1/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been … a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

I love this episode! After the last episode and all the angst it is a welcome relief!

Looks like again we have access to the script for this epsiode on Petra’s SMK website ( see my link on home page) – thanks again drprnces and Petra for making them avaiable! It is a first draft of this episode.. but still it is great to compare what they started with to what we ended up with!  Alas, I don’t have time to go systematically through the script and look for all the goodies – if anyone else would like to volunteer to take on this task send me an email and let me know 🙂 I think it would be fun.. but.. maybe I’m weird 😉

Er before we get to the good stuff though, we start off in the Baddies hang out.. speaking spanish

Head Baddie: Amigos! Amigos! Por favor.  My friends, the hour we have awaited for so long is nearly at hand. Polo De Gregorio will be 03here in only forty-eight hours. Listen to me! Quiet! De Gregorio has done his best to place San Cardenz into the hands of the Americans. But his American friends will be forced to turn their backs on him when Polo De Gregorio murders thousands of their countrymen in cold blood.

This doesn’t really mean much..but it will make sense eventually I guess! Where is San Cardenza it’s not real is it?! 

 imageAll this death to Gregorio… their pretty extreme! umm.. couldn’t you have just forged a nasty email or something? Insulted the presidents mother?? oh well… I’ll go with it.. Death to Gregorio!!!! image

Next thing we cut to Dotty saying death to Watercress with her huge knife..

Love the boy’s curiosity, would have liked to have seen them taste it!

Love Phillip and Jamie’s little look between the two of them before Phillip asks Dotty if his mum is going to marry Dean.. awh!! I guess they discussed this together before speaking to Dotty.. Phillip: Grandma, is Mom gonna marry Dean?
06Dotty: well, you can never be sure about these things but getting to know Dean’s family better may make her more comfortable with the idea. At least that was my thought in putting this little soiree together.
07Do you think they are happy with Dotty’s answer? They don’t seem to me to be either happy or unhappy.. Aha! so the ‘soiree’ was Dotty’s idea.. makes sense.. love how she starts off with it sounding like Amanda and Dotty are having over Dean’s mother – when really it is Dotty having a lunch for Dean’s mother and Amanda.

08On we go to the hot dog stand.. and Lee approaches Amanda from behind and scares her.. Nice throw back to There goes the neighbourhood only without Lee’s smart reply! Are these two colour co-ordinated or what?!!

11Lee: Look, I am sorry I’m late. I told them to get me out of the Jacuzzi in exactly fifteen minutes, they forgot, I was already so relaxed from the eucalyptus steam that I — well, you know how it is.

Love how Amanda admits she doesn’t know how it !! hehehee.. Oh Lee you are so pampered!! but  we later learn the steam room is a meeting point (boy, don’t you wish that was Lee and Amanda’s meeting point????!!!!!) .. and umm.. the jacuzzi does wonders for Lee- he is looking mighty spiffyimage.. Way to go Lee.. !

I like that Lee apologises straight away for being late.. that is good!image

09 Amanda doesn’t seem too impressed when she hears his reason why though!

Whooo Lee assumes he is going to have chilli dog and catch up with Amanda huh???!!! Oh my.. what can we say about this little exchange:
Lee: Amanda, you wait right here for our order, all right? I’m going to phone Billy.
Amanda: What do you mean, “Wait for our order”?
12Lee: Milo’s Daffy Dog makes the best chilli dogs in all of Washington. Hey, Milo?
Milo: Yeah?
Lee: Two with everything on it, huh?
13Amanda: I can’t have a chilli dog, I’m having lunch with Dean’s mother
Lee: Your still seeing that guy?
15Amanda: I guess so. 16Lee: why?
17Amanda: well.. I don’t….
18why are you asking?

Lee: I don’t I don’t see you two together. (whooooo!!)image
Can you believe Lee is having this conversation with Amanda? My how far he has come! Smile I think he and Amanda are now definitely on friendly terms! Lee seems to be crossing a significant boundary with Amanda here in making this statement! Also, for once Lee doesn’t say his name wrong.. he just says –that guy Winking smile 

20Amanda: what are you talking about you’ve never even seen him.
21Lee: Amanda, I have instincts ok.. I’ll go 22make my phone call and then you can go home.

Nosey Lee questioning Amanda about Dean.. and giving his two cents worth- I guess after last week he wants to even the balance a bit huh!!!! Still how Mr ‘I’m bad I’m bad’ can say he doesn’t picture the two of them together and he has instincts is a pretty fast about face on last week’s admission that he was bad at this stuff! )23Amanda: you mean that’s it?

Lee: yeah all you had to do was pick up the note from the elevator guy.
24Amanda: I’m not gonna do anything else??
25Lee: Ha! don’t look so disappointed! Amanda: I ‘m not disappointed!
Lee: you want to get home in plenty of time for lunch don’t you?
26Amanda:go make your phone call!image

27Lee laughs..and leaves to make his call.. I think Lee just made a really good call on Amanda!! busted Amanda!! This end of the conversation where Amanda reacts and is disappointed reminds me of the ending of remembrance of things past a little– but in reverse.. Amanda was wanting to get away for her lunch, she’s not suppose to be disappointed! But she is.. and she doesn’t want to admit it!! she wants to stay and work with Lee! hehehehe.. Lee astutely notices Amanda is more keen on staying with him and doing spy stuff than meeting Dean’s mum.. ha haaaa!!! After seeing Lee in that outfit of his, I can completely understand why she would feel that way.. ahhhh….

As always, Amanda doesn’t label what she is experiencing with Dean and just avoids the question .. oh Amanda!! don’t draw out the pain anymore!!!Amanda does not want to talk about it with anyone much less Lee!  hehehee..

If you look closely, right when Lee says “I don’t see the two of you together” it cuts back to Amanda.. and for a second before she responds, 20ashe looks almost secretly excited to be hearing Lee say this!!!! do you agree?? she covers it very quickly though..

Lastly, from an agency point of view this whole conversation is a little ridiculous! Amanda passes the note from the elevator guy in plan sight – Lee exclaims it’s nothing! Anyone can see them and hear them.. and the San Cardenza guy from the beginning is sitting right behind Lee – can hear the whole thing! Ironic that Lee says he has instincts!! lol.. as he blabs that they’ve got nothing and then leaves Amanda alone to make his phone call! Yeah- great instincts Lee!! Smile

Doesn’t Lee look gorgeous talking to Billy on the phone!!imageimage(I’m sure this is the moment Estee Lauder saw him and thought.Mmm he’d be great in our ads!) Focus iwsod.. focus.. ‘he’  is coming in tomorrow.( Lee doesn’t say who ‘he’ is.. ) . and Lee is waiting on word from Martinez..

So, looks like Milo is an agent. you think Agents get discounted rates on their chilli dogs there??

Poor Amanda.. gettin kidnapped…. again! Whoa.. this guy was a bit handsy too!

Love how Milo points and yells “Hey!” when they nab Amanda.. yep Milo you are a big help.. you are nothing without your buddy Otis..

30Lee hears the well known Leeeeeeee!!! scream and stops striking a pose there by the phone! He  drops the phone on Billy without a word to save his Amanda.. again!

Umm ok, Lee runs across the street.. (bless him!) and avoids barely getting hit a few times ( why is it always a red car that gets in the 32way?!). Lee the human fly launches himself onto the hood of the car that has Amanda.. I have to ask here..

(what’s the thing black thing stuck on the windscreen? weird.. )

So.. what was Lee trying to achieve here exactly? lookin good? check!
making efforts to try and save the girl and be a hero? check!
time for a little groovy action moment for Super Lee? check!!
actually managing to do anything remotely constructive? nah!!!!!

Poor Lee… he just acted without thinking-because it was Amanda… he has ruined his lovely outfit.. and lost his good friend.. This does not look good.. but don’t worry Lee.. I am sure Amanda appreciated you trying!!

Oh and it was very nice of the baddies to toss off Lee into some empty boxes just randomly sitting in that laneway there.. way to go baddies! thanks! (err professional courtesy perhaps??)

35Oh dear.. Lee seems to have a boo boo on his right elbow.. but I am sure it will magically disappear.. this is super Lee!

We’ll leave things there for now.. Amanda kidnapped ( now there’s a shocker!).. Lee watching the car speed off.. uh oh!!

Back with more soon! Any insights, questions or comments you’d like to share??

16 responses to “1/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been … a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. No wonder Lee looks worried and a bit confused as he watches the car with Amanda get away. At one fell swoop, Lee lost: Amanda AND his contact’s vital information AND his coveted Milo’s chili dogs with everything AND the relaxing after-effects of his Jacuzzi and eucalyptus steam!

    If Lee ever overheard fellow agents with kids laughing about this book, Lee could honestly say that his day was exponentially more egregious than “Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day” (published in 1972)!


  2. Michele commented:
    Third good one in a row, all season one and all good ( tux, ‘relaxed’ wear and mighty fine). I like this little segment, Amanda openly conflicted about Dean and i dont think we see him again. I like that she nearly afmits to actually enjoying her work. Spoilt Lee is funny and his human fly is endearing and heroic (if completely ineffective – getting the number plate or a cab could have helped more). Yes a lovely trip down memory lane. I love season 1


  3. I was recently going back through some of these old posts looking for something and got completely waylaid by one as I read through the post and all the comments. I almost forgot what I was looking for. I’m loving these trips back.

    It’s funny how people love their regional foods. I live in Michigan, near Detroit and here we call them Coney Dogs. And you get them from a place called a Coney Island, which is typically a Greek short order restaurant. I had no idea that other people didn’t eat them until I went away to college and tried to order one from someplace. I had to explain what it was and was told that they only served chili in the winter. That was an eye-opener. Coneys are big deal here. It comes with chili, mustard, and onions.

    Even though I read through this post before, I just got the Milo and Otis reference. Too funny!! Dotty was just going to do her best to marry Amanda off to Dean. I guess she must have been so focused on making it happen that she didn’t see the signs (or listen to Amanda) that she wasn’t that interested in Dean.

    Not only is Lee looking splendidly gorgeous here, he’s being so wonderfully nice to Amanda. He’s not mean about Dean, but can see that Amanda’s interest in that guy is starting to fade. He knows it’s a quick drop, but seems to want to spend some time with Amanda. That is one swoony guy.


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  5. I don’t see Lee as being jealous of Dean here. Maybe because Dean is such a faceless non-entity! In this scene, Lee seems to sincerely, maybe with a little bit of teasing, question Amanda’s involvement with Dean, because it’s obvious to him that she doesn’t really care for Dean. Instead of getting closer, she’s drifted away from him, and Lee is advising her as a friend.


    • Yeah, I don’t think he was jealous but I do wonder if his thought process was a little how can she look at me the way she does sometimes(when I am so fly) then date this guy?! I think Lee is kind of mocking the irony of it.


  6. Am I the only one who was upset that they killed the little mousies?


  7. So bad guys do a little science experiment with mice. I really hope that jar is airtight or the nerve gas is gonna start leaking out! They seem a small but enthusiastic bunch though 😉
    Oh Lee in a long coat, I must google the Estée Lauder ads for BB, I’ve never had the pleasure 😉 I once read somewhere about couples mirroring each other with same colour clothing……but maybe Lee decided the handkerchief AND the red tie was overkill and gave it to Amanda 😉
    What IS a chilli dog? Can’t say the sound of it is all that appetising 😮
    Amanda would be rubbish at poker, she can barely hide her disappointment at not working more with Lee. And who can blame her 😉
    Love how Lee is making personal conversation woo hoo and judging her love life. Go on Lee, you plant the seed of doubt in her mind so you can cut in 🙂
    BB is actually on the bonnet of the car, well done. Nice bit of realism there. Kinda makes up for the wobbly fake phone booth 😉


    • Hey Jenbo – did you google succotash and chili dog yet? A chili dog is nothing more than a hot dog in a bun with chili on top of it. Some people also put cheese or onions or whatever else they want on there too. I don’t know that I’ve ever eaten one myself, but they are pretty popular here in the US. I’ve never eaten succotash either. All I know is that is has lima beans in it and that’s all I need to know. I won’t even try a lima bean. When I was a kid my brother killed a humongous tick by burning it. During the process the tick turned a pale greenish color and ended up looking like, yup you guessed it, a lima bean. Yuck!


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  9. Melissa Robertson

    I want to stay and work with Lee too 😉


  10. OOOOOH – anyone else notice the picture of glorious leader at baddie’s hideout at the beginning? Long shot, bottom of Glorios Leader’s picture is eye-level of revolutionary, close it, it is much lower. Up, d
    own, up down –It’s MAGIC!


  11. Another great post, Iwsod. I love your insight about how Amanda would rather be doing spy stuff with Lee than lunching with Dean’s mother, but she doesn’t admit it. Excellent point!

    It looks to me like that black thing on the car was at one point part of the rear view mirror. The mirror is gone – no doubt so BB isn’t covered up at all — but the thingy it was attached to remains on the windshield.


  12. Anyone else think that Lee has been doing some of his own surveillance on Dan/Dean/that guy and was almost busted by Amanda? Good cover with the “I have instincts” line (glad his confidence about his instincts reading people haven’t suffered a blow with the Eva fiasco). I am sure that Lee would have want to have a complete back ground work up on the woman he was forced to work with — purely for security reasons. Really.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa Robertson

      I’m sure he did some of his own surveillance of Dan um Dean…he has to know everything about the people his helper hangs out with 😉


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