2/3 SMK Stats: Service Above And Beyond – The Dimple

After getting all those pictures of Lee in a tux out of the way, I sat down to focus on completing the rest of the stats for this episode.  But damn it all if there weren’t so many dimple shots to keep my concentration off again!  So I hope none of you mind too much, but now I just need to get this dimple section out of the way so I can take care of all the rest.  Geesh, this is really hard work!  I hope you enjoy!   And don’t forget to breathe!

Gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

If you lean in toward your computer screen and get really close, you can see a dimple in his right cheek.  (Just be sure to keep your mouth closed so that there is no drooling on your computer…don’t want to be responsible for any electrical shorts!)  And, no, this isn’t the same picture from the tux post.  Go check – I dare you.  Sarcastic smile

dimple 2

Here’s to you all you preferring perfectly unperfect Lee people.  Love this screen cap!  Although he is not directing this dimple toward Amanda, it is directed toward Billy and being impressed with his latin at 1 o’clock in the morning.   Dimples with compliments to Billy are also good.  

dimple 3

Ahhh, now here we have dimples with just thinking about Amanda.  Sigh.  Billy is telling Lee that maybe Delano finds Amanda exotic and mysterious.  I know I do.  Well maybe not exotic, but definitely mysterious.  Winking smile

dimple 4

Lee’s thinking…(if I were tech savvy at all and any good at photo editing, I’d add a thought bubble with a clever caption in there.)

dimple 5

And thinking….(love how Lee takes his time with this here.  He’s really trying.  Good for you, Lee!  And we get a rare left dimple!)

dimple 6


dimple 7


dimple 8


(Okay, okay, so there’s no dimple in this one – but that’s never stopped me before!  Plus I couldn’t just cut it off after “exotic” now could I?)

dimple 9

Yup!  That’s our Amanda!  Exotic AND mysterious!  I know iwsod captured this bit in her post, but I couldn’t resist and had to add it here too!  I love how they did this immediate cut to Amanda doing her dishes  – fits in very well with the tag too.

dimple 10

A:  I don’t know what a scenario is.  L:  The life story of Victoria Greenwich.  A:  Ah, Mr. Melrose, Victoria Greenwich is the heroine of a romantic novel that I’m reading.  L:  Not when we get done with her.

Oh, how sweet Lee sounds and looks right there!


dimple 11

A: Well, she has the prettiest house on the whole block.

Just what is Lee thinking here?  For some reason, in this picture and the one before it he seems positively thrilled to be able to put her into this fairy tale.  Like he’s her fairy godfather or something.  He must not be thinking about lousy fantasies at this point.  



dimple 12

Caught you looking and admiring, Lee!!  (I know, you’re enjoying her full head of hair aren’t you?)  And still not thinking about those lousy fantasies yet….oh wait, you’re in a bedroom alone with her, looking and smiling at her…just what are you thinking??   😉  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

dimple 13

L:  Look about last night, I lost my head….  A:  (at the same time) Oh, I’m sorry….  They both share a small laugh.

Isn’t that sweet…they’re both apologizing for the argument they had in bathroom scene the night before.  Glad there’s a dimple here because I’m not really diggin’ Lee’s outfit.

dimple 14

L:  Amanda, in this line of work you have to keep your feelings separate from your job.   A:  Yes, I’m learning that.  L:  Remember what I said about fantasies?

I love this dimple pic.  Just the way he lowers THAT voice and gently says, “remember what I said about fantasies” and then gets that look on his face.   He looks and sounds like he really does care about her.  Sigh.  

.dimple 15

L:  Hey, you look fabulous.

Oh my.  This is a full three second plus dimple!  Yes, I timed it.  I love how he just stands there, holding his dimple, and just stares at her.  I mean REALLY stares at her – no eye blinking at all, none.    WHAT is he thinking here?  I’m guessing Amanda’s mind has gone blank.  She doesn’t know what to say or do here.  All she can manage is a brief up and down look – my mind would have gone blank too.  Especially since I probably would have fainted. 


dimple 16

L:  You did a hell of a job.  You really did.

Don’t know about you, but I see a bit of a dimple starting in his right cheek.  I love this scene in the ambulance.  BB does a great job with his facial expressions.

dimple 17

A:  Oh porter, please wake me when we get to Portofino.

Lee almost gets caught!  I love that we get to see him reveal a little bit of his true feelings in this scene – maybe that’s why I love it so much.  The playboy Sarecrow is nowhere in sight – it’s just Lee…and the medic.  Surprised smile    


dimple 18

Does he look happy to see Amanda or what???   That is one big smile you’ve got on your face, Lee.  

dimple 19

A:  You’re getting pretty good at knocking on my kitchen window!

I think they are both veeery happy to see each other!

dimple 20

A:  Victoria Greenwich may not do dishes,

dimple 21

but Amanda King has a sink full.

Yep, I’d say Lee’s still pretty happy.

dimple 22

A:  I was dreaming…sedatives…does things to your mind.  L:  Yeah.

Still happy…happy he didn’t get caught giving Amanda a compliment!

dimple 23

Sigh.  Do I even need to type the line he says here?  Nah, didn’t think so.    Now please excuse me while I pass out from forgetting to br – thud!

And on that dimple….

Here’s the link to the first episode post by iwsod for SAAB.  

25 responses to “2/3 SMK Stats: Service Above And Beyond – The Dimple

  1. Oh that dimple gets me every time! I was rereading “Somewhere To Belong” by Judith Miller and there’s a scene where the heroine/narrator is referring to her love interest and she wrote “A dimple appeared in his right cheek that I’d never noticed before” and I IMMEDIATELY thought of Lee!


  2. “Just what is Lee thinking here? For some reason, in this picture and the one before it he seems positively thrilled to be able to put her into this fairy tale. Like he’s her fairy godfather or something. He must not be thinking about lousy fantasies at this point.”

    Most experienced Agency Agents are matter-of-fact or jaded about assuming a cover scenario or persona. Not Amanda! She exudes a bit of childlike wonder and delight at designer clothes and being in an elegant home. I just think Lee finds her reaction refreshing and, since they’re away from the Agency atmosphere, he lets himself enjoy it with her.

    Thanks, BJo, for this parade of one devastatingly darling BB dimple after another. Sure makes my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Most experienced Agency Agents are matter-of-fact or jaded about assuming a cover scenario or persona. Not Amanda! She exudes a bit of childlike wonder and delight at designer clothes and being in an elegant home. I just think Lee finds her reaction refreshing and, since they’re away from the Agency atmosphere, he lets himself enjoy it with her.

      Love this! Amanda helps Lee rediscover his own enjoyment of what he does and the difference he can make..
      Plus a little hero worship early on was good for his ego 😉
      [heaven knows he didn’t really need it haaa]

      LOL indeed! Thank you BJo for the ‘dimple parade’! [that would be a great name for a blog btw..]


  3. Okay, just gotta say that I think Lee really is enjoying watching Amanda in this episode. Don’t remember if I caught this earlier (but isn’t that the fun of walking through epis again and again), but he does seem to enjoy playing the “fairy god-brother” in this episode.


  4. wow.. I must brace myself here 😕 – a whole post on Dimples??!!! hooo haaa!!

    It was a tough job eh BJo! 🙂

    Wow.. I think we needed to see more of Lee getting dressed in his tux!

    I took your dare! 😀 Oh yeah!! yes I can see they are different frames Nice!!

    Yes put me in the ‘I enjoy slighly unperfect Lee’ club!

    Agreed! I think Amanda has her own mysteries!! [Even if I do see her as being quite a ‘what you see is what you get’ character]

    Hmm yes adding text to pics can be another way to have fun with smk!! I’m thinking setting up an smk meme photobucket account could be lots of fun.. would anyone be interested? [err not that I have time for that right now! 😕 ]
    BJo it’s very easy to add text in photobucket

    It’s fascinating going back to earlier eps now that I am immersed in LOTParty! Lee and Amanda are such good friends now, that I sometimes forget how far they’ve come.. Lee and Amanda aren’t such strong friends in this ep.. but there is a huge pull between them – this pull gets a little overshadowed by their friendship by the time we get to LOTParty.. at least that’s the vibe I get..

    Glad you didn’t cut off the exotic!!! that would be a travesty indeed! Love the screen caps BJo!

    Yes.. those dishes are very mysterious.. covered in bubbles.. a lot of bubbles.. who knows what dishes they are!

    Aha!! I think Kgmohr just revisted a european ep.. and I was reminded that Lee loves to introduce Amanda to new experiences – here BJo you’ve captured that sweet quality of Lee’s brilliantly as he enjoys introducing Amanda to a Scenario.. and to her new fantasy life of Victoria Grenwich! Amanda is all unguarded and amazed at all this!! No wonder Lee enjoys himself here Very nice dimple shot of Lee smiling at Amanda’s realising she has the prettiest house on the block! I think her lack of pretension also is something he really enjoys 🙂

    Haaaa I can’t imagine what he’s thinking BJo.. you cheeky thing! 😛

    I do love it when Lee gives up those tie pins.. they just bug me!

    you timed a dimple BJo?? 😯 I am shocked!!! BJo!! How did you manage to count all the way to three???!!!!
    I think Lee’s compliment and staring here is partly a – you can do this kind of thing – she’s about to go in and complete her assignment…

    I’m also impressed BJo that you are also able to tell your left from your right.. even when looking at pictures where you have to say the opposite! wow!!

    I think Amanda should have visited the medic and found out exactly what Lee said to her!! [sound like something Laura Holt would have done??!!]

    Wow.. Lee is sooooo friendly in that tag- and it’s so early!! :mrgreen:

    Call me crazy but compare Lee’s hair in this first tag pic of yours BJo to the rest of the tag pics.. I think that knock on the window was filmed later and added.. his hair is much shorter and doesn’t cover his ears as much! – Can someone confirm that all these dimple pics have not made my mind turn to mush?? 😕

    Loved it Bjo! Thanks for the fun!!

    ❗ In reply to comments: (I’m typing this out as I read the post and comments or I completely forget who and what I wanted to respond to! )

    Cool Valerie! I never noticed the watch either!

    Raffie!!! Lovely to see you do a Billy Impression! Haa!

    Whoooo and Valerie was that ‘Oh Wow’ channelling Amanda after THAT kiss in Nightcrawler?? – even I remember that!!

    ROFL BJo, that’s good advice! I’m very glad I didn’t read this post before any of my exams!! Phew.. that was close!!! 😆

    teee Heee Morley!!! Yes who would have thought Lee’s dimples could be great for the computer repairs business!

    Hi Jule! Hope your keyboard is working again! Sounds like your keyboard has had enough of Lee’s dimples! 😆

    Indeed KC good one! Lee would of course deny those emotions!
    You got it Morley.. Lee did like to keep his feelings separate from his job.. I suspect he liked to keep his feelings separate from most things at this point of his journey! All those girlfriends flitting in and out of his life, none of them really knowing him.. Thank goodness he learns to overcome this phase of his life.. (with Amanda’s help) 😮

    ROFL Jenbo.. phew.. glad you got your brain back – and I do hope there has been no permanent damage!!! :mrgreen:

    I’m off to get stuck into my work. I’ll try and visit Morley’s post and everyone’s comments today during a break – I’m hoping to post the next LOTParty post soon.. fingers crossed today!

    I’ve missed you guys!!!!!!




    • You mentioned that Lee likes Amanda’s lack of pretension. I was watching ACM Kid the other day. The scene where Francine has to leave her date and come into the office stuck out. She was going on about how long she was at the hair dresser and Lee looked disgusted. Maybe I was thinking about all the conversation about Francine and Amanda from the LOTP posts but I got the impression that Lee was not attracted at all to that type of pretentiousness. I think he would really like a more down to earth woman.


    • So glad to see you back, iwsod! Just what would an SMK meme photobucket account be? And, um, I didn’t time the dimple, the stopwatch on my phone did. I will admit it took me several tries though. My thumb kept missing the right “button” on my phone, ahem.

      Hoo haaa, I think your brain has turned to mush! 😉 I think maybe you’re just noticing shadows? Or perhaps hair combing by the hair and make-up people between takes??? So glad you enjoyed the screen caps.


      • Ah bless you BJo! I’ve missed my smk fun!!! I’ll take this discussion of smk memes over to Nedlingers.. 🙂

        Whoooo an excuse to do more research on Lee and his hair length 😉 just what I needed!

        What was I thinking? count to three while staring at dimples???!! good thing we have technology to help us.. Ohhh I laughed and laughed when I read that!! Good one BJo! 😆


        • iwsod: “You timed a dimple BJo?? I am shocked!!! BJo!! How did you manage to count all the way to three???!!!!” Oh my, *hysterical laughter*! Oh dear, my husband approaches wondering why I am laughing like a crazy person. Let him wonder, keeps the mystery (“mysterious….”).
          I actually tried to time the dimple appearance after reading your post BJo, couldn’t do it; just too hard to count that high or run a timer and drool, I mean, watch. Life’s tough, must watch again (and again) just to check….*grin from ear to ear*!


          • It is very hard, Jule! But if you keep trying over and over and over, eventually your thumb will act on its own. I know mine did because I couldn’t get my eyes to um, leave the screen.


  5. It’s funny I was looking back over the pics and noticed in the one with Amanda washing the dishes how she has her watch pushed up on her arm so that it doesn’t get wet as she washes dishes. I never noticed it before. I usually just take mine off when I wash dishes.


  6. Awesome dimple shots, BJo. We appreciate your sacrifice!


  7. Oh, Wow!!


  8. I’m so glad you are all enjoying the dimples!! Just beware of the “Dimple Coma” as Jenbo puts it – it can keep you staring catatonically at your computer for hours! iwsod, don’t look until your exams are over!!!


  9. It appears that members of this blog are having rampant computer problems this morning 😉


  10. meflbihfmghjywbfmlamsksigh………my computer keyboard is refusing to work correctly, but really, even inanimate objects can’t help but drool and heave wistful sighs over your post BJo. glpfmf%! More dimples please!


  11. Oops. My computer must be stuck, because I can’t seem to get it to do anything but stay on this blog … especially on this last photo .. 😉


  12. BJo–nice work! I’m sure it was a real chore, watching out for all those dimples, but we thank you for your sacrifice! 😀
    Yes–Lee was very smiley… though he did have a couple of grumps, too. That’s our Scarecrow, though–a fascinating range of emotions (that he would deny).


    • Because he is so good at keeping his feelings separate from his job, right, KC?


      • Yes–Scarecrow is a professional… no feelings allowed. But he also doesn’t let loose with emotions away from the job–at least not in the early eps… everything’s stuffed inside a can, waiting to explode. ;p

        Meh–I know what i want to say and I’m not saying it well. I need coffee. I’ll come back to this tonight…


  13. Lee sure did smile a lot at/about Amanda in that episode. Hmmm


  14. *bring you not being…..gah I’ve already lost ability to type a coherent sentence……


  15. I think this has to be one of my favourite blog posts ever! Thanks BJo for doing such a tough job and I hope the emergency services have in fact arrived and provided assistance to being you out of your “Dimple coma” lol

    There is so much I love about this episode but I do love the tag, mostly for seeing how happy Lee is to see Amanda (ok ok and the carried you comment ;)) and Lee in the chauffeurs outfit *swoon*
    Now I have OD’ed on dimples I am off to daydream about dimples whilst I finish up my packing 🙂


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