2/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Still at Nedlingers and Amanda turns up to immediately confuse Lee.. she has been trying to reach him all day.. 16What???? Lee is completely at a loss as to what she could possibly be on about.. Love his expression!!imageimageimage


Amanda whispers: I’ve got the film!
Lee is drawing a complete blank.. huh???

Lee borrowed Amanda’s car because his is so conspicuous?? well that’s a first.. I don’t remember him keeping that in mind any other time..  come on Lee.. if you are going to borrow Amanda’s car- don’t leave your rubbish in there ok! What if she had assumed it was nothing and it had been important??  Lee at least doesn’t make fun of her or anything.. and she isn’t too embarrassed, and why should she be.. better to assume it is important than not..

19Love how when Lee goes to explain what the film 20is he holds it up and she grabs his hand and 21pushes it down again! hehehee… and when Amanda realises her 22mistake.. she just 23smiles.. good on you Amanda!
24Then! An intruder enters their conversation!!!

imageDavid: Now, no prompting. It was Paris, 25spring of ’81, or Athens, ’82, you were wearing your bright red dress. 26Or I guess it was just last week at the plain, old Agency, you were standing next to plain, old Lee Stetson.
Lee: Ha..Plain, old Lee. image
David: Mrs. King, I do believe?
David Benson, your eternal servant.

Amanda and David shake hands kind of over the top of Lee.. with Lee physically between the two of them!! and he isn’t making room for David,  he watches their hands as they touch closely!! suffer Lee.. image
28Amanda: Hello. You have a very good memory.
Lee (under his 29breath): No, just great taste.
(So is that Lee knowing David’s line huh…?)
David: No, just great taste.
Lee: Uh, Davey, isn’t your ice melting over there?image
David: Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you two had anything personal going on —
31Lee: Hold it, hold it, there’s nothing Personal between 32Amanda and me.
(Poor Amanda, she looks hurt by this..)
33Amanda: That’s right, it’s, uh, business, just business. image image
34Lee: That’s right, that’s
35all it is, it’s just business.
David: All right, then.

since I don’t want to rush things, what do you say to a little lunch 37where we can talk about having dinner tonight?
38Lee: Just hold it, will ya? I don’t think any of us should be making
39any plans, and not just now…

David: You’re talking about the Viktor thing.
41Lee: Now just hold it! Amanda is not involved in that!
Amanda: wait a minute what is.. what does that mean?
David: It’s my hunch that there’s going to be an internal, someone
(he whispers) near and dear to us is going to draw the short straw, and the duty, the informer. It’s got to be the crumb 40job of all time right! ( He winks at Lee as he says this.. )
The whole time David gives this little speech Amanda is trying to get a word in saying: I don’t mean to be prying but.. and Lee shushes her!!!! ugh! No no no no no!!

43Lee: right a real crumb job.image
: Shall we?

Well well well.. Lee declares a bit too forcefully and too often that there is nothing personal in their relationshipimage.. well that is just nuts!

At the very least you are friends.(A personal relationship doesn’t have to be a romance..). you are so clearly lying it is laughable.. and.. Amanda is not happy with Lee’s denial of a personal relationship here. (See her immediate reaction when Lee says there is nothing personal? she is hurt.. I think she is thinking what an awful thing to say I thought we were friends- do you agree?) I agree with Amanda… Looking back on all the ways Amanda has helped Lee already – it was an awful thing to say.. Last christmas Eve Lee? you were shot? she saved your butt and got you to the hospital to fight another day? and that is just the start- I am happy to see Amanda is not comfortable with this attitude of Lee’s! 

Amanda unenthusiastically agrees that it’s nothing personal.. I love how at the end of this scene David offers his hand to Amanda again over Lee’s shoulder and Lee stares at his hand again (David literally invading Lee’s private space to take Amanda’s hand.. suffer Lee!)…
46Amanda smiles at David’s invitation (but not too enthusiastically) and we can only imagine she means to accept it.. but we don’t get to see as it cuts to another scene…

All Lee’s talk of their relationship just being business and then actually shushing Amanda..hmm!! well Lee you are practically begging her to accept David’s invitation, even if she wasn’t interested.. just to teach you a lesson!! I love how at the end of this scene Lee is stewing because David has pointed out how someone will get the crumb job of investigating ( ie. Lee’s new job) – Lee is a bit downcast by this.. and then David’s hand comes over his shoulder to take Amanda’s hand- and he watches it – as if thinking to himself- this just got even worse!!!

It’s ironic that  Lee seems much more emotionally involved in their relationship than Amanda does (but then she doesn’t fight their friendship like he does at the moment).. and Lee is always the one to state it is not that kind of relationship!! Lee practically spits out the word ‘personal’ when initially responding to David.. image

So here’s a question for everyone.. what do you think- Do you think David is genuinely interested in Amanda?? or is this a game he is playing with Lee? he would have already guessed the crumb job went to Lee- since he is the only one not involved in all three operations.. so did he target Amanda to get Lee off balance? very interesting..

Back to the agency.. (The scene we just saw at Nedlinger’s opened with Francine saying:

Francine: All right, so you say Billy was a little ticked this morning. But I really was not ducking that meeting! I had all those cables from Cuban station to get up to Crypto.
So here we are for another meeting with ticked off Billy???!!!)

47Billy is holding a meeting in the conference room.. laying down the law with all the agents involved in the failed Viktor operation.. and trying to sound like he means business.. image
Benson: What could we say after we said we’re sorry, Billy? We’re as shook up as you are.

“Well you are about to be a little more shook up. I want reports!” tantrumwhooooo scary Billy! No!!! Not a report!! anything but a report!!!! whahaha! I find this whole scene 48hilariously pathetic-(and I don’t think it was suppose to be funny!)  Billy has such a lack of authority. As much as I love Billy most of the time.. well… he is so disrespected here when discussing serious stuff!!

Come on Everyone!! tantrum You can tell Billy really means business.. ‘VIKTOR’ is written in really 49really really big words on the blackboard behind Him!!!. I was surprised Billy didn’t end the meeting by saying Ok children, Class dismissed!! Only.. they wouldn’t have heard him over all the laughing.. oh dear.. poor Billy! image

50Does anyone think Humbug is Blue Leader??!!
Humbug: Mr. Melrose. I don’t think I need remind you that I have nine days, six hours, and, uh, twenty minutes remaining on my service to this agency, not to speak of which I have been asked to leave my desk for the past 51six months. Do I consider myself exempt from your little essay?
Billy: No exemptions, Humbug.
Reilly: Oh, well, now, fine. Fine, fine. Mine
52may be a bit long and rambling. Senility does that, you know, but it will nevertheless be a sharp and penetrating look on the whole business. A view from behind the desk, so to speak. And toward the water cooler, the men’s room.

Whoooo check out Francine’s outfit today!! she is wearing different coloured sleeves!!!LOL!!!

Billy confides in Lee he is soooo close to a phone 54call from Blue Leader..LOL>> actually he is ‘ this close!’
55 oh poor Billy..awk-ward!(If David could guess at Lee’s being asked to investigate, why couldn’t Billy?)

Bless him.. Billy suggests Amanda’s help for Lee with his typing… Billy redeems himself by 56involving Amanda again! Love the look on Billy’s face as he describes what he needs.. and has Amanda in mind!!

Why does Lee react like that to Billy’s suggestion of Amanda???!!!!!
What do you all think???

Thanks for reading!! Love to your your thoughts you readers out there!!! Smile 

 wave smiliey!Bye, back with more when I can.

7 responses to “2/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Soooo Lee is working for Blue Leader……and his tie and handkerchief is blue. Nothing like being subtle eh Lee, might as well wave a flag saying “it’s me, I’m gonna be spying on you all”!
    Urgh Davey is so rude. Ever heard of personal space?! Or just trying to show superiority over Lee. Does he really fancy Amanda? Hmmm, not sure. Can’t quite figure why if he really did he hadnt made a move on her before now. All seems a bit convenient in some respects that he’s suddenly got an interest in her.
    Oh Lee you doth protest too much 😉 nothing personal, yeah pull the other one its got bells on 😉 don’t blame Amanda for being hurt, I don’t think she had allusions of anything beyond friendship and to hear him practically say there isn’t even that well…..she’s more classy than me because I would have stripped off there and then.


  2. Melissa Robertson

    I think that Amanda is hurt by Lee’s attitude while talking to David. While she knows that there is nothing romantic with Lee she does count him as a good friend and thought that Lee felt the same about her. Lee could have just said that they were friends and nothing more in a nicer tone of voice. I don’t feel that Amanda is impressed with David just being nice and maybe trying to show Lee that he didn’t hurt her feelings.


    • Melissa Robertson

      Also maybe Lee’s look at Billy suggesting Amanda is that she will know more information about what is going on with the Victor thing and doesn’t want her to get mixed up in this. Maybe that protectiveness in him. But, maybe it gets him to thinking about her helping him with the internal 🙂


  3. I think that when Davey says that he didn’t know Lee and Amanda had “anything personal” going on, he means that he didn’t know they were in a romantic relationship, which Lee denies vehemently because he’s attracted to Amanda but doesn’t want to admit it. If “anything personal” included friendship, Davey wouldn’t apologize or even acknowledge it since friendships don’t impinge on a person’s dates, typically. I think that Amanda probably is a little hurt by Lee’s denial, though, even though its forcefulness suggests great interest rather than lack of interest. Lee’s later comment about not being “emotionally involved” also refers to romantic interest, IMO, and he’s lying through his teeth. He hasn’t felt this much emotion in years, I’d wager, and there’s more in store! (I enjoyed your shots of Lee glowering while Davey is trying to get around Lee to touch Amanda’s hand. You look like you’re jea…, Lee!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Redgold! I agree with what you say..

      I think though the ‘anything personal’ is exaggerated by Lee here because of his strong repressed feelings. so it includes friendship IMHO! -Yes I agree David was asking if there was a romantic relationship.. and it is like Lee says back – no Romantic relationship! we aren’t even really friends – it’s not personal.. it’s just business – at least that was my thinking.

      I find Lee easier to make sense of than Amanda.. I agree, Lee is totally lying through his teeth! for me, Lee was focused on denying anything romantic.. to the exclusion here of anything personal at all (and this theme seems to carry through in a number of different moments in this episode) I figured Amanda perceived the situation differently and the implications of Lee’s exaggerated denial – because there is no way to her that Lee could be having strong feelings for her!! (again this is IMHO only!)

      I agree with you, although maybe I have a different slant.. I use to read this scene as being all about Lee’s jealousy- but now I think for Lee it is about covering up his jealousy (and in the process covering up their friendship) – but for Amanda it is really about their friendship.. I hope that makes some kind of sense!

      I was hoping a few people would share their ideas on what they think Amanda makes of this whole thing?? – I figured there would be some different points of view out there..
      Thanks Redgold! You got me thinking!!! 🙂


  4. There’s something inherently slimy and oily about Davey. But likely that was by design. Were we meant to just find Davey irritating at the beginning? I certainly found his “lines” with Amanda irritating. Was he doing it to get at Lee? Cindy, I like your theory that Davey talked up Amanda to get information from her, and maybe unsettle Lee at the same time. After all, Lee’s protestations that there’s nothing personal between him and Amanda was just a tad over the top to be truly believable.

    On another note, I really didn’t like how disrespectful Davey was at the debriefing with Billy (but maybe this is because I love Billy!) and if you’ll notice, Davey was the one who was cracking the jokes at Billy’s expense. I’m not sure what the point of introducing Humbug was in this episode – yet another senior agent who trained Lee!


  5. To your question on whether Davey likes Amanda or was just asking her out to needle Lee – I think it’s a bit of both (maybe not to keep Lee off balance, but to see if he could get any information from Amanda.) I think he would have asked Amanda out before, but did not want to face Lee’s (but there is nothing personal going on between us) wrath, I mean overprotectiveness towards Amanda. . I was rolling when Davey was invading Lee’s personal space to take Amanda’s hand — you go Davey!
    Thanks for pointing ‘VIKTOR” written on the board behind Billy (I didn’t notice it when I watched). It looks like Billy used the long side of a short piece of chalk to write the name. He must be ticked.:-)

    Liked by 1 person

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