5/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Billy turns up at Amanda’s (His first time there isn’t it??!! ). Poor Amanda..she is stressing out with all these agency people invading her home!! Usually this agency gig means Lee hangs out in her back garden bed on the tulips, maybe stays to hide out when the family are away.. but Lee, Magda and Billy?? and Dotty and the boys are home? ( I bet Amanda has had this nightmare!)
Great one liner here:
Lee says: Don’t let anyone in!
Amanda: It’s a little late for that isn’t it!  heehee..

Love all the facial expressions on Billy’s face when he hears Dotty is home..
129(Dotty: is that the drug store?!)
This is more complicated than he thought!!

Billy explains to Lee and Magda that Francine has been captured.
Magda guesses:
Brobich! How could you let this happen?
Billy: I didn’t let it happen. Everything was working exactly according to plan. Francine got back to the office alright, then she went out to lunch. They must have spotted her on the street!

The agency did let it happen!! Francine looks just like Magda! Angry Hungarians searching Washington for Magda to save their butts and Francine is going about her day like normal? very dumb.. (no wait… Francine cooking?? that’s not normal!! Winking smile )

1631Love how Lee gives Magda the you must trust me speech.. and she doesn’t even know him.. It is a good thing Amanda is around to back him up..

133When Lee goes to leave she grabs him and tells him she 132needs to speak to him, (she’s very touchy when in a panic!!) while realising Billy is heading out where he will be observed Winking smile.

Amanda tries to stop Billy leaving out 134the front door.. But he doesn’t care if Dotty can see him! ( I guess he is use to lying to his family about what he does??)
Billy: tell her I’m from the phone company 135
: sir, I’m not lying to her anymore.
Billy: tell her I said I’m from the phone company.

So Billy leaves and will meet Lee around the corner so Dotty doesn’t see them.. Amanda again asks Lee to speak to her and they excuse themselves from Magda.. Haa! suddenly Lee remembers Dotty is home and he needs to be quiet so he tip toes into the kitchen.. he is too funny! .. only to go into the kitchen and start talking loudly again and have Amanda shush him!

Oh my.. Lee explains what is going on.. why Magda needs to stay longer.. and starts trying to 136fix his tie- Amanda takes over and it seems only natural that Lee let her… 137don’t you love how she pats his chest when she is done??? swooon!!!!
138139140( I tip my hat to Amanda.. who is able to adjust Lee’s tie and carry on the conversation without skipping a beat! you are one strong woman!!!)  Now we have access to the script I can finally answer a question I have had since seeing this scene: was this little moment scripted? nope! I guess KJ and BB came up with it together!! It is great to see them insert the characters and their growing  relationship into the dialogue so naturally!! Love it!

Awh.. Amanda is worried about her family’s protection.

141Lee: Amanda would I leave you if I thought you were in any danger?
Amanda: no of course not, you wouldn’t do that..
Lee: alright (Lee pulls out his gun) if it will make you feel any safer. (Amanda jumps!!)
143Amanda: put that thing away! I’d rather have the whole Hungarian army in my house than that I don’t even know how to use it.
Lee: well maybe it’s time you learned (err.. no no it isn’t a good time!)
144Amanda: I don’t want to shoot anyone.
Love how Lee gives her a little smile when she says she doesn’t want to shoot anyone. I think he doesn’t want her to have to either.. awh…
Lee: you won’t have to. And that is a promise.

He promises her, and then walks away with his ‘I eat baddies for breakfast ‘ swagger! hooo haaa..
I’m surprised Lee got his gun out like that to give to Amanda.. as if! Why would he give a gun to Amanda who has no idea how to use it?! (she’s in more danger with a gun than without it!) Why did they go with that? Any thoughts??

The only explanation I can come up with is it made Lee look like a determined tough guy putting his gun away.. yeah! he’s packin heat and on a mission!! tee hee.. ( I’m surprised smk didn’t have him cock the gun..LOL they love to have Lee do that! Winking smile ) oh and yes- this weird moment of Lee’s offering Amanda a gun is in the script!

146So Billy, Lee and the nameless agent go check out the Hungarian’s hang out.. but it has been cleaned out.. The nameless agent even has a line of dialogue this episode!
He says:
It’s going to be one of those last-minute calls, no time for a counter gambit.
(The script has this as Lee’s line! Hmm maybe BB couldn’t say ‘counter gambit’ or something.. weird!! but In the script.. the nameless agent remains nameless – he even had dialogue in
147 the nameless agent in remembrance of things pastRemembrance of things past (ep this pic is from) and he still doesn’t have a name? He listened in with Lee on Amanda’s date with Delano! He doesn’t have a name? Agent blye has a few lines and he gets a name! Shall we just give him one?! The actor’s name is James Edgcomb- according to imdb he is in 8 episodes!! Poor bloke!)

So back at Amanda’s and  Magda joins Amanda in the kitchen. Amanda’s washing the dishes.. we actually see her do that a lot don’t we.. I thought she said in the first time she had a dishwasher that she kicks and it works just fine? Hmm maybe she kicked it one time too many..

There’s a lot of tension between Amanda and 148Magda here.. A heavy silence.. only broken by Amanda’s comment
More coffee.’  Yes Magda she is not impressed!!

I guess as some kind of peace offering Magda wants veal to make veal paprika for dinner… but veal is too expensive… well that is a start I guess.. She could offer to help Amanda with the dishes! but nooooo… ( even awful Eva offered to help Amanda with the chores!)
149Amanda tells her she won’t be staying for dinner.. ‘Mr Stetson said you know one hour maybe two.’

Ahhh Magda, you can tell she has been living in a man’s world.. this is her idea of girl talk and 150bonding: “I thought to have blender one day, toaster oven, you have microwave?” Amanda: no.
Magda: I thought to have microwave one day.

Seems Magda is thinking she is going back to Hungary.. she seems resigned..
Magda: Now Brobich knows I have talked and he will be devising a proper way to kill me.

151Amanda tells Magda nothing is going to happen to her.. nobody is going to get killed around here..
152Magda: you don’t know Brobich.
Amanda: you don’t know Lee Stetson! (whooo go Amanda!)
154Magda: you have an admiration for Mr Stetson No? Perhaps MORE than an admiration.
(Don’t you just love Magda? Isn’t she the best guest character ever???!!! Winking smile ok ok.. maybe not. but I’m thrilled she got Amanda onto this subject!!)
Amanda: well I don’t know how you’d say that.. I mean we have a pers per professional
156 association, and ah that was really just a fluke and ah it’s only part time, you know it was really 157just a matter of being in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time
(Amanda doesn’t make eye contact with her the whole time she is saying this!!!)
158Magda: he’s very attractive hmmm? Amanda: hmwa?
159Magda: you don’t?
you don’t find him attractive?

160Amanda: Oh ah.. what do you mean feature for feature? (Magda nods, Bless her!) ahh..sure well well yes he’s got
161nice hair, it’s not great hair but it’s nice hair, he’s tall(Amanda licks 162her lips here!), ah straight nose and ah 163beautiful beautiful beautiful eyes.. pretty eyes.. really..
: you know 167that phone is gonna ring any minute! Any minute that phone’s gonna ring, I can feel it!

(please phone, Ring!!!!!)

Well.. what can we say about this scene huh?
[The script does not seem to have Amanda be this effusive about Lee’s eyes.. in the script she says he has good hair, not great but good, nice eyes, straight nose.- And they stop there! ]
Magda is perceptive Smile thank goodness!! (up till now she has been completely insensitive!).. Finally we have a verbal confirmation of how Amanda finds Lee attractive.. !!! whooo hooo.. Amanda got lost in her thoughts of Lee’s eyes didn’t she!! hehehee…. My view is Amanda finds her attraction to Lee could get in the way of her work and her expanding professional life.. so she wouldn’t ordinarily entertain ideas about his beautiful eyes.. not even just to herself! ( plus I don’t think she would have any idea Lee finds her attractive, she is totally not his type!)
Does anyone have any thoughts about this they would like to share? (or are you all too busy watching your season 3 dvds???!!!!) Haaaa.. oh well there is no time limit on these posts – respond or add your thoughts on this anytime you like! byee for now..

14 responses to “5/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh this section of the episode makes me laugh and get all gooey inside at the same time. Billy’s “tell her I SAID I was from the phone company” is hysterical! He’s so no-nonsense here, and comes up with that line so Amanda doesn’t have to lie to her mother.

    I love when Amanda fixes Lee’s tie. To me, that is a pretty intimate act – her hands are right up under his chin – at his neck – one of the most vulnerable places. Yet, she reaches out to fix it (and he allows it) so naturally. It’s definitely what a couple would do. It kind of takes them putting on their name tags for each other in the elevator to the next level.

    Oh, and he does have beautiful beautiful beautiful eyes, pretty eyes. sigh

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  2. I love Billy. I think this first trip to Amanda’s house must truly enlighten him a little as to what all she has to juggle with being part of the agency. Just puts it into a new perspective for him, and I would think increases his fondness of her.

    I’m with Amanda here….lost thinking about those beautiful, beautiful eyes….

    Isn’t it interesting that the first woman she gets to talk to about Lee is Francine’s look-alike! Ha! I also have often thought about Amanda’s friendships. She is so friendly and warm and nice…but never do we see a close girlfriend. I think this is something else special about her pers I mean professional friendship with Lee, because he is really the only person who sees all of her worlds. Especially the super exciting and intriguing one she has with him.

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  3. Tsk tak Amanda you should be taking Lee’s tie off not fixing it back on 😉
    Love the scene where she’s talking about Lee’s attributes 😉 “Feature for feature”?! Stalling for time there Amanda while you fever entry wrack your brains for what to say next LOL Never mind you’re gonna get lost in your imagination as you picture McDreamy eyes (to pinch a nickname from Greys Anatomy ;))


  4. We should call the 8 episode ‘no name’ agent – Agent Bloke, James Bloke. HAHAHA!


    • tee hee smkfan ‘no name agent’ indeed! Although, funnily enough, once I had actually completed blogging about all the episodes that generic agent was in – I read a script.. Ohh.. ummm I think it was the Mole – and there was an extra scene in the script with that agent in it – and his name was Jack – Ohh I laughed and laughed that he should have had the name Jack – as in ‘ Jack of all trades’ .. too funny!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Love how Amanda helps Lee with is tie…does she care how he looks or just wants him out of her house? 🙂 Interesting that Madga recognizes Amanda’s admiration for Lee and there is Amanda’s loyality to Lee shown in her saying that Lee won’t let anything happen to Magda.


  6. Maybe Amanda is a bit lonely, too despite all the people and social interactions in her life–busy but lonely in some respects…

    I love the idea of Emily dropping by for a visit in S1. I think that it would have been a big relief for Amanda to talk with Emily, an older woman who knows the spy business, knows about the Agency, and knows Lee very well. Amanda’s got these layers of secrets that she has to keep track of, and the secret that’s nestled into the heart of all the others is that she’s falling in love with a playboy spy who has built up substantial walls to protect himself emotionally. That last secret is one that she’ll hardly acknowledge even to herself, but I think that her brief conversation with Magda makes her face it momentarily.

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  7. “I think that Amanda really needs someone else to talk with about Lee, preferably a woman”
    Hear hear! I know Lee is portrayed as a loner, but I often wonder how many true friends Amanda has. She has neighbours and acquaintances who depend on her for volunteering and charity work, she is well liked, but I can’t recall her going out for lunch or coffee with any of her girlfriends.

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  8. Sorry to double post, but I had a few more thoughts. I wonder if the hesitation over “beautiful” eyes is at least partly cultural. It doesn’t seem strange to me to hear a woman say that a man has beautiful eyes; in fact, I’m sure that I’ve said that myself, along with “beautiful hands” and “beautiful voice.” I think that Amanda really needs someone else to talk with about Lee, preferably a woman. She starts out calmly with understatements in describing Lee, but she can’t help but carried away when she gets to the eyes, “the mirror of the soul.” IMHO!


    • That’s an interesting idea! I don’t see Amanda as someone with no friends.. but I do definitely see her as someone who would have had no one to talk to the agency about.. well because she can’t!

      So you make a really interesting point.. this is the first time she has been able to talk to another woman about Lee – when she spoke to Penny about Lee she couldn’t really tell her the whole complicated story! Ahhh won’t it be a relief to have Emily Farnsworth come for a visit!! 🙂


  9. Cindy, that’s a great observation about Lee’s “pretty eyes” getting Amanda involved in the spy business in the first place. He does convince her to trust him by locking eyes with her; she actually shuts hers for a moment to think and then decides to do what he asks. It’s so like Amanda to begin by telling Magda that Lee’s eyes are “beautiful” and then to switch to “pretty.” She may be revealing more of her feelings for Lee here than she has let even herself realize before.

    Leanne, I love that the tie fixing apparently wasn’t scripted, too. Another favorite moment of mine–the one when Lee and Amanda pin the ID badges on each other while arguing in the elevator–doesn’t appear in the script, either. (At least, not in the version I checked.) BB and KJ are such great acting partners. I could watch them all day.

    Iwsod, thanks for warning of spoilers ahead–I really appreciate that. And I enjoy your posts, always!


  10. I’ve always loved that scene where Amanda takes over fixing Lee’s tie. It’s such a “couple-y” thing to do. Agree with you that this is drool-worthy! And Amanda describing Lee’s features … what can I say? It’s very revealing that she could describe him in such terms, and to a person she’s only just met and doesn’t particularly like!

    Loving the fact that how these two scenes played out weren’t in the original script, and the possibility that BB/KJ ad-libbed these parts makes me feel squishy inside.

    And yes, Iwsod, I’m still reading, while trying to ration my viewing of S3 so that I can make it last! LOL!


  11. Oh my — where do I even begin? Talk about worlds colliding. Could we get any more agents in Amanda’s “it’s not that modest” house? How about Dirk? Smyth? The head of the CIA and FBI? It’s a good thing that Dotty was so hopped up on cold meds (Nyquil perhaps?) that she is oblivious to what was going on in her own house just below her.
    And I just love Billy’s comment here. Without missing a beat “Tell her I SAID I was from the phone company”. Bravo!
    Poor Amanda got so lost in listing Lee’s physical attributes, she forgot who she was talking to. Two thoughts crossed my mind when I was watching this scene. First, Lee would have been miffed that she thought his hair was good -not great (he probably spent a lot of time on his coiff) and second, it was his ‘pretty’ eyes that got her into this mess in the first place at the train station. I am not sure what Lee would have thought about Amanda describing his eyes as ‘pretty’ but I love the dialogue in this scene.


    • hiya Cindy! As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts!!

      Yeah the ‘pretty’ eyes throws me a bit too but I left it out of my post because it was long enough already!

      For me pretty isn’t the word I think of when I think of Lee’s eyes! Nor beautiful.. gorgeous sure.. hot definitely.. nice or good maybe.. but not beautiful and definitely not pretty! Still, I don’t want to sound like I am complaining- I am glad they chose to reveal Amanda’s hidden errrrr weakness for Lee’s eyes 😉

      Btw- sorry for not getting back to you earlier Cindy but I loved your observation about the way dead ringers are usually portrayed as being opposites.. two sides of the one coin – and it was an interesting choice they made in this episode.. to have them both be basically unlikeable and insensitive kind of people.. although- interms of colouring they made them opposites. dark/ fair hair and brown/ blue eyes.. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!

      Cindy if you are still interested in doing comparisons on the scripts, send me an email and let me know! Not sure if you can see my email…but it is[iwsod@optusnet.com.au]:) apparently there are more that will be posted on smkland soon!!! 🙂

      byeeee 😀


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