7/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Off Lee and Amanda drive, bomb on board Winking smile heading down the road towards who knows what.. but they have each other Smile awhhh.. We are reminded that the saviour is in the back and is armed.. like we could forget. LOL.. the trailer is hired from the ‘Happy Trails Trailer Rentals’ – Love that smk irony!

I have to laugh as Ballon and the General see Amanda pulling up to their meet – driving along a dirt road, the trailer bouncing up and down err 187if the bomb wasn’t already armed, it certainly would be now! ..(Love the friendly wave out the window!)

188Amanda pulls up, the baddies do their little exchange Lee hiding in the back seat looks like a 10 year old playing with his toy gun! 189Love Amanda’s look of shocked horror as she sees all the cases full of money- you just know she is thinking- these men are so unsavoury! Smile

190Ballon: Don’t be stupid, Stetson. We’ve got automatic weapons. You have no backup.
191Lee: You remember the Wrangler operation? The one-man bust, with a full Agency backup.  You don’t really think I’d be dumb enough to walk in here with a homemaker from Arlington, do you?
Amanda: He would never do that.image
192Lee: We’ve got tanks —
193Amanda: Plenty of tanks, big tanks.image
Lee: — and air support.
Amanda: Plenty of air support.
imageShe is too funny here!!!!

Lee pulls Amanda over to the Savior and threatens to shoot it and blow everyone up – only when he sees it – Lee realises its armed!!! Watch Amanda when Lee realises the bomb is going to blow.. and he tells everyone to get back.. Amanda is not sure where Lee is going with this but she backs him up – pointing to the bomb signalling yeah! it’s gonna blow!!  and looks confident! heheee..

Oh and suddenly all the baddies hear the bomb ticking?? Ballon and the General walked over to it when Amanda first arrived and they didn’t hear a thing! (Amanda can’t hear it at all??!!) 195Love how they are total cowards and run away!! (why wouldn’t you get in the helicopter and fly away? ) 

196Hurray Amanda is thinking- we fooled them!!! those suckers.. baddies are so dumb.. Winking smileIt isn’t until it dawns on her how stressed Lee is and that the baddies are gone and he isn’t putting on an act- this is for real!

197Lee: Amanda, stay back! I told you to stay back, now go on!
Amanda: What are you talking about?
Lee: I’m serious. It’s gonna blow.
199Amanda: Say what?
Lee: I said it’s gonna blow!
… and the hunt for a pin begins!

Yippee Amanda finds a pin.. her go the bombers Pin.. (hey great 200continuity from last week! ) A very funny word play here.. Yep go the bombers! (not the bomb!)

I love the smile he gives Amanda.. I love all the smiles he gives Amanda Smile I think, if Lee hadn’t admitted they were friends before this.. he would certainly have been doing so after!!!! Ok she didn’t realise the bomb was really armed immediately..but she did eventually and she still didn’t run… ( I think this is kind of downplayed back at the officeSad smile) she stayed with Lee.. I think Lee should have been wearing a ‘Go Bombers’ baseball cap in the Tag – as a thank you to Amanda and the bombers! 202Amanda: I wonder why everybody ran away like that.
Lee: I don’t know. Something we said, you think?
Yes Amanda. his sense of humour is a bit lame(in an affectionate kind of way! ) and yeah.. you nearly got blown up!!! I think Amanda is finding it a little difficult at that moment to see the humour Lee!! but that smile?? ahhhh…image

Well, Amanda’s lucky day again! Not only did they not get blown up.. but she got the prized parking spot out the front of IFF again!!

Lee and Amanda check out the photos of the baddies with Billy and Francine..

Amanda: You mean I took these pictures with that little bitty camera?imageimage
I agree Amanda- I find it hard to believe you took that photo! Look how perfectly posed they are LOL!.. but.. grrrr… there the writers go again overdoing the self depreciation.. come on Amanda.. little bitty camera winky woo??? GAG!

208Amanda: Well, I just can’t believe it. You know, the pictures that I usually take, when I 210walk into the photo store, the lady just looks at me and points at me and laughs.imageimage
211Francine laughs at Amanda’s joke?? eh??
When did Amanda take this pic of the cases?? see the baddies’ feet
209behind the cases?? LOL.. no way she took that one on that itty bitty camera!
LOL! Billy apologises for the agents running away when they heard about the bomb: You’d have to understand who’s involved in this in order to appreciate it. You see, we
finally got a fix on your location when we picked up a report on state 213police radio about some clown on top of a lady’s station wagon on Kensington Road.
214Lee: Clown?
Billy: Well, that’s their description, not mine.
215Anyway, since the station wagon did come out of that tunnel. . .(and Billy, you did actually know Amanda had been recruited by Ballon, and ‘not told’ on Blue Leader’s orders, about the operation. No?!) Billy 219put 2 and 2 and 2 and 2 together and fiiiinally got 4.. and then he phoned Fred!
Lee: Fred.
216Amanda: Fred Fielder.
217Billy: The Fred we all know and love.
We see Fred across the bullpen roughly tossing his belongings into a box.. tee hee.. Love how Lee and Amanda exchange a look between them here!!!
220Francine: Maybe you’ll get lucky, Lee, and he’ll leave the philodendron.
218Lee: Ooh.
( Lee is very funny when he does this!!!) image
Billy: Anyway, Fred got the call, found the field, and scooped up Ballon and the others. Unfortunately, someone mentioned that the bomb was live and Fred just . . . just. . . .
Francine: I think the word you’re looking for, Billy, is “panicked.”
221Amanda: Poor Fred.


I like Amanda’s gracious and non-gloating response here in sympathy for Fred.. very classy! and.. I think Lee likes it and takes note of it too! 223
Is that not a look of great admiration in his eyes when Lee smiles and looks at her responding to Amanda????!!!!  Swoooooon!!1swoon

224Billy: Yeah. Poor Fred. What about you, Amanda? When did you actually find out about the bomb?
225Amanda: Oh. Just
226227before it didn’t go off.

 No no no no!! I don’t like the end bit where Amanda says she found out about the bomb right before it didn’t go off.. it’s not true.. it makes it sound like she had no chance to run and that is why she didn’t…

I would have liked some acknowledgement that Amanda stayed.. but I guess Lee’s camaraderie with Amanda after stopping the bomb and patting her arm and laughing and stuff was his way of acknowledging that she didn’t run.. He knows.. so I will just have to be happy with that!

I think this episode carries on well from last week, and the theme of friendship.. as we have Lee denying they are friends – but it is for his cover, and he seems to regret having to do it ( not that he had to but I promise I won’t flog that dead horse anymore!), and finally we have Lee telling Amanda how much he appreciates her trust in him, and their friendship – yes!!! An admission finally!! It will only take a few more seasons till we get an ILY Winking smile haaa..

Ok everyone! that’s all for this episode, hope you enjoyed it! Any overall thoughts about the episode you would like to share? As always, I am thrilled to hear any thoughts you would like to share – and I bet other readers are interested too!! Smile byeee

10 responses to “7/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. That bouncing car on the dirt road makes me laugh every time!!! (Though hilariously I always hold my breath thinking the bomb is going to explode…) Overall an interesting episode for the end of Season 1 and gives us something to go back and compare Burn Out to….


  2. OMG–I swear Amanda asks “Do you need a pen?” and Lee responds “Yes, I need a pen.” (Pen, not pin!) Then Amanda says “I’ve got a pin in my purse.” (Back to pin again.)

    I looooove Lee’s smile at/to Amanda, and I also love the myriad of expressions shooting across Amanda’s face as she’s processing what just happened (the near miss with the bomb, and maybe Lee’s lame joke and his gorgeous smile too–LOL). Again, KJ is magnificent. (And BB’s hands working the pin are pretty magnificent, too. Swoon… thud!)


  3. Funny now Amanda nervously keeps looking behind her in the back of the car…..and not a single bad guy noticed! Too busy counting the loot obviously.
    Um Lee lets not over egg the pudding with talks of tanks LOL
    I never thought of the connection between bomb and Bombers *smacks own head* duh!
    Amanda yet again displays her loyalty by staying behind to help Lee and woo hoo doesn’t she earn a great smile and a touch on the arm for her trouble (we will skip by the lame joke) 😉


  4. I just want to know who does Francine’s hair? Maybe I’ve forgotten the 80’s hairdos, but most of the time her hair looks frumpy and makes her look older. Amanda’s hair is waaay better than Francine’s. They should have made Francine wear the head thingys and not Amanda.


    • I think Martha Smith was tortured enough with the brain sucking earrings, the unique fashion choices and enough makeup to stop a bullet. She (and we) shouldn’t be tortured with head bands as well. *SHUDDER!*. BTW — Welcome aboard!


      • Haha…too true! I’m chuckling to myself picturing Francine with the ginormous earrings, prison garb, that blue eye shadow completed with a matching blue head band….Ugh!

        Thanks for the welcome, I am happy to have found this site!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    I don’t think that I would have sat right down in front of that bomb!! Amanda really is a humble person and should be admired for that…she knows she didn’t run and so does Lee who cares who else knows 🙂


  6. I love that Amanda’s so supportive of Lee, even if he doesn’t come right out and say how appreciative he is.

    “Is that not a look of great admiration in his eyes when Lee smiles and looks at her responding to Amanda????!!!! Swoooooon!!”

    Oh, I agree, Iwsod! That crooked half-smile (okay, let’s face it, any smile) that showcases his dimples is definitely swoon-worthy!


  7. Melissa Vivens

    I love how Amanda’s critique of the baddies is how unsavory they are. She certainly has a talent for understatements.


  8. OMH — the decision to run away rather than using the helicoptor and having Amanda drive with a live missle on such a bumpy road — I guess the bad guys were pretty dumb in this episode too.
    The whole Amanda’s camera dialogue is truly cringe worthy — where is the confident kick a$$ woman we met in the first few episodes? And didn’t she minor in photojournalism? 40 lashes with a wet noodle for the writers.
    At least we got some sweet moments between Lee and Amanda.


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