1/2 SMK Stats: Magic Bus

  Hi Everyone, it’s time to go for a ride on the SMK Magic Bus!  Doesn’t that sound like it could be a song from the ’60s?  In this first stats post we’ll be checking out Lee and Amanda’s wardrobe as well as making up rambles….  And let’s not forget about touching!  After the last episode (ACM Kid) they have a lot to make up for! 

Enjoy!  And as always, if I’ve missed something, please be sure to let me know!




None.   Again.   Oh well.   Just more practice in being patient.


amandaband 1

Oh, yay!!  Another Amandaband episode!  I tell myself the faster we get to ‘em the faster we’ll get through ‘em.  At least this one is navy blue – my favorite color.  At least I think it’s navy blue.  It could be black.  I can never tell.   But doesn’t she look excited about having an RV in her driveway for the night?  Winking smile  She’ll be the talk of the neighborhood now!  I bet all of Phillip and Jamie’s friends will show up wanting to go inside and check it out!

amandaband 2

Here is band #2 for the episode.  We see no white on it like the first one, so I’m going to count it as a different band.  She has this one on for practically the entire second half of the show.  At least her hair looks pretty and we only have to see it on her forehead.  Her hair looks kind of Farrah-like, n’est-ce pas?  Please excuse my french.  Don’t know what got into me this morning. Smile with tongue out


We have a silent Amandaramble this episode! 

I’ll share what I hear… (and then perhaps someone with a more wicked and funnier sense of humor can share what they hear!)

ramble 1

Lee?  Lee?  You hoo!  Over here – look over here!  Lee!  Pssst!

ramble 2

C’mon Lee, I need to go.  Really, I have important things to do.  Please just come out here and deal with me so I can go.  It’s me, Amanda.  You know I wouldn’t be acting like this unless it was extremely important!

ramble 3

I’ve already been here for 20 minutes and I really can’t stay any longer, you see Jamie is in the car with some new fish, and, well, I need to go!  Do you see what time it is?

ramble 4

I need to walk out to the car to check on Jamie and the fish.  So if you could just come out here and walk with me and then we could talk and you could fill me in on whatever it is I need to know.  Oops!

ramble 5

Crap!  He caught me.  Maybe if I just stand here and don’t move he’ll forget what he just saw.  I wonder who he is anyway.  He’s no where near as handsome as Lee.  Be calm, Amanda…just stay still….

ramble 6

Oh good, he looked away again.  C’mon Lee!  Do something!  I reeeeally need to leave.  It’s hot out there and I’m worried about Jamie and the fish!  Senator’s Aide:  What is with that woman???  FD:  The million dollar question.  ROFLMBO!!!!!!!  I think Amanda deserved that one!!! Rolling on the floor laughing

ramble 8

BM:  She’s the one who first reported the Vigilant as missing – must have something urgent to add.  (Billy’s being very generous here, don’t you think?)  AK:  Hello, sir.  Oh I’m sorry to interrupt, but I was wondering if I could go.  You see, my younger son, Jamie, you know the little one, he’s out in the car with a bunch of fish and the last bunch died, and well, you know, it’s very hot out there.  I’d like to get him home because if this bunch dies too, well, gee, I just don’t know how I’m gonna face him.

ramble 9ramble 10

Lee’s reaction here is too funny!  He just wants her to shut up and go away!!  And rightfully so IMHO!


touch 1

The lovely elevator scene…aren’t they cute…they look so comfortable together here, don’t they?  He may or may not actually touch her skin, but he’s touching her clothes which are touching her skin so I’m counting it!  Smile  Besides, they are standing kinda close arent’ they?

touch 2

If I count it for him, I have to count it for her!  I think it is so funny how he just lets her take the badge and clip it on for him .  Guess they don’t cover how to put your own badge on in super spy training.  Just kidding

touch 3

Awwww, such a sweet moment, if but a fleeting one.  She just has to make sure the badge is on good…and he just lets her.   It’s too bad they’re arguing over whether or not Amanda gets to go on the Survivor weekend with Lee or we may have had one of those awkward ‘did we just stand this close to one another and touch each other while we put on each other’s ID badge’ moments?  

touch 4

Lots of finger touching here….and we don’t get to see it, but apparently his hand must touch her backside because she tells him to “Watch your hands, please!”

touch 5

More full body touching….knee to shoulder….no wonder why standing so close in the elevator and pinning on the badges was no big deal….Winking smile

touch 6touch 7

Oh no!  Lee gets shot!   It’s a good thing Amanda works out!

touch 8

Got to get those legs in!  You know, the ones that are “not bad” .  Winking smile

touch 9touch 10

Under the shoulder and on top of the shoulders…good work, Amanda!

touch 11

Amanda is fixing up Lee’s leg…..wowzer!  Guess that bullet wound was not bad.  Wonder if she still thinks his legs are ‘not bad’ now that she’s had a chance to see one up close and touch it…Devil    And notice how he has his leg propped up on her right leg???  Ahem…I’m surprised Amanda got the bandage on straight.  Surprised smile

touch 12

Amanda’s got to work in just one more touch on the leg to make sure that bandage is on straight, ahem, and will stay put.  More good work, Amanda!


amanda bad behavior 1

AK: Leave me he says. LS: They tell us to say that. Thank God you never listen to me.

Lee in plaid

plaid 1

And here we have it!  The famous “Lee in plaid” picture that shows up in the fifth line when you google “what is plaid”.  Thank you, Kristen!  Here is the link to the post with that comment in it!
Iwsod, all the plaid picture files have plaid in the name…..Operation Put Lee in Plaid is underway!!

plaid 6

L:  Ever hear of America Alert?  A:  No.  L:  It’s a newsletter put out by the Survivors.  The group who stole the Vigilant.  I broke into the printing outfit the puts out the thing, went through their billing files.  What do you think I saw? A:  The weasel-faced man!  L:  I’ll get to him!  A:  Okay! 

Notice the plaid collar on his shirt??

plaid 2

Here we have Lee in plaid.  And argyle.  What??  Like Cindy commented on in the post….perhaps he lost a bet!  Here’s the link     Too bad it wasn’t an unbuttoned argyle cardigan over top of an unbuttoned plaid shirt – then I wouldn’t have noticed a thing!  Or cared a bit if I did notice!

plaid 3

And I couldn’t decide which screen cap I liked best, so I included both.  Hope no one minds.  If you do, please email the complaints department.  I have no idea what their email address it though….Shifty

plaid 4

And here’s one more for good measure….it always helps to have a different angle to view things.  And three is a nice number.  Sort of like having multiple data points before making a decision.  I think I like this one best.  What do you guys think? 

Well that’s it for this post – I think I foresee a poll for the best “Lee in Plaid” moments once we reach the end of season 1.  It’ll be hard to top his plaid get-up in AMC Kid, so maybe we’ll need to make it a rounded top 5 or 10.…  Thanks for reading!  And here’s the link to iwsod’s first Magic Bus post.

18 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: Magic Bus

  1. Now I don’t even see that argyle sweater. All I see when I look at that scene is Lee in unbuttoned plaid under unbuttoned argyle – and yes I do have that good of an imagination 🙂
    And then OF COURSE I googled ‘what is plaid’ – how could I not. But couldn’t find the photo? 😦


    • I think that post was published before plaid was all the rage in style. When people google plaid now, they are looking for fabric, not Lee. 😦


      • When I was reading the references re plaid I couldn’t help myself. Had to google it this morning and found Lee in his plaid shirt and tan jacket. Once on the Internet it becomes ” history”.

        Plaid bandages might be there too! Who knows! Love your insights on each episode!


        • Hooo haaa! Lee in plaid has made it back up to top of the “What is plaid” Google search! I found him only six rows down…LOL. Thanks, Karin!


  2. Hi guys !

    Jenbo, I think the jumper Lee wore in TLCE was a fisherman’s sweater and not like this one. I have to admit that I like the fisherman’s sweater. In fact, I’m pretty sure I had one – in the 80’s. I grew up in a coastal community that had a lot of small-time commercial fisherman and they actually did wear those sweaters! hahaha!

    Oh my gosh, tv test patterns! I do remember those, but I don’t remember them signing off and then playing the Star Spangled Banner. I grew up in New England, debilyn, so the first time I ever heard of a Farm Report was when I went to Iowa City on a business trip when I was in my twenties. The person giving the report was talking about the corn tasseling (sp?) and I thought, what? Huh? Why is that newsworthy? It was a bit of culture shock. And do you still like plaid pic #3 the best now that you’ve had a chance to look again? 😉

    Paula, I like your bullet theory! When doing the pics for this post, I almost used one where they actually do show a little ‘blood’ around the wound.

    Good thinking on the small sips, iwsod – I’m glad my posts make you laugh! As far as the last of those Amandabands, the last one that we see (I think – I’m hedging here) is in S4 and it’s not on Amanda. That’s all I’ll say, but I’m sure someone out there probably already knows. Glad you like the Amandaramble! I think KJ does such a great job with all her hand motions and faces. No alternate take? That wire is actually sticking out of the back of a computer monitor on the desk behind Amanda. I had to go back and look. It does look like it’s on Amanda though in the screen cap.

    I’ll leave it there for now – thanks everyone for commenting. Such fun! I’ve got company at my house right now, so I’ve had less blocks of time to get online and play with SMK. There’s been lots of traffic on the blog lately!


  3. Ah, those test patterns. “This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.” Yes, “Star-spangled Banner,” and, depending on the station, either a waving flag for a stationary flag as the music played. Then, the station went black until 5:00 or 6:00 am when the farm report opened the morning programming. Eventually they had “late-night programming” of very old classic movies and “b” movies to fill in the hours. Now there’s something going 24/7. Wow, how things have changed.

    Hard to pick a favorite golf plaid pic. I like the first one because of his expressions, i like the second one because he has that “I’m not quite sure what she’s talking about” look, and I like the third one because his hair doesn’t look quite so perfect. Hmmm… further study needed, I guess. Maybe after the dimple count, I could look again. 😉


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Never really thought about it until now, but who would leave their 8 yr old alone in the car in the D.C./Georgetown area~I know I wouldn’t!!


  5. Ahhh got my morning coffee.. and ready for Bjo’s hilarity! 🙂 – I’ll take very small sips so I don’t spray it! 😉

    Hiya Bjo! so glad you are enjoying creating these posts and making them your own! 🙂

    BTW-I take your word on the counts.. I’m not going to tally them up.. LOL I am sure you do great! No tuxedos? booo hoooo!

    Ahhh headbands.. Paula and Rachael are happy 🙂 I have no idea why I just find them funny – I can only put it down to how dated it looks.. but that is one of the things I love about smk! It’s fun to tease the show about it.. Hopefully Paula and Rachael will continue to sing their praises – if that is what you think- you go for it!!
    You know I thought Diana looked like a fairytale princess whens he wore her evening one with the emeralds so I am sure I didn’t always laugh at them 🙂 I’m still wondering which ep is the last episode we see them in! That black one where Amanda is talking into the CB radio- makes me think of John Travolta in Staying Alive! whoo hoo!

    [Ahhh I just looked it up… it was 1983!!! wow!!! What a headband fest! ]
    Oops.. I soooo off on a tangent of headbands and the 80s! sorry!!

    Yeah Bjo.. the hair is Farrah-like! whoooo love your french! 😉 tee hee..

    Your Amandaramble had me LOLing all over the place! Love!! It!! Amanda looks like such a dill, but it is so funny I can’t help but laugh!!! 🙂 Lee is sooooo angry here!!! [such intense feelings about Amanda hey Lee!]

    See the pic of Amanda talking to Billy at his door? what’s with the wire hanging out the back of her?? Is that a Microphone cord?!! those guest passes which say GUEST PASS in such huge writing are funny! they change soon don’t they? I’m looking forward to finally coming to grips with all these passes!

    Lee and Amanda in the elevator? gorgeous!!! They didn’t do this kind of thing again did they?? for so early in their relationship pinning a tag onto a woman’s blouse is pretty errr trusting no? not that I mind it or would want to change it one bit!

    I am loving that some of you are revisiting these earlier episodes and sharing your thoughts by the way – they are special aren’t they.. fun!!! I still love later smk, but it is different..

    It’s interesting to think the Lee accidentally touching Amanda’s butt is after they were tied up in ACM kid.. immediately after in this different episode order – so that’s two episodes in a row of being tied together and touching a tad intimately! Whoa.. no wonder they decided to pull back on the sexual tension in this show!

    I Agree with Paula, the bullet must have gone straight through.. Thank god you never listen to me? is one of the best smk lines ever!!! agreed Jenbo!! [I think you mentioned that on the magic bus post.. sorry I’m mixing them up aren’t I!]

    Amanda is a very strong woman.. bandaging straight with Lee’s leg propped up like that! You’re right BJo! well spotted!!

    ROFL!!! go operation put Lee in plaid!! [operation PLIP!] tooo funny!!! Great work Bjo! We salute you! 😉

    Agreed!!! the plaid and Argyle sweater combo?? nuts!!! [Hiya Raffie!! It even bugs you?! defender of 80 fashion?? – one of the things I love about you!! 🙂 ]
    I was thinking it was a golf thing! but hey, he still manages to look gorgeous!!! Thanks for the multiple angles so I could come to this conclusion Bjo!

    Oopsie Bjo, I’d say I might be the ‘complaints department’ no?? 🙂 tee heeee

    Raffie, the night’s tv ended with the star spangled banner????!!!! really?? wow!!

    Paisley socks? Nice!!! I do love the brown tie Lee wears with the paisley pattern embossed but I can’t remember which ep that was that I was transfixed by it! I love a bit of paisley!
    bye guys! and thanks Bjo for the laughs!!!


  6. Where is it written that argyle is the uniform for playing golf?! And putting it over plaid? For shame costume organisers. You can do better than that. And as for that yellow jumper……is this the same one that get rolled out in The Long Christmas Eve? Urgh…..poor BB he had to contend with some very dodgy wardrobe decisions 😦
    Thanks though BJo, those pics sure do take the sting out of the clash of patterns, thanks for that 😉

    I am curious, Lee gets shot in the back of his thigh *sigh* but the bullet doesn’t exit the front as there is not exit hole on his jeans. So did Amanda dig out the bullet before she and bandaged him up? Boy those first aid classes for Junior Trailblazers are sure in depth to cover surgery 🙂

    Ah the title Magic Bus…….confess it doesn’t make me think of The Who song Magic Bus but of Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride (prob because I prefer the song LOL) would have been fabulous if they had played either of those songs during the chase between the vigilant and the army 🙂


  7. Wow, argyle over plaid. I’d never noticed that before, but that’s enough to offend even *my* 70’s/80’s fashion sensibilities! At least the colors sorta complement each other. But it reminds me of a TV test pattern. (Ah, another great piece of nostalgia from the 70s/80s. That is what they were called, right? Back when TV stations signed off the air at midnight with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner? Sigh, I miss that.)

    I wonder if Lee is wearing argyle socks? And if so, I wonder if they match the shirt/sweater.


    • Probably paisley socks. 🙂


      • Haahaha! Paisley, indeed. 😀

        Oh, raffie, I never thought I’d feel such pangs of nostalgia for the good old test pattern. Forgot about that.

        About the bullet hole. It appears, mayyyybe, the bullet went in the side of the thigh and it could have exited more toward the inner thigh, in which case we wouldn’t see the exit hole on the top. I’m going to stretch my imagination a bit to make this fit pretty. Amanda strikes me as too squeamish to go digging around for a bullet in Lee’s thigh…at least until season 4.


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