1/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hey! Like the new font?? Smile I’m not looking forward to this episode guys! so thought a new font could cheer me up a bit Winking smile Maybe we can get through this together… Any smk episode is worthwhile, I grant you.. maybe it’s just my current mood, but I feel like maybe I could ‘Artfully Dodge’ this episode!!

Sooooo you have been warned!! I’m not feeling the love for this episode.. and my thoughts may be even more narky than usual Winking smile please feel free to comment and share any positive thoughts you have on this episode – they may be needed to balance out my complaining Smile here..tee heee..

Whooo what do you think of the synthesised scarecrow and mrs king theme? It chimes in after we see the title and we view the skyline.. Anyway, the show opens with a scary dog barking in the distance.. It’s night, and someone is breaking into this place:01
Yep,  the sign really does say  “positively no admittance”..  I thought No admittance meant no admittance.. but.. I guess not in smk land!

The burglar gets inside, punches in the numbers on the keypad ( ‘5562*’? a 4 digit pin??? LOL>> it is soooo super secure!!) and pulls a canister of something out of the cupboard, and transfers it’s contents into a canister of his own- I can’t see what it is.. Maybe it is the recipe for Kentucky fried chicken..

A Mr Grainger is at the front desk kicking up a 04stink that he can’t get through although he doesn’t have his plastic security pass.. a really big 02stink… as Grainger distracts, the burglar slips on by.. and manages to escape. killing a pesky guard on the way out who nearly screwed up his timing..

Whooo cool transition! We go from seeing the dying guard press the alarm ( which sounds like a comedy horn or something!) to the doorbell ringing at Amanda’s!

Amanda and Dotty are all dolled up and ready for a night on the town.. They both go to answer the front door..
Dotty: maybe I should have worn a full skirt. Gerald loves to dip.
Dotty’s dating Gerald eh… she is looking gorgeous – go Dotty! What is Amanda up to? another non-date with Lee? Let’s open the door and see what the prize is behind it! Ta Da!! Some strange man (no prize believe me! grrr) He’s there for Amanda.. With flowers to boot.. Check out the hand on the hip as they open the door! ugh..
I do Hate this guy!
Creep: ‘Divine’ is not a word I generally use, but your mother is absolutely right’
Amanda welcomes in Alan (gag), he apologises for being later and Amanda says he gets 2 points for calling and 2 points for the flowers..( remember Dean use to call to say he would be on time Winking smile LOL!)

I can’t watch this pretending I don’t know what happens.. and what’s coming.. I just can’t stand this man and put that aside!LOL! This man is in full charm mode..Charming Dotty.. She is impressed with his music 08knowledge.. while Amanda quietly watches the two of them chatting.. if I didn’t know better I’d say Amanda is not so charmed by Alan..

Still, maybe it’s good for Lee to see that Amanda is out dating other men and that she has options! (Last week we learned that it is good to remember that you have options!!Winking smile ) Take that Lee Stetson.. Amanda isn’t going to sit around waiting for you..

09Alan: In my apartment in Paris, I have a collection of all the original Ellington sides.
( At this we see Amanda 10turn around to fully face them. To me, she doesn’t look impressed, rather that she knows he is impressing Dotty.. but she herself is unimpressed with his apartment location droppingWinking smile ) Hey, a
ny man speaking to his date’s mother who starts a sentence saying “in my apartment in Paris…..” is definitely up to no good!! Winking smile

Alan sells art huh? hmmm… Ok.. and the title is called the artful dodger? and… the episode opened with a burglar?? (Did you recognise Alan as the burglar with the face paint the first time you saw this? I can’t remember..) smk has made it really easy for it’s viewers.. Alan is the artful dodger.. ok.. Next episode! …… errrr no wait..
I better watch this one to the end.. you never know. Lee might show signs of jealousy or something that will make this interesting to watch! Amanda and Alan head out for a night on the town.. Oh my gosh.. Amanda is heading out on a date with Art Garfunkel!!! I swear he looks just like him.. (and hey there is another reference to the ARTFUL dodger.. )

please tell me it is not just me who thinks this Alan looks just like Art Garfunkel from Simon and Garfunkel!!! I’m surprised the guy didn’t call Amanda ‘Mrs Robinson’!!
Ugh!!! the final nail down the blackboard?? Dotty 11wishes Amanda and Alan a good night, closes the door and gushes to herself over Alan
Dotty: Ohh!!! He’s so cute! (GAG!!!)

LOL… ‘so cute’ is still ringing in my ears – and we cut to a body bag being zipped up… just a bit of Alan’s artwork Dotty… I can’t wait for this guy to get his comeuppance! Lee and Billy arrive at the Army Centre where the break-in occurred.. they’re under attack from an officer who believes their 12security plan is to blame for this break-in. Lee is adamant it is not there fault. Seems to me their all being idiots.. but then that’s the kind of mood I am in Winking smile  The officer’s sidekick repeats everything he says for added emphasis.. LOL.. it is downright annoying! Love Lee’s line here:
13Lee: you get your birdseed wholesale or what!ROFL! Good call Lee! the man is totally parroting!!
Uh oh.. l
ooks like Lee is wearing his cranky pants!
I love how Billy talks Lee down saying ‘Lee please,
14we have to work with these people’ – he says it right in front of them! and it sounds like he is saying yes they are idiots but we still have to work with them so shut up!! tee heeee..
OK smk.. I’m a taken down me notes here Smile The umbrella defence against enemy missiles plans 15are kept on 3 separate sheets, which when combined give the information.. one of them 25was stolen – sooooo guess the thief will be out to get the other two now… (drat.. you mean it wasn’t the legacy of Colonel Sanders?)

Back to Amanda and her date Alan,  they are dining at “Le Trianon” – The word Trianon makes me immediately think of Versailles.. and the two residences there the Petit Trianon and the Grand Trianon.. wasn’t that where the mistresses lived??? ( ie the concubine??)
Ok, I looked it up.. the Petit Trianon was constructed by Louis XV for his mistress Madame de Pompadour (who died before it was finished) and ended up being occupied by his next mistress Madame du Barry.. sooo It was a harem.. gee I wonder if they had a special ring for the King’s mistress!

Sorry for the history lesson but this is interesting!! (Whereas Alan.. gag.. charming on Amanda.. isn’t.. ) The Grand Trianon was built by Louis XIV so he could spend time alone with his mistress the Marquise de Montespan – who was his favourite mistress!!! (did she have a concubine ring???!!!) geee.. what relevance could this have to this episode????!!!!!

17The first dialogue we hear at the restaurant is Alan lamenting that 18Amanda isn’t dazzled- and he has been trying to do so all night long.. I agree, she is kinda flat!

Alan: Who is he? …. The man. There must be a man. There must be somebody who’s uh more 19attentive than I am.. ( well that ain’t Lee-yet!), who’s better looking (definitely Lee!) and who has a deadlier aftershave (Estee Lauder??? Winking smile)…. What’s his name?
The first time I saw this I am sure I was thinking Lee Lee Lee!!! but.. now I am seeing it I am thinking – He knows she has a working relationship with Lee and he is sussing out if that is all it is.. and at the same time, charming her and leading in to giving her the ring..

What do you guys think? IMO, I don’t know if Amanda would be consciously thinking about Lee at this point in time while out on a date with another man..
Amanda responds: No, there isn’t anybody. No,
20there really isn’t. There’s nobody special in my life, I see, you know, a few people and that’s…
Soooo Amanda.. who are these other people that you ‘see’ but who are not special hmmmmm?? Very curious!!!!
At that moment, Alan chooses to give her the ring 21“to improve my rating“.. Ohhh you’ve got to love those smk close ups that look nothing like the wide shots  See the 22terror which flashes immediately onto Amanda’s face as she sees it’s a ring? – Run Amanda!!! 
I think there is a quiet little voice in Amanda saying to her – this isn’t right!! but she doesn’t listen.. I thought she learned that lesson with Dean! Sad smile 

Amanda tries to return the ring, but Alan isn’t having it.. ooohhh I will spare myself typing out 23this dialogue.. I just want Alan –Gone!! and that ugly ring gone!!! Ohh the irony, Alan explains it is a special ring.. it’s special alright!
24(and the perfect spy ring!)
A concubine ring.. EWWW.. I love how Amanda says how can she misunderstand the ring? boy scouts where boy scout rings and graduates where graduate rings.. so why would she read anything into being given a concubine ring?? whoooo they have known each other for 2 whole weeks? (I love that Alan asks Amanda, but she doesn’t know how long they have known each other exactly, he has to tell her – whereas with Lee in We’re off to see the wizard, after more than three years – they both know exactly how long they have known each other.. hmm can I skip to that epiosde now??!! 😉 don’t worry I won’t!!)
 Come on Amanda.. why are you bothering with this bozo!!

P.S for a man who deals in beauty- this ring is ugly as!!!!! There is another clue that the man is not what he says he is!! heheheeee.. Also, any man who gives a woman a concubine ring as a friendship ring?? Is up to no good Winking smile 

All this friendship stuff and Alan’s wishing it was more but well it is just a friendship ring and no strings, and I want you to wear it always? HUH????? I …. Don’t…. get it!!!!!

I am surprised Amanda wears a concubine ring.. the only explanation I can come up with is – she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings and say no! thoughts anyone??? or have you all stopped reading after the first few paragraphs because this episode is so cringeworthy!!! teee heeee..

I found a positive to this scene!! When Amanda goes to ‘try on’ the ring, we see her hands in close up, and she takes off her ring which is on her ring 26finger on her right hand- and swaps it to her ring finger on her left hand – so she can then put the ugly ring on her ring finger on her right hand! I 27like that!! because she could have just put it on her left ring finger.. but nooo she didn’t! good girl Amanda.. I guess.. although not wearing it at all would have been better Winking smile 

Ok ok! I found another positive!  Love her line that ends this scene.. Amanda says “I will wear it on one condition, you have to explain it to my mother!” Great line Smile 

And on that positive note.. I will sign off..  eek!!! can I continue with this episode??? … and why exactly does it bug me so much? ( get it?? bug… grrrr) ok byeee all and thanks for reading!  

36 responses to “1/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Hmmm…the Artful Dodger. Not my favorite episode, but only because of Mr. Concubine Ring. Despite Lee’s behavior, I think it is an interesting time for him in his journey. I am watching in revised episode order (LOOOOOOVE the order). I think Art Garfunkel and his little code name have a lot to do with this title…but maybe Lee is really who the title is referring to: he is definitely dodging his feelings right now. Having this after Lost and Found, I think it makes sense that he is at a confusing place emotionally, and since Amanda and Dotty briefly touch on Dean in that episode (and in my opinion, Amanda seems so done with him there), it also makes sense that she starts seeing someone else in this episode. Well, and perhaps she is feeling a little dodgy emotionally, too, when Alan asks her about “the man”. She, too, is coming from Lost and Found and everything that entailed for her with the Eva/Lee relationship. I think they are both in a transitional place emotionally, or at least not really sure where their emotional footing lies. Does that make any sense?


  2. I’ve been thinking about Amanda’s reaction to Alan, and that she was duped, but sometimes, especially when you’re a woman, all the sweet things, the attentiveness that happens during courtship seem to disappear after marriage. I suspect that in many ways Amanda is taken for granted, certainly the audience see her as a sexy, attractive woman, but as yet Lee can’t or won’t see her in that way. So a man paying attention to her is very flattering. She’s not superwoman, she makes mistakes, as does Scarecrow and that makes them more rounded characters and more believable.

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  4. Bad day at work so am hoping (fruitlesslessly??) that this episode will cheer me up. Lee’s hair looks v strange here. And “Art” \Alan needs that bush CUT OFF!! However the birdseed comment gave me a good laugh…


  5. I confess I had never heard of a concubines ring until this episode…….I have lived such a sheltered life!
    Boy if any man schmoozed this much to me and presented me with a fugly ring after only 2 weeks of dating I’d be running a mile! I sense Amanda’s hesitancy BUT given her pervious boyfriend gave her book ends as a present clearly Alan is a breath of fresh air!

    And why is Amanda dressed in white. Again. Is she being the pure virgin again……

    *walks off singing “here’s to you Mrs Robinson…..”>


  6. This episode came up during some comments on a recent season 2 episode. Someone mentioned Lost and Found and how hard it was to watch Lee get betrayed both personally and professionally by Eva Spinelli. I mentioned that it might of been what affected his behavior in the next episode. Since I watched season 1 in Iwsod’s revised order, this was the next episode and it made a bit more sense of Lee. If he was reacting to the betrayl I could see him changing his hair and dress as a response, trying to look different and more professional. Iwsod mentioned that it might have been like he was putting on armor. And the fact that it was his security plan that was being questioned and compromised in this episode would have gotten to him more than it might have at another time.
    I also think his reaction to the betrayl in Lost and Found had affected his anger towards Amanda as she let herself be used by the Dodger. I wonder if after the experience he had with Eva and Amanda’s steadfast friendship during it, that he was angered that she was used by someone and angry at her for falling for it. It doesn’t excuse his behavior but it explained it for me more than thinking that he was just indignant or even jealous. I think he may have begun to put Amanda on a pedastal of sorts, for her virtue and loyalty, and then she got duped too. That might have shook Lee up, the part of him that was beginning to trust in another person. Does that make any sense?


    • Yes! It makes perfect sense!! Love your take on this!


    • I agree too – I think it makes a lot of sense! I can see how he would project more anger than normal toward Amanda for being duped by the Dodger because his anger toward himself for what he let happen in Lost and Found has got to still be pretty raw!


    • Hi Morley! Hey this sounds good to me!!! anything that can explain why Lee is so awful in this episode is alright by me!

      I only wish the writers had added some kind of indication in the episode that this was what was happening with Lee..there were reasons why he was so awful but they aren’t really thrashed out in the episode.. LOL.. I still wouldn’t accept his treatment of Amanda anyway though! though, I might have been more forgiving as a whole if the apology at the end had been more overt.. for me it didn’t cut it!

      At the end of Lost and Found Lee is actually really happy and sharing that joyful ‘It’s over!!!!!’ with Amanda! he isn’t withdrawing- if anything he is drawing Amanda closer!
      Lee after that joyful moment decided to withdraw back into his scarecrow persona?? fair enough.. that could have been a great plot – only smk forgot to tell us about it 😉 thank goodness we have us fans to fill in the logic gaps! 🙂

      But – I’ll happily go with your suggestion here Morley! In that.. I wish this was what was happening!

      [I still see it as a mistep in characterisation – but hey.. they can’t get it right all the time eh!]

      Keep those thoughts coming Morley!! Great to hear from you byeeeee!!


      • I know, SMK tends not to be very explicit in characterization and I found it difficult to make sense of things. But I watched the series in a different order other than how they aired and with a pad and pen next to me and created something that made sense to me (first few episodes of season 3 I really switched around due to Amanda’s hair length and necklace choices as well as your revised order and production order of season 2). As I did it began to make sense (your episode discussions helped as did the ones on Yuku) and I really think the actors knew what they were doing with the characters even if the writers might not have all the time. So I felt free to read into their actions and gave it the background story that I needed. So far I am up to Wrong Number in season 3 and it has made the series even better. I am also determined to discover a reason why Amanda cut her hair in season 2 although that may prove to be very difficult. Maybe the fan fic with the gum will be the best explanantion:)


    • Oh Morley, you may have saved me from taking this episode and sending it straight to video streaming purgatory! Good explanation for Lee’s reactions (I too am using your revised S1 order, so thank you iswod; makes much more sense of the plot line for the series). But still, did Amanda get a lobotomy between LAF and this episode?!? Why didn’t she run screaming into the night when Mr-I-am-so-very-smooth-and-debonair was trying to smooze her with those atrocious lines and a concubine ring?!?! Maybe she had a concussion relapse or something. Just saying…..


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  8. OMG, Art Garfunkel! You are spot on! Too funny….this guy is creepy…and pushy. Ick. But you know, I gotta hand it to Amanda, she must have some great self-esteem or something. All these jet-setter men just fall for her left and right and she doesn’t seem to question it! First there was James Delano, now creepy Art, then the heel clicking lint-picking bone structure liking baron in season 2 and finally Alan Chamberlin the document guy from Italy in season 3. Why does it take Lee so dang long to see just how beautiful she is when these guys spot it right away! Ok, maybe creepy Art and the big bad baron weren’t sincere, but I think they noticed her beauty.


  9. Melissa Robertson

    I’d be cranky too if someone was telling me that I didn’t do my job well!!! What happened to Amanda’s good judge of people’s character…accepting that ugly ring after only knowing the guy for 2 weeks!?!


  10. Lee’s not wearing his cranky pants…it’s his cranky hair that’s bugging him. Couldn’t find the comb with the two missing teeth this morning I guess.


    • Hi Stacy!! so great to hear from you it’s been a while!! 🙂 I hope you are well!!

      Ohhh nooo you have stopped by the blog when I am in the middle of an episode I can’t stand!!! – I really do love this show- honest!!! 🙂

      That annoying kid from ACM kid got cute?? no way! I don’t believe it!!

      The kid was such an overactor it was tedious.. but at least ACM kid had lots of great Lee and fiesty Amanda moments to make up for it!

      Ahhhh hahahahah!!! Love your comment’s about Lee’s cranky hair Stacy – your not diggin the sidepart snooty look either?
      Great to hear from you 🙂


  11. Melissa Vivens

    When watching these episodes recently for the first time in decades, I began to wonder what actually happened to Dean. When did Amanda break it off with him? It seems like he just disappeared. Mind you, I knew he had to go! 🙂 I feel like if the show had been written today, the writers would have written something in to let us know that the relationship was over.


    * You do have to admit, that by comaprison to the superduper security of saviour in the last episode, a 4 digit pin # is a huge improvement.
    * Art Garfunkel ROTFLOL!
    * I love the contrast of what Dotty is wearing for her date and what Amanda is wearing for hers. Dotty is rocking the low cut blouse.
    * Who else would have loved the scene where Alan has to explain to Dotty why exactly he was giving her daughter a fugly concubine ring?


    • Is it me, or does Art Garfunkle have a reeeeally big head and an itty-bitty wee little face? He looks like a potato.


      • Hey, when you’ve got a voice like an angel, it doesn’t matter what you look like. I always thought Art Garfunkel was a reasonably good looing chap despite his interestingly disarranged hair. I never would have connected him to this episode if I hadn’t read this blog – maybe the writers were having a bit of fun with the Dodger/Garfunkel resemblance.


  13. Is it really that bad?? Personally I thought A.C.M. Kid was the worst to watch in season 1. I just could not stand the boy. But of course I can still remember some goodness in that episode, but I do not remember anything at all from this one, even though I watched it very recently so maybe you are right.


    • The hardest one for me to watch was definitely the one with Eva Spinelli. If Thoughts Could Kill was pretty weak IMHO (remind me to tell you sometime how that episode busted me big time). I didn’t mind ACM kid so much because had KJ’s great adlibbed line “Frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was a major disappointment!” . The closet scene with Amanda telling Lee “Don’t bite me, don’t bite me!” was also hilarious, but I agree with you the kid was annoying.

      I’ll have to watch this one again, but I recall that Lee’s treatment of Amanda when the secret of ring was revealed was not exactly nice considering he almost married a KGB agent.


      • Hey Cindy! I’ll respond about the episode as a whole once I’ve finished covering the episode.. or I will get sidetracked completely by all my complaining!!!! argh!!! yeah I thought of Lost and Found too.. but will respond about why Lost and Found is better soon in my post byeeeee!!


    • Memento Peluce. I used to have nightmares about him when I was a kid. Something about his hair…and he kept showing up as a guest star on my favourite shows…Benson, The Love Boat, Happy Days, The A-Team, Silver Spoons, Remington Steele, Punky Brewster…the kid nearly wrecked my childhood. I was terrified of him.


      • I just looked at recent photos…dang, he grew into a hottie. But I refuse to redact my previous statement.


      • LOL! AW! I hope you have gotten over your Pelucephobia. Do you remember the show Voyagers? I was so conflicted. On one hand — Jon-Erik Hexum. On the other — Meeno. He must have been a producer’s kid or something.


  14. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had the impression that she was dating men she met during her ordinary day – divorced fathers, mostly. I think she knew she was interested in Lee at this point, but didn’t have any hopes of a permanent relationship, other than as friends. After Dean and with confidence growing as she began to excel at the agency, she was beginning to stretch her wings in her dating life.

    I remember knowing that Alan was obviously up to no good, and not liking him. (And, yes, he does look a bit like Garfunkel.)


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