1/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hello! This episode is a little bit of a departure from my usual preference for walking through the episodes in airing order- why? well it has been widely acknowledged by fans that this episode was filmed and intended to be in season One. I have even heard it was intended to be the season one finale. You can judge for yourself if you think they went with the right decision. But based on production order numbers, and the sudden reappearance of Lee’s side part 5 episodes into season two – it seems pretty obvious this episode was not intended to be in season two!

So.. with that said, I will move on with looking at this episode, and then depending on how my brain power is going.. it might be worth looking back at Season One as a whole – what would you like to look at when looking at Season One as a whole? Episode order springs to my mind.. maybe some highlights.. a tally of injuries etc. Anyone interested in contributing something? I’ll see how I go time wise putting that together but I think there is definitely value in looking at a season as whole before progressing to season two.. Soooooo on with the show!

By the way, I’ve been experimenting with improving the quality of my screen caps, sourcing material and taking snapshots – so they will look a bit different this episode.. hope you like it! Smile

S2E05_Charity.flv_000085880As we see Lee’s Porsche driving down the busy DC street – I love how he suddenly puts his hand up to his forehead covering his face from the camera as he drives closer.. smooth.. don’t tell me that wasn’t really Lee in there? !!

S2E05_Charity.flv_000138400Tie Tie!!! Tie!!!! Just look at that tie!!!!! What was he Fashion police badge2thinking?image The first line in the episode: Lee says: “Great. Just Great! ” uh oh.. Lee is unimpressed.. aha! He must have caught a glimpse of his tie in the window’s reflection!!!! [Although I do love that we get Lee straight away – and not 5 minutes of some boring baddies we don’t care about Winking smile ]

In the context of watching this episode in season two the side part is a rude shock five episodes in! After many weeks of so much spunkiness that I can barely keep my surroundings free from drool – the dreaded side part was back!!! Oh well it’s not too bad.. I’ll cope Winking smile I actually prefer it to the mullet of season four.. I live in mortal fear of mullets.. sorry mullet lovers it’s a foible of mine! 😕

S2E05_Charity.flv_000102040Lee, Billy and Francine are discussing an exhibition they can’t get into..the ‘Perrine Invitational Automobile Exhibition’ is (1surprise.. what the....) Invitational!! They know something is going to happen there but they just can’t get in.. It’s going to be held at the Perrine-owned equidome.. Ahhh BB is an amazing actor.. how he can deliver lines like this with a straight face I don’t know, Lee: The last time (Perrine got together with other bad guys) was that wheat sale to the eastern bloc. It ended up costing the agricultural department approximately 200 million dollars. [Whahahaa! Lee remembers how much money the agriculture department lost years ago on a deal? too funny! ] Yet again we are told- there is nooooo way into the Equidome tomorrow!!! Got that everyone? did you hear that??(for the third time) They.. Can’t… Get.. In!!! ugh! enough already !! Winking smile 

With ‘they can’t find a way into the equidome’ still ringing in my ears we hear: Knock knock..(who’s there?) It’s Amanda! (Amanda who?) Amanda who is always coincidentally involved in the current case. Winking smile
Love how Lee just opens the door for her now Smile and in enters Amanda!

Lee being Mr patience and control [this is pretty funny when we heard Lee describe himself like this in the legend of das geisterschloss- which was the episode aired right before this episode!!], is frustrated at their inability to get in and although pleasant enough towards Amanda, Lee is in work focused mode and he wants her to go so they can get on with their work.

Billy gives Amanda an indulgent smile and Francine is giving a condescending half smirk at Amanda. Love how Amanda says hello to Billy and Lee.. and doesn’t bother to say hello to Francine Smile  Lee interrupts his obsessing long enough to say hello and acknowledge her – whooo progress! I just love how Amanda doesn’t let a bit of negativity get in the way of her own conduct and attitude.. that kind of courage makes her my hero Smile ahh Amanda- I could learn a thing or two from you!! image

S2E05_Charity.flv_000168800Love how Amanda hands in her expense vouchers and then just stares out the window smiling..Lee S2E05_Charity.flv_000168640looks at her, then she looks at him,  waiting to be asked what else she wants and giving him a HUGE smile! LOL! Billy finally asks.. and Lee S2E05_Charity.flv_000170720checks Amanda out for a bit while she explains about her being busy this coming weekend! I guess he is wondering why they need to hear that this very attractive suburban mother of two is very busy this weekend – that S2E05_Charity.flv_000174760and checking her fingers for any ‘dodgy’ concubine rings ( get it?) – given the last time she tried that she had a date with a guy who was playing her Winking smile 

Amanda hands Billy a program to look at of ‘ a very worthy cause’  this weekend?? LOL.. these highly intelligent agents don’t even wonder if Amanda is involved in the invitational? Maybe they haven’t realised it’s a charity event and that’s why they don’t connect the dots- and Billy can see the program??!!! I guess he doesn’t notice it is on at the equidome???!! that weekend???!!! Oh dear.. anyway.. Amanda explains program sponsors get a mention in the program.. ‘ A full page is $400’S2E05_Charity.flv_000178800Love the look on Francine’s face here!! rofl!!! I love how Amanda is all set to squeeze some money out of the agency here for a good cause! image

S2E05_Charity.flv_000199000Lee: Amanda, what are you talking about?
S2E05_Charity.flv_000211120Amanda: Oh, the unified charity funds drive
Lee: Ahh.
( like.. it still doesn’t make sense Winking smile ) Billy goes for his wallet and Amanda stops him.
Amanda: Oh no no no. No personal contributions, that’s not until next week. This is for businesses like IFF. See some companies take a full page and then some take a half page and.. well.. you know.. that’s only $200-
S2E05_Charity.flv_000215160Lee: ah, Amanda.  Look, we don’t want advertising.
S2E05_Charity.flv_000219200We really don’t need customers you know.
Amanda: Oh no well of course you don’t, but…
S2E05_Charity.flv_000231320(she leans in closer here LOL.. ) would it be good for your cover if you took an ad like for a real business? ( does this remind anyone else of the scene in always look a gift horse, where Amanda suggests it wouldn’t compromise her usefulness too much if she stayed alive??!!)
S2E05_Charity.flv_000239400Amanda continues
: I mean think about it. A quarter page. In a program like this, at only $100!
I think Amanda had planned the whole plug before she even came into the room and organised her arguments. She had pitched Billy for the more expensive sponsorship, only really to soften him up for the less expensive sponsorship! Don’t you think? ( a price that is ‘right for him’) In fact, she gets a business contribution out of him, and at the same time, she is preparing the way to asking next week for personal contributions!!! hehehee.. what a woman!! And Lee just seems to look baffled by it all.. at least he seems to be a bit interested in what she is saying now!

I think she does well !!! and… I think she is onto something- doesn’t it look suspicious if IFF never advertises?-It will look like they don’t need customers Lee!!! ( all the baddies seem to know where they are anyway but hey, if we are going with the idea- I think Amanda has a point! ) You would think IFF would have a whole department to ensure their cover looks as real as possible.. 

Oh my gosh! did I just hear Francine right? Francine: she’s right you know, that’s not such a bad idea. image [Well done Francine.. ]Mark this episode down.. that is a milestone and a half!!!! Billy’s reaction to Francine’s agreement here is funny! “100 dollars??!!!”
S2E05_Charity.flv_000247480Amanda: there is a section in the back listing contributing sponsors, you get no advertising S2E05_Charity.flv_000255560but.. you are listed and.. I think maybe the price would be right for you sir. It’s only $25- and its tax deductible and remember it is for a very good cause.  Smile
S2E05_Charity.flv_000254440Uh oh.. Lee is rubbing his brow.. Mr patience and control has had as much as he can take 😉
Lee: Alright! Is that it?! [whooo cranky pants!]
S2E05_Charity.flv_000267680Amanda isn’t bothered by him though, she’s happy! Mission accomplished and she S2E05_Charity.flv_000271720S2E05_Charity.flv_000275760
S2E05_Charity.flv_000278440leaves, with Lee giving her a bemused smile and head shake.. heeee.. that is the Amanda you will one day come to love and appreciate Lee (actually I think he does already!! 😉 )

Billy explains the agency are covering all the entrances and exits to the equidome..

Billy says: Make sure all our men know these faces – Billy! are there only men on this assignment? grrrr.( Francine say something!!!) Time for lots of exposition.. Names photos.. names photos.. blah S2E05_Charity.flv_000300000blah blah.. image Love the close up on Intense Lee at the end of the scene! Jerry S2E05_Charity.flv_000300760S2E05_Charity.flv_000301800S2E05_Charity.flv_000304040Perrine himself.. what could all these bad men ‘ be cooking up’ ?

S2E05_Charity.flv_000316160Anyway, on to Amanda’s and Mrs Coleman is taking advantage of Amanda’s giving and kind nature.. I like that Dotty here sticks up for Amanda a bit.. Dotty: Amanda, would you mind picking up a few things for me. I mean I am so busy with the ambassadors and the senators and Nancy ( LOL- A Nancy Reagan reference???)calling me, simply day and night!
Point made Dotty! but.. Amanda has decided she’ll do it anyway..  you are a bit of a walkover here Amanda!
Amanda: Mother. It’s just the flowers.
S2E05_Charity.flv_000340400Dotty: The flowers? the flowers are her department! You’ve already done all the decorating! Amanda, that woman is taking advantage of you.
S2E05_Charity.flv_000344440Amanda: Mother, it’s alright. This is for charity.
( Ok.. Amanda has made a decision about what she is willing to do.. and if she is indeed ok with it.. I guess we can’t complain! Still I dislike Mrs Coleman already and I haven’t even seen her yet! )

S2E05_Charity.flv_000349640Dotty: Uggghhh! This happens every year, you do all the work and then a woman like that gets all the credit. [Hmm.. I sometimes think Lee gets the benefit of Amanda being around and most of the credit too… Well, at least in the beginning.-At least Princess Valoska gave Amanda a medal ;)]

Dotty continues: now there is an axiom for that.. it’s exactly.. its.. its the errr.. the quality of charity is err..
Amanda interupts to finish: the quality of charity is to be nice to Mrs Coleman.. [Mrs Coleman is indeed needy – but I think she needs to be told NO!! Winking smile ]
S2E05_Charity.flv_000361200I love how Dotty says with a big smile all upbeat: that is absolutely…. [and she S2E05_Charity.flv_000362240frowns and finishes grumpily]… Not it! S2E05_Charity.flv_000360160Amanda: I don’t care I still have to do it. [Actually Amanda you don’t have to do it.. but.. this is where we see Amanda grow in time don’t you think- with her assertiveness.. ]
Love Dotty’s response to Amanda’s Martyr-like answer!! A great big: ARGH!!

What is the axiom Dotty was looking for? Anyone got any suggestions?????  [If credit can possibly go to someone else it will? is that one of Murphy’s laws? the one who does the least work will get the most credit? LOL.. I don’t know! ]

Looks like Amanda is taking along her own blender to use for the cocktails.. LOL! It’s going to get quite a work out! Smile 

Well I shall leave it there.. Got any comments or feedback?? fave moments? gripes? Let’s hear it! Smile – when you comment on an episode, you will be notified by email of any follow up responses.. which comes in handy! byeee

24 responses to “1/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I actually love the side part! I think it looks great on him!


    • I love it! you give that side part a whole heap of lovin haaaaa! 🙂
      It’s so great we all like different things.. and yet I’m pretty sure we all like us some Lee Stetson – regardless of where his hair is parted!
      Am I right peeps or am I right?!


      • Oh. Yes. Can’t get enough of that man, regardless of how he wears his hair. Bruce could play bald Daddy Warbucks in a production of Annie and I wouldn’t be complaining!


  2. A bit late commenting on this post, but if you move the Charity Begins at Home episode to Season 1, you must also move the Double Agent episode to Season 1. Why? In Double Agent, Lee is still driving his Porche; his Porche is destroyed in Charity Begins at Home and he buys the Corvette at the end of this episode.


    • Hello Nancy, great to hear from you!
      Yep! the car creates interesting dilemmas!
      I can’t remember exactly what came up when we walked through this but I think this car conversation would have come up once we got to double agent.
      the car in Double Agent is not the same car Lee had throughout season 1. But they did a good job at trying to match it (hooray kudos to smk for trying for some continuity! 😉 )

      I put Charity begins at home at the end of season 1 when I walked through it- the first post for this ep was published 1 July, 2012.
      I didn’t get to walk through Double Agent until 2 Sept, 2012.
      Check out the walk through Double Agent – and let me know your thoughts please 🙂
      You should be able to access both these eps using the top menu for season 2 quick links. (Under season 2 because that’s the original airing order).

      Also, there is a blog post on season 2 episode order where I shared my own suggestion for the order (note I would never claim it is the right or best order! 🙂 )
      And if you use the ‘episode order’ category you’ll find all the other blog posts related to season 1 ep order and chatter about season 2 ep order. Enjoy!


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  4. Not the first reference to Nancy Reagan. In The First Time, Francine (describing the cooking show lady) says “Nancy R won’t boil an egg without her.”


  5. Gonna go out on a limb here. The side parting doesn’t actually bother me. I kinda like it! And I really like his red tie here 🙂 it’s quite a departure from his usual blue 😉
    Amanda could be a great saleswoman, make it look like a bargain by offering the higher price first. She is pretty relentless in the pursuit of what she wants. If only she could be that assertive with Mrs Coleman. This is the side the Amanda that bugs me. Charity or not you shouldn’t be a doormat….


    • I like the side part too, Jenbo! In fact, I like all Lee hair…well, maybe not all Lee hair, but I probably like 80% of Lee hair, uh, how’s the weather over there? tee hee, just having a little fun this morning… I do like Lee’s hair all the time, altough my least favorite is S4 where they must use an entire bottle of hair product for every hair and makeup call.


      • Is it just me or does the front of Lee’s hair look like they were mimicking a cockatiel or a galah in season 4? (I love galahs but not for their head-style!).And the length!!! I love the side part and the hair in season 1.


    • Amanda does seem to have a keen eye for business. She could have been a successful corporate businesswoman if she chose to.


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  8. OMG!!! How did I miss that Billy actually had a program to the event. Great observational skills SuperSpy. That must be why he is the boss ;-). Maybe the brochure was just for the charity, rather than the event. Yeah, that’s it, that’s what I’ll go with.
    I don’t know what the axiom Dotty was going for, but one of my favourites is “No good deed goes unpunished.”


    • Shakesphere’s “The Merchant of Venice”: The quality of mercy is not strained.

      I Googled it.

      I’m so observant (not) I didn’t notice the changing of the hair parts until you pointed it out, IWSOD. The mullet I noticed. I think I found mullets pretty hot when I was a teenager (e.g. MacGyver). Not so much anymore.

      Off subject, but I’ve got a fanfic in the works. Anyone know how to go about getting a beta for this?


      • Macgyver? ROFL!! Don’t forget Macgyver’s frosted highlights! Thank goodness they never did that to Lee! 😉
        You got a bonus post today! I actually mean’t to publish part 2 tomorrow and stuffed up the month change over LOL so happy first of July everyone 🙂 haaaaa.. I promise I won’t post another one for a day or two I don’t want to overwhelm you!

        You could post over on yuku about it.. there’s a fan fiction subforum there.. the link to the forum is on this blog’s home page.

        I’m in awe of people who can write fan fiction.. My brain doesn’t work that way!

        Thanks for the research.. typical Dotty to stuff up Shakespeare! 🙂


      • Paula, I’ll do yours, if you do mine. It will give me motivation to finished the damned thing. 🙂


      • For example, I obviously have problems with verb tenses. 🙂


      • Hey, thanks, Cindy D. That’s exactly my motivation as well. I’m not sure how to connect. PM on fanfiction.net, perhaps? I’m waswoksa.


      • Well, I think that Lee’s hair is always nice–maybe not great, but nice. And, to use Dotty’s phrase from S3, it’s his OWNHAIR. (Double word point.) 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Paula : to quote Amanda “Oh My GOSH!” I just came across your vignette yesterday and really loved it. I’ll PM you as soon as I sign up on FF.


      • OK, I’m on (thanks for the inspiration for the nom de plume, BTW), but have to wait 24 hours before I can use the PM feature. I’ll be in touch soon.


    • Yeah it is all very weird and contrived what they had to do to set up the whole ‘ whoooo what a surprise Amanda is a part of that event! ‘ – I didn’t mention in my post ( shocking I know 😉 ) but.. they must print programs at very short notice.. if it is the day before the event starts, or two days before the public event.. and they are still able to collect the names of sponsors and ads to be printed in the program!

      I double checked when writing my post but the automobile show is not referred to as a charity event. And Amanda only mentions a charity event.. thus the confusion. but.. Billy should have seen the location at least! Ahhh smk we love it!!


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