2/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before I continue: Firstly, apologies if you love this episode Smile Secondly, I have to say a big thanks to Cindy, Melissa, Debilyn and Julia who responded to my last post – thanks for the encouragement!!

I may find some gems which improve my opinion of this episode!! If you love it – please! share why!! I’d love to hear a different point of view. So.. On with the show!!

Back to IFF.. Lee’s fashions really are very snooty aren’t they -ugh.. how does he still manage to look so gorgeous? though he does look like he has a silver spoon up his butt- Lee.. please get rid of the side part- double breasted- tie pin and the shiny matchy matchy hanky and tie.. Nooooo!!.. still love ya though!

Lee still has on his cranky pants, he was really rude to those army dudes..
Lee: George, do you mind?
28George: Nope. You’re not bothering me, Lee.  Open-mouthed smile
Lee: When was the last time you found a bug in a blueprint?

Lee’s out to prove that the army is trying to pass the blame onto the agency, when it is the army’s fault..and he wants an agent to help him..but Francine is busy.. someone who has smarts and can run a stopwatch..
Lee: All right, then, let me have Jenny Chang. Morel, Leftwich, anybody, it doesn’t matter, I just need somebody with some smarts that can run a stopwatch and a microfilm machine.
(We see George hold up his little wand there and turn it off.., he tells Billy he’s all clear and Lee glares at him as if to say how dare you interrupt me again! ugh.. what is Lee’s problem..)
: … Listen, you can forget Chang, forget Morel Are you sure you don’t want Fred Fielder?
(Lee should work with Fred for punishment!)

sooooo why doesn’t Lee even think about Amanda?? I think he is trying to avoid her.. she terrifies him!! but.. he would never admit that not even to himself..
Lee: Are you sure you want me to answer that with a lady present?

I don’t see a lady present Lee.. it is just Francine!!

Of course, Billy spies Amanda waiting outside his office and he suggests her.. Wha??? Lee is back to 31the ‘I don’t like Amanda at the beginning of the episode’ routine.. Lee wants an agent, not a civilian, and seems unimpressed… this all seems like a huge step backwards to me, and I have no patience with it in this already frustrating and unlikeable episode!

Francine responds to Lee’s objections over 32Amanda with: I hear Fred runs a dynamite microfilm machine, Lee.
(I’m so cranky with Lee’s attitude I am cheering Francine’s dig at Lee here!! – what.. is Francine wearing????!!!!!!! )

Ugh! and it gets worse!! Amanda comes in and starts a rant about what needs to happen to her hours.. Ahhh man… I hate it when smk make her look really dumb.. Amanda this guy is your boss! ( I know it is so easy to forget that about Billy, but still Winking smile ) As Amanda rants away Lee starts rubbing his head..

Amanda only worked 11 hours last week? how is she suppose to live off that?? It doesn’t really make sense that she could run a household and never know how many hours she will work, how much she will get paid, and if she will get kidnapped and be home in time to put the dinner on .. you know?

Francine catches sight of Amanda’s ring, just as Amanda explains to Billy she has plans for that night..

Francine’s reaction to the ring : whooo Amanda dear! is that why you’re busy tonight!….. very busy apparently !

LOL at the fast zoom in on Amanda’s ring as 35Francine notices it! Amanda seems to be a little amused at Francine’s noticing and her implication, until Lee butts in and talks to her like she is a child!

33Lee’s reaction to the ring: Amanda, do you know what that is! (Lee immediately assumes Amanda doesn’t know what the ring is!! He talks to Amanda like she is a 10 year old and he resents having to look after her yet again.. pha! ) Lee is so serious and intent on setting Amanda straight on this ring, while Francine is just smirking away and Amanda doesn’t want to talk about the ring.. oh Lee.. you are starting to act snooty too!

34Amanda explains she actually knows that.. but to her it was given in friendship so it is a friendship ring, in a kind of end of story way.. Love Francine’s line here as she leaves them:

36Francine: Okay. Sure. Friendship. Smile She seems to me to not judge Amanda, she just finds the fuss highly amusing! at least that is my take on it.. There’s something really wrong with an episode when my favourite character in a scene is Francine.. eek…

Amanda directs Billy straight back to the job at hand!
Amanda: Sir, I could, uh, rearrange my schedule and change my plans if you — if you need me.
(Lee really doesn’t want to work with Amanda!)Lee: No, no, no, hey. You’ve got a heavy date, forget it.
Amanda: I don’t have a heavy date.
Lee: No, really.
Amanda: This is — I don’t have a heavy date —
Lee blurts: Who gave you that ring?
(Billy turns to look at Lee here-and then silent Amanda.. who is stunned he would ask her this!)
Amanda: Oh, I don’t think you should ask me a personal question like that.
Lee: Personal? I wasn’t being personal.
38Amanda: Especially here.
Lee: I’m just asking a simple question.
They both argue at the same time until finally Billy stops it.[it is worth watching this scene through 3 times.. each time listening to only one particular person as all three of them are speaking at the same time! but I don’t have time to transcribe exactly what they say sorry!) I love that Amanda tells Lee he shouldn’t be asking her that! go Amanda! Lee is still really grouchy here..but he isn’t being overly emotional either..he says he isn’t being personal he is simply interested because it is a ring that you would not see very often ( and thank goodness for that-gag)
Billy: Amanda. Scarecrow….. Scarecrow! Amanda! …. Listen!
Amanda: — Sir, I’m sorry.
Billy: Scarecrow, I’ve got just two words for you- Fred Fielder.
Lee: How about seven-thirty?
Amanda: I’ll help you.
( he doesn’t deserve it or appreciate it.!! )
Billy: Good. Now, if you’ll just stop blindsighting each other and go out and get some concrete evidence that this P-WAC thing isn’t our fault.
Amanda: Excuse me, sir, what is a peewack?
40Lee: P-WAC! Potomac Weapons and Armament Center. P-WAC, okay?!
41(The way Lee says this to her? after she just agreed to help him when he could have been stuck with Fred Fielder? Lee is sooo rude!!! He talks to her like she is an idiot and he shouldn’t have to waste his breath explaining something like that to a civilian!)
Amanda: Okay.
Lee: Don’t worry about it, Billy. I’ve got a few ideas already.
42Billy: You’d better have some ideas, because if this business turns out to be our mess-up and it gets kicked upstairs, you know what that means.
Lee: Iceland?
Billy: Iceland if we’re lucky! And national security goes down the drain.

btw- poor Iceland! It is suppose to be quite a lovely country!!
Lee sighs. He looks over at Amanda. She doesn’t seem to react, hey- national security is at stake every week Winking smile 

Talk like that to Amanda again Lee and you will wish you were in Iceland!!

Next thing we find the baddies playing chess in 43the park.. whooo more refined chess playing baddies. I wonder if they are more dastardly than the common tea sipping baddie… we shall see!! We learn that Alan is using Mrs King.. yawn.. please get on with it..

Next thing Alan and Amanda are leaving Amanda’s home talking.. Alan says he is flying to Rome, Amanda says she is sorry she has to break their date for that night.. Alan says it’s that man again.. blah blah.. He says this having listened in to her conversations all day long, he knows she is doing a job that night with Lee.. ugh.. I guess these little references are a bone to Lee and Amanda shippers? but.. I’m just not feelin it.. 44Alan does the whole think of me and wear the ring always routine, and somehow Amanda seems to respond to it, Aha! I think I have it.. after getting all that cranky pants Lee at work? Alan (on the face of it) is sweet and attentive, and actually nice to Amanda it’s such a 45welcome relief, she can’t help but accept his kind words! and the ugly ring!! Winking smile I do still think though she isn’t into Alan, and is wearing the ring because she doesn’t want to say no.. yet..  ohhh Phew.. no goodbye kiss.. or I was seriously going to hurl.. ( It would have been funny if he had called to her ‘ Be good!’ Like Dean did to Amanda as he left on the train in the first time! LOL!)

I am probably biased, since I have a strong dislike of this episode, but this episode feels like it should be earlier in the season- what do you think? I think the episode feels off anyway, but it would be less ‘off’ if it were before the Mole – I just feel like after the mole and savior – this episode feels very wrong.. Lee’s impatience with Amanda is at Magic Bus level!

Also, at the end of Savior, I thought Fred was packing up his desk because he got shifted out – so how can he still be around to work with Lee? I will talk about how this fits in with the Mole at the end of the episode, I have a few ideas.. Which while not resolving most of my issues with this episode, could go a way towards making it watchable!

I can guess some may interpret Lee’s behaviour about the ring as jealousy.. but I don’t see it in this ep.. I saw it in the Mole, but so far I just get the vibe Lee is treating Amanda like a child he resents having to deal with.. hey – YMMV! – I have learned some new slang.. lol.. Your mileage may vary! (I will proably over use it from here on!)You may not dislike stuff in this episode as much as me – I have heard lots of people say they can’t stand welcome to America Mr Brand and I enjoyed it! Also, Lost and Found? while.. it is not a favourite, I prefer it to this!! There was lots in it to keep me watching – and Amanda was fantastic and clever and supportive of her friend Lee- I was really happy to watch her – but in this episode? Watching Amanda be so dumb and Lee being so rude and unlikeable? ..for me the balance is all wrong! This is not the smk that I love- and don’t mistake me – I LOVE SMK!!!! Smile 

Ok byee for now!

11 responses to “2/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. My gut says Lee isn’t so much jealous about Amanda having a date but that I don’t think it fits into his idea of Amanda and who she is. Maybe he doesn’t like the idea that she’s being a made a fool of with that fugly ring. Lee consistently pigeon holes Amanda into this wholesome mom from the ‘burbs and dating a man who’s flash doesn’t fit into that stereotype.
    As for Alan……in one way he’s the perfect boyfriend material, attentive, polite but jeez he’s too full on after only a handful of dates!!! And he’s totally trying too hard, and I am sure that’s why Amanda is so hesitant about wearing the ring. Although if I’d thought my creepy boyfriend had flown to another continent I would find it necessary to wear the ring. Sometimes Amanda is a little too goody two shoes.


  2. “Who peed in his cornflakes?” ROFLMAO!!!! Now that’s funny right there – even if evil Ava just had to share that she knows what Lee eats or doesn’t eat for breakfast…. I have a feeling when I get in bed tonight I’ll still be laughing to myself about this!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    Funny that Amanda seems very eager to break her date with Alan…IMO I think that Amanda is afraid that Alan is getting serious fast and that scares her!


  4. Melissa Vivens

    Leverage is a show about a team of thieves, computer hackers, con artists, etc who use their skills to right the wrongs committed by big corporations. It’s a fun show.


    • Hi Melissa, thanks for the recommendation.. sounds right up my alley! I’ve recently discovered Nikita and although I’ve only seen the first 5 episodes or so I am really enjoying it.. It ( and Leverage) is on hold at the moment though, as I am preparing for upcoming exams 😦 and don’t want to give up all my smk time!!!! but I’ll let you know when I get around to watching it.. Not sure it is on in Australia, but I am sure I can find it OL somewhere to give it a go 🙂 I love Burn notice – it sounds a bit like that.. only specifically kicking corporation’s butts.. cool! 🙂 haaaa…


  5. Melissa Vivens

    Can I go off on a slight tangent? Baddies are still playing chess (at least they were in 2009)… I was watching an episode of Leverage today and the head baddie was playing chess. I immediately thought of iwsod’s comments on refined baddies. I haven’t run into any tea-drinking refined baddies lately, though.


    • Hi Melissa haaaaaa keep an eye out for the tea sipping baddie.. they are terrifying!! muahahahaah!

      Haaa thanks for sharing your chess playing baddie sighting! good one!!

      I don’t know if the refined baddie is an official tv trope or something, I just noticed smk tends to go for that characterisation.. though any evidence I have to support my theory is probably down to confirmation bias! LOL>>> I see it a few times and so it must be a fact! Haaa! I just have fun with it.. these small things amuse me 🙂 Your chess playing baddie made me laugh! thanks for sharing!! ( i gotta get onto Leverage it sounds good!! )


  6. UGH! Lee is worse in this episode than I remembered. Who peed in his cornflakes? (New idiomatic phrase for you!). I have to agree with you, I don’t think he is acting jealous, but he is acting like a spoiled brat that is used to getting his way. I am surprised he is not stomping his feet.
    I do like the juxtaposition of Alan telling Amanda it’s none of his business why she is breaking their date (when it should be, at least in my opinion) and Lee grilling her about who gave her the ring when it really isn’t any of his because, you know, they are not emotionally involved.
    Interesting side note — This episode was written by Pamela Chais. This the only episode that she has writing credit for, but she was executive script consultant (?) for Dead Ringer, the Mole, Savior, Artful Dodger, and Fearless Dotty. I’ll have to watch Fearless Dotty again, but these episodes tend not to get played much here (as in not our favourites).


    • Hi Cindy!! As I just wrote at the end of my latest post – yes you do need to watch the arful dodger – why should I be the only one suffering?? 😉

      cornflakes? Lee doesn’t eat breakfast remember? his KGB crazy ex lover knew that 😉

      Pamela Chais.. hmmmm.. glad she didn’t write anymore! sorry Pamela.. I am sure you are a brilliant consultant 🙂

      Some of what I don’ t like comes down to the delivery as well.. not just the story or the dialogue.. it’s like they decided to pull Lee back from his friendship with Amanda – bam!! he is back to snooty so and so! anyway.. I will share more about my thoughts on the episode as a whole when I have finished posting on it..
      Thanks for sticking with me! It’s really encouraging!! byee


  7. Was Lee jealous of Amanda’s ring, or just acting like a big ole jerk? Damnit — you are going to make me watch this again, aren’t you? And a major head smack moment for me (which goes to show you how much I dislike this episode and try to block it from my mind) – it didn’t occur to me that when Alan was giving his going away speech, he had already known that Amanda was working with Lee that night because she was wearing the ring. *headsmack!*
    And I look forward to your comments how this episode fits in the scheme of things. I have actually warned my daughters about getting involved with someone as ’emotionally inconsistent’ as Lee (it took me awhile to come up with a term to describe him that was still PG).


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