5/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee calls Billy to find out what he can about the three kidnapping candidates.. on the foyer payphone? LOL.. not very secret.. wouldn’t it have been better for him to make the call from his room? Oh well.. Next thing we join Amanda and Lee at dinner.. seems everyone is having a candlelit dinner!
Lee: Mmm. They weren’t exaggerating about the food in this place. I’d heard that it was good. It’s great.
Amanda just smiles quietly in response..
Lee: What’s the matter? Aren’t you hungry? [How sweet- he notices she isn’t really eating!!]
Amanda: Oh, it’s just that there were no prices on the menu that sort of affects my appetite.. Very good.

Do you think Amanda is being honest here? Let  us know your thoughts! Me? I think she makes it up to hide the real reason she has lost her appetite- Amanda isn’t paying so what does she care about the prices? and it didn’t stop her from enjoying the expensive sorry dinner at La Trianon (The Artful Dodger Tag- where Ironically Amanda is out to dinner with Lee and wearing exactly the same outfit!!!) –  I think she isn’t eating because she is nervous – she doesn’t know what ‘the accommodations’ are for that night and what will be happening.. all that is still up in the air, so she is not able to relax and enjoy..just a theory I have!

Amanda looks up and sees Mrs Craddock walking by: Hello, Mrs. Craddock. Hello.
Mrs. Craddock: Oh, Mrs Stetson. Mr Stetson. The newlyweds. Oh, isn’t that sweet?
Mrs Craddock leaves them, and Lee echoes her departing words with a chuckle: ah ha! Sweet.
Too funny! Lee reaches for Amanda’s hand saying ‘Ahhhhhh’… he starts kissing her hand again while again saying:  Mmm mmmm! ROFL! 

Man those annoying candles are in the way- I wish the light was better in that restaurant.. still.. it is obvious Amanda’s nerves are really frayed and she really is not coping well with this newlyweds thing-as this progresses she is getting worse and worse!! She actually turns away when she realises what he is about to do to her hand!! She can’t watch!! Winking smile
Amanda: Leeeee.
I swear all Lee’s Mmm mmmm cracks me up!!  I never thought I would say this about Lee.. but he reminds me of Pepe Le pew here! LOL!!! He is so over the top I couldn’t help but think of Pepe! Ahhh L’amour!
pepe‘You are my peanut! I am your brittle!! kissy…… Winking smile139 

[I think Amanda has visions of this kind of scenario too!! LOL!!] Still not looking at Lee, Amanda asks: Is that absolutely necessary?
140Lee interrupts his kissing to look indignant and respond: Of course it is.(finally Amanda meets his eyes!) It’s our cover.
Amanda: Right
.[Uh oh.. since she made eye 141contact with him- she is back under Pepe’s err I mean Lee’s spell! Winking smile ] ..It’s… part of our cover.
Lee keeps kissing her hand but his attention is drawn to the other 142guests, and his mind is focused on his little potential kidnappee list.- Good thing too because Amanda is unable to hide how affected 143she is by Lee here!! Ohhh my.. Lee closes his eyes and kissy kissys some more.. Poor Amanda! I would have fainted by now- Amanda’s resolve is amazing! Smile

Lee’s happy with the appearance of a kidnapping contestant! Lee: There’s one of them now.
146Amanda: One of who?

Oh dear!! Amanda’s brain has turned to mush!!! Lee of course is oblivious again.. Lee explains the new arrivals are one of the six o’clock check ins.. This guy is a pro golfer with bad habits.. Whoo hooo maybe Amanda’s brain is making a brief reappearance here: What would the Eastern Bloc want with a pro-golfer?
Lee: Nothing. I’ve already scratched him.
Amanda: Wow.Who were some of the other possible victims?
Lee points them out giving their backgrounds.. not very interesting when we know what happens Winking smile Still I am sure Amanda is happy to hear all about it, and get Lee back to business.. rather than kissing her hand!

Lee explains Dr Tucker was his prime candidate, but because he didn’t show he’s off the list  where’s the logic in that- genius’ are so unpredictable remember Lee?!.
Amanda: Who’s Dr Tucker?
Lee: He’s a major brain at a California think tank. Nobody knows what they’re working on, but a lot of people would love to find out.
147Amanda: Lee, this might sound like a silly question, but how do you know that he didn’t show up if you’re not sure that he was supposed to be here?
[such a great Amanda question! Smile]
Lee: Well, I talked to his wife this afternoon. She was working on her suntan, or lifeguard, it was a toss up. [Seems to me Lee saw right through her- noticing her working on the lifeguard.. me thinks he was not interested in her at all- good! Smile Also love Amanda’s reaction to Lee noticing this.. oh ho hooo!!]
Amanda: Oh. Well, you know, we can’t really watch all of them.
149Lee: No, we can’t watch them all.
Notice the ‘we’???!!! Amanda says it and Lee doesn’t notice!! and- Lee repeats it!! HA! He can’t help himself!!

Lee sees Jay Armin approach David Bosca and his family.. so his money is now on him..

150Lee continues: I just wonder what Jay Armin’s doing with him. Look, we’re going to stick with David Bosca.

I love the way Lee delivers this last line here.. he is way too confident in his decision to follow Bosca, looking at Amanda with confidence – but I find it really funny because as cocky as he is… he said ‘ WE’ again!!! 1HaHaHa

I have been so distracted by Lee kissing Amanda’s hand, and Amanda’s rising anxiety ( and response!), I almost forgot to include what the script did here.. and it did things VERY differently! The difference in this scene, goes as follows: (I’ll transcribe the relevant section here) Mrs Craddock comments: the newlyweds!
Lee ‘quickly throws his arm around Amanda’s shoulders, leaning in to her… smiling. Mrs Craddock walks away and says to her husband:  isn’t that sweet! 

Lee places his chair near to Amanda, sits, throws an arm around her shoulder. He leans close smiling.
Amanda: Lee…
Lee: (quietly still smiling) We’re newlyweds. They’re watching us.
Amanda smiles back at him, then off to the Craddocks….
The script continues: Through the remainder of the scene Amanda, and Lee will play the newlyweds – deep looks into each other’s eyes, hand-holding, little caresses,etc… smiling the whole time.

Amanda asks if this is completely necessary- and the first candidate for the kidnapping shows up.. all that is the same. ( Here comes the good stuff):
A waiter approaches with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.
Waiter: Compliments of Mr and Mrs Craddock.
The waiter proceeds to open the champagne and pour two glasses for them… then exits.
Amanda: Oh. Isn’t that sweet of them?
Lee: (nodding) sweet.
Amanda looks off toward the Craddock table, smiles…mouths ‘thank you’. Lee and Amanda raise their glasss in a toast to the Craddocks, then to themselves, drink.
Amanda: that’s really a lovely gesture.
Lee leans forward and kisses her. After a moment, he leans back. Amanda stares at him, her face blank… stunned by the unexpected gesture. (!!)
Amanda: why did you do that?
Lee: nothing personal. It’s all part of the gig. You might try to look like you enjoyed it.
Amanda: of course. Right. Part of the gig.
Lee: with newlyweds, you expect a public display of affection. Newlyweds don’t have any taste. They’re all emotion.
Amanda nods, uneasy.

(then they go back to checking out the kidnapping candidates)…

So there you go!! The script had a huge difference!! What do you think? would you have preferred they kept the kiss? I am sure we all have a different preferences here or ideas- please share your thoughts!

For me, I love what they did in the end.. and in all honesty, when I read the script and read that Lee kissed Amanda- my jaw was on the floor!!! I actually like that they didn’t go there again.. there is more than enough tension without it, all the endearments and hand kisses and stroking is enough– and it gives the next kiss ( in ship of spies!- or have I missed one??!!) all the more meaning and intensity!

Is it just me or does it read like the sudden death kiss? I wondered if they wrote this script, then decided to move the kiss to that episode.. just a theory-  Amanda is more shocked/ stunned.. rather than affected by the kiss.. ( then again the script says nothing about how Lee responds to the kiss so who knows.. ) just speculating.. and what about Lee’s line about ‘newlyweds having no taste’ and being ‘ all emotion’? ouch!! More evidence of Lee having stilted emotions- but I am glad they didn’t include it.. It was a bit clunky IMO!

It is interesting the script doesn’t seem to have Amanda’s nervousness increasing so obviously as it does in what finally made it into the episode.. and I am enjoying watching her deal with it all! (Looking forward to deciphering the next scene!) Often, I find Amanda inscrutable.. but in this episode, we get a glimpse of how much Lee and her physical response to him rattles her and where Amanda is now at.. That makes this a very important episode ( not just for the romantic stuff!)

So far in the episode, Lee seems to be so absorbed in the case – at the critical moments when Amanda’s self composure slips- that he doesn’t notice her reactions.. and he seems to have no idea she may be wondering if she has a Pepe Le Pew on her hands – Or worrying that she may just take him up on it!!! tee hee.. I’ll go into more detail in my next post, after the bedroom scene, with my theories on what is going on for Lee and Amanda 🙂

I will leave it there for now.. More goodness to come!

The more I work through this episode the more I love it- it is so much more than a ‘Lee and Amanda undercover as a couple’ episode!!!

Will post with more soon Smile byeeeee

10 responses to “5/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m really glad they didn’t put a kiss in here. Wouldn’t have felt right. I know I am in the minority here but i didn’t actually care for the couple of fake kisses they had, I liked the anticipation of the real one. Besides you couldn’t see the way Amanda was effected by him in her face if they were kissing. I also liked the fact that Lee didn’t do something so bold when he didn’t have to. Shows he thinks of Amanda as a lady even if he doesn’t treat all women that way.


  2. I am really glad they didn’t have a kiss, keep us wanting more 😉 I agree it would have been another Sudden Death kiss and lacking that emotional connection that we see more of in Ship of Spies. Besides anything good is worth waiting for 😉
    Argh he’s back with the hand kissing. They’re eating for goodness sakes, eat your meal Lee and not Amanda’s hand 😉 I agree with the theories that Lee is having a little fun, perhaps subconsciously driven by some unacknowledged attraction. I have always seen Lee as a man who likes women. Not just Lee the playboy out on the pull but a man who likes women and finds their company pleasurable.
    I know it’s done for filming purposes but if you look at the other diners they are on opposite sides of the table but Lee and Amanda are side by side. Their positioning looks odd with rest of the dining room.
    Lee as Pepe Le Pew! Funny, I shall always think of that when I watch this! Funny to think the object of his desire was always slapping down his advances and slapping Lee’s hands away is about to come tee hee!


  3. I think that Lee is having way too much fun here to be just doing his job, but I don’t think he’s testing the waters or exacting revenge. IMO, Lee is attracted to Amanda from the beginning, but he won’t admit that to anyone, first and foremost, himself. This role as a newlywed gives him the chance to kiss her hand and smile at her without any risk of misunderstanding on his part or involvement on hers because they’re just playing their covers. And I didn’t mean to suggest that he is trying to revenge himself on Amanda, but that he’s playfully enjoying the effect of his attentions on her. He doesn’t get her to the point where she can’t speak English, yet she’s definitely off-balance. This comes back to haunt him, though, because by the time they return to their room, she doesn’t even want him to touch her, which hurts his feelings. IMHO!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Here’s thought that came to me (I seemed to be consumed by this episode more than others – Ha ha ha!). I wonder how much of the restaurant scene was Bruce trying to rattle Kate (to see if he could get her to break character) rather than just Lee playing a cover and rattling Amanda. There seems to be an extra playfulness in his manner that is un-Lee like. YMMV. 🙂

    To answer the Porsche vs. whatever the heck they were driving question — I seem to recall someone mentionning that the Porsche was always breaking down and that is why the producers finallly decided to **SPOILER ALERT** kill it off.


  5. Oh, I agree, Cindy, both about Pepe and about Lee rattling Amanda purposefully. He’s enjoying her reactions a lot, IMO, and he seems gratified that he’s gotten her so off balance. Perhaps a little payback after the car interlude in “Filming Raul,” as you suggest? She’s refused to swoon over him like most women probably do, and I think he likes momentarily eliciting this melting reaction from her. As for your last comment, Cindy, I haven’t read a single script that I thought was better than the filmed version, and sometimes the filmed versions are vastly better.


    • aha! I thought there might be some differing opinions out there! 🙂 Love it!!

      Oh oops.. you haven’t read post 6 yet so you don’t know what I think! sorry! I get confused over what has been published yet or what is about to be! forgive me!!

      I will just briefly say though, that for me ( and it is only my opinion) I don’t see Lee provoking Amanda here.. and I don’t think he sees that Amanda is really fighting her response to him – if he sees her responding and smiling at him, I think he only thinks she is playing the cover.

      I’m not sure why I ruled out Lee having a bit of revenge on Amanda.. ( which is one reason why I love to hear differing views so much – sometimes you learn a new better way to see something, and sometimes it helps you clarify why you believe what you believe 🙂 )
      Let me think…. Hmm.. I guess, in adddition to me not seeing any evidence of revenge in this episode, ( and I understand you do ) I think I ruled out revenge because Lee needs Amanda to do this job for him.. and I don’t think he would ( knowingly ) try and scare her off! [more on that in post 6 to come!- it is a mammoth post!]

      Also, I think generally I don’t see Lee in season one ( and maybe in season 2 also, I am not sure! ) testing the waters with Amanda in a romantic sense at all. If anything he is the one who runs from it.. I can’t think of a time he is consciously pushing the boundaries with Amanda hoping for her to respond – because he doesn’t want her to respond – he’s terrified!! 🙂 It is in Season 3 that we get Lee starting to be more provocative with Amanda.. very early season 3 there is a big shift in Lee – at least this is how I have it organised in my head.. but I may not be right.. and others may see it differently! I would be surprised if that was not the case! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I am really looking forward to hearing what you think of my ideas in post 6! ( post 6 especially, but always look forward to hearing your thoughts on any other post also! tee hee.. )
      [edited for spelling]


      • I never focused in on Season 1 so closely before. I’m starting to think, now, that Amanda probably fell for Lee first, and just spent a lot of time and effort keeping that sentiment away from Lee. First, because she didn’t find he shared the feeling. Later, because she perceived he simply wasn’t ready to admit it. Lee’s not too affected yet, but methinks Amanda is a bit at war with herself.

        I’m dying to compare the scenario in Weekend with what happens in Ship of Spies later, but of course, I’ll restrain myself. I’ve got great thoughts churning, though.


  6. I am never going to be able to watch the restaurant scene without thinking of Pepe Le Pew. Bwa ha ha ha! Great one! Poor Amanda!. I am debating on how clueless Lee is about Amanda’s reaction to him. Part of me thinks he may enjoy rattling her, especially after the car scene in “Filming Raoul”. I am glad they dropped the cover kiss — I think the way they filmed it is much more revealing and entertaining.


  7. I was shocked by the kiss in the script for this episode, too, IWSOD. The script writers seem much more generous with kisses, especially in early drafts, than the people responsible for the actual episodes are. (I can think of at least two other kisses in scripts that don’t appear in the episodes, and I haven’t read nearly all the scripts for S1, S2 and part of S3, which is as far as I’ve gotten in watching the series.) Of course, I would love to see those embraces in the form of outtakes, but honestly, I prefer the situation in the real episodes (two cover kisses and one dreamed kiss in two years.) The show really makes us wait for Lee and Amanda to find that level of intimacy, but oh, what a wonderful, romantic process that is. I absolutely love the the gradual arc of their relationship, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


    • That’s a big difference between SMK and Remington Steele – in RS, the two leads started kissing pretty regularly by the third episode. One thing we *didn’t* see as much of in RS as in SMK is hand holding. That always disapppointed me, as I think it’s a sweet, less overtly sexual way of conveying a connection between the character.


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