1/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

This episode opens with a very tall 06building.. and some very scary imposing music.. ok.. got it- this building.. is…. BAD!!!  It seems this 07is a meeting of very bad men.. there are lots of guns on display.. 08turbans..  different nationalities.. and.. lots of weapons.

Ballon and Associates are putting on the hard sell.. wait a minute.. A brochure? These arms dealers have a brochure?? ROFL!! that is too funny! Somehow I never imagined that arms dealers would be producing brochures and price lists! (I wonder if they have bulk discounts and free delivery too? )image

One customer approaches the guy in charge as all the clients are encouraged to get up and 10check out the merchandise, and he asks Ballon about the Savior and is it available?? Ballon says it is impossible to get.. but at the right price.. it might become possible.. whoooooo

I have got to say I find the whole idea of 10 nations or generals or whatever all getting together to look at arms together ridiculous- surely they wouldn’t want other nations to know who they buy weapons from? and what weapons they are interested in??!! wouldn’t Ballon and Co want to keep their clients secret?? but no, these guys all go shopping together (and what all head to the beauty parlor for a make over after?!).. weird!!

Whoo hooo Amanda’s lucky day.. got a parking spot in front of the agency!

09“International FilmFed” wow!! that’s new.. finally the building has a name.. hurray! nice big close up of the sign for us dummies..

Wow!!! Mrs Marsden has appeared!! Love it!!! 11No explanation.. Amanda now has to ring the doorbell and let Mrs Marsden see who she is on the monitor.. weird.. (BTW- Nooo mention of Mrs Marsden or the password guessing in the script..)

12Amanda: Ohhhh the code word thing! image

Finally! Amanda gets it… and manages to knock over Mrs Marsden’s day calendar on the edge of her desk with her handbag as she walks by! I wonder what Mrs Marsden does all day…

13Wow!! and a groovy new set of doors on the coat elevator!! wow.. this must be the point in the series where they knew people were definitely going to watch it for a while.. and so it was safe to spend a bit more money on it!!

Oh no!!! something else is new.. Amanda walks into the bullpen to find Fred Fielder putting his famous Philodendron on Lee’s desk..

Amanda whispers to Billy: there’s somebody doing something to Lee’s desk!image

So Billy gets in that it is now Fred’s desk, Lee left.. (saying it like it means nothing -hmm first clue something is all wrong here.. Poor Amanda.. she is a bit like Alice in wonderland here.. )

14Love how Francine wishes Amanda well.. “I guess we won’t be seeing too much of you anymore… take care. ” yuck!! Love how she says too much of you.. rather than won’t be seeing much of you anymore.. that is very Moooooo! image

I almost think Francine is happy here that Lee has found another job.. Now she can be top agent! She is all business and professionalism.. and yippeeee!! No more Amanda to boot! (Rot Francine..)

15Amanda tries to talk to Billy some more..but he is avoiding her and after 16accepting her apple pie basically shuts a door in her face!

Amanda heads over to Fred’s desk… and he gives her all the information she needs by complaining about Lee selling out to a dirty ex agent like Ballon.. and that he has been seduced by the big money, tailor made suits (Lee mysteriously doesn’t need to turn dirty to get 18those!?)  and Fred even tells her where he is staying..LOL.. I just love how Amanda ends this conversation.

19Amanda: Your going to be very embarrassed when you find out the real truth Mr Meadows. 20

Fred: Fielder 22

Amanda: Whatever, and I’m very sorry there won’t be enough apple pie to go around. image (I love that not only does Amanda stand up for Lee, but she inserts a little dig at Meadows- purposefully getting his name wrong and then pointing out there will be no apple pie for him!! and.. all with a smile.. go Amanda!!)

Whaaaimageimage??? Francine just came over to 23Meadows and pointed out what a hatchet job he did on Amanda??
24Fred: sometimes the truth hurts Francine 25

Francine: yeah, doesn’t it though

I think when she says this, Francine looks a tiny bit sad that Lee has gone.. but it is only a tiny glimpse.. I think she believes it is true.. and isn’t in on it.- What do you think? I dig the 26totally snooty way Fred raises his chin and turns away from Francine.. too funny.. Mr Moral compass! image Francine criticising Fred for how he spoke to Amanda is.. curious! I stuggle to see that Francine actually cares about Amanda at this point.. hmm I can only put it down to her not liking Lee to be spoken of like that… What do you think?

So we cut to some high rise apartments.. They are the actual famous watergate apartments in Washington aren’t they?? I am sure it is no coincidence they are using that location for Lee’s new life Winking smile  LOL.. there’s a harp is playing as we are introduced to Lee’s new life !!!

27We find Lee in his new suite being fitted for a tailor made new suit.. (new suite and new suit.. sweet!! he hee) and Amanda shows up… You go girl! Notice the 28expression that flickers on Lee’s face here before he gets over his shock at her finding him here? He seems quite 29stunned.. and trying to hide it.. so he asks an obvious question..
I guess you’ve been to the office? – yes Lee obviously!! She says she has spoken to lots of people, but she wants to 31speak to him.. Lee tries to fob her off here.. with the excuse that he is busy – and maybe he can 32explain later, but the tailor spoils that plan by finishing up! Can Amanda turn around?!!! whooo hoooo!!! we get to see here what Amanda 33isn’t allowed to.. haa haaa
Soooo.. nice boxers Lee..




imageimageimageimageSooo Lee doesn’t like Fred Fielder talking about him? well.. then you should have told Amanda you were on a job and you would get in touch when you got back.. He didn’t have to give details.. this whole scenario bugs me!

I think the way Amanda expresses herself here with Lee is just lovely.. I tip my hat to Amanda, she is very wise..
Amanda: you gave that man a $50- bill.
35Lee: he’s a nice man.
36Amanda: so are you! and I.. I don’t believe the awful things I’ve heard but I wanna here from you.. (the phone rings and cuts her short..)

37Lee answers the phone -ok.. I am just coherent enough here to notice.. Lee’s robe falls open when he answers the phone.. he puts his hand on his hip and then 38realises haaa.. he then closes the robe and then puts his hand on his hip haaaa..  why hasn’t he actually done it up if he was needing Amanda to turn around before? Lee.. You Tease!!! image

39Love how Amanda takes the opportunity when 40Lee is on the phone talking serious about a 41rocket launcher to have a little look around.. and Lee nervously side glances at her. Ohh he wishes she wasn’t there!

The door knocks. and Lee asks Amanda to go get 42it.. and.. Ta Da!! Lee’s robe is the self tying model it seems!!! What luck!! no more 43embarrassing gapes here!! I want me one of those !! (with Lee in it too would be nice..image) is this the Lee/ she robe? I think it is.. this robe is distracting me!!! imageimage

44Oh my!!!!! In enters a scary looking dude in dark glasses..
45( and whoopsie.. Lee’s self tying mode on his robe seems to have malfunctioned Winking smile ) Lee finishes off his call and Amanda moves closer to say she is leaving.

Amanda: there is a man here to see you and I 46better be going because I keep telling myself and telling myself that what I am seeing isn’t 47what I’m seeing I think I’d better leave before I don’t listen to myself anymore and I.. you understand.imageimage

Lee nods in agreement.. and glares at her in his icy stare.. she says bye and turns and leaves.. the moment she turns the expression on
49Lee’s face changes completely.. you can tell that he is really not at all happy with the fact 50that she came, and with what she said.. I think  he wishes she hadn’t come – because he doesn’t want to do this to her!!! (meaning- he actually cares about her!) awh!! He has mislead Amanda before – but never in a way that she would be so disappointed in him and think less of him – I don’t think Lee realised until it happened how uncomfortable with Amanda thinking less of him he would be.. thoughts anyone?? 

Of course, Lee still has an audience here with the tough dude major, and goes back to his tough guy mask a second or two later..

Does anyone remember seeing this episode for the first time and not knowing Lee was playing a role? I think my first time I already knew it was an undercover episode so I never wondered what was happening.. It would be fascinating to hear what that experience is like!

Well byeee for now!! Sorry for the delay, I am still very busy with my studies but will try from now on to post regular, small posts.. I miss my smk and it has been a real joy to get back to this episode.. ( and Lee and the Magic Robe Winking smile )

21 responses to “1/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I didn’t know for certain, but I suspected something was off because I couldn’t believe Lee would be a traitor. I may have been influenced by another later ep, but it also just didn’t ring true to me. Plus everyone seemed to cavalier about it at the office. If a former agent changed sides like that I think there would have been more outrage, unless I’m remembering wrong.


    • Oddly, the older I get, the less unlikely that job change seems to me. The defense industry is full of ex-military who stayed long enough to get a miltary pension before taking off for the real money to be had in private industry and the “private security” businesses that we see in places like Iraq and Central America are also full of ex-CIA types on the same double-pay system. We know the Agency is constantly being buffeted by budget restrictions and where would an ace intelligence agent like Lee go for a better paycheck than the private arms/security/investigation businesses. After all, that’s why Amanda gets hired away from the Agency in Season 2. Anyway, given that that is where most older agents go, I suspect Lee’s coworkers saw nothing odd in it at all and were probably mostly envious he’d found such a plum job.


  2. Bwa hah hah… it’s a good thing someone switched out that old painting on the wall in the IFF foyer with a portrait of Harry V. Thornton in–or before–Tail of the Dancing Weasel, or they wouldn’t be able to refer to it in that ep (or give it to Harry complete with bullet hole!). I’m also impressed that in TotDW they pushed the foyer wall further back and added in a window between the front door and the wall with the painting. ROFL!

    Re: Francine’s hatchet job comment, I think it’s a combination of being upset about Lee, and her seeing it as her job to put Amanda in her place–nobody else’s outside of Billy or Lee… but Lee has gone over the baddies, so he can’t help… she thinks Meadows (LOL) has overstepped his bounds–especially since he’s happily taking over Lee’s desk –> he’s the new kid and doesn’t get to pick on Amanda yet. (I guess I’m long-windedly agreeing with Cindy–LOL!)

    Yeah… why did Lee neglect to tie his robe in the first place, and why does he say that Amanda can turn around when he hasn’t finished putting the robe on yet? 😀 I think he kinda wants her to cop an eyeful. 🙂


    • Oh, and I forgot to add that it’s so nice that Lee and his shirt and robe are so nicely colour-coordinated with the picture on the wall behind him… 😀


  3. I agre with you Anne, I have always liked Francine. I remember how difficult it was in that era to be taken seriously in a man’s world ( hence the over-the-top shoulder pads in women’s clothes, the “powersuit”, etc). And since at that time, I had trouble saying Boo to a ghost and standing up for myself, I loved the fact that SMK had two diverse women characters who did just that in completely different ways. Besides, she loves chocolate, really loooooves it! How can she be all that bad?!?! 🙂

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    • Yes, that is it. two diverse women characters who stood up for themselves in completely different ways. Well said. And how often do we women have trouble with other women who do what we are trying to do in a different way. Often, except on Just Walk with Me 😉

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  4. Ooh it’s Bernon, anyone seen Bender and the rest of the Breakfast Club?!
    Lee please man stop being so coy. Your boxers are longer than your short shorts were in Sudden Death which you happily paraded around in front of Amanda.
    I love how loyal Amanda is; must have been so difficult for her to picture Lee as an honourable man and then to have that faith put to the test by his behaviour.


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  6. Melissa Robertson

    I totally agree that it seems to bother Lee that Amanda thinks less of him, but why should he care they are only bussiness associates and former ones at that 😉


  7. So glad that you found time to post, Iwsod! Hope everything\s going well with you.

    As for what Mrs. Marsden does all day … it looks like she’s reading a magazine (check out her desk)! Where do I find a job like that … LOL! BTW, the robe Lee has on looks like the infamous Lee/She robe, but if you take a closer look, this one is just a bit longer than the one we saw in ACM Kid. Hmmm … maybe this self-tying model is also a hem-growing model!


    • Maybe it’s his back-up robe 🙂


    • Rofl!! Leanne, I LOVE that you noticed that!!! whahahahaaha!! Yes that robe length requires a thorough investigation! 😉

      I’ll post some comparison pics at the start of the next post about it..

      I guess it is not self tying mode.. but rather – Modesty mode 🙂 Self tying and hem growing.. I love it!

      I think Mrs Marsden is pretending to be a bored receptionist.. while in reality she is a highly trained agent ( you seen Tail of the dancing Weasel?? Mrs Marsden packs some heat!!! whooo hooo) In this episode, when she opened her drawer to get the guest pass out, I thought I saw a gun in the drawer too… ?? but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say! have a look and let me know what you think..
      Thanks for sharing!!!


      • Replying to mysel here.. LOL how sad 😉 I just realised my script had a few pages out of order.
        I was wrong- the scene with Amanda telling Mrs Marsden the password is in the script – it is also scripted that Mrs Marsden has a gun in her drawer!

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  8. I just love the exchange between Fred and Amanda. In her own way, Amanda can dish it out. 🙂
    I am not suprised Francine took Fred to task for being harsh with Amanda. That’s her job and she doesn’t like to share. 🙂
    And I any sympathy I felt for Fred disappeared as soon as he gave that snooty-look-down-his-nose look. I am glad he didn’t get any of Amanda’s pie.
    Does Francine know about Lee working undercover? (I am rewatching the episode now, and haven’t gotten to the end episode). I wouldn’t be surprised if she were kept in the dark — it wouldn’t be the first time and she has the reputation of spilling her guts.
    And it must be my imagination because surely KJ didn’t have problems maintaining eye contact when Lee’s magic robe was open. She is a better woman than me.


    • I agree Cindy! Always nice.. Amanda still manages to give it good to Mr Meadows 😀 haaaaaaa..

      I haven’t seen the rest of this ep for ages, so I am not sure if there are any other clues about Francine knowing or not.. we’ll see I guess!

      Haaaa.. KJ is a strong woman.. I agree.. I always felt that she had very strong resolve! ( Remember Lee and his Magic fingers giving her a massage in Season 4?? while she at the same time cracks the case??!!! what episode was that.. ummmm Photo Finish!)


  9. HI,

    thank you for the post, I think I did not know this episode, when I watched it a short time ago, but I just thought, working undercover again and not admitting it, very weird. And I thought Francine knew about it, which made me think, that she acted very stupid not preventing Amanda to seek Lee out. (And personally I always sort of liked Francine in a weird kind of way). And Billy was very annoying in my opinion. Very little character development here.

    The brochure thing is absolutly amazing, one can not help but wonder, who prints these things, after all in those times you could not really do something like that with normal office supplies. The way you point it out is a lot more amusing than the amusement I felt when watching it.

    Great recap!



    • Hi Julia! You like Francine? that is fantastic!! I would love to hear your take on her and her actions as we make our way through the episodes… please share your thoughts – I think I love to hate Francine.. it’s just so much fun 🙂 and that means I am sometimes maybe a little unfair to her 🙂

      Haaaa oh great! Yeah I was laughing away to myself over ‘secret weapons for sale brochure’ lol.. I think they should have immediately followed it up with Dotty hosting a tupperware party or something – showing the brochure and the price lists.. that would have been a hoot!

      Glad you are enjoying the episode! thanks so much for commenting!!


    • Hi Julia, I like Francine too. I think she’s a perfect foil for Amanda and basically a good person deep down, you just have to take her with a pinch of salt. And Martha obviously played her for laughs, and seemed to be having fun with the character. I could write a whole essay about why I like her but I’m sure you don’t want to read that 😀


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