1/2 SMK Stats: Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Hello Everyone!  It’s about time for a break from evil Rita pictures so we can take in some dimples!  In love  While there are some lovely comedic moments in this episode I must admit it is not one of my favorites.  And that scene where the white-haired baddie is singing is one of two scenes in the entire series that I fast-forward through….fortunately it does not fall into any of the stats categories!! 

Well, off we go!  Hope you enjoy – and as always, would love to hear your thoughts!


No tuxedos here!  Maybe next episode…hint, hint Winking smile



 Ahhh, more of these dreaded things…..


I just have to say…who was on set design that day?  The snake-like Amandaband almost gets lost between the bubble gum sweater, the books and curios plus the pattern on the wing back chair. 


And here we have our second Amandaband of the episode.  At least this one doesn’t look like a snake.  But look!  Wardrobe bleached the bubble gum sweater!  Please tell me they only have this in two colors…..



I just love these Amandarambles.  I hope you don’t mind that I include as many pictures as I do.  It’s just that KJ has such awesome facial expressions I feel the need to capture them to show them off on her behalf.  This first ramble is in Billy’s office.  Amanda is wearing her lovely Fraulein Maria outfit that even the poor didn’t want – hahaha! (thanks, Iwsod).  She also wears it in TGTN at the Honeycutt Typewriter interview with Mr. You look delicious in blue (thanks, Melissa Robertson).


A: Oh sure, oh yes sir, and well I want you to know how proud I am to work for the agency.


I think out of my entire graduation class I am the only one of us to go on to become a spy.

She’s beaming with pride as she says this!


Of course, I suppose, if there were any others I wouldn’t know about it,

The prideful expression has disappeared.  Uh oh.


I think Lee and Francine are both feeling a little bit embarrassed for her.


but…well at any rate, sir, um, well I’m not sure that , that you realize it, but sometimes these cases that I’m sent on, well they get a little dangerous, and well I was just wondering….


shouldn’t I know how to hit? 

See what I mean – I couldn’t get one eyebrow to do that!  Can you?  At least not without contorting the rest of my face.  She can do it and still look good!  Maybe I’ll start practicing in front of the mirror.



Love Lee’s face here.  He looks mildly amused and surprised.  Francine on the other hand looks just plain annoyed.


B:  Excuse me?

ROFLMBO!!  Rolling on the floor laughing  Billy is just plain dumbfounded!  And his hair is looking a little scruffy today compared to normal.  Guess this is as close as we’ll get to a hair don’t for Billy!  hahahahaha!  

Our next ramble happens right before the trip to Bo Johnson’s ranch.


A: Look, I’m sorry. I wish she’d said he was a smuggler but she didn’t. She said he was a snake…gosh, do you have any idea how hard it is spying on this poor woman?  (Pardon the interruption, but duh, Amanda, you’re talking to a professional spy!?!)   She thinks I’m her friend. She’s afraid she’s losing her husband. And you know what? She’s so lonely she’s invited me to go to Bo Johnson’s ranch for the weekend.

Okay, okay, I know that Amanda means it is hard to spy on Penny because she is a friend, not that it is hard to actually spy on her.  But do you think for a minute Lee is factoring in the friend part?  I don’t.  I think that’s why he looks totally uninterested in what Amanda is saying.  At least he lets her get it all out before he tricks her into going with that story about Devil’s Island. 


I wish.  Guess I shouldn’t get greedy…I mean we did have one wink in the last episode.


Unfortunately there’s not a lot of touching this episode.  But what little there is, is all Lee…  Open-mouthed smile  I know he’s attentive and all, but geez, he sure does like to touch Amanda! 


I studied this frame most carefully and I’m fairly certain his right hand is touching her left forearm.


Almost looks like he’s puckering up for a kiss, doesn’t it?  LOL!


Look at his right hand on her!  Who does that???  At this point they’ve known each other, what, 7 weeks?  I don’t know any guys who do that.  Or remember any guys who did that when I was single.  He just can’t help it!  Or is this part of his playboy persona?


Ever the gentleman – helping her off that crazy horse!



Practically full body contact!  tee hee…Oh wait, isn’t that the stunt Amanda?  Nice view of JK’s backside if you’re a fan.

Jack Sightings


The Jacks are back!  And Jack 1 even gets a line of dialogue – woo hoo!  After Penny and Amanda are in the bathroom too long he says, “Someone’s gotta go in there!”  Go Jack 1! 


And here we have Jack 2!  See his profile on the right – that’s him!!  Here is is playing some sort of high ranking official as Lee calls the guests.


 Here you can more of him, but a little less face.  Nice sash!  Trying to find this guy is a bit like reading the Where’s Waldo books!

Jill sightings

Another Jill-free episode.  Actually, I think the blonde woman arriving with Jack 2 in the above pictures could be Jill but we do not get to see her face or enough of her profile to say.  She’s got the right hair though!


Lee in plaid


Damn Amazon Prime or WB or whoever is to blame for this fuzzy plaid picture….the DVD’s are just not as clear!


This is a little better.  OMG, even his profile silhouette is super handsome!  It’s getting warm in here….Embarrassed smile


Gratuitous Dimple shots     


Cue the song from ZZ Top….”Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp dressed man!”


L:  Your highness, may I present Mrs. Amanda King.

Cute the way saying her name makes his dimple come out!  Awww…  Is it just me or does anyone else see more of BB as he looks today in this picture than in all the other ones?  Wish the two sourpusses weren’t in the background.


A:  Well, they let you in!  L:  Do not look at me when you talk.   A:  I find it very difficult to hold a conversation like this.

Smug Lee…but oh so smokin’ just sitting there so nonchalant on the stairs…


Ahhh, now we see him do his cheek muscle thing…yowza!  (I got lucky again, Rachael and managed to capture it!)  Can you see it everyone?  


L:  I rest my case. 

He shouldn’t be allowed to look so good while being so smug.  No wonder she can’t say no.  I’m surprised she’s still standing.


A:  As in Bo Johnson?  L:  Yes maam.  A:  Oh boy.

Not so crazy about the dialogue or delivery here, but sure am enjoying the visual!


A:  Eyes straight ahead scarecrow!

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 2

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles -2

Touches – 5

Lee in Plaid – 1

Jack Sightings – 2

Jill Sightings – 0

That’s it for now!  Hold yer horses, part 2 is just around the corner.  Yippee kai aye yo get along little doggies….can’t ya just hear the guy singing….  Sorry for that.  Winking smile  Just couldn’t help it.  I wonder what that phrase even means.

Here is the link to Iwsod’s first post on this episode.

Thanks for reading – hope you laughed!


21 responses to “1/2 SMK Stats: Always Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

  1. ROFL! I didn’t even have to read the caption under the third pic of Lee sitting on the stairs behind Amanda to know that it was for the choice shot of the cheek flex! Hey they could make that a body building move just for him. The cheek flex competition! Mmmmm…… And the gold medal goes to….. 😉


  2. hiya BJo finally I get to enjoy your posts on Gift horse!! hooray!!

    LOL yes a break from evil Rita and some dimples is just what the doctor ordered! LOL please don’t say Bo was singing.. it was not singing! It was howling at the moon or something! awful!!

    A stripey handband?? whoa!!!

    I think Amanda wears that white cardigan alot.. she is still wearing that in season 2 isn’t she?

    Rofl! glad you enjoyed the ‘Fraulein Maria’ outfit BJo!

    That is one of my favourite Amandarambles ever!! thanks BJo! Call me crazy.. but it looks like Lee has on a different ID badge than he usually wears in this ‘shouldn’t I know how to hit’ scene.. we occasionally see this different one. it’s like it’s his back up for when he left the other one at home..

    Ahhh yes this scene on the bridge – in that park from Artful Dodger and we just saw it in ALSALS!

    LOL at your Lee winks category BJo! ‘I wish’ too!!! hang in there!!

    the touching is all Lee?? me like!!! rofl there goes Lee again with his grab Amanda by the arm so she will listen to me and do what I want routine – he uses that alot.. and it works like a charm! rofl at your screen grab there BJo you should put a kiss sticker on it! Wow.. he touches her as he walks away too?? Lee is so touchy touchy!!

    Oh that’s Jack 2? their reuse of extras is at times a little ridiculous.. especially that old guy with the thick white hair they use often.. it is a little overwhelming if we try and track it all the time.. so I try to go with the flow – most of the time!

    Yeeeee haaaaa!!! You know what I like about your pic of cowboy Lee standing at the door with the cowboy hat?? You can see BB’s profile shadow on the door.. and it looks really cool!!! 🙂 [this one https://justwalkwithme.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/plaid-1_thumb1.jpg%5D I love it!!

    Oh BJo if you haven’t seen Lovesmk’s Sharp Dressed Man smk vid I highly recommend it.. cracks me up – it is soooo well done!!! [Love ya work Lovesmk!! 🙂 ] I am hanging out for Lovesmk to update it with the new clear footage – but my goodness she did the most awesome job on it with the four pics of Lee in time with the music.. it’s like Lee sexiness overload! I giggle throughout no fail everytime- no matter what my mood!! [I can send the the link if you like..but don’t want to post a link to it incase lovesmk is not okay with that]
    Thanks Bjo!!!! Loved your post!!!!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I’ve always wondered how people could do that with their brow too!!


  4. Oh hey, I noticed a blooper when I watched this last night. When Lee goes to meet the baddy, when he is in that white jacket, there is paper flying around as he approaches the building. I could see a head hiding behind a box as Lee approaches the door. I think it was the set guy letting the paper fly.


    • Where was the head? I just watched and noticed a shoulder/arm in what looked like a cowboy-style shirt. Maybe he was the one who took care of Parker and set the fire? Here is the shot I’m talking about:

      I can’t believe I didn’t see this before now! Head slap!


  5. I don’t mind the Amandabands. Especially compared to the short hair episodes.

    I would definitely belong to the DA – I can’t get enough!

    The CMT is a muscle called the masseter and moves in and out as you clinch your teeth together. Go ahead and try it by placing you hand on your cheek. Cool huh? But BB does it with class. . .


    • Hi Jeanine – very cool! Thanks for enlightening us with your masseter muscle expertise! I’ve been clinching my teeth together just to feel mine in action. Whatever it is and however BB does it, he does do it with class!

      Part 2 is coming soon, Connie! Lots of action, saving and a wee bit of bad behavior on Amanda’s part! And I managed to sneak in at least one termperature-rising screen cap of our fearless hero. 😉

      Jenbo – so glad the dimple shots are working for you! Matching bandanas – too cute! ROFL – yes Lee is the only one who knows how to wear it! He reminds me a little bit of Freddie from Scooby Doo with his bandana. Hope your week is calming down soon! At least it’s full with celebrating!


  6. Cannot wait for part 2…I like Amanda’s headband. I definitely agree Lee is touching her arm…oh! yeah! He is such a cutie….


  7. Ah dimple shots, just what I need in the middle of a crazy busy week 🙂
    You’re right BJo I don’t know any men who touch single females the way Lee touches Amanda.
    I love the WKS idea, very good KC.
    Aw Lee and Amanda are wearing what appears to be matching bandanas in the last dimple screen shot. Mirroring each other very subtly with their choice of necktie. Only Lee appears to know how to wear it 😉

    Wish I could stay to giggle a bit more but I’ve got endless school events and a cake to decorate and a soon to be 5 year olds presents to wrap.

    IWSOD hope the Internet is back ASAP x


  8. Hi Guys! Iwsod, I’m so sorry to hear your internet has died – am looking forward to getting you back full strength once you revive it!

    Rachael – Ok, the cheek muscle thing needs it’s own name. But what??? Suggestions? There’s always just using the acronym CMT, but I’m thinking we can be a little bit more creative than that….it is very hard to capture by the way. Not only do I have to get the timing right, but his look also has to be right too. This one just happened to be a perfect one! There is at least one in SAAB that I’m having a difficult time capturing….but I’ve not given up yet! And great point on the Amandabands. I’ll take those over the hair don’t any day!

    Valerie – You’re so right! Amanda is different than anyone Lee has come across. And maybe because she is the way she is and Lee is such a romantic, passionate kind of guy, he just touches her all the time to be in contact with who Amanda is and what she represents? I haven’t ever seen “Bringing Up Baby” but I will have to check it out. I just watched the trailer and it looks pretty funny. Congrats on receiving your DVDs. I too was irritated by Prime but have succumbed and purchased S2 and 3 for streaming because the screen caps seem so much better than what I get from the DVDs on my computer.

    KC – I agree with you and Valerie that I don’t think it’s his playboy persona. He just seems so much more touchy feely than any real man I know that it sometimes baffles me. I like your theory on him touching her to confirm “to himself that she’s there and out of trouble”…very coherent – even without your coffee 🙂

    Debilyn – if there is such a thing as a dimple-holic, does that mean we’re all in DA – Dimple-holics Anonymous??? Hi, my name is BJo and I’ve been a Dimple-holic for 30 years….LOL!

    I’ve just got to share that I’m already working on stats for SAAB, and am having a hard time concentrating between all the tux time and dimples!! My next post may end up just being pictures, LOL!!! I may not be able to focus enough to write anything worth reading 😉


    • Lee has done that touching thing from the very beginning. I noticed in the post office when the police catch them in The First Time, he has his arm all the way around her. And then the hand holding as they are running away from Buchard’s men in There Goes the Neighborhood. Lee is a caring man, he tries not to be but he is, and Amanda really brings it to the forefront in their relating to one another. It is sweet. And I think she understands it, She doesn’t read into it (often, there was that bridge scene in Scandal at Bromfield Hall, oh and Weekend too, and the thumb caress in Geisterschloss which only some could see, ok there are a lot of times she responds to him, but many more touches than those go unresponded to by her) but most of the time she just allows him to touch her and receives it as concern and caring, which probably allows the feelings to grow naturally for him. How many women in his life receive him like she does? None, I would venture to say, except Emily Farnsworth? Francine does later in season 4?


      • 22, 25, 2, 13, 14, 10, 5. These are the number of touches in each episode (in iwsod’s order) that I’ve taken stats for so far. It confirms what you say, Morley that Lee does that touching thing from the beginning. The low number episodes are those where Lee and Amanda aren’t in a lot of the scenes together (ACMKid – 2) or where there is more than the usual amount/length of baddie scenes (SDeath – 10). The only reason SD got counted for 10 touches was that cover kiss. When these two are together in a scene, just the two of them, there always seems to be lots of touching. As the series moves in, we even see the touching in front of Billy and Francine.

        I’ll have to go back and watch TLODG episode for that touch. I know what scene you’re talking about and I’d never viewed it the way you do. I think I’ve seen his thumb caress, but I always took her jerking her hand away as her suddenly realizing that she thought she crossed the line with Lee and she shouldn’t be holding his hand.

        I would agree that no other woman has received Lee like Amanda has. I’m not even sure about Emily. I think Emily received him differently than other women as well, but because of the age difference and the fact that Emily was an experienced agent makes me think Lee never would have treated Emily the way he treats Amanda – i.e. there would be no white knight syndrome.


        • True here is the age difference between Amanda and Emily so Lee would not respond to the same way, and the agent thing. I guess what I meant was that both of them received Lee as a whole person, and not just a good looking man, or just as an agent etc. I don’t think many women looked at Lee as a whole man, personal, professional with skin over a soul. Does that make sense?


          • Yes, perfect sense. And that’s what I thought you meant. “Skin over a soul” – what a great phrase – it says so much. So many of the other women just see skin.


  9. The “eyes straight ahead” dimple is a great one. It is Lee responding to Amanda sassing him and the idea of them having a “thing”, I think he is tickled by it.
    And I wonder if the beginning of that bridge scene , when Amanda’s foot is not in a cast is footage filmed during There Goes the Neighborhood… I will have to check that out.


  10. Hiya BJo and everyone! I’ll respond properly on the weekend- my wireless internet has died so just got my phone! Ugh!! But will have internet where I’m staying on weekend& so will catch up with all the posts then- hope everyone is well!!( should get another Alsals post done then too!) miss u guys!


  11. YAY, BJo, you got the cheek muscle thing!! (that really should have it’s own name. hmmm…) And you got it while he’s look over the top gorgeous in that dark suit. I can’t wait to see the cheek muscle shots you capture in upcoming episodes; Service Above and Beyond is right around the corner. 🙂
    Amandarambles and Amandabands. Made my day. I know I’m one of the only ones that kind of likes the headbands, but I feel like they are especially welcomed when dealing with the short hair Amanda’s sporting in the episode Iwsod’s covering now. Hate the short hair. At least Amandabands means KJ’s hair is longer.

    🙂 🙂 🙂


  12. I agree with KC on the touching not being part of the playboy persona. Amanda is the likes of which Lee has never come across. She is a real life, honest and caring human being and has no problem showing that she cares. I think the little touches are a way for Lee to acknowledge that caring and be caring as well, but not be overt about it. Sometimes it happens so subtly you have to double check to make sure it happened. Eventually he becomes comfortable with it and even embraces it.

    I too like the way KJ can make those facial expressions. In watching SMK again I have noticed her actions and expressions more and more. She was a big fan of Katherine Hepburn and I think of some of her movies with Cary Grant when I see KJ in action. If you watch “Bringing Up Baby” you’ll know what I mean. It’s almost like Lee and Amanda. Katherine Hepburn does some serious rambling in that one.

    Glad to be back home and be able to respond using my computer. Also, just received the last two seasons on DVD. Amazon Prime just irritated me when they got rid of the instant viewing. Now I can rewind and replay in peace.


  13. “Look at his right hand on her! Who does that??? … He just can’t help it! Or is this part of his playboy persona?”
    I don’t think it’s his playboy persona; I think it’s the white knight. IMO the playboy looks for women who’re after what he’s after–something shallow, no strings attached… I think that the sort of casual contact he’d have with them might be palm on the lower back escorting through a door type of thing… certainly not anything comforting or friendly–it would be more of a deliberate action.
    Back to the white knight: I’m sure he’s rescued civilians before… but wouldn’t think twice after he’s got them out of trouble. Job done, move on. But he keeps rescuing Amanda (and vice versa)–thanks Billy!–and this is another of the many reasons why she’s unique… and I think that’s where the touching comes from. Whether just confirming to himself that she’s there and out of trouble, or trying to give a smidge of comfort, or whatever other reason, I don’t think it’s the playboy doing it.
    (I hope this was at least semi-coherent… I haven’t had my coffee yet.)


    • I agree, KC. His WKS (white-knight syndrome) just has him making sure she’s okay, and touching is a natural part of that. In addition, he’s being drawn to her as a friend and colleague (despite his denial). These two combined, I think, make it almost second nature to reach out and touch Amanda in some small way.

      Oooh, great dimple shot with the “Yes, ma’am.” I enjoy that whole scene. There’s just something that hits my funny bone. (Okay, so the dimple might actually play a small part in that, too. Is there such a thing as a dimple-holic?)


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