3/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at the hospital and here comes Lee in 73Super Charm mode!!! “Amanda King’s personal physician“??? yeah Lee.. you wish!!!! I 74can’t believe this dopey nurse buys it… ok ok.. it was the mesmerising smile that did it.. Love how the nurse watches him walk away down the corridor with a little shake of her head ( probably thinking, why can’t the resident doctors of this hospital have a smile like that?!).

76Doesn’t Lee look relieved to see Amanda when he 77opens her door? awh….. and the first thing he says to her is sorry for leaving her there alone.. and that ‘we’ ie heWinking smile was so relieved when they got word of where she was.. Progress! well that is very good of you Lee.. ok ok..not the declaration of love I would have been hoping for.. but well given Lee’s recent behaviour it is close to! hehehehee.. poor confused Amanda.. she clutches the sheets and gapes at this gorgeous man! (She must have thought she was having that dream again… Winking smile)
: Amanda are you ok? I mean you look ok. 79Thank God. We were so relieved when we got word of where you were. [Love how Amanda pulls up her sheets as Lee approaches the bed, she smiles her automatic smile-covering her confusion. ]
81Lee continues: I’m sorry I left you at the drop. I had no idea it 82was hot. Apparently they were watching the place. I know we never told you about Martinez but I will give you the whole background. First of all, tell me as much 83as you can about the men that grabbed you.
84image Amanda: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Lee: …..Amanda I said I was sorry! 87Amanda:I’m sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about! I don’t 88know you I don’t know Mr Martinez, I don’t know what a drop is, I would really appreciate it if you would leave 89my room, I was resting, I’ve been in a car accident… Goodbye.



Lee’s reaction when he realises what is going on?.. whooooo!!! (Lee Lee..-or should I say BB?! have you forgotten what to tell the makeup lady?! Repeat after me… “no eyeliner today. thankyou. ” nice and simple!! )

Lee goes back to Billy at the agency to lick his wounds -again..(and apparently change his outfit..)

This scene opens with Lee talking to Billy: Billy: Amnesia?
Lee: She didn’t even know who I was.
92Billy: Well didn’t she remember anything at all about the men that grabbed her?
93Lee: No, Zero. I’m telling you it’s all gone! Me, you, the agency. She wound up calling a nurse and having me thrown out of the hospital!
[Amanda had Lee kicked out of the hospital!!! imageimageimage How’s the ego Lee?? !!! I think that is just priceless.. I would have LOVED to have seen that!!! ]
Billy: Lee they may have shown her the message that Martinez left for you and tried to make her break the code….
I find it very interesting in this conversation with Billy the first thing Lee mentions is
94that she didn’t remember him.. twice he does this!!! ha haaa.. Billy comments they have to get Amanda out of hospital- Lee says well they will have to kidnap her because Amanda threw him out – Billy’s response: fine.  LOL! No problem! They do that sort of thing all the time!! tee hee. Francine gets word Amanda has left the hospital with her mum..

Time to catchup with what the baddies are up 97to.. snazzy Orange jumpsuits.. Alabam aircraft uniforms..  makes me think of Bug 96exterminator Lee.. Love how the secret gas is labelled “top secret”.. good one guys.HA!.. Sooo the firing mechanism for the gas has been installed.

It is lovely to see Amanda and Dotty talking and catching up.. they do have a lovely relationship don’t they.. “that man in my room“??? oh Amanda.. what are you going to tell your mother!!! Don’t say anymore!!!
A good thing her mother believes she is describing her dreams when she starts talking about Mr Martinez, the man in her room, and the man that grabbed her-  you would think Dotty would be encouraging Amanda to talk .. but no. Dotty offers to make Amanda’s favourite dinner –
Yipppeeee!  Amanda remembers her favourite is pot roastSmile ahh progress!

101Dotty: Oh, I love you!
Amanda: I love you.
(What a lovely moment!! )
Dotty heads off to the shops to leave Amanda to her coffee.. But wait!
102 Amanda: do I drink coffee?image (KJ is so funny here with her eyes darting everywhere!! Well done KJ! )

Lee turns up and as usual scares the living daylights out of Amanda.. and she is mad!!!(the first draft of the script has him ringing the doorbell-can you believe it?!)Amanda tells him to get out!!! but he isn’t going anywhere this time.. I 103love the way he says “You know me. You just can’t remember. You have amnesia. ” – I think Lee likes saying that.. and likes knowing Amanda and having her know him.. and all this being forgotten by her has made him miss her!

104Amanda: How do you know I have amnesiaimage
: I know a lot of things about you.

106(You see him look her up and down here??!! hooo haaaa..  ) now sit down 107and I will tell you all about yourself before your mother gets back. Amanda: why does it have to be before my mother gets back.
109Lee: Because no one is suppose to know that you know…. me.(whoo Lee licks his lips here! ) It may make things very difficult for you.
110Amanda: who are you?
Lee: Lee Stetson Amanda: ??? what are you?
Lee: Amanda I work for the government, I am an intelligence operative
111Amanda: are you telling me that you’re a spy?image

Lee: I’ve never cared for that word really.
Amanda: oh my gosh
Lee: now please just relax and sit down. Amanda: you’re a spy!
Lee: guess what..
Amanda: What?
112Lee: you are too.
Amanda: oooohhh my Gooooossssshhhh!!!
113Lee: oh please stop saying that!
Amanda: how am I suppose to stop saying that, first you come to my hospital room tell me about some man named man named what martinez, and then 114you break into my house and tell me that you’re a spy, and that I’m a spy.
Lee: would it help to tell you that you’re only a trainee spy?
116Amanda: nope wouldn’t help at all.

Lee: I want you to just trust me ok, just trust me and come back with me to the office, maybe the surroundings, the other people will jog your memory…
Amanda: trust you Lee: mmm hmmm 118Amanda: that’s funny
119Lee: what? what’s funny?
Amanda: I seem to remember you telling me to trust you once before.
121Lee: yeah yeah!

Amanda: and I did
122Lee: yeah yeah come on!
123Amanda: yeah and I ended up in hospital with Amnesia because I stole someone’s car and wrecked it!
124Lee: just get your coat.. hmm??

This scene is touching.. and very funny! We have Lee’s palpable desperation and frustration at Amanda not knowing him but it’s  funny because she has a point at the end there!! It’s cute how he is all excited when he thinks she remembers.

Love the gag about him being a spy-and  how she reacts to it..and then… her being an agent!! argh!!  I mean trainee agent..(is that a step up from apprentice agent?!) she really isn’t happy with this at all!

You know I would have thought from the beginning things he says here that Amanda would have jumped to the conclusion that they were romantically involved and no one knew.. (like Penny jumps to conclusions about what Amanda says about keeping Lee secret in always look a gift horse in the mouth)- That would have been funny here.. but then again this way  makes what’s coming so much better!

As funny as it is, I also feel for them both (and there again is evidence of KJ and BB’s talent! not to mention the fabulous writing of season1!).. Amanda is distressed at all the confusion… and Lee is struggling too.. awh… at least she goes with him in the end.. HAAA.. if you didn’t trust him, he was gonna kidnap you!! (now that is a story to tell the grand kids!!)

* season 3 spoiler deleted*

ahhh this episode is a joy!! Back with more when I can… in the meantime.. feel free to discuss away!

15 responses to “3/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Lee..-or should I say BB?! have you forgotten what to tell the makeup lady?! Repeat after me… “no eyeliner today. thankyou. ” nice and simple!!

    100% in agreement. Why oh why is anyone allowed to mess with perfection? It gets smeared under his lower lashes, which looks like he didn’t get enough sleep.


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  3. I think this episode gives Lee a similar experience to what Amanda went through in “Remembrance of Things Past.” No, he doesn’t have to go through her “death”, but with her memory gone he has still lost a friend, and I think he is grieving it – see his face when he has to tell her his name. And I think it hurts that she doesn’t trust him, even seems suspicious and a little afraid of him. In the scene when he shows up in her kitchen, her body language clearly warns him to keep his distance. I love the little helpless gesture where he drops his hands to his sides. He’s always shown his protectiveness and concern for her (as a business associate, of course!) by touching, but that is obviously the wrong move here.

    This episode has a couple of striking scene transitions. One is when Dotty shoves the plate of food at Dean’s mother, and the scene cuts to the baddies shoving the note in Amanda’s face. Another one is when Dotty turns her back in frustration, and we cut to the frustrated baddy with his back turned.


  4. ROFL at the Top Secret tear gas container… I just love how the keypad is falling off!!! 😀


  5. Hmmm sometimes Lee can be sooooo dense. Poor Amanda is in the hospital, why on earth would you assume that she’s playing a joke on you and pretending she can’t remember you or what happened. I love how it bugs him that she can’t remember him though, much like Francine Lee assumes he’s “unforgettable” *wanders off humming Nat King Cold*
    I really must google what succotash is……for some reason I am thinking of cabbage…..it sounds cabbage-y LOL
    I adore the scene in the house between Amanda and Lee, makes me squeal inside all the time. Lee looking Amanda up and down as he says he knows a lot about her, very swoon-y 😀 Amanda is hilarious with her “oh my goooooosh”. But hey a handsome stranger who knows all about me wants to whisk me away……who am I to argue 😉


    • I was in a deli this weekend and they were selling succotash. I took a picture of it because I remembered that someone had asked a question about it. I wonder if there is a way to post it here? My husband thought I was nuts when I asked him to take a picture of the succotash. He must wonder what SMK is really about 🙂

      [edited by iwsod to add the pic! 🙂 ]


      • According to Wiki it’s a dish mostly involving beans and corn. Can’t say it’s floating my boat to be honest!


      • Hi Morley – email me the pic and I’ll add it to your comment for you..

        I’ll be back to respond to everyone soon! hope you are all well!!!


        • Morley I just added the pic.. looks yummy!! and.. the colours are very Aussie! Go Aussie!! haaaa!!!

          If anyone would like to have a go adding pics to comments I’ve done a post on it with instructions here:

          Don’t worry if you have a go and it doesn’t work- I can edit it for you 🙂 it just takes one or two goes to figure it out.. I host the image at photobucket but if you don’t have a photobucket account (which are free) you can host the image using tinyurl also.. it’s free too.. just google it if you want to use that.


      • ROFL, Morley!!! I am picturing my husband having the same reaction! Except he would have handed me the camera/phone/whatever to take the picture and then quicky left the store so no one would know he was with me!


        • I was surprised to see it at the deli. I have never heard of anyone liking it really. The only other thing I think of in accordance to it is Daffy Duck and his “Thufferin’ Thuccotash”. What does that tell us about Amanda? Hmmm?


      • Hmmmm, yup! Looks like big fat burnt ticks to me! Yuck!


        • eeewwww, oh gross!


          • Hi guys!

            Valerie the last line of your comment had me howling with laughter!!!! Genius!! Valerie wrote: I think Amanda knew perfectly well what she was doing. She was probably thinking…”Yes, you’ll like the wine cause it’s cheap, just like you.” That was mean, but what can I say?
            I love it!!! tee hee..
            good theory on Lee changing the subject by telling Randy she looks gorgeous.. that is much better *ahem* than err actually thinking he mean’t it! 😉

            Astronaut apartment? tee hee! he is seen in this apartment right through now till the end of season 3.. soooo I think it was a permanent move! LOL!! and I think he has moved a few of his trinkets too.. but.. no Tibetan Ram’s horn that I can see! Great insights thanks Valerie!

            BTW I call her Randy not Randi because that is how the script spells it.. Yes it should be with an i and dotted with a love heart!

            Hi Jenbo! Rear Window?? It’s been a long time.. but yeah it sounds like there were a few similarities! Grace Kelly is in that yes? she was also in To Catch a Thief – I think it was Melissa (sorry if it wasn’t! ugh!! wish I had a better memory!) who pointed out all the ways to catch a mongoose was related to it!! Sooo maybe there is a Grace Kelly fan on the staff! 🙂 With the disappearing body- I thought of “Foul Play” – the Goldie Hawn movie – anyone seen it?? I love it (if I just get past the idea of Chevy Chase as the male lead- ugh!) in it.. she witnesses a murder in a darkened movie theatre, goes to get help and when they come back the dead body is gone.. and .. no one believes her.. Funny Goldie Hawn’s character is a little like Amanda- in that she goes off on some random sounding blurbs – which don’t make sense to anyone around her.. except they make perfect sense to her and to us! You know.. stuff like watch out for the Dwarf!! and eventually – ding! the cop (Chevy Chase) realises what she’s been on about and she’s in danger!!!! well I could go on but I won’t… other than to say if you haven’t seen it – make sure you do!!!

            Oh jenbo I think you are right.. as much as the hair bugs me. it’s really about the overall look! Yes without the earrings she looks better.. I think she looks great again in Vigilante Mothers when it’s starting to grow back and – the big earrings don’t last for too long – so we’ll hang in there!!

            Ohhh okay you see things a little differently about Randy and thing she is jealous Jenbo? fair enough.. I am not sure why I don’t see it that way.. maybe I just assume Randy is a real player herself with her little bait and switch routine.. [the revealing dress at the end of the ep probably doesn’t help much either!]
            You see Amanda differently too Jenbo? have you watched the scene or are you going off the stills?
            I took her to be not giggling per se, but having fun..getting stuck into Lee for being such a cheap date.. She’s not smiling really- it’s true.. but I still think she’s being cheeky 🙂 not smiling cheeky! 😉

            I thought thrusting the icebucket back into his hands like that was a cheeky way of her saying- pha! You are soooo not going to impress her with that! I don’t think Amanda has a lower opinion of him, or would be at risk of it – because I see her as already knowing this side of him exists [after all she’s cleaned his apartment and found his Lee and She robes! 😉 ] – and she doesn’t expect anything different..

            It’s going to be interesting to see where we all go with this as we continue on. Sometimes things become clearer as the episode progresses..sometimes small differences become bigger differences and so we can in the end see things very differently- which can be fun!! and hey! I reserve the right to revise what I think 🙂 so I’m not committing to anything haaa!!! 🙂

            Thanks for the fab pic of the succotash there Morley!!! [Gee maybe we need a moderator with your time zone!!] I think it’s no accident that it is most famous for Daffy Duck and his suffering succotash! After all – Daffy Duck is Warner Bros!
            Please tell your husband we appreciate his sacrifice in taking the pic for us! 🙂

            Yeah I agree Bjo, Amanda’s earrings don’t stay this bad for long.. and I suspect the first ones we see here are the worst! [at least.. I hope so!!]

            Oh Bjo – you looked up Joan Collins pics? too funny!!! There is that smk publicity pic that screams Dynasty.. let’s see if I can find it! Here t’is!!!! Brace yourselves!!!

            Absolutely Ghastly!!! and.. Lee is in a tux… wow.. that’s saying something! Actually is it just me or does BB look like he’s thinking: man, what a dumb job this is!! I wish I was on Star Trek- on that show I wouldn’t have to do dumb Dynasty take-off photo shoots!

            Hi Melissa R! whooo also love to hear your husband’s thoughts! 😉 tee heee… has he seen car wars? what did he think of that car? So he thinks Lee and Amanda care about each other too?? And Lee still thinks he needs Randy Babies in his life? that’s interesting..
            I think that sounds pretty accurate! and brings up some really interesting ideas!
            Maybe at this point, Lee is still trying to figure it out – and he is more confused now than ever!!! I was thinking that the way Lee reacted to Amanda’s asking if this was a girl he would like to impress could have been quite a surprise to him – that he cared so much – and it could have been pretty shocking.. unsettling.. after all he put ship of spies down to the whole getting carried away with their ‘covers’ right?? right??? right?????????? but.. here is Lee back to his old tricks – and uh oh.. it’s not how it use to be! and this is even more obvious because Amanda shows up and asks him about it..
            Lee is still telling himself he needs Randy types.. because he isn’t ready to admit he is looking for a real relationship- at least these are my thoughts- he is beginning to question a little if this is what he needs now.. which is great!!! But he is not ready to make a change.. and the answer to that question will take some time for him.. It takes Lee time to figure things out!!!
            Old Habits and ways of coping are beginning to no longer feel right.. so he’s got to figure this all out..
            Oopsie I am starting to ramble sorry!

            Undies? ugh!! please no!!! Socks! Socks!!! tee heee I agree Jenbo a bit ewwww!

            Bjo Lee never got hold of Amanda’s bra- that was fan fic it’s not real – get it?? 😉 [ None of this is actually real! haaaaaa]
            Bye guys! I’ll try and get the next post up asap!!


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Yeah, I would have liked to seen her having her thrown out of the hospital. I love the fact that Lee is bothered by Amanda not remembering him. He does care about her but just has trouble admitting it to himself. I think it is interesting how he doesn’t like her with any other man but he is not ready for her yet. Nice to see him being patient with her even though he is frustrated!! Would have been funny to see him kidnap her 🙂


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