had dome kind of romantic feelings towards him. I’m just not convinced she was capable of love. I just don’t see how you could kill someone in cold blood if you love them or have loved them. We’ve seen the look on Lee’s face when he’s forced to kill a villain in the line of duty — he always looks like he hates doing it and wishes it hadn’t gotten that far.

      I could see maybe shooting him in the leg to incapacitate him and then hitting him over the head or something like that. I could even see being pushed to a point of shooting him if it were his life of her own even if she loved him. But being able to shoot someone in cold blood in the back — either you never loved that particular person or you are simply too messed up in the head to be capable of love at all. Just like I can’t imagine Lee killing her if she had come back for revenge short of if it was her or Amanda or someone else he cared about.

      Plus the way she says it always bothers me. There’s a huge hesitation and then “Of course I loved you” in a voice that sounds really manipulative. Every other time I’ve heard that tone of voice on a show it was always always from a sociopathic character trying to screw with someone’s head. It kind of gave me the creeps to be honest.

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      • I know Angelo reveals that Eva told him the real reason Lee was taking his lectures, I don’t know if we hear anything else about Lee revealing himself to Eva. I will poke around.


        • There were two separate conversations between Lee and Angelo about this. The first was in the Agency conference room, where Angelo was not surprised to see Lee.

          ANGELO: You’re dressing better.

          LEE: Yeah, well, remember the last time you saw me, I was posing as a student attending one of your seminars.

          ANGELO: When Eva finally told me who you really were, I wondered how many other spies I was lecturing to.

          LEE: Well, every government wanted to hear your theories on the tactical use of ESP. By the way, where is she?

          And then later, when Lee is talking with Angelo in the backyard of the safe house:

          LEE: Angelo, what made you decide to get involved with the Russians anyhow?

          ANGELO: Well, you misunderstand. I have always prided myself on being apolitical and devoted only to science. When the Soviets made their proposition, I wavered. But Eva made me see what a tremendous opportunity it was. At least on paper.

          LEE: How much did Eva tell you about me?

          ANGELO: Oh, she told me that she had been seeing you at the same time she was seeing me, told me who you were, what you did for a living. I asked her not to tell me any more.

          LEE: You did?

          (Angelo stops and looks at Lee.)

          ANGELO: I’m not stupid, Lee. It doesn’t take ESP to see that a man in your profession will confess such things only to a woman he thought he would be seeing a good deal of.

          Lee: Yeah.


      • On how we know that Lee told Eva he was a spy – see below.

        I should have qualified in my post that while I do believe Eva felt “real” love for Lee when they were together in Italy, I think it wasn’t truly “deep” love, if that makes sense. I think he loved her more than she loved him. I also think that at this point, it has been two years since she has seen him, she has been back working in Moscow ever since, so that love is more in the past for her, not so much in the present.

        As for Eva’s behavior at the end of the episode – clearly based on the all the comments, many, many people agree with you! I know I am in the minority. But I just don’t read her expressions the same way as everyone else. I don’t see an evil, cold-blooded monster.

        I think of the scene where Lee reunites with Eva for the first time at the safe house and is so stunned to realize she is alive. They embrace. And when Eva buries her face into his chest, she closes her eyes tightly, even though he can’t see her face. It looked to me like she really was grateful and emotional about seeing him again, and that this was bringing back memories for her of how they once felt about each other.

        Then there are the things we do not see in Eva in the ending scenes with Lee, after he realizes she is a KGB agent. We never see her acting contemptuous toward Lee, or laughing coldly at him, or lording over how she was able to fool him.

        What I do see is a professional KGB agent who is resigned but determined to carry out her mission. She looks unhappy about what it is she has to do. But I think she felt like she did have to kill him, because he had refused to surrender to her willingly. She could not risk having her cover being blown to the rest of the world. I think she thought it was her life or his, and her training told her what it was she must do. Perhaps she should have shot for his leg – but maybe she would have missed. In that one second she had to decide, she did what she felt she must do to save her life and save her mission.

        In the end, when they are taking her away in handcuffs, she looks – to me – beleaguered and even ashamed at what she has had to do to Lee. Sad about how it all worked out. I believe she really means it when she says that the mission to get Angelo “had nothing to do with” Lee. In her mind, they were separate things. When Lee says, “And you were never in love with me,” I think she looks hurt, and sorry to have hurt him. I see nothing ingenuine about the way she says, “Of course I was in love with you.”

        So in the end, this is about our own personal gut reactions to how this actress portrayed Eva. We just see it very differently! I love ambiguity in SMK – all the more reason why I love this episode so much.


        • I should have written, “see above” for the dialogue about how we know what Lee told Eva about himself — sorry, I didn’t realize the order in which these posts would display.


  2. Okay you make me want to rewatch this ep right now!!

    The first time I saw it I struggled with it. Then I gradually kind of grew to like parts because of how revealing it was about Lee and what we saw with Bruce’s acting and it did at least feel like bringing Eva on served a purpose. (So often the old flame just seems to show up to cause “drama”) It has always helped a lot that we see Lee trying so hard to do the right thing and fight his feelings and also the script confirming Lee and Eva only talked.

    But yeah when you bring up all those points it makes it an even better ep. Wow. I am so glad they went there with this story and take back what I said lower down about deleting the ep.

    I don’t know if it was feelings of unworthiness for Lee as much as fears that if he screwed up this bad, how could he ever trust again? Plus you can only handle so much loss without saying “Forget it” and his whole life has been loss after loss.

    That idea of if they had gotten married…wow. I would love to see at least the feelings explored in a ff. Do you plan to or is the idea up for grabs?

    And as an agent they need to be able to read people. No wonder he later says to Amanda “You can’t ever really know anyone.”

    I also don’t find Amanda as “intriguing” because she is a more normal character. For me she’s more the character we identify with. If both characters had enigmatic pasts it would be entertaining but not as easy to relate to.

    I do question if Eva was even capable of feeling love for anyone though. I feel like she’s a psychopath — probably conditioned by the horrors of Soviet culture where you were always expected to love the state more than even your own family. (She still had choices though — many Soviets came out of that country as decent human beings despite what the government was like)

    But I’ve had to copy and paste this post to reread over and over and fully absorb and think about. Thanks so much!


    • And I love to hate Eva but not in the way where she’s almost too agitating to watch. I actually can’t think of any SMK villain I hate that much off hand but I’m sure there is one! Whereas some villains are so evil that you come away nearly vibrating with anger!

      I can’t think of any redeeming qualities for her, but she’s intriguing to watch, a formidable adversary, and helps us learn more about Lee which is always a good thing.


    • That’s so nice to read, thank you!

      I have no plans to write a fanfic on “what if” Eva had married Lee and come back to the U.S. while still secretly working for the KGB. If you or anyone else wants to write that, I would love to read it!

      On Lee and the issue of self-worth… My understanding of his character has continued to evolve. On one hand, how can a person who often comes off as having a big ego possibly have doubts about his own worthiness? And yet… I think I have been influenced a lot by fanfiction that portrays Lee in the earlier par of the series as a person battling personal demons, and who is overly reckless to the extent that he might have a sort of “death wish.” It’s reinforced by Billy’s line in Night Crawler about how he remembers a time when Lee “didn’t have any feelings at all.” It makes me wonder whether he might actually have been battling depression.

      Well, maybe that is over-stating it. But I also consider the fact that Lee was raised by an uncle who never showed him affection, who was extremely strict and didn’t buy him toys or anything, and I think that Lee just hasn’t had very much love in his life. How can he not have been screwed up by that childhood? And now it turns out that Eva, the one person he loved enough to marry, the person who he thought loved him enough that he could trust her with his most important secrets, was living a lie the whole time he was with her — to the point where he now has no idea if she ever really loved him at all. That is a lot of stuff to unpack, and I do think this will leave him questioning whether he is worthy of anyone’s love. Poor Lee.


  3. peacockdancer

    I love Lost and Found, but I fully understand why many others don’t. I agree it can be hard to watch at times, though I don’t share the “ick” reaction that I see in many of the comments here, no do I loathe the character of Eva (she is a villain, of course, but I find her fascinating). There is nothing funny or lighthearted about this episode. It is sad. I love it because it is sad.

    I think that perhaps there is a tendency to ascribe too much importance to Lee’s fist-pumping declaration at the end about knowing he is “over!” Eva. While he certainly knows the love affair is over, I think it will take a long, long time for him to come to terms with the tremendous betrayal that he has experienced – a betrayal that he has only just now become aware of. I think things will get worse for him before they get better. Until he is able to process everything that has happened, he will not be “over” her. Not by a long shot.

    Here is a brief recap of the events and thoughts that Lee has had to confront over the past 72 hours:

    Eva is here?
    Eva is DEAD!
    Eva is ALIVE!!!
    I am definitely not over Eva.
    Amanda thinks Eva doesn’t love Angelo?
    I was so in love with Eva… I think I might still love her…
    This is impossible, this is wrong
    Amanda knows I am a terrible person.
    Eva just tried to KILL ME!
    Eva was working for the KGB the entire time I knew her.

    My goodness, the whipsaw of emotions that he has had to experience is heartbreaking to watch. But also captivating. (As an aside, look down the list and remember the expressions on Bruce Boxleitner’s face as each of them occurred…he is truly a fine actor.)

    Did Eva really love Lee? I believe so (but that is another post). We will never know for certain. More importantly, neither will Lee. That is the whole point. He can no longer trust anything she says to him. He will now have to question everything he ever thought he knew about her, second-guess everything she ever told him, and consider the ramifications of everything he ever said to her. I can only imagine how long and excruciating that process will be. One thing I am sure of – you don’t walk away from this kind of betrayal in one afternoon with anything approaching “closure.”

    There is no doubt in my mind that Lee loved Eva very much. He had this time in his life – just two years ago! – where he was in this romantic place and love was just somehow … more free. He loved her enough to tell her who he really is, enough that he wanted to marry her. And he was still holding onto the memory of that love in his heart. Now he has to come to terms with the fact that Eva was willing to use his love for her against him in order to recapture Angelo. She has shattered everything about that time into pieces, and he is left to put them back together and somehow make peace with it.

    The feelings of self-doubt must be enormous. What might his immediate takeaways be? Here are some: Never fully trust anyone. Never trust that what you are feeling is real. Never give your heart to another person, because they might hurt you terribly. Never let love “happen” to you. Never be completely honest. And on, and on… I think it will take all of Season 2 for him to work through all of this. It will take his friendship with Amanda to slowly get over these instincts and finally make peace with his past, before he can trust himself and others enough to even begin to move forward and love again.

    And that is just the personal side. He also has to consider the professional ramifications. He revealed his true identity to a KGB agent. That was a serious error, one that could have been absolutely disastrous. What if Angelo hadn’t proposed when he did, and Lee had the chance to ask Eva to marry him after all? She might have said yes! The KGB might very well have decided that embedding Eva in the U.S. as Lee Stetson’s wife would be a better use of her time than having her lure Angelo to Moscow. So, on top of everything else, he has to get over the guilt of having been a bad agent, and the knowledge that he might have put his friends and colleagues in danger (in addition to himself).

    For me, in retrospect, this episode also marks for me the point at which this show becomes more about Lee than Amanda; about his journey to realizing his self-worth and understanding that he is deserving of true love and happiness. I don’t know whether or not others agree with this. Perhaps it is because I find his character more interesting. I do think that over the course of the series, Amanda remains more of an enigma than Lee does. We never get to know her quite as well as Lee; we don’t see Amanda having to work through deep trauma in quite the same way.

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  4. I think Eva said “You knew it wasn’t loaded” in othet words that’s why Lee felt comfortable testing her. His expression when he hears the gun and his voice when he says “I don’t choose my lovers particularly well” just kills me.


  5. Can we please just accept two of the unfilmed scripts from Petra’s site as official canon instead of this ep and Artful Dodger? And get someone to CGI them as actual episodes the way they did with Carrie Fisher on the last Star Wars films? Please?


  6. The “love theme” music in this episode is heartbreakingly beautiful, and I don’t recall hear it in any other episode. I think that the music in S&MK is awesome, and the music in this episode really helps to set the mood.

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  7. Oh Wonderful People of JWWM – how I have sacrificed and suffered – yes suffered for you! Last weekend I chatted with Andrea (aka SheWhoMustNotBeNamed) Marcovicci at the Scarecrow and Mrs. King 35th anniversary event and asked her her thoughts about her character.
    She couldn’t quite remember all the ins and outs of the episode – fair enough – it has been 35 years and she has guest starred in other episodes but she became an actress because she loved acting that she was in love and feels she definitely would have played it that Eva did love Lee as much as she was able in spite of the KGB brainwashing. She said she also did not like to play a straight villain so would have given Eva a sympathetic streak. I am sure my eyes bugged out but I didn’t have the heart to tell her she kind of missed the mark on that one, LOL.
    An interesting thing she said at the Q&A after the dinner was that in most of her other roles she was the victim needing to be rescued and Eva (shudder) was a welcome break because she was empowered. And the producers let her keep the jacket.
    So there you have it folks, right from Andrea’s mouth.

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    • Cindy! So interesting that you were able to meet and discuss that role with her! Thank you for taking one for the team!! 😉😂 It’s fascinating to have heard her perspective, albeit limited with what she specifically recalled. But even after 35 years, I think I’d remember getting to kiss Lee Stetson.


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  10. I hope it is alright adding comments a while after the event. I found watching this episode interesting as when I watched it first time round I didn’t like it at all, and this time I really enjoyed it.Amazing the change in perspective that 30-odd years will give you. I particularly like the way that Amanda doesn’t push Lee to talk to her, but just makes sure there is plenty of opportunity for him to talk if he wants to. I also enjoy the ‘when do you know when it is over’ conversation. Amanda looks very pensive when she answers ‘You just know’. Is she thinking about Joe? And maybe also is she realising that Dean is not the man for her?

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    • Welcome ffwl! Glad you found us!!!

      Absolutely episodes never close for comment.. and we are always free to go to an episode and share a new thought with everyone 🙂 Please feel free to comment on whatever part you like which has already been covered!

      I hear ya! I know what you mean about watching an episode and suddenly finding your experience of it is completely different than the previous time you watched it!

      yeah Amanda is very wise in Lost and Found… Lee is very lucky to have her support!


  11. I would like to comment on wether Eva loved Lee. I think she did feel something real for him, as real as the witch could(witch is not really the word I was thinking of but not sure if I am allowed to use the other word on this site) i think Eva may even have believed she really loved Lee, but she has spent so much time playing a part and lying to everyone she can’t even recognize the truth anymore. I don’t think she’s really capable of love. It wasn’t until Lee found real love(the kind of love he always needed wether he realized it or not) that he really came out of himself and became the man that I had always believed he was capable of being from the beginning of the show. So much better off without Eva, but I think he had to go through that to really appreciate the real thing when it came along. But it does make me wonder what the hell was wrong with him that Mr. superspy trusted this woman so easily when even simple unwordly Amanda sensed something was off. Oh, well chalk it up to women’t intuition and even the smartest man still being just a man. Angelo wasn’t exactly an idiot either and he fell for it too.


    • Hiya Misty! I’ve been enjoying reading your thoughts. LOL yes good decision to keep things PG rated.. though I know exactly what you mean! 😉

      It isn’t an easy episode to watch, but it is worthwhile in the long run isn’t it!


  12. Awwwwwww… it’s nice to see Amanda taking a leaf out of Lee’s book by holding Angelo’s hand and guiding him around the junkyard/sales yard away from the KGB agents!!! *squee*

    Ha ha–I love the random parked concrete mixer truck that appears in the shot between the first goon in the tan car arriving behind Amanda’s car and then the blue KGB goon car arriving… and is then gone again for Lee and Eva’s arrival.

    I also love that the same license plate–ENG 3K8–is used on both the blue car that Eva is shoved into by Lee and the yellowish car that Lee does his Birdman Lee jump near to grab the KGB goon. And on the first (the blue car)–it’s clearly just leaning on the bumper, not affixed to the car… ROFL!!! 😀

    I’m also in the I-don’t-believe-Eva-really-loved-Lee camp. I think her declaration at the end was just her messing with him some more–trying to gain back some power when she’s in the handcuffed/going to prison position.


    • OMG–and I just realised that ENG 3K8 is used on the icecream truck that alerts Amanda to the house she was held at in Saved By the Bells! ROFL!


  13. See that? It’s the light at the end of a very long and depressing tunnel 😉 My time with LAF is nearly done. For ever.
    No wonder Liberty Larry sells such junk cars. Angelo clearly tells him he doesn’t have enough cash to buy the car, Larry asks how his credit is and he then hears Angelo telling Amanda that he wants to leave! Um Larry if someone is talking about doing a runner it’s not a good idea to sell them a car the cant pay for outright 😉
    Hmmmm I can’t decide if Eva did really love Lee or not. My gut says it wasn’t proper love, just a twisted version. Love how Lee shoves her in the boot, the least she deserves 😉
    Ooh Lee sure is over Eva, he’s thanking Amanda, putting his arm round her (love the look she gives it)…..keep it up Lee and you’ll choose a better lover 😉


  14. Melissa Robertson

    I am with you in that this episode is hard to watch!! Glad that Lee could finally get over Eva with Amanda’s help. Hard to watch Lee kissing another man’s wife!
    Is that the same dinasour movie that Lee and Amanda watch at her house in season 4~HaHa?
    Funny Amanda was pushing Liberty Larry’s that night at dinner, but when Angelo is actually trying to buy one she is telling him how bad the cars are, ROFL 🙂


    • Yeah, I really agree with you, Melissa R. The only reason I rewatched it was to keep iwsod company. BLECCH!


      • Hi guys! Melissa I am loving reading your comments! 🙂 you are getting through the posts today!
        What Cindy says is true! If not for Cindy watching that ep with me- I don’t think I would have written a post about it!! I owe Cindy a debt of gratitude for suffering with me!! 😉 Cindy got me through! thanks Cindy! 🙂

        Now with Artful Dodger? Say the posts on that ep where wiped today – I would NOT go and do that episode again! I found it worse than lost and found [ and I LOVE SMK!!! I guess I my philosophy is just because you love something doesn’t make it perfect – television without pity and all that 😉 ] – you’ll see!! Please let us know what you think of it Melissa!
        bye for now.. off to pack!

        Liked by 1 person

  15. I think many of us are very happy it’s over! 🙂 Yay you! You did it!!!

    Thank-you for calling out Lee. “Crazy message”? It was brilliant! It was short, concise and revealing without telling every Tom, Dick and Harry what was going on (just think of all the trouble that could have been saved if Angelo had only allowed his phone to be tapped.

    I hear something different in the dialogue (surprise, surprise!) in the exchange between Lee and Eva at Liberty Larry’s. And to confirm, I even had my kids listen to the dialogue without me telling them what I think Eva said to Lee. We all hear “You knew the gun wasn’t loaded!” from her which makes Lee’s response even more poignant. I think I threw up a little in a my mouth when she told Lee that he was the best at ….everything (I had to use a lot of brain bleach to remove the image of them playing kissy face earlier in the episode, now I have to block images of Lee and Eva ‘doing it.” UGH!!!

    I love the baddie KGB lady with the horrid brown-beige lipstick. She is really scary. I may be incorrect, but I think Lee has Eva’s (thankfully) unloaded gun at this point which is why he gives a (trying to keep this pg) peeved look at her when she tosses her gun. And I totally agree about the boots in this episode – Drool!

    And maybe I am in the very slim minority, but I do believe that Eva loved Lee. Crazy, right?

    I will conclude with the understatement of the episode (and maybe the season or even the series)

    Lee: mmm yeah.. I was always kinda bad at these things
    Amanda: oh everybody’s always kinda bad at these things
    Lee: No I really am bad.
    I think we can all agree that yes, Lee, you really are bad at determining when an affair is over. I think most people would think it’s over when the love of their life marries someone else. But for our intrepid hero, not even the KGB reveal is enough to convince him. It is only when she tries to shoot him (multiple times, first time in the back) that he realizes that maybe his future with her is not meant to be. *HEAD SMACK*
    But, on the plus side, it does mean that when he is finally in a serious relationship, he is in it for the long haul.


    • Haaaaa.. Cindy in all honesty, I don’t think I could have done it without you!! Knowing you were reading and there with me got me through!! I would have probably procrastinated in posting my next blog post and it would have taken a month to get through the one episode! seriously!! So Thanks!

      Ahhh see I love that you think differently about Eva and her loving Lee – and that you have shared that with anyone reading – thank you for doing that too! 🙂 It can sometimes be a bit scary to put your thoughts out there – Especially when you are unsure if others will agree with you.. ( and we all miss out) – I have heard of others who agree with you so you are not alone in feeling Eva loved Lee.
      I could see the two sides of the argument.. I struggled with the logic of this scenario: Woman meets Lee – dates Lee – and doesn’t fall for Lee???? Impossible!!! you know?!

      At the same time.. I though hmmm well maybe this woman is not normal! tee heee.. for any other woman the answer to does she love him would be – well of course she does ( as eva actually puts it) – but.. I read Lee’s expression to her saying of course she loved him to be one of disbelief – the woman has no idea what love is – and was basically lying the whole time she was on our screen.. sooooo I concluded nah – she didn’t love Lee!
      At least that was my thinking.. Not saying I’m right, I just share my thoughts.. I think it is left open to interpretation here..

      Yeah Lee being the best at everything – that didn’t ring true to me either.. just a line to rub more salt into his wounds.. another manipulation..

      Yeah Lee did have Eva’s unloaded gun – you’ll see in my post at first I wasn’t getting that – because I really wasn’t paying much attention – I find my mind wanders during those action finales- a lot!! So Cindy (or anyone else) if I miss something – please share it as it is highly likely!

      Ok I really must go and get on with my studies.. my smk time is over for today 😦


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