4/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee leads Amanda out to his car and sees the 126baddies pull up out the front of her home.. phew Lee just in time! Lee tells Amanda to get down- even though she is confused by his request – Amanda does as he asks.. she just can’t help herself- she instinctively trusts Lee!

128Polo de Gregorio.. is a complete dill.. he wants to ask the president to see the swimming pool and bowling alley. ( does he have microwave? oh no.. wait that’s the next episode!) that is just image

Billy: Why do they call him Polo?
Francine: Because he rides horses and hits tiny balls with a mallet.

what a name.. what an explanation! At least Billy seems to agree it is ridiculous!

129Amanda arrives at the agency with Lee.. Lee is quite attentive of Amanda leading her into the bullpen.. Amanda finds that she needs to be Introduced to Billy (the section chief.. ) and.. Francine.. ohhh 130that is too bad Amanda, having to be introduced to Francine all over again? Come on Lee she has been through enough already! Then Lee leaves her alone with Francine??? noooooooo!!!!imageimage
131Francine: Oh, I am probably the single most important force in keeping this entire place organized.
132Amanda: Oh, really, well, that’s. . . . Thank you.

The little trickle of information which seems totally meaningless that comes out of Amanda’s zippo brain here is too funny.. Lee should have known- that is just like Amanda to start rambling about something that you don’t think makes sense.. until you let her get to the end! Chilli dogs, napkins.. a note in the napkins!

Love how Amanda gets their hopes up and then nope nothing.. and then..

133Amanda: Sorry, I — Oh, but there is a note in the napkin. ( I love how she says that!!)

Amanda is struggling to remember.. checking out words in code on the computer – I couldn’t help but think – take off the headband Amanda.. some blood flow to your melon might help!

134Finally, Amanda identifies a word of the code- Slymph! and Francine runs the cypher program on it.. check out how huge the disk is she inserts!!! rofl!!

I gotta say here that Lee is being extraordinarily 135patient and kind to Amanda here..imageimage the old Lee would have been snapping at her, huffing and complaining.. this Lee is being encouraging, and worrying about her.. and he is not complaining about her not remembering everything- even though her remembering is stalling the case somewhat.. way to go Lee.. he use to only care about the current case he was working on.. this man is different!!! and.. I like it!!!

When they uncoded the word and came up with Alabam, was it just me or did you automatically think – what do you mean what is Alabam? Just google it! Smile

Back to Sweet Home Alabam!!! Ohh I just love it 136when the baddies get together and recap their evil plans.. got it!! When the plane takes off and turns right, the gas will be released and kill Arlington.. –Muahahaha!!

Baddies say Adios Arlington.. and the next thing we see is Dotty on the phone saying she is calling from Arlington.. Oh writers.. are we that stupid that you think we need to hear about 10 times baddies are wanting to wipe out Arlington..and Amanda and her family live in Arlington???imageGive me a break!

Amanda has been taken back to Lee’s apartment.. yeah way to go.. that should bring back memories for her.. she has only been grabbed twice there!!! hehehee.. Lee brings Amanda milk and cookies!!

So.. what is the first question Lee asks when he sits down to talk with her??

Amanda! where did they hold you? could you take me there or show me on a map?

What were the other words in the cypher???

Noooo!!! the first thing he asks-

138Lee: Amanda are you absolutely sure you don’t remember anything about me?

ROFL!!! I think Lee has it pretty bad now already!!!! And he has absolutely no idea!!! And in the state Amanda’s mind is in it washes right over her how Lee is upset she doesn’t remember HIM!

This scene here on the couch with Amanda clutching Lee’s pillow and her asking him questions about their relationship is just classic top shelf the best Scarecrow and Mrs King… it is clever, insightful, has a total subtext.. and it is funny!!!! very well done.. image (and not in the draft!!)

139Amanda: Yes, the doctor said that I might forget certain things 140that were emotionally complicated. Now I can understand how I might 141forget the crash but I don’t know what could be so emotionally complicated about you that would make me… not .. get… image

143At this moment they both go very still!! and.. Lee just stares at her in stunned silence for a 144moment.. while Amanda stares back.(and licks her lips I might add! LOL!!and.. glances at 145his lips yes???)


146Lee: well we have worked fairly closely together you know
147Amanda: how closely?
(I love how she asks him this question, it mirrors what he did to her in their scene at Milo’s about Dean- only this time he is on the back foot!)

148Lee: well we’ve worked hours together, days 149together..
150Amanda: and?

151Lee: and what?

Amanda: well did we have are we? ah have.. are we inv.. involved in anyway?image153
 imageimage (you can literally see the penny drop!)

155156Lee: you mean did we ever?imageimageimageimageimage 157Amanda: yes that’s what I mean
159( Amanda licks her lips again!!! and waits for Lee’s answer.. Lee pauses for a moment just giving her this v hot look!!!.. )

161Lee:… no, we
Together: never did

: we didn’t

164Lee: yeah. (and big throat clear!!)
166  image
Lee actually watches Amanda lick her lips for the third time at the end of this moment!!
oh boy!!! serious sexual tension here!! hooo haa!! When Amanda let’s it go… relieved to know there is nothing going on( but no doubt conflicted because her emotions tell her differently..) Lee has a little sideways glance at Amanda when she is not looking at him, and he licks his lips and looks at her mouth- and she is licking her lips again…!! hooo haaa!! do you think he is remembering their kiss?? err I mean cover kiss?? !!!! Lots of lip licking going on here!!! hehehee..  Lee seems to look away shaking his head to himself.. he can’t believe how heated the two of them just got!!

Ok, why does Amanda look for a hug from Lee when she wants to go home??? (ok ok I totally understand why!! hehehe..) but why now? when they just established there is nothing between them? She senses the sexual tension there I think.. I guess she is all confused and doesn’t know what she is doing.  I do love how Lee gives 169Amanda a pat pat! (Is it just me or does this remind you of saved by the bells?)

170The look on Amanda’s face when Lee suggests she have a lie down in his bedroom is hilarous!!
I was laughing my head off when I saw that moment!! and Lee’s response to it is all so funny. The way he looks down at her finger sticking into him –ROFLMAO!! I have spent a lot of time rolling on the floor laughing for this one!! Such a joy to watch!

172I am sure this is a situation Lee has never had to deal with!! hehehe.. and again he gives Amanda a quick 173once over when she turns away from him for a moment… I am sure he mean’t nothin by his offer.. but it is too funny!! I think Lee just wants the old Amanda back about now!

He is still being very patient with her to my mind.. and caring.. I think Lee handles Blank brained Amanda pretty well!

Oh and then he shows Amanda to his room and she refuses to go into his bedroom when he is in 174there and waits for him to get out.. nah uh! you gotta get out buddy… I bet he has never known a woman like Amanda! hehehee..He is probably thinking – what is happening to you man? you are attracted to this woman?? who won’t even let you show her into your bedroom in a purely platonic way??? !!! What is happening to me?? I need a holiday!


That’s it for now!! Lots of lip lickin goodness in this post!! Share your thoughts if you dare!! Open-mouthed smile byeeee…


26 responses to “4/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think Amanda leans into Lee’s arms because she’s determined that he is a safe person and she’s desperate for comfort. She’s so confused and overwhelmed that once she learns that Lee really cares for her, she can’t help but seek his protection…. until he suggests she goes to lie down in his room. KJ’s expressions are priceless here! We can totally sympathize with Amanda’s rollercoaster of a day.

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    • Love your thoughts..I rediscovered SMK after so many years and i still enjoy rewatching most of the S1 episodes. This episode in particular. Everything abt their scenes is fantastic. Even a little dialogue abt Dean,in their first scene makes me go “Awww😍😍”

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      • Yes! I like the conversation they have about Dean. Lee knows that she’s outgrown Dean – Amanda doesn’t necessarily want to admit that yet but she knows Lee is right. Lee is so amused with this!

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  2. Aaaaaahh!!! I am watching this episode right now and found Duffy!!! He’s behind Francine and Billy in the bullpen while they are discussing why Polo’s name is Polo! I am on a mission, my friends!! And I have absolutely no idea why!!! 🤣🤣🤣


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  4. I love how they say in unison “Never did.” It’s like (foreshadowing?) their tag-team recital of how long they’ve known each other in We’re Off To See The Wizard and, more closely, their stating “three years” in unison re: how long they’ve been getting to know each other in All The World’s A Stage. (Sorry–I know we haven’t made it to those eps yet–my bad!)


    • Oh, and I don’t think the hug is odd… I think now that Amanda has found out that they “never did” she has decided that he’s a friend (after all, they’ve worked hours and days together before 😀 ) –> despite the sexual tension, she’s put him into the friend basket and hugs are one of the things that friends are good for, yes?


      • … hugs are one of the things that friends are good for, yes?

        Oh yes! The way Lee pats Amanda as he hugs her brings to mind a cowboy gently, tentatively calming a horse that’s easily spooked. BB’s been in enough Westerns to portray that perfectly! He knows how to wear a leather shoulder holster, too. Whew!


  5. Man oh man the electricity coming of Lee and Amanda in this scene could power a city for a week 😉 IWSOD you covered this bit so well there isn’t anything to add. So I will carry on swooning over the tension between them 🙂


  6. The headband was all part of the “flashdance” craze of the 80s. And yeah, I wore them too. I was a loyal fan of them the first time around, started watching SMK on PAX several years ago and have just recently been watching them again. (and again and again.)
    Can I just say BB’s costume dresser for this episode has done a much better job than the last few. WOOT!!


  7. The Nickname Polo is actually not uncommon in Latin America. I know a couple of Polos myself!
    By the way, if this episode had been from just a few years ago, I could have sworn I knew exactly which Latin American presidents they used to based this character on. LOL


    • Thanks so much for providing the spanish interpretation of Polo.. I always wondered what he said!! Polo is a common latin American nickname? oh that’s interesting!! You knew a latin American president like Polo? LOL!!


      • Oh, not only one but I could actually think of a few Polos LOL. I remember that on some other post you guys were discussing SMK stereotypes and Polo is, in fact, a portrayal of the typical Latin American corrupt president/dictator.
        I bet he buys his planes with the people’s money!


  8. Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if Amanda muttered, “Nose job,” upon being re-introduced to Francine like she did the first time they met?


  9. Cindy, thanks for calling my attention to the juxtaposition of Lee in the shoulder holster and the snack of milk and cookies that he’s offering. This pairing of a scary/threatening/spy item with a reassuring/comforting/homey item is something that I’ve just started to recognize in SMK. The most bizarre example that I’ve noticed so far comes from S2: the coral snake in the lunch box. I just love these pairings! They show Lee’s world and Amanda’s world merging, or colliding, depending on how you look at it!

    Who doesn’t rate this scene in Lee’s apartment among the most delightful in S1? As you say, IWSOD, Lee is so invested in Amanda remembering him, and so unaware of why this would be so important to him. And do I detect a flash of regret on Amanda’s face after the “We never…” part of the conversation? As for why Amanda wants a hug from this man who, as far as she knows, is just a work colleague, I think that while she doesn’t remember Lee, she subconsciously recognizes him and their connection and looks to him for comfort, and he shows the connection goes both ways by the tender way he holds her and pats her shoulder. That embrace is so sweet and caring.

    My I weigh in on the “Remington Steele” debate? I loved the early seasons of that show when it first aired and actually bought S1 after I discovered SMK, thinking that I would like it just as well. I’ve had those DVDs for over a year, and I’ve watched only four episodes in all that time. RS has just not held up for me. SMK is far superior in the acting (although SZ was fine), the layers, the mix of humor and drama, and most of all, in portraying this relationship between two people who are wildly attracted to each other, but who also *like* each other and try to protect each other, always. Lee and Amanda don’t try to dominate, force, or pressure one another, and there’s never a doubt that they care for each other deeply. That makes the slow evolution of their relationship very appealing. In my opinion!

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    • I am curious how you stumbled across S&MK. Do you care to share? I think it’s wonderful that a show almost 30 years old would hold up so well for a first time viewer. I got the DVDs because of nostalgia and I wanted something that was safe enough to watch with my girls and I fell in love with the show all over again. And like you, I found that Remingotn Steele did not fare as well (too much manufactured angst and drama).


      • Hi, Cindy–I remember you mentioning that you rediscovered SMK after many years. How nice that you can share it with your girls now. I hope that they like it, too!

        “Stumble” is a good word to describe how I found SMK. It was recommended to me on either Amazon or Barnes and Noble. (I can’t recall which one). After years of watching no tv, I’d enjoyed a few short British series via DVD in the evenings, and when SMK popped up on my computer screen, I had some hazy memories of seeing parts of a few episodes in the 80s. I thought, “This looks like a fun, stress-relieving show.” The thing that really tipped the balance, though, was that on Amazon, over three hundred people had written reviews, the vast majority of which included a five star rating. I figured that if that many people loved this show, it was worth ordering. It took me about a week with those DVDs to be totally smitten! My husband and friends were quite amused by my intense love for SMK, but they’ve gotten used to it, and some of them share it now. (Let’s just say that I’ve ordered a few extra sets of S1 and S2 for gifts.) And now I have SMK friends from different countries. I would never have guessed what that impulse purchase would lead to.

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    • Melissa Robertson

      I agree with you about Lee and Amanda’s relationship. They never really started out to change each other but accepted the other for who they were. They became friends and then best friends and then fell in love. They are very loyal to each other. But along the way they both changed by being exposed to each others worlds.

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      • I’m with you Melissa R! I would only add crush for Amanda’s progression.. ie crush-friends-best friends- fell in love.. awhhh!!!! It is lovely to watch isn’t it!

        Great to hear from you Melissa R – I’m enjoying having your comments greet me when I wake up in the morning 🙂



      • I really like your observation about Lee and Amanda accepting each other, Melissa. I think that each is puzzled by some aspects of the other person because their lives and backgrounds are so different, but they don’t try to force change. And the differences are intriguing to them as well as occasionally frustrating, IMO. The change comes naturally in both of them as a result of the time they spend together and the deepening of their relationship, which as you say, IWSOD, is delightful to watch. Sweet, those two!


  10. “take off the headband Amanda.. some blood flow to your melon might help! ” Bwa ha ha ha ha! Have I ever mentionned how much I hate the headbands? I have?
    I love the juxtaposition of Lee in a holster offering her milk and cookies (since when has he been stocking non-expired milk and cookies? Since Alexi?)
    And the ’emotionally complicated’ scene? (one of my favourites, btw) Major, major heat going on (excellent screen caps, as usual). Luckily for Amanda, she also didn’t remember Billy, Francine or the Agency otherwise that would have been pretty ackward. You know, because the only reason she blocked that part of her life out is the internal conflict she feels about lying to her family all of the time. R-i-i-i-i-i-g-h-t. *wink*. It’s interesting it wasn’t in the first draft. Yeah revisions!
    Poor Lee. Poor clueless Lee. 😛 Can we say hooked? (I hadn’t realized in when I watched this before how many times he talked about Amanda not remembering him, or asking Amanda if she remembered anything about him)


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