3/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before continuing, I just wanted to say I thought Lee’s denial that there was anything ‘personal’ between he and Amanda at Nedlinger’s was very hurtful – when I remembered how Amanda had cared for Lee in the Long Christmas Eve.. but then.. even worse.. I remembered what was said between them in Remembrance of Things Past ( I think you will all know which moment it is Winking smile ):
Amanda: Oh, how dare you make jokes!  I have been really upset about this. I thought I’d lost a friend, and that hurts. And I was frightened, too, and uh. . . . Look, I know you don’t like tears, I know they frighten you more than bullets, so I’m sorry about this little scene, but you brought it all on yourself because it would have been totally unnecessary if you hadn’t been killed, which you haven’t been, and I cared that you were dead, and I don’t care if you don’t care that I care.
Lee: I do care. Really. Thank you.

No wonder Amanda was hurt and not expecting Lee to say such a thing.. ( of course we know why he said it – he is developing very strong feelings for Amanda he wants to squash!! but I don’t think Amanda sees this). I would love to hear any thoughts anyone would like to share on this!

Well, with that said I continue with this episode.. On to the Museum of Natural History where Lee meets Amanda to tell her about her assignment.. but most important things first!- This was Billy’s 59idea!!!! err lest she think there was anything personal in her selection.. Oh Lee.. (maybe he was worried Amanda wouldn’t do it if it was his idea?! nahhh he seems oblivious to Amanda’s feelings.. so maybe notWinking smile)

Anyway, Amanda handles it with her usual grace and passes on thanks to Billy.. without having a go at Lee.. and… Lee just can’t help himself.. he makes a crack about the big dinosaur or whatever it is they’re standing next too.. and.. it was noooooot so funny..Amanda responds drily with: Yeah, or they had a very poor school lunch program in those days.

60Lee can’t help himself! he cracks up laughing at this…. she can make him laugh, even when he doesn’t want to! Well done Amanda!!imageimage Only, look at Amanda.. Lee is happy – Amanda is not her upbeat self wouldn’t you say? Amanda is much more interested in the dinosaurs and rushes off to another one and Lee has to keep up with her.. come on Lee get to the point – since there’s nothing personal you don’t want to just stand around and enjoy the dinosaurs together.. ahem..

Lee sets up Amanda to misunderstand what he means when he says he is interested in a mole here.. Come on Lee.. just tell her.. and then he 61gets frustrated when she doesn’t understand.. poor Amanda! don’t say you’re looking for a mole! Say you are looking for a traitor at the agency.. bad Lee! and bad writers of SMK.. her whole act with her explaing the saber tooth tiger and what a mole is and how she had one in her garden??imageimageimageimageimageimageimageand it ate all her carrots or somethingimageimageimage.. (These carrots????!!!) ohhhh I CRINGE!!!! Stop dumbing Amanda down!!!! image

Lee thinks it’s the crumb job.. to be asked to do this internal .. but good on Amanda.. She tries to 62find the positive.. and tells Lee it means Blue Leader must have great confidence in him.. Lee however still can’t see any joy in it! Lee so doesn’t deserve a friend like Amanda!! ( man.. can you tell I am not happy with Lee?!)

Lee has an opportunity to encourage Amanda here..
63Lee: So, since I’m going to be digging into the lives of everyone in the field unit, I need someone that I can absolutely trust to help me.
64Amanda: Do you mean me?
: Mm, I mean you.
: Oh, it was Billy’s idea.
67Lee: Nope.
68Amanda: No?
69Lee: Mine.
Amanda: Yours?
70Lee: Mm-hmm.
Amanda: Oh, well.
Lee: Look. You are the only one outside of the
71Agency that has a grade-10 security clearance.
72Amanda: Oh. These, um, other agents. Aren’t they friends of yours?
(Hey ‘Friends’- are you noticing a theme to this episode???!!! I think it carries over into next week too!! – the episode Savior..)

Amanda is really happy about this being Lee’s idea.. until Lee tells her why he made this super clever decision.. –Here is my take on what’s 73happening here.. (It’s only my ideas – I would love to hear other people’s thoughts!) I think Lee has no idea what it really means to be a friend to someone. Amanda is his friend, only he isn’t quite ready to acknowledge that (not long till he does though Winking smile ) –I also think Amanda can see that Lee has no idea what to do with this friend stuff.. Look at his ‘friends’ at the agency and what he has been asked to do? What is at stake! While I don’t accept what Lee did to Amanda, it is understandable when you look at what is required of him in his life.. it is another world, and a genuine friend like Amanda is a new experience for Lee.

Here’s a question for you.. it WAS actually Billy’s idea – not just the typing.. but getting help from someone with her clearance who isn’t in the agency! Soooo why does Lee say that hmmm??? My guess is – he knew it would make her happy… and maybe he sensed Amanda’s reserve and that he had handled things badly.. Why though is probably a mystery to him – sooo he says She was his idea – wanting to make her happy – but of course goes and ruins it because it was her clearance that made him choose her – I think Amanda wanted Lee to pick her because he knows he can trust her, rely on her- and she is his friend. But I like to think Lee is trying here.. just a little!

Hey on a more superficial note, isn’t Lee the snappy dresser these days??? – and with that new side part of his he looks positively snobby to me!! (err but ok.. still gorgeous!!)

They’re walking around this big room at the museum talking in a normal voice about their suspicions.. when Lee just said it is to be very hush hush.. well anyone in this room could hear the both of you talking!! hello!!!

How could Amanda know who Humbug is?? ohhh whatever!
74As soon as Amanda mentions David Benson is a suspect. Lee’s head snaps around to her with his full attention! 75Amanda: And David Benson’s a suspect.
76Lee: You got it.
77Amanda: I have a date with a suspect.
Amanda is new to all this.. what does she do in this situation? She seeks out some advice from Lee.. but he isn’t much help!
79Amanda continues: How am I going to get out of it?
: Well, uh . . .
81are you …
82sure you want to?image
[Lee can’t help himself!!! he takes this into ‘personal’ territory – but…. tries to downplay it with his over the top nonchalance!!!]

Amanda: What?image [ Did he just go where I think he did???!!]
86Lee: I thought you bought that line of his 87all the way.image [Now that is crossing the line!!! ]
88Amanda: You thought what?image
seems to pause a moment, as if he is 91thinking should I go there? He can’t help himself.. he does:-imitating David: Was it 92Paris in the springtime, or was it Athens? You were wearing red.image (There goes Lee.. looking at Amanda and licking his lips again before he answers her!! He 93remembers David’s line perfectly!! I think he had heard the line delivered before.. and to me he seems to be teasing Amanda at how easily she was suckered in by David’s line.. Does this remind anyone else of Service Above and Beyond? Do you have any idea how many women Jim has been sincere with?! Winking smile )
Amanda: Oh, really.
94Lee: ahhh, that’s stuff that women go for.
[image Such respect!!!! not.. that’s it!!! Amanda has had it with you!!]
: “Go for”?! He asked me to lunch, it 96was a simple lunch invitation, that’s all it was, and you’re making it sound like it —


Lee: Hey, hey, hey. You want to go out with a 99guy that’s got more scalps on his belt than Geronimo, you be my guest. [Whoa! such anger!! This wouldn’t be personal would it Lee?!]

100Amanda: If you didn’t want me to go, all you had to do was say, “No, don’t go.”
image imageimage
: Oh, sure, oh, sure, and sound like I was j–

102image imageimage image
103104105107  108(Again Lee looks Amanda up and down here!! Licks his lips again !!!)
109Lee: Look, Amanda.
Amanda: Hmm?
110Lee: What I am trying
111to say is, w-we’re not, you know,
112emotionally involved.
(Love how Lee flaps his hands around trying to latch onto something to say here.. )
113Amanda: I know that!
Lee: Or anything like that.

You know, Lee would not have sounded like he was jealous if he had said look out Amanda that guy is a player – he would have sounded like he was her friend.. Now- this way???!!! This way he sounds like he is jealous  Winking smile 

Oh Lee..  How can you possibly say you’re not emotionally involved when you react so emotionally to the fact that David Benson has more scalps on his belt than Geronimo- and what? you think Amanda should do better than that?? This scene is so clever.. (I hated the mole and carrots dumb Amanda- but smk writers you have redeemed yourselves! Not to mention, this scene is played completely differently in the script!! ) Lee totally gives away (to us)  that he is jealous, and that he doesn’t want to be, and that he is refusing to admit it.. and in complete denial..

I just love the silent looks between the two when he realises what he was just about to say -too late for Amanda not to have guessed- 

114Amanda: Well, of course not! And I think I should go out with him, I should use it as a fact-finding survey, I mean, I –[she lowers her voice and they both suddenly 115realise they are in a public place speaking loudly with each other!!] I really think I can probably 116find out much more about him by — by talking to him than, uh, looking in his bank statements.
117Lee: I suppose.
(but wouldn’t that be mixing business with personal???)
118Amanda: Well, what should I do? [Poor Amanda, she isn’t use to using her friends- she needs your advice Lee!! Not your jealous face saving!! she isn’t playing games here, she genuinely needs some help aaand she genuinely expects Lee to help her..]
Lee: He hey, it’s your own
personal time.
(ohhh dear.. he can’t even look at her now- emotions involved there Lee??Amanda seems to be hurt and disappointed at Lee’s attitude here.. she needed you to be her friend here Lee! but that jealousy and emotional stuntedness just got in the way!! ugh.. Lee has some growing to do.. )
120Amanda quietly: Is it a yes or a no?
121122123Lee: Yeah…..Well — (He feels bad I think that he is being an idiot.. feel bad Lee!! I think he doesn’t want Amanda to date David because he wants to protect her too- but.. now he really doesn’t feel like he can say no don’t go! Isn’t that err emotional involvement??

Too bad you took too long to answer.. Amanda has had enough of this!)
124Amanda: Yeah, well, I think I will. [anyone else suspect she really wants him to say no don’t go??!!]
126Lee: All right.image image
Amanda: I’m going on
127a date with David Benson.
128Lee: Terrific!
Amanda: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Right.
129Lee: Terrific.
Amanda: Good, I’m happy.
: Fine.
Amanda: I’ll see you tomorrow.

Lee: Good.
Amanda: Mm-hmm.
132Lee: But it was your decision.


Love how Amanda turns around, looks at Lee in response – then smiles and walks away- that’s so Amanda!! She’s mad as anything..but still smiling.. and she isn’t going to give Lee the satisfaction of seeing how much he has hurt her!

I think what is going on with Lee here is easier to determine than what is going with Amanda! Lee shows us he is jealous – but.. what does Amanda make of Lee’s behaviour here? I’ve always figured Amanda thought there was no way Lee could have any real feelings for her at this early stage – she is sooo not his type! So what does she make of his behaviour here??

Maybe she puts it all down to Lee’s resisting having anything personal with Amanda… and she stops there.. Never really contemplating it is anything more than that. She is fast to reassure Lee that they are not emotionally involved.. and she is fast at letting go of Lee’s slip up over sounding like he was j- !! She genuinely wants to know what to do- she is not playing games with him trying to make him jealous.

I bet Lee is use to women playing games like that with him! But not Amanda.. she makes him jealous and has no idea.. she twists him in knots and it is completely unintentional and she can’t understand why he is so steamed sometimes! He is still learning…. Amanda wanted her friend’s advice on whether or not it would be wise to date David.. but.. Lee wasn’t able to do it!!! This hurt her.. and so she put on a brave front and asked no more of him. Fine!  I will date who I want!! Good day Geronimo!!!

Well, this post is a really long one! oops..I just couldn’t bring myself to split this very important scene up!! It is a lot of fun to take screen grabs of this scene.. sooo much going on! I hope you enjoy it!! and if you have any thoughts about what is going on here between these two please share! I come up with theories and ideas.. and I share them – but they are only ideas, not facts – and maybe someone else’s ideas might make more sense! Winking smile I would especially love to hear what you think Amanda makes of Lee here!

Thanks for reading.. I’ll post again when I am able! Smile 

21 responses to “3/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I always think it’s interesting when Lee points out these guys with so many scalps and lines when he has so many of his own. I think he means it when he says Amanda deserves better and some of his subconscious denial of his feelings involves believing she deserves better than him as well. I think that’s why he gets more torn up about these guys like Davey and Delano than nice guys because they bring up not only jealousy but feelings of inadequacy for him.

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    • Oh Mommynificient – you hit the nail on the head here. In some ways, Lee is like those other guys – but the longer he knows Amanda, the more he realizes that he doesn’t want to be that way anymore. He knows she deserves better and now wants to be better.


  2. I agree with you iwsod when you said, “I bet Lee is use to women playing games like that with him! But not Amanda. She makes him jealous and has no idea. She twists him in knots and it is completely unintentional and she can’t understand why he is so steamed sometimes!” One of the fun things about SMK is that we can see Amanda and Lee at cross purposes but they are so very confused and discombobulated about each other. Sigh, back to my study of dimples. Hope you are studying something equally as engrossing iwsod!

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  3. I know the whole mole and carrots spiel is a bit cringing but it’s actually a pretty good analogy, the mole she refers to is beavering away, hidden out of sight, stealing all the goodies and taking off with them whilst leaving a pretence of normality above ground. Much like a mole working in the agency, sneaking information behind everyone’s back 🙂
    Lee is such a hypocrite! I bet he has a line for when he meets all his women, I would have loved to be a fly in the wall when he was pretending to be an astronauts!!! As usual denial is seeping from every pore 😉
    Amanda and her over the top agreement of “I know that”, comes across a bit embarrassed as though Lee needn’t have pointed out the obvious although she secretly wishes otherwise.
    She is totally cutting her nose off to spite her face in carrying on with her date with Davey. She clearly doesn’t want to but Lee making assumptions about her pushes her defiance into action, yeah Amanda will show you Lee 😉 Hell hath no fury and all that.
    I love her grimace-come-forced smile at him as she leave. Sometimes I wish Amanda wasn’t quite so polite, Lee needed kicking into touch a lot sooner.


    • I think Amanda DID know what a mole was, in the sense that Lee was using it, and she was just using a convoluted metaphor (Amandababble) to get to the point. But he cut her off before she could say, “… and the mole at the agency is just like the mole in the garden, sneaking around and stealing things under everybody’s noses.”


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  5. As I read the script, the dialogue between Lee And Amanda regarding her date with David Benson was shorter. I like how during the episode, we really get a better understanding for the conflict they are both feeling. Amanda is pleading for advice from Lee, her friend, but Lee doesn’t want Amanda to see him as jealous because then he would have to admit to feelings he isn’t ready to face. Amanda on the other hand doesn’t want to undermine the friendship that she and Lee have. Even though Lee won’t admit they are friends. . .” It’s just business “.


  6. So, I was up watching this episode last night, and I had to come back today and see your take on the David Bensen argument, Iwsod. I’m glad I did, because you read it differently than I did, which is what makes this blog so darn interesting.

    I agree that Lee is positively tormented by what he would consider inappropriate jealousy over Amanda’s personal life. What I’m seeing here, though, is Amanda trying really hard to get Lee to tell her “Break the date.” I don’t think it’s because she’s playing a game or trying to provoke him. I think she cares about him and what he thinks, and knows he doesn’t want her to go with this guy who he thinks is beneath her. She’s just not going to give him the satisfaction of breaking the date herself and letting him off the hook entirely. Amanda would have called off that date in a second if Lee had only said to her, “Don’t go.” And I think she didn’t call him out on his jealousy because unlike with James Delano, she’s not trying to get Lee to back off. She’s trying to get him to step up. It’s an interesting advancement in her feelings for him.

    How about her response to his, “We’re not emotionally involved.”? “I know that!!!” spoken with a whole bunch of emotion! It’s a toss up as to who is more in denial in this scene. But in the end, neither one gets their way. Amanda goes on the date she would have gladly broken, and Lee refuses to acknowledge any part in the decision he caused her to make. They both lost that round.


    • Hi Paula, I’m so glad you checked out the episode and shared your thoughts with us!
      I think you have raised some really interesting points.. funnily enough I think what I wrote wasn’t the same, but I do agree with you! I had picked up that Amanda wanted to hear what Lee really thought -but you raise a fascinating idea that she wanted Lee to tell her not to go.. and they were both in denial and both of them not speaking the real truth ( or heart) of the matter!! Thanks so much.. I love your description of that scene.. It’s fun to watch these two and consider the nitty gritty isn’t it??!! sooo many goodies on soooo many levels!

      Hope you are well I have a deadline for a stupid essay hanging over my head.. if my eyes can cope with the computer tonight I’ll post a new post tonight.. but in the meantime.. I satisfy my SMK cravings with your lovely insights!! Thanks Paula!

      Not emotionally involved? too funny! I was immediately reminded of Lee and Amanda on the golf scooter.. embracing.. Amanda crying.. Lee admitting he was scared and letting the number one russian spy go free which he had worked sooo long and soooo hard to capture – all for this person he is not emotionally involved with?? whahahaa!! Just too ridiculous for words.. no one is believing it! 🙂
      I’d post a pic but I’ve got to get on with my work here.- UGH!! byeeeeeeee


      • See, if Lee and Amanda were more like my mom and dad, we wouldn’t have all this suspense. Back in the early ’50s, my mom was dating a guy steadily, but when her best friend told her my dad would probably ask her out if she wasn’t “taken”, she broke up with the poor guy that very night. The rest is, as they say, history! To this day, I’m pretty sure my dad planted that idea with Mom’s best friend by way of his own best friend. Sneaky.


    • I’ll have to rewatch that scene (arm twist for sure). I always interpreted her saying “I know that!” but really meaning “Get over yourself!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Cindy! ha!! yeah..For me, I have no problem with an action/statement having more than one meaning.. simultaneously.. and in this case – Amanda telling Lee to get over himself but also trying to convince herself there’s nothing personal/being in denial – it all works for me! Such a fab scene.. the writing is soooo good!!


    • Paula – I agree with so much of what you wrote. I totally think if Lee had said “don’t go”, she would have readily broken the date, no questions asked. I do think she was asking him for advice, hoping he’d step up. And he’s too fearful of his own jealousy and feelings that he can’t bear to tell her to break the date. Lee and Amanda are so full of things they should have said to each other – their feelings are too great to risk learning that the other might not feel the same way – so they hide their feelings…. but I also think their bodies betray them with their touching – the hand holding, hugs, arms around each other, hands on his lapels, putting on badges on each other, fixing his tie, etc.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh..i so so agree with you..as much as they want to deny their feelings for each other,some things just go beyond their control..without realising,their care for each other simply magnifies with the warm touches and hugs🥰😍

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  7. Hello again,

    oh, shame on me, seems I confused Austria with Australia, very embarrasing. Did they sell Bravo in Australia too, I thought this was a german youth magazine. (You had a picture with the logo). Sorry!

    I so far only have the German season 1 DVDs – season three is due to be released in German an 13rd of April 2012 (in 11 days 😉 ).

    I could get the US DVDs here in UK (I live in UK), but they are the wrong region code and my DVD player is not region free.

    I have read, but not checked, since I watched everything in English, that the DVDs contain the full length episodes, meaning that sometimes the languages switches from German to English in the originally cut scenes. I also read 18 episodes have not been translated or aired at all (obviously the ones without “real” espionage and the ones playing in Germany). In Session One the English only episodes are: If Thoughts Could Kill, ACM Kid, Sudden Death, The Mole, Savior.

    Thank you for all the dialoge posted.



    • Hi Julia, I have honestly had a couple of relationships start in RL because someone thought I was from Austria instead of Australia!LOL… so they called me up to have a chat in german ( this was when I was living in America for a while) – they turned out to be wonderful friends 😉

      Plus when I visited Austria, I LOVED the place! (and had to go see the Mirabell gardens which were shown in the Scarecrow and Mrs King episode ‘The legend of das geisterschloss’ 🙂 sooo I take it as a compliment!

      There were t-shirts everywhere saying Austria has no kangaroos

      Ahh yes the bravo pics.. sorry to confuse you.. they are just off the net..

      So all the episodes on the german release of the dvds are not all in german?

      Hope you enjoy Season 3! 🙂


  8. Hello,

    just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your episode captures. I really very much enjoy reading them!!!! I have to confess, I read them all and simply loved them, I will try to read them after watching the episodes, since I have not yet catched up with you, but that will be very hard indeed.

    I will try to post some comments on the ones I already watched, since as you said there is no time limit for comments.

    It is a pleasure to watch the episodes in English, the german translation made Amanda look so dumb, I doubt I could bear to watch the episodes in German ever again after I got to see the real thing. I am really amazed, that you got everything, I could not understand, isn’t your native language german too, or am I mistaken here? And of course there are the episodes, that have never been translated at all.

    And your writing is very educational for me too, I never knew some words like tuxedo before.

    Thank you!



    • Hi Julia! it is fantastic to hear from you!! You made my day! 🙂 Thank you!

      I was thinking everyone was busy watching their season 3 dvds all around the world so it would be quiet here… do you have them? Apparently they are being released in german.. (Although I am not sure if it is German dubbed or just German subtitles – can anyone answer that??)

      Yes there is no time limit at all on adding your own comments to episodes! – I hope that in a few years when I have done all the episodes, they can stay online and people can add their thoughts on the episodes as much as they like! I find everytime I watch an episode I see something different! so it never ends 🙂

      Sorry I am not german – but thanks for the compliment 🙂 I am Australian. You know Julia, studying Lee in a Tuxedo? I like the way you improve your english! haaaa!! I could take up learning german that way maybe!!! An inspired idea 🙂

      If there is ever anything I write that you would like me to clarify feel free to let me know!

      Thanks for reading and for sharing!!! 😀


  9. Yep the dumbing down of Amanda. The dialogue about the mole (and later with Blue Leader) makes me cringe – why would Amanda think Lee was talking about garden pests when he lives in an apartment? She’s read enough romance/suspense novels about spies and I am sure at least one of them would have had a (non-furry) mole in it. Compare ditzy Amanda here with kick butt Amanda in “There Goes the Neighborhood”. She was much more his equal in that episode. I almost feel the writers lost their way with Amanda for the rest of this season and most of season 2 (can’t wait to get my hands on season 3!) I dunno – maybe the writers and KJ felt they had to make Amanda less assertive, less confident to cool down the sparks between Lee and Amanda.


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