4/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the agency later that night.. for a meeting with Billy and the Army guys.. and Amanda- why she is in the room I don’t know.. wasn’t she just doing the stopwatch and microfilm?  LOL Amanda always manages to take on a bigger role!

wow.. it must be pretty late! Grainger died between 9 and 1030pm.. whoa.. Lee and Amanda headed to pwac at 730pm.. you know what that means? to me it means Alan heard what they were up to, knew they were on to Grainger, so he went over there and killed him.. it’s all because she wore that stupid ring.. (well and Grainger being a traitor of course Winking smile )

Lee has come up with a suspect’s name.. the ‘dodger’.. wow.. that was fast work..

(Why is Amanda the keeper of the information the Dr gave about the death of Grainger? more opportunity to show up how dumb she is!… that 80and ‘ Is that his name? dodger??’ – even Billy seems to be embarrassed by that one.. what she has never read or seen Oliver twist?? ugh!!!! )

So what do you think, do you like the turtleneck with the gun holster? Me no.. nnnnot so much.. maybe if it wasn’t tucked in.. but YMMV Winking smile

Ahh Lee is still barking out orders to Sykes.. whom he has no authority to boss around like that.. I’m pretty sure I’m suppose to be siding with Lee here.. but I’m with Sykes – Lee is being a bossy know it all! Lee might be right but he doesn’t have to talk to Sykes like that..

82Nice little close up of Amanda’s hand with the ring on it as she passes the colonel the grey secure phone.. ooops.. and… next thing we see is a tea cup.. OHHHH  NOOOOOO!!! Alan is a tea sipping Baddie!!!! run for your lives!!!!! 1rofl

He puts down his cup of tea and picks up a pile of photos.. surveillance photos of Lee and Amanda.. and he smiles as only a cocky and evil baddie (who drinks tea) could! Muahahaa!!!! I will include the 84pics here… as they are kinda funny.. They are very early smk.. where do you think the first one is 85from? (A test picture maybe??) the other two are from there goes the neighbourhood when Amanda has been pulled 86away from honeycutt typewriters.. but how he could have possibly gotten both those angles at that meeting is kinda 87silly.. and Amanda face on? Lee was standing in front of her.. weird.. He looks at the pic of Amanda and lingers, a smug self satisfied grin forms.. yes Alan.. you’ve worked it all out.. now get on with it so I can finish this episode and move on! ( he hears the general say he will double security from 0800 – err why not do it now??? why wait till morning?  91never mind.. this way it can be resolved faster Winking smile ) Alan tears up the photos and burns them..
Yawn! The artful dodger manages to infiltrate the second location of the 2 out of 3 missile defence plans.. oops.. the stakes just got higher! ‘cover 3’ is
89now the dodger’s target…. Alan meets with his customer.. the dude who wants the plans.. and you know it is great we don’t find out more about him! We see more than enough of the two of them already.. on with it!

Back to the agency and George the bug sweeper (who likes to walk around waving his egg whisk in people’s faces) is sleazing on Francine..Eww
Francine sees Lee and Amanda arrive and yells across the bullpen the artful dodger is apparently in Cairo or Iran.. gee I thought this was a top secret operation.. checking for bugs, trying to plug a leak… and Francine yells about the Artful Dodger across the bullpen?? Haaaa!

Lee and Amanda join Billy in his office to hear of the new plan for protecting cover 3.. and George the debugger who bugs people in general also enters in behind them!

The Artful Garfunkel listens in… – What ever happened to things being on a need to know basis huh? Billy is positively gushing with detailed information on what the plan is here!!  down to what street they will drive down! LOL.. it’s ridiculous!

Arty Dodger looks at a pic of Amanda as he hears the new plans.. (guess he kept one back from his little bonfire so he could do his intense baddie stare at a picture of his prey)  congratulating himself on how darn clever he is- Muahahahaaa..

94Billy’s congratulating himself on how darn clever he is too.. tee heee.. and it is laden with irony.. yep.. ‘a pretty tight operation!’ Oh boy…


Once Alan hears the plans he switches off the bug (err why would ya? wouldn’t you just listen in while you got on with finishing your cup of tea? Hmmm??) Good thing he doesn’t keep listening though!..

Lee and Amanda spoke with the Artful dodger’s inside man on the second job ‘Belvedere’.. Lee says it was pretty much the same deal as Grainger, only no one got killed ( so why couldn’t Belvedere guy identify the artful dodger?? ohhh whatever! ) the choice of name is interesting.. Belvedere.. At the Petit Trianon at Versailles there is a Gazebo type thing called The Belvedere on the grounds.. whooooo..

Ohhhh I feel so bad for Amanda here.. [can I skip to the tag now???!!!!] the egg whisk starts making sounds like Amanda is radioactive.. errr carrying a bug.. finally.. she realises.. it is argh! her .. friendship ring!! George pointing at it like that is pretty funny!!


Dig the clear bottle the ring is in.. rofl!

Amanda is very sorry.. Mt Stetson is about to erupt!!  Billy copes with it pretty well but Lee on the other hand is.. furious!!!! Sad smile
Lee: An army tack three? An army tack three? Good luck. Man, it is unreal, it is absolutely unreal. The guy uses a civilian to get our info. He knows everything that we know, Billy.
99Amanda: Lee, I’m really sorry —
Lee: Sorry?! Sorry, sorry, sorry, what good does that do us, huh?
101Billy: All right, stow it, Scarecrow.
102Lee: I, uh. . . . I am sorry.
103Amanda: That’s all right.

Ooooohhh dear… Lee loses his temper at Amanda… hurray for Billy he puts a stop to it and Lee realises he has been awful to Amanda.. he does seem to immediately regret his outburst.. and knock me over with a feather- he apologises!

Lee’s temper here reminds me a little of their big fight in Brunettes are In- which is one of my favourites because of that fight and everything that comes of it.. This fight? Hmm… not so much.. I’m glad Lee apologised when he could see what he had done..but considering what is still to come.. it rings (pun!!) kind of hollow to me- and bugs me!! 😉 alot like this episode really! ( but I’ll share thoughts on the episode as a whole when this episode is over)

Lee is calm for about 2 seconds, before he loses it again.. at least not especially directed at Amanda.. yes Lee we know you care but err you are a professional.. get a grip man ( what was it Emily taught him?? errr something about patience and tee heee.. errr control?? –Legend of Das Geisterschloss Winking smile  whahahaah!! and what was it David Benson said in the Mole about Lee: Cool. Very cool. Not a blink, a twitch. Zero reaction, the perfect secret agent. You’re a real credit to your country flag, you know? – whahahaah!! too funny.. I only wish.. )

I love how they go to stop Alan and Lee tells Amanda in his don’t mess with me voice that she is to stay here… she immediately picks up her coat and tells him she won’t and pays him no mind… Love it!!!  104

Lee: And you are staying here.
Amanda: No, I’m not. I’m the only one who knows what Alan looks like.
Billy: She’s right.
Amanda: I’m right.

Is it just me or does this moment remind you of when they were arguing ( playfully) about whether or not Amanda would go on the retreat with the Survivors in Magic Bus?? and they said fine we’ll let Billy decide? they turn around and Billy simply says ‘ she’s coming’ end of story! haa..

I miss that playful vibe!!! Sad smile

The two guys in the fake mail van (carrying the 3rd sheet)  complain about the elevator music.. whatever..

105Amanda: I can’t believe I jeopardized the security of the entire United States, it just doesn’t seem possible.
106Billy: Nobody’s blaming you, Amanda. The Dodger’s a very sharp operator.
(Lee exchanges a look with Billy when he says this.. Hmmm..Sounds like Lee blames her to me.. )
How did he arrange to meet you?
107Amanda: He didn’t. I mean, I don’t think he did. His car stalled behind mine when I was shopping —
108Lee: I don’t believe this. I don’t believe it.
[Lee sounds soooo judgemental!!! ugh!!!]
109( I guess he didn’t think he would have this problem with a housewife from Arlington.. well suffer Lee.. Winking smile )
Amanda: Well, anyway, so we got out and we were
110talking while we waited for the car club and he seemed nice and friendly and —
111Lee: Oh, yeah, and he picked you up.
[So what! what did she do that was so awful? give a nice guy a chance? poor Amanda.. really she just should have said no to wearing that ugly ring!!]
: He did not pick me up!
Billy: He did not give you a phone number.
[Billy is backing up Lee now??!!I thought Dodger was a smooth operator and Amanda wasn’t to blame? yeah! go ahead Billy join in on blaming Amanda!!! 😦 I think she didn’t get his number because she hadn’t known him that long and she wasn’t that into him, and he never gave her the chance to need to call him.. she just should have said no to wearing that stupid ugly ring!!!]
113Amanda: No, he didn’t give me a phone number, he always called me.
Lee: And that didn’t tip you off? Oh, come on, Amanda, married guys and weirdos. They don’t
114give you phone numbers.
( Lee gave her a package and no phone number when he first met her!! so he can talk!!!! I think this is all suppose to be funny… sorry but on top of Lee’s bad attitude and Amanda’s simpering cheerleading this episode, I fail to see the funny side.. Even with KJ’s funny expressions.. )
115Amanda: He is not married! At least, I don’t think he is. And he didn’t seem like a weirdo! He seemed nice, and he had a 116Rolls-Royce with French license plates on it and 117impeccable manners!
I mean, he had the most impeccable manners —

Amanda liked that Alan was nice to her.. well how shocking is that??!!! For the second week in a row actually, someone pays Amanda some attention, compliments her, makes her feel valuable – and she is fooled by them!!! ( last week was Savior)

Ok, this is the point where I am thinking Lee can shove his apology! he is starting to bullying her when she is down and it is waaaay out of line!!! Amanda is so confused she doesn’t defend herself here… and Billy? I was waiting for him to shut Lee up again.. and he didn’t! because why? Amanda deserves it because she went out with a guy who was nice to her?? Amanda was a lot more gracious with Lee in Lost and Found.. whooo I am fuming at Lee!! Can’t wait to see him get socked in the mouth!!
Lee: Ah, a slick guy in a Rolls convertible gives you 118a ring and a great line and you go for it! Just terrific!

Here Lee goes again with his morally superior attitude when it comes to dating and he has absolutely no right to hold the moral high ground here.. so what Lee never picked up anyone? Lee has a nerve being mad at Amanda…. I think Lee is as cross about Amanda and this guy as the actual plans for missile defence being in jeopardy!!! MMmmm this is the only point in this episode where I suspect there may be the tiniest amount of jealousy going on here at the end of this rant of his.. the rolls royce and the line seemed to get to him the most! – but I am so cross with his treatment of Amanda I don’t care.. There he goes again not being happy that Amanda isn’t sitting at home just hoping that Lee will call her with a job or something..and he doesn’t want her! (Don’t get me wrong.. he wants her – but IMO he would not acknowledge that to even himself as he stands in this episode!) I think Freud would have a field day with Lee and his attitude towards Amanda here!!! Winking smile 

Ok ok.. so it was a bad choice.. but it isn’t like the relationship was very serious.. Lee just has a different set of rules for Amanda than he does for himself.. ugh!! Lee echoes here what he says to Amanda in the Mole about going out with David Benson…-I’ll hold off on commenting on that till the end!! Interesting!!!

119Lee’s anger keeps rising, and we see Amanda say a bit more assertively through gritted teeth: I said I was sorry.

Does that shut Lee up??? Noooo.. he keeps on goin…
120Lee: yeaaaah well we’re all going to be a heck of a lot sorry if he pulls this off

Poor Amanda.. you see a look of dread in response to this.. she has no where to turn for comfort at the moment.. She takes a breath and keeps her eyes open for Alan.. that bastard! Winking smile

Those mail truck guys are smiling too much.. it must be time for Alan to make his move Winking smile 

I’m going to finish up here for now.. as I have lots of general thoughts to share at the end of this episode about the episode as a whole, the characters, and ideas on how it fits in with other episodes.. if you have any ideas about the overall impact of this episode and about the characters or anything feel free to share!

Again, apologies if you love this episode!! I would though LOVE to hear why you love it Smile and see it with different eyes maybe.. I am sure I am being a little harsh on it because overall I can’t stand it!! Forgive me?? I do love this show honest!!! Smile Looking forward to getting on to Filming Raul:)

Ok byeee for now! Back when I can..

19 responses to “4/5 Season One, Episode 17: The Artful Dodger-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m honestly quite surprised at how little love there seems to be for this episode. I find it delightful! I like episodes where Amanda dates other men, it helps to level the playing field between her and Lee, if only a little bit. And I also liked Alan, before I realized he was a bad guy. That’s unfortunate, because how awesome would it be for Amanda to have an intelligent, wealthy, art-dealer boyfriend with an apartment in Paris! (I know, I know, pretty much everyone else hated him from the get-go. I am weird!) Yes, Lee is a jerk in this episode, but that’s the way he is in a lot of Season 1 and 2. Very hot and cold. The episode order feels fine to me.

    I always enjoy the scene in Billy’s office with the concubine ring. To me, Lee was very obviously jealous in that scene. I love it when he gets so distracted that he interrupts her, all irritated, to ask, “Who gave you that ring?” That was great. I will say, that scene would have been improved for me if Amanda had not acted embarrassed/apologetic about the ring. She should have just smiled playfully and let them think what they would. Eat your heart out, Lee!

    I have come to realize that I spend a lot of time wishing Amanda had behaved differently in this or that scene. I just need to accept that she is who she is! It is hard, though, when her intelligence seems to recede from time to time, and this is one of those episodes for sure. I still like it very much, though.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I’m not even going to comment on Lee being a jerk, and Amanda being dumbed down again, but I will say that I love that Amanda’s drink of choice in the meeting with the army guys is milk. She’s all about drinking her milk, is our Amanda!


  4. I am not sure who I am more exasperated with here, Lee or Amanda. Lee for being a total tool and wanting his pound of flesh or Amanda because she doesn’t lose the plot with him and take him to task about his behaviour.
    The irony of Lee lecturing Amanda on dating, so it’s OK to pick someone up in a bar but not in a car park…….hypocrite grrrrrr
    I dislike how they make Amanda so inept when it comes to men. She’s such a good judge of character but stick her with a man who can schmooze and flatter her and she turns into some sort of bimbo who loses all judgment. Are they trying to portray her as desperate and lonely? 😦


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Poor Amanda!!!! She already feels horrible that she has compromised National Security (but she didn’t have the ring on when the first set or even maybe the second set of blueprints where stolen) and then she has to listen to Lee rant at her. At least he does seem to be sincere with his “sorry”. But, then he can’t let it go and starts up again in the car. I like how she says through clenched teeth, “I said I’m sorry” as to say give it a rest!!


  6. I think Lee’s on his man period or something this episode


  7. Melissa Vivens

    You crack me up with your tea sipping baddies comment!

    I like Lee in his turtleneck. He wears suits too much. I like it when he is in something different.

    I am glad we are almost done with this episode, though.


  8. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on how this episode relates to the others. I usually just pretend it doesn’t exist. La la la head in the sand, la la la. Between the huge plot holes and Lee’s horrible treatment of Amanda (I’ve actually told my daughters if a friend or boyfriend treats them like Lee treats Amanda in this episode to run far, far away and don’t look back), there is not much to recommend this episode. Maybe it’s Amanda’s lack of standing up for herself and fawning over Lee when he’s been such an a–hole to her that bugs me more or the fact she is so dumb — ‘Dodger? Is that his real name?” I wish KJ jsut had refused to say that line. YUCK.
    I so love the surveillance shots Alan has of Lee and Amanda. Obviously, Lee has someone trailing him 24/7 snapping pictures. That one looks like it was taken in a field with little cover. Great job for not noticing your surroundings Superspy!


    • Hi Cindy, I don’t think you will need to wait long to hear my thoughts, I’ll be posting the final part today.. to get this episode over and done with!! LOL.. I just want to forget it exists!

      I just hope anyone who visits my blog this week can see I do actually really love this show! LOL!

      Love your advice to your daughters! so true.. It’s that old idea that if he is teasing you or not nice to you then he must like you kind of thing.. or as I have often heard fans say of Lee ( myself included!) whoo he is so angry with her he must be jealous – like it makes his bad treatment of Amanda ok! sometimes I go along with that.. eek.. but I wasn’t able to see it that way with this episode YMMV!!

      Ohh I hear ya on making Amanda dumb!! there is more stupifyingly dumb things ahead.. so hang on!! – just be sure to rant here about it eh!! Together, we can love the character of Amanda, and the show, and hate how dumb they made her look in such and such a situation!!

      Cindy, I can’t tell you how much knowing you are reading has helped me to get through this lousy epiosde – I can only share my thoughts on an episode.. and it so happens for this episode.. they are not very happy ones! [ Big thanks to Melissa too!!]

      Haaa you are right about the surveillance photo! they are in the middle of a field! tee heeee.. I guess Alan had posed as a tourist that day.. ahem.. I think that first one of Lee and Amanda in front of the Capitol looks like a test shot, like from pre production of the show.. I don’t remember Amanda ever wearing that skirt, and they both look very young.. but I have no solid evidence to back that up.. just a guess!

      byeee.. off to finalise my final post on the Artful Dodger – whoo hoo! then all done 🙂 hurray!!!!


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