3/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On with the episode.. Grumpy Lee (Grumplee??) is driving with Amanda to their job..
Amanda: Well, you haven’t told me if I’m dressed properly for the job.
46Lee: Yeah, you’re fine.
(He answers her without even looking! Too busy swerving away on his steering wheel when they are going straight ahead! Winking smile )

Amanda: I mean, you said warm and comfortable and something I could move in and I’m very warm
47and comfortable and I can move in this, it’s a down jacket, and you haven’t told me what the job is yet.
48Lee: Exactly what I say!
49Amanda: Exactly what you say.
50Lee: Right.
Lee!! you make Alan look like he isn’t half bad at the moment.. ugh… he’s so abrupt! Why? because Lee is preoccupied because of the job he has ahead of him?? or are we suppose to be thinking he is cranky because he is jealous? Because I am not convinced of either of those options- there’s no explanation.. All I know is, he shouldn’t treat Amanda like that and it bugs me.. ( yep – bug!!)
Lee: Amanda, believe me. This is important.
Amanda: It is?
Lee: Yes. I’m going to try to prove that the Agency didn’t set up a faulty security system at P-WAC, all right?
Amanda: Oh, hah! Well, of course, they didn’t! I mean, that’s your job! You set up security systems, you catch spies, you protect the country. And nobody does it better.
(James Bond Maybe??!!)
Nobody. And I’d like to see somebody prove that they could.

Lee is still giving Amanda attitude, and she positively gushes over him.. why?? It is ridiculously out of proportion for the situation.. kind of embarrassingly over the top if you ask me. I don’t want to watch Lee be so rude to Amanda and then receive all her praises..
 53Lee: Well, thank you. It’s, uh, it’s kind of nice to have a vote of confidence now and then.
Amanda: I mean it. And you’re right, it is important, it’s very important.
(I could take all this a lot better if I thought Amanda was being calculated here in her praises, maybe trying to keep Lee’s gruffness in check,  but I don’t think she is.. she seems to be oblivious to his rudeness.. why?? uggghhh!!!)

Lee: Ah, it’s more than just clearing our name in this. Somebody got through that system. Somehow. We’ve got to find him before he causes any more damage than he already has.
54Amanda: We have to stop him.
(At the end of this scene Lee stares at Amanda. She meets his gaze, then turns away….) At the end here Lee is watching Amanda a lot..  eyes straight ahead scarecrow!! you’re driving!!.

Next thing we see Lee sneaking into P Wac.. Lee the sign says positively no admittance!!!! ( Ok the sign is the first thing you have to change Lee!)

Soooo why does Amanda need to time him? The Artful Dodger managed to do it without a stopwatch sherpa! Winking smile That’s top security Lee has designed there.. that he can run from the fence to the door in less time that it takes for the monitor to do a sweep? doesn’t that just prove that Lee’s security was not as perfect as he (and Amanda) would like to think it is? I mean the guy is gorgeous and fantastic at his job, but he isn’t perfect! ( and that’s one of the reasons why he needs Amanda!! Smile )

Why is it so funny to Sykes that they see ‘the 56woman but not Stetson’??? I would guess it’s because it proves Lee’s security is full of holes?? but it is not pointed out.. this whole exercise is seen as proving Lee is faultless ( ugh!! ) It sounds like he knows they are coming..

Do Lee and Amanda have to stand quite soooo close for Lee to be able to use the mirror to look around the corner?? hmmm??? Amanda doesn’t look like she minds one bit.. (Lee is focused on the job.. or at least appears to be!)

(I think it is a nice touch that at this moment we can see Amanda’s concubine (yuck) ring!) Lee tells Amanda there is no way anyone can get past these guys.. Amanda again tells him yeah nobody can do it, ie crack his system…but well.. someone did! ( Lee Lee he’s our man!! ugh.. enough of the cheerleading Amanda!!) Lee has an idea.. no one can get past unless….

OOOooo kkkkkk.. How does Sykes know that this woman coming up to the front desk is ‘Mrs King’???  He must know Lee and Amanda are coming..

It seems this idea of distracting the guys at the 58desk only comes to Lee once he gets stuck.. You mean he only brought Amanda to hold the stopwatch?? and the microfilm thingy-how did he know he would need one?.. That’s ridiculous.. he didn’t even need it.. ohhh none of 59this episode makes sense to me!! Off she goes with her black belt in confusing people to distract these guys.. and Lee sneaks by the front desk unnoticed.. yippeeeee.. take that Sykes..  although sadly, for this episode – it bugs me Lee gets to prove this isn’t his fault! That’s weird! I should be happy our hero is in the clear – this episode is so off!! and I think Lee is partly to blame! eek..

Oh goody.. time for some Lee gloating and Amanda cheerleading.. ugh!!
Sykes: Then you did get in.
60Lee: Oh, yeah. I got in.
Amanda: Yeah, he was really good, like a cat burglar.
(Lee the artless dodger.. )
Oh my.. Lee soaks it up,  chuckles and smiles.. happy that he has proven what he needed to..but also thanks to Amanda’s enthusiasm in his abilities.. Aie!!! I think I am overdosing on the Lee compliments from Amanda this week.. too much! It’s all too much!

Why would Lee and Amanda be happy he got in? It proves the security is not as tight as it should be?? Ok, Lee thinks it proves the burglar had the security plans – and they proved a distraction is needed to get to the vault, but the fact remains, Lee’s security didn’t keep them out. shouldn’t better security be full proof? even with the map??  man this episode!!!

Lee points out to Sykes the burglar must have had the map, ie. it is the army’s fault..
Lee: I got in on this. (he points to his map)Security plan for the entire 62complex. Now, did our night visitor have the same thing, and if he did, where did he get it?
63Sykes: How would I know? You’re the expert.
64Lee: Well, maybe you can answer this…
65 it’s a lot easier. Where’s your microfilm room?

To my mind, another agent other than the one who had been personally involved with the security system at PWAC would have been a better choice to try and break in and prove that the army was to blame for the break in….
Lee really seems to want to take Sykes down a peg or two.. ( he seems to feel that way about a lot of people in this episode!) I am usually all for triumphant and confident Lee – but something in his demeanour this week instead yells ‘ cocky arrogant Lee’ .. and.. I am not a fan of it.. this is not to me normal Lee Stetson.. and I think it makes him look like a smaller man to be so  condescending with Sykes. Yep, I think he is condescending with his whole ‘ maybe you can answer this question.. it’s easier..’

Hurray on to the microfilm room.. wow.. check out that technology!!

Grainger… Lee and Amanda find his info on the microfilm.. Lee already interviewed Grainger? Whoooo his alibi was too good eh.. how convenient.. tee hee… Errr dishonourable discharge isn’t ‘kinky‘ as you put it Lee? ( maybe that word does not mean what he thinks it means! Winking smile ) why don’t you think dishonourable discharge is a red flag?? huh???

Amanda: Medical leaves in ’67, ’71, ’74, and ’79, heart condition. hmmmm heart condition.
Lee: Ah, forget that. Find something really interesting like spy school, Moscow, ’79 and ’80.

Ha haaa Lee!  Finally.. something to laugh at!

This whole exercise exercise thing is a bit of a stretch for me.. but.. I’ll go with it because I like it when Lee is drawing a blank, but Amanda solves the case!  heheheee.. Of course.. Lee doesn’t say anything to Amanda when she notices this.. Ugh!!! Leeeeeee you could give Amanda one little compliment.. it doesn’t have to mean everything!!

Love the look Amanda gives when Lee points at the films and says “grab an address off of one of those things will ya” – where is your please Lee??!!!! Amanda just groans.
67(Finally Amanda notices his rudeness?? Nope, it seems to me that she just hates the microfilm machine.. which is probably the reason why Lee brought her along- because he can’t stand them either! ) …. I could slap Lee here.. he starts looking at his watch and hurrying her up.
Lee: come on come on! (he is so psyched and busting to get a move on.. )
68Amanda: Lee, rushing me will make me nervous
Lee responds by giving her an ‘ok’ expression 69and starts whistling.. Amanda: whistling is rushing.

Lee knows she’s right.. but he still gives her a glare.. ugh!!! This Lee!!! 71At least he doesn’t say anything..  and he doesn’t argue.. he takes a deep breath… well done Amanda! hehehee..

On to Mr Grainger’s… Love how Amanda doesn’t feel comfortable with Lee breaking into Mr Grainger’s apartment.. she watches Lee get the 72necessary lock pick out of his little collection there, exasperated at how long Lee is taking Amanda reaches out and tries turning the doorknob.. and ta da!!
It was open! heheheee.. Love the look Lee gives her!

Amanda whispers: I had a feeling..(whoo hooo this is more like the Amanda and Lee that I know and love!!!)
Lee: (silent for a moment stunned!) hmm yeah..
Again, they are standing mighty close when
75Amanda says: you know this is really spooky in the movies when you do this somebody jumps out of the closet at you and 76
there’s a dead body hanging from the rafters!

Lee: Oh Amanda!
Amanda: Besides that, I think it’s breaking and entering.
: It’s not breaking. Just entering. Come on.


Hey, it looks like the movies are right sort of…. an unlocked door equals a dead guy! Grainger has been murdered.. yep.. spooky!

I find it interesting that Lee seems to look at Amanda a lot to see what she thinks in this scene.. (very out of tune with how Lee has been in this episode so far- which is why I like him in this scene!! Much more normal Lee! Not sweetness and light, but not nasty and arrogant… )  he isn’t in super command mode like he was at the PWAC.. Notice how he calls out to Mr Grainger and he doesn’t answer.. and so he turns to Amanda to see what she thinks?? he doesn’t seem like he particularly wants to get any closer here! heheee.. did anyone expect mr grainger to suddenly sit up and go Boooo!!

Love Amanda’s line and expressions as she 78delivers it: He’s not asleep is he.

Lee just silently turns and looks at her

Amanda: he’s dead.
Lee: yeah, so is one lead we had as to who’s ripping
 79off our entire missile defence system. Well, how do you like the idea of America as a sitting duck.

 Hey, don’t worry- It’s that bad every week!  Winking smile Hey I am encouraged by the return of the less rude and abrupt Lee there as they visited Grainger! I know it doesn’t last though.. eek.. I’m trying to get through this episode as quickly as I can so I can forget about it (Dodge it!!)!! Anyone watched this episode recently?

Yes Cindy!! Go on watch it!! haaaaa.. why should I be the only one suffering huh???!!! Winking smile haaaa..  

15 responses to “3/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh, shoot, I was hoping when Lee was adjusting the mirror he would say, “Gah! What happened to my hair!?!?”

    Also on board with what Emma’s comment says about GrumpLee being after Lost and Found (revised order). Even though we leave that episode with his bellowing “It’s OOOOOOVVVVEEEEERRRRR” (loudest Lee moment ever), I’m sure the emotional roller coaster journey that stems from that whole episode is far from OOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEERRRR. It’s worth noting that his crankiness is at multiple people, not just Amanda, so I think he’s just dealing with some stuff. Or rather, artfully dodging some stuff. I think partially Amanda realizes this and is encouraging him to get him back on track, maybe even subconsciously doing it. But she, too, is dealing with stuff…or artfully dodging stuff- and acting somewhat erratically with Weird Alan in a post-Dean and what-to-do-about-Lee way. If revised order rings true, this episode also wouldn’t come too far after her self-talk about keeping feelings away from work when she thought Lee was dead (ROTP). So perhaps she is also all over the place, too, trying to deal with a lot. They still balance each other out, though, even in these cranky, concubine ring days.


  2. If you put this episode right after lost and found, you can see why Lee has on his cranky pants. Not an excuse, but you can understand a bit more. He is overcompensating for everything that went down with Eva. Even though “it’s over”, mentally, it’s still with him and he’s being a butt. Amanda just broken up with Dean and is maybe looking for too much in a new relationship. I have seen this episode numerous times but I must hate it because I can’t remember very many details other than Lee’s security set up is lame and no one wants to believe that he set up a crappy system. Call a spade a spade, come up with a new system, catch the baddie, and move on.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. So Lee’s super fancy pants security is a monitor and two blokes on a desk. Yeah Lee it’s like totally impenetrable…….
    I shall skip over cranky pants Lee and gushing Amanda just because it loathe it. I am so over this episode now…..
    By the way if you look at Amanda’s hand when they visit Mr Grainger she ISN’T wearing the fugly ring!!!


  5. Poor Amanda. Every guy that asks her out has an ulterior motive.


    • Hi Elissa! I see you are up to Artful dodger! 😉

      You mentioned in post 1 of this ep, that someone was Soliel Moon Frye’s brother?? who was that you were referring to sorry?

      Yeah.. so many men not treating Amanda right! ugh!! It is comforting to know that Lee treats her wonderfully: eventually 🙂


      • Meeno Peluce, was her brother. I apologize for the confusion I thought I had replyed on that post


        • Hi Elissa nooo that’s cool! I didn’t have time to read through the posts and couldn’t remember who was related to punky brewster so I was being lazy! Thanks for reminding me.. you posted the comment on post 1 which was fine- me being in a rush answered both your comments on the one thread- sorry if I confused you!


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I guess to get passed Lee’s attitude in this episode I always just that business Lee was a cranky Lee…and Amanda always had thought that Lee was the best in the business and takes up for him no matter how he treats her. She diffently doesn’t give up on a relationship (so makes me think things must have been bad for her to divorce Joe!)


  7. Oh yeah — it must be pretty bad when I cheered for Alan at the end.


  8. “Lee is still giving Amanda attitude, and she positively gushes over him.. why?? It is ridiculously out of proportion for the situation.. kind of embarrassingly over the top if you ask me. I don’t want to watch Lee be so rude to Amanda and then receive all her praises..”
    Yep — totally cringe worthy! Amanda in the first few episodes would have taken him to task for his abusive, condescending behaviour and her fawning (simpering?) over him kind of (OK no kind of about it)
    turns my stomach. You deserve better Amanda!
    Melissa – I am not sure where to put this episode. Lee’s rudeness certain would put it earlier, but I am not sure how to handle wimpy whipped-puppy-syndrome Amanda . UGH!


  9. Melissa Vivens

    Lee is being a complete jerk in this episode. Maybe this episode belongs earlier in the season? He certainly isn’t treating Amanda with the respect he should considering she did help him disarm a bomb last week while everyone else ran away…

    At least Lee gets his comeuppance in the end.

    The photo of them looking at each other in the car is very cute, if you disregard their conversation.


    • If it weren’t for her being with Alan instead of Dean, I’d say stick it after the pilot. I can’t think of a single time Lee was worse than on this ep, so it feels like they don’t know each other at all.

      Of course what I’d really like to do is say the ep doesn’t exist and take an unfilmed script in its place…


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