2/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Off to the agency Lee goes to regroup and hopefully track down Amanda.. 36well looky here.. he got a prized spot out the front. haven’t seen that angle before.. If he hadn’t lost Amanda just now, he would be thinking it was his lucky day..

Billy is trying to reassure Lee.. no luck the car from the accident isn’t going to help him find Amanda, it was stolen..

 37Lee: who knew Amanda was going to pay for the chilli dogs. It was suppose to be my treat!

38Whoooo francine reacts to this..  Mooooo francine! (sounding like friends aren’t they?!!)

Awh doesn’t Lee look all depressed there sitting on the couch..

39Soo the ‘he’ they were worried about was de Gregorio.. shocker.. Billy sums up the situation, stating  the baddies are going to do something it will be in the next 36 hours.. Lee’s response???

40Lee: But Billy they’ve got Amanda!

(ahhh Lee.. Amanda is all he cares about.. and I love him for it! He doesn’t seem to be able to focus as well as he use to..) Lee is off drawing conclusions about Amanda 41having the code, not being able to decipher it and then them killing her as she is no further use to them.. he is 42struggling here! He covers his face, plays with his hair, scratches his forehead and tries hard to compose himself.. poor Lee!


The phone rings and Billy answers.

Lee looks worried at Billy’s bad news tone of voice..

I think Lee is thinking it is Amanda.. but.. phew.. it isn’t.. the Agent contact Martinez has been found.. in the potomac.. poor Martinez..

46On to Amanda, being questioned by the baddies in some dump..

El Lagarto: Who sent you to pick this up?
Blindfolded Amanda: Pick what up?
El Lagarto: It will be easier for you if you tell us what we want to know.
Amanda: I can’t see anything. (LOL!!)

Brave Amanda tries to cover things up. She’s getting use to this being kidnapped caper..(only she still hasn’t grasped the concept that once the baddies know they have no use for you, they kill you!!)
Finally- a baddie who calls her Mrs King, but should actually know her name because he has just read her driver’s licence!

El Lagarto: Mrs King, we are not fools! who was that man with you?….

El Lagarto: Shall I ask Ramon to get nasty?
Amanda: No, that won’t be necessary. His name was, ummm . . .
(the switchblade knife snaps open and so does Amanda’s tongue!) Phil
47Jackson, he’s a police officer, he probably got the license number of the car and there’s probably a SWAT team on the way to surround the building right now.

Phil Jackson huh? Does Kate have a brother called Phil or something?? anyone??? (Again, Amanda is held captive, and scared for her life – but she somehow KJ still manages to be funny!! No Tanks Amanda? Lots of them??!!)
48It is too funny when Amanda tries to read the cypher!!!!! image

El Lagarto: What does it mean?
Amanda: I don’t know what it means, I don’t know code, I don’t even have a code name, and they just give me these little things to do, I promise you, I don’t know anything.
49El Lagarto: Well, that is too bad. because we have absolutely no use for you then!
Oh well good because I have a luncheon date-
El Lagarto: 
Take her, Ramon.
: Oh, that’s all right, um, I can take a bus.  (LOL!!!)
El Lagarto: Where you are going, you won’t be needing a bus. (
Uh oh..)

Immediately on hearing Amanda won’t be needing the bus- we hear Dotty reassuring Mamma Dean that Amanda will be back any minute.. Dotty is putting on airs and going all out to impress. Oh dear.. doesn’t she know Dean would be lucky to have Amanda? Hmmm.. Dean’s mother seems to feel the same way Dotty does…grrr  Dean’s mother seems to be very direct in asking questions about Amanda.. I wouldn’t have been surprised if Amanda had shown up and she had asked Amanda ‘what are your intentions with my son’??? !!!!!  Wimpy Dean being a mother’s boy… what a shock… not! At least Dotty is singing her daughter’s praises.. but.. she is overdoing it which makes her look desperate!

Evelyn: We were discussing dependability.
Dotty: That’s a very important quality. When Amanda was a child, I used to tell her that over and over again.
52Evelyn : It’s a trait that Dean acquired naturally.
  (ugh.. so smug!!!)
53Dotty: Yes, well, Amanda, too. I just told her that over and over again to make conversation.
Dotty is too funny!!!

Evelyn isn’t impressed that Amanda doesn’t have any employees- whoooo!! Not good enough for her Dean eh? Love how Dotty tells the story 54of Amanda pleading with the ficus!! image so over the top..



Stop trying Dotty! Evelyn is not lapping this stuff up!!


Back to Amanda.. oh whooo hoooo way to go 57Amanda!!!! what a great kick! you go girl!!! Amanda must have made it to the agency ‘learn how to kick’ classes… whooo… also the ‘how to lock the door’, 58‘how to run’, ‘how to steal a car’ (that someone has so conveniently left the keys in) , ‘how to speed down a street while avoiding bullets’, and the ‘how to protect your face if you can’t avoid a collision’ classes.. oh my.. they have come in handy..

Phew! Amanda for the moment is safe from the 59baddies.. Amanda arrives at the hospital and begins to be examined by the doc..

60Back to the agency.. Martinez was a very careful agent.. but.. as Lee rightly points out.. not careful enough.. 61Billy trying to make Lee feel better half smiles and says “these things happen” – oh don’t volunteer for a suicide hotline Billy… It’s obvious Lee isn’t concerned with Martinez..
62Lee: I blew it didn’t I
63Billy: what do you mean?
: do you think she is still alive ??
Billy: I haven’t heard any differently, have you?


Lee: No.





Of course, all Lee can think about is Amanda.. and how he blew it.. (I don’t think it was Lee’s fault..but you know Lee carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, especially when it comes to Amanda..)He isn’t worrying about de Gregorio.. couldn’t give a toss.. all he can think of is Amanda.. Awh!!!


Billy suggests Lee look through the Martinez file again.. yep keep focusing on work for now huh..

This scene with Billy and Lee worrying about Amanda reminds me of Saved by the bells- where Billy asks Lee if he would be so upset if it was someone else.. Only this time, Billy can see Lee is upset, and.. Billy doesn’t need to ask the question now- he knows the answer! Amanda is special.. awh!! and because he knows this, Billy waits till Lee has left his office to phone Francine and ask her to check with the hospitals.. (although why weren’t you doing that already?? )

is still (over) selling Amanda fine qualities to Dean’s mother.. “Mother, stay calm I broke a shoe lace I may be a little late!” rofl!!!!!!

67Uh oh..  the baddies haven’t given up on silencing Amanda.. uh oh. (and that baddie on the left is wearing a very similar jumper to Lee!)

The doctor explains to Amanda she has partial amnesia and that it is common for people to 68black out certain aspects of their life -people or jobs that we learn are emotionally complicated..

 Love how Amanda says: Stolen!!!!?

69Dotty turns up and Amanda remembers her.. So funny how Amanda avoids telling Dotty about the stolen car! Dotty: Oh, you poor thing. And the salesman told you that that car was so safe!
70Amanda: I wasn’t in my car.
Dotty: Well, the person you were riding with, are they all right?
Amanda: Apparently, I was alone.
71Dotty: “Apparently”?
Amanda: I can’t remember, Mother. I have partial amnesia.

Dotty: Can you remember anything?
Amanda: Nothing since this morning.
Dotty: Lunch with Dean’s mother?
Amanda: Dean who?
Dotty: Oh.
The first draft of this has Amanda remembering Dean when Dotty asks this question- and Amanda says ‘ she (Dean’s mother) must think I’m very rude’ – Good decision to leave that out! Amanda forgetting Dean makes much more sense – because it is emotionally complicated! she is dating the guy and needs to break it off..

Amanda: Dean who? image  Ahhh what a fantastic place to leave things.. for now! Amanda’s forgotten Dean? I’m in a happy place Smile   Any thoughts you would like to share? Share away!!

7 responses to “2/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. One more thought. Since 1975, many elementary schools nationwide use “Officer Phil,” which is a kid safety program that also uses “Deputy Phil” and “Firefighter Phil.” Maybe Phillip and Jamie learned about “Officer Phil” at school and told Amanda.


  2. Phil Jackson huh? Does Kate have a brother called Phil or something?? anyone???

    To the best of my knowledge, Kate has just one sibling, a sister. I checked the actors, characters and the higher ups when KJ was in “The Rookies” and “Charlie’s Angels,” but didn’t find a Phil Jackson. There’s an American professional basketball player (and later coach) named Philip Jackson, who was born in Montana. Also found a British tv and film actor named Philip Jackson, who began his acting career in the 1970s. Couldn’t find any evidence they ever acted together. Since she didn’t have a brother, maybe she named a favorite stuffed animal Phil?

    Betcha Dotty wishes she could forever-forget Dean’s pompous, pretentious “Mommy Dearest.” It explains a lot about Dean and, yes, he deserved better. However, Amanda deserves much better and that doesn’t include Dean’s mother!


  3. Ok is Mr De Gregorio Cha Cha De Gregorio’s dad from Grease? 😉
    Oh dear Lee you fell off the car onto your back but it would appear that you’ve kneeled n what looks like some pretty serious dog slobber if the front of your trousers is anything to go by! Rather liking the argyle jumper 😉
    He’s lovely when he’s all “angsty” although yet again Billy is letting me down again. He’s a bit cavalier about missing agents and co workers 😦 had to laugh at your comment IWSOD about him not running a suicide hot line!
    My my Dean’s mother is a bit uptight, her choice of jacket is rather telling, she’s all buttoned up to the hilt! Dotty looks so glamorous though, really lovely. The competition between them regarding their children is so funny…….it would appear that even 30 years on some aspects of parenting don’t seem to have changed.
    Amanda is funny trying to read the code….slymph?! Love her attempt at the next one, I wouldn’t have a clue. But not wearing a seatbelt when you’re trying to escape death is bad for your health?!


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Swoon, Lee, is concerned about Amanda and can’t hide it 🙂 Oh, Dotty, I love her…she is so funny and over the top (which is better than when she plays the mother of Lois Lane in Lois & Clark. She seems so depressed and bitter). Love her line, “I told her that over and over to make conversation”. LOL!!! Yeah she forgot Dean.


  5. As usual, love to read these. You are so good at making the obvious and mundane funny.


  6. My first thought when Lee said the chili dogs were supposed to be his treat was “woooooo – big spender! Was this supposed to thank Amanda for emptying Eva’s gun last episode?” I guess chili dogs would probably go over better than the stir fried squid he made for her in “Remembrance”. Actually, I thought the line was sweet and Francine’s reaction was priceless.
    El Lagarto calling her Mrs. King was just good manners (his mama raised him well). Calling her Amanda, when he had just met her would have been too forward. LOL!
    I would be willing to give a superficial summary of the differences between the first draft of the script (where Dean’s mother came off much nicer) if you want. I just wouldn’t be able to go into it in minute detail.


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