6/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

168Back to the agency and Brobich calls with his instructions as planned.. Ummm..  Is it normal to have a public phone next to a 6 lane highway?? just wondering how Brobich expects to be able to hear anything! Brobich is so matter of fact.(I think he might have done this before!)  ‘Then 169Miss Desmond will be killed and many lives will be lost.” – I don’t know why but he sounds like a flight attendant going through the safety instructions having done it ohhh 50 times that day already! Hmm.. maybe he took 50 takes to get that scene right..but it still works because he is so nasty it fits!  (what’s this about many lives being lost??)

170So on hearing this, Billy and Lee argue about involving Amanda.. well gee Lee you brought Magda to her house… anyway.. so Lee is worried Amanda is going to 171get hurt.. Billy doesn’t see any alternatives.. and so for once he acts like a boss and tells Lee he isn’t going to argue with him and this is the way it will be.. Amanda 172takes Magda to the airport.. they meet on the way. Done. End of story.. whooo Billy got a backbone!

So Magda and Amanda are off for a little road trip and some more girl talk..

Love this- 173Amanda: I’m not risking my life for you, at least I hope I’m not.

Magda says she has to go along with this trade, or the agency would send her mother and sister back to Hungary if she didn’t co-operate.. Amanda assures her that would not happen – you know, I am not so sure they wouldn’t! Amanda is very naive when it comes to the Agency sometimes.. don’ t you think? ( which is ironic because Amanda then launches into a speech on trusting people.. Trust Lee? sure.. trust Amanda? sure.. trust the agency? Hmm.. )

Well, finally Amanda is honest with her and expresses her anger.. I cheered when she finally admitted it!! Drat.. she admits she’s angry and then apologises for it – Amanda!!!

174 You don’t need to apologise for it!!! ( anyone else think Amanda has major issues with expressing her anger?) Magda copes with it pretty well I think..

175At least Magda says sorry.. and admits she has much to learn.. [The light is all weird- you can tell they filmed Amanda and Magda shots at different times of the day]

They stop at a set of traffic lights….

Next thing we see is the Baddies Limo driving 176along the same road.. As they pull up behind Amanda at the lights we see an interior shot of Francine sitting squashed between two baddies in the back seat- but the outside view if you look closely is of buildings! not trees and countryside! oh well.. and back to the exterior shot they stop at the same traffic lights..  How did Brobich know to check out Amanda’s car? Magda is wearing a head covering.. Oh and when Brobich 177asks who is that ahead of us- he suddenly no longer has on the coat that he had on not 2 seconds earlier in the other interior shot that had the city view outside.. ( looks like they had another scene in the back of the limo earlier which was cut and used a couple of shots for it) work experience edit guy that week?

178They pull up next to Amanda and realise it’s Magda… Uh oh!!! 179Amanda hits reverse and floors it.. go Amanda!! but wait.. in reverse and 180from a distance it seems Amanda has grown a foot taller. go stunt Amanda!! maybe the ending won’t be such a snooze fest after all!

Love the dialogue over the stunt driving.. Magda: what are you doing?
Amanda: I haven’t the slightest idea! (gee Magda now don’t you wish you had been nicer to Amanda??? hmmmm????)
Magda: they’re following us! Amanda:Stiiiiiiillllll???
Magda: watch out! you’re losing control! Amanda: Miss Petrak I’m doing the best I can will you please stop telling me how to drive! (Amanda is still polite in the middle of all this!! haaaaa.. oh my gosh!!)

Amanda’s car goes into the swamp!!! Bad stunt driver!! 😉

The ladies run to an empty playground, where there seems to me to be nowhere to hide where baddies wouldn’t see you… how can the baddies not see them?!

Whoo helicopter!! looks like Super Lee had a plan after all!! (Although if they had a helicopter, could they have had time to pick up Magda from Amanda’s and make the airport in time? errr less traffic in the air no? they could have hovered over Amanda’s and dropped a rope – and had time to pick up Dotty some vitamin C Winking smile )

 ok guys.. go have a look at this! we see a sweeping shot of the helicopter swooping down over where Francine and Brobich are standing next to the limo.. once the helicopter passes.. Francine magically has gained about 20 181kilos of muscle..and a really really bad wig!! Just in time to give Brobich the old one two punch and throw him!!!

Ok.. there is sooo much wrong with this whole helicopter thing.. I am not even going to bother discussing how many times Lee (or stunt Lee)182doesn’t match his previous shot.. That looks sooooo real! not! Whahahaha..(Lee shooting with his right hand?? why???? weird!! he is left handed!!)

Anyway, after doing a number of passes hanging out the helicopter yelling ‘look at me! look at me! I’m hanging out of a helicopter waving a gun around’ Lee ( his heroically handsome status confirmed) swoops down with the helicopter.. firstly picking up Magda,  then rising again and swooping again to collect Francine.. (gee girls.. how was it seeing yourself face to face??!!) then.. finally Lee 183swoops down once more and calls out to Amanda.. Super Lee!!!!! 3 minutes of swooping Helicopter is a bit much.. but.. I do enjoy super Lee swooping down to save all the ladies…
(Hey! He’ll send you all flowers first thing in the morning!!!!) Winking smile
How did Lee manage to hang on to Amanda like that? wow.. Errr hold me closer Lee!!! 😉 I’d hang from a helicopter for that.. no question..

Back to Amanda’s and Dotty is on Amanda’s case in her passive aggressive way about the car.. Now lay off Dotty.. because you were bored up in your room Amanda now has a cold too!!  Amanda is looking lovely in that outfit, make up and earrings.. and… no headband!!!!

184(Are they the same earrings from the end of service above and

beyond?? I thought they were loaners..but then again the maid wasn’t at the hospital waiting to collect the jewels! )

Amanda: Mother, I don’t want to lie to you.
Dotty: I know you don’t want to lie. I have my own theories.
185Amanda: Oh, you do?
Dotty: Yes, you see, I haven’t read Agatha 186Christie for thirty years for nothing. I don’t have one theory. I have at least six.

187Cheeky Dotty: Give my best to Bud Marcher!
Amanda: Mother!!!!!! (Amanda sounds almost angry with Dotty here!)

Ok, Tag time.. and back to the same embassy as we started with…another close up on the goodies on offer.. I forgot to mention the episode opened 32with a fantastic shot- of champagne and then the tag opens with this shot.. nice touch!

Lee has brought Amanda back again to enjoy an embassy party .. (gee Lee is this one a date????!!!!)

Amanda says he doesn’t owe her anything.. and that in the end she was happy to help Magda.. she is a classy woman huh.. (even if I think she is repressing her anger! )

Ohhhhhh My! I never saw this before.. but with the official dvd’s clear picture it is now clear!! – check out the back of Amanda’s dress! whooo haaa! Go girl!! Bud Marcher would love that dress Winking smile haaaa
Can you just imagine Lee putting his arm around Amanda to lead her somewhere.. only to find – whoa!!! he is touching her back and not the dress?! man I wish we had seen that!!

Amanda: You know, you really didn’t have to bring me.
Lee: Oh, come on, I owe you one.
(Plus, you enjoy her company.. admit it!!!)

192Oh dear.. what kinda bow tie is that? Leeeee!!!! take that off right now!!!

Sorry if you like it.. but I guess when it comes to Lee in a tux I am a traditionalist!!

Oh yipeee.. hurray! Magda gets her microwave! heheheee.. Winking smile

Soooo Everyone!!! What do you all make of Lee’s hesitation over saying:
You know..ahhh…. these things go on… 194sometimes for hours.”
and then.. he glances at her mouth.. ???
196 197

Amanda is unfortunately a little out of it!!!! If I didn’t know any better I would think what Lee said and how he said it was a total come on!!! Anyone got any ideas on this??

198 Amanda: what things?
Lee: these embassy things.

: Ooohhh

Lee: Mmmmmm (hooo haaaa.. the way he is looking at her!!! he glanced at her mouth again!!!) 200

201Amanda: well.. you didn’t really have to bring me I…
202Lee: I hustled you out of here in a hurry the other night, and you said you’d never been to one… and I err I 203guess… you did have to put up with a lot from.. Magda. (and Lee..)
Amanda: you know I just wanted to ask you a 204question and it will really have nothing to do with eeerrrmmmumm excuse me.. our professional relationship and all… well ah in 205the helicopter. First you saved Magda, then you saved Francine and then almost as an after thought you saved me. (why is Amanda smiling when she finishes saying this.. is she testing Lee here?? or teasing him???? thoughts??? I’m going with Teasing!  )
206Lee: It was not an after thought
Amanda: oh I just you know..
Lee: It was the first time that you were in the clear.
207Amanda: you see, I knew you would explain it perfectly (clink of the glasses.. go Amanda!) Doesn’t Lee give a huge 208smile here.. oh he is lapping her up isn’t he!
Amanda: how did you find us?
Lee: well I saw somebody (the stunt driver!) try to drive a station wagon into the swamp.. 209Amanda: and you knew it would be me… Lee: I knew it would be you. (whooo another huge smile.. me like.. me drive car into swamp too..)

210 211
Amanda: Lee I know you think you owe me 212something. but.. I think I’m catching mother’s cold I want to go home..

213Lee suddenly starts coughing..

Amanda: you too?
Lee: yeah.. (cough cough).. excuse me. Amanda: It’s alright
Lee: guess what?
Amanda: what?
215Lee: if it will make you feel any better,
216Magda’s got it too!
Amanda: oh heaven!
Lee and Amanda
: cough splutter sniffle..

The episode ends there..  oh my.. the way Lee is looking at her.. I am surprised he is being so obvious actually.. maybe with his impending cold, his defenses were down!! but lucky for him, Amanda is a bit out of it and she doesn’t seem to notice that much. (maybe she is too mesmerised by his beautiful beautiful beautiful  eyes!!)

I love this final scene they are so sweet together! At the same time, I suspect there was some weird editing going on there.. Lee’s huge smile at Amanda asking how did you find me I think doesn’t fit and is from later in the scene.. and a few of the edits from wide shot to closer shot just feel weird.. still it is clear they are enjoying each other’s company.. Lee is being a bit flirty.. and they are both probably a bit tipsy and on cold medication.. LOL.. Have a look at the scene and tell me what you think..

So this is the start of the Lee side part!  I 219couldn’t help but notice at the end here his hair is so precisely styled

it  reminds me of early Princess Diana(this pic was 1991! so Lee was copying her not the other way around ha-edited to correct typo – the photo was 1981! Thanks for pointing this out Leanne!!  Lee was definitely copying Diana! – thank goodness he drew the line at the topless gown 😉 )! whoops!!!now you know I love Lee.. and do not want to sully his heart throb reputation here.. heheheee… but it made me laugh and laugh!!

It was nice to see where Magda Petrak started out  * season 4 spoiler alert* Stop reading if you don’t want to know!!
nteresting to see this episode again now that I have seen Nightcrawler.. – whooo she will make it up to Amanda (and Phillip) one day!  She will sleep with a creepy ex boyfriend baddie to save your life Amanda!! whoa!

5 responses to “6/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “As to Lee picking up Amanda last, maybe it was because he knew he could only seat two more, and who better to hold onto than Amanda?”
    I like that idea, Debilyn!!! 🙂

    A few random comments on the episode:
    Looooooooove the old school cars pulling up outside the embassy in the opening scene… I think they’re even older than the cars at the Miami Airport in Ship of Spies. 😀 And again with the old cars outside the wideshot of the baddie building after they capture Francine… Gotta love stock footage.
    Not only is the phonebox beside a six-lane highway, the highway is full of cars with California license plates… 😀
    Does anyone else think it’s out of character for Amanda to drive off the road and into the park? IMO she would’ve stayed on the road so that she didn’t potentially hit anyone–especially kids in the park (not that there was anybody except the couple on the bench/seat, but whatever)…
    Love the tie scene, and I think he was half-pie coming on to her at the end… just a little bit, not really committed, just dangling a teensy bit of little toe out there into the water just to see what Amanda’s response might be. It certainly wasn’t blatant–like in mid season 3, for example. Cute, though.
    Oh–and the “beautiful eyes” comment. Loved it… and really, how else do you describe “nice” eyes on a guy? It’s not like you’d say they were handsome. There’s a lot to be said for nice eyes… (swoon)


  2. The whole helicopter thing is a bit lame, I don’t understand why (other than for show) Lee had to pick up Amanda? On one of the passes the pilot picked up a load of tree in the “legs” (?) of the helicopter! Dangerous!
    Really how many parties do these embassies have? Shocking waste of tax payers money 😉
    Really if I had a cold it still wouldn’t stop be spending the evening with Lee, even if he is wearing that hideous bow tie!!! Man up Amanda and take what you can get 😉


  3. As to Lee picking up Amanda last, maybe it was because he knew he could only seat two more, and who better to hold onto than Amanda?


  4. Francine gaining an extra 20kg of muscle … too funny! I noticed that too when I watched this episode last week. I can’t believe how bad the stunt doubles were. Do they get any better in the later seasons?

    One of the things that always bothered me about this episode was the helicopter scene where Amanda was saved last. I’m glad Amanda called Lee out on it. After all, if Magda could run to the chopper, then so could Amanda, given that they were crouching side-by-side in the playground. Not to say that having Lee hang on to Amanda the way he did (oh, yes, please Lee … hold me closer! <3) wasn't a nice touch 🙂

    LOL on the Princess Di reference! I'd never drawn the parallel before. But if that pic of the princess is in 1991, then she was definitely copying Lee from 1984! Who knew the princess was such an SMK fan 🙂


    • Hi Leanne! oops.. my bad.. I wrote 1991 and I should have written 1981!! That photo of Diana was one of her first official outings – a party where she famously met Princess Grace.. so sad how they both tragically died in car accidents.. 😦

      Yeah I didn’ t mention it in my post ( shocking huh!) but the first time the helicopter swoops down Lee just yells ‘ come on!’ in the direction of where Magda and Amanda were.. and Amanda urges Magda to go.. and she stays. – So I was confused about why Amanda thought Lee swooped down for Magda first.. although I thought it was right that Amanda send Magda on first as the Hungarians really wanted her – and Amanda.. not so much!.. but she couldn’t then turn around a blame Lee for that.. Sooooo I concluded that she was teasing him a little.. and ok, maybe seeking a little reassurance! But it would have made more sense if Lee had yelled ‘ Magda Come on!’ you know?
      Yes.. Lee holding Amanda close as they zoomed away was a ‘nice touch’ literally!!! haaaaaa!!

      Regarding stunt doubles – The only other time I remember a really obvious Muscle bound Francine is in the fight scene at the end of Life of the party – but there could be many more moments out there yet to be found – I have had very poor copies of season 3 ( about to fix that!!) and season 4 – where it is hard to see these things!! and I have only written recaps on up to the beginning of season 3 – and this is where I notice these things.. so beyond that I am not sure.. I will keep ‘walking’ through all the episodes and this will become clearer – but if you find any in the meantime let me know.. they really are funny to find!! Especially because it is Francine 😉


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